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Categories: Season 5
Characters: Buffy, Spike

Something Blue set in season 5. Pre or Post Out of My Mind. Pre or Post Into the Woods. Doesn't matter.

What interests me is the difference a year would make in the story. In season 5, Buffy is no longer a naive girl, looking for a fairytale ending, and running from her destiny. She is a mature woman, still holding onto an ideal, but has accepted her responsibility and come into herself. Spike is more rounded out as a character, rather than just used as the comic relief in the series.

Here they are both capable of a grown up love, giving Spike the chance to show her he is willing to turn his back on "the whole evil thing" and do whatever it takes when he is in love. When the spell is ended is Buffy really still able to say how "awful" is was to be on the same side as Spike for once? And seeing as Buffy is more "experienced" at this point, I dont see this being as PG13 as the original. The aftermath of that would be fun to see.

Categories: Crossover (Books or TV shows outside Buffyverse), Historical, All Human/Fantasy
Characters: Buffy, William

Inspired by and major spoilers for Jane Austen's Emma:

In Victorian/Regency London, England, William Pratt (Spike) cares for his mother. The Pratts have long been friends with their neighbors, the Greens. Practically every day, Miss Elizabeth Green (Buffy) comes to spend time with he and his mother. When he believes her in love with the man everyone likens to an angel, but who tends to bring out the worst in Elizabeth, Mr. Liam Brown (Angel), he departs from London to get away from it all. He leaves his friend (Lorne/loose-skinmed) to watch over his mother in his stead. Elizabeth meanwhile, had been attempting to set up her friend Wilhelmina Rose DeBurgh (Willow) with Mr. Warren Michaels (Mears) and then Mr. Brown. Only then she discovers that Wilhelmina may actually have an understanding with her dear friend Mr. Pratt, which deeply unsettles her enough that she realizes she covets William for her own and loves him romantically. But Mr. Brown has actually been secretly engaged to Miss Cordelia Chamberlain all along; Elizabeth finds this out from Mr. Rupert Gilbert (Giles), Mr. Brown's uncle and her own father figure. When William receives a letter about the matter, he rushes back to tell Elizabeth he loves her and if might she give him a chance. Still conflicted about his apparent understanding with Wilhelmina, she's fears to listen to his revelations.

(There's no need to keep to my embellishments or changes; just keep some of the basic plot from the novel. You can change it to modern era too if you like.)

Categories: All Human/Fantasy, Season 1, Alternate Reality, Crossover (Books or TV shows outside Buffyverse)
Characters: Buffy, Joyce

In another world, where there are no vampires that go bump in the night, So-Cal beauty Buffy Summers and her mother have moved clear across the country to another small town near a big city, Stars Hollow.

Imagine what her life will now be like attending Chilton Prepatory Academy with her parents recently divorced and the talk of the school.

They ask her ridiculous questions like did she live down the street from the beach and did she ever meet Tom Cruise or Justin Timberlake or Freddie Prinz Jr.

But at least there's someone who understands what it's like and to help her settle in; Rory Gilmore has been assigned as her mentor by the Headmaster.

(I've wanted to see Buffy compete with the socially elite from a different society than L.A. and see how she would grow and heal from her parents' divorce in a different environment. You can completely change up the details; I don't mind if she has a relationship with William or Spike; it's your universe, so if you want vampires, then go ahead. Go play.)

Categories: Season 4
Characters: None

Don’t know if this has been suggested before but I’m putting this out there anyway. So this obviously wouldn’t be a serious fic and anyone who wants to write it would have to tweak the time line to make season 4 have the available technology to run Pokèmon go which means smartphones and WiFi.

The challenge is to have a season 4 Buffy and Spike bond over playing Pokèmon go.Think about all the walking They do around town and how many pokèstops and gyms they must hit. They could start out on opposite Teams or find out they picked the same team and be mad at the other one. They keep showing up to the same raids and when they find out the other has a certain Pokèmon they insist on trading. You could have Spikes crypt be a pokèstop and Buffy be furious about it and even have them stop some sort of big bad because they both show up to a Pokèmon gym when their Pokèmon get knocked out of it only to find a bad guy (or group, maybe a cult) we’re the ones that did it and they proceed to whoop butt. 

Have fun with it! I could even see someone putting a Season 2 spin on this and Have Angel absolutely hate in the game and make Buffy mad at him.

