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Categories: Seasonal Spuffy Entries
Characters: Ensemble, Lorne

Lorne has been tasked with hosting a holiday show. If only the talent he had at his disposal wasn’t so...So-so. Please help Lorne. Extra points for Angel and Spike performing a duet of “I’m Too Sexy” and Lorne realizing that Angel can’t turn left á la Zoolander. Extra, extra points if Buffy and Spike perform a duet/mashup of the Divinyls “I Touch Myself” and Billy Idol’s “Dancing with Myself.” Good luck getting Willow to sing, though.

Categories: Crossover (AtS), Season 4, Season 5, Season 6, Season 7, Post-Series
Characters: Buffy, Dawn, Giles, Spike, Tara, Willow, Xander

Imagine a world in which the most popular TV show among demons on the public access station has to do with a certain vampire and his penchant for crumbling Weetabix in blood to improve the texture, adding burba weed to up the spice factor, not to mention discussing the finer points of hot cocoa, spicy buffalo wings, and DIY flowering onions.  Are other demons vying for guest spots on the show?  Do one of the Scoobies catch his act?  Is Giles secretly obsessed with watching it? Do they know it's him or does he play mystery chef?  How does the Slayer react when she finds out that she could have a Michelin-star-rated vampire heating up her kitchen (not to mention other rooms of the house)?

Really, the fic doesn't have to do with any of these things as long as it has Spike and his cooking show.  Personally, I think it would work better with him as a vampire and having to make do with pig's blood and people food, but if you want to do an AH AU, knock yourself out.  Bonus points for any hunger-not-just-for-food-but-for-love and food being all tied up with love and security allusions - or whatever other kind of poetic imagery you want to shag out there.

Have fun!

(Challenge also inspired by comment from OffYourBird)

Categories: Crossover (Books or TV shows outside Buffyverse), Alternate Reality
Characters: Buffy, Other, Oz, Spike

Just saw Seth Green on Austin Powers (laughs)

So, what if Dr. Evil really was Daniel Osborne's father? He'd be deep undercover trying to hide from his daddy-o in a place where it isn't safe in a band called Dingoes Ate My Baby. Just a heads up though, I'm not counting the 3rd film.

Categories: Alternate Reality, Season 2, Crossover (Books or TV shows outside Buffyverse)
Characters: Buffy, Ensemble, Mayor Richard Wilkins III, Other, Principal Snyder, Spike, Willy the Snitch

My absolute favorite tv show ever is about Jack Carter, a U.S. Marshal who stumbles into a top secret town in the middle of nowhere and, due to his out of the box thinking, saves the town and the universe and is subsequently hired on as Sheriff.

Now, my challenge is this:  Sunnydale gets a new Sheriff and instead of becoming the stereotypical Sunnydale adult, he actually tries and succeeds at making a difference, without spilling town secrets to those not in-the-know of course, and becomes someone people can count on, despite being flawed, and through amazing luck has not been killed off by accident or by the mayor's goons.

You don't need to use Jack from EUReKA (Sci-Fi/SyFy), but if you do, then perhaps Buffy reminds him of his own daughter Zoe and he's not as ready to believe she's just some delinquent. And, since it's that kind of show, maybe this Jack Carter was displaced from his own timeline or universe and his family doesn't exist here because his counterpart died when his high school sweetheart crashed his car. I'm open to him being paired with any of the amazing women from BtVS or Angel (as long as they're legal aged and not Buffy).

Categories: Season 3, Season 4, Season 5, Season 6
Characters: Buffy, Larry Blaisdell, Spike

I would love to see a fic where Larry survives past graduation day and becomes an integral part of the Scooby Gang, leading to some important group shifts. Examples: what effect does having a person in the gang who is openly out of the closet have on a Willow who is unsure of her sexuality? On Tara's presence? Does having someone in the group who completely changed their stripes make Buffy more willing to believe someone like Spike could do the same? Does Larry's presence temper Xander's bigotry? Does Xander question his own sexuality? Does Spike befriend Larry because the boy is actually nice to him?


- A fic where Larry survives and integrates into the Scooby Gang. This can be set in an AU Wishverse type scenario (since Larry is alive there) if you like, or it can be our good ol' regular Sunnydale!

- Show Larry's effect on/dynamic with the gang/Spuffy and give Larry himself a fleshed out arc

- Spuffy at least exploring a relationship by the end of the fic. Bonus points for smut.

