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Categories: All Human/Fantasy
Characters: Buffy, William

Unlucky when it comes to dating, Buffy Summers is at the end of her rope. Her past boyfriends were okay but they simply lacked one thing. Okay maybe a lot of things. They weren't William. Yes, she's desperately in love with her best friend, who just happened to be totally not single. 

William Pratt is unhappily married to... (Dru, Cecily, oc, you pick!) and is going through a drought. And not the kind that involves the weather. A man has needs, yes?

Which prompts William to approach Buffy in need of advice.

Will Buffy give honest advice to William to help his marriage out? Will she encourage him to try new things with his wife? OR 

Will Buffy's jealousy and desire for William get in the way? (Bingo!)

Taking matters into her own hands, Buffy seduces William and has her wicked way with him ;)

MUST HAVE: -William being unaware of Buffy's feelings for him. 

-William having underlying feelings for Buffy as well (in what world does he not have feelings for her?!). 

-Happy Spuffy ending of course!! Their sexcapades cannot be a one time thing.

CAN'T HAVE: -Major Angst. Would like it to be a fluffy/sexy piece. 

- B/Other 

Categories: Episode Rewrite, Season 4, Crossover (AtS)
Characters: Ensemble

An AU of the AtS season 1 episode 'I Will Remember You' where Angel decides to remain human so that he can continue to be with Buffy and where Buffy remains in LA with him (at least for a while).

Over time, Buffy basically has the same revelation she does with Riley - there are issues with being with a normal human. She needs to hold back, she can't really use Angel in a fight, etc. Angel also has to adapt, as he can't fight like he used to and he tries to push himself further than he should in order to keep up with Buffy. Eventually, Buffy realises that the relationship isn't working and that maybe she was more in love with the idea of Angel than anything else.

Meanwhile, back in Sunnydale, Giles and the Scoobies have to pick up the slack and try to keep Sunnydale safe. Spike is still chipped and a hostage at Giles' place, but at some point they all realise that he can hurt demons. This leads to the Scoobies reluctantly using him as a fill-in for Buffy. They all work together and eventually they accept Spike as part of the group (though they don't necessarily have to like him).

Buffy then returns to Sunnydale after breaking up with Angel for good. She finds a changed group dynamic and she originally doesn't accept Spike as part of the group. This leads to Giles and the Scoobies defending Spike to her and she eventually accepts him and realises he's just the sort of person she needs.

Up to author as to how long Buffy was actually away from Sunnydale; it doesn't have to be too long if you don't want it to be.

Honestly, this is basically a happier version of what should have happened after Buffy came back in Season 6.

Must have:

- Happy Spuffy ending (of course)

- Scoobies defending Spike to Buffy

- Spike still being somewhat evil and very reluctant to help the others, just like the others are reluctant to use him, at least to begin with

Can Have:

- Scoobies and Spike facing the Season 4 enemies/problems without Buffy (the Will Be Done spell, the Gentlemen, the Initiative, etc.)

- Angel bashing


Categories: All Human/Fantasy
Characters: Ensemble

Set in whatever town you want to set it long as said town can be hit with a massive blizzard.

Buffy,Dawn and Joyce are traveling and get stuck in a massive blizzard. Sadly many others are stuck and there are no more rooms to be had anywhere in town. At the last hotel in town they are turned away.

Spike is business man...famous actor...famous rockstar the choice is yours. Spike has reservation for the large penthouse room in the hotel. He has just checked in when the ladies try desperately to find a room. Spike is about to turn away and not care about their problems....but just as he does he hears his mother's voice in his head speaking to him.

"William! Young man those ladies need your help! You turn around this instant!"

Sighing Spike turns around and tells them he has a huge suite and they can share with him if they want to.

Joyce of course is watchful of a stranger but desperate she agrees

Dawn might know Spike from his work as a rock star or movie star and she hero worships him. Tagging along with him and ordering all kinds of strange foods from room service with Spike!

Buffy of course wants nothing to do with this! She'd rather sleep outside in the cold lobby! Plus she doesn't like how her sister and mother are bonding with HIM!!!

Giles,Xander,Willow Tara and others could also be travelers stuck in the hotel during the blizzard....some may work there. I see Giles being a depressed man who travels around to get away from the loneliness after his wife Jenny died years ago. He meets Joyce in the hotel bar and shares a drink.

