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in Lovers Walk Spike kidnaps Willow straight out of the magic shop. At first she’s scared but her natural compassion can’t stand to see another creature in pain. Spike and Willow bond. She helps him with his heartbreak and he talks her through her feelings with Xander. Eventually she talks Spike into staying in Sunnydale and since all Spike ever wanted was to belong he agrees. Mostly he hangs out with Willow and Oz and since he’s not actively being bad the rest of the Scooby grudgingly accepts him after a time. How does this change things?

Categories: Season 4
Characters: Angel, Anya, Buffy, Giles, Joyce, Original Characters, Oz, Riley Finn, Sam Lawson, Spike, Tara, Willow, Xander
Summary: Early Season 4. Spike arrives in Sunnydale, without Harmony, to search for the Gem of Amarra. As in canon, Spike finds it. Unlike canon, Spike tests out various items on minions until he finds the Gem. Once found, Spike dusts all of the minions involved in the search. He does not go out looking for Buffy. Instead, Spike watches Buffy secretly, changing several canon events. #1 Spike attacks the soul-stealing roommate, holding her until she returns Buffy's soul, then hands the roomy-from-hell back to her parents. All in front of Buffy. Spike then simply walks away. #2 Spike follows Sunday and her minions back to their lair just after they took all of Buffy's belongings out of her dorm room. Buffy and the others arrive just in time to see Spike dust Sunday's minions and then Sunday herself. He then offers to help move Buffy's things back to her room. Xander very caustically refuses Spike's help. #3 Spike decides to visit Giles, and informs him of his possession of the Gem of Amarra. Spike then informs Giles that he helped take care of the soul stealing demon as well as the vamps killing students at UC Sunnydale. Giles refuses to believe him, and Spike tells him to ask Buffy and the others. Spike leaves after telling Giles how to reach him, should he wish to speak again. Several days later, Giles leaves a message for Spike, requesting a meeting. Spike suggests the Espresso Pump for the meeting. Giles is hesitant to meet Spike alone; so Spike tells Giles that he wants to help insure that Buffy become the longest living slayer in history. Giles is intrigued, and agrees to the meeting. During the meeting, Spike mentions the commandos he has seen running around Sunnydale at night, tasering and capturing demons. Spike also mentions what happened during WWII, when the Nazis were doing the same. Spike further tells Giles that Angel knew about the Nazi research on demons and vampires. As a gesture of good faith that his intentions are pure, Spike offers the Gem to Giles for safe-keeping, provided Giles tells no one about it. At first, Giles agrees, but then worries that Spike would not be able to avoid capture without it. Spike insists Giles keep it, then leaves. The rest is up to you. Do with this what you will, I only ask that this be Spuffy, with no Biley at all.

Categories: Season 4
Characters: Anya, Buffy, Giles, Joyce, Oz, Riley Finn, Spike, Tara, Willow, Xander
Summary: Set in Season 4, after Spike helps Fyarl Giles escape the Initiative, Giles asked Spike if perhaps the chip meant that he had a chance to redeem himself. . .poor timing on Giles' part, and Spike shot him down. But what if he hadn't? I would like to read a story where Giles is somehow given a peek into what the future holds for Buffy, and the others. This could be a dream/vision Giles either had spontaneously, or as the product of a spell he cast to see if his assessment of this being an opportunity for Spike to change for the better, is correct. I want to see Spike refuse Giles' money for helping him out, stating that, if he seriously wanted to try to change, the Slayer and Scoobies would never allow him to prove himself. Giles of course, would insist that "The children" would do all they could to help Spike on his new path. Spike counters that the Slayer and the Scoobies would never cut him a sliver of slack, regardless how hard he tried to do good. Giles, believing the best of Buffy and the others, repeats his assertion. Spike, now beyond angry, offers Giles one chance to prove that the scoobies would be supportive, and if not, Spike will refuse any and all help to them. Spike needs to spell out exactly what he considers being supportive means to him; i.e., no name calling, especially by Xander. No holding Spike to purely human standards, because the scoobies constantly point out that Spike isn't human. This would also mean no one can refer to Spike by anything other than his name; no "fangless", no taunts of being impotent or flaccid, and especially no calling him "evil dead" or "dead-boy, jr." Any of these would be a deal breaker. And, needless to say, Spike insists that Giles not tell anyone of his spell/vision of the future, because that would skew the outcome in Giles' favor. Could this work?

