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Spike and Joyce know each other thru her gallery. One day Spike comes in to find Joyce depressed. Turns out her ex husband is coming to town to visit his daughters......and bringing his much younger trophy wife with him.

Joyce knows Hank plans to rub his younger wife's age and looks in her face. Not happy with this Spike comes up with a plan. He will pretend to be Joyce's much younger boyfriend in order to piss off her ex Hank 

What Spike never expected was to meet Joyce's oldest daughter and fall madly in love!

Buffy is NOT happy her mom is dating a guy who is Buffy's age!

Plus Giles is a shopkeeper on the same block as Joyce. He's had feelings for Joyce for sometime but never got the nerve to tell her how he feels.  Now he thinks he missed his chance when she starts "dating" Spike.

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Characters: Ensemble

Spike lives in small town USA. Due to some form of accident(up too you) he has some scarring on his face and bad it is is up too you but it is noticeable. This due to his not so sociable nature has made Spike an outcast in the town and not trusted.

The only friends he has in town is the town's librarian Rupert Giles and his wife Jenny. Spike stops into the library from time to time to have a cup of tea with Giles,talk about the old home land and be spoiled a bit by Jenny(even though he'd never admit to that part) Everyone else in town can take a leap off the Tower of London for all he cares.

Buffy and her sister Dawn have moved to town after the abandonment of their father and death of their mother. I was thinking Buffy got a job offer in town from someone she knew say in college....Willow...Tara. Anyway the two sisters move into a small home in town and money is very tight.

Dawn has a school project she has to catch up in her new school. It's a work of literature she's supposed to read and write a paper on. Due to having no money she can't buy the book at a store. She has to come to the library to read it and work on her paper. But much to her dismay Dawn is having a hard time understanding the story.

Spike passing by would have not bothered her but seeing her dismay stops and approaches her. Upon meeting Spike explains the meaning behind the story much to Dawn's gladness.....and much to his shock she gushes her thanks all over him in hugs and acts if Spike's scars don't even bother her!

So Spike starts coming in with Dawn every day after school and tutoring her with her literature grades. Dawn is grateful over it and much to Spike shock.....and Giles and Jenny's amusement becomes Spike's best friend!

Of course the problem comes with Buffy! Yes Dawn's literature grade has greatly improved Buffy is still suspicious about Dawn always rushing off to the library. When Buffy follows her she's not to happy with catching her with Spike....even if it is studying!

Maybe Spike and Buffy have had not so friendly run in in town before? lol

Categories: Season 3, Season 4, Season 5, Season 6, Alternate Reality, Episode Rewrite
Characters: None

Anyone else think that Merrick is a sorely underused character in the Buffyverse? It never made much sense why he was never brought up, apart from that one or two instances that were quickly forgotten. It was very clear from Buffy's reaction in the first season that he had been a huge influence on her. Dare I say, father figure?

With that in mind, I pose this challenge to you wonderful authors on EF: Merrick's return. Perhaps, it is because he is a form of higher being or some other magical means. But Merrick returns when Buffy needs a Watcher most, and takes her under his wing once again. I always got the impression that Merrick, whilst strict, was very open-minded, given that he told Buffy to 'keep doing it wrong' because it's what made her such a good Slayer. I think he would see the benefits of having a vampire such as Spike as an ally, and would be able to convince Buffy of this.

There are two places were this could occur most effectively. Season 3 after Buffy's Cruciamentum or Season 6 when Giles decides he’s going to leave the horribly depressed Buffy alone after she was ripped out of heaven.

If in Season 3, Merrick returns because he refuses to allow the Council to assign Buffy a Watcher of their choosing. As such, instead of Wesley being brought it, he takes over. Moreover, he is also responsible for Faith when she turns up. Unlike Giles, Merrick is far more attentive with his training, and makes a point of educating Buffy on the history of Scourge of Europe, horrifying Buffy with the revelation that Angel went back to Darla after getting his soul. She could also be surprised by Spike's reputation being centred around his fighting Slayers, rather than his evil, most of which she notes is always mentioned in the same passage as Angelus. Merrick could continue into Season 4 from here.

Season 6, Merrick returns to help Buffy heal and is disgusted by Giles. Merrick encourages Buffy to focus on her own health rather than Slaying, knowing she's not in the right mindset for it. He also notices her attraction to Spike and can offer advise and comfort to her. On top of the same attention to her training as previously mentioned, he takes a firm hand with Willow and puts a halt to her magic abuse. He

Must Haves

  • Merrick becomes Buffy's Watcher again- Merrick doesn't return to be a sidekick to Giles, he takes over his role. Giles is still present of course, but Merrick does the research. Merrick is also far more involved in Buffy's training and patrolling, actively occupying her on patrols. Merrick should be a skilled fighter in this regard, able to keep up with the strong and fast vampires through a variety of means.
  • Buffy and Merrick become close- Have them resume their strong bond from before, father/daughter like. Merrick clearly cared about Buffy a great deal and she was traumatised by his death so they must be very close.
  • Merrick encourages Spuffy- Merrick would likely see the good in Spike very early and could point this out to Buffy, however harshly or gently is up to the author. He could encourage her to accept Spike into the group and have him help them. When Buffy becomes attracted to Spike, Merrick is supportive, though does preach caution. Either way, he wants her happy.
  • Merrick changes the Scooby outlook- Merrick points out the hypocrisy in the Council's views, he chides Xander for his bigotry, keeps Angel away from Buffy (explains why to Buffy) and hates the Initiative. He is a stern but open-minded teacher.
  • If in Season 6, Merrick takes an even firmer hand with the Scoobies- he forces Willow into magical rehab, after taking her to task for ripping Buffy out of heaven, berates Xander for the musical demon number and is furious with Giles. He also makes sure Buffy takes time away from Slaying until she is ready to do so. In this scenario, he subtly plays matchmaker for Spuffy.

