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Categories: All Human/Fantasy
Characters: Ensemble

I see this challenge going two with Dawn the other is with Joyce.

The idea is that Spike is an actor on a popular tv show. If you pick Joyce then she's also on the show playing a single older woman that Spike is having a relationship with that's a whole older woman younger man storyline. If you choose Dawn to be the actress on the show then the storyline for the tv show is older man(maybe her boss) younger woman story line.

Whichever storyline you choose Buffy is the Daughter or older sister that is so much embarrassed by all of this and doesn't like her family members costar very much!

Of course Spike and Buffy meet some how and Buffy completely embarrasses Joyce or Dawn over the whole thing! 

Categories: Season 6
Characters: Buffy, Dawn, Giles, Spike, Tara

At the end of Wrecked, Willow breaks down and tells Buffy that she needs help. What if, rather than assisting with the cold turkey approach, Buffy remembered that Giles had had some issues with dark magic in his teens and calls him to ask for advice on how best to help Willow. 

If Willow is taken in by the Devon coven at this point, she is ready to accept help but hasn't been truly broken by the deaths of Tara and Warren. How will this affect the future for the rest of the Scoobies? 

Will Tara escape death because she didn't spend a lazy morning in bed with Willow? Will she instead be downstairs and able to use healing magic to stop Buffy dying from the gunshot wound? What will happen with Warren? 

And, most importantly, how will not having to deal with all the Willow drama change Buffy's relationship with Spike? 

Categories: All Human/Fantasy
Characters: Ensemble

Spike works for a company owned and ran by Joyce Summers. Everyone at the company loves it there. Joyce is a great boss who helps her workers out when they need it, bends the rules here and there,throws parties for every holiday and is just an all around great boss.

That all sadly ends when Joyce suddenly dies. The office workers are all in mourning when in walks their new boss Buffy Summers taking over.

Buffy is NOTHING like the boss her mom was. She enforces EVERYTHING to the letter.....dress codes, no time off unless you're practically dying and mandatory overtime on the weekends. Their job went from great moral to almost everyone wanting to quit.

Buffy wasn't always such a cold heartless fish. She was once a fun having sunny person. But having her heart crush by the supposed love of her life(Angel...Riley...?) has made her the Grinch of the office. If everyone there would just do what she tells them to do everything would be fine!

Of course being the non conformity busy body that he is Spike gets elected by his coworkers to try and defrost the new ice queen and get their company back to normal. 

Must have.....different folks work at the office...such as Faith or Andrew or Xander. 

They have an "Office meeting" about Buffy....but it's held in a supply closet and in the dark in order for Buffy not to find them!

Categories: Season 2, Season 3, Season 4, Alternate Reality, Episode Rewrite, Historical
Characters: Angel, Buffy, Cordelia, Drusilla, Giles, Harmony, Jenny Calendar, Joyce, Kendra, Original Characters, Other, Oz, Principal Snyder, Spike, Tara, William, Willow, Xander

Sometime in the first half of the 20th century one of Spike's/William's lost journals filled to the brim with his "bad" poetry had been found and got published under Unknown Poet. His poetry's become popular enough to be considered classic and is studied in schools and colleges. Spike's unaware of it until one day he accidentally hears the Slayer talking about/reading aloud one of his poems.

I don't much care how that happens. Whether it's s2 Buffy trying to impress Angel by being mature and sophisticated. Or s3 Buffy having an English Lit assignment. Or s4 Buffy writing an essay on it or whatever.

I just want the hilarity of Spike's reaction to the fact that his poetry got public recognition and that Buffy the freaking Slayer likes his poetry. And then the hilarity of Buffy finding out whose poetry she likes.


Cannot have:

- Buffy mocking Spike's poetry.

- I'd appreciate it if there were no chipped!Spike or souled!Spike.

- Spuffy babies and/or human!Spike


Can have:

- whatever else there is

- Bangel bashing (feel free)

- multi-chaptered size (that'd be great!)


Must have:

- going AU when Spike hears how Buffy reads/talks about his poem(s)

- Spuffy ending (well, duh)

Categories: Season 4
Characters: Buffy, Ensemble, Spike

What if the Initiative chip never recognises Buffy as human? Do they find out he can hit Buffy before they realise he can hit demons or after?

How will this rebalance of power between the Slayer and the vampire that can only hurt demons change things? Spike still needs  help against the Initiative, still helps the Scoobies but is no longer willing to be the Slayer's punching bag. Buffy can't just lash out at him for no reason and has to learn to communicate with him without using her fists.

How will the Scoobies react to finding out that Buffy isn't all human?

