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Categories: Season 7
Characters: Angel, Buffy, Dawn, Drusilla, Faith Lehane, Robin Wood, Spike, The First Evil


What if Robin Wood had succeeded in killing Spike?

Buffy arrives just in time to see Wood staking Spike, her horrified face is the last thing he sees, her name the last thing he says before turning into dust.

Traumatized and betrayed by the very people who were supposed to help and guide her, Buffy shuts down, she locks herself in the basement and refuses to talk to anyone for days, when Giles tries to defend his and Wood's actions she responds with a punch that breaks his jaw and renders him unconscious.

The Scoobies try to be supportive but they don't really understand, Buffy tells them she is tired, tired of everyone expecting her to be perfect, tired of people telling her what to do, what to say, how to feel, tired the home invasion and having to care for everyone without even a thank you, much less payment, tired of pretending she is not still in love with Spike just because it makes her friends uncomfortable.

When Faith arrives to town Buffy tells her about the offer of more power in exchange for part of her humanity, feeling she barely has any humanity left anyway she tells Faith they should both take upon the offer, Faith tells Buffy she has sacrificed a lot already and that she can't give her humanity up because Dawn needs her.

Buffy realises Faith is right, Dawn needs her, not to be the Slayer but to be her big sister.

She takes Dawn and Spike's car and leaves Sunnydale.

Dawn has conflicted emotions about Spike's death, she misses him but she doesn't understand how her sister forgave him, she cries in the car. Meanwhile Buffy wants to take them both as far away from Sunnydale as possible, there is no plan beyond that.

She keeps dreaming about Spike, Spike telling her he loves her, Spike telling her he wants to help her and to please let him help her, she doesn't want to think about the dreams.

One night while Dawn is asleep, Buffy feels a vampire right outside of motel they are staying at and goes to investigate, only to find Drusilla waiting for her inside the car, speaking gibberish to herself.

Buffy knows she should dust Drusilla but she can't get herself to because she meant so much for Spike, instead she urges Dru to run, Drusilla surprises her by telling her she is here because a vision of Spike sent her and she knows he is dust but a part of his soul lingers close to Buffy, since he only earned it for her.

Drusilla tells Buffy she is to guide her and Dawn to safety, at Spike's request, Buffy is not sure she believes the crazy vampire and very sure she can't trust her but reasons with herself it's a good idea to keep an eye on her.

Drusilla lets Buffy tie her arms and legs and put her in the car's trunk with a protective blanket with the condition that they go to New York, where she and Spike were last happy, where so many tasty treats walk about and where is safe according to her.

Just as they are getting to the state of new york, Drusilla has a vision that makes her scream.

Meanwhile Faith decides to take upon the offer of the shadow men after all, Angel arrives right on time to join in the battle, but the power to stop the First has an elevated price, all of the potential slayers within a 1500 ratio, including the ones living at the Summers home drop dead without ceremony, Faith manages to save the day but something feels different, it takes a while for her to realise her soul is gone.

Angel tries to help Faith with her soul but she doesn't want his help.

In New York, Drusilla insists she must stay close to Dawn and protect her while her knight is gone, but she still wants to go kill people for blood and for fun, not knowing what else to do, Buffy decides to try and show Drusilla she can redeem herself too, if only as a way to honour Spike's memory, Drusilla is not very enthusiastic about it, but she insists Spike told her to obey Buffy until he can find his way back.

Buffy tries to convince herself she is not keeping Drusilla around just to hear stories about Spike from her or because she keeps saying she can sense his soul holding onto Buffy.

She still dreams with him.

While this is happening the authorities are trying to find out why did so many women and girls suddenly died for apparently no reason the same day the town of Sunnydale became a crater.