Can Haves

  • Merrick threatens Angel- I imagine Merrick would never allow Angel near Buffy, so have some threats thrown Angel's way.
  • Riley is a no factor- Merrick immediately senses something's wrong about Riley and advises Buffy to be careful. Because of this, Buffy is far more wary of Riley's intentions and Biley never happens. If in Season 6, Merrick can point out the flaws in Riley's argument and confirms Spike is not the Doctor and is being set-up (I always believe that Riley's return was way to convenient as he went straight for Spike)
  • Faith stays in Sunnydale- Merrick's influence could prevent Wilkins from corrupting Faith and so she becomes a genuine Scooby.
  • Giles becomes more like Travers quite early, leading to major conflict with Buffy.
  • Angel leaves sooner- Buffy's new knowledge of Angel's actions lead her to distance herself from him.
  • Merrick saves Joyce- If this continues to Season 5, Merrick in someway saves Joyce.
  • Tara is saved- Merrick could notice Warren in season 6 and saves Tara in someway.

Can't Haves.

  • Merrick dying- Don't kill him off again, he's here to stay.
  • Quick Spuffy- Slow burn, Buffy has some things to work through first.
  • Biley- If this goes into Season 4, this never happens.
  • Buffy abusing Spike in season 6- Merrick's stabilising presence means this doesn't happen.
  • Buffy or Spike death- no killing these two please.

That's all from me, have fun.


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The group wakes up one morning to find that all of the nipples in Sunnydale (except for those belonging to nursing mothers) have vanished. During the quest to find the prudish weirdo responsible, Buffy and Spike grow close. 

Categories: Crossover (AtS), Alternate Reality, Season 2, Season 3, Season 4, Season 5, Season 6, Season 7, Post-Series
Characters: Angel, Angelus, Buffy, Connor, Cordelia, Dawn, Drusilla, Giles, Glory, Jenny Calendar, Joyce, Maggie Walsh, Oz, Quentin Travers, Riley Finn, Spike, Tara, The First Evil, Wesley, William, Willow, Xander

For whatever reason Spike or Buffy have to go on a scavenger hunt to find three of some mystical objects.

Categories: All Human/Fantasy
Characters: None

Not all my idea....taking parts from a movie

AU All Human

A sickness....natural disaster...massive war....something along those lines has wiped out almost all human life on earth. William "Spike" finds himself to be the only living human in the entire area. He's wandered for days never seeing anyone nor has anyone come by his town in year(s). There's nothing coming over the normal radio nor anything from the ham radio he calls out on from time to time.

Never the social butterfly to begin with and heartbroken over his wife/girlfriend Dru's death/leaving him Spike actually has come to like his being alone. He spends his time growing small amounts of crops,hunting and fishing and scavenging for can goods and all the supplies he can find.......especially before the cold months of winter hit. At night he reads books he's hauled home from the library and plays records of music. He's turned his small town into his own little home.

Having been alone for a LONG time guess Spike's surprise when two females suddenly stumble across his hide away town.

Upon the death's of their parents in the sickness/disaster Buffy has taken it upon herself to look after her little sister Dawn. But having been raised upper middle class city girls they were no way prepared to take care of themselves when the world fell apart.

Traveling to find others/supplies....Buffy is shocked to stumble across some hermit living all alone in a small ghost town. Buffy just wants to back up and get the hell out of there but winter/snow suddenly hits trapping her and her sister with the hermit!

How will three who's been alone for some time now and two others who are lost get along together in the bleak winter months?

This story can be just about this three most of the can add Willow,Xander,Giles or the others in flashbacks or way later down the road as survivors.

Must Haves

Much to everyone's shock Dawn and Spike get along rather well why he and Buffy don't normal.

Ideas I had but don't have to use....or can use some.

Spike picks up a board game that he and Dawn get into a heated tournament over during the cold winter days/nights. It gets cut throat between the two....much to Buffy's amusement. 

Categories: Season 6
Characters: Angel, Anya, Buffy, Clem, Dawn, Riley Finn, Sam Lawson, Samantha (Sam) Finn, Spike, Tara, Willow, Xander
Summary: What if, when Buffy went to Spike's crypt in As You Were, Spike was gone? Buffy only went to the crypt for a Spike-fueled ego-boost after seeing Riley's perfect new life with his new wife. In that episode, she just barged-in and demanded that Spike tell her he loved her and wanted her; she never cared how it might affect him. She simply wanted to feel desirable, after being so easily disgarded by Riley. Buffy leaves off patrolling with Riley's lovely bride, then barges into Spike's crypt, only to find Clem there. Clem tells Buffy he has been living there since the night "Spike said the Slayer thought she killed some girl." Spike asked Clem to hold the poker game until he returned, but Spike never came back. How does Buffy feel when she realizes that Spike never returned to his crypt? What about Riley's "Doctor" and those Suovolte eggs? Is there even a "Doctor" to find? Are there really any Suovolte eggs? After the beat-down in Dead Things, Spike wasn't able to get out of that alley on his own before sunrise. An old acquaintance of Spike's (possibly Sam Lawson), saw the beat down, and got Spike away from the alley. Maybe Lawson showed up to visit Spike and decided to pay Spike back for helping him in 1943 after Angel turned him, then set him and Spike adrift in the ocean. Just to be clear, Sam knows where Spike's crypt is, but chose to just pack up a few of Spike's personal things so Spike will be more comfortable until he heals up. Spike never makes it to Buffy's birthday, as he has been MIA since Dead Things. Lawson makes sure Spike heals up, and learns about the chip, The Initiative, the Slayer, etc., as well as what Angel has been up to. Once Spike is healed up, Lawson asks Spike to think about traveling with him. Will Spike go? Does Spike think there is any reason to stay? Or does he think about how Buffy just walked away without a backward glance after beating him senseless? How the drama with Riley, his perfect wife, and the "Doctor" plays out, is up to you, but Spike had nothing to do with any of it, as he hasn't been around since the Buffy beat down. Riley can still insist that Spike is this "Doctor", until Buffy reveals that Spike has been gone, and possibly dust. Yes, this is an Angst-fest In the making. I want tears, fears, anger and disappointment from Buffy and anyone else you wish. Dawn, at least, should be royally pi**ed off at Buffy for Spike being missing, and Buffy's perceived indifference over it. Can have: Xander/Riley being glad thinking Spike is dust, and that Buffy caused it. . .of course, that would mean Buffy tells all about beating Spike. Does she? Dawn and Tara being horrified about it. Lawson could show up at the Magic Box with a note for Dawn, letting her know he is ok, and that Sam is a friend. Having had Spike help him so soon after being turned and thrown out by Angel, it is possible that Lawson became a lot like Spike. More human-like than other vamps Can't have: No character death; Spike and Lawson made certain the nerds were dealt with by Sunnydale PD the day after the alley incident. How this all pans out if up to you. You can make it Spuffy, but please be realistic. Buffy has to own up to how she has been treating Spike, as well as how she beat him so badly, then walked away, not even thinking about him until Riley showed up and sent her into a tail-spin.

