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first of all a big shout out to Pfeifferpack’s Eye of Eleos. It is a fantastic story jammed packed with all sorts of historical tidbits. It’s a great read that I haven’t left a review on because I suck hard. Don’t be me. Read and review!

I’d like to see a rewrite of s3 where Faith comes to town with her faithful soulless vampire lover, Sam Lawson as characterized in Pfeifferpack’s story. An all American hero who happened to get turned but still fighting the good fight.  I’m just looking for similar characterization, since I really enjoyed Pfeifferpack’s handling of his character.

How would having someone who loves her unconditionally change Faith and her story arc?

How would him being soulless and still able to love challenge the councils dogma and the scoobs beliefs?

How would Buffy react to his ability to love?

What would happen when it came out that he was sired by souled Angel?

What would happen when Spike came back into town?

Spuffy of course but I wouldn’t be adverse to some heavy Faith/Sam screen time. 😻

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Characters: Buffy

The watchers council has a camera and sound device hidden in Angel's office during Angel season 5 as Giles and Buffy no longer trust him and definitely do not trust him heading up Wolfram and Hart

Must have

Buffy finding out Spike is back and that Angel is keeping them apart

Clem helping in some way 

The chase around Rome but it only includes Angel, Spike went to Rome but it's your choice what he does while Angel is chasing a fake Buffy

Spuffy ending 

Categories: All Human/Fantasy
Characters: Ensemble

Made this challenge for another fandom and someone took it. I don't think it hurt for this one. This is a simple AU Human fluffy bit of fun!

My toddler ran up to you,grabbed you by the leg and called you Daddy/Mommy right in front of EVERYONE! I was so embarrassed! But you just smiled and rolled with it. I think I might love you now!

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Characters: Ensemble

AU all human

With Joyce laid up from her brain surgery the Summers house hold is in need of help. Giles gives Joyce the number to an English run place that specializes in nannies and house keepers. This place is top notch and their people only work for the snooty and snobby elite of the elite. The company owners owe Giles a favor so they'll send over their very best.

Buffy is expecting a very Mary Poppins type English female nanny. She wasn't expecting the new house keeper to be wearing leather!! Or be a man!!

Why Spike is a house keeper is up to you. But he can cook and clean and take care of Joyce.....not to mention he and Dawn get on like a house on fire! 

Poor Buffy seems to be the only person having problems with him!

Categories: Season 3, Alternate Reality, Episode Rewrite
Characters: Angel, Buffy, Giles, Joyce, Spike, Willow, Xander

Title/banner optional. If you want the banner, just PM for personalization.

Spike scoffed at them, “You're not friends. You'll never be friends. You'll be in love till it kills you both. You'll fight, you'll shag, you'll hate each other till it makes you quiver, but you'll never be friends.”

Angel growled at his annoying granchilde, “What the hell do you know about friendship, Spike? Like you could ever be friends with a woman.”

Spike rolled his eyes, without taking his gaze from the Slayer, “You can bloody believe it I could, Peaches.”

“Yeah, right.” Buffy snorted, “I bet you can't be friends with a girl if your life depends on it.”

A slow naughty smile kissed Spike’s lips, “Unlife, baby, and yes I could.”

She rolled her eyes, ignoring the fluttering happening in her tummy, “As if.”

His eyes roamed indecently over her forms, enjoying the blush on her cheeks, “Oh, sweet Slayer, I’m gonna make you eat your words.” He winked, “Tell you what, luv, I take your wager on.”

“You’re on!” Buffy answered quickly, a smug look on her face, “You’re gonna be so sorry... I never lose.”

Angel was trying to get her attention, “Um… Buffy…”

Both blondes ignored Angel, too busy besting the other.

Spike chuckled, “If I win, Slayer, you’re gonna help me get Dru back.” He held out his hand waiting for the Slayer to take up the challenge.

Buffy didn't disappoint, grabbing his hand, “When I win…” she paused as a wicked smile curved her lips, “…you’ll bag it for as long as I live..." she took a dramatic pause, "...and I plan to live until I’m ninety, just to spite you.”

Spike smirked, thinking, she has no idea who she’s dealing with. “Deal!”

Buffy was almost bouncing on her toes, “Let the best woman win.”

