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Categories: Crossover (AtS), Season 6
Characters: Buffy, Dawn, Ensemble, Faith Lehane, Spike, Wesley

BTVS S6/AtS S3. After Buffy dies, her soul goes to Heaven, her Slayer essence/demon though, passes onto the next Slayer (Faith). When Willow resurrects Buffy, only her soul comes back, making Buffy a 100% human.


  • Buffy is no longer a Slayer and can not be fixed in any way. She remembers how to fight but has no Slayer's strength, no speed-healing, nothing.
  • Once Angel finds out Buffy is back and that she is no longer the Slayer, he compels Faith to go back to Sunnydale and work on her redemption there.
  • Tweak AtS S3 timeline so Wes kidnapping Connor and being repudiated by Angel already happened, thus he has no reasons to stay in LA, instead, he goes back with Faith to be his Watcher & redemption partner.
  • Buffy can't no longer hide after patrols or demons, she has to really take care of Dawn and herself.
  • A Spuffy relationship where Buffy is not abussive.

How does Buffy fare with being just human? How does she fare with Faith being there and being The Slayer? How the Scoobies fare with Buffy and Faith situations? How everyone deals with darkish Wesley? How Buffy not being the Slayer alters her relationship with Spike?


  • Faith notices pretty soon Spike's feelings for Buffy.
  • Faith and Spike not getting along.
  • Buffy going to therapy for her depression.
  • Spike and Wesley bonding over living in the grey area.
  • Buffy finds out about Connor by overhearing a conversation between Spike&Wesley.
  • Buffy getting closer with Tara and or/Anya over being normal.
  • Spike going with Buffy and Dawn to buy groceries.
  • Tara teaching Buffy how to cook.
  • Buffy distancing herself from Willow due magic.
  • If Xander leaves Anya at the altar, Buffy sides with her instead of him.

Categories: Taboo - Adults Only, Season 4, Alternate Reality, Claim
Characters: Buffy, Faith Lehane, Maggie Walsh, Riley Finn, Spike

I've found some fics' outlines I made several years ago but never got to write, so I'm tweaking them into challenges.


Set in AU/S4. Buffy was never chosen, instead, she had a normal life. She graduated in some branch of Social Sciences (Psychology, history, sociology, whatever you choose) and she got a scholarship within a secret government branch - The Initiative -to research vampires. Buffy's views already contradicted the Initiative's school of thought about demons being nothing more than beasts, and she is determined to prove they have their own culture and society.

Enters Spike, who is captured and becomes one of Buffy's test subjects.


  • Buffy is dating Riley at the beginning, but the relationship is already in trouble. (Riley is distancing himself for whatever reason and he is cheating or playing with vampire's bites or anything else you choose.)
  • Buffy feels something "special" every time she sees Spike. (Is a thrall? Is she a Potential? Something else?)
  • Buffy begins having very vividly erotic dreams with Spike. (again, a Dracula-style thrall? Slayer's dreams?)
  • Buffy feels guilty about the dreams because she is dating Riley, but boy, does she likes them.
  • Spike uses his only available weapon, to find a way to escape, his silver-tongued talk to win Buffy over.
  • The current Slayer is Faith who isn't in jail, she has her own Scoobie gang and everything. (Decide how much you want  to involve her in the plot.)
  • At some point, Faith and her scoobies storm The Initiative. During the fight, Spike scapes, but before he finds Buffy.

When Spike finds Buffy, he CAN:

  • Turn her.
  • Claim her.
  • Fuck with her.
  • Get her out safely.
  • All of the above. devil



Categories: None
Characters: Buffy

What if Sunnydal was a delusion and spike is another mental patient in the same mental hospital as Buffy The spike Was just William in the mental ward And she snaps out of it They have the doctor's tell her that it was all in our head That this is reality And she discovered William Even though not been Trapped in his mine like she has Has been there as long as she has or longer and has been just playing along with her And when she states I'm not a demon he states neither am I

Categories: Season 6
Characters: Ensemble

Buffy starts to notice Dawn and Clem huddled around each other a lot while whispering. Demanding to know what's going on she's shocked to find that the two are planning a surprise birthday party for Spike (At the Willy's....somewhere)

Buffy's shocked to find out that Tara and Anya have an invite and are planning on going  And even though she won't admit it Buffy's jealous she didn't get an invite herself. 

Buffy invites herself to the party and shocked to find a peaceful party of demons and humans. Buffy kind of forces her way in. 


Dawn met many of Spike's demon friends the summer Buffy was gone. Buffy is shocked to hear this.

One of the demons is a very hot female who could pass for human. Buffy doesn't like the interest the woman has in Spike. When Buffy later shows up to the party the fact her hair is made up and she's wearing her best dress is totally a coincidence. 

Categories: Historical
Characters: None


I have some concrete ideas/outlines for the first part (I hope that’s ok, since this is my first time writing a challenge), but the second one is mostly freestyle.

Part 1:

What‘s this story about? Spike freshly turned (in vampire terms about 10 years maybe) gets separated from his vamp family (by what is up to you) and travels back to London due to a clue that the Scourge of Europe might be there. Not being able to find them he tries the „being a ruthless vamp“ thing alone. Shortly after he meets Buffy (from a wealthy family).