Categories: Crossover (Books or TV shows outside Buffyverse), Alternate Reality
Characters: Buffy, Spike

A modern (a la Amanda Bynes in She's the Man or as a Sunnydale High play), fantasy, or historical fiction following the plot of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night with Buffy a.k.a. CJ(?) as Viola a.k.a. Cesario and Spike or William as Duke Orsino. It may or may not have supernatural elements.

Reference material:

Character Suggestions:

Drusilla or Darla or Cecily as Lady Olivia

Andrew as Sir Andrew Aguecheek, a man vying for Olivia

Jesse as Sebastian, Viola's thought deceased twin

an older Xander (early 40s) as Sir Toby

Anya as Maria, Olivia's clever lady in waiting

Giles or Clem or the Host as Feste the clown

Ethan or a WR&H lawyer, Lyndsey perhaps as Malvolio

Angel or Larry as Antonio

Categories: None
Characters: Ensemble

Unbeknownst to her young Dawn gets her hands on a magical enchanted diary.

In it she writes out her hopes and fantasies of things she WISHED would happen to her and the members of her family and group.

The only problem is the diary uses its magic to take over and make everyone she wrote about do exactly what she wrote in the diary!

She of course writes about Spuffy!

Categories: None
Characters: Ensemble

Over his difficulties with being in love with the Slayer and her hating the hate thrown at Spike for helping the Slayer...his buddy Clem secretly lets him in on a secret group in Sunnydale. 

Demon's Anonymous

It's a hidden group of Demons and Vampires who much to their families/Sire's chagrin are in no way evil and are down right peaceful to humans! Many have hidden their 'non' evil ways from their families/clan....others are out in the open of not being evil!

They have formed a support group to help each other get along amongst all the evil demons of Sunnydale. Much to his chagrin Spike joins the group. He makes new friends....friends who help him woo the Slayer.

Ideas I had...but don't have to use.

All these beings are demons and/or vampires like Spike,one is a giant Fyarl demon.Where most Fyarl demons are all blood thirsty muscle bound forces of destruction this one is the complete opposite. He's sweet and could be more into gardening...or knitting or something so completely against his kind...making him an outcast. 

Clem is in the group but they give him a hard time about him eating kittens.

Clem could also be Spike's "sponsor" when he wants to join the group.

The group has a vampire who as a human had a SEVER blood phobia. Now even as a vampire the sight of blood makes him/her faint! So the vamp in no way wants to attack a human and spill any blood! Even drinking pig blood they have to shut their eyes before grabbing the cup.


Categories: All Human/Fantasy
Characters: Buffy, Ensemble, Spike

Twenty year old Buffy Summers is one of the main cast members of the new popular show "The Vampire Slayer". Due to the instant success of it's first season, Buffy, along with the main cast, became famous overnight.

Busy doing interviews around the clock, when the famous "who's your celebrity crush?" question finally comes up, Buffy unashamedly admits the serious and intense movie actor Spike Hartley is her number one. 

What happens when Spike Hartley signs on to be the main villain in s2 of "The Vampire Slayer"? 

How exactly will Buffy act when he arrives on set? Will she be too shy to approach the older actor? Or will she know exactly what she wants and makes it a point to be friendly towards him; showing him around on set, inviting him to have lunch with her, hanging around with him while he gets his vampiric face put on in the make-up department, etc. 

MUST HAVE: -Buffy crushing hard on Spike. She wasn't stretching the truth at all. 

-Spike having a reputation. Not a 'bad reputation' per se, but not an overly positive one either. He just wasn't (in past projects) known for making friendships among his peers. He was a "get in & get out" type of guy. 

-Buffy not being the main character in the show. It would be interesting to see her shine as a normal character in the show (think Willow or Xander in s1). 

-Spike and Buffy hitting it off right from the start. Something about Buffy intrigues Spike (duh!). Enough to where they have fun on set spending time together and others notice.

-Happy Spuffy ending!

CAN HAVE: -The Scoobies (Willow, Xander, Giles, etc. Part of the main cast.) worrying about Buffy. Since Spike does have a reputation, they assume Buffy will get hurt in the process of persuing a friendship/persuing her crush. Classic scoobies wanting to be a part of Buffy's love life!

-The writers/director seeing the chemistry between Buffy and Spike. Would it intrigue them enough to write in a romantic storyline between their two characters? Would it be enough to extend Spike's run on the show? 