Must have

Buffy realising she is in love with Spike and has been since before he got his soul

Supportive Xander and Willow, even if they don't get it

Buffy talking to Dawn about the bathroom incident and why she forgave Spike

Summers sisters bonding

Crazy Drusilla


Can have

Ghost Spike

Sexy dreams

Buffy visiting Nikki Wood's grave


Complicated resurrection rituals involving Spike's dust and his sire's blood



The First making fun of Giles for not realising Buffy was in love with Spike

Crazy conspiracy theories by people who don't know about the supernatural

Buffy getting drunk

Buffy and Dawn ice skating

Drusilla teaching Dawn something Buffy doesn't approve of and Dawn saying Spike had promised to teach her before he died

Conversations about what the soul is, what it does and what it means to have one

Drusilla having PTSD from Prague or from Angelus


Can Not have

Willow, Xander or Anya dying

Drusilla hurting Buffy or Dawn (she can try, but she must not succeed)




Whatever it has a happy ending or not is up to the writer.

Have fun.

Categories: Season 4, Season 5, Alternate Reality
Characters: Andrew Wells, Buffy, Riley Finn, Spike, Willow

Riley and Willow hook up as a couple instead of Buffy.

Whedon said in the Director's Comentary of S4 that Alyson Hannigan and Marc Blucas had great chemistry on and off screen. If he realized it in time, he would've had Xander be gay and Willow and Riley would be a couple. So they kept their on-screen time to a minimum.

How would S4 and S5 change because of this? 


Xander is gay and dates Andrew!


Buffy, Tara and Willow become platonic girlfriends.




Anya and Giles become a couple. He doesn't allow her to dumb herself down in order to stay in a relationship with him.    (I hate how BtVS dumbed down Anya as the series progressed. She had over a thousand years as a vengeance demon. This is the woman who caused the Russian Revolution that ultimately killed millions of people and was proud of it.)


Of course, this a Spufy story how would it change if Riley wasn't dating Buffy and feeling insecure about his masculinity.


Riley eventually, leaves to continue his military career. He asks Willow to come with him, but she's too attached to the Scoobies and Sunnydale to leave. They have a bittersweet parting, but manage to part on good terms as friends. 


How you want to end it is up to you.




Glory. AU where Glory doesn't come after Dawn.


Riley doesn't come back to Sunnydale. If he does come back, he doesn't bring Sam with him out of respect for Willow.


Andrew and Xander romance fizzles out and they become friends.

Categories: Alternate Reality
Characters: None

In the Nightmares episode, Buffy was turned into a vampire for a brief period before reality reasserted itself. Since the Master is the only other vampire we see in the scene when Buffy is put in her grave, it'll be assumed that he was her Sire for that short time. What if, when reality went back to normal, some piece of the vampire demon that was within Buffy stayed instead of disappearing, but lay dormant because of Buffy's slayerness. That is, until a spell done by someone in the Scooby gang to reveal demons turns out differently/backfires and brings out the demon from hiding.

The rest is up to the author

Categories: Season 5, Season 6, Season 7, Post-Series, Alternate Reality
Characters: Buffy, Dawn, Ensemble, Spike, Tara

Dawn is a cunning, manipulative, evil girl. She plays everyone, including Spike, around her, so smoothly they don't realize, almost all of the time. 

Tara is suspicious about Dawn's innocence act. So Dawn sets Tara up to get her mind sucked out.

She gets Buffy to willingly die for her/ or shoves her off the tower whichever you wish to do.

She takes advantage of Spike as her primary caretaker, keeping his pain and suffering ongoing as long as possible, enjoying doing it.  She secretly approves of the Scoobies plan to resurrect Buffy. She needs a guardian until she's 18, can leave for good, never looking back and leaving for good and have fun making her miserable, as she's sure her sister is in Heaven and the odds are she'll be miserable because of it. When she leaves. She plans to cause as much evil she, profit from it. Maybe one day use her Key powers to rule her corner of the world or go to another Dimension to rule.

Slowly, Spike starts to suspect Dawn is playing Buffy, the Scoobies, and him for fools in S6. He gets so caught up in his unhealthy relationship with Buffy, forgets it. He heads off to Africa and gets his soul.

The First recruits Dawn as an ally to open the Hellmouth and help kill Buffy. In exchange for her life and becoming one of his higher-up minions after, the First takes over.