How they meet is up to you, if she‘s a runaway for whatever reasons or if he lurks near high society festivities to choose his next prey etc...(also if he‘s staying in his old Londoner home, or a new mansion, or a B&B etc, it’s all up to you)

First she’s just prey, but quickly she ignites smth in Spike that he thought died together with his human self. He kidnaps her to his residence, first as lunch with entertainment qualities, but he soon gives in to what draws him to her. They fall in love. They live happily for like 1-2 years (if Buffy’s still in contact with her family or not and how, is up to you).

I‘d like a claim, but one sided at first (if initiated by him or her and for what reasons is up to you). Before they have a chance/are ready to complete the claim Angelus and Co return and it doesn‘t end well for Buffy. Spike can’t rescue her in time and she dies in his arms. Spike snaps and nearly kills Angelus, but gets stopped. Bloody and beaten he takes Buffy and vanishes.

Part 2:

For many decades he mourns his love‘s death and eventually he becomes numb. He travels, in search for the now ensouled Angelus to take revenge. Info leads him to Sunnydale. He meets Buffy, his love reincarnated, now a Slayer.

Buffy has dreams since she became a Slayer, of times past, maybe another life and feels drawn to Spike (not clearly remembering him though, just a hint).

From here on it’s freestyle on how it proceeds...



-full claim by the end of the story


-Spuffy happy end

-Buffy remembers her past life (doesn’t have to be 100%, important scenes are enough)

-in part 2 they slowly get closer in the beginning (due to Buffys trust issues and Slayer training), but it gets quickly passionate after that

-Spike being emotional when meeting her for the first time in the second part (like embracing her or smth)

-part 2 must be around season 2



-in part 1 I prefer them meeting outside of a ball, in a garden or smth, but if you have other ideas, go you

-I can imagine him still becoming the Slayer of Slayers, just to pass the time and deal with his grief (but if you don’t like that idea, that’s ok)

-the one sided claim serving as a link between them in part 2




-Spike being a complete doormat to Buffy

Categories: Episode Rewrite, Season 6
Characters: Ensemble

I have a hard time believing that the Sunnydale PD wouldn’t have security cameras around their building.

Someone is going through the camera feed, and sees Buffy beating Spike until he stops moving before walking away. They get help and run to give medical aid only to find him not responding, not breathing, and with no heartbeat.

The cameras allow them to identify Buffy easily, and the police go to Revello Drive to arrest her for brutally murdering a random homeless man. Spike wakes up in the morgue a few hours later, and heads back to his crypt with no idea of what’s going on until a crying Dawn runs in begging him to help. 

How does the situation get resolved? What repercussions arise from it? 

Categories: Crossover (Books or TV shows outside Buffyverse)
Characters: None

What if the Amber Benson movie Chance and it's two main characters.....played by Amber Benson and James Marsters....were actually Tara and Spike?

They were given a second chance by the PTB. Their memories were erased and they were sent back to Earth as humans. Some how Willow and Buffy find out.

Categories: None
Characters: Ensemble

Something or someone messes with the Dawn spell causing all memories of Dawn to go away from those in Sunnydale. It hits when Dawn is at home so Buffy and Joyce freak out over the 'strange' girl in their home. No matter how much Dawn tries to explain they don't believe her and thinks she's crazy. 

Dawn hits up Willow and Tara and later Giles and Xander but neither of them know her. Giles may even believe she's some type of demon that tries to sneak into a family to kill from the inside. Dawn has no choice but to run away from them for safety. 

The idea I had in my head was when Dawn takes off running she ends up into the cemetery where she runs into Spike.

"Dawn what the bloody hell are you doing running around here by yourself in the dark when any old nasty can try to bite you?!"

"I'm sorry Spike I was just.....wait! You know who I am?!"

"Well of course I know who you are Niblet! You was just over at my crypt last week playing those bloody Backstreet Boys.......UhMMMMPH!" Spike groans when Dawn runs into him for a bear hug.

Spike after hearing from Dawn what's going on ask around the Scoobies in order to test the waters and finds out Dawn is one remembers her. So Spike has to let Dawn stay with him at his crypt in order for her to have a place to stay and look out for her. He lets Dawn stay downstairs and sleep on the bed he has there.

The idea is that Spike takes great care of her and helps look into why the others can't recall Dawn. So when whatever comes to an end everyone is shocked that Spike took care of her a place to stay and fed her.


PS....thought of this later and wanted to add

Thought it would be funny if the time frame Dawn is living with Spike she meets and also befriends his demon buddies. So later when everyone has their memories back Buffy freaks out when a demon hollers at Dawn. 

"Dawn hey!"

Buffy turned and was shocked to see a green scaly demon waving at her sister. 

"Oh hey Kevin!" Dawn waved back "How's your family doing?!"

Categories: Post-Series
Characters: Ensemble

A bit AU where Angel may have taken over Wolfram and Hart but the battle with the Senior Partner's army never happened....nor did Cordelia ever go into a coma and die.....those things never happened. I would say Spike did go be a ghost and later work there for a bit...this would explain why he and Angel no longer hate each other in the challenge.

Okay....the idea is that it's a bit after the BTVS ending. Spike after his time with Angel is back with Buffy and they're happy. Of course that's when we know things will go bad.