Categories: Episode Rewrite, Season 6
Characters: Buffy, Spike, Warren Mears

Partial episode re-write in which, after Spike hears from Dawn about the trio broadcasting his time with Anya, he goes to confront them and foil there plans instead of going directly to see Buffy. Because of this turn in events, the bathroom scene and Tara's death are both avoided. A good Spuffy chat in there somewhere is an obvious must have. 

Categories: Season 5, Season 6
Characters: Buffy, Spike

After Buffy dies, Spike never doubts that she went to heaven. He secretly goes to get his soul so that he at least has a chance of seeing her again when he finally dusts. He may also be motivated by his pledge to care for Dawn. He tells no one (though Dawn might be suspicious).

Buffy returns and, as Spike is helping her adjust to being back among the living, she notices something is different about him. She confronts him, he admits the truth.

Alternatively: No one notices a difference in Spike and they only discover he has a soul when they do a spell to make sure that the recently resurrected Buffy still has hers.

Spuffyness can begin pre or post Buffy learning about the soul. I'd actually like it if she fell in love with him before she knew about it. 

Categories: None
Characters: Angel, Buffy, Dawn, Giles, Spike, Willow, Xander
Summary: The lore surrounding Vampires not having a reflection is predicated on the myth that the eyes are the windows to the soul. What if Angel, who was cursed with a soul, has a semi-transparent reflection? Taken one step further, what if Spike, a vampire who willingly fought for the return of his soul, has a full, normal reflection? Wouldn't that alone prove he fought for, and EARNED his soul? If it were a CURSE, his reflection would be like Angel's reflection, i.e. semi-transparent. That's it. Do what you want with this.

Categories: Season 4, Pre-Series, Season 1, Season 2, Season 3
Characters: Buffy, Dawn, Joyce, Spike

Little Dawn has been writing letters to the President of the United States of America since before Buffy was called as the Slayer (Dawn was 9, Buffy 15).

The Letters started as a class project and have since grown to be full of updates at least once a year on her life and how her sister saves the world.

Dawn usually gets back a form letter thanking her for her support and encouraging her in her studies, but this year...

Categories: None
Characters: None

Theres lots of stories out there where a battle-hardened Buffy gets to go back in time for a redo. But Buffy isn’t the only slayer. 

What if Faith, the only one left years later, broken and torn down, gets the chance to go back to when she was first called to change the course of her life?  How would that impact young Buffy and the gang?

Of course I’m looking for some Spufffy action but Faith should get her happy too *cough* Sam Lawson. 

Categories: None
Characters: Anya, Buffy, Dawn, Giles, Joyce, Riley Finn, Spike, Tara, Willow, Xander
Summary: How would Giles, Buffy, and the rest of the Scoobies deal with a "special" Hellmouth victim? For the purposes of this challenge, "special" could mean totally deaf, and only able to communicate through American Sign Language, or unable to speak or understand English at all. During a routine patrol, Buffy rescues a teenage girl from some kind of unknown demon. An older companion is killed, and the younger victim is not badly hurt, but is nearly hysterical, and cannot answer Buffy's questions, and is (in Buffy-speak), either speaking in a demon language(if foreign) or "whipping her arms all over the place" if deaf. Buffy decides to bring her to Giles and the Scoobies. No one can understand the victim, either because she speaks another language, or because none of them understand sign language. Except Spike. Spike helps calm the girl down, and speaks to her either in fluent German, Italian (or other), or in flawless sign language. Spike, of course, calls them on their inability to communicate with the girl. Spike learns that the girl is in Sunnydale to close up and sell her Uncle's home, and her "translator" was killed during the demon attack. Since she will need someone to translate for her, Spike volunteers. Needless to say, Buffy and the others are against Spike being anywhere near her. Unfortunately, without her translator, the traumatized girl has no way to communicate her wishes. This could be set in any season after Spike is chipped. If he is still around, Riley should be hostile toward the girl solely because of the language barrier.

Categories: None
Characters: Buffy

Hello ;) 

Crossover: Buffy and the Good place.

So can be any season, if the authors want can have both cast or just Buffy cast.  really it is up to the author, just thought it would be interesting to see how a cross over with "the good place and Buffy would go ;) 


though must be Spuffy of course and happy ending LOL 



Categories: None
Characters: None

So I’m watching Law And Order SVU. And Olivia Benson is dropping some hard core truth bombs on a young woman who was groomed and got into a relationship she was far too young for. So my challenge for you is for OB to show up in Sunnydale and somehow ends up meeting Buffy. And dropping some harsh truths about her first love. 
How you make it spuffy is up to you. 