Spike laughed, raising her hand to his lips, ignoring the low growl from his grandsire, opting to enjoy the Slayer's rosy cheeks and the accelerated beat of her heart, “Oh, luv, you have no idea... I look right fetching in a dress.”

Buffy gaped at him, lost for words.

Taking advantage of her stupor, Spike tucked her hand in the crook of his arm and started guiding her out of the Magic Box. “Now, shall we retrieve your chums, Buffy?” he asked sweetly.

The two blondes walked out, leaving behind a bewildered Angel, “What the hell just happened?” after a few moments, Angel hurried after them. Better keep my eyes on that pest.


As she was fighting the Mayor’s cronies, side-by-side with Spike, Buffy couldn’t get rid of the feeling she just made a bet with the devil.


Starting from the prompt above, give me a story of what started as a bet, leading to a strong friendship between Buffy and Spike with a dash of Scoobies, spiced with a broody vampire, well, with all the ups and downs.

It's not mandatory to lead it to romance, but I won’t object to it, actually, I encourage it.

Categories: Alternate Reality
Characters: Ensemble

I was a HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE....Castle fan. So I'm stealing from them to do this LOL

Everything about the show is exactly the same...with one exception. Spike as a vampire never happened.

Spike is actually a human who is a famous supernatural author who had a very famous book series going. Getting tired of writing it he shocked the world by killing the character off and ending the series. 

Traveling the country to get another book he needs fast....Spike stops in Sunnydale for a rest. Unknowing that much of the stuff he wrote about not only exist but is gathered in mass in this very town!!

Buffy some how saves his life but exposes the supernatural world to him! Spike is smitten right off the bat! A kick ass gorgeous fighter of evil would make a HELL of a great new book series! WIth his money and connections Spike some how finds out about the Council and for whatever reason get's their permission to hang around town and Buffy.

Buffy is NOT pleased with this! Plus she's still pissed that Spike killed off her favorite book series....not that she's ever going to tell him that!! 

Categories: Season 5
Characters: Ensemble

This one is simple

Originally on the show after Joyce's funeral Buffy spent the time with Angel while Dawn spent her time with Spike.

BUT.....what if it was flipped? What if it had been Spike with Buffy and Angel helping Dawn? How this came about is up too you but I thought this switch might be something interesting to see.

Categories: All Human/Fantasy
Characters: Buffy, Spike

What happens when at an office party, Buffy unknowingly sleeps with her boss's (Cecily) husband? Eh, not her fault.

What happens when he comes back for more? Okay... semi her fault.

What happens when they fall in love? Yeah, there's no going back.

Must Have: -Buffy not knowing that Spike is Cecily's husband (and then finding out when seeing a picture of them two after the party).

-Cecily being a b!tch.

-Office sex (can't forget that! Mayyyyybe in Cecily's office... author's call!).

Can't Have: -B/Other

-Spike staying with Cecily in the end. 

Categories: All Human/Fantasy
Characters: Buffy, Spike

Recently losing her memory (author's choice of how that happened), Joan attends a group therapy session that her doctor recommended to help her cope with the loss and be comforted by the fact that others are in the same boat as her.

Upon her first meeting she meets Randy, a fellow attendee. 

Sparks fly between the two and they soon make new memories with each other.

Must Have: -Joan struggling at first with the loss.

Can Have: -Joan or Randy regaining their memories.

Can't Have: -B/Other & S/Other


Categories: All Human/Fantasy
Characters: Ensemble

Buffy Summers and William "Spike" Giles have been best friends their whole life.

Buffy is new in college and is surrounded by a bunch of mean spirited her dorm or sorority or class.

The girls have been making fun of Buffy due to her non existent dating life.

Just so happens Spike comes to pay Buffy a surprise visit. Guess his surprise when Buffy grabs him,says "hey baby!" and kisses him right on the mouth!!

Buffy knows Spike is in shock and has no clue what's going on.....but as soon as she can she's gonna explain. Her plan is to pass Spike off as her back home boyfriend. She just needs him to play along for a few days.

But over time will pretend love turn into the real thing?

One thing I think would be of the mean girls is vain and so sure of her ability to steal Spike from Buffy. She's in total shock when Spike shoots her down. 


Categories: Season 6, Episode Rewrite
Characters: Buffy, Ensemble, Spike

An alternative version of 'Older and Far Away' in which the only demons trapped inside Buffy's house are Spike and Clem. Things are rocky at first, having them, the Scoobies, and the two 'normals' together, but Buffy soon discovers she likes having Spike and her friends coexist in her life without having to choose between them. 