Buffy is either hit with a spell or hit in the head really bad. She's knocked out for a long bit of time. She comes too but the problem is something is blocking her memories so bad she thinks she's back in the season two time frame or three time frame. Most importantly where the only feelings she has for Spike is the fact she hates him!

This new Buffy can't fathom the fact that she was in a relationship with Spike and not Angel. She also has a hard time with learning her mom's dead and Sunnydale no longer there's multi slayers running around.

Of course Spike is upset with all of this.

Ideas I had......

Buffy shocked when she either finds out from someone or goes to see for herself.....that not only is Angel in LA(Not with her) and he's happy in a relationship with Cordelia. Remember this is season two Buffy where her world all revolved around Angel.

The injury to her keeps the Dawn memory spell from working so Buffy has no memory of Dawn.

Buffy shocked watching Spike and Xander happily playing pool together, Giles and Spike watching a soccer/football game together shouting at the tv and Spike helping to make Willow feel better when Tara's birthday comes around(even if Buffy has no clue who Tara was) Angel and Spike getting along and having fun with some stupid astronauts caveman argument

Categories: Season 6, Season 4, Season 5
Characters: None

Spike gets hit by a spell or something that causes him to dream about living happier life.

Would love it if:

Buffy tries to rescue Spike by telling him it isn't real.

Spike admits that he already knows that it isn't real but wants to stay because he is happier

Spike eventually leaves because Dawn convinces him to come back or needs help.

It is up to the author whether or not Spike has a relationship with Buffy in the dream world or if they only start dating after he wakes up.

Would also love to see the repercussions of Spike leaving the place he was loved and respected and returning to a place where he is hated and treated badly.

Categories: None
Characters: Spike

During Entropy Spike wishes the pain Anya feels to be transferred to Xander and his love for Buffy to haunt her.  Giving Xander a wake up call about how good he had it. While showing Buffy how he is the one she could always count on. Its all yours. Take it from there.

Categories: None
Characters: None

During School Hard at the Bronze while Spike is on his recon. Both Buffy and Spikes inner primal selves take over and sense that they are each others perfect mates. The Slayer within Buffy takes over and claims Spike as hers. On the flip side of the coin Spike has finally found the love he has searched for, for a century. While Buffy will have the self confidence and support she should have always had. Oh these two together from the beginning Sunnydale's evil population is in trouble.

Categories: Pre-Series
Characters: Buffy, Giles, Spike

During Giles wild phase instead of meddling with magic, he does with vampires and ends up being turned.

Once a vampire, he realizes the Council teachings are all wrong and some of them outright lies and take matters into his own hands. He may start taking Watchers off or torture them, but mostly he aims to discredit them and their teachings, thus meeting Spike at some point through “common interests”.

Spike and Giles enter into a friendly competition, finally bonding over something (absurdly/hilariously?) British. During a bender, they agree The Council are fucking up Slayers to their own benefit and one of them propose (half-joking/half-drunk) how rad would be if they raised a Slayer themselves? (by raise I mean teaching and training)

And because being undead means a lot of free time, they decide to go through with it, needing only to find a Potential outside the radar of the Council being chosen.

Enters Buffy.

Only one MUST: Under any circumstance, having a soul = good, not having one = evil.

It can be a crack-fic or have a darkish tone, whatever you choose.

Categories: Season 2, Pre-Series, Season 1
Characters: Spike

I would love for someone to do a re-write of the episode Bad Egg with Buffy/Spike pairing throughout. This can be stand-alone or part of a larger work. I've always wondered how that episode would go with spike involved—lots of room for interpretation in this challenge. You can have buffy/other ( for the timeline probably angle) starting out if you want or have spike/buffy either established somehow or on their way to being so. Prefer an NC-17 rating or above ( I'm a mom and a grad student I need smexy times to keep me going). It can be as angsty, fluffy, smutty or funny as you want. Guys, there is a pandemic, I am tired, and I hate completing my degree online I need this, lol. None of you know me, but I have loved spike and, more specifically, spike with buffy since she first roared on the screen in season two the first time the show aired. I can't write worth crap but i love all of your works and know someone here can make this happen for me *puppy dog eyes*.  I know you all have lives and no reason to help a girl out, but it would mean so much!

Things to include:

must have banter about egg parenting

must eventually have established Spuffy

Suggestions to include:

jealous spike over who the father is ( ridiculous but hilarious)

battles of wit between spike/ Xander or spike/ Giles

spike getting way too into parenting

spike almost outing Xander and Cordelia. 


Categories: Season 5
Characters: None

I kind of see this in season five, six or seven time frame....but it doesn't have to be.

Spike saves the life of a lady one night in Sunnydale. The woman was just passing through when she was attacked by a vamp. After Spike saved her they go for a bit of coffee/drinks where Spike explains to her about the Supernatural side of the world. He might get a bit too mouthy and talk about the Slayer and all of that.

What Spike didn't know was that the woman was a famous author who just finished a run of books and was looking for a new storyline to write she has one!

The idea is that the books come out and area HUGE hit. The only problem is some of the stuff hit close to home and is not something Buffy and the gang can't help but to notice. The books have a mystical woman warrior who fights the supernatural.....but much to Buffy's dismay there's a vampire love interest that is described just like Spike! The books are a bit fantasy pornish with a shirtless guy on the cover(who looks like Spike) and hot steamy love scenes in the books.