Categories: Alternate Reality, Season 4
Characters: Buffy, Ensemble, Spike

An alternative Season Four in which Maggie Walsh gets Buffy kicked out of college in a final act of revenge. Giles doesn't want Buffy to miss out on finishing her degree, so he sets her up to get one via the Watcher's Council. Sure, it's long distance and a little unconventional, but she can adapt. It's only when her studies gives her access to certain documents regarding William the Bloody that she really learns a thing or two. 

Categories: All Human/Fantasy, Alternate Reality
Characters: Buffy, Spike

Or title of your own choosing.

I heard the song Escape (the Pina Colada song) by Rupert Holmes on the car radio and began to think it was a perfect seed of an idea for a rom/com then thought how funny it could be with our intrepid pair maybe in an AH

In a nutshell, the song is about a guy who answers an ad in the newspaper looking for a possible romantic hook up. He responds only to find out it's his ex and it's kind of cute. The last verse has him say that he never knew she liked Pina Coladas or walks on the beach, etc. Obviously they didn't do much communicating and that sounds like our Spuffy.

I began to think how funny if a couple (Spuffy in this challenge, AH would work best but they could still be vamp/Slayer too) used modern dating apps after breaking up. They both decided to not post a picture and were matched to one another much to their surprise and horror. Then using another site the same thing again and again until they had to wonder if maybe they belong together after all. Perhaps communicating with one another might work for them!

Happy ending required.  Think romantic comedy style.

Categories: Post-Series
Characters: Ensemble

After the battle in the Hellmouth Spike doesn't get sucked into the amulet and sent to Angel. He moves on and is sent to the after life. There he's being judged by the Powers That Be for his faults and good deeds to see if he's going to Hell or Heaven.

Tara and Joyce are his advocates for of the past Slayers he killed or one of his victims is the voice for Hell.

When the argument is over the vote is a tie. Not knowing what to do the PTB come up with a solution. They send Spike to Purgatory. It's no where near as bad as Hell but it's no picnic. There you must look back,ponder and/or relive all your past evil/bad deeds and learn from them. It's a way to redeem yourself enough to get to Heaven. He is sentence there for a LONG time.

Purgatory is also a battle ground where not so nice beings battle for surviving and see who's top dog.


In the real world Buffy is trying to move on and restart her life....but she and Dawn are missing Spike. Someone (Cordelia,Whistler,Tara or her mom) informs Buffy on what the PTB have done with Spike. Buffy is FURIOUS when she finds out. She's planning on storming the gates of Purgatory in order to rescue Spike. When told that no mere mortal has ever taken on much less taken down a PTB Buffy smirks.......she's taken down a Hell God to save someone she loves. What's a PTB to that?!

Many of the Potentials who fought on the Hellmouth battle voice their opinion on rescuing Spike when someone (Xander,Giles) want to leave him there. Many volunteer to go with Buffy. 

Purgatory is a bland place.....everything is grey,there's no sunlight,no warmth everything is basic.

Categories: Season 6
Characters: Anya, Buffy, Dawn, Ensemble, Spike, Tara, Willow, Xander
Summary: Just a thought. After beating Spike senseless in the alley and entering the police station in Dead Things, Buffy walked away, leaving Spike on the floor of the alley. Spike looses consciousness, and is found by a police officer heading into work. Naturally, the officer would call in a dead beating victim, and Spike would wind up in the morgue. Sometime after the crime scene photos are taken and Spike is left at the morgue, he wakes up, dresses and leaves. Even in Sunnydale, a body disappearing from the morgue would be noticed. My idea: a Sunnydale news crew hears about the missing body, and posts the story, breaking into the middle of showing a Bruce Lee movie that the Scoobies are watching at Buffy's house. The crime scene photo of Spike's beaten face, is shown right after the reporter tells the audience that the victim obviously did not fight his attacker, his hands being unmarked, and that the body was later "stolen" from the morgue. Buffy is in the kitchen for snacks, until the photo is displayed. The snacks meet the floor. What happens next is up to you. Does Buffy 'fess up? How do the Scoobies react? How does Dawn react? Will Buffy run to the crypt to check on Spike? Will he be there? Or does Spike leave Sunnydale, believing Buffy wants him gone? Does Angel hear the news? Does Giles? Handle this however you like. My only request? No character death, please. The rest is up to you.