Categories: Alternate Reality, All Human/Fantasy
Characters: Angel, Anne Pratt, Buffy, Dawn, Joyce, Riley Finn, Sam Lawson, Spike

An human AU where Spike (William), Sam, and Riley are brothers and Angel (Liam) is their somewhat volatile uncle who visits rarely. Spike is the eldest, the most responsible one, Sam is the one who left to join the military, and Riley is the selfish and naive, but well meaning younger brother whose insecurities are a mile wide.

Buffy, when she was dating Angel, knew Spike vaguely. Now, by shocking coincidence, she's dating Riley. Spike wants her fiasco of a dating life to leave his family alone.

Unfortunately, he's spent his life picking up the broken pieces of his family. First, when their father died, then when their mother grew ill, then when Sam left, and now. Riley tore off to join the military in a fit of peak (to force a breakup with Buffy or to get her more "committed" to the relationship).

He's the only one left to comfort the distraught young woman whose lost her mother, taken custody of her sister, and now lost her boyfriend (who happens to be his ridiculous brother).

It's not the best jumping off point for a relationship; in fact it sucks big time. Things get worse when she has a near death experience and her friends all treat her like she can handle it all when she really, really can't.

Please: Let Riley at least be 18. The only indication of statutory rape I'll allow is the same one from BtVS canon (Angel and Buffy).

Categories: Season 5
Characters: Angel, Anya, Ben Wilkinson, Buffy, Clem, Dawn, Giles, Glory, Joyce, Sam Lawson, Spike, Tara, Willow, Xander
Summary: Following the events of Crushed, Spike follows Buffy back to her home trying to convince her of his feelings, and runs into the invisible barrier. Spike was stunned, and incredibly hurt, because that could mean only one thing: Buffy asked Willow to disinvite him BEFORE he chained her up! Why? Spike knew he had access to Buffy's house since well BEFORE the chip. If she never revoked the invite when he was able to harm or kill people, why now, when he isn't? The hurt gives way to anger, and he leaves. Several days later, Buffy has a run-in with Glory, and sends Xander to Spike's crypt for his help. Xander finds the crypt empty, except for an envelope addressed to Buffy. The letter informs Buffy that Spike is out of her life for good, but if she needs supernatural help against Glory, to call this phone number. . .Buffy angrily dials the number, only to have it answered, "Angel Investigations, we help the hopeless". Of course, Angel is "very busy", and cannot "come running for "every little thing". Now Buffy feels lost, as well as betrayed, but NOT by ANGEL! In the midst of her rant against Spike, Anya points out that Buffy got what she deserved for revoking Spike's invite, at the worst possible time. Spike was no danger to any of them, only other demons, so why lock him out? In a huff, Buffy tells Anya to shut up, that she doesn't know what she is talking about. In a rare show of solidarity, both Xander and Giles come to Anya's defense, closely followed by Tara. Having performed the disinvite spell, Willow, remains silent. Now, away from the bigoted Scoobies, Spike has gone underground, and taken his rightful place as the Master of Sunnydale, as heir to Heinrich Nest, founder of the Order of Aurelius. Since he is known as a fierce warrior, the other Demons fall in line. To protect his claim as Master, Spike contacts Sam Lawson, the vampire turned by Angel during WWII. And for the purposes of this story, Angel sired other vampires, 'when he had no other choice', i.e., they were dying (not by Angel), but they had something (information, special skills, etc.), that Angel needed. One such vamp is a cop Angel sired while in NYC just 1 year before Buffy was called as the Slayer. With the help of these vampires who are more like Spike than Angelus, Spike's solidifies his claim as Master. And as Master, he demands that Glorificus and the Knights of Byzantium be stopped. Since Demons are immune to the spell hiding Glory, once Ben is seen turning into Glory, Spike kills Ben. Since Ben is Glory, he cannot be fully human, so no problem from the chip. As for the Knights, Spike orders his demon and vampire minions to get rid of the Knights as well. Glory takes one of the Scoobies (either Giles or Xander) to torture, only for Glory to turn back into Ben, just as Spike shows up, and Spike kills Ben, saving the hostage from further injury. What will happen when Buffy and the others realize that Spike, Master of Sunnydale, ended the reign of terror begun by Glory? Will the Scoobies call for Spike's dusting for killing Ben? If so, will Buffy question Giles' reasoning that Ben was an innocent, even though Giles already suggested that Dawn should be killed in order to save the world? Wouldn't Dawn be the only true innocent here? Play with this however you wish; use or skip whatever you want. All I ask is that you keep Spike's decision to leave and become Master. It may take some doing to make this Spuffy, but I have faith in the writers here at EF. Anyone?