Spike and Giles finally see Dawn is evil. While Buffy and Spike are busy fighting the First Evil. Giles kills Dawn. Instead, dying in the Hellmouth, Spike takes off the medallion and leaves with Buffy. Spike and Giles share a moment with their eyes, knowing what they did. Buffy knows, but she doesn't want to know.


5 five years later, Buffy and Spike's relationship is strong and emotionally healthy. They've Claimed each other and Buffy lives as long as Spike lives and they have had two children and a third on the way. Dawn is rarely talked about and is a topic to avoid. 




The Potentials are Called.


Amanda survives the Hellmouth.


Optional: Tara survives being shot, but paralyzed below her waist. 


Categories: Alternate Reality
Characters: Anya, Buffy, Drusilla, Spike

Through magic (whether spell gone wrong, backfire to interrupting a spell, or whatever the author chooses) Buffy, Spike, Anya and Drusilla get possessed by the Four Horsemen. War, Death, Pestilence and Famine. What the quartet does, and what the remaining Scooby gang does to try fix this is up to the author.

Categories: Season 7
Characters: Andrew Wells, Anya, Buffy, Caleb, Clem, Dawn, Ensemble, Faith Lehane, Giles, Original Characters, Quentin Travers, Robin Wood, Spike, The First Evil, Willow, Xander

Inspired by a post in one of the BtVS fan groups on Facebook...

In the closing moments of S7 Ep9: Never Leave Me, Quentin Travers gave the gathered Watchers the instruction, "Give me confirmations on all remaining operatives. Visuals and tacticals. Highest alert. Get them here as soon as possible. Begin preparations for mobilization. Once we're accounted for, I want to be ready to move."

But what if... instead of in the very next moment, the explosion at the CoW HQ happens a few hours, or maybe even a day or two later?

Hence, the majority of surviving active Watchers and support personnel escape the explosion, and are already on their way with whatever Potentials and supplies they have gathered up.

What happens when they arrive in Sunnydale about a week after Giles and the first batch of Potentials?

I'd like:

Travers being all pompous and trying to take over, and Buffy standing up to him as she did in Checkpoint, telling him to find a way to make himself and the other Watchers useful, or get out of her way.

Buffy confidently defending her decision to rescue Spike, and insisting upon making him her second-in-command.

Watchers actually accepting that the situation is well in hand, and making themselves useful by researching, organising accommodation and training for Potentials, and paying for stuff. Plus, respectfully making suggestions, rather than giving orders.

And from there onwards.

Not compulsory, but I'd prefer the Hellmouth destroyed without them doing the 'Call all the Potentials' spell, which I always felt to be illogical, and totally out of character for Buffy to come up with, considering how much she resented being Called without her knowledge or consent.

Also, at some point Buffy & Spike should take time for The Talk, so that if you go the same way with the scrubbing bubbles amulet, Spike believes her declaration in the Hellmouth.

I haven't included the Potentials' names in the character list, so you can do with them as you'd like.

Have fun!




Categories: Season 7
Characters: Ensemble

During season seven and after being a wreck after getting his soul Spike agrees to go talk to a shrink. This shrink is Council approved and called in by Giles. She knows about the supernatural world and also very gorgeous. 

Spike is reluctant at first but the visits actually help. He starts to go more and more and talks about the shrink a lot......much to Buffy's ever growing jealousy. 

Categories: Post-Series
Characters: Ensemble

Spike survived the fight in the alley at the end of ATS. Whether or not he got the prophesy is up to you. 

But thinking that Dawn hated his guts and that Buffy's life is better without him he decided to stay away.

A few years later Spike gets word of the Dawn/Xander wedding. Knowing he should stay away Spike can't help but to play the protective dad role.

He totally ambushes and scares the wits out of poor Xander. Threatening to poke out his other eye if he leaves her at the altar and doesn't treat her right.

Now after being scared witless Xander knows that Dawn has been a guilty wreck over how she and Spike ended. He also knows that Buffy's so called happy normal life is a charade. So he secretly plans a meeting between Spike and two of the three most important women in his life.  