Categories: None
Characters: None

This is a very lose idea but maybe someone can make it work.

The basic idea is that through their blood vampires are descendants of an Old one and Slayers are that too. (What we saw the Shadowmen do is looking a lot like what happened to Fred so it is likely.) What I like to see is a transformation into true demons, that's why I called it the Young Ones (The name can be something else). This must have both Buffy and Spike change but can have other vampires and Slayers change too ( depending on the place in the timeline).  I of course want Buffy and Spike to end up together, or they could have been together even before the transformation, but they should making it work as "Young Ones" too. 

There are many ways to play this out. This could be the result of a wish, power accelerating spell or whatever anyone can make work. The end result is open too, but I like the the idea of "Young Ones" taking over the world.

That was all, just a little idea to shake up the muses😊 

Categories: All Human/Fantasy
Characters: Ensemble

Buffy Summers and Spike Giles have been best friends since forever. Buffy is ecstatic,when she finds out her most favorite actress,Drusilla (whatever last name) will be filming a movie in Buffy and Spike's little small town. Buffy might even get a chance to meet her!

But what happens is that Spike some how runs into Drusilla instead and makes an impression on her. Now Spike has a Hollywood movie star interested in him. Dru is always dropping by,lavishing him with gifts and promises. Spike is a tad bit shocked over this and a tad bit happy......he never thought a movie star would be interested in him but Dru is gorgeous and it's been fun so far. 

But Buffy finds nothing fun about any of this! The more and more Drusilla starts to pull Spike away from her the more Buffy thinks she might want more from him then being best buds! But how is she going to compete with a movie star?! 

Categories: Missing Scene, Season 3, Season 4, Season 5, Season 6
Characters: Buffy, Spike

It has belatedly occurred to me that in Into the Woods, Buffy's reaction to seeing Spike appear in her bedroom in the middle of the night is not one of shock, but one of weary resignation.

Buffy says, "Every time you show up like this, you risk all of your parts, you know that?"

To which Spike responds, "I wouldn't be here if I didn't have a good reason. As usual, I'm here to help you, and I - are you naked under there?"

To my way of thinking, this strongly implies that this is by no means the first time it's happened...

So, please tell me about what happened the other times!

The more the merrier!


Categories: All Human/Fantasy, Crossover (Books or TV shows outside Buffyverse)
Characters: Buffy, William

Buffy's the new lazy teacher that's been hired at an high school, and is only doing it to put money toward's going on a lavish vacation. 

And William is the shy english teacher who loves teaching and inspiring his students. 

Just how do these two total opposites find love?

Very loosely based on the movie, Bad Teacher.

Can't Have: - B/Other, S/Other

Categories: Season 6
Characters: Anya, Buffy, D'Hoffryn, Dawn, Halfrek, Spike, Tara, Willow, Xander
Summary: Another Entropy re-write, but in this one, Anyanka actually gets to grant a Vengence wish against Xander AND Buffy. Halfrek has already gone. As the Scoobies watch the video feed in the Magic Box (complete with sound track), Anya tries to get Spike to wish something bad against Xander, but Spike is still too broken up over Buffy dumping him to do so. Just as Anya puts the bottle and glasses on the counter top, Spike starts to speak, "Why wish vengeance against the one who hurt us? Will it make either of us feel better? Doubt it. More like, we'd just feel worse for hurting someone we still love, who doesn't give a damn about us. We'd still love them, though. If I could make just one wish, I would wish that we could both stop loving the ones who hurt us so badly." Anya looks directly at Spike and says "Wish granted." For all of half a second, Spike is stunned. "When did you become a Vengence Demon again?" Anyanka responds, "Right after Xander left me at the alter." "Didn't see that coming.", Spike answered. "Want to close up and get a bite to eat?" Anyanka says "Great! Just let me count my money." Xander will probably be ready to stake Spike, but why? Buffy may be ready to slay Anyanka as well, but why? Nothing bad happened to either Xander or Buffy, the wish only took away the pain of those who had been hurt by both of them. Finish this as you please. You can have Spike & Anyanka become a couple. . .or Spike and Anyanka as friends only. . .; Buffy and Xander asking Willow to summon D'Hoffryn to fix this mess, with D'Hoffryn telling Buffy that he can't, and the only way to fix it would be to fix things themselves; Xander trying to get Anya(nka) to fall in love with him again, but first, he would have to lose the demon-hate. Buffy could try to do the same with Spike, but Spike won't be her dirty little secret this time around. There is still hope for Xanya and Spuffy. Please do as you please with this. I only ask: No nerds. No character death. And no soul for Spike, because if Spike no longer loves Buffy, he won't try to force anything.