- As usual, no Scooby bashing or Saint Spuffy, please.


Categories: Holiday Fic
Characters: Buffy, Ensemble, Spike

Write a Spuffy story with Christmas, Yule, and/or Chanukah in it.


  • getting roped into a fundraiser (singing or otherwise)
  • doing a good deed or mitzvah
  • It's a Wonderful Life-esque plot where a character never lived and they see the world without them
  • based on your favorite holiday movie / story / song / tradition 
  • Buffy having to defend nighttime religious gatherings from demons and vampires and Buffy uses religious icons as weapons, like crosses and big freak'n menorahs
  • getting an anonymous gift
  • Buffy's grandparents come visit and either hilariously notice nothing or find out or already know about things that go bump in the night
  • Willow's relatives come to town and she's dragged into 8 days of events by her suddenly present parents after having seen Spuffy kissing and is unable to tell anyone about or fix it
  • Gift of the Magi-esque plot where they give gifts to complement something they gave away to get the gift
  • A cult thinks Buffy is their Messiah (resurrection & saved the world) and she just wants them to leave her alone
  • While You Were Sleeping AU where someone is saved, but in a coma, by unknown Spike and, due to a misunderstanding, is believed to be her fiancé by her family and friends. One of them, Buffy, is suspicious of him.
  • 12 Days of Christmas
  • Willow tells the gang about Chanukah, how the Hammers stood up to their Greek Empire overlords by keeping tradition under siege and how the candles inexplicably kept burning (8 days) until they could get more holy oil to burn
  • dreidles a symbol of learning a language under oppression
  • Trees indoors as a symbol of life
  • et cetera; go wild!

Categories: Challenge Response
Characters: None

Yes it's inspired by the Shia Labeouf meme.

The Challenge: Open up the new story page and just do it. No out line. No planning. No prepared notes. And no Beta Just start writing. If you survive past the first chapter then you can start making notes and what not but here is the catch, You're not allowed to edit, or delete, your work while it still appears on the Most Recent page.

The spirit of this challenge is that you don't preplan what you're going to put down. So the hope is that you write it from the sites posting page, and then copy it over into your word document of choice after. Naturally no one can enforce such a rule but I would be interesting to see what stories come to everyone's mind in the down time between uploading your good works.

A large part of why I don't post my own stories is because I can't see anyone actually enjoying them. So I got to thinking "What if all of these good authors have ideas that they are just not posting because they don't believe anybody would want to read what they have to say about a topic, or they don't think their idea are fleshed out enough?" Or any of the millions of things that goes through peoples minds that stop them from posting.

I feel like a school teacher posting this last bit but if you could keep the response stories to over a thousand words that would be swell. That should also go for any story that is multi chapter, each chapter should be at least a thousand words.

The final hope of this challenge is sort of an audience participation, where the story becomes a collaboration  between writer and their audience. Where the only notes for story ideas come from the review sections. But as long as you comply with 'The Challenge' section then all the rest is just suggestion.


Categories: Crossover (Books or TV shows outside Buffyverse), Alternate Reality, Episode Rewrite
Characters: Buffy, Ensemble, Spike

Banner/Title optional - PM if you want the banner.

The thing about insomnia is that you stumble over all kinds of shows on Netflix trying to find something to put you to sleep without resorting to pills, 'cos I hate them. Well, long story short, I stumbled over 'Monk' (yeah, that guy with tons of phobias) I kinda forgot about that show, but it got me thinking of a what-if kinda situation. Yeah, I know, but blame it on lack of sleep and overactive brains.
So here goes:
It's been established that the Police in Sunnydale it pretty useless, so what if, for whatever reason, Adrian Monk moved there. Well, those familiar with the show knows the guy has tons of phobias and quirks, but above all, he simply can't keep his nose out of suspicious crimes and let's face it, there are lots of those on the Hellmouth.
You can use whatever season/episode you like, but it would be fun to see Buffy trying to keep Monk alive all the while trying to keep her secret.

How you will include Spike in all this it's your choice.


Categories: None
Characters: None

Buffy's memories return from what happened in I Will Remember You. She's already in a relationship with Spike. She feels uncertain about what to do now and what her feelings are towards Angel.

Preferably NC-17 or Adults only rating.

Authors choice:
Timeline when Buffy memories return.