Soon the "Spike" character in the book takes off and is a HUGE hit amongst the fans. Buffy is not at all happy about any of this.

Ideas I had......

Dawn,Willow or Tara...or all three...LOVE the books and are always reading them. Meaning everytime Buffy goes into a room she sees "Spike" on the cover when someone is holding it up reading it.

Anya has a stand for the books up at the Magic Box all for sale. The books are a hit and Anya is going to make her money!

Buffy is shocked to find out that Giles has a secret copy of the book. When outed he sputters "It's just research! Got to see how much they know about the Council!"

The Council knows about the books but instead of stopping them they see it as good publicity not to mention their egos are being flattered.  

Categories: Post-Series
Characters: Ensemble

After the fight in the alley Spike has survived(if anyone else survived that is up too you.

The idea is that Spike went about his business still fighting the good fight but never told Buffy or Dawn that he was back. A few years later Spike somehow finds out that Dawn is pregnant(If she's married,dating or just pregnant on her own is up too you) but the thing is when Spike finds out somehow he secretly shadows Dawn watching out for her.

One night while Spike is in the shadows watching out for her Dawn gets attacked (vamp...demon...human?) When she's down on the ground thinking this is the end Dawn is shocked when Spike comes leaping out of the shadows in game face quickly putting an end to the attacker. 

Spike helps Dawn up,makes sure she's okay and then tries to make a hasty exit.....but there's no way in hell Dawn is going to let that happen! She latches on to Spike and won't let go until she gets the whole story on how and why he's back. Plus she's got to find some way to tell Buffy!!!!

Categories: Season 4, Taboo - Adults Only
Characters: Buffy, Forrest Gates, Graham Miller, Maggie Walsh, Riley Finn, Spike

Set in S4, Buffy is captured by the Initiative at the same time Spike is. They think she is just a different type of demon, similar to vampires. Locked in an adjacent cell to Spike, they agreed to a truce in order to get out, but they are re-captured before any of them can get out.

After that, the Initiative starts experimenting on them full Nazi-style.

*Edited to post banner*



  • A full of angst ride.
  • Buffy and Spike being locked and experimented on for a long time (at least a couple of months).
  • They start to support and pep-talk each other whenever one of them is about to give up (hope or trying to kill themselves or anything else).
  • They never see each other, they just talk through the wall of their cells.
  • At different points, each of them has a chance to escape but doesn’t carry it out, because it’ll mean leaving the other behind.
  • Once Buffy and Spike are free (either they escaped or were freed by whoever you chose) they both suffer PTSD including the irrational fear of being touched by anyone. They try to overcome it by touching each other (totally innocent touches, like trying a handshake or a hand on the shoulder without recoiling, lashing out or feeling sick), because they don’t want to admit their trauma to others or because they think no-one else would understand.
  • At some point, they start to crave for those innocent, flimsy touches from the other.


  • Joyce takes Spike in her house after Buffy and he are freed.
  • Scoobies being scoobies, they minimize their experience and their newly forged bond.
  • Giles manages to recover the Initiative research done on Buffy and Spike and discovers something (horrible, impossible, unexpected….whatever you choose).

Categories: None
Characters: None

Giles is giving a lecture on slayers versus vamps, that boils down to the fact that while both slayers and vamps are strong, fast, all that good stuff, they are otherwise opposites. Vampires are cool, temperature-wise, while slayers always run a bit hotter than the average human population. Vampires get more powerful as they get old; slayers are always young and always have power. Vampires are male, while slayers are female . . .

When Buffy points out that she has definitely seen female vamps before, Giles gets all flustered before saying it's really the male vampires who are powerful. Of course female vampires exist, but the scary vampires? The ones who go for world domination or really terrorize the world? They're all dudes. Dracula, Lothos, Nosferatu, the Master, even Angelus. Dudes, one and all.

So Buffy decides that the vampire women really need to step up. And maybe, if she can limit the harm they cause, they need the Slayer's help to do that.

Does Buffy help Darla became the new Master of the Hellmouth? Does she partner with Spike to heal Drusilla? Does she train Harmony on how to be a badass? Does she take Sunday firmly in hand so that she's no longer just terrorizing a community college campus? Does Faith walk too far on the wild side, gets vamped, and then becomes, quite literally, the dark to Buffy's light and they can finally be friends because they're no longer vying for the same position? So many options!

As far as how Spike is involved, does he fully support this plan of Buffy's? Does he watch from the sidelines and provide snarky commentary? Is he her partner, or does he work against her to prevent a female vamp from becoming the Big Bad?

Have fun!

Categories: Post-Series
Characters: Ensemble

After dying in the fight in the alley(along with everyone else) Spike finds himself in the afterlife. There the PTB make him a proposition. He can enter heaven with his friends....soul and demon.....or the PTB want to offer him a second choice.

There is another dimension out there that is running a bit slower on the time scale then the Prime Buffy universe. Their Buffy has just been made Slayer and has come to Sunnydale. But this dimension dosen't have an Angel to help Buffy along in her new town....(If there's an Angelous though is up too you)

But the PTB want Spike to go to this dimension and help lead Buffy along in her new quest.

Not one to just sit around in heaven and liking a good fight Spike takes the offer.