Categories: Alternate Reality
Characters: Buffy, Spike

What if Spike strutted around Sunnydale (or wherever you set it) in his birthday suit convinced he's wearing a worthy trophy won from a magnificent battle. (I dunno if he's bespelled or if he's drunk, drugged, or any combination of the three) and everyone is too terrified of him to tell him otherwise. Everyone, that is, except for someone, with little to no tact, whom he overhears ask why he's naked. (Perhaps cute, timid William emerges then.)

Can be pretty PG, but I won't be offput if a few dirty jokes are thrown in. He's got to be self-assured.

Spuffy somehow, duh. :D Also, it's California, so I will be extremely disappointed if someone visiting doesn't ask to have their photo taken with him using a 90s-esque disposable Kodak camera using the peace sign.

Buffy admiring his muscular calves would be hecka awesome. And also funny if everyone can tell Spike is pleased to see her and postures for her.

Categories: None
Characters: Buffy, Dawn, Giles, Spike, Tara, Willow, Xander

Set after buffy beats the hell out of spike behind the police station. 

Spike promised he would protect Dawn till the end of the world. 

What happens if spike feels the need to protect Dawn from buffy. After all if she can do that to him, someone strong enough to protect themselves, what's to stop her lashing out in anger at dawn. 


Dawn goes missing, the scoobies turn up at spike's and find 2 letters. 1 from spike saying sorry but he promised to keep her safe so they will be gone until buffy sorts herself out ie getting some much needed therapy. He won't bring her back until its safe to do so.

The other is from Dawn confessing to stealing because she was so alone and unhappy. Dawn being mad that buffy forbid spike from seeing her. Dawn can also includes pictures of spikes face and her horror that buffy could do that to someone who took care of her while buffy was dead.

Up to you where they go and what the scoobies do. Do they go looking and find a much happier dawn. Do they actually sort some of their issues out.

Must have

Dawn being on spikes side.

Spike being a good friend/parent as we saw during buffys resurrection.

Can't have




Anything else is up to you 😁

Categories: Season 4, Episode Rewrite
Characters: Anya, Buffy, Giles, Riley Finn, Spike, Tara, Willow, Xander

I just re-watched 'Doomed', and have been reminded that in my opinion, Riley's attitude to Buffy is utterly inappropriate.

Please would someone write a fic in which Buffy complains to the college dean (or whoever the appropriate person would be) about a Graduate TA, who is responsible for grading her papers in one of her classes. He keeps stalking her around the campus, constantly harassing her for a date despite the fact that she has repeatedly turned him down.

And continue S4 from there.

My only stipulations - absolutely zero Buffy/Riley, and more of a tendency towards Spuffy.

The longer and more plotty it is, the better I'd like it.


Categories: Season 6
Characters: Angel, Anya, Buffy, Cordelia, Dawn, Giles, Lorne, Sam Lawson, Spike, Tara, Wesley, Willow, Xander
Summary: Just a quick thought: Set during the episode Entropy. . .just as the Scoobies are watching the live feed from the Magic Box between Anya and Spike, but before Xander runs out. Rather than getting drunk, Sam Lawson enters the Magic Box looking for Spike. It seems Lawson found a 'mission' that requires Spike's language skills. Both Spike and Anya are curious, so they ask Sam to sit and talk. Anya then breaks out the bottle and 3 glasses. Sam explains his 'mission' involves a mixed group of humans and demons trafficking in human lives. The Scoobies are dumb-struck, as Spike and Anya gather more information from Sam. At first, Spike says he made a promise to keep Dawn safe "til the end of the world", when Anya speaks up, asking if Buffy allowed Dawn anywhere near his crypt. Spike answers 'No'. Anya then asks if Spike is allowed near Buffy's house, and gets the same answer. Sam speaks up saying that if the promise was made to this Buffy, and Buffy herself was stopping Spike from fulfilling his promise, the promise is voided by her. Spike stills, thinking this through. He tentativley tells Lawson he is right. After a short time, Lawson asks Spike "So chief, what's keeping you here?" Spike answers "Not a damned bloody thing." And gets ready to leave with Lawson. Right then Anya decides to go with them. The Scoobies watched the entire conversation, and are at first too stunned to move. Xander is ranting that Spike is going to get Anya killed, while Dawn (and secretly Buffy), are freaking out that Spike is leaving town. By the time they get to the Magic Box, all three are gone. That's it. What happens next is up to you. Where to Lawson, Spike and Anya go? Will Buffy run to L.A. for Angel's help? Will Angel own up to turning Lawson? Do what you will.