Categories: Alternate Reality, Season 1
Characters: Buffy, William

William Pratt, a fellow watcher who just completed his training, is sent to Sunnydale accompanying Giles to help train the new slayer.

The two men set up shop at the start of the school year in the library, anxiously awaiting for the slayer to arrive in town.

One day, Buffy walks in looking to borrow textbooks and notices the cute, younger librarian and strikes up a conversation. William is, of course, instantly enamored with Buffy but keeps his distance seeing as how she's just a student. But Buffy is nothing but persistant and they develop a friendship of sorts.

William is fully prepared to keep his real occupation a secret to Buffy in the long run, but what happens when Buffy unknowingly befriends the new slayer and is introduced to his world?

Must Have: -Buffy being a normal girl attending high school (that means the slayer can be Faith, Kendra, or an OC!)

-Spuffy slow burn!

Can't Have: -B/Other, S/Other

Author's choice if they want to closely follow the entire plot/timeline of s1. 

Categories: None
Characters: Willow

Challenge: Buffy is brought back to life with no memories. 


Scoobies lie to Buffy

Buffy kicks Willow out


Can Have

Buffy digging herself out her grave

Giles leaving

Nerd Trio


Can't have

Scooby Bashing 

Abusive Spuffy



Categories: None
Characters: Willy the Snitch

Willy may not look like more than a somewhat slimy man, but he has what must be  one of the most dangerous jobs there is. Not only does he manage to stay alive he can keep his business running, clearly there is more to him than meets the eye.

The idea is that Willy is actually a god, he hides behind his weak Willy persona and only show power when he has to. This should be placed during season 5. With their worry over Glory, the Scoobies (Spike included) is starting to wonder "how can Willy survive like this, look at the owners of the magic box". Later they will find out, could be that they actually ask him (are you a god😀). He will be somewhat involved but can't be a quick fix to help against Glory, he could be reluctant to use his powers or even being bound somehow. He will help the Scoobies getting out of the black and white view. There should also be some worry for how they treated Willy before, when they realise what he is.

I leave a lot open for different possibilities and explanations but I don't want it to be a crackfic. Naturally it should be a Spuffy story, but they doesn't have to become a couple during this, a hint of a future is good enough. Since this is me writing this, no soul for Spike. A bonus would be if Willy (and maybe Anya), makes them understand that getting a soul would only harm a vampire, but that doesn't have to happen the important thing is that Spike won't ever get a soul (or become human). 

This was a little idea I got when I was out walking and I thought to put it here.     

Categories: Episode Rewrite, Season 6
Characters: Buffy, Spike, Willow

what if the attempted rape scene didn’t take place and Spike was around when Willow went all dark?

Must have:


Spike still gaining a soul


Spike is injured


can have:


Willow giving Spike his soul back




Categories: Season 7
Characters: Ensemble

When Faith ran into Spike in the cemetery in season seven and had their punching something happened. What I see is that blood between the two was spilled and mixed......and what with Buffy ignoring him and Spike being turned on by fighting it triggered a connection between his demon and Faith's share of the Slayer Spirit.

It's not a bonding but it's a connection that pulls at the two and attracts them. Neither two....nor Buffy...knows what's going on at first just that Spike and Faith like to spend time around each other. Buffy is in NO way happy about this. 