Categories: None
Characters: Buffy, Giles, Spike, Willow, Xander

Rewatching season 4, it is obvious that things could have gone so much better if the Scoobies understood how difficult Spikes transition was. Still, up until Adam they are all so trusting and open.. I would like a story where Spike rescues Giles and Xander after they met him in the alley when they where looking for Faith. And then he begs them to keep their mouths shut about it. He might even say please.. maybe they even witnesses him being beat up and cast out of demon society.. 

I am imagining a situation where Giles and Xander is dumped into the sea with something heavy to drag them down. A situation not even Buffy could save them from even if she knew. Just as they are drowning Spike appears and drag them up to the surface. Perhaps he even gives Xander his air while underwater?  

Maybe Buffy observes Spike being told to leave a demon bar? I would like season 4 frienfshipand possible romance.

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Characters: None

Something something monsters Scooby Gang Australia something something XD

Categories: Season 5, Episode Rewrite
Characters: None

Spike walks in on Buffy drinking Dracula's blood. 

What happens next is up to the author. All I ask is that the story is fluffy nonsense. 

Categories: Season 4
Characters: Anya, Buffy, Ensemble, Spike

What if, when Anya is introduced to the group she is accepted as a Scooby rather than just Xander's girlfriend. Much the same way that Oz and Cordy ended up being much more integral members of the group in S3. Instead of being on the outside and kept at arms length, they embrace her skills and help her integrate into human society in a much healthier way (because lets face it, Xander doesn't have the people skills to be teaching someone how to fit in). Because she has friends and is accepted for herself and not just because Xander brings her along, she is confident enough to realise that she doesn't have that much in common with Xander and before things get serious she ends the relationship amicably.

How does a confident Anya, who isn't being talked over all the time or having her knowledge and opinions suppressed, change the group dynamics in S4? Surely she has some knowledge about vampires and souls that contradicts what Angel and the Council believe - how does this help Spike when he comes for sanctuary?

It would be great if she could stop the nasty Riley relationship from getting started (I thought student-teacher relationships were frowned upon perhaps) and even better if she has a go at Giles about making sure Willow gets proper training after Something Blue - because Anya was a witch before she was a demon and she knows things!

Does she also point out that Willow only willed Spike and Buffy to get married, not fall in love? Or are Spuffy already together by that point? Or does it all go the same and they don't get together for a while?

Have fun with it!

Categories: Season 6
Characters: Angel, Anya, Buffy, Riley Finn, Spike

Set between OMWF and Wreckage.
Buffy and Spike are fooling around on patrol when they spot Dawn embracing some guy (age is up to the author). Buffy and Spike rip off the doors of the car scaring the piss out of the driver (our nameless strawman) and annoying Dawn. Spike makes a few colorful threats that leaves our nameless strawman whimpering. as Buffy drags Dawn home. Buffy lectures Dawn about inappropriate relationships. Dawn yells at Buffy comparing her relationship to nameless strawman to Riley, Angel, and Spike. At first, Buffy breaks up with Spike because it's a bad example for Dawn. Much to Spike's dismay he has to agree. Which makes Buffy start to re-elevate all her relationships asking herself the question if Dawn was in that relationship would it be okay? The answer ends with "no" until she gets to Spike.

Must have:
Buffy understanding her relationships were unhealthy
Buffy telling off Angel and Riley
Buffy realizing that Spike was one of her healthlier relationships

Can have:
nameless strawman is Dawn's teacher
Spike POV
the scoobies realizing their relationship kinda unhealthy

Can not have
Spuffy abuse
Scooby bashing

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Characters: None

Challenge based on something yellowb said about the world map of Spuffy fic: "Look at those huge blank areas. We need to write some more Spuffy, clearly."

The challenge: write a Spuffy fic that has at least one scene set in a real-world location where no other Spuffy fic has been set as far as we know. For the purposes of this challenge, any country, town, or other place that has no pins in the map at the time when you start planning your story is fair game.

Must have: for at least part of the fic, Spike and/or Buffy must be in a real-world location that isn't marked with a pin in the map at the time when you start planning your story. The location should be named in the story, or, if it isn't named, some very characteristic details should be described.

Can have:

  • How they reach the location is up to you. It can be a vacation, a world saveage mission, an AU where they've always lived there, or something else.
  • Will Spuffy meet/slay any local mythical creatures? I hope they do, but that's just me.
  • Could be a time travel AU. Buffy and/or canon-era Spike have ample opportunity to meet evil!historical!Spike or other Fanged Four members basically anywhere, just saying.
  • For extra coolness points, consider picking not just a new city in a country that already has some pins, but someplace in a whole "unexplored" country or continent.

Can't have: The whole story shouldn't be set in a major canon location or a location that already has multiple fic (like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Cleveland, London, New York). At least one scene must be set elsewhere in the world.