Her boyfriend is much more compatible with her life than she expected – so much more than the guy Xander wanted to set her up with. 

Feeling the party vibes, she relaxes a little, allowing herself to enjoy Spike's company. They get progressively wrapped up in each other as everyone else (except for Dawn) tire of the forced closeness and become less and less subtle about wanting to leave. 

The complication of the vengeance demon wish needs to be resolved but, at the end of it, Buffy can't bare to have her time with Spike pushed back into the shadows of her life. When everyone else returns to their life (work and study), she finds that hers has been right there all along, between her Vampire and her sister. There's peace in the realization. 

Categories: Season 6
Characters: None

Ideas for Watcher’s Council involvement during S6:

-inquiry into Buffy’s resurrection 

-Giles leaves Buffy and a new Watcher is sent to replace him

-Buffy’s suitability to be the Slayer is questioned when it becomes obvious how poorly she’s dealing with everything 

Council vs Willow? Would Giles have a change of heart once he sees someone who isn’t him try to fill his shoes as Buffy’s Watcher? Does the Council decide Buffy needs to be eliminated or retrained or sent somewhere else less demanding, etc? If there’s a new Watcher, what do they think or know of Spike? 

I just think, Faith is rogue and Buffy has returned but is not doing too well...what is the Council about this long dark year?

Categories: Season 6
Characters: Ensemble

During season six when social services was wanting to take Dawn away Spike stepped up. Knowing who and what Wolfram and Hart was Spike went down to LA to convo with them. When you are Evil Incorporated Spike assumed they would be the best at getting everyone off their backs and letting Dawn stay at home.

Spike was expecting that Wolfram and Hart would want money so he took/traded some of the valuables from the gem cave with him. But much to his shock the law firm has no need for his little trinkets. They have other BIGGER plans in mind and so they make a deal with Spike. They will come up there and deal with Sunnydale Child Services and at a later time they will come to him and collect their 'payment' from Spike. They were vague about what that payment is but in a bad way Spike has no other option but to agree to their terms.

Season Seven rolls around and it's now time to pay the devil his due. During the height of the First problem Wolfram and Hart comes knocking on Buffy's door.

"Yes....I'm sure this is a bad time but as you see we really need to speak to Mr Pratt."

What Wolfram and Hart want from BIG time....his soul...his help against Angel...or maybe possession of Spike himself.....whatever it is is up too Buffy is NOT happy about any of this and is gonna put a stop too it.

Categories: All Human/Fantasy
Characters: Buffy, Ensemble, William

Nerdy Buffy Summers hasn't had the most amazing time in school. The only thing she genuinely enjoys is learning during class. Worried that their daughter isn't getting the full high school experience, Joyce and Hank enroll Buffy in a foreign exchange program that sends her across the ocean in hopes that Buffy makes friends in her new surroundings. 

And what a coincidence that the household she will be living in happens to be none other than the Pratt's.

Nervous and a little ticked off that his parents agreed to hosting a foreign exchange student, William doesn't know just what exactly to expect from living with a stranger.

Just as he mentally prepares himself for a disaster, surely this will be yet another girl to ridicule him, he is blown away by the vision that walks through the door and into his life.

Two nerds falling in love!

Must Have: -Buffy and William getting along.

-Slow burn type romance blossoming between them. 

-Will and Buffy sticking to each other during school. 

Can Have: -The scoobies popping up whichever way you see fit.

Can't Have: -B/Other & S/Other

-Lots of angst.

Categories: Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, Season 4, Season 5, Season 6, Season 7
Characters: Ensemble

The Scooby gang was the heart of BtVS and, sadly, a heart that got damaged and all sorts of scarred by our canon writers. But still, the relationships between our core group - Buffy, Giles, Willow, Xander (and depending on the season, Oz, Cordelia, Anya, Tara) - are a huge part of what makes the show so amazing. It can be a useful dramatic tool to have any of the characters turn antagonistic, but what I'd love to see here is some major Scooby loving.

I don't care what the plot is, what season this is, or how long the fic is, so long as it addresses the Scooby Gang as they in some way work through life together. I'm not looking for fluff here, either, but a realistic exploration of people going through their different stages and challenges of life on the hellmouth.