It takes Giles and his books to find out what's going on.....even more when he tells her in order to break the connection between Spike and Faith she has to 'attract' his demon more then Faith has! 

Yeah Buffy can do this! Just let Spike see how much more she can attract him then Faith!! 

Categories: Season 5
Characters: Buffy

Buffy is attacked and left unconscious by an unknown assailant. Spike finds her and helps the slayer to recover.

  Buffy struggles to remember what happened and who was responsible.   When she finally finds out her world is shattered   This story must be set after Spike makes his feelings known to Buffy, however can be set in season 5 or early season 6. Must have a Buffy/Spike pairing that is either built up as slow or as fast as you wish.   Must also have Spike sharing that he was assaulted in a similar fashion as a human or vampire by someone he knew   Must have a few suspects   Can have:   Buffy being raped as part of the attack   Dawn can be targeted at some point but if you wish to leave this out that is fine   Buffy/other pairing and Spike/other pairing   Buffy trying to end her life and Spike stopping her   Joyce not being dead    Riley still around   Angel make an appearance   The trio can be around also   Must not have:   Angel being the attacker and not too much bashing and not too little bashing    Everything else is ball game  


Categories: Season 5, Season 6
Characters: Angel, Buffy, Darla, Ensemble, Spike

I recently read Fly Me To The Moon by Megan. And I really enjoyed this fic, especially because it deviates from the common portrayal of Angel, the guy who is secretly jealous of Spike because he's a better champion/man without soul etc. I'm a perpetrator of this myself, because it's very easy to do. In short, in this fic, Angel shows that he actually cares about Spike and is amazed by his ability to change without the soul. More importantly, he stands up for Spike against the Scoobies and Buffy.

And I'd like to see another fic like this.

The concept is this, Spike goes through a traumatic event within canon (being chipped, used a punching bag by the scoobies, tortured by Glory, so on and so forth) and Angel hears about it. Either Angel can call Buffy to find out what the hell is going on or he calls Spike away to help him (being his Grandsire it's certainly plausible he can do this.) But take it the next step further, requires some deviation from canon, in that Darla is present as well (soulless or not is up to author.) And they are furious about how their family member is being treated. Dru can also be present. This could also be a series of events. For example, Angel first shows up after Riley and his plastic stake and is furious, attacking Riley in retribution for targeting his family, but asks Spike to stays in Sunnydale because he can help Buffy. Fast forward to Season 6 and Buffy beating Spike in the alley. Angel and Darla arrive in Sunnydale and rip Buffy a new one for how she treats Spike when he clearly loves her before taking Spike back to L.A to recover.

I think vampires have a warped but very genuine view of family, largely due to the lack of soul. There is a huge sense of loyalty to each other. As a result, Angel and Darla (and maybe Drusilla) roar into Sunnydale and demand answers from the Scoobies. How these leads to Spuffy is up to the author. 

Must Haves

  • Angel caring for Spike as his progeny. This is a huge part of the story. Spike is essentially Angel's progeny so Angel does care for Spike in that regard. Angel could say it like this: "Yeah, Spike drives me insane. He pisses me off more than anything else. And, for the love of God, there're days I want to take a stake and shove it through his heart. But that's what it means to be family. There're days you hate them, but there're never days you stop loving them."
  • Angel furious with the Scooby Gang for how they treat Spike. Having the souled vampire tell them how wrong their actions are must really rattle them. Of course, there must be the standard denial phrase (looking at Buffy and Xander) but eventually they realise that he's right.
  • Angel acknowledges that Spike loves Buffy. Calls Buffy all kinds of foolish for pushing it away.
  • Angel is the one to tell Buffy that they are over and have been for a while. There're too many fics where Angel obsessively tells Buffy they're destined when they clearly aren't. Make sure he acknowledges his fault in the whole thing and apologise for being wrong.
  • The Scourge standing up for Spike. Emphasise the protective family instinct of vampires, it's clearly there in the show.
  • Angel/Darla pairing. I always see Darla as Angel's soulmate or true love because of the lengths he goes for her, even with a soul. Find a way for them to be together. Perhaps Darla was changed by her experience as a human and having a soul and this makes her decide to turn over a new leaf (Like Spike!) Just make sure Cordelia ends up happy in some way.
  • Scoobies eventually get their act together. They must apologise to Spike (You especially Xan-man!)
  • Spuffy outcome. Don't rush this too much, Buffy is in denial for a bit, but when it happens it can be as explosive and sexy as you like.