Categories: Season 6, Season 4, Season 5
Characters: None

Spike is evil, but there are some lines that he is unwilling to cross because of his sense of fairness.

Would love to see Spike do something that reminds everyone that he can be a real threat when properly motivated to execute a plan.

Whether he adapts Angelus like tactics or upholds his version of an honor code is up to the Author.


What sets him off is something bad happening to Dawn or Tara, who are the nicest and more defenseless members of the Scooby gang in his head.

Categories: Season 5, Season 4
Characters: None

One of the things I love about Spike is that he is very perceptive, except when it comes to things that directly affect him sometimes.

One of the things that I love about the Spike/Buffy relationship is the banter and how much they are willing to do for each other.

I'd like to see a story where one of two scenarios happened:

Scenario 1

Spike doesn't fall Iove with the Slayer, or doesn't realize that he is in love with her until way after she's had time to fall in love with him and accept what that means.

But in the meantime he starts a healthy relationship with someone else.

Scenario 2

Spike tries to get the Slayer to see that he has changed and that he loves her by doing things that she doesn't acknowledge as the actions of a man in love and trying to change.

Enter random woman with who isn't evil, but isn't really good either. She likes Spike and decides to pursue him with the same focus and passion that Spike pursues Buffy with.

Spike can either be intrigued and amused by the pursuit and eventually decide to go for it because he's curious.

Or he can start out disliking the woman until she does something he can't ignore, like saving Dawn because she knows that he cares about her. It doesn't make him like her immediately, but it does make him acknowledge that she didn't have to do that and decide to give her a chance.

Author can decide how deep the relationship goes.

Don't want to see the woman using or abusing Spike, would like it to be a healthy relationship no matter how it turns out.

Don't want Spike to date her in order to make Buffy jealous. Would actually be funnier if he was oblivious to any jealousy Buffy felt about this relationship.

Categories: None
Characters: Joyce
Summary: Dru knows when she meets William that he is part of a prophecy and turns him for that future. Giles knows there is a prophecy involving a truce between a Slayer and a vampire and assumes it is likely Buffy and Angel. It's Spike and Buffy of course and confusion abounds. This prophecy has many possible twists and turns~ if this then that~ if that then the end of the world as we know it... It would be lovely if Joyce and Spike having a friendship is part of what gives power and longevity to the truce and consequently keeps the world ending. I'm really bad at this but, I'd like something that weaves Dru's visions and Williams turning in with a Powers That Be prophesy added to Spike and Joyce becoming friends all wrapped up into Spuffy goodness. Smutt is a bonus but not necessary.

Categories: Season 2
Characters: Angelus, Buffy, Drusilla, Spike

This is just a quick little thought I had; what if Spike was faking being in the wheelchair from the beginning? What if he sneaks out almost every night, especially after Angelus returns, and maybe, somehow, meets up with Buffy in a location that, like Caritas, is a safe haven for the people inside? And they are forced to get along? And maybe he becomes her inside man for what Angelus and Drusilla are planning?

Anyway, the only must-have is that, for whatever reason, Spike fakes his back injury leaving him paralyzed right from the get-go (or he heals in just a week or two).

Categories: Season 6
Characters: Buffy, Dawn, Riley Finn, Spike

Spike and Dawn manage to escape Sunnydale in Bargaining and don’t look back. The two of them set up shop in a hotel for a week to calm down and figure out their next move-as far as they know, home is a lost cause now. While laying low Spike notices that Dawn isn’t doing well, and confronts her after she avoids the subject multiple times. The two get into a fight, that ends with her crying and finally opening up about how much she misses her sister and mom, hated having the robot around, and hated being able to pretend that Buffy was still there because of it. Spike realizes that what they had going for the summer wasn’t working, and that Buffy’s friends clearly didn’t see a problem. He decides that since he’s the only one that his Nibblet has left, he needs to step up for what that really means.