CAN'T HAVE: -Buffy having a previous romantic storyline in the show. 

-Spike being a jerk/indifferent to Buffy. 

-S/Other, B/Other 

Categories: Season 5
Characters: Anya, Ben Wilkinson, Buffy, Dawn, Giles, Glory, Graham Miller, Joyce, Spike, Tara, Willow, Xander

So I just had the most random thought pop into my head. What if after a beating by Glory, Buffy was weakened enough to not escape and Glory brain sucked her. Is that even a possibility? Would Buffy's brain power, for lack of something better to call it, help Glory or would it mess with her because it's technically demon essence. If it harms her then would she be out of commission for awhile?

How would it affect Buffy? Would she be spouting odd things like Tara? Would she see Dawn as the key and maybe give her away? Would Slayer healing eventually kick in? How slow of a process would it be? And once she gets back to her old self would the brain sucking have made the Glory/Been body swapping spell null and void for her?

How will everyone react to nutty Buffy? If Riley was still in the picture what would he do? Would he try to be supportive and find that she still keeps him at arm's length? What about the Scoobies, Giles, Joyce and Dawn? Would the Scoobies try keeping Joyce and Dawn in the dark about it by keeping Buffy away from them for awhile? I could see Giles, who knew Dawn's identity, keeping the sister's separated for safety's sake.

And how about Spike? Will all his experience with Drusilla's mental state come in handy for dealing with the impaired Slayer? Will Buffy in her mad state trust Spike more easily thanks she does in her normal state if mind? As Buffy comes back to herself will Spike's decent treatment of her buy him any favor with the Slayer?

Would like this to start before Joyce gets confirmation about her tumor but after Spike has his dream and realizes that he's in love with Buffy.


Would like to see Buffy and Riley's relationship come to an end sooner than it did in canon. Maybe his inferiority complex gets the best of him and he calls up Graham and goes back to the army right after they take care of his heart problem. Or maybe he starts doing the vamp bite thing a little earlier and gets himself killed or turned. Or maybe, Buffy's mental instability bothers him so much (she just isn't the girl he fell in love with anymore and there's no end in sight since they don't know how to bring back the brain sucked) and he just ups and leaves. He could do it with a dear Buffy note which will forever paint him in an unfavorable light with all the Scoobs. Even Xander.

Buffy definitely has to eventually heal from this.

Also, the story doesn't have to get to full Spuffy status but it would be nice if they were well on the road to it by the end.

Last but not least, I'd like to see Joyce not die this time. Glory/Ben could bite it early as well. Maybe Spike, who's following the crazy hell goddess around could witness the body switch and find a way to take him out. And no Buffy death either please and thank you very much.


Take this and do with it what you will and enjoy!

Categories: Season 4, Alternate Reality, Episode Rewrite
Characters: Buffy, Ensemble, Faith Lehane, Spike

Title/banner optional. If you want the banner, just PM for personalization.

For whatever reason Spike was visiting Joyce and he's the one that switches bodies with Faith. Spike doesn't black out when that happens, so Faith is exposed from the start. He easily subdues Faith because she can't fight back, she has his chip.
Joyce calls Buffy.
So the story begins.
Reluctantly, Buffy acknowledges Spike's help and agrees to get his body back when Faith manages to escape. Faith runs to LA.
So, road trip to LA. Your choice if anybody else, besides Buffy and Spike, makes the trip.
Obviously, Riley has a few choices of words about it. He doesn't care Spike basically saved Joyce. Buffy gives him the boot.
Guess where Faith goes. That's right. To Angel. But she doesn't stay too long, because Buffy and Spike find her pretty quickly. At first, Angel refuses to help Spike. Buffy guilt-trips him into it. How much he's really helping, again, your choice. The search for Faith takes some time. Angel is not amused, especially, witnessing how well the two of them work toghether.
The time they spent together brings Buffy and Spike very close. They form a friendship, that obviously turns into something more. The problem is, he's still in Faith's body. There should be some awkward moments when they fight the attraction.
How long he's trapped into Faith's body is your choice, but definitely long enough for them to form a friendship.
Obviously, I want a spuffy story.

If you manage to make the two slayers become friends in the process, it'll be short of a miracle, but it's not a must.

Have fun.