Can Haves

  • Drusilla. She is Spike's sire and is greatly distressed by the mistreatment of her Prince. Show she does love Spike in her own away.
  • Angel attacking Riley in retribution for the plastic stake. If set in season 6, have him beat Riley down for the whole 'Doc' thing too.
  • Darla saying something about her attack on Buffy in season 1 being related to the fact the Master was her sire and she was trying to protect him, not just kill Buffy.
  • Angel and Buffy fight about Buffy's beating Spike in the alley. This could be dramatic.
  • Tara, Dawn and Anya are the only scoobies allowed near Spike at first, as they have never hurt him the way the others have. And Joyce, if she lives.

Can't Haves.

  • Angel bashing.
  • Too much Spike bashing by Scoobies, they are quickly sorted out.
  • Character deaths
  • Bangel. They are finished.

I recommend reading Fly Me To The Moon as a starting point. Have fun!

Categories: Season 2
Characters: Buffy, Spike

What if all that Buffy felt was anger after Angel lost his soul and Angelus made an appearance? 

Instead of being heartbroken, Buffy's just mad. She reads up on the watcher's journals about Angel's history and begins to think about how creepy he's always been, even with the soul. Basically, she has an epiphany.

Which leads her to approaching Spike and suggesting a truce between them. That they team up and kill Angel.

Must Have: -Buffy realizing she was never in love with Angel.

-Spike accepting the truce because Dru ran to her 'Daddy' yet again.

-Buffy and Spike growing close because of the truce.

Can't Have: -Spike staying with Dru in the end.

Categories: Season 5, Season 4
Characters: None

Buffy decides Riley isn't for her. Still miffed at Willow for the My Will Be Done spell, she decides to do the opposite of what all her friends seem to push her towards, she asks Spike out.


I loved the fun banter between Buffy and Spike, so it would be fun seeing it when Buffy was the one embracing it. She is stubborn enough to rehabilitate Spike just to prove to everybody, including him, that she can. How long until she falls in love and realizes it, is anyone's guess.


must have:

- Buffy actually enjoying dating Spike

can't have

- Scoobies being the villains, or over the board controlling,

- Spike being more useful than he was in future seasons.

- Buffy giving up, especially when she realizes she is in love.

Categories: Season 5, Episode Rewrite
Characters: Buffy, Spike

What if proving Spike's love to Buffy was as simple as drinking a glass of fat? 

Loosely based on the tv show, Friends ;) 

Categories: Season 6, Alternate Reality, Episode Rewrite
Characters: Buffy, Spike

Title/banner optional. PM for banner customization.

“So she's back. Thought you'd be off snogging with soldier boy.”

“He's gone.”

Spike turns to her, not showing any sign of relief. “So, come for a little cold comfort? Bed's a bit blown up, but then that never was our – “

Buffy cuts him off, “No. I'm not here for... and I'm not gonna bust your chops about your stupid evil scheme. That's just you. I should've remembered...”

Seeing her face, realization hits him, “Oh. This is worse, isn't it? This is you telling me –“

Buffy interrupts him again. “Yeah. It's over.” She looks at him pleadingly, trying to make him understand, “I'm using you…” she raised a hand when she sees him ready to plead his case, “please, let me finish… it’s important for me.”

Spike bits the inside of his cheek to stop the words ready on his lips, gesturing for her to continue.

“I'm using you. I can't love you… I'm just being weak, and selfish -- and it's killing me. I have to be strong about this.” she puts her hand to his face, saying softly, “I'm sorry, William, I can’t be what you want, what you need…”


“…and I know it’s the last thing you want… and I know I’m selfish again, but I still need you…”

“You got me, Buffy, you know that.”