Reconciling with Dawn after their temporary spat, he brings them to New York where he still has plenty of respect and connections from killing Nikki Wood. He’s able to get a good home and enroll Dawn in a nice school, setting up false identities that say he’s her guardian and raking in money through gambling and mercenary work. It’s not a perfect life, but the two are perfectly happy with it. 

Sadly, all is not so well in Sunnydale. Buffy is resurrected, and has only one question when she comes out of it: “Where’s Dawn?” The Scoobies all search, but they can’t find her. The only thing they can gleam from spells is that she’s alive, but that’s it (Spike’s got the two of them well warded). With her sister gone the Slayer almost completely shuts down, with no pretenses to wanting to get back to normal. Her friends try to help, but the most they can do is hang out with her in shifts and patrol for her. This is the new status quo up until Riley shows back up again earlier, single and wanting to try things again with Buffy. The Scoobies are all for it, and Buffy goes along with it with a partial desire to try and feel again.

The two start dating again and things seem to be going well on paper, with Riley taking over on her care, patrolling together with him taking the lead, moving in, and feeling like things are finally perfect-Buffy is finally letting him in and take care of her, and he really does feel like the most important person in her life! Buffy isn’t quite happy with this, but without Dawn she doesn’t care enough to do anything about it, and deludes herself into thinking she’s happy. 

But happens when Spike and Dawn find out that she’s alive again, and about her new “perfect relationship”? The two suddenly feel a need to head back and give their girl the life that she’s been missing out on...

Would like to see lots of fun adventures between Dawn and Spike in New York (it’s the title after all). 

The two arrive in Sunnydale, and are horrified to see how everything has gone since they left. Spike in particular has the realization that by fulfilling his promise, he drove his love back into the arms of her wanker of an ex. Plenty of drunken ranting after that. 

Dawn immediately taking up all of Buffy’s attention, much to the annoyance of Riley.

Riley getting bashed by both Spike and Dawn together, because it would be hilarious. 

Categories: Post-Series
Characters: Buffy, Spike

A few weeks ago I watched Ringer with Sarah Michelle Gellar and Ioan Gruffudd. Then I ran into a spuffy fanfiction slightly based on the series. I use names from series to make it easier to describe the plot.


Buffy a few days after the fall of Sunnydale (19 days maybe) she met Andrew Martin - a very rich and influential businessman. She is sad about losing Spike, and Andrew supports her. Half a year from Sunnydale, she decides to marry him. This can describe you in the prologue or during the story. And now then story beginning. 

Andrew and Buffy they have been married for two years, but she does not love him. She cheats on him with his best friend Henry Bulter. Buffy is friends with wife Henry, feel bad cheating on her friend and husband. The affair with Henry has been going on for a year. During that year, she found out about her husband's dark interests. Buffy feel threatened and afraid for my safety. Only Dawn knows the most about her marriage, her romance and relationships and straits. Her friends think Andrew and Buffy's marriage is perfect. Andrew and Buffy make it seem so. Summers is really unhappy and lonely in her marriage. That's why she got involved in an affair with Henry. 

Spike still loves Buffy and cannot forget her, still miss her. During this time he collaborated with Angel. However, when Dawn contacts him about Buffy, she flies to New York to help her beloved Slayer. 

What will Spike discover? What secrets does Andrew have? What about Buffy? Why is his slayer in an unhappy marriage?

I'd like to see Dawn and Buffy's dialogue like this about Andrew:

Dawn: Do you love him?

Buffy: I love him.

Dawn: I will ask otherwise. Are you in love with him?

Buffy: No. 


//        //         //    

Buffy discovers that she is pregnant with either Henry or Andrew. He doesn't know whose he is.

Buffy was pregnant with Spik but lost her baby.

Immortal!Buffy. But through the spell, no one around her can see it. Forever 22 years.



NO Bangel. NO Spike/other. 

Willow, Xander, Giles mostly recollected but sometimes they visit Buffy.

