Uploading Fanwork

We’ve curated some resources to help you get started adding your Spuffy fanwork to Elysian Fields. Take a look at the links below. If you still have questions, you can email the mods at elysianfieldsarchive@gmail.com.

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Fic Tag Definitions All fanworks must use the appropriate tags. We have provided a comprehensive breakdown of how categories, genres, warnings, and ratings are defined on Elysian Fields, and the mods are happy to answer any questions you have about which tags best fit your work.
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Betas and Sensitivity Readers Looking for an extra set of eyes on your work before posting? You can browse the profiles for our beta and sensitivity readers here.
Beta and Sensitivity Reader Search You can search for a beta reader or sensitivity reader who can help with your specific needs.
Guidelines for Authors, Beta Readers, and Sensitivity Readers Authors, beta readers, and sensitivity readers all want stories to be as good as they can be. Read these tips for ensuring a smooth, collaborative working relationship whether you’re writing, betaing, or sensitivity reading a work.
Artists Need help finding an artist to create a banner? You can browse artist profiles here.