Categories: None
Characters: Anya, Buffy, Clem, Dawn, Giles, Spike, Tara, Willow, Xander

Season Six after Buffy tells Spike to move on. Spike goes to Tara for a spell so he won't love Buffy anymore then they both go to the Magic Box to get the supplies she needs. Doing so they see Anya depressed after the non wedding and wishes for Anya to be happy and find someone to love and accept her for who she is. To me love is the sweetest revenge. Tara does the spell and Spike is free of Buffy but assures Dawn Tara and Anya he still has a love for them and will stay in Sunnydale to be their protector. Buffy has a wake up call when Spike keeps avoiding her but witnesses Spike Tara Dawn and Anya going to the Bronze and such having fun. Meanwhile Buffy Xander Willow have their own wake up calls about what they had and lost. 

Categories: Episode Rewrite, Baby Fic, Claim, Season 3
Characters: Buffy, Giles, Original Characters, Quentin Travers, Spike

There's a reason why the Watcher's Council implemented the Cruciamentum for every slayer that reached 18, to keep them from mating and concieving a child. In their twisted logic, if they forced a fight or flight confrontation to supercede a slayer's need to take a strong mate, then a child of a slayer and a demon would never be born. They got lucky with Nikki Wood, who had claimed a human mate. But their reasoning was flawed. The arrangements of the council for Buffy Summers are circumvented by a vampire who knows entirely too much about slayers and the council and not enough of ancient demonic claiming rituals. In fact, one might discern his utter naïfeté concerning their meaning or their practice, just why those are indeed so rare these days, and what they are intended to produce, a dynastic tradition not seen since Imperial China, something only very old demons or scholars know of. After all, how is only one girl in all the world meant to keep order by herself? She isn't. She's meant to amass allies, squelch foes, and birth many successors with her chosen mate.

Categories: Season 12 (Comic)
Characters: Buffy, Spike

Write a fic that interprets Buffy's "And it could happen again, any time, so while we're here, it's so important we're happy... and together" at the end of season 12 as a declaration of her love for Spike and desire to be together as a couple. Basically, give me the ending Joss didn't!

Categories: All Human/Fantasy
Characters: None

 All Human AU. Spike and Tara had a fling and had Dawn. Fast forward to Dawn being the age she is in the show, Tara is with Willow and Spike is an amazing dad. How would you have Buffy come into the mix? Is she her teacher, or maybe one of her friend's mom/sister? Does she know Spike through work or the gym? How does she fit into their little family? I would love to read something like this! Look forward to reading this one day :)

Categories: Season 5
Characters: Ensemble

After Joyce's death the state is looking to take Dawn away. Everything looks bad but up pops Spike.

Back a few years ago Spike had set up on paper a whole human life for himself. Fake birth certificate, fake school records a healthy bank account......and numerous other things a "living person" would need. Why he did this is up to you. 

Spike shows up at the last moment with all his human credentials and woos the social lady. Some how the woman gets the idea that Buffy is engaged to Spike. She tells Buffy if she marries this "upstanding young man" then Dawn can stay.

Ohhh the things Buffy does for family. 

Categories: None
Characters: Andrew Wells, Buffy, Dawn, Jonathan Levinson, Spike, Tara, Warren Mears, Willow, Xander

I never understood Andrew or Jonathan wanting to harm Buffy. And i honestly believed that warren basically bullied them into being evil. (Andrew has proven his worth in the comics, and really Jonathan’s spell and suicide attempt showed he just wanted to fit in but he went about it the wrong way). How to make this Spuffy is up to you. However when Buffy met up with Warren and Katrina and April she helped calm the situation and kept Warren and Katrina together so Warren didn’t flip his lid on women and Buffy. He actually was a pretty okay guy who didn’t go crazy like in cannon. Fast forward to post resurrection Buffy and instead of trying to kill or harm Buffy so they could take over Sunnydale what if the trio were actually trying to help her to prove their worth to be part of the scooby team. It doesn’t exactly go their way but in the end she has 3 new allies one of which really ships Spuffy and tries to set them up. 