Categories: All Human/Fantasy
Characters: Ensemble

Buffy's mom has died and her sister is very sick. Dawn my need a new kidney or bone marrow transplant. .....or she can be healthy but Buffy finds out they have different dads and wants to find him.

Buffy is shocked to get a letter from her mom in the will. The letter tells her that she and Dawn do not have the same father. Turns out Joyce and her husband were separated when Joyce went to a reunion tour of her favorite band back from her teen years. 

She got to go back stage where she met her favorite band member Rupert "Ripper" his nickname for the way he could rip notes out of a guitar. One thing led to another.....lots of alcohol  also.....and Dawn was conceived!

Buffy can't believe it! Her mom was a groupie!!! She writes letters but they're always returned unread.

Buffy tracks Rupert Giles to his home where he lives with his wife Jenny. But due to security she can't never get to him!

Buffy some  how finds out Giles has a nephew named William Spike Giles. Spike is trying to make it on his own as a rock star without using his famous uncle. He and his band play in every dive hole they can find. Buffy starts hanging out there in order to try and get close to Spike. Hoping he can get her to Giles.

Why she keeps it a secret from him is up too you. But he's not happy when he finds out.

Oz is in Spikes band......maybe Angel is the diva front man....more interested in getting laid than famous 

Categories: None
Characters: None

Someone else ends up captured by the Initiative with Spike (Ethan Rayne turns Giles sooner. Or one of the other Scoobys, even Buffy or Joyce or a Dawn who showed up sooner than cannon gets turned into a demon- not necessarily Fyarl) Glad to see someone familiar, even an old enemy, they work together and bond. Eventual Spiffy, of course.

Categories: None
Characters: Buffy, Faith Lehane, Spike

Faith never joins the mayor and stays a sister Slayer.  She is who Spike falls for in season 4 or 5 or 6 and Faith jumps at the chance to start having sex with him, even though she doesn't care about him.  Buffy and the scoobys come to realize that she is abusing him physically, emotionally and sexually.  Spiffy ending please.

Categories: None
Characters: Buffy, Dawn, Spike

Buffy disappeared into the portal, only to reappear much later in time.   Meanwhile Spike pretends pretends to be Hanks brother and adopts Dawn to save her from foster care or juvenile detention.  She could jump forward to when Dawn  is an old woman (and Spike is still there, with Dawn and all her grandkids). Or she could jump forward like 150 years (and Spike is still there because Dawn , on  her death bed, to care for her recently orphaned great grandkids, etc...). Or Buffy could skipp forward a few years or decades at a time with the portal healing a bit more each jump until it finally closes (and Everytime she pops in Spike is still there protecting the HellMouth and caring for the family.

Categories: None
Characters: Buffy, Dawn, Spike, Tara

While Buffy is dead, the Scooby's give Dawn to Social Services and put Tara, still insane, in an Asylum.  Dawn begs Spike for help. Spike grabs em both (with a few false identities) and takes off to keep his new little family safe.  When Buffy is resurrected, first thing she wants is her sister back, and is pretty surprised when she does track her down.

Categories: None
Characters: Dawn, Joyce, Spike

What if the Monks had to hide the key a decade sooner?  What if they turned her into a toddler and placed her on a train where say the green glowy girl that the pixies said we're important.  Perhaps she would have brought her home for tea, told Spike she was their little girl, and then of course leave Spike to actually care for Dawn and keep her alive. Which leads to Spike actually loving Dawn as his own, so that when Drusilla gets bored or jealous and tried to kill her, Spike grabs her and runs.  When Glory starts looking for them, Spike figured the only possible hope to kill a HellGod was a deal with a Slayer.

Categories: Season 7
Characters: None

What if one of the Potentials that showed up was a last decendent of Spike? 

Some how the two figure this out and keep it a secret for awhile. Buffy and Dawn are jealous of her....Buffy because it's taking Spike time away from her... and Dawn because she burned all her friendship bridges with Spike and now he's calling the new girl Bit.

The girl may also smack Xander for talking bad/threatening Spike.