“Can you be my friend again… like before we kissed?”

Now, here’s where the challenge begins, write a different end of that episode and go from there.

We know he’ll do anything to be what she wants, question is, will Buffy stay true to her request, can she keep her hands to herself?

Do whatever you want with this, although I really want to see some growth for both of them, even from the Scoobies.

Categories: Season 6, Alternate Reality
Characters: Buffy, Spike

What if Buffy didn't meet Spike until she died and went to heaven? 

Buffy jumped off the tower, resulting in her death and she made it to heaven. That's where she meets Spike, an angel assigned to her by the PTB. There, she's finally at peace and makes friends with him and soon grows closer to Spike. 

Then one hundred and forty-eight days later (longer to Buffy), Buffy abruptly gets pulled out of heaven by Willow's spell. With everyone around oblivious to her pain, Buffy's depression worsens. And just when she's about to give a vamp their one good day, Spike appears and saves her. 

Author comes up with the rest!

Must Have: -Spuffy! 

-Buffy relieved/happy to see Spike.

-Scoobies not knowing she was in heaven.

Can Have: Joyce making an appearance/mentions of Joyce in heaven 

Can't Have: -Buffy paying Cap. Forehead a visit/him visiting her.


Categories: Season 6, Crossover (Books or TV shows outside Buffyverse)
Characters: Buffy

Buffy wasn't in heaven; she was inside the Nexus, "an extra-dimensional realm in which one's thoughts and desires shaped reality."

Guinan: It was like being inside joy. As if joy were something tangible and you could wrap yourself up in it like a blanket.

Nexus pic

"The doorway to the Nexus was a violent, destructive temporal energy ribbon which crossed through the galaxy every 39.1 years..."

"Inside the Nexus, time and space had no meaning, allowing one to visit any time and any place that one could imagine."

Star Trek crossover

Categories: None
Characters: Buffy, Faith Lehane, Spike, Tara, Willow

Summary; This one is a lot vaguer - again, I made the banner first - but that's the fun of challenges sometimes, right? So, you've got Tara, Willow, Faith, Buffy (although blurry) and Spike. You've got the Vampyr book, in Willow's hands, even. You can even play with the fact that I've used an image of Fatih when Buffy was wearing her body if you want.

Have fun :)

Categories: Time Travel, Season 2, Season 3, Season 5, Alternate Reality
Characters: Buffy, Spike

Summary; Spike jumps through Glory's portal along with Buffy (up to you why/how, all that). Now, I haven't seen this particular scene in a long time, but if I'm not mistaken Giles says something along the lines of 'all worlds bleeding into each other', right? So we can assume that portals through time count, too, right?

Buffy and Spike find themselves in the mansion during the battle in Becoming (again, up to you if Buffy and Spike are put in their younger bodies or if there are suddenly doubles). Buffy and Spike wind up going through the portal. And whether it's instead of Angel or along with Angel, again, your choice.

Basically, I want Spike and Buffy from S5 to journey through Acathla's Hell, wind up back in Sunnydale around early S3 and then try to change the future for the better. But the main story (or if you do a sequel, the first story) should be very Hell-related. (If you've seen Supernatural, take inspiration from their depiction of hell in S11).

Buffy and Spike are exactly where they were in The Gift; she knows that he thinks he has feelings for her, they're mostly nice to each other, things are awkward, but they trust one another in battle. Keep that in mind.

But, yeah, beyond that, just have fun with it :D

Categories: Alternate Reality, Pre-Series
Characters: Buffy, Spike

Summary; Very, very, vaguely inspired by The Vampire Diaries.

Buffy moves with her mother to a small town (not Sunnydale) where the fog rolls in. It's full of mystery and dark shadows (think Beautiful Creatures, too) and she starts to feel strange after getting there.

Literally, everything else is up to you, I just made the banner and let it inspire me. Is she the Slayer? Is it set around the same time she arrived in Sunnydale canonically? Or is she older? Is this an AU world? Is Spike even a vampire or something else?

All I ask is that you not make Spike a normal human - at the very least he could be a human with great powers.