Categories: None
Characters: Buffy, Spike

So James has said many times he thought at the end of season 7 spike was just starting his growth to be who Buffy needed. That they could be together someday but he still had some growing to do. 

My challenge is for someone to write a Spuffy story where by the time spike shows up in season 2 he’s already there. Soul and all. (How and why is up to you as long as it’s not a cursed soul that he can loose). Bonus points if spike “steals” Buffy from angel because she too realizes he’s a better vampire than angel is. 

Categories: None
Characters: Ensemble

Date after date after date for Buffy always falls apart due to the fact she's the Slayer. She has to either rush off to save someone from a vamp/demon or a baddie crashes her date making the male run off. Dating humans is not working for her and her Slayer life.

Willow or Clem hears about a new dating site or group that caters to Sunnydale folks with.....'different heritages'. If it's Willow she's not all sure about the thing but signs Buffy up or tells her about it. If it's Clem he knows all about the demon angle but thinks it'll be cool for Buffy.

Basically it's a dating circle that has demons who could pass for human, half breeds who could pass for human but has some small demon traits and the occasional not so evil vampire. 

Buffy is so appalled at first but when yet another 'human' date falls apart she resigns herself to try it out. Many in the group are scared to death when they get paired up with the Slayer and either have a bad date or don't even show up! But all that changes when not knowing either is in the group Buffy and Spike get set up for a date!

Categories: Alternate Reality
Characters: Ensemble

What if the social standings and etiquette from Spike/William's Victorian time had kept on and cared on into current times?

The idea is all human but the thing is there is still social standings and rules that are still strictly followed much like during the Victorian times.

Now in present time young William is from the upper crust of society. He rubs elbows with the richest and most 'right' people every day. He wears the proper clothes,knows all the right rules and what nots. But William has a secret. On the weekends and some times late at night William dresses up in 'common' attire,changes his hair and mingles amongst the common folks. 

He loves the drinking,parting and rough housing he gets into.....even better when no one knows who he is. 

But all that changes when out one night he runs into Buffy and is smitten. Giving her the name of Spike, William starts more and more sneaking out in his new persona and meeting Buffy. But the more he does this the more chance he takes at getting caught.

Plus points if Williams father is still alive and matching him up the 'proper' woman to marry. How will this go down if it's discovered he's been sneaking out at night to meet Buffy?

Categories: None
Characters: None

Even the mightiest warrior can be defeated. Three years after Chosen Buffy Sacrifices her life to save her friends (again) but this time she doesn't just die-- she is turned into a vampire. Three months after arising from her grave Buffy the Vampire (slayer no more) is leaving a bloody trail of humans and demons in her wake. Not realizing Buffy is the vampire Spike, Faith, and the Scoobies hunt her down-- when they realize who she is they can't bring themselves to kill her. Instead they capture her-- The scoobies, faith, and Spike are determined to teach Buffy to be good again and to help her learn to live as a vampire but still be the real Buffy. Gradually they succeed.


Must have a happy Spuffy Ending, Lots of explicit smut (but smut should be no more than 10% of the story), cannot follow comic canon, and they cannot restore Buffy's soul (come up with some reason her having been a slayer makes this impossible)

Categories: Taboo - Adults Only, Challenge Response, All Human/Fantasy
Characters: None

I always remember Robert Redford in the movie, Indecent Proposal, explaining how he was awestruck by a beautiful girl when he was a "young nobody" and let the girl slip away. He then vowed to never let that happen again and thats why he propositions Demi Moore. I'd love a version of Indecent Proposal but all human and obviously with a happy ending - in this case the girl that got away could be someone else or Buffy and he runs into her again when they're older. 

Categories: Season 4, Episode Rewrite
Characters: Anya, Buffy, Giles, Original Characters, Other, Oz, Spike, Willow, Xander

Willow calls someone a Nutter Butter to indicate that they're crazy. It's California 90's slang. The person in question turns into an actual peanut butter between crackers snack.

Do they get left alone or eaten?

Feel free to have Spuffy in this, can be played serious or funny.

Categories: Alternate Reality
Characters: Buffy, Other, William

Spike in Moses basket found as a baby by Star Trek: Deep Space Nine characters Ezri and Julian on the Nile in Egypt.

William in college stands up during first class and starts to sing on micced podium near the door during class introductions. Cute Buffy comes in late behind him and the class giggles. Meet cute.

William and Buffy forced to work together at his adoptive parents' pizza place.