Categories: Season 6
Characters: None

One night in very early S6, Buffy is out patrolling when she finds an abandoned and slightly derelict ice rink closer to the woods. She goes inside to find that it’s not completely unusable and still stocked on ice skates. 

Wanting to try and regain some of her old happiness she just skates for hours, going through techniques and pretending that there’s an audience to perform for. When she finally leaves, she’s the happiest that she’s been since coming from the grave. 

And Spike, sticking to the shadows so that she doesn’t try and put on a front, sees it all. When the two of them are spending time together a few days later, he tells her that he has a surprise.

Buffy is awestruck when Spike takes her back to the ice rink, now in almost perfect condition and all amenities in full order.

While she’s silent, he sheepishly explains that he had Clem and some friends help him build it back up, that she can come by any time she wants, that he just wanted her to have a chance to be really happy again-and almost has a heart attack despite it not exactly working anymore when she bursts into tears (of happiness, as she’s quick to tell him).

Now every night after patrolling together, they sneak over to the rink and spend the rest of the night there talking, laughing, drinking hot cocoa and eating candy, and skating.

Well, Buffy skates. Spike either talks to her as she does, pretends to be an announcer for the Olympics who’s amazed at the gold winner, and occasionally sacrifices what little rep he has left to skate with her at her insistence. It’s more fun then anything either can ever remember doing, together or not. 

What will change in S6 when instead of sex and drama, Spuffy is going out on the ice? 

Categories: Pre-Series, Season 3, Season 4, Season 5
Characters: Angel, Angelus, Buffy, Darla, Dawn, Drusilla, Giles, Spike, Tara, William, Willow, Xander

The show always stressed two points:

  • Souless/Demon = bad
  • Spike loved Drusilla and was extremely devoted to her, never leaving her side

The first has obvious issues and as for the second...I find it hard to believe that Spike never once left Drusilla after she repeatedly cheated on him.

I'd like to see a story where Spike grows weary of seeing Angelus having sex with Drusilla and leaves.

While he's gone, he drinks animal blood in order to keep a low profile and avoid the risk Angelus dragging him back because he "left without permission".

Spike travelled the world until he eventually made a home for himself and slowly became a white hat. Or maybe he became an initiate for an exclusive order that was extremely difficult to join and succeeded. The order could be good or nonviolent.

Spike lived that way for a few years before Angelus eventually tracked him down and dragged him back to the fold, in order to care for Drusilla or to shut her up about her William.

How much or little of that life is mentioned in detail is up to the author.

Would love to see Spike lose a huge chunk of his memories and think that he's still in hiding and living by those standards. Or maybe someone from his past shows up and drops hints about how he used live.

This forces the Scoobies to face the uncomfortable truth that without Angelus and Drusilla's influence, Spike could have lived a very different life.

It would also force Buffy to accept the fact that Angel could have have made different choices when he lost his soul but didn't.

Categories: None
Characters: Spike

Please play with the differences between Spike's "speaking" and "writing" voices. While he's remade himself into a gutter punk fighter, he still carries the Victorian poet around, and that aspect of himself often finds its way into the world. I don't think it'd be a huge stretch to think it'd come out in written compositions beyond "yes" or "see you there."

I've touched on it the form of in-character text messages - his spelling is British-standard, the punctuation is correct, he avoids emojis and smileys - and I think it'd be a lot of fun to dig into that even further.

Of course, I also think it'd be deeply funny if he texted as though he was writing a Victorian love letter, because he saw the telegraph come and go and knows he's not being charged by the line for his text messages, so Buffy would be holding her phone, agog, as the three dots keep blinking, until she gets a 600 word reply absolutely resplendent in clauses that still, amazingly, sounds like Spike.

Categories: Season 4, Season 5, Season 6
Characters: Connor, Dawn, Spike

One of the things that bothered me about Buffy during season 7 was that she never really apologized for her behavior towards Spike even though he tried to make amends for his actions before the soul.

So I would like to see a story where they have a fight and Spike decides to stay away from her.

Before he can change his mind he finds a kid and takes them under his wing.