The idea is that this Spike moves in and helps this "new" Scooby Gang. There are some differences to the one he was once helping. For example......Sunnydale is in another state.....Jesse is there also having never died.

But Spike may have his bumps at first with this new bunch but soon they hit it off. But some how the Prime Buffy finds out what has happened and finds a way to crossover to this new world. She's shocked to find herself jealous over the fact Spike and this other Buffy has hit it off and our slaying together.

If anyone else comes over with Buffy I though it would be funny if the new dimension Xander gets along great with Spike and looks up to him like a big brother. So when our dimension Xander comes over with Buffy this freaks him out and he gets a talking too by his other self who is sticking up for Spike. 

Does Spike stay or does he go back with Buffy?

Time has moved a bit for Spike in the other universe before Buffy gets there. He was dropped into their version of season one but when Prime Buffy shows up from his universe their seniors in High School or freshman year of college.

Categories: Season 5, Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, Season 4
Characters: Buffy, Cordelia, Dawn, Oz, Spike

What would the Buffyverse look like if Dawn was Buffy's twin?

What if Buffy had no authority over Dawn? Except for slaying business, Dawn doesn't have to do what Buffy says. She's not a child, the Slayer's kid sister, she's a respected member of the team.

What if she had her own friends and life outside of the close knit and exclusive Scooby Gang? (See: Season Six, when Tara is out of the group because Willow messed up, and Anya is out of the group because Xander messed up, despite the fact that both were seriously hurting and did nothing wrong, and yet they were the ones completely abandoned by the others.) I'd really, really like to see a friendship between Dawn and Cordelia, because I think that would be funny as hell, but NOT by making Dawn a 'Cordette'.

How this affects everything is anyone's guess. Does Spike get to keep the Gem of Amara (or rather, get it back later) because Dawn threatens to swallow the effing Gem before giving Angelus the means to make himself invincible? Is Spike still chipped, or just hunted by Commandos so goes running to his pal Dawn? Does Cordelia stick around offering scathing but accurate commentary? Does Oz stay, and how does that affect Tillow? Is Faith affected by any of this? How is Buffy's relationships with Angel and Riley affected? And Joyce and Anya's relationships with everyone? And Buffy and Dawn's own bond?

I'd like to see the story written as everyone remembers it. So, Dawn can be in Season One, and play a big part. Perhaps she's the one who has to force Angel to help Buffy with the Master, and therefore the one who hears his bullshit 'no breath' excuse, and is quick to point out that speech is caused by air passing through the vocal chords, so clearly Angel does have breath even if he's not using it to breathe!!!

But the story doesn't have to start from Season One or Two. It can start from Season Three, or even Four, but only if there's flashbacks. And brief overviews of the major plot points per season rather than each episode is fine, author's choice, as long as it sets a solid foundation for the friendships and relationships between the characters, as that's the primary focus, not the individual episodes.



  • Rape - not actual, not implied, not even vaguely hinted at. NO rape. UNLESS it is in reference to Angelus's victims, as that's kinda his M.O. But none of the main characters can suffer that way. Absolute no.
  • Spike being Buffy's doormat. In this AU, Spike has friendship, and respect, and trust. He has his pride. He is and always will be Love's Bitch, but he has friends, real friends, who love and trust and respect him, and he's slowly realising that he's worth more than what Drusilla and Angel gave him and how the Scoobies treat him.
  • Spike/Dawn relationship. Absolutely no way in hell. They are just friends. Nothing more, at all, no way.
  • Buffy or Dawn taking a swan dive off of Glory's tower.



  • Dawn & Cordelia & Oz & Spike friendship of sass, sarcasm, and awesome music. I think the four of them would get along like a house on fire, would be funny as hell, and would offer a fantastic counterpoint to the Scoobies' tendency to swim in that river in Egypt until they're drowning. Especially with Spike and Cordelia both offering hard truths and scathing criticisms. Throw in Anya, and you've got the gold standard.
  • Buffy and the Scoobies are forced to admit that Angel's 'the soul is all that matters' crap is just that - crap - given that unsouled, Big Bad Spike is right there in front of their very eyes being a good friend to the three people (and Joyce!) who treat him like exactly that - their friend - and doing more for them than Angel ever did for the Scoobies with his precious soul and wish for redemption.
  • Dawn defending Spike and Spike defending Dawn. They are thick as thieves even when they're in a snit with each other, and won't have outside influences coming between them. Their friendship is real and strong, and Buffy has no say in it at all.



  • Dawn teasing Spike and Buffy about their crushes on each other. Maybe teasing Spike about his Slayer fetish.
  • Dawn hating Angel and jumping on the Peaches, Captain Forehead, etc bandwagon. It's just too funny.
  • Claim.
  • Faith as a part of Dawn's circle of friends too, the way she never really was with the Scoobies, and her having a much happier ending because of it.
  • Buffy comparing Spike and Angel and Angel coming up short, even on the whole white hat thing because Spike does more for Dawn and Cordelia and Oz and Joyce than Angel ever did for Buffy.


Throw in Joyce thinking Spike is 'such a sweet boy,' and lots of 'Good Lords' and frantic glasses polishing from Giles. 

Happy Spuffy ending!