Have fun :)

Categories: Season 5
Characters: None

In "Out of My Mind," what if Buffy doesn't get to Riley in time when he's off punching the cave walls in a manly fashion and ignoring the fact that he's about to die?

And then he dies. 

How does this change canon? 


- Riley dies before they can get him to the Initiative doc, either in the caves or in the hospital, etc; or he dies in surgery

- some Buffy emotional growth

- Spuffy!

Otherwise, go wild heart

Categories: Season 5, Season 6, Season 4, Season 7, Post-Series
Characters: None

Premise is that Giles, Xander, and Willow never lose their connection to Buffy from Restless. They continue to share slayer dreams (tapped into them, at least partly). How would Buffy’s death affect this? Her feelings and obstacles? Her duty? Spike, Dawn? How would this affect the dynamic between Buffy and her friends?

Set anytime post-Restless

Categories: Post-Series
Characters: None

This is 100 percent inspired by my reading of Tales of the Slayer. All stories are of slayers of the past and snippets of their lives and their fights. I highly recommend those books btw.

Reading them made me want to read future slayer stories. Particularly, future slayer stories set twenty or so years after the end of Buffy's show. Okay, how far in the future is up to the author, but I would love to see a story centered around a new slayer (one of many? again up to you how the mythology played out post S7). Key point to this story is that New Slayer has interactions with the original Scoobies and Buffy. Because this will be far enough in the future that the original crew have become Wise Resources. Or Unwise Resources. Or Dark and Disappointing. Idk, there's so many places this could go!

New Slayer may have a watcher. Maybe this watcher is Dawn or Andrew or a child of Xander's or someone else entirely. New Slayer could be a loner. Or they could have a team of their own. Anyway, New Slayer is on a mission. That mission leads her/her team to seek help from a powerful witch. And they track down an older Willow who is legendary in many ways. (Mysterious? Reclusive? Shunned by many schools of the occult for things she's done? Revered? Up to you). So they track her down to help them on their journey.

And more of this, with other established characters. Just a future slayer who fights the good fight and draws on the resources/fights against the obstruction of the old generation. Meaning middle aged or older Buffy, Willow, Xander. Faith, Dawn, the original activated potentials? Spike and Buffy, obviously together. 

I have so many thoughts about this premise but I am trying to leave it sort of open ended for any potential authors to make their own.

Couple notes: I imagine this wouldn't be comic compliant (such a tragedy...)

What I like about this is that the fates of the Scoobies can be established any way the author chooses. What have they done with their adult lives? What kind of reputation do they have with the new generations? What sort of legacy are they going to leave?

Spike and Buffy...the nature of their relationship is up to you. How they age (or fail to age) is up to you. 

I know this is plotty (I love plotty) and by design sort of relegates all the old familiar characters more to the background...but I also find that sort of refreshing. I'd love to see the older Scoobies and the world they shaped through younger eyes.


Categories: Season 7
Characters: Buffy, Dawn, Giles, Original Characters, Spike, Willow, Xander

During season 7

I picture OC as black widow from Iron man 2 

OC is an 18 year potential slayer from Sunnydale when they locate Amanda they find OC as well 

She knows about vampires and demons isn't prejudice towards them she knows knows evil can be human or demon and the soul doesn't stop you from doing evil

She calls out Xander’s double standard when it comes to demons and humans and reminds everyone that he has blood on his hands from sweet the dancing demon and willows she also has blood on her hand as does Giles saying that they cannot judge spike as they themselves are not innocent and sticks up for Buffy when they gang up on her and kick her out and leaves with her

She witnessed the murder of her family by Angelus when she was 11 around season 2

She decided from that moment to protect anyone who needs it she stays in the background to not be noticed by Buffy and the Scooby gang 

She and Spike connect when they meet when spike burns in The Hellmouth she stays with him even after Buffy leaves she can become a ghost with spike and stays with him at wolf ram and hart and they will eventually claim each other as brother and sister or father and daughter 

she calls Buffy about spikes return 

Buffy can stay friends with the gang or not

Categories: None
Characters: None

RoadHouse with Patrick Swayze is one of my favorite movies, never saw anything done with Spuffy ...  Can be all human, or just an alternate reality with vamps and slayer(s)...Main characters, obviously, are Spike in Dalton’s role and Buffy as Doc....Rest is up to you....Like Red’s place could be the Magic Shop, The bar, Willy’s, Etc....Thanks in advance!