Must have:
Happy Spuffy ending

Can't have:
Angel bashing

Categories: Season 4
Characters: Adam, Anya, April, Buffy, Buffybot, Clem, Ensemble, Jonathan Levinson, Original Characters, Other, Oz, Parker Abrams, Spike, Tara, Warren Mears, Willow, Willy the Snitch, Xander

Okay, forgot to put a tile and it erased everything I put down so here goes try number two.

We hear a lot about how the Police in Sunnydale are incompetent. But what if that was not the case? We know from Scholl Hard that the chief of police is in tight with the Mayor so what if the police are told to file false reports for public consumption and the real reports are handed into the Mayor's office? And I got to thinking about the best way to go about exploring that.

The Challenge: Write a story where instead of going to Collage Buffy enrolls into Sunnydale Police Academy during the summer after graduation and becomes a probationary rookie office assigned to be a liaison officer between the campus police and the military that has some kind of operation going on. This will get her involved into the goings on that actually happen on campus. You could introduce police procedures that the PD employ to deal with the supernatural bit of the job. Maybe they have shamans on payroll or something to preform any mystical work that needs done to close a case. It would actually make a hell of a season 6 story line with her trying to pass a psyche evaluation to get her gun and badge back after being dead. It might make things interesting with the Bot as well. Imigine a Bot with police training and a pistol.

Anyway if you can pull this story off then it would be great world building for a police drama with supernatural elements for your own novels. I'm just saying.


p.s. The names are mostly random and to put it one a search result. Feel free to ignore them when actually writing the story. 

Categories: Episode Rewrite, Season 2
Characters: Buffy, Oz, Sineya

Okay I've been thinking about The Dark Age when Eyghon leapt into Angel and the vampire and dream demon fought it out until only Angelus remained. OR so the show wants us to believe. And that got wrapped about my Teen wolf video binge that's been going on lately and got me to thinking. What if Buffy got bit by Oz in Phases? What would actually happen?

We know that Slayer's are not immune to being transformed into supernatural entities because they can be turned into vampires. But we also see at least one case where two demons duke it out for control of the body, since the soul has went away in the case of slaypires we can assume that only two entities can co-exist without the two not currently in control fighting it out. Maybe the subconscious literally isn't big enough for the two of them or something, or maybe there is an other level of metaphysics going on. Like in supernatural when Sam was possessed by an angel and it confined him in a part of his mind to keep him docile and not eject him, which Crowley (a demon) entered. I know I'm meshing lore of several shows but that is the point of FanFiction. To put out what might actually happen. So with that in mind.

The Challenge: Have Buffy get bit in phases. And dig into the physical, psychological, and or metaphysical side of what a Slayer being bit my a werewolf would mean.

Suggestions: There is really no can't haves in a story like this. I personally would like to see some dream sequences that involve the wolf and the slayer. Either fighting or hunting together. Maybe an aspect of the slayer is to absorb attributes from demons? If that's the case then maybe you could have other aspects from demons be absorbed and incorporated into the slayer. For instance Buffy gains the ability to shift into a more feral state from the wolf, in the episode where she gets the ability to read minds maybe once that is 'cured' then she can meditate and focus her mind to mimic the results. The demon that makes her believe she is a crazy person? maybe that lets her bite induce dreams in others? Point is that Maybe the Slayer alters what gets taken in and uses it.

Actually now that I've it out there If this is really an aspect of the Slayer then It would explain why Slayers keep getting stronger the longer they live. Every night they are inhaling vampire dust into their bodies. It would also mean you could go freaking nuts with a post season 7 story where each slayer called has like a blank version of the Slayer and each build different kind of slayer. A Slayer's who's main adversaries are warlocks, witches, and other magic tossing demons would develop abilities that would more easily combat such treats. That would actually make Hellmouths more like training grounds for Slayers. A place where they are sent to acquire demonic aspects and become stronger to become more effective weapons for the Powers, or the watchers. And maybe the cruciamentum isn't a death sentence but a way to force the Slayer to access those other aspects of the various demons they have taken into them by relying on those abilities and not the strength and precision given to them by their Calling.

Okay this challenge really went off the rails but I think it's given enough ideas to get the creative juices flowing. Theo only aspect of it that you need to incorporate into your story is under the challenge section everything else is just me throwing ideas at the wall and seeing what looks good.