Categories: None
Characters: Angel, Buffy, Dawn, Sam Lawson, Spike, Tara, Willow, Xander
Summary: I would like to see a Spike centered story, in which Sam Lawson, the sailor turned by Angel during WWII, visits Spike. Spike and Sam were both thrown off the sub into the freezing waters of the North Atlantic, and considering that Sam was a fairly new fledge, Spike had to "show him the ropes". Now, considering Spike's total dislike of all things Angel, I'm guessing Sam's "training" would be far different from the way Angel "trained" Spike. I can see Sam behaving much like Spike, staying under the radar, behaving more human (like Spike), socializing, and being a survivor like Spike. The reason for his visit could be anything. Maybe Spike was supposed to meet up with Sam when he was captured by the Initiative, or maybe during the summer Buffy was gone. When Spike didn't show up, Sam went looking for him. It would be great if Sam showed up just at closing time at the Magic Box, and flirted with Anya a little. Or, maybe he shows up at the Bronze, and plays pool with Xander, all without anyone realizing that he is a vampire. Handle this anyway you choose. I only want two things: 1. Sam must be very well liked by all of the Scoobies BEFORE they find out that he is a vampire, and friendly with Spike. and, 2. Buffy and the Scoobies learn exactly when, where, how, and BY WHOM Sam was sired, as well as what Angel did immediately after. The purpose? I want Buffy to see how much of a liar Angel really is. He told Buffy that he had not turned anyone since he was cursed with his soul, and he also gave her the impression that he was seeking redemption since he was cursed. We know that is not the case, and I would like Buffy to have those blinders she wears for Angel ripped right off! That's it. Can be set in any season, but I feel season 6 may work best; there is the built in reason why Spike didn't meet up with Sam. . .he was looking after Dawn. If you decide to place this visit in late Season 4 or early season 5, the excuse would be Spike's capture by the Initiative. If set in S4, Sam could say something like, 'so Angel did bring the Nazi research to the army, as well as help Spike and the Scoobies in the fight against Adam. If in S5, Sam could be extra muscle against Glory. Plus, both Spike and Sam would be immune to the spell masking Glory's human host, so Sam could help Spike try to convince the Scoobies NOT to trust Ben. **I admit, I really don't like Angel, and the fact that everyone, including Giles and Buffy, keep insisting Angel has a soul. He doesn't have a SOUL, he has a CURSE. I believe that initially, Angel was cursed with a pure soul (perhaps the gypsy girl he killed), and through Angel's own conceit, he managed to corrupt that soul. Once Angelus was released, I believe that Willow called back Angel's (Liam's) own soul, which had been in hell for his actions while human. That alone could explain his changed attitude toward Buffy, when he came back.

Categories: Episode Rewrite, Season 5, Alternate Reality
Characters: Buffy, Ensemble, Spike

Love is in the air in Sunnydale. And while everybody was asleep, their dreams that night revealed to them their true love. The other half they were destined to be with. 

Giles was busy dreaming of Joyce, while both Willow and Tara were dreaming of each other. And much to Xander's relief, his dreams showed him nothing but Anya...and her love of money. But what of our favorite Slayer's dreams? 

Well, of course, they were filled with the sexiest man alive, Spike- *cue Buffy freaking out*

Slight twist to the ending of Out of My Mind, where instead of it just being Spike alone; everyone wakes up from a revealing dream.

Must Have: -Spuffy!

-Biley breaking up.

Can't Have: -Joyce dying.

-Buffy dying by jumping (if the fic reaches that far into the season).

Up to the author if the dreams are caused by demon activty or if there really is something in the air!