- Exploration of Scooby friendship. Doesn't need to include everyone, but no Scoobies are allowed to become villains. Tension is fine, but the ultimate end should be growth and stronger (even if altered) relationships

- Balanced presentation of character flaws and virtues. Please no Saint Buffy or Saint Spike. Character flaws are beautiful things!

- Spuffy, of course. Bonus points if friendship growth leads to our favorite pair getting together (and a happier existence for Spike in the group)

- End leaves us with a strong, (at least relatively) happy Scooby group



- Scooby villainization/sainthood
- Claims
- AH


[title this whatever you like!]

Categories: Alternate Reality
Characters: Angel, Buffy, Cordelia, Giles, Jesse McNally, Kendra, Spike, The Master

Firstly, I am no Willow hater; I actually adore the character. But I am intrigued by the idea of a Buffy-verse where there is no Willow and no replacement character for her (like in It's a Wonderful Life when George Bailey wishes he'd never been born, only George was mostly a good influence on those around him while Willow... well I'm realizing now was more of a negative influence. I'm sure she had some positive influence, but I really don't know how except perhaps making Xander and Buffy and Oz less lonely some of the time).

The following two sections not in bold aren't required for the challenge, just observations and speculations on my part:

Examples of Willow's negative influence:

I observed that Willow's treatment of the Buffy-bot (resurrecting, reprogramming, sending it to die protecting people she deems appropriate, controlling it, violating its mind and innards) is somewhat responsible for what led to Buffy's abuse of Spike. Why? Willow treats a being with decision making skills that looked exactly like her best friend in all the ways I just mentioned. Then, subsequently she treated the real Buffy, her own best friend, in that same way, like she was an object and not a person capable of making her own decisions. Buffy also treats Spike like he's an object and not a real person; she didn't used to, and I know a lot of writers like to pin this change on her trauma with Angel/Angelus, but the timing for that argument makes no sense. Buffy also didn't start obsessing over Angel's soul until after Wonder Willow put it back.

Then I thought of how Willow's behavior has negatively affected Buffy and Xander through their dating choices, which she either orchestrated to her design or fiercely disagreed with. Buffy chose Pike and Spike and Willow forcibly persuaded her to choose Angel, Scott Hope, and Riley using deliberate tactics like leading questions and statements, outright instructions, and put downs.

Xander chose Ampata, Cordelia, and Anya against Willow's wishes. All the railing she did and her scheming failed in his case, thank goodness. But what she plotted to do to herself and to him to keep them faithful to their respective relationship partners was scary. The delusting spell seems dangerous in retrospect and I'm really glad Spike interrupted her plans. Why? Well, delusting is not the same thing as making oneself honor one's agreements made in good faith and once again Willow attempted to control things to be the way that she wanted them to be without much research. It could have been disastrous, like what if it was a spell that turned them into magical eunichs and deprived them of any motivation or passion? No hormones, no romantic relationships, not even with their current significant others. No passion, no desire to save people from evil and preserve life.

Possible Changes without Willow:

Anyway, I'm really curious. Show me who Buffy would be friends with, because there wouldn't be any real animosity between Xander and Cordelia to begin with without Willow. Nor would Xander have skateboarded into Buffy without Willow sitting nearby, which prompted their first meeting. Perhaps Xander still overhears Buffy in and Giles in the library and thinks of her as the crazy girl, but would he have even been in that room without braniac Willow for a friend? Buffy and Cordelia began to naturally gravitate towards being friends and if it weren't for Willow, she wouldn't have scared Cordelia in the Bronze and made her think that she was a weird freak. Would Buffy have fallen into old patterns of behavior (a la popular cheerleader at Hemery with only frenemies)?

Spike refers to Buffy's friends and family as her strength in canon, but I constantly observed them being a burden, not a strength, to her. Would Buffy have been less burdened, not having Willow, or equally burdened as her canon self, only with loneliness and shouldering more of her calling? The only observable difference her canon friends made was in life and death situations (like Xander's CPR).

Would Xander have been more bitter and a bit of a bully without Willow's affection and steadfastness? A loner after Jessie's gone?

With Angel still as the creepy stalker ally, instead of a love interest, would Buffy still assume he saved her after being revived with the kiss of life by Xander?