Categories: Drabbles, Season 4, Season 5, Season 6, Pre-Series
Characters: Buffy, Spike

Just a little something that I think could be slotted into a larger story or be its own stand along.

The Challenge: In a bid to make money and spread his reputation Spike puts the word out that he will train vampires how to kill Slayers.

The idea of this, in my head at least, is that he started doing it after Angel and Darla left as a way to barter protection from demons or larger vampire orders.  And it only really took off when one or two of his students actually managed to kill a slayer crediting his training. This will put a few more slayers tallied to him in the watcher's eyes. And it would be kind of the reason he has only killed 2 himself.

I could also see this idea being used as a means to piss off the Slayer in season four and five, with Spike opening up a dojo for fledges and Buffy finding out about it and showing up. Or he could do it in season six to make money. Really what ever you mind can come up with, just as long as spike is considered a good role model by the fledges of Sunnydale. You could even make a ranking system were their coats are the progression of skill. A black coat is obviously the 'I can kill a Slayer in single combat' rank. You could do a gag story where Buffy is noticing that a lot of her harder fights were all sporting the same kind of jacket. And she thinks there is this big threat in town only to find out that its just Spike making life difficult for her in a new and mornic ways.

Categories: Episode Rewrite, Pre-Series, Post-Series, Crossover (Books or TV shows outside Buffyverse), Alternate Reality
Characters: None

Been watching a lot of Teen Wolf youtbe videos lately, would recommend if you can find it. And it got me thinking about Oz, and Xander now that I'm writing this out. Alright I'm gonna ramble here so skip down to "the challenge" section if you want. Alright. In the show there is this concept of Alphas of a pack. those wolves that can make the others submit due to their power of presence and strength of will. It's kind of a core concept of Teen Wolf, but the point is who would Oz see as his alpha, if he isn't one? And once I started thinking about that I got to wondering about how most fanfiction writers write vampires in Buffy. Its  mostly a Master, Minion, fledge childer situation going on. But what if it was more Alphas and Beta? And The slayer is like from a line of Alpha vampires. So I tried to think of what her Pack would be like with this in mind. And taking inspiration from Teen Wolf it would be diverse, obviously.

The Challenge: Buffy is the Alpha of the Scoobies.

>The Pack: The Slayer, who has a sort of control over the other more animalistic members, and leader of the humans. Werewolf Oz who with the presence of his alpha can control his wolf nature to shift outside of the moon phases but still wolfs out hardcore with the moon. Hyena Spirit Xander, Okay this is a big departure but here me out. Xander was the alpha of the pack but was taken down in a fight by Buffy. What if that fight and win cowed the spirit inside him enough for Xander's personality to reassert itself? Willow feeling left out will lean in hard to the magics with a focus on animal possession and shifting instead of the sporadic growth shown in the show. Think more shaman then witch.

Buffy's Alpha status could be the reason that Angel is all avoidy in the first season so much, he doesn't want to submit to the Slayer, or challenge her for Alpha status because that would mean if he won, he would have a Pack again and he is too deep into depression to want that, and if he lost then he would be under someone else control. Which he doesn't want because it would make him feel like Angelus pushing down on him again. Angel needs his self control. This could be the reason he leaves as well.

Spike having killed to Slayers in open combat has actually earned Alpha status as well And since he never lost to Buffy and submitted to her then he retains that Alpha status even while being chipped because she refuses to beat on someone who can't fight back. So Spike doesn't join her pack but he does hunt in her territory and abides by her rules. You could use this to have Spike's Alpha nature pull at Buffy's people drawing them away from her into the darker aspects of what their natures could do. This could be mostly done though Xander since his hyena spirit is so old and strong and had him in its grip in the beginning. Xander could seek out Spike to indulge in a hunt and make things simple like it had been in the beginning before he had to constantly think about his actions and how the Spirit might be affecting them or his thoughts. You could actually get Spike his own Pack of beasties to lead. Amy would be a good choice because with Willow focusing on Animal possession and Shifting then turning a rat back into a person should be cake. Maybe even Jonathan and his magic bone that lets him turn into various demons and other people. Naturally such a development would necessitate Spike never leaving the Hellmouth after season two. And taking over the Slayer's Pack while she was off mending her broken heart could be a turning point situation. And when Faith blows into town you could have her building her own pack after seeing two models on how to do so she might choose demons instead which would lead her to working with the mayor. You could really go deep on that story line.