Categories: Pre-Series, Season 2, Taboo - Adults Only
Characters: Angel, Angelus, Anne Pratt, Buffy, Dawn, Ensemble, Giles, Spike, Willow




Drusilla had a younger sister (Dawn) who shared her abilities. Angelus tortured and turned both, but Drusilla was too far gone and after a few days he set her on fire in front of her sister. Dawn was the one to turn Spike because of her visions and to help her against Angel, who she hated but had no choice to follow. Spike turned Anne but it didn’t go awry, and they both joined the Scourge, though Angel and Darla despise them.

Anne is the one who gets injured in Prague and the one in need of a cure (the blood of a Slayer). There’s also a rumour that Angel killed Darla and so he committed a capital crime against vamp laws/the Order of Aurelius (or whatever else you choose), which allow them to punish and execute him, which Dawn and Spike intended to.


The action starts at 2x03 Hard School.

Spike arrives in town with a very different company (Anne & Dawn) and with two goals: Capturing The Slayer to use her blood as a cure and finally getting revenge on Angel. During the attack at the high school, Dawn finds Cordy and Willow hiding in the closet and she takes them back to the factory. Later, she and Spike question both to get info about Angel and confirmation that he did kill Darla.



  • Spike/Dawn in a long-term open relationship at the beginning.
  • Cordy being killed and used as a message.
  • Willow being turned by Dawn due to her visions.
  • Buffy being turned.
  • Buffy realising being a vampire is not 'A demon wearing your body', just not feeling bad for impulses or thoughts against moral rules.
  • Spuffy after Buffy gets turned.
  • Angel doesn't lose his soul, so no Angelus.
  • Angel being tortured and at some point, killed.



  • Buffy and Angel have sex but he doesn't get a perfect happy moment.
  • Dawn explaining in detail to Buffy what Angelus did to her and Drusilla.
  • Dawn and vampWillow becoming lovers.
  • Buffy being turned to taunt/torture Angel.
  • Anne becoming friends with Joyce or Giles to dig info on the Slayer.
  • Anne becoming lovers with Giles or Joyce.
  • Giles being turned and becoming the Ripper.
  • The Council sending new slayers, assassins, witches etc to kill vampBuffy.
  • vampWillow going after Xander or other classmates.
  • Kendra killed by vampWillow or vampBuffy.
  • Jenny Calendar trying to perform the soul spell on Buffy.

Categories: Season 3, Season 5, Baby Fic
Characters: Anne Steele, Buffy, Dawn, Giles, Glory, Joyce, Spike, William

When Buffy comes back from the hell dimension in 'Anne' she does it with a daughter (Dawn) and no memories of the time spent in said dimension.

She knows Dawn is her daughter and that she loves her fiercely, but nothing else. She doesn't remember having her, being pregnant, raising her... nothing.

Dawn must be between 6-12 years old. She knows Buffy is her mom but contrary to Buffy she has memories, however, they're generical and fuzzy. (For example: If you asked Dawn about her father, she'd tell you he was a wonderful father who read her stories every night and always played with her, but she wouldn't be able to describe his face or say which stories he read or even his name, 'duh, his name is dad'.)

When Buffy comes back to Sunnydale she only says Dawn is her daughter and refuses to give any other explanation.

She only relies the truth on Giles after having done a DNA test which confirms she is Dawn's biological mother and a physical check that confirmed she delivered a baby a few years ago. Giles advises her to tell Joyce too. The three of them decided to keep it as a secret, while Giles tries to investigate the hell dimension and spells to regain Buffy's memories, but to little avail.

The author can decide how having a daughter and being in her late 20s reshape S3&S4 for Buffy. It can be done in flashbacks or in long retale, but the actual action must occur during S5, beginning in 'No place like home', when Buffy realises Dawn is the Key, with a twist. The Monk tells her, they didn't give the key human form, they just sent its energy to a new life being conceived at the time.


Of course, Spike/William should turn out to be Dawn's father, but how it happened or when (time was different in the hell dimension so he could be there before or after being turned) or how its found out or everything else after the Monk confess, is up to the author.


Categories: Season 6, Season 4
Characters: Ensemble

Just been re-reading Make Me Feel by Danish Bird, can't recommended enough by the way. Which inspired by the challenge.

So, in the latter half of Make Me Feel, Spike saves a young woman from being raped, though ends up fatally wounding the man in question, who dies in hospital. In the midst of an argument with Buffy, she condemns him for killing the rapist, despite the fact he saved an innocent life in doing so. In Buffy's defence, in this fic, she is a place of extreme emotional turmoil and was lashing out as she does, but it still got me thinking.

So, set somewhere in season 4 or 6 (ignore season 5 and 7 for this,) Spike comes across a young woman being assaulted by a man or group of men. Spike jumps in to save her and, in the process, kills the attackers (whether or not it was unintentional is up to the author.) Now, of course word gets back to the Scoobies, who (apart from Tara, Joyce (if in S4), Dawn and Anya) immediately call for Spike's dust. Buffy obliges, even though it's explicitly stated the man/men in question where attempting to rape someone.

In the midst of Buffy's staking attempt, Spike is flabbergasted by the fact he is being judged as evil for killing a bunch of rapists (not seeing the problem either here) when what they were going is easily one of the most evil crimes that can be inflicted on a person. Furious at the double standard, instead of trying to justify his actions, Spike simply decides to fight back and, much to the Scoobies shock, not only fends Buffy off, he outright defeats her. 