Categories: Season 5, Season 6, Season 7
Characters: Angel, Angelus, Buffy, Dawn, Faith Lehane, Giles, Glory, Hank Summers, Joyce, Spike, Willow, Xander
Summary: I just read the first chapter of a story by Axell titled "Trapped Under Ice" that got me thinking again, which can be dangerous, because my train of thought sometimes derails. That first chapter by Axell promises a great story, and is definitely read-worthy! Kudos to Axell. My derailed train came up with this challenge: Buffy lives in a constant state of denial, refusing to believe in true love with anyone other than Angel. This causes her to be blind to Spike's deeds showing just how unselfishly he loves. The chip did not force Spike to help Buffy fight against Glory, nor did it force Spike to care about the safety and well-being of Joyce and Dawn. Buffy's refusal to believe Spike could love without a soul led to her revoking Spike's invite to her home in "Crush". What if someone, the PTB, a Fairy Godmother, etc., decided to teach Buffy a lesson? When Buffy goes to sleep that night after revoking Spike's invite, Buffy dreams of finally getting her "happily ever after" with souled Angel, after Spike leaves town. Angel arrives with a way to defeat Glory, thereby saving the world. He announces that his soul is now permanent, so he and Buffy can be together. Buffy is overjoyed. When Joyce dies, Angel acts like her death was a good thing, that Joyce was just one more person putting Buffy in danger. Angel never cared for Dawn, so he manipulates the Social Worker into sending Dawn either to Hank (maybe Angel manages to find him), or else into foster care. Angel tells Buffy it is for her own good, and because Angel says so, Buffy goes along with it. Buffy becomes isolated from all her friends, even Giles. It is so gradual, that Buffy never notices that she has no one in her life other than Angel. Angel decides that patrolling is too dangerous, and insists that the Council find a way to get Faith released to protect the Hellmouth. Buffy feels confused and lonely, wondering how her life stopped being her own. At this point, the PTB, Fairy Godmother, etc. step in, letting Buffy know that Angel's brand of "love" is selfish and self-serving, and that Angel has always viewed Buffy as proof of his redemption, and nothing more. Whether he is Angel or Angelus, he is incapable of truly loving anyone but himself, and if Buffy persists in pushing real love away, she will wind up alone. What will Buffy do when she wakes up? Wil she want try to find Spike to apologize? Will she be able to keep him from leaving town, or is it too late? The choice is all yours. Buffy angst is good; angst Buffy brings on herself is even better! Please make Buffy eat crow, preferably with a Jack D chaser!

Categories: None
Characters: Buffy, Giles, Joyce, Spike, Whistler, Willow, Xander

This might come out jumbled but just a thought after rereading a few fics. 

All of cannon happened. (All of it). With Joyce watching from the heavens above. She decides she hates how the Spuffy story goes and complains to the ptb. The powers realize that a lot of what happened in the world didn’t need to so they figure if they go back to a specific point in time things can change. Joyce points out willows will be done spell saying that if spike and Buffy stayed together a lot of the things that did go wrong wouldn’t. So when willow casts the spell reversal the ptb make it so our favorite couple realize they really are in love. Willow keeps trying to reverse the spell until whistler shows up and tells them all there is no spell on the power couple they actually are in love. From there the story could end or if you really want to make the world a better place they can continue through a happier cannon. 

Categories: All Human/Fantasy
Characters: None

Buffy finds out her fiancé/husband Riley has been having an affair with his co-worker/best friend Sam.

After setting up everything for the break up/divorce Buffy gets herself ready for a bit of revenge on Riley. 

Buffy knows her boss Spike has a serious thing for her. But deep down being a nice guy despite his bravado Spike has kept his distance. Riley knows of Spikes interest and hates him.

Working late one night in his office Spike is shocked when Buffy struts in wearing something non office conformity and shuts and locks his door!

Categories: All Human/Fantasy
Characters: Ensemble

After her parent's divorce and her family's fall from the rich/cool lifestyle sixteen to eighteen year old Buffy Summers is not happy. Some how she meets Angel....or Angelus if you prefer. Angel/Angelus is very charismatic cult leader. He charms Buffy's socks off and the young teen quickly runs away and straight to him and his compound full of devoted followers.

It doesn't take Buffy long to figure out that Angel/Angelus and the paradise/love he promised her was all a lie. Unfortunately Buffy is unable to leave or get a message out of his compound. 

After some time Joyce some how finds out where Buffy is but is unable to get in and get her out on her own. So she hires Spike to do it for her. Spike is some type of ex military special forces type hostage rescuer. It takes a bit but he finds a way in and gets Buffy out.

Only problem is Angel/Angelus isn't ready to let go of his most favorite prize so soon. Angel/Angelus compound is way out in the woods/country/middle of nowhere. So in attempt to get to civilization or the authorities they have to evade Angel/Angelus and his followers.

Ideas I had but don't have to be used.

Darla or Dru was Angel/Angelus favorite until Buffy came along. They are jealous of her. They made life for her in the compound even worse. With them on the run Spike and Buffy are hounded by Angel/Angelus former favorite.

Dawn could be Buffy's young baby by Angel/Angelus. Spike wasn't anticipating that factor when he rescued her. Now he's trying to escape not only with Buffy but a crying helpless baby!


Categories: All Human/Fantasy
Characters: Ensemble

Taking a plot from a very good book that was turned into a C- straight to tape movie.....but I think it fits the Buffy universe very well.....especially the whole Dawn and Glory storyline.

AU All Human

Glory(whatever last name you want to give her) is an extremely religious yet crazier then hell nutjob. She runs an off shoot religious cult with numerous followers.

One day while out and about Buffy and her younger(much younger then was on the show)sister Dawn cross paths with Glory and some of her followers. Glory takes one look at Dawn and due to her craziness freaks out. Glory is convinced that Dawn is the Anti-Christ...a demon...some type of supernatural being that will bring about the end of the world. Glory freaks out right there on the spot and calls Dawn out on it.

Buffy of course just thinks Glory is a nutjob but later when some of Glory's followers attempt to kill Dawn(On Glory's orders) Buffy starts to freak out.