Sadly Giles would take a less fatherly role and more advisory guild. The group would still be dealing with Hellmouth situations but you would also be developing how the different Packs function and interact. And you could have new characters being courted by each pack to see who would join who. It would really make a season 6 story arch very interesting, the two packs could merge after Buffy and Spike get together and then you could have the whole Now Buffy has to lead the packs when Spike takes off for his soul. It would turn season seven into a hell of a pissing contest as each SIT would be considered a Beta with Alpha potential.

Okay, nearly a thousand words. That should be enough information to get a story out of. And really I'm just posting it so I don't lose the thought.



Categories: Season 6
Characters: Ensemble

I genuinely have no clue how in 'Once More With Feeling' no one figured out that Spike and Buffy were gone and kissing. They all literally sang "Curtains close on a kiss god knows we can tell the end is near..." None of the other Scoobies kissed, so shouldn't there have been some suspicion? Any suspicion?

For this challenge, I want a story set in an AU Season 6 where everyone but Spike and Buffy knew that Spike and Buffy were a thing. One of the gang saw the kiss, and then they all knew. How would this affect Spuffy in season 6? How would this affect the gang as a whole? Would Giles stay or would he go? It's up to you!



-'Once More With Feeling' kiss isn't interrupted

-Anya ships it

-Outsider looking in POV for some chapters (doesn't have to be all!)



-Dawn knows (and struggles to not talk with Buffy about how much she likes it)

-The demon community ships it (This would work better if it was a cracky fic, might not work with angst)

-Tara stays at Buffy's house instead of Willow (because of the Spike thing)

-Tabula Rusa ends different because of the Spuffy knowledge Willow has (different spell cast? Less fighting with Tara?)


HUGE Bonus if the ever denying Xander coins the relationship "Enemies with benefits" 

I can't wait to see what people come up with!!!!

Categories: Drabbles, Season 1, Season 7, Missing Scene
Characters: Original Characters

A silly little thought experiment. What would Buffy's life look like to her neighbors?

The Challenge: Incorporate into a story of yours a reoccurring OC that has lived in the house next to Buffy's the entire time the show was airing. There are no restrictions on this. You can even write a series of drabbles from the OC's point of view if you like.

Categories: Episode Rewrite
Characters: Buffy, Oz

The first shot we get of The Master is him rising up out of a pool of blood. This means, in theory that there is a pool of blood in the cave. We can assume that this is human blood, it likely is, but what if it was blood from vampires? Picture this scenario minions being turned and gorging on as much blood as they could before returning to the Master to slice open a vain to pour their own blood into a pit. This twits the cannon material a bit but if we go with that then you have a ready made pool of liquid for the Master to drop Buffy face first in to drown. Now just think about the ramifications of this, again its likely twisting lore but it is a quasi-believable way to make Buffy a Vampire before the end of the first season.

We could even generate some lore. Because Xander resuscitated Buffy then you could have either slowed the process of vampierization or stopped it mid process. Lets say after Buffy's soul has fled but before the demon comes home to roost. This provides the Slayer essence a body that has no will of its own, but also capable of housing it. But The essence is a demon's essence so we could explore what the slayer demon is like. How it changes a body. People like to do the whole vampire demon thing, but the demon that made vampires was still around and free to be kicked out of the dimension and make vampires. So you could go another path, like some kind of demon that represents death and a solo hunter. I'm thinking Egyptian, Isis a god of death and rebirth or maybe Anubis as she is returning the dead back to where they belong. And it could just be like demons associated with the gods. Hell go nuts with that.

I think that's enough to inspire. GOOD LUCK AUTHORS!

P.S. would love if Oz took up a large role in any story that gets inspired by this.

Categories: Season 5
Characters: None

The  Ferula Gemina from the episode with Toth who split Xander into two would have been quite helpful in dealing with Ben/Glory.

Somehow it survives after Xander is put back into one and is available for use later when it would come in handy.

That's pretty much it... find a way for this tool to be used to split Ben and Glory and win the day. Probably have to be Spike to use it since he was the only one to remember that Ben and Glory were the same. 

Must save Buffy from having to jump. If you can save Tara from the brain suck that's great too. Must lead to Spuffy or at least the beginnings of Spuffy, after all, Buffy would be grateful!