Categories: Crossover (AtS), Season 4, Season 5, Alternate Reality
Characters: Angel, Buffy, Cordelia, Darla, Spike

Set in a somewhat A.U universe here, bare with me.

One of my gripes with Angel, well Bangel to more precise (though there are many) was that Buffy never learned about Angel sleeping with Darla, or the lengths he went to in order to help Darla that he never did for Buffy. By extension, I don't think Buffy ever knew about Connor either (may be wrong, feel free to correct me.) Even more frustrating was that no-one thought 'well, maybe this is something Buffy should know about' about either of those things. So, my challenge this time is that our favourite beauty queen does this.

Now, Cordelia's reasonings could vary. Maybe her own investment in Angel, which was gradually blooming at this point, leaves feeling her hurt and angry at Angel's obvious though warped fixation and love for Darla, leads her to telling Buffy whom Angel similarly 'led on' to a degree. Maybe the lack of respect Angel shows for Buffy by not telling her himself pushes her into action. Or maybe Cordelia sees through Angel's wish for Buffy to be 'normal,' and realises he just wants her waiting for him to Shanshu so he can claim her. Though my personal, though perhaps non-canon, favourite is that secretly Buffy and Cordelia were much closer friends than anyone realised, especially after the Xander cheating with Willow thing, and so her friendship with Buffy leads to her returning to Sunnydale and telling her secret bestie what's up.

Regardless of the reasoning, Cordelia returns to Sunnydale, visions and all, to inform Buffy about Angel and Darla. Now we enter the very alternate reality at this point. I know that technically the seasons of Angel are meant to take place alongside the Buffy seasons, but for the sake of this fic, let's say the Darla portion of events happen much quicker. When she returns, Cordelia is surprised to find Buffy is sleeping with Spike. Sort of a Season 6 deal, a secret, but happy, arrangement that they keep from the Scoobies. Nonetheless, Buffy is shocked and rightfully upset to hear about Angel's sleeping with Darla, especially after his spew about them being destined and soulmates. Cordelia and Spike comfort her about this, and Buffy decides to leave Angel in the dust and enjoys her sexual trysts with Spike, fully embracing her Slayer side and love for fighting, especially with/alongside Spike.

Cordelia stays in Sunnydale this time, helping the Scoobies with latest Big Bad, while secretly being Buffy and Spike's confidant about their affair. Along the way, Cordelia sees Buffy and Spike's chemistry: physically and emotionally as they just seem to bounce off each other and does her best to ensure this isn't destroyed by the likes of Xander, Riley and especially Angel when he inevitably roars into Sunnydale looking for her.

Must Haves.

  • Cordelia telling Buffy about Darla- the whole purpose of this challenge is that the two women who invest the most emotionally in Angel have enough of his games and stand up to him. Cordelia is furious at being strung along by Angel and Buffy is furious at his constant saying 'he can't move on' and making her feel guilty when she tries to. The two bond and become good/better friends than before.
  • Spike and Cordelia bonding- I always like the Spike and Cordelia dynamic as he always seems to find time to compliment her when he sees her. So seeing the two bond and become friends would be cool. I can imagine Cordelia being charmed by his bad boy persona but also seeing that he's actually a very caring and emotionally mature man as well as extremely educated underneath the rough exterior.
  • Spuffy- So the basis of this challenge is that Cordelia's revelation of Angel leads to an emotional closeness between Buffy and Spike. Obviously, physically the two just click. The backstory to this is that instead of Riley stuck in the Lowell house with Buffy, it's Spike and the sexy shenanigans of that night made them realise this. So Buffy, who had her heart broken by Angel and was humiliated by Parker, is not keen on a relationship and is simply looking for no strings attached. Of course, her chemistry with Spike means the two spend as much time cuddling as they do sexing, but because it's so casual she doesn't think about it. Cordelia is able to make her see light, how is up to the author.
  • Cordelia keeps Spuffy's secret- recognising Xander's jealousy, Riley's bigotry and Angel's sense of entitlement, Cordelia acts as Spuffy's confidant and runs interference whenever the two sneak off. She also stands up for Spike in Scooby meetings and takes Buffy's side when it comes out.
  • Buffy likes Spike's vampire side- Nothing fancy here, Buffy enjoys that Spike is honest about who and what he is and doesn't pretend to be anything else. She likes his enjoyment of his vampire side, especially in the bedroom wink
  • Unchipped Spike- Hated this concept, so no chip for Spike. Show his willingness to change without it just to keep Buffy happy.
  • Happy Cordelia- Don't put her with Xander, it's not a pairing I really liked and he cheated on her. Just ensure Cordy ends up happy with an OC or otherwise (see Can Haves)
  • Angel taken to task for his dishonesty- Don't bash him too much, not looking for Angel to be bashed throughout the story. Just when he turns up (with or without Darla) read him the riot act for his actions, by BOTH Cordy and Buffy. Give him a bittersweet happiness: he realises his warped though deep love for Darla, but loses both Cordelia and Buffy as a result.
  • Supportive Willow- Have Willow, and Tara, support Spuffy. They keep it secret and participate in girl talk with Cordy and Tara. Also have Cordelia and Willow bury the hatchet and become friends.
  • Riley bashing- This guy I love seeing bashed, because I hate his guts (call me petty.) For real hate points, have Riley hit on Cordelia while trying to get with Buffy, leading to him getting slapped by our beauty queen. also, have Spike beat him up at least once for his disrespect towards both Spike's ladies. 
  • Initiative/Glory Big Bad- Have Adam appear as in canon, but with Cordelia (and her visions) around, she can possibly prevent a lot of the death that occurred in the show. If this takes place closer to season 5 like in canon, Cordelia can help with Glory, mainly seeing Ben is Glory's host and/or preventing Dawn's kidnapping.