No resurrection of Buffy by Willow's spell, no release of Angelus... Kendra and Ms. Calendar not dying... Jesse rescued... Faith not called yet...

It'd all be very different without Willow. It's kind of mind boggling. I don't think I realized before now how influential her character was to enact the show authors' will on Buffy's life.

It sounds like it'd be one heck of a vengeance wish, Willow seeing how much better off everyone is without her, but also how they may be worse in other ways.

Have at it!

Categories: Season 5, Season 6, Alternate Reality, Episode Rewrite
Characters: Buffy, Dawn, Giles, Spike, Tara, Willow, Xander

 Title/banner optional. If you want the banner, just PM for personalization.

I've seen many versions of the episode, but I can't remember a version like this.

Buffy doesn't die when she jumps off the tower, she loses her memory when she goes through that powerful energy. Not all. She knows she's the Slayer and jumped to save her sister. She knows the old man with glasses wanted to sacrifice her sister and knows the blond vampire promised her to protect her sister. About the other Scoobies, she has only a few vague memories.

Of course the Scoobies try to convince her that they are her friends, but quasi-amnesiac Buffy doesn't trust them, especially as to how pushy they are.

To her friends’ annoyance, Buffy spends a lot of time with her sister and Spike. The Scoobies don’t take that well and practically chew her up about it, well, not all, we know who's the first to put the foot in his mouth. The Slayer doesn’t take that kindly.

Her memory comes back slowly, and randomly, first the most powerful ones, like her mother’s death, the Cruciamentum, the Hyena incident, her engagement (which at first she thinks is real), Angel’s abandonment, an so on. These are just some examples and not mandatory. How much of her memory comes back and how fast is your choice, but not all at once, she needs to deal with one before the next one comes. Sort of like free therapy.

And the challenge begins. Rewrite a different season six considering all of the above. How the core Scoobies' relationship develops from this point and how many of them remain in the Slayer’s circle considering she practically meets them all over again, it's up to you. Buffy has grown since high school, but sadly, some of them didn't.

…and go! Have fun.

Oh, forgot. Make it spuffy, obviously, or at least in the friends zone.

Categories: Season 5
Characters: Ensemble

I see this in season five but if you want to change it go ahead.

PWP/Smut....whatever you want to call it.

Spike doesn't have running water in his crypt. But what he found was that one of the other crypts in the graveyard has an out spigot in it's gutter that gushes out water every time there's a hard rain. So Spike being a vampire and not caring strips down outside and gets his shower stuff done outside every time it rains hard enough. 

Of course Buffy gets caught out in the graveyard when the hard rain starts. Thinking about rushing into Spike's crypt in order to escape the rain she comes up short when she see's Spike and all of his glory getting his shower on outside. And now that Sunnydale has been hit with monsoon type weather Buffy has become a bit of a Peeping Tom watching Spike.

Categories: Season 5
Characters: Ensemble

Okay my other challenge with ballroom dancing gave me this idea also.

Set in season five with a healthy Joyce.

Joyce has been invited to go to a big wig fancy party due to her art gallery. She does NOT want to go alone and look like a wallflower that couldn't get a date. Unfortunately she can't get a date! What ever reason you want to give Giles can't go with her.

When she finds out that not only can Spike do all the formal type dancing that will be at the party he also knows about art,literature and can hold his own with the snooty crowd that's going to be there.....she begs him to be her date.

Buffy is not at all happy about any of this! But when Spike shows up at their door decked out wearing a high dollar suit instead of his normal leather Buffy's tongue is wagging. Plus Spike has flowers and is all formal and nice to her mom.

When Joyce comes back fanning herself and telling her daughters all about how much fun she had with Spike and how he twirled her around the dance floor and had the whole crowd eating out of his hand Buffy has decided maybe she wants Spike to take her out dancing and having fun!

Categories: Season 3
Characters: Ensemble

This is set in season three while Angel was in Hell.

Buffy finds out that one of Principal Snyder's hoops for her to get back in school is that she must enter some form of a ballroom dancing contest....if she HAS to win it is up too you. But Snyder demands that Buffy must enter the contest in order to get back into school.

Only problem is while Buffy can whirl on a dime to stake a vampire she trips over her own feet when it comes to classical dancing. She's horrible at it and will NEVER win the contest and/or look like a laughing stock. Buffy tries to get teaching lessons in town but her two left feet and her Slayer her being unwilling to be led....has had her thrown out of all the schools. She's now forced to practice on her own even when she can even out on patrol.