Spike is the police officer/FBI Agent...or whatever that is assigned to protect Dawn and by extension Buffy from Glory and her followers. Much like Buffy at first Spike thinks all of this is overblown and silly. But when one of Glory's followers almost kills all of them in a suicide run Spike finally sees how screwed up and serious all of this is!

Spike tries to go into hiding with Buffy and Dawn in order to protect them. The only problem is all of Glory's fanatical followers aren't all out in the open. Some are unknown followers and maybe very close to Spike and is someone he trust......this might be deadly to him and the Summer sisters.

Categories: All Human/Fantasy
Characters: Ensemble

Buffy is the new tv star/movie star/singing star that's all the fad. Needing a break from the frantic Hollywood rush she goes back to her childhood home town to visit her mom and younger sister....and get a bit of R&R.

Keeping a low profile in town Buffy reconnects with her childhood best friends....Willow and Xander. Willow is a bit easier to deal with.....Xander on the other hand feels like Buffy was embarrassed by her 'normal' friends and dumped them when she became famous.

While in town she bumps into Spike. Spike lives in the town and is a mechanic...or some type of normal job. Buffy is waiting for the normal "Ohh my god aren't you?!!!" from Spike but is shocked when he has no clue who she is or that she's famous. Not used to this Buffy talks,flirts and gets to know someone as Buffy Summers normal girl instead of famous star.

The two hit it off and go out on a date....with others later.

But the down side later Buffy finds out after her lying....or maybe not telling Spike all the truth about her....was that Spike was once in love with a woman named Drusilla. But Dru was lying to him the whole time about being just with him and was cheating the whole time. Dru ran off on him with someone. So now Spike has a big thing about lying and wanting to know the truth. How will he feel when he finds out that Buffy the 'normal' girl he's dating is actually a famous star?!!!

I was thinking Anya is Buffy's agent.....when Buffy won't return her calls or do the star tv shows she wants her to do Anya storms into town to straighten her out! SHe runs into Xander....who is still mad at Buffy....Anya and him have words....then hit it off all own their own.(Wink wink)

Categories: None
Characters: Angel, Anya, Buffy, Cordelia, Giles, Spike, Tara, Willow, Xander

Imagine angel didn’t leave at the end of season 3. Him and Buffy are still playing the “we’re soulmates we just can’t be physical” storyline. However all is not happy in the world of Bangle. After a long discussion with Buffy where she talks about all the problems they are having (but we’re soulmates so we will work through them) willow decides to do a little spell. That actually works better than she anticipated. The spell must fix everyone’s relationships. So it shows Tara to Willow. Which shocked Willow. Giles and Anya. (I ship them please don’t hate. Anya and Xander just never made since to me. I mean hello 1100 year old ex demon and the most immature character in the show 😂😂). But most importantly it must show Buffy that spike is her soulmate and Angel is Cordilia’s. Who Xander ends up with is your choice as long as it’s not Anya. 

This can be as long or short as you want. As angsty or funny as you want. 

Please no Bangle sex (obviously) brownie points for Spuffy sex but it doesn’t have to be there. I just like it lol

Because we know the scoobies: if the “spike doesn’t have a soul” argument comes up you can be creative. Or you can have Anya telling them they are idiots and of course he has a soul. Everything has one. It’s just not a human soul. 

Also feel free to have Tara/Giles/or Anya double check the spell. But these are just ideas. Feel free not to use them. As long as the base idea is there and the couples I have listed I’m pretty much open for anything to happen. Cause fan fic lol

Categories: Episode Rewrite, Season 6
Characters: Buffy, Spike

When Buffy doesn’t return from her patrol, the Scoobies worry. When she’s still isn’t back the next morning, they mount a search party. And when they find her lying naked in a pile of rubble beside Spike, covered in cuts and bruises, they assume the worst – of Spike.

Buffy has exactly three seconds to jump in and save her Vampire, owning up to everything they’ve done and everything they are, before her well-meaning friends stake him for his supposed attack and she loses him forever.

Categories: Episode Rewrite, Season 1
Characters: Buffy, Giles, Jesse McNally, Spike, Willow, Xander

There is a theory that Jesse becoming a vampire and his demise is a main catalyst of Xander's bigotry regarding vampires or anything demonic. But what if Jesse had retained some of his humanity and he and Xander remained friends?

The challenge is to rewrite the Harvest confrontation between Xander and Jesse. During their confrontation Jesse hesitates and is reluctant to hurt Xander because he still cares about him. Xander notices this and can tell that his best friend is still there despite him being a vampire and so refuses to stake him. This makes both boys conflicted and unsure what to do leading the two to call a brief truce. The two decide to meet later and Jesse flees the scene without anyone else but Xander knowing. When the two meet they come to an understanding and decide to remain friends in secret. As time goes on Xander wants to learn more about vampires since his friend is now one and when the whole "all vampires are evil soulless creatures" stuff come up Xander doesn't buy it at all since Jesse is still his friend. So Xander does his own research on vampires and gains a more open and unbiased opinion about vampires.