Categories: Episode Rewrite, Season 6
Characters: Buffy, Ensemble, Spike

What if a different secret came out during Once More With Feeling, and Buffy let slip those three little words?

Categories: Episode Rewrite, Season 6
Characters: Buffy, Dawn, Spike

What if the Scooby Gang hadn’t walked in on Spike tending to Buffy’s hands, right after she climbed from her grave, and the moment wasn’t lost?

Dawn saw them as they came down the driveway and immediately told them where to go. Her sister needed peace and her family were gonna be the ones to give it to her.

Categories: Episode Rewrite, Season 6
Characters: Spike

A Season Six fic in which it is Spike’s attempt to kill someone (while he mistakenly thinks his chip has stopped working) that leads him to desire a soul rather than the happenings of ‘Seeing Red.’

Categories: Episode Rewrite, Season 6
Characters: Buffy, Spike

What if, when Spike called Buffy out of the blue, she had actually gone to meet him? (Partial re-write of ‘Smashed.’)

Categories: Episode Rewrite, Season 6
Characters: Angel, Buffy, Riley Finn, Spike

A rewrite of ‘As You Were’ in which Angel shows up as well as Riley. (Maybe Buffy should run into Parker in a coffee shop too, just to top it off?)


Angel scents Spike on Buffy and gives her shit about it while at the same time inadvertently ruining Riley’s carefully constructed ‘special operation.’

“Suvolte demons? They don’t even lay eggs.”

Trying to sort her head out, Buffy goes to Spike to help her feel better (as in canon), and Riley finds them and spits his bullshit about the doctor.

Because Buffy knows the eggs thing is BS, however, she stops to actually ask Spike about them. Turns out, when given the chance, he has a perfectly reasonable explanation.

Categories: Season 6
Characters: Ensemble

Just when Buffy and Spike seem to be sorting things out, Xander and Anya implode and new allegiances are made with the Slayer and her Vampire on opposite sides, much to the shock of the Slayer herself.

Categories: Episode Rewrite, Post-Series, Crossover (AtS)
Characters: Buffy, Spike

A fanfic set during Angel Season Five, Episode 7, in which it really is Wesley's dad that has come to visit, and he’s there for Spike. He heard whispers that Spike was back from the dead and at Wolfram & Hart. Having also heard about his connection to Buffy, he urges Spike to stay away from her, lest he do damage to the Slayer lineage. This backfires, making Spike get over his apprehensions and finally seek Buffy out.

Categories: Season 6
Characters: Buffy, Spike

When Buffy gets hurt during a particularly intense round of lovemaking, she and Spike are forced to take things easy for a while, and that has consequences all its own.


Buffy gets hurt because she was the one that pushed thing too far, not Spike. He just went along with it. Now, she’s determined that they’re not giving up on getting intimate. They’ll just have to be a bit more careful.

Carefulness leads to caring.

Categories: Episode Rewrite, Season 6
Characters: Buffy, Spike

A partial re-write of ‘Wrecked’ in which Buffy spends more time in the rubble with Spike and doesn’t immediately run off.

Categories: Alternate Reality
Characters: Buffy, Spike

Was watching a youtube video and this popped into my head. In Spiral, I think, Willow goes into Buffy's mind to get her to snap the slayer out of her catatonic state. There is also a story line in the comics where Buffy does the same thing with Spike when its reviled that he is being used by the last demon kicked out of the dimension. She Follows the line of the demon back to the source of the one controlling Spike. So there is president for my idea... sorta.

My idea is a sort of mash up between mental walking like Willow and Buffy do in the source material and Inception. It basically goes that Either Spike enters Buffy's mind, and travels the path of the slayer line back to the source to help her understand her own power <for any reason you want>. Or She goes into his mind to locate and purge the First's influence. You could even do a thing like the fic A Thousand Years where Buffy and Spike have been The slayer and The Vampire that kills her. And they are trying to understand that and so have linked minds and are delving deeper into themselves. The catch is that like inception the further down you go the more time streaches so they could live out life times in the journey to literal self-discovery and only an hour passes in the waking world.

You can have inception rules to this, which is how I was thinking it would go honestly, where their own thoughts and minds are either trying to hinder or help them along the way to finding <whatever it is they are going to be looking for> This could take the form of the First Slayer and the First Vampire showing up. Or the constructs of the mental mindscape trying to kill them as their nature is to destroy the other. You could go for symbolism heavy depictions. Like having chains of blood being dragged behind Spike that have railroad spikes driven into bodies that he is pulling along by his chest. Or Buffy becoming stone and steel, nothing but an avatar of destruction.