Pizza place's appliances and Buffy and others found in the woods upon waking apart from the building.

Categories: None
Characters: None

I was reading Yeats' poem A Coat which I will post under. It is about letting go of his own form of poetry to a new style (or at least that's how we interpreted it in class). The idea of taking of the coat to walk naked  thing really wanted me to see a story inspired by this poem. Alas I cannot write but I hope someone will.


I made my song a coat
Covered with embroideries
Out of old mythologies
From heel to throat;
But the fools caught it,
Wore it in the world’s eyes
As though they’d wrought it.
Song, let them take it,
For there’s more enterprise
In walking naked.



Possible Post-NFA, Spike is trying to discover his new position as a champion, lone warrior thing and he decides to let go his iconic coat. How to incorporate the Spuffy is up to you.

Categories: None
Characters: Ensemble

What if Buffy had another sister? An identical twin sister. This sister sided with their father during the divorce and left with him. Joyce and Buffy (and Dawn?) lost all communication with her.

But for some reason up to you this twin comes to Sunnydale. She is totally confused why when she walks into a place (especially at night) many people get a scared look on their face and bolt out of the room! 

Plus Buffy getting irritated when Spike and her sister hit it off and start spending time together!

Categories: All Human/Fantasy, Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, Season 4, Season 5, Season 6, Season 7
Characters: None

Ideas for small fics from all seasons. Can be any rating (though I'm partial to smutty stuff ;-) 


1.  During the episode Nightmares, Spike is in town and finds vampire Buffy before anyone else, he's down to show her the ropes of being a vampire (this would be best done from Spike's POV) because she's the most adorable vampire he's ever seen. Maybe contrast with Angel stumbling onto her as a vampire. The spell breaks and Spike is horrified and fascinated by her being the Slayer, and swears he'll be back. 

2.  During Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered, rat-Buffy finds her way to Spike, then turns back into Buffy. Naked Buffy. What's a wheelchair-bound vampire and a girl to do? 

3. During Lover's Walk, Buffy orders everyone out while she has Spike pinned to the counter. Once alone...she doesn't stake him. 

4. During Something Blue, there's a claim. The spell breaks...but not the claim. What now? They can't stand to be together or apart. Who gives in first and realizes they could be brilliant as a team? 

5. Family: the invisibility spell for demons goes on longer than in canon, and Spike things he's going to spy on Buffy, he does, but sees her and her family hurting. Rolling his eyes at himself, he makes what little things he can better for them. It blows Buffy away when she learns it's him helping. 

6. During Tabula Rasa Spike and Buffy think they're married and behave accordingly

7. The night before Buffy faces the first, Spike offers to massage her, and he talks to her about the past and future. Whether they snuggle or boink is up to you!

Angel Season 5: Soul Purpose: During his hallucinations, Angel sees Spike and Buffy boinking, but it's pretty tame on the show. What if it was more like Spike and Buffy *really* boinking, and Buffy laughing at any and all of his "shortcomings" (snerk) Even better if Angel can figure out Spike and Buffy are really in love and he gets over himself enough to call Buffy. 


  • I love meet cutes of all kinds. I'd love a AH AU where both Spike and Buffy are stood up and they start chatting and it goes from there. 
  • Spike being a busker and Buffy always stopping to listen to him
  • Buffy walking in on Spike getting himself off in his crypt because, seriously, learn to knock, Buffy.  
  • Buffy and Spike are dosed with truth serum, or even better, instead of the my will be done spell, Willow casts her truth spell on Spike and Buffy in Season 4...and the can't shut up about everything they'd like to do with each! 



Categories: None
Characters: Ensemble

During season six or seven Buffy,through a spell or wish or a fairy godmother or whatever, gets to see how important points in Sunnydale history would have went down if Spike had never come to town and met Buffy. 

She's shocked to see how worse things would have been without Spike's presence. 

Such as without him there to cause a distraction against Angelus how would the Acathla event have gone?

No Spike means no heads up insight on the Initiative and caught off guard Buffy might have been mistaken and captured as a demon.

Categories: Post-Series
Characters: None

Not much specific really.

Post-NFA Reunion fic.

As a side, Spike gets an opportunity bring Tara back to life, (Tara wants to come back to life) and he takes it. I want Tara/Spike friendship dammit!


Scooby Interaction.