Categories: Alternate Reality
Characters: Angel, Anya, Buffy, Cordelia, Dawn, Drusilla, Giles, Harmony, Jenny Calendar, Jesse McNally, Jonathan Levinson, Joyce, Lorne, Oz, Quentin Travers, Spike, Tara, The Master, Willow, Willy the Snitch, Xander
Summary: AU beginning with Season 1. What if Lorne, a.k.a. The Host, had opened Caritas in Sunnydale near the Hellmouth? Just how would things work out if each of the Scoobies had to sing for Lorne? For the purposes of this story, Lorne has been tasked by the PTB with bringing the Slayer a.k.a. Buffy, a Champion worthy if her? In addition, the Council of Watchers has full knowledge of Lorne's emphatic ability to read destinies, and has ruled it mandatory for everyone involved with the Slayer to be read by Lorne. And this means EVERYONE. Giles, Joyce, Buffy, the Scoobies, etc. Anyone attempting to help Buffy on her path MUST sing for Lorne. Enter, Angel (shudder!). (If this means that Riley must also sing for Lorne, is up to the author. (This is something I really can't see, because of the Initiative's attitude toward anyone or anything not human.) However, it is an absolute MUST that chipped Spike sing for Lorne. Ding, ding, ding! We have our winner! How will the Council react to William the Bloody being chosen by the PTB as the Slayers Champion? What about Giles? Joyce? And, if Angel is still in Sunnydale, how does HE react? Everything is up to you; you may keep all canon events beginning with the rise of the Master, or go completely AU with this. Keep or kill off any characters you wish. . .except Spuffy, of course!

Categories: None
Characters: None

in Lovers Walk Spike kidnaps Willow straight out of the magic shop. At first she’s scared but her natural compassion can’t stand to see another creature in pain. Spike and Willow bond. She helps him with his heartbreak and he talks her through her feelings with Xander. Eventually she talks Spike into staying in Sunnydale and since all Spike ever wanted was to belong he agrees. Mostly he hangs out with Willow and Oz and since he’s not actively being bad the rest of the Scooby grudgingly accepts him after a time. How does this change things?

Categories: Season 4
Characters: Angel, Anya, Buffy, Giles, Joyce, Original Characters, Oz, Riley Finn, Sam Lawson, Spike, Tara, Willow, Xander
Summary: Early Season 4. Spike arrives in Sunnydale, without Harmony, to search for the Gem of Amarra. As in canon, Spike finds it. Unlike canon, Spike tests out various items on minions until he finds the Gem. Once found, Spike dusts all of the minions involved in the search. He does not go out looking for Buffy. Instead, Spike watches Buffy secretly, changing several canon events. #1 Spike attacks the soul-stealing roommate, holding her until she returns Buffy's soul, then hands the roomy-from-hell back to her parents. All in front of Buffy. Spike then simply walks away. #2 Spike follows Sunday and her minions back to their lair just after they took all of Buffy's belongings out of her dorm room. Buffy and the others arrive just in time to see Spike dust Sunday's minions and then Sunday herself. He then offers to help move Buffy's things back to her room. Xander very caustically refuses Spike's help. #3 Spike decides to visit Giles, and informs him of his possession of the Gem of Amarra. Spike then informs Giles that he helped take care of the soul stealing demon as well as the vamps killing students at UC Sunnydale. Giles refuses to believe him, and Spike tells him to ask Buffy and the others. Spike leaves after telling Giles how to reach him, should he wish to speak again. Several days later, Giles leaves a message for Spike, requesting a meeting. Spike suggests the Espresso Pump for the meeting. Giles is hesitant to meet Spike alone; so Spike tells Giles that he wants to help insure that Buffy become the longest living slayer in history. Giles is intrigued, and agrees to the meeting. During the meeting, Spike mentions the commandos he has seen running around Sunnydale at night, tasering and capturing demons. Spike also mentions what happened during WWII, when the Nazis were doing the same. Spike further tells Giles that Angel knew about the Nazi research on demons and vampires. As a gesture of good faith that his intentions are pure, Spike offers the Gem to Giles for safe-keeping, provided Giles tells no one about it. At first, Giles agrees, but then worries that Spike would not be able to avoid capture without it. Spike insists Giles keep it, then leaves. The rest is up to you. Do with this what you will, I only ask that this be Spuffy, with no Biley at all.