Must Have:

Jesse and Xander remaining friends and keeping it a secret. The reason why they're keeping it a secret is up to you.

Xander eventually doing his own research on vampires that leads him in being more sympathetic towards them.

Xander still disliking Angel because of his claims that having a soul makes me a good vampire and those without one a bad vampire when Jesse clearly disproves this.

Xander befriending Spike and supporting Spuffy.

Can Have:

Xander tell Willow about Jesse and including her in the secret friendship.

Xander researching other demons besides vampires and expanding his vampire open mindedness towards demons in general.

Angel bashing.

Giiles/Watcher's Council bashing

Xander keeping the hyena spirit making him have more in common with Jesse and adding another layer to their friendship.

Xander be the reason Spuffy happens.

Spike coming sooner than cannon.

Can't Have:

Bangel. Bonus if Xander is the reason why Bangel doesn't happen. 

Jesse getting killed. I want him to stick in the story for the long hall.

Categories: Crossover (Books or TV shows outside Buffyverse)
Characters: Ensemble

Castle/Buffy crossover 

Just a small silly idea I had come to me

But what if years later Dawn Summers and Alexis Castle end up as roommates in college together? Dawn is a late arrival having to travel across country from the fall of Sunnydale to NYC. There she meets her new dorm roommate and hit it off BIG time.

They become the best of friends and everything is great until family day and both roommates have their family over! 

Of course Alexis dad looking like an older version of Caleb doesn't go over to well lol

Categories: All Human/Fantasy
Characters: Ensemble

AU All Human

Buffy's dad had his affair and left Joyce and Buffy years ago. Hank had a daughter through his affair and that was Dawn. 

When Dawn was around eight to ten years old Hank and Dawn's mother are killed(how is up too you) but Dawn is now an orphan. Spike and Hank were good friends. Spike doted on young Dawn and he's "uncle Spike" to her. Sadly Spike has some minor law infractions on his record due to his wilder younger days and so there for can't take in/adopt Dawn.

Not knowing what to do Spike gets into contact with Joyce and lets her know what's going on and the fact that Buffy actually has a little half sister. Ever the nice person Joyce offers to take Dawn in. Dawn not wanting Spike to leave her pleads with him to stay so Spike gets a job in town and a small apartment. 

Buffy is furious over this.....haven been the daddy girl she felt betrayed when her dad left. Now to find out her dad had another daughter and now having to live with her is too much for Buffy! And she lets it be known! Spike lets her have a piece of his mind also on how she's acting like a brat! 


Categories: None
Characters: Buffy, Doyle, Giles, Oz, Spike, Tara

What if instead of Willow, Xander and Jesse,  Buffy met Tara, Doyal, and Oz the first day of classes. (Willow and Xander can still be students. But Tara, Doyal and Oz are Buffy’s scoobys). All 3 are still how they are in cannon with Doyal being getting visions from the PTB and being half demon, Oz is already a werewolf, and Tara has spent her life studying white magic and Auras.

you can choose any season you want. As long as you make it Spuffy. Bonus points if they get her to not shack up with Angel. 

You can also add in any of the AI team as long as Willow/Xander and their black and white world views aren’t included. Although great characters. They often make for good villains in Spuffy story’s lol

Categories: Season 4, Season 5
Characters: Buffy, Ensemble, Spike

At the end of Chosen, souled Spike is sent back to inhabit his pre-Crush body for those 19 days before he rematerializes in Angel's office, though he doesn't know that his time travel isn't permanent. 

What will this do to change the Scoobies' understanding of what a soul actually does? When they realise that a souled Spike isn't really much different than a chipped Spike (because they don't have the bias of S7 Scoobies after the whole Crush/Buffy Bot/Seeing Red mess) - also, how will that change what they think about Angel? 

During the time Souled Spike is visiting, Soulless Spike is still there and has a chance to see his future self's memories and all the times his stupid plans backfired. 

How will he tell Buffy that he is back to his Soulless self? What will this mean for their relationship?

Spike can travel back to any time post-chip, it's up to you. Remember, he only has 19 days...

Happy Spuffy Ending, please!

Categories: None
Characters: Buffy, Spike

Idea came from a 1 shot and I just can’t get it out of my head (seriously read the 1 shot a couple of months ago). 

At the end of season 7 spike died in the hellmouth fullfilling the Shanshu prophecy. He is meant to come back human but with his vampire strengths to keep fighting the good fight. Spike is okay with this as long as they send him back to Buffy. What he doesn’t know is that after the fall of the hellmouth the world is unbalanced. The PTB need Buffy to help rebalance everything so they insist on sending her back to when she first came to Sunnydale. 

So now we have a human (basically male slayer) Spike, who has been sent back in time to a 16 year old bodied Buffy. 