You could go with actual memories of past lives and they are either just observing or living through them. It would actually be kind of cool if they could like posses their past selves to learn context to what they are seeing but can't change anything. If they are going though just one of their minds it would be interesting if it was like Faith going though Angel's mind where she had a guide. William for Spike and Sineya for Buffy. Like Angelus was for Faith. Its really all up to you in how you want to depict it.

The Challenge: Write an Inception-esk story where Spike and/or Buffy delve into the other's mind. The entire story could take place inside the mindspace, or you could have the mental dive be the reason that the two begin seeing the other differently. There is no stipulation on when this could take place though the earliest I can see this taking place is after spike is chipped and the Scoobys need answers. So they do the spell and Buffy goes into mind of Spike. Anything earlier and you don't really have a magical presence to pull off the spell. I Guess you could have a time traveler hit them both with a spell when Spike and Buffy make their truce. Or you could do it as this is what they do on their last night together before the first shows up, or after as it's still dark with it runs away and before Buffy makes her speech about power. Its really up to you.


Categories: Time Travel, Post-Series
Characters: Oz

His body screamed at him to rush out and fight. To shift and hunt and rip until everything or he was dead. It was only the knowledge that it would save no one at all that kept him rooted in place as the last of the slayer's died close enough for his sharp hearing to pick up. That had to be shoved out of his mind so he focused on this room.

Worry crinkled his greying brow as the fist woman he ever loved danced outside of the circle of sand and shattered causality with her power. The plan was stupid. It wasn't even a true plan but more a hail mary through time. He was chosen for the simple reason that he would be in the right place at the right time to give their side a fight chance. He didn't know how much a fighting chance one life could change things, well two if you counted himself, but he didn't object to the plan, because really the only other choice was to let the last of the champions fall.

Willow's lithe but aged body came to a halt and her hair had become white with power as she pushed her body past mortal limits and burned her soul for power. The Last Champion's eyes were sad as she stared back at him. He could hear the Hoard coming. "Make sure the ring gets to the Slayer's Champion, Daniel. And good luck." He could only nod as the roar of magic rang out around him He watch as Willow turned and sent silver fire. Soul Fire, to encase the circle the to of them. She wouldn't go down without a fight. She was the last Champion that humanity had. And he was just an old dog. He hoped he didn't fail. He also wondered how his younger self was going to react to his appearing. The last thing Oz seen before the world went Green, was Willow throwing her arms out and rising into the air and streams of necromantic energy burrowing into the fallen slayer lines and the Slayers getting back to their feet and The Undying got back into the fight against the unending armies of hell.

The Challenge: Take the above, feel free to alter it in anyway you like, and have an old man Oz be sent back in time to stop his younger self from giving the ring of ammara to Angel, or you could have him show up to take the ring after Angel decides to destroy it. (I kind of like the idea of a Terminator style arrival on the roof just as Angel is about to smash the ring and asking for it back. I kind of also like the idea of Old man Daniel confronting Youngman Oz and them having a nearly silent conversation. One word exchanges before deciding to trust the man and offering him a rid back to sunnydale.

The idea behind this is that No one ever sends Oz on time travel fix-it story. And I think It would be really cool to have someone completely in control of his wolf being there but you could still have it where He doesn't know the details of everything after he left the Scooby gang. He could have been mentoring wolves to control themselves when Willow found him and explained the plan. Oz never got to meet good guy spike. And except for the episode where Daniel arrives back the two had never seen one another period. I would actually like to see how people would interrupt a stoic wolf and a snarky vampire would behave around eachother. Actually I would kind of like to see how and old Oz would be like. Is he more talkative? more zen? Does he still play guitar? How did he live his life after the whole having to stay away from willow phase. Did the two of them ever hook back up before he was sent back? Loads of questions you could answer.

Or you could have old man oz tell young man oz that the ring of ammara should go to spike after <insert point in the story here> before fading away as oz makes up his mind. This would give the guy incentive to stay around and in contact even if its not with willow. You could have the OT3 with Willow, Tara, and Oz if you can pull off that as a believable development. There is also the taking over the younger version of yourself idea of time travel. Having a completely in control of himself oz in a yonger body could be an interesting story.