Can Haves

  • Xander tries it on with Cordelia- I can see him doing this. Just make sure he's rebuked, harshly. Don't overly bash him, just put him in his place. He ends with Anya like in canon.
  • Cordelia sees Faith's return- Cordelia is able to prevent the body switch with Buffy and Faith is redeemed. Have her reveal her death wish like in Angel, only this time with Buffy as they fight. Faith becomes a Scooby again, as well as another of Buffy's friends.
  • Cordelia moves in with Joyce- Cordelia needs a place to stay and, seeing her friendship with Buffy, Joyce lets Cordy stay with her. Cordelia could 'see' Joyce's brain tumour early and helps prevent her death.
  • Cordelia/Faith pairing- Just an idea for Cordelia ending up happy. She and Faith could bond over the course of the story, leading to them falling into a relationship. Faith gives me major Bi vibes (as people reading by Dust in the Wind series will know) so this could be a pairing.
  • Cordelia and Spuffy ménage-a-trois- This is me being immature and wanting to really stick it to Angel (that and I'm being immaturely male regarding Charisma Carpenter and Sarah Michelle-Gellar. Feel free internet smack me) Cordelia and Buffy could really bond over Angel's omission of Darla, as well as an attraction to Spike, which ends up in the three of them having a three-way relationship. If this is included keep the focus on Spuffy, but I'd like to see some Buffy/Cordy/Spike, Buffy/Cordy and Spike/Cordy sexiness. Not too much, just include them.

Can't Haves.

  • Angel forgiveness- Don't Buffy or Cordelia forgive him for Darla.
  • Spuffy breaking up- Don't break them up at all.
  • Scooby Bashing- Don't bash the Scoobies, put them in their place sure but don't bash them.
  • Biley- Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope! Okay I'm done.
  • Character deaths.

Categories: Season 3, Season 4, Season 5, Season 6
Characters: Drusilla

Spike and Drusilla fool aound with some drugs, or magics, and ends up making a human baby. 

Alternaive A: Spike realises that Drusilla is too crazy to mother the baby, she will just end up turning it or killing it, and someone are after the baby so he runs of with the baby, coming to Sunnydale for help.

Alternative B: Drusilla is souled or human (but Spike is still evil vampire and superdad), but is still crazy, and Spike try to both heal her and look after the baby, asking for help from the white hats in Sunnydale.

It should end with Spuffy love.

Bonus points for Spike babywearing in a sling inside his duster.


Categories: Holiday Fic
Characters: None

Tis the season once more, when all through the town, all the demons are rampaging, seeking entrails and fun; all the witches are tucked up tight in their beds; and one particular Chosen gal is serving up slayage in sweet slumber's stead.

Come join the annual holiday (and bad attempts at poetry^^) challenge fun with a related Spuffy fic! Does Giles break out the scotch for Thanksgiving Day? Does Buffy show up in Spike's crypt wearing a very special kind of Santa outfit? Does Willow involve the gang in a Hanukkah celebration (while keeping Xander from playing with the Menorah)? Does the gang celebrate New Years while fending off drunken demons? 


Holiday related in some way

Fic starts posting sometime during the 2018 'holiday season'

Note: cross-posted fics  from 2018 Seasonal Spuffy are welcome! If it's new to EF, it's fair game.

Categories: Time Travel
Characters: Spike

Buffy and Spike Through the Looking Glass: trying to save Spike from a curse that traps him inside mirrors, Buffy gets caught up in it, too. As they search for a mirror into 1630 Revello, they end up in William's Victorian home and many stops along the way.

Spike of season 5, runs into a time travelling demon and gets hit with a curse that rebounds off a mirror, trapping Spike inside. Not just that mirror but every mirror, in every time.

Throughout Buffy's life she's seen glimpses of a black figure in the mirror, only from the corner of her eye. Once she meets Spike she's in complete denial and doesn't want to consider what this could mean.

The whole time Spike is trying to get Buffy's attention in order to get him out of this weird mirror limbo he's trapped in, and checking on his past self, reminiscing but then evaluating. Seeing himself with his vampiric family makes him realize how far he's really come and how far he has to go.

Buffy, notices Spike's been missing for days and the mirror glimpses start to tickle her memory. She starts paying attention to the glimpses once she realizes Spike is missing. Finally seeing him him full-on. Maybe this is the first time she allows herself to see how gorgeous he is as he stares at her sadly? Maybe Spike moons her? Or he does a strip-tease, thinking she can't see him anyway? Buffy never gets to see what Spike is hiding under that leather coat until season six... How this happens is up to you.

Upon fully noticing Spike, Buffy gets sucked into mirrorland as well. They're searching for the right mirror in the right time but as they browse through her own and Spike's pasts, Buffy does some re-evaluating of her own. Looking at not only the man beside her, but herself, and her friends.

At this point either the Powers or Willow can intervene and the fix may or may not go wrong and end up with Buffy and Spike outside the mirror but trapped in an alternate timeline. (Victorian era preferred but you can go wild).

Where the story goes from there is up to you. You can have Spike inhabit William/Spike or have them both running amok.

Can Haves:
- Multiple time jumps until they reach their own time.
- Buffy coming back with a sack full of keepsakes from each era
- Buffy meeting Joyce at a party, accidentally saving her and then finding out she's been named after herself.                       - You can change the seasons Buffy and Spike come from to suit your needs.

Categories: Season 5, Alternate Reality, Episode Rewrite, Challenge Response
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Title/banner optional. If you want the banner, just PM for personalization.


Ok, so here’s what my restless mind cocked up, (I know, it’s a scary place):

Glory’s alter-ego is her identical twin, let’s call her Grace, or anyway you like. She’s a teacher in Dawn’s school, her favorite teacher to be exact. Glory and Grace look is different just by the way they dress and the hairdo. In character they are the total opposite. Grace is kind, sweet and loves the world. She loves it here, in fact she’s looking for a way to stop Glory, even at the cost of her own life, problem is she can’t do it herself because Glory put a spell on her ‘twin’ so she can’t take her own life.

The presto-change-o spell works almost the same as in canon, because not even the demons can tell the difference between them. The only visible thing when they change is the hair and the look in their eyes. Grace is a sane person, oh, and the fact that nobody remembers how Glory looks like when Grace is present, works the same in reverse.