Can have: 

The PTB getting creative and having spike come back as a 16 year old body as well. (If so please let him be inserted into the role of Giles’ son)

Spike not realizing Buffy is back in time as well and trying to avoid her for some time. 

Cant have: 

bangle. If we’re going all the way back let’s just nip that real quick. 

Spike being resired 

Must have:

quick to the relationship. 

Everyone approving of spuffy


Categories: None
Characters: None

Drusilla has a vision of the events of season six. She already knows she can't stop Spike from staying with Buffy after he refuses to go with her at the end of Fool for Love. At first Drusilla considers killing Willow/Buffy/Dawn to prevent season 6 from taking place, but that will only lead to more trouble. So Drusilla makes a deal with Death that turns Buffy immortal but everything has a price. Little does Drusilla know that buying Buffy's immortality coast her's.

Drusilla and Buffy are functionally still same. Drusilla still has her demon and has to follow the same vampire rules. While Buffy is still a slayer with her human soul.

How does Buffy find out she's immortal?
How does Spike feel about his ex-girlfriend saving his current love interest?
How do the scoobies react to Buffy's sudden immortality?
Does the Glory situation rap up differently?
Does Drusilla come back to Sunnydale when she realizes her mistake?
Does Angel ever find out about Drusilla's trade?
Will Drusilla become a scooby?

The possibilities are endless. My only request is Drusilla doesn't magically get a soul or become sane.

Categories: Season 2
Characters: Angel, Angelus, Buffy, Drusilla, Joyce, Willow, Xander

Starts in the episode Becoming (part 2)

What if Drusilla "gifted" Buffy with Miss Edith before jumping into the Hell portal with Angelus?

Spike and Buffy still make their truce. Spike has to keep Giles from being killed, distract Angelus, and take Drusilla away from Sunnydale.

Things start off the same as they did in canon only instead of knocking Dru out she gets a message from her pixies and starts to dance around and ramble about how her path is going to be different. Spike understands only half of what she's saying and is about to knock her out but is suddenly distracted by the sound of a dropped sword. He turns to see that Angelus has Buffy on the ropes and is about to go intervene because he really didn't come this far only to see hell on Earth. His distraction proves to be a mistake because Dru calls his name and when he turns she thralls him into standing still though he can still see what's going on (I'm not sure if Spike can be thralled but I thought maybe with the strength of Sire's blood behind it he might be more susceptible especially because he was momentarily distracted and couldn't put up his defenses fast enough).

Spike watches on in horror as Dru lets Buffy keep fighting her Daddy. He fights the thrall but can't escape it. Buffy still slams a sword through her love only he's still Angelus and he starts getting sucked into the vortex. Meanwhile Spike has regained the ability to speak but not move and he's begging Drusilla to release him and come away with him. Angelus is also calling out to her commanding her to help him get free. 

Drusilla doesn't listen to either of them and instead goes to Buffy who is exhausted, heartbroken and doesn't think that she will be able to defeat Dru. She does try but gets thralled and then Dru does something that no one expected. She kisses Buffy, gouging her with her fangs, bites her own tongue and mixes their blood in the Slayer's mouth then she utters an incantation that the pixies or Miss Edith told her to say. There's a flash of light, Buffy passes out. She then goes to Angelus who thinks she's going to help pull him loose but she instead pushes him in (much to Spike's horror) and goes with him.

Spike, no longer bound, looks for Dru but can't find her and knows she's in hell with her Daddy. He sees Buffy lying there unconscious and contemplates killing her but he wants her awake so he can make her suffer. He falls asleep waiting for her to wake.

When Buffy wakes she feels different and wonders what happened. She sees Spike but there's no sign of Angelus or Dru. (Maybe at this point she has a vision of Acathla sucking in Angelus and Drusilla. At this point Buffy could either be aware of Miss Edith's presence right away or you could have her learn of it when she tries to leave the mansion without Miss Edith's doll). Buffy, depressed, waits for Spike to wake up hoping that she can goad him into a fight and that he'll kill her.

When Spike wakes up he freaks out on Buffy saying she didn't uphold her side of the bargain. Buffy says it's his fault he didn't subdue Drusilla sooner. She tells him to bring it on, that they'll fight he'll kill her and then dust himself but Spike tells her that he's not going to kill her but he is going to follow her and torment her for eternity.

Buffy goes to leave the house and Miss Edith freaks out telling her not to leave her doll behind. Buffy goes to get it and Spike gets angry telling her not to touch Dru's stuff. Buffy tells him that she can't leave the doll, that something isn't letting her. Spike puts two and two together and realizes that Buffy is now Miss Edith's guardian. He knocks Buffy out and takes her off to L.A. (or somewhere not the Hellmouth, author's choice) and refuses to let her out of his sight because her being in possession of Miss Edith is a way to keep Dru close to him.