Categories: Claim, Pre-Series, Time Travel, Post-Series, Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, Season 4, Season 5, Season 6, Season 7
Characters: Buffy, Drusilla, Joyce, Spike

Starts several years post ‘Chosen’ & ‘NFA’ NO COMICS

Beacause of Angel’s actions with world is going to shit but no one realises until they can’t do anything to fix it. Due to the resurrection spell or the slayer activation spell (or both) Buffy can’t die or age (or she just doesn’t stay dead). She doesn’t know about Spike until it’s too late, she finds out the Scoobies did. This is the straw that breaks the camel’s back and cause her to split off from them. They try to find her but can’t, Buffy now has tattoos, one of which prevents harmful magic/magic with ill intent from be cast on her.

Buffy starts drinking (Jack Daniel’s) and smoking (saying “not like they’ll kill me” to feel closer to Spike. She becomes friends with Dru. How and why is up to you, could be that the powers have sent Dru a vision or something. The Powers want to send Buffy back in time to when she was first Called to prevent what is happening now. She agrees but sets some conditions, the 1st one being that she wants a way to make school easier for her to pass so she can concentrate on the supernatural without Joyce always on her case. The Powers give her access to the memories and abilities of the slayers that came before her and the ones that are currently active now. The 2nd condition is that she goes back before she was called to when she was 10 or 11, she’ll still be the Slayer but wants some time to get accustomed to the new abilities she has access to (e.g. magic that she has to learn to control) the Powers agree and Buffy wakes up in her preteen body.

The Council can’t find Buffy until Merrick or Giles (the magic prevention tattoo came back with her, whether her immortality did as well is your choice if it does she keeps aging until she’s 19-21 or so) how they realise she’s the Slayer is up to you. They could see her slaying or Buffy could go introduce herself. With access to other Slayers’ memories Buffy doesn’t really need a Watcher until she gets to Sunnydale, but she does need to train. Buffy convinces her parents to let her take gymnastics, first aid and self defence/mixed martial arts classes. Also thanks to the memories she is now seen as a bit of a prodigy and as a teen has started long distance college/university course(s) whether the course(s) are Buffy’s, her parents’ or the school’s idea is up to you, but I’d love to see Buffy get a degree in something when she’d had to drop out of college to care for Joyce and Dawn.

Angel must see her on the steps of Hemery and behave as he did in canon. Buffy realises that the first time around he was grooming her to be exactly how he wanted her to be as his ‘reward from the Powers’. Buffy still burns down the gym to take down Lothos and his vamps, thus ending up in Sunnydale. Joyce believes Buffy when the supernatural is mentioned, therefore Buffy could also tell her about the time travel. Your choice if she befriends the scoobies or not, as is how/when she (temp) dies that results in Kendra’s calling. 

‘The Pack’ and ‘School Hard’ happen like canon, how/if any other canon events happen is up to you. Though Buffy DOES NOT sleep with Angel!

Spike and a weak Dru must arrive with Dru knowing about the future friendship she shares with Buffy. Buffy helps cure Dru because of that friendship and Spike (of course). Would like to see it continued in this timeline, how Spike and Dru split should be amicable with her encouraging him towards Buffy. Can be before or after arriving in Sunnydale.



Buffy and Tara are in the same classes at school and become friends.

Tara’s mom starts teaching Buffy magic (control, spells and ethics) as well as Tara. When magic is needed they work together.

Could even have Buffy telling Tara she’s not a demon and helping her build her confidence and helping her with her (male) family.

Joyce and Tara’s mom becoming friends and Joyce convincing her to divorce Tara’s dad and helping her through it. Tara’s mom does the same for Joyce when Hank’s cheating is discovered.

Tara joining Buffy in the self defence/MMA and first classes.

Both mother-daughter pairs move to Sunnydale and share a house, Buffy could suggest they get a house with extra bedrooms (one for Dawn if she’s not already there and one for Faith)



If Merrick shows up he dies before Buffy goes to Sunnydale or he and Giles work together with helping Buffy. They have their own areas of expertise e.g. Giles’ are dark magic, rituals and summonings, while Merrick’s are master vampires. This is so they both have something to bring to the table. 

Buffy confronting the scoobies about all the times they’ve betrayed her. Right back to Season 1 and Xander lying about the hyena and trying to rape her, calling him a hypocrite when he brings up the bathroom incident.