Here’s where the challenge begins:

Buffy disinvites Spike after Dawn lets the cat out. The vamp falls in depression and Dawn takes upon herself to cheer him up and make her sister jealous in the process. She introduces Grace to Spike. The vamp is too in love with his Slayer to start a romantic relationship with another woman that isn’t Buffy. He tells as much to Grace. She understands and they became friends and hang out a lot, much to Buffy’s annoyance. She kinda bumps into them all the time.

By a chance meeting, Spike saves Joyce’s life when he smells the blood, but even that is not enough for Buffy and co to see him differently. He’s still an evil bloodsucker who wants in Buffy’s pants, that's why he do it in Xander's opinion. Buffy feels grateful to Spike, but she’s too scared to admit it aloud because of her friends. Anyway, he’s soulless, right, you don’t say thank you to a thing. Right? Xan said so.

Glory is aware her alter-ego is spending her free time with Spike but she unconcerned about it, is not like he knows or care, right? He's just a vampire, he doesn't care if the hell brakes loose. Right?

Grace knows Dawn is the Key but keeps that for herself, she even kills Jinx to stop him from babbling about to Glory. Spike sees her do it and confronts her. Finally he finds out that Grace and Glory are the same person. His love for Buffy and his Nibblet is urging him to kill Grace. Problem solved. Easy thing to do, right? That is if he didn’t care about his new friend too. So the only option viable for him is to find a way to kill Glory but to keep Grace, Dawn and Joyce alive, and above all, to keep Buffy alive and if he finds the time - the ungrateful Scoobies. So, he’s kinda screwed, because other than a spell he can’t see other option. Problem is he’s not a warlock and he hates magic, not to mention the consequences. So all that’s left is research, but time is running out.

Of course he tries to tell Buffy about it and asks for help, but with the spell in place, all that Buffy hears is how much he fancies Grace, so no help from there. Spike then tries with Giles, no help from there either, you can find any reason he won’t help (demon=bad, Spike=evil, I know better than you, etc.). Xander was never an option for oblivious reasons (he’s not the research type, not book smart and hates Spike, to name a few), Willow is too loyal to Xander to help despite the fact she likes to research. Anya says she would help if some profit comes from it. If she helps or not is up to you.

Tara is on board almost immediately because she reads his aura. Joyce, even if she doesn’t understand much about the occult agrees instantly, for two reasons, he owes him her life and she believes him when he says is for Dawn. The Nibblet is all too happy to help, she likes to read. They meet in Spike’s new apartment he had rented for a while because he wanted to impress Buffy.

Between them they find a way to separate Glory and Grace. Spike kills Glory. The spell brakes. The Beta team saves the world while the Slayer team did everything in their power, not exactly to stop them, but not helping either. Why would they? Demons lie, don’t they? Enter a messenger from PTB, but I prefer if is not Whistler, could be someone from Giles' past. He/she gathers everybody around for a show and tell. How things had played if not for Spike. (Joyce dead, Tara insane, Buffy dead and so on.)

Now, to the fall out. From here on is your story. You can chose how goes from here. It can go in many directions. If you manage to make it Spuffy I’m a happy gall, but make her work for it.

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Tara doesn't die when she is shot - she passes out. Willow is so frantic that she doesn't realise and calls on Osiris, who tells her the same as he did in canon but neglects to say that calling was unnecessary because the girl isn't actually dead. 

Dawn comes home and finds Tara weak and bleeding and calls 911. Tara is taken to hospital and survives her surgery.

The rest of the episode plays out as in canon - Willow is told at some point that Tara is alive in the hospital but refuses to believe it. 

Afterwards, she goes off to England. She can find out about Tara before or much later into her rehab, it's up to you.

Tara moves back in with Buffy because she can't live alone after leaving the hospital.

How does Tara change S7? 

I can't imagine her ignoring the incredible fact of Spike earning back his soul. With Tara's support, will Buffy accept him fully as her partner before he burns up? Will she manage to stop the Scoobies from trying to kick Buffy out?

No Bangel kisses

No Willow/Tara - I can't imagine Tara forgiving Willow this time. Will Xander take Willow in when she returns to avoid the awkwardness or will she live somewhere else (with her parents for example).

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Title/banner optional. If you want the banner, just PM for personalization.


Buffy shook her head. Her mind slowly returning to her.

First feeling. Hysteria. This isn’t funny. This chaining me up is getting old.

Second. Irritation. Where the hell am I?

Third. Panic. Oh, my God! Is that Dru?

Fourth. Confusion. Why is she chained up?

Fifth. Shock. That face. That voice.

Should be impossible.

“There she is...Beginning to think you'd sleep the night away.”

Ok, Buff. You have thirty seconds to figure it out why are you in 2001 again when this morning was 2005… Gah, he’s so gorgeous… Focus, Buffy. First, get unchained. Second, kick his butt he didn’t told you he was back only to die on you again. Third, boink him until he can’t move. Brilliant plan.

She smirked. “Hello cutie.”


Well, have fun writing a different season five (or episode rewrite), starting from the prompt above and keeping in mind Buffy has four years worth of memories.

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Becoming the slayer made a profound change in Buffy’s attitude (for those who haven’t watched the movie LA buffy was much more Cordelia/Harmony like than tv Buffy). So she sets up a test to see if her new friends are really her friends, before she even meets them. 

Buffy has an identical twin sister, they sound alike, they act similar, they look identical. The only differences: the twin has always been more like tv show Buffy in personality, and Buffy is the slayer. When Hank and Joyce divorce they decide to pull a parent trap with the girls one goes with hank the other with Joyce. But unlike in PT holidays and breaks are split. So when summer break come up the girls spend 2 weeks together with Joyce then twin stays in Sunnydale for a month while buffy goes to la to spend time with hank, then the last 2 weeks they are both with Hank. 