Spike comes back to Sunnydale a bit sooner then last time. Dru has dumped him of course so he's returned to get vengeance on the Slayer. Only problem is when he finds her out in a graveyard she's twirling around like a drunken buffoon! Unable to hold it in Spike bust out with laughter.....much to Buffy's chagrin and embarrassment! 

They do some bantering back and forth as normal until Spike finds out what Buffy is up too. Much to his own chagrin Spike lets it slip that like all good Victorian men of his time he knows how to do ballroom dancing! Needing all the help she can get Buffy reinstates their truce and DEMANDS that Spike teach her how to dance!

What Buffy is willing to offer to Spike is up too you. But much to his dismay Spike finds himself giving the Slayer dancing lessons instead of killing her!

Plus what happens later when Angel comes back?!

Categories: Season 4, Alternate Reality, Claim
Characters: Angel, Buffy, Darla, Drusilla, Sam Lawson, Spike, The Master

It is discovered that Buffy has gained an Aurelian signature over time. First, with Heinrich marking her as his 'savior' and her dying and being revived. Next, with Angel marking her as 'protected' when she offered up her life's blood to save him. And finally, when she is marked as the 'mate' of William the Bloody. And, having slain Heinrich in fair combat and having defeated all challengers who were not her mate, that makes her the defacto Head of the Aurelian Clan; go figure. May all who oppose her might tremble.

Categories: Season 5
Characters: Buffy, Giles, Spike

Write a story in which Buffy is turned into an infant along with Spike. Toddlers that grow older every few days. They have new childhood memories of growing up.

Giles has to be the one to care for them both, and grow to love Spike as the son he never had, as well as strengthen his bond with Buffy as his daughter.

It could be in an AU season five or 6. Joyce is still dead though. No glory, which means no Dawn. Which means buffy never died.

Must Have

Spuffy of course. 

Giles being protective. And at one point scolding Xander for his anti-Spike behavior, but have it be after developing Giles and Williams Father-Son relationship.

An original Villain that is the cause of the age regression. Its motive could be anything.

Spike being protective of Buffy. 

Spike calls Giles Dad.

the rest up to the author.


Categories: Season 5, Season 6, Crossover (AtS)
Characters: Angel, Buffy, Ensemble, Spike

I want to see a story where Angel tries to nab Spike from the Scoobies. 

Let's say there's a problem Angel needs help with, whether that's a canon situation that gets out of hand or something new doesn't matter. But he needs Spike for it and no matter Spike's personal feelings on him, Peaches is still family so he agrees. 

Buffy tags along to 'keep her eye on him' and to make sure they don't end up killing each other or something (not that she'd care if Angel killed Spike of course). 

Except... for some insane reason Spike and Angel are almost getting along. She even ends up feeling kinda like a third wheel around them during the course of the mission and it starts driving her a bit mad. 

I imagine quite a few phone calls home about it, maybe with Willow logically (and mistakenly) thinking that Buffy's jealous she's not the centre of Angel's attention. While Dawn says a half joking, half worried 'Just make sure Angel doesn't try to steal Spike.' and Buffy snorting and going all 'I wish.'  because it's not like THAT'S actually ever happening. 

The point is that by the time they're done Buffy is SO READY to go home and back to normal where everything makes sense and Spike hates Angel's guts. Where Spike goes back to being her irritating sorta-Scoobie not-a-friend she's trying not to be attracted to, and where they can have their nice, comfortable cemetery patrols where her ex boyfriend doesn't try to pull Spike into reminiscing about the more fun of their old adventures.  

And then Angel offers Spike to stay and Buffy loses it

And when I say 'loses it' I mean pulls Spike back, pushes Angel away and snaps back with a very possessive 'Hey! My vampire!' and so shocks absolutely everyone else in the room. 

This can take place at whichever point in the series you'd like though I personally imagine an AU season 5 without Glory (but Dawn's there) or AU season 6 where Buffy didn't die works best.  

Can have: Spike maybe starting to feel down because Buffy had started to almost warm up to him and now she's back to snapping at him at every opportunity and he has no idea why. 