Where does the story go from here? Was Miss Edith part of the source of Drusilla's visions? Was she a calming influence on her or did Dru disgree with her more often than not (maybe that's why Dru was constantly punishing her for speaking out of turn). Will Miss Edith show Buffy what made Drusilla how she was which will in turn show Buffy Angelus' depravity? Will Miss Edith begin helping to interpret Buffy's slayer dreams? Will Miss Edith show Buffy what she knows of Spike and try to get the mismatched pair to see that they're good for each other? How will Buffy's friends and family react when Buffy comes back with Spike in tow? Are the visions debilitating or distracting enough that Spike has to constantly watch Buffy's back? How does this effect Spike who only wants to keep the little bit that's left of Dru close to him? 

Would like to see:

-Buffy and Spike out of Sunnnydale for awhile as Buffy adjusts to having Miss Edith in her life and showing her visions which she utilizes.

-Lots of Dru's past through Miss Edith's eyes.

- Buffy and Spike should go back to Sunnydale at some point.

-Buffy and Spike not starting a relationship until after she turns eighteen (because let's face it they'll both probably deny their feelings for each other for as long as possible anyway although maybe with Miss Edith's influence Buffy falls for Spike before he does with her.)


Can have:

-Angelus getting resouled at the very last second before Dru shoves him into Hell (Would prefer Buffy not know but Spike could notice)

-Buffy and Spike getting closer and bonding over visions and other things.

-Angelus coming back (what kind of reception he gets is up to the author but I'd think it might be a little chilly because of what he did to Dru).


Please, no rape.

That's it ya'll, have fun!

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What if spike had come in to SunnyHell and after doing some research found out that the only way to kill a slayer is to love her first.

Spike develops a master plan where he gets buffy to fall in love with him... and she does.

However, when the time comes to execute his master plan, spike realizes that he has also gone and caught feelings for the slayer!


Must have:

Happy ending

Spike seducing buffy, her falling for him, then finding out about his treason and being horrified by it.

Spike trying to win back buffys trust (this part of the story should be angsty... it cant be easy for spike to win her back)

Spike being with Dru while he seduces buffy

NC-17 of course (the smuttier the better, and if you can work a claim in then hats off)


Everything else is up to you! 

I would love to see this written biggrin


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The title is inspired by the concept I used for my story Old Man Logan, where Riley forms his own Initiative group with Watcher's from Buffy's new Slayer Organisation. Now, I've taken that idea and adjusted it somewhat to fit into the canon of season 4. But, as a fan of the recent God of War game, I've also been inspired by something within that to add a little twist to the story that really drives home Travers as the Big Bad.

So, starting from the episode where Spike is captured and placed in the Initiative holding cells.

Unlike canon, Spike isn't there to be implanted with the chip. Instead, he's there as a part of the Watcher's Council latest experiment 'Project Reaver': an attempt to replicate the abilities of a Slayer...within a male. Spike is to be used as a training dummy for the Reaver experiment's subject, who better to test Reaver's abilities than the infamous Slayer of Slayers? During their sparring sessions, the subject and Spike form a bond of respect that develops into a friendship. In addition, Spike's time in the cells leads him to be horrified with how far the Watcher's Council is willing to go to have a Slayer at their beck and call, and disgusted with the Initiative's disregard for human and demonic life. Even the second most 'evil' vampire in history feels that's wrong. When Spike escapes, he takes the time to also free 'Reaver.'

As in canon, Spike goes to the Scooby Gang for help. At first, they don't believe his story until 'Reaver' not only confirms it but Giles, upon arriving at the Magic Shop, is horrified when he recognises the man: Quentin Travers' son (name up to the author.) Even more disturbing is the effect the experiment, both scientific and magical, has had on the young man. While he has been imbued with all the abilities of a Slayer, to the same degree as the First Slayer, Travers, in way in ensure his son didn't die in the experiment, cast a spell on him that made him immune to physical damage. The  side effect was that it robbed 'Reaver' of the ability to feel anything: he can't taste food or drink, smell, experience bodily pleasures and pain or even feel temperature.

Confronted with not only Travers's deranged desire for power over the Slayer line, but also the Initiatives abuse of demonic and humankind, Buffy once again teams up with Spike to fight a greater evil. Along the way, she discovers that there's more to Spike than ever let herself believe.

Main Points.