Buffy doesn’t tell anyone she has a twin, because they have a plan. The twin is going to use the Sunnydale time to pretend to be Buffy unless someone catches on. 

Must have:

Angel doesn’t see a difference in Buffy’s 

neither do the scoobys. 

Spike is the first person to question it and definitely knows twin is not buffy (how gets involved is up to you since he wasn’t around before the first summer she was in Sunnydale)

twin absolutely loathes Angel. 

Buffy isn’t as close to Xander or willow after they don’t realize something was up and breaks off things with Angel when even the creepy vamp nose thing didnt clue him in. 

Can have:

Twin bonding with spike but pushing him towards Buffy as s.o.’s. 

The “b” team (Tara, Anya, Doyle, Oz, Lorne) showing up early (or in the wrong show) and noticing there’s 2 ‘buffys’

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Tinder is a horrifying and addictive app that matches you with the most desperate men imaginable. Though BTVS show does not take place in the time of tinder i can't help but wonder what if. What if there was a Tinder-ish app in Sunnydale. I have a couple of ideas for how to use it
A) Someone is using the app to murder people in Sunnydale so Buffy download it to weed out the killer.
B) Buffy finds Riley using the app meet vamp hoes
C) Willow/Xander the downloading the app for Buffy to help her meet someone nice.

Must haves:
·Set in Sunnydale
·Buffy matching with a Pre-souled Spike
·At least one awkward tinder meet up

Can have
·Riley/Angel and Buffy in a relationship
·Angel/Riley/Xander secretly being the killer

Can’t have:
·Riley and Buffy having sex
·Actual-rape (attempt rape is grey area)


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Characters: Anya, Buffy, Dawn, Giles, Original Characters, Spike, Tara, Willow, Xander

Title/banner optional. If you want the banner, just PM for personalization.

It’s a bit longer, so have a little patience with me.

I refuse to think Willow was the only powerful witch in a place like the Hellmouth so, starting from this idea, here’s what came to mind:

A powerful witch, - let’s call her Annora, but you can change it if you don’t like it (Annora is a noble name, a distinctive twist on its most essential form: Honor) - resides in Sunnydale but keeps a very low profile. Annora’s half-human and immortal, much powerful than Willow and more importantly, who knows not to abuse her power. You can make up a background story about the reason Annora hadn’t made her presence known before now. (it could be because a lover betrayed her, or because a Slayer killed her lover or any other reason you can think of.)

Of course, she knows all Scoobies and, most importantly, she knows Slayer and Spike. If they know her, it's up to you. Throughout the years, Annora witnessed how the Scooby-core worked, how they like to hide their own mistakes under the rug, but how they are the first to point out the shortcomings of others.

So, starting from this, here’s where the challenge begins:

Annora whiteness the beating in the episode Dead Things and she has enough. Annora stops Buffy and calls the Slayer a bully and an abuser. Of course Buffy denies it and thinks the woman is a demon (why else would she protect a soulless demon?) and attacks her. Big mistake from her part, because with just a flick of her wrist Annora overpowers Buffy. Of course our vamp tries to protect Buffy, what else can he do? She’s the woman he loves.

Annora takes him away and tries to make him see that what he’s doing isn’t healthy, but the vampire is more stubborn than a mule and he’s blinded by his love for the Slayer. After weeks of trying to make him see and Spike fighting her all the way, Annora can’t see other way than to show him from outsider point of view how Buffy treats him (something like here’s your life with the Slayer and the Scoobies), even showing him how they talk about him behind his back. Unable to deny it anymore, at last he admits Annora is right. What’s the breaking point it’s up to you.

Annora takes his chip out and gives him some amulet to protect him from the sun, telling him he’s free to go wherever he wants. Spike thinks about it and decides to try one more time to talk with Buffy.

He finds her at the Magic Box, where they are gathered. All of them, even Giles (who came back when Buffy called him and told him about the powerful woman, thinking she’s another hellgod). Annora accompanies Spike to Magic Box, she's very protective of him. You can insert here a little Jealous!Buffy.

At first Spike wants to talk with Buffy in private, trying to protect her even now, but of course she refuses. Annora’s patience comes to end. She silences them with a spell (because she knows otherwise they won’t listen) as Spike begins to lay on Buffy, moving then to the rest of the Scoobies. He doesn’t see any reason to hold back anymore. When he’s done he asks Annora to let them speak. The witch reads them and let them speak one by one. The first one to say something is Tara, who acknowledges he’s right and she apologizes. Dawn is next, then Anya. Willow, Xander and Giles are still in denial, because at this point I don’t see them admitting they’re wrong. The last in line is Buffy, if she admits the truths or not, it’s up to you. She’s the one that holds the most power over him and the one that could incline the balance if he stays or goes.

How it goes after that it’s also up to you. It could go either way. Spike could go, thinking it’s not worth the trouble even if his Nibblet, Tara and Anya apologized or he could stay because he sees something in Buffy’s eyes, because I can’t see her at this point admitting anything, especially in front of her friends.

How the rest of season 6 goes from this point it’s up to you, but please don’t kill Tara.

Only don't I have: No soul for Spike.

That’s all, have fun.

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Twenty-six letters, twenty-six weekends, twenty-six sex acts. 

Buffy has things she'd like to learn, about sex and her body, after all, one night with Angel, one with Parker, and anytime spent with Riley, doesn't really count. Spike is the perfect partner. He's got the skills, the time, and she probably won't physically break him. There are a few rules, like absolutely no kissing. 

Letter selection is random by drawing from a bag, no switching. The sex act must relate to the letter selected, either by starting with it (H=Handcuffs, R=roleplay) or it could be looser (R=risky=doing it somewhere they could get caught). Who chooses the act switches off every week. 

Will the no kissing rule survive very long? Will Buffy be able to be intimate with Spike for all 26 weeks and not develop feelings? Will the end up friends and doing more than just boinking? 

Could squish this into a happier S6, perhaps? Or even S5. Could be completely au. 