Can't have: Angel bashing. It rather works best if Angel shows his better side. That's what makes him a real threat of Spike maybe deciding to actually stay. And what makes Buffy's growing stabby feelings more hilarious. 

Categories: All Human/Fantasy
Characters: Angel, Buffy, Darla, Drusilla, Spike

Formed in London in 1982, the Whirlwind is one of the biggest rock bands in the world. The lineup intact since their first self-titled record - Darla on bass guitar, Angel on lead guitar, Drusilla on drums, and Spike on vocals - they've always known how to put on a show. Their second album, Nuns O'Bedlam, spoke of things to come. It was their third album, The Boxer Rebellion, and its titular single that finally made them who they are today. Now, nearly twenty years later, they're looking to make their tenth record, something to show how far they've come and where they're looking to go next and blow your mind while you're here. Which they absolutely can deliver on.

The only flaw in the plan is that they can't stand each other. The last three years have been brutal, everyone knows it, and they're sick of pretending things are fine.

Enter Buffy Summers: musician wrangler, project manager, cat herder, known throughout the business as Slayer of a Good Time. She's been sent by the record company to get everyone on the same page, make them grit their teeth and work together, and get the album produced on time, on budget, and see that it's everything they've promised since those early London clubs.

What complicates things is that she's used to total disasters, the kind that are just out of rehab and relearning how to play their instruments, the kind that's completely nuts even by Los Angeles standards. The Whirlwind is and has always been serious about their music. They'll come to work on time and ready, play a song in the studio and hash it out, work it over until it's everything it needs to be - "Should I come in slow or hot after the bridge? More ah-ah-ah or eh-eh-eh?" - but the moment the session's over for the day, they're all back at each other's throats.

That, and she knows how unprofessional it would be to involve herself with a band member.


Because there's an allure to the world of rock music. There's thrills, chills, and good times for all. And from the outside, it looks grand and exciting and wonderful, delightfully dangerous, and something that everyone wishes they could do - something that everyone wishes they were lucky enough to be chosen for.

And for the people already in that world, it's their job. Because no matter how grand, exciting, and wonderful it is, a job's a job to the people doing it.

Dawn doesn't understand why her sister shields her from the people she works with. Wouldn't it be the coolest thing to work with rock stars every day? And it was. For ten minutes. Then the novelty wore off, and Buffy realized the depth of the world she'd entered. One that she can't leave behind, because she knows everything that goes into those albums, those concerts, those songs.

On the show, it's established that being the Slayer is a calling, and it's also a duty and obligation. From the outside, the vampires and demons look fun to be with. Maybe some are. But you can't come back, if you go over there, not once you know it. Slaying fits easily into the music industry, and allows a cockeyed-but-fitting look at the allure and danger - and maybe even provide a focused discussion on that aspect of the canon which was left out in most of the show, simply because there wasn't time to discuss it directly.

And there's a lot that can be done with the overlap in the worldwide teenage girls' mythology of being loved by a famous rock star and by a vampire.

(Over tea in his LA kitchen, Spike explains to Buffy he's only ever done this. Yes, he was a stockboy at a London clothing shop for six months when he was 17, but otherwise, he's only ever been Spike of the Whirlwind. What else can he do? Sure, he could retire of record sales, royalties, and licensing fees and live comfortably enough, but this is all he's able to do: be in a rock band. "The four of us, we hate each other, but we'll end up in the same bed sometimes, still. Just because it's good to be close to someone who gets it. Who knows where you've been because they were there with you.")

(An early Whirlwind band poster featured the four of them in a bed, left-right: Angel, Drusilla, Spike, Darla. Over the years, much has been made about Spike's hair choices.)

(And if you know what's good for you, don't touch Dru's drumkit. No, seriously. DO NOT touch her drumkit.)

The Whirlwind does sometimes move things around - Drusilla doing lead vocals on one song, Spike on second guitar on another - but the one main constant is that it's always been Darla and Angel doing the writing. Sure, Spike and Drusilla might contribute a word or a lyric or a title here and there, but they've never written songs of their own. And it's Spike's ambition to write a song good enough to put on a record one day.

She gets them back to a point of genuine companionability and even friendship, sees the record released, and some months later, sees a girl on the street singing along to one of the songs, unaware of everything Buffy herself did to make the moment possible, ignorant of all the struggle and strife that went into three minutes of musical joy, just enjoying herself and the song. And Buffy smiles, because this is why she does what she does.