Buffy saying the following before storming out, slamming the door. “You don’t want me, you haven’t wanted me since you ripped me out of Heaven! You want the fucking ‘Bot! Someone that will follow your orders with a smile on their face and no thoughts or opinions of their own. You want a weapon, a tool, something that you can take out of it’s box when needed and then forget about when its not. Well fuck you! I am not a weapon, or a tool, or a toy for you to play with and then discard. I may not have liked Travers, but at least he was honest about how he saw me. You all treat me worse than he EVER did and he tried have me KILLED!”

Buffy trying to come up with different ways to die and contemplating if they would work. E.g. bullet to the brain could cause temporary amnesia instead of killing her.

Spike and Dru bagging it, with human blood bags that the hospital can’t use.

Kendra dies, Calling Faith. Buffy helps Faith knowing her history thanks to the memories, Faith moves into the Summers household, with Joyce treating her the same as Buffy, maybe even adopting her, Faith learns what its like to have a family and to be loved and belong somewhere. Therefore there’s no dark/evil Faith.



The Council panicking about not being able to find The Slayer, if Buffy dies pre Sunnydale Tara is the one to give her CPR and Kendra’s Called. The council then (correctly) believe that an undiscovered potential was called and died. Travers saying it was a good thing because they have an obedient slayer, thus a disgusted Giles leaves saying that he will watch over the Sunnydale hellmouth. (explains why he’s there when Buffy shows up as the council don’t know she exists)

If Buffy befriends Willow and Xander she helps them learn actions have consequences. E.g. doesn’t let Xander get away with sweeping the hynea possessed attempted rape under the rug.

Flutie alive, maybe Snyder as the deputy principal was eaten in ‘The Pack’ instead.

Future Spike ending up in this timeline after splitting with Dru, if so Buffy finds out when she punches his nose for the 1st time. “Bloody hell Slayer! Why is it always the nose with you?” They will somehow need to resolve the “No you don’t, but thanks for saying it.” bullshit. Your choice if he has his soul or not.

Spike and Buffy Claiming each other.

Treasure of Amara being auctioned off to help Buffy/Joyce money wise, Buffy examines The Gem (and any other enchanted items) and is able to replicate the magic in/on it. Both Spike and Dru can then go into the sun.

Riley and Angel bashing.

Joyce surviving the brain surgery.

Categories: Season 7
Characters: Ensemble

During season seven what if Willow,Faith and Spike got together(friendship) due to their former Big Bad status. The trio would talk,share their guilt over their former past deeds and help one another with support. They get pretty close and quite a few people are not happy over this.

Xander is a main one. He ALWAYS had a blind spot when it came to Willow. Always forgiving her for EVERYTHING while holding every second against Spike. He's not happy that Willow is spending time with Spike and now defending him.

Buffy is jealous.......mostly due to Faith. One that her friend Willow now seems to want to spend all her time with Faith.(the exact same way Willow felt when Buffy was spending all her time with Faith in season three). Even more that Faith seems to have Spike's attention and protection makes Buffy extremely jealous. 

Categories: All Human/Fantasy
Characters: Buffy, William

Buffy Summers definitely thought her (insert name of course William is teaching; you pick!) class was going to be a total bore-fest. Of course, that was until she saw how attractive Professor Pratt is.

She now looks forward to attending every session just to see him.

Must Have: Buffy crushing hard on William and desperately trying to get his attention.

Can't Have: Buffy/Other, Spike/Other

Categories: Historical, Pre-Series, Post-Series, Time Travel
Characters: Angel, Buffy, Sam Lawson, Spike

Co-challenge with Bewildered.

A spell causes post-series Buffy to be thrown back in time to World War II, where she "meets" Angel and Spike on the submarine. She now has to navigate a very different world alongside two allies who happen to also be two exes.

Will she tell them who she is and what happened? They'd probably be pretty surprised to see a vampire slayer magically appear. Does her presence affect the war? Does she get back to her present and find out Spike is alive? What spell causes her to go back? Go wild.

Must Have:

-Happy Spuffy ending

Can Have:

-Spike/Angel friendship

Can't Have:

-Buffy/Angel relationship at all. As this is post-series-Buffy, she is over Angel.


Categories: All Human/Fantasy
Characters: Ensemble

Spike and Angel work at or own a dancing school where they teach people ballroom dancing.Why they own it or work there is up too you. The two are good friends but like to pick at one another and challenge one another.