I'm okay if you want to have Buffy cheating on Riley. 

I'm writing an AoS version (here) but would love to read a Spuffy one. Based on THIS tumblr post (nsfw). The Twilight fic that @ughfitz based her prompt on is here. It looks popular, but I haven't read it so can't vouch for quality. 

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Characters: Anya, Buffy, Dawn, Spike, Tara, Willow, Xander

What if Sweet does take Xander to be his bride at the end of OMWF? And what if he only claimed to summon him to cover for Dawn, but Willow was really the one at fault?

How will Anya react? Will she find out it was Willow and go all vengeancey?

With Willow all guilt-ridden over Xander being taken because of her spell, she goes into magic detox early and there is no Amy or Rack. She doesn't say why, just tells Tara that she has been thinking and maybe doing less magic would be good for her. This means there will be no Tabula Rasa, but will Tara find out about the memory spell anyway?

Without Xander telling Buffy how evil Spike is, and with Willow too distracted and guilty to care what Buffy is doing, will she be able to accept their relationship a little easier?


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Characters: Buffy, Dawn, Spike

If you've read my fic Seven Days and always imagined a reunion that turned out differently than the one I wrote in the sequel Mementos, write the sequel you always imagined.

If multiple people write one, I'll nominate the one I like best for an award.


MUST: be a compatible sequel to my fanfiction story Seven Days. It doesn't have to gratuitously mention the story, but the facts have to be aligned.

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Characters: Clem, Ensemble

Spike reacts to Dead Things somewhat differently.  He's pissed.  Not that Buffy beat him, he doesn't care about that.  He's pissed that after beating him she just walked away without looking back.

When she doesn't turn up the next day he decides he's had enough of being Love's Bitca.  He moves out of his crypt and finds another on on the other side of town where he holes up with his journal.  He avoids Buffy and the Scoobies at all costs.  The only person who knows where he is is Clem.  Clem let's Dawn know that Spike hasn't left her but needs some space right now and that he's safe and he'll be there if she needs him.  Dawn and Spike use Clem to pass letters back and forth. 

As he starts to purge his feelings by writing them all out he has an idea.  He decides to attempt to brush off his writing skills and writes the story of "Muffy the Vampire Slayer".  He tells Buffy's story from the day she's called to the current day.  He uses the omniscient narrator technique to point out all the issues in Buffy's life, from Angel to her negligent Watcher to her interfering friends.  And the "evil, soulless Vampire" who loves her with all his heart.

Upon finishing what is now a full on novel he gives it to Clem to read.  Clem raves about it and asks Spike if he can give it to an editor friend of his.  To Spike's shock the editor not only loves it but begs to be allowed to publish it.  They promise it will be all the rage with the YA market.  And it is!  Muffy the Vampire Slayer by William Sanguine is wildly successful and Spike is now a very well off vamp. 

The internet explodes!  There is fanfiction!  There are meta writers galore talking about Evil Angel, Riley the cowardly bully.  How cruel Muffy took her anger at her friends and Watcher out on poor "Pike".  ETC ETC.

Buffy not only reads the book but reads all the metas and, seeing her life laid out in detail, is amazed at what a fool she'd been.  She also stumbles across fanfic...really racy fanfic.  *adjusts halo*

If only Spike hadn't left town.  How on earth was she to find him?

You tell me!  You know, if you want. Heh!

Feel free to follow the rest of season six.  Xander and Anya's non-wedding, the nerds, Riley etc.  

Except.  Please don't kill Tara if it can be avoided.  I love her more than is healthy.  If you need her death to cause a Willow meltdown let them save her at the hospital!  Please?

It's up to you how easily Spike forgives her.  Actually the rest is up to you!

Categories: Crossover (AtS)
Characters: Angel, Buffy, Fred, Harmony, Spike, Wesley

Fed up with Angel, Harmony decides to throw a spanner into the works just to mess with him. With the discretion she quickly learned in the short time she'd worked at WR&H, she waits until her work hours are over and makes her way to a payphone across town. The number was a piece of cake for her to locate; as possessive as Angel is, it would be his comeuppance she was sure. And -- she had just enough bitch leftover from her life to know exactly what to say to draw to L.A. the one person who can put Angel in his place, Buffy Summers. Not normally one to show her new face, she grinned evilly and made the call.

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Characters: Ensemble, Original Characters

How would the series have gone if Buffy had had a twin sister?  And a twin sister who was also a potential Slayer at that!

She would have been in on Buffy's secret from the start.  Buffy would have had one person in her life that she could have shared everything with and, would have unwavering support from.

How would season one have gone?

Does having a twin make it easier to let Joyce in on the secret?  

Does having a twin and built in BFF change Buffy's relationships with the Scoobies?

Does having a twin change Buffy's relationship with Angel?  Does she even have one?

When the Master briefly kills Buffy her sister Betty (or you know, whatever name you choose) is the one called instead of Kendra.  

How does season two play out with two Summers girls being Slayers?

Does the Council send Wesley to Sunnydale earlier?

Will they fight over the wickedly hot, snarky, bleach blonde vampire?

Will Betty hook up with her own vamp?

Heh!  It's all up to you!  

Though if you do include some Bangle please, I beg of you, keep it brief.  It really creeps me out!

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Somehow Spike can only drink Buffy's blood.

Here are some ideas as to why (of course you can come up with one of your own):
-It's for a world saving ritual
-Spike got ill or cursed

And ideas for the problems this could cause (again, feel free to come up with your own):
-The whole thing happening while Buffy is still with Riley (I can't imagine that'd go over well)
-The whole thing happening while Spike is still the big bad
-The whole thing happening while Spike is chipped, so he can't bite her
-Buffy's experience with biting from Angel and the Master making her wary as hell and then being confused if Spike makes it feel good for her
-Buffy being weakened by the constant blood loss, or if not:
-Buffy getting injured and no longer being able to spare what he needs

Endgame is Spuffy of course (And you can come up with a better title.)