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I'm a writer. I when a story is in progress it helps keep me motivated to write the next chapter. But after the story is finished a comment at the end of the chapter or end of the story feels good. I know many readers prefer to leave comments at the end. I've learned to ask for an end of story com
November 05, 2023 04:15pm

I suck at commenting as I go (especially a story I've just found and am zipping along as fast as I can) but if I'm following something as it is posted, I try to say something each chapter. As a writer, it makes me feel good to know someone's reading.But a nice comment at the end is good also.
November 05, 2023 03:24pm

@TeamEricNSookie - You should put comments whenever you feel like. Writers are always happy to hear from the readers. For me personally, I try to comment on every chapter of a story I read. But even one comment on a story at the end lets the author know you liked their work and is appreciated!
November 05, 2023 09:50am

Congrats @Cosmic Tuesdays!!
November 05, 2023 09:44am

Cosmic Tuesdays
Hope I'm doing this right - this Saturday I'm doing a Q&A event on the Buffyforums site, and would be absolutely delighted to see you come along for the ride.
November 05, 2023 09:03am

A challenge to write. But you do what makes you feel comfortable. smile
November 05, 2023 08:39am

@TeamEricNSookie, I definitely agree with the other responses you got to your question. Personally, I try to leave comments on as many chapters as possible because I want the writer to know how their words have impacted me. I know as a writer in can be a confidence booster especially if a chapter wa
November 05, 2023 08:39am

@TeamEricNSookie: but otherwise you can obviously do what you like, no one can force you to write your comments in any given way (:
November 05, 2023 06:40am

@TeamEricNSookie: sometimes I check other people's comments to see what they say about a chapter, and then I run into spoilers for the story, because of comments written to the first chapter for instance, containing info about the whole story.
November 05, 2023 06:39am

@TeamEricNSookie, I leve a lot of comments and they serve multiple uses. They are not only for the writer, they also function like a bookmark and if there's a long time between the chapters, reading them can jump-start my memory.
November 05, 2023 03:55am

party Happy birthday to Genncat, EyeofAthena & to BloodyThorn! May your day be one with yummy goodies, perfect gifts, precious people and lavished love. May this year bring joy, laughter, success & blessings.
November 05, 2023 02:06am

@TeamEricNSookie honestly whatever you feel most comfortable with. I know how much work I put into each chapter so it feels really good if someone finds something interesting in more than one chapter. But that's a lot of work to comment that much so leaving a comment at the end is perfect also
November 05, 2023 12:31am

I have a question.... I have been a reading member for several years now and try to always leave a comment once I complete a story. However I have noticed that a lot of people, mostly writers, leave comments after every chapter. Do you, writers, have a preference? Why? Is one comment okay?
November 04, 2023 10:37pm

2/2 As some of you seemed interested, it's To Heaven and Back by Synefred. @cawthraven: You were completely right about the details you gave me. wink
November 04, 2023 09:07pm

1/2 Hi everyone, I was looking for a fic: Spike is human, Drusilla wants to resire him. Buffy finds them & stops her. Spike tied to a bed is dying from blood loss, Buffy decides to give him her blood 'cause of her slayer demon. Spike becomes a male slayer.
November 04, 2023 09:05pm

mais ce pendant j'ai un autre couple que j'expédie tellement à force d'écrire sur eux et qui sont au coude à coude avec Buffy et Spike et se sont Giles et Jenny ! Qui les aime autant que moi ?
November 04, 2023 10:39am

J'appelle véritablement Elysian Fields comme ma maison et mon lieu de repos pour le couple que forme Spike et Buffy, je l'ai aime et les aimerais toujours n'a les pas la question...
November 04, 2023 10:39am

party Happy birthday to wrasslins & LibraryNinja! may you be the star of the show all day, lavished with love & gifts and reason to smile all day. May all your memories be sweet, all your needs met, all your loves genuine, all your dreams in reach & be blessed daily
November 04, 2023 01:10am

The October event was amazing! Thanks to the writers, artists, and mods for running such a great thing! I’m hoping to get back and finish my WiP after being so inspired by you all. I’m also inspired by deciding to attend the Comic Con in Aberdeen, UK next March! Whee!
November 03, 2023 07:38pm

Happy birthday Marisol and Liv!
November 03, 2023 06:14pm

Thanks, Holly hug
November 03, 2023 03:08pm

Happy birthday to the EF baby, Liv. party squee
November 03, 2023 02:31pm

Aww, thanks Deb!
November 03, 2023 02:05pm

And happy birthday to Miss Marisol and all the others I’ve missed lately!
November 03, 2023 12:50pm

happy birthday Miss Liv!!! You are a treasure!
November 03, 2023 12:50pm

Yay, it’s my birthday! Thanks guys! kiss
November 03, 2023 08:19am

Harlow Turner
Happy birthday to Miss Marisol and to my good friend ClowniestLivEver!
November 03, 2023 01:48am

partyHappy birthday to Miss Marisol & ClowniestLivEver! May you have all you most have hoped for and be surrounded by those you most love. May you have reasons to smile all day and have cherished memories. May this year bring you every joy & comfort desired, be blessed
November 02, 2023 11:38pm

Congrats to temporarytitle (I love that name!) and satinsafe.
November 02, 2023 07:39pm

Congrats temporarytitle and satinsafe! Well done!
November 02, 2023 06:55pm