I imagine the fic ending in approximately the same emotional place as late season 5/early season 6 - gen-ish, getting to the beginnings of a relationship - but that'd largely be up to the author's discretion. And it'd be up to the author whether or not Spike needs another few years before he gets good enough for that song, or if he's finally got what it takes and just needs to take one last little step to get there.

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Characters: Ensemble

In season 4 when Professor Walsh tries to kill Buffy she hears her and Riley talk about the success of their plan not realizing she survived. Buffy doesn't say anything to let them know it failed. She goes to Giles's place to let them know about the plot to kill her, but her friends and Giles really don't believe her because they think Riley is to much of a good guy to do that. Spike is the only one to believe he is capable of doing it. While the Scoobies are arguing Spike passes Riley and comes in and asks why Captain Cardboard is outside trying to be sad. Buffy tells them to shutup so she can hide and they can hear what Riley has to say.

You can take this where you want just as long as it's Spuffy. You can also decide if the Scoobies make up or not. You could even go Dark Buffy if it suits you.

I put Ensemble because I don't know how to put multiple characters on.

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Characters: Ensemble

"Have we met?"

Joyce asked that to Spike back in season two sitting on her sofa during the truce. And right before the battle with Angelus. 

BUT......what if instead that question had been asked in....season five or six and Joyce is still alive. Everytime she's been seeing Spike lately she's had a feeling she's seen him before. 

Back in her early college days young Joyce gets stood up/dumped by her boyfriend. Spike is on a temporary out with Drusilla. The two bump into each other and instead of eating her the pair share their dating woes over wine.

The two start to form a connection over time and have other meetings. Only problem is Dru slinks back into town and is not happy with another woman on Spike's mind. 

Knowing she can't kill's of the future telling her that Joyce will be the mother to Spike's sunshine. Instead Dru puts a mind whammy on the two of them making the pair forget they ever met.

Joyce goes back to classes while Dru slinks away with Spike in tow.

Only problem is that decades later the fact that the two are around each other is slowly wearing away Dru's mind whammy.....and Dru is not there to reinforce it.

How will Buffy feel that not only did her mom and Spike meet in the past that they almost had a thing?

Probably not going to be happy.....maybe a bit jealous. 

Categories: Alternate Reality, All Human/Fantasy
Characters: Buffy, Spike

All human AU where Spike is an assassin and Buffy is the one tasked with catching him. They become fascinated with each other - can end happy or tragic, author's choice. 

Categories: Crossover (Books or TV shows outside Buffyverse)
Characters: Ensemble

Buffy/Marvel Cinematic Universe ....Infinity Wars.

The Buffy universe also is in the Marvel movie universe.

So when Thanos snapped his finger,wiping out half of ALL life, Sunnydale was also effected. Most of the human and demon populations suddenly just vanish.

Of all the Scoobies Buffy is the only one left. She may have saw Dawn and Joyce turn to dust. Even being the Hellmouth Sunnydale is a ghost town now. Buffy is busy because what few vampires are left are trying to round up/fight over the small remaining humans.

Depending on what season you set this in....earlier seasons Spike comes back to town.....later seasons he survived the snap and shows up at Buffy's home. 

But like the Marvel movie Endgame the two spend five years together alone. They have their ups and downs but fall in love. But what happens when the snap is reversed and everyone else is returned?

People like....Angel, Giles and Xander....who have no idea how long they were gone and aren't happy about how close Spuffy has gotten. 

Will they try and break them up? Will Buffy fall back into friends peer pressure? What happened to the Watchers Council when most of the Old Guard vanished?

If someone takes this and is willing please PM me and I'll share some thoughts I had but didn't put here. 


Categories: Season 2, Season 3, Season 4
Characters: Buffy, Joyce, Spike

I desire a story where Joyce and Spike hang out more, where the Spuffy is just background noise and their friendship (or mother-son relationship) takes the spotlight.

Categories: Alternate Reality
Characters: Buffy, Joyce, Spike, William

William/Spike (who enjoys math and statistics almost as much as writing poetry) tutors So-Cal blonde beauty, bubblegum popping Buffy in maths (Brits add an s), in preparation for her upcoming SATs, specifically for the MSAT. Buffy's already capable of passing them, but Buffy's mother is set on getting her daughter into the best colleges.