At this point, Spike tears the Scoobies a new one, calling each and every one of them out on judging him for killing someone who was in the process of committing a horrific crime, when the human was clearly the monster of the scenario. While admitting that he has done terrible things (can't be denied,) he questions why humanity gets a free pass, when they can be arguably much worse than he is, in less time. Fed up by the hypocrisy, Spike cuts himself off from the group (save the previously mentioned individuals), but not before knocking Xander (and/or Riley if in S4) out and punching Buffy to the floor when she tries to stop him.

Anya, being Anya, bluntly states that Spike is right and that maybe the Scoobies should re-think their definition of good and evil, with Tara and Dawn backing her up. Shaking by Buffy's loss to Spike, his harsh judgement and the support of the kinder members of the group, the Scoobies first reassess the situation and then realise Spike was right. 

And so begins the difficult task of apologising to the Big Bad, who is less than accepting.

No real Musts and Must nots for this one, besides mentioned above, save the fact that the rape must not succeed, Spike stops it. Additionally, Buffy and Spike could have a few instances of angry/hate sex before having a romance. I imagine Spike's harsh words shook Buffy's reality, causing her to first lash out and then try to accept it. Besides that, Scoobies must acknowledge they are wrong, Spuffy must occur and Spike re-joins them.

That's all, have fun writers.

Categories: Season 2, Season 3, Season 4, Alternate Reality
Characters: Oz

I was browsing through some trivia, and found something quite surprising: Seth Green played a nerdy vampire in some of the movies deleted scenes. It’s obviously very one-note, but I had never heard about it before, 

As you can probably tell by now, the challenge is to write a story where Oz is a vampire. When exactly this occurs is up to the author, but it should be before his first appearance in Inca Mummy Girl

His personality should be recognizably “Oz”, but still have obvious vampire traits (lack of soul, more aggressive/emotional, drinks blood, etc). Similar to how Harmony was pretty much just the same after she became a vamp. How he handles vampirism is up to the author, but it should be good enough for Buffy to not stake him and Willow to still want to date the guy. 

How does having a soulless vampire who just wants to play music and go out with a cute redhead change things? What do the Scoobies think of Oz, especially if they get to know him before the reveal? Do he and Willow stay together, or are they broken up by the time Tara arrives? Do they just bring her into their relationship? What does this change for Buffy and Angel? Or Spike? 

If the ensouling spell is used on Oz, there shouldn’t be a particularly noticeable difference with him. Same for if he loses the soul, and just feels like normal. 

Depending on how things go with Spike, the two could hang out and be strumming on guitars together. Bonus points if you have Giles join them. 

Categories: Alternate Reality, Season 2, Episode Rewrite
Characters: Buffy, Drusilla, Ensemble, Ethan Rayne, Giles, Joyce, Principal Snyder, Spike

Instead of dressing up as a noble woman for Halloween, Snyder doesn't give Buffy the choice and tells her she has to dress as Wednesday Addams. Buffy puts her own twist to it when she chooses her clothes from Ethan's. When Buffy decides what jewelry to wear, she chooses something (chosen by the author) from her own collection, a gift from a distant but somehow identical cousin Kathryn Merteuil (SMG's character in Cruel Intentions).

Besides these twists, how the rest of the story goes is up to the author.

Categories: Alternate Reality
Characters: Buffy, Spike

Had though thought running through my head for a while. It's pretty basic and I even have a version of it on the challenge list, somewhere. Basic premise is that we have a Looper story line that takes place over the same week of time, yes it's groundhogs day but the twist comes in that when the week begins again the one doing the loop doesn't get reset back to where they were at the beginning of the week but instead keeps going from where they were standing.

For example, if they were driving down the highway when the week reset then the car they were in would return to where it had been at the start of the loop and the looper would retain their momentum so they would now be falling from where they had been sitting only to hit the pavement at speed and tumble along. Or maybe get slammed into the back of another vehicle that had been driving down the road the week before.

Now, imagine what traveling the world would be like for such a person? What kinds of things they would get up to? What if even death wasn't an escape and after a week of being dead this person woke up right where their body was resting? And if said body was scattered over a few blocks thanks to an explosion then they get reformed in the center point of where the smear would be what kinds of situations could be set up with that? Paying a group of people to dismember the looper's body and place it around a place they couldn't access by other means? Falling into a volcano and burning for countless loops until you learn how crawl out of the magma some how?

Now imagine one day reading some local news article to see what kind of scandal you caused in your latest loop and someone sits down across from you and tells you that they have been tracking your through your last dozen or so loops. How did they achieve this? Are they a rescue party of some kind? Do they know how to break the loop? How many more people are Looping? Is it always the same week for them too? Is their loop longer? shorter? Are they part of some large looper organization who place agents in loops to preform particular tasks, no matter how long it takes them to achieve them? And what do they want with you? There are just so many questions.

The Challenge: Buffy or Spike is looping the same week for a very long time. When the week rolls over they are still where they had been but everyone else had reset to the start of the week. They have accepted that they are never going to break out of the Loop only for whichever one who hadn't been the focus up till that point to sit down across from them and reveal that they are a looper as well and have been tracking them.