Buffy and Cordelia need to learn ballroom dancing for some reason....or they just want to take class to learn in case there's ever a reason.

The idea is that Angel gets paired up with Cordy while Buffy gets Spike. Cordy and Angel do a LOT of flirting while gliding across the dance floor. Angel is shocked because most girls just melt under his smile and flirts but Cordy gives it right back and is challenging.

Poor Spike.....Buffy is not such a good dancer who steps on his toes....not to mention he's not the most patient teacher. But Spike has noticed something.....the madder Buffy gets the better she dances. So Spike is going to get her very very mad lol

I also thought Buffy being Buffy doesn't like to give up and let Spike lead. Spike has to remind her over and over he is the one leading this dance....Buffy hates that.

Maybe have some of the others also taking the class along with them.

Categories: Alternate Reality
Characters: Buffy, Spike

In a world where you gain marks on your skin when you love someone and the color gives away the type of love, but when a person dies they disappear, leaving room for new ones to take their place.

Categories: All Human/Fantasy
Characters: Ensemble

Spike is driving down the road on a cold raining day. He spots a small dog on the side of the road shivering in the cold rain. He's about to drive off,not wanting to let a wet dog into his car,but changes his mind and calls the dog in. He takes the dog to his home,warms it up and lets it stay the weekend till the pound opens. Of course being the 'fake' big bad he thinks he is Spike keeps making up excuses on why he never ends up taking the dog to the pound.

Truth is having been orphaned so long ago and having had the love of his life Dru dump him Spike is happy to have someone in his life happy to see him. Even if it is a dog.


Buffy is about to have a nervous break down. It hasn't been long after her mom's death and she's now working a new job and trying to take care of her much younger baby sister. To make matters worse Dawn's beloved dog,the last gift their mom ever gave her,some how got out of the back yard and has been missing. Dawn is a nervous wreck crying. In an effort to help find the dog Buffy had missing flyers made showing the dog and young Dawn in hopes someone might recognize the dog and return him/her. She and her friends have blanked the flyers all over town.

Spike is in town running errands. While stopping for a second he happens to look up at a pole and there next to an adorable little girl is a picture of his dog....well according to the flyer it's this little girl's missing dog. Spike has grown rather fond of the dog and was going to act like he never saw the flyer. But after about ten steps away his good nature gets the better of him and he turns to rip the missing poster of the poll and takes it with him.

The idea is that much to his dismay Spike returns the dog. Dawn is over joyed and Spike is her new best friend who she invites to everything the Summers girls are now doing. Buffy is not so happy to have him tagging along.

Here's a link to the pic of young Dawn and her missing dog lol

Categories: Alternate Reality
Characters: Angelus, Buffy, Drusilla, Spike

Two protagonists coming together to win the dance competition is the oldest Ballroom Dancing plot ever, but let's shake it up.

Spike's dancing partner Drusilla ran off with a man she's been seeing on the circuit behind his back.

Buffy, similarly devastated by her own boyfriend Riley cheating on her and somehow making her believe for a moment that it was her fault, vows to move on with her modeling career.

However, when Spike (her old passive aggressive dance school nemesis) proposes they work the dancing circuit together, she only needs a little convincing. She however, has an emotional handicap he doesn't know about that she never got over and secretly doubts she can dance.

Assuming that Spike and Buffy can manage to work together to overcome their personal issues, can they win the competition even when Angel, the reason she quit dancing, shows up as competition dancing with Drusilla of all people. (It seems she ran off with him and his former dance partner Jana Kalderdash's leg was deliberately broken when Drusilla left.)

Categories: Missing Scene
Characters: Buffy, Original Characters

A fan of Buffy: the Vampire Slayer wishes to be a part of the show: "Wish granted."

Cue being undead in a coffin, weak but strong, breaking out of the grave. The fan sees Buffy waiting and goes gaga (i.e. fangirls). They begin to tell her they know all sorts of things to make her life easier, and like wow is her hair really that shiny, and that they just love her.

Except, nothing they say will deter her from wanting to stake them or attacking them. It really doesn't help that their mouth watered and they've vamped. Just as they start telling her how to save herself on the tower or something else equally important about Ben being Glory, they dust. (aside to self: Mwahahahahahahah!)

Does Buffy remember the fledgling's warning though or does she forget the entirely useless information?