  • Travers as the Big Bad- Have him replace Maggie Walsh and Adam as the big bad of season 4. All he wants is power over the Slayer line, hence subjecting his own son to a horrific experiment, much like the Shadow Men did Sineya. Adam should still appear later, but he is under the Initiative's control making him as much a victim as 'Reaver.'
  • Watcher's Council with Travers- Many of them could agree with his idea that they should be in charge of the Slayer line and go along with him. I'd like to see Reaver hunt down various members of the Council once he's freed, with Spike's help. However, those like Roger Wyndham-Pryce, Wesley and Lydia would like turn against him and side with the Scoobies. I'd like the 'good' Watchers to do everything they can to help Buffy win. I can imagine Roger being an excellent Watcher, like Giles, if not a bit more rigid. He strikes me as being ruthless like Wesley, but with good intentions.
  • Initiative evil- I never understood why they weren't called up for their evil in the show. Yeah, okay they hunted demons, but they also killed innocent demons for the sake of 'science.' Buffy must fight them outright, not even consider joining them. I'd like to see Riley as her personal nemesis, especially after she starts sleeping with/dating Spike.
  • Scooby Gang see true human evil- Don't let them hide behind the whole argument that all demons are evil. I want them all to see just how terrible human evil can be. I would really like the realisation moment to set in for Xander especially. When he sees what's been done to 'Reaver', even he has to rethink his world view. Some Spander friendship most be formed as well, as he sees Spike, for all his Big Bad swagger, is actually pretty cool once you get to know the man under the vampire.
  • Spuffy- Seeing these new shades of grey leads Buffy to seeing Spike in a new light, and admiring it. I'd like a slow burn romance, but wouldn't object to them giving into the sexual attraction first. A good place for that to happen would be in the Lowell house, like what happened with Riley in canon and then they realise how much they 'click' physically and carry it on. After the whole Parker thing (ugh) Buffy's confidence skyrockets when Spike keeps coming back for more. Romance comes from that. Would like some conflict of course, as they try to fight their feelings for each other but then something major happens that slams home how much they care for each other.
  • Faith is targeted by Travers- Reaver reveals this to Buffy when he is brought to her. Buffy rushes to save Faith, getting some help from Spike and is able to rescue her from the hospital. When Faith wakes up, she and Buffy set aside their differences and restart their friendship.
  • Original Character as a focal point of the overall story- I'd like Reaver to be an original character, rather than Adam as it makes more sense to me. To anyone who is interested, search up Baldur from the recent of God of War game as well as from Norse Mythology, as they are the main inspirations for him. He is the catalyst for Buffy and the Scoobies seeing the depths of depravity that some humans can sink to out of greed, lust for power and other reasons. Make him a compelling character, who is on the side of good but tormented by his inability to feel. Of course, this can make him a bit unhinged in some ways, perhaps exceedingly reckless in combat given that he doesn't feel pain. I'd like to see him cured of his condition, perhaps by Tara who could find a way. Of course, whether he dies or not is up to the author, though it'd be a truly tragic ending for a tragic character.
  • Cordelia/OC pairing- for the sake of this story, Cordelia doesn't leave Sunnydale though she does break up with Xander, rightly so. I'd like to see her grow to really care for Reaver after she learns about his inability to feel. Have Cordelia become the woman she does in AtTS, but through caring for an individual rather than being around Angel. I'm rather indifferent to the 'Cangel' pairing as I always think of Darla as being Angel's true love, though I don't dislike it when I read it. I just prefer Cordy to end up with someone else (preferably Doyle if it is written he lives longer than he did.) For this, an oc shall suffice. Would like some sexiness here too, though only after he regains his ability to feel. Have him pounce on Cordelia when he gets the chance, and Cordy is more than willing.
  • Travers death- Yes, Travers must die. Who kills him however is entirely up to the author.
  • Spuffy- Of course, happy Spuffy ending for all.

Can Haves

  • Xander conflict with Cordy/OC relationship- This could happen, as I imagine he would get jealous over her budding relationship with Reaver. Of course, have it sorted out and him happily with Anya by the end.
  • Tara's family- They could show up after hearing that Tara was in Sunnydale and ally with Travers. The father, at least, must die in this one, preferably because of Spike defending her.
  • Ethan Rayne sides with Travers- he showed up in canon, makes sense for him to show up again.
  • Riley getting himself vamped- stands to reason.
  • Angel- this is entirely optional. I would like to see him side with Spike and Reaver and help them fight the Initiative. Have him support Spuffy as well, if grudgingly. If you can work it that he is in relationship with a returned Darla, do it. make sure Darla is revamped, but willing to be 'good,' for the most part. (We all love Darla because she's a bad girl.)

Can't Haves

  • Biley- Not happening, never should've happened. KILL HIM!
  • Bangel- That ship has sailed.
  • Chipped Spike.
  • Character death- Maybe have Reaver die at the end (opitional) but nothing beyond that.
  • Dawn- Love the Niblet, but not in this one.
  • Evil Faith- Faith never sees Wilkins video or gift, joins the Scoobies again.

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Blitz·krieg: an intense military campaign intended to bring about a swift victory.

Feeling fortunate after winning an old van in a poker game, Spike's luck runs out when he makes a side bet with Giles. Being forced to forfeit his freedom while playing chauffeur to the scoobies for three months might be bloody boring, but wait till they get a load of his detail work.

Inspired by RAMONES - Blitzkrieg Bop

*My challenges are here to inspire so feel free to revise or interpret them however you wish. Shoot me a message for banner personalization. Thanks, Java.