There aren't a any hard rules to this other then the way the effect of the looping happens. The pair could reset to the clothes that had been wearing when the loop began, which could interesting if they were wearing something unusual at the time. Or they could continue with what they currently had on, maybe something about taking something you're holding onto with you when the loop starts. This could be how others join the loop. The point is that the pair, at least, seem to be moving through the world at it's natural progression while the world is stuck like a cosmically skipping record.

I would personally enjoy it if the looping never got 'broken' but if the pair could lean of a way to advance the set of time they loop that would be interesting. Of course if you do that then you will have to deal with the fact that only a week has passed since the loopers were last seen by anyone that knew them and that they have just disappeared. Which would make some great drama situations for a sequel. Hell you can even have the loop broken but only as long as they are wearing a device that syncs them up with the world but their loops still exist and if they take off the device their loops start from that point, like a check point in time so to speak.

Really this story could be hella sci-fi or mystical or some combination of the two the hows and the whys only really matter if you want them to. I'm just posting it here because it would be a way to get a really unique take on Buffy and Spike when they have literally all the time in the world to make what they will of it.


Categories: Song Fic
Characters: Buffy


Buffy’s new friend Faith is teaching her how to get over Angel, the highschool sweetheart that broke her heart. How? She’s going to break a few hearts of her own. Faith’s idea of a first target is an easy mark, the shy but cute upperclassman in her poetry lecture, William.



I have way too many story ideas and not great at following through on fics. This one is based off the 2012 song How to be a Heartbreaker by Marina and the Diamonds. 

General idea is that Faith and Buffy meet in college and Faith being the bad influence that she is convinces Buffy to walk the wild side. William being who he is gets way too invested in the relationship Buffy is trying to keep casual (think Parker but Buffy is being the jerk.)

Must have:

Buffy breaking William's heart which causes the big bad spike persona to be made

The quote from the song “I love you, at least I think I do” (preferably said by William/Spike)

Strict rules from Faith about the whole thing. Try to work in the rules from the song but you can play with it

Rule number one, is that you gotta have fun but baby when you're done, you gotta be the first to run
Rule number two, just don't get attached to somebody you could lose
Rule number three, wear your heart on your cheek but never on your sleeve, unless you wanna taste defeat
Rule number four, gotta be looking pure kiss him goodbye at the door, and leave him wanting more


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Characters: None

Season 5 premises. Where Joyce and Dawn claim Spike as part of the family. Because Spike is technically an orphan. Joyce is an adoptive mother and Dawn a little sister. Showing each other the love, loyalty, and stability they all need. Spike being the ladies guard dog any threat doesn't stand a chance. But where does Buffy fit in. I'll let you decide. 

Categories: Post-Series
Characters: Ensemble

Every once and awhile Lorne likes to slip away from his Wolfram and Hart responsibility in order to go back to his bar and pretend to just be the Host. 

One of those days Lorne is there when in walks one Dawn Summers. Now Lorne has no idea who Dawn is but is intrigued why these young little crumcake has walked in.

Turns out Dawn has been feeling ever guilty about how she and Spike ended. And believing him to be dust she hates that she can never patch things up.

So hearing about Lorne from Willow she slips away to get a reading from him. 

Once she starts signing Lorne is shocked to discover the person Dawn has been talking about is Spike. But under orders from Angel not to mention Spike is  back to Spike himself feels they're better off without him.....Lorne has no idea what to do!

But when Buffy storms in looking for her sister Lorne might have an olive branch to offer her 

Categories: Season 6, Episode Rewrite
Characters: Buffy, Spike

Let’s say that in All the Way while in the Magic Box, Spike accidentally knocks over some kind of device from Anyas vengeance demon days. To her horror, it’s the one that all the Anyas across the dimensions use to summon each other for vengeance advice. And since Spike activated it, now there are a couple of different “Spikes” who have been summoned to this dimension. 

All the Spikes are different in some way: Watcher Randy “Spike” Giles. The Vampire-With-No-Name, who’s from the American South (the original concept for Spike). Souled Spike, from a dimension where all of the Whirlwind were cursed with souls and serve as Champions for the PtB. And Private Eye Spike, who went to L.A after being chipped to fight to the death with his grandsire only to be reformed into a proud member of Angel Investigations. The only thing that all of the Spikes have in common? They don’t love Buffy. 

Watcher Spike is engaged to his colleague Lydia. Souled Spike is still in love with an also ensouled Drusilla, who fully reciprocates his affections. AI Spike is dating Fred, who he personally rescued from monsters in Pylea. And Southern Spike is married to Tara of all people (how that happened is up to the author). All the Spikes obviously love their partners, and pity our Spike for pining after the Slayer. 

Now Buffy gets to see that not only can Spike love without his soul, but that all of the other Spikes fall short for her; they aren’t like her Spike in the ways that matter. Meanwhile, Spike sees the different ways his life could have gone-and wonders if maybe he should change the way things are for him. 

It would be nice to see the qualities that all the Spikes have, such as caring for Dawn and snarking at Xander. What their relationships with Buffy are and how they deal with it would be interesting as well. 

Eventually all the Spikes are relocated back to their home dimensions-but not after raising some hell and beating up the Trio. How do the Scoobies return to how things were and what do they now feel for their Spike?