Any way. You satisfy the terms of the challenge as long as Oz gets sent back and the ring of ammara is given to Spike before the final battle with the first so that he doesn't burn in the end of Sunnydale. You can continue the story to show how Spike's survival changes the future in a really positive way. I think that's It


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Characters: Buffy, Ensemble, Spike

Angel stubbornly wouldn't leave the big battle of Sunnydale. There was just no way in hell he was gonna let Spike steal his moment of glory. He wore the amulet and he was the one burned up, finally completing his redemption arc. 

Now, Spike and Buffy are headed to L.A. for a fresh start where they will unite the remainder of the Scoobies and the Angel Investigations gang. Once more the question is, where do they go from here? And are they gonna talk about the night they shared together, when they were so sure the world was gonna end? 

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Characters: Spike

I'm beginning to feel like some kind of weirdo with how often I'm throwing ideas at this board lately. But this idea was just to interesting to let go to where ever it is that Ideas go when they leave our heads <probably into someone else's heads> So There I was reading a story about a comforting Spike taking care of Buffy after the grave and this though just passed though my head. I know there are stories where Buffy and Spike never get together and become awesome friends with one another, even if one or the other, or both, are still secretly pining for the other. But was if Sex was never on the table? Not just because of it being personally disgusting or something but because they legitimately don't find the other sexually appealing in any sense of the word. But they still become the closets of companions, maybe even immortal partners.

Okay so here's the idea. What if Spike, was a large vampiric Dog? We are talking the kind of dog that looks like a Grimm, that children could ride if you put a harness on it. Big. Okay the size isn't important as long as it was big enough to take down grown men to feed. Oh, and he would have to be psychic, because a spike that can't talk would just be strange.

Naturally there are several ways to go about doing this. He could have just always been a dog, he could have been cursed by the vengeance demon he had been attempting to woo and Drusilla that he was just adorable. He doesn't 'have' to be a vampire, he could just be an large immortal dog. You could even have it be that he can't physically die like Jack from Torchwood, or that cat from the Hocus Pocus movie.

It could be that all of the Angelus people were cursed by gypsies and the others got some strange thing, like Drusilla becoming a doll, and Darla becoming a talking cat. This would be after Angel was kicked out and Darla and the others are looking for a way to break the soul curse. The clan obviously survives the attack as Jenny is in Sunnydale.

It could be that Dracula taught him how to turn into a dog but then never taught Spike how to turn back, this could be a reason for Drusilla to leave him and he takes down Nikki to prove that he still has the skills regardless of the shape he is in.

 Maybe he was turned into a dog by the attack that injured Drusilla and he is adjusting to the form. Or maybe something I can't think of off the top of my head and you can. Oh, like vampires don't exist but shape changing were wolves and Spike is one who prefers fur.

The Challenge: Write a story where Spike is a Psychic Dog that Buffy adopts and dose slayage with. If you can, try to keep as much of the cannon material as possible. Though I'm not sure how I feel about the whole sex bot issue. Would anyone care if he ordered a robot doggy to... be involved with? Maybe its even encouraged as he would be the kind of dog that sat at the foot of the bed while you and your honey were.. being involved with each other. You could still do the Riley is jealous of Spike situation but now its a 'You love your dog more then me," and not 'You need a supper powered stallion so I get bit by vampires" thing. Which I gotta say is a more honestly mundane breakup which would kind of suit the entire relationship.

Must Have: Spike being able to communicate in some form or fashion. Either by actually talking, or mind melding stuff. Loads of my dog and me moments like snuggling on the couch, playing Frisbee, and at a scene or two where Spike just sits and stares at someone growling any time they try to get up or move. I can honestly seeing more of these happening with Dawn but it would still be fun.

Can't have: Spike getting chipped. I can see him getting captured, but as he will be a dog I can see them using an actual shock collar. Spike becoming human or human shaped. I could maybe see it as a some sort of epilogue type thing to a story if you go the curse route, or the shapeshifter route. But it would have to be long after the story you write ends. Heck you could even have the neckless he rips off the neck of ammara's corpes be what turns him into a dog and Harm runs off with the ring, but Spike can now go outside during the day because he is now an immortal dog....

okay this is entirely too much time devoted to this. You guys get the point by now. Spike is a bad slayer killing dog, before he meets buffy.