Categories: Time Travel, Season 5, Alternate Reality
Characters: Buffy, Spike

"So you'll give me what I want. Make me what I was. So Buffy can get what she deserves."

Opening his eyes, preparing to see nothing but darkness; Spike's surprised to see that he isn't in the cave. And he isn't alone.

He's back in Sunnydale, sitting in his beloved Desoto with a very annoyed slayer in the passenger seat. 

Bloody case of déjà vu.

You guessed it, it's a fix-it! fic where the creepy trials demon sends Spike back to season 5 and (unfortunately for Spike) in the middle of his and Buffy's non-date. 

Will Spike manage to bollocks everything up again? Or will this second go at wooing Buffy give Spike a chance at doing right by her. Giving her what she deserves.

Must Have: -Spuffy romance and lovin'.

-Spike confessing his love for Buffy in a different way.

-Happy Spuffy ending.

Can't Have: -Buffy revoking Spike's invitation.

-Buffy dying in the end.

-B/Other, S/Other

Categories: Season 4
Characters: None

During "A New Man," Ethan does actually skip town like he knew he should've, and Giles is stuck as a Fyarl demon... permanently. 

What does this mean for our Scoobies' relationship with the Initiative? With Spike as the only one who can speak fyarl, does he become Giles's permanent translator? Does Spike teach the Scoobies how to speak fyarl? What does being a fyarl demon mean for Giles's personality and inclinations? What do the Scoobies learn about demon-ness?


- An end to Biley as soon as realistically possible (luckily, that episode is just rife with negative Biley tension)

- Giles being a permanent fyarl demon (Or, at the very least, until the end of S4, if you want to have Willow or someone else succeed in eventually fixing him.)

- Spuffy!

Categories: Episode Rewrite, Season 6
Characters: Buffy, Ensemble, Spike

Rewrite of the very entertaining season 6 episode. 

The events of Tabula Rasa happen as they did in the show but to change it up, what if Spike walked in the magic shop after the scoobies wake up with no memory?

It'd be interesting to see Spike take charge and going out of his way to help all of them figure out what's going on and who they are--not only for Buffy's sake but because he grudgingly knows it's the right thing to do. 

Of course, that doesn't mean he's a complete saint in the process. This is Spike we're talking about ;)

After the spell is resolved (author's choice on how that happens), Buffy sees Spike in a new light and begins to think about giving Spike his crumb.

Must Have: -Oodles of Spuffy interaction!

-Spike taking charge/being the leader the scoobies look up to.

Can Have: Sharkboy and goonies making an appearance and Spike dealing with that.

Categories: Crossover (Books or TV shows outside Buffyverse)
Characters: None

A pair of beautiful young women arrive in Sunnydale and start turning heads, but no one can quite put their finger on why the two seem so familiar. As it turns out, they are ancient vampires who are the real "Snow White" and "Sleeping Beauty" (who else but a vampire would sleep a hundred years without aging or be mistaken for dead while sleeping?) and they've come to Sunnydale with designs of making Buffy the third sister in their little vampire family. But these ladies have centuries of experience and thrall to control animals and people, and did I  mention beauty? And everyone can't seem to stop liking them long enough to figure out they are vampires. Will Giles turn to Spike, the person he loathes most, to confirm his suspicions and save his slayer? Will Spike become "Prince Charming" to save Buffy from what she would consider a fate worse than death? Will the sisters succeed and leave Sunnydale with a new princess in tow? And just what's with all the residents of Sunnydale (over a certain age of course and including our slayer) having to periodically kiss someone to keep from randomly falling asleep somewhere? 

Author chooses the season(s) and supporting characters. Must be Spuffy in the end. No bashing of characters. This includes Riley and Xander. You can fluster Angel a bit if you want but still no bashing.