Would love it if the kid were Connor after he got kicked out of the hotel by Angel. (optional)

Would love it if taking care of the kid made Spike realize that he deserves better than to be treated like a punching bag.

Would love it if Spike called her out on her first few apology attempts, before she finally got it right. (optional)

Would love Dawn interaction, because those two are always awesome together. (optional)

Categories: Crossover (Books or TV shows outside Buffyverse)
Characters: Buffy, Spike

Buffy and Spike are the reincarnated versions of Elizabeth Swann and Will Turner.

  • Must have Elizabeth dying leading Will to making a deal to reunite with her.
  • Must be Canon compliant up to Worlds End, however if you want to include the other movies thats fine too.
  • Preferably takes place in Season 2's Halloween episode, however if you can think of a better way to make one or both of them remember feel free.
  • Must have Jack Sparrow. (Could he possibly be the Immortal?)
  • Must have a happy ending
  • If you need to change Spikes back story to fit narrative that's okay with me.
  • Must have Flying Dutchman make an appearance.
  • Must have PotC villian of some sort.


The rest is up to you. I've been thinking about a fic like this for awhile and can't wait to see what kinda talented ideas come up.

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I'd like to see a story that takes place during season five where Spike finds a powerful artifact or makes a deal in order to protect Dawn that results in his 'death'.

But what actually happens is that he is born 18 years or more earlier.

It's up to the author whether or not Spike knows ahead of time that death is the price for that protection.

Would love it if it Buffy said something she deeply regretted before he died. (optional)

Would love it if Spike grew up as a demon or a witch so that so he would already be familiar with vampires. Slayers, and magic.

Would love it if he could still handle himself in a fight.

Would love it if Buffy had to convince him to help them with Glory. (optional)

Would love it if Buffy was the one to pursue him and he was the one reluctant to start a relationship with her for whatever reason (she's human, the Slayer, etc.)

Whether or not Spike eventually regains his memories is up to the author.

Categories: Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, Season 4, Season 5, Season 6, Season 7, Alternate Reality, Episode Rewrite
Characters: Buffy, Ensemble, Spike

Inspired by Wonder and Ashes Can’t Go Back the Same Way You Came: What if Slayers were capable of powerful magic?

When Buffy’s Called in LA, she doesn’t learn of her magic due to Merrick trying to get her ready as fast as possible for Lothos, and then dying. In Sunnydale, Giles is there to explain everything to her and teach how she can use her extra powers. And while he’s steadfast in making sure that she doesn’t fall into the same pitfalls he did, Ripper is more than glad to teach his Slayer a few things his bosses wouldn’t so that she’s in top form.

At first, Buffy can only do small stuff (levitating pencils, minor healing brews, etc.) due to the difficulty of properly harnessing magic and her own lack of desire to study and research. But after dying at the hands of the Master, she realizes that she needs to be far more capable and works with Giles long-distance during the summer to hone her skills. This leads to a far more powerful and skilled Slayer returning to Sunnydale (this would also probably lead to Buffy not being so rude to everyone in When She Was Bad), much stronger then she was before.

Just in time for Spike’s arrival.

Rather then be wary of Slayers now in this AU, Spike is even more enamored at the idea of fighting these girls who are supposed to hunt his kind and have magical abilities beyond his wildest dreams. He still managed to kill two Slayers, but it was significantly harder this time around, requiring him to do his own spellwork to even the playing field. And just to make it even-what’s the point of fighting the Slayers if there’s no challenge to it?

Where does the story go from here?

Must Haves

  • Buffy is capable of using magic, and is extremely proficient at it. It’s made clear in the show that she is an excellent Slayer, so this should be reflected with her prowess in magic as well. It shouldn’t be easy at first- studying is anathema to her, and even Willow got bored of her practicing in canon. But after dying Buffy takes it far more serious, never wanting to get caught in a situation like that again. As the story goes on according to the seasons, her powers should grow as well. She should be capable of a lot of the big magic that we saw in the series like performing the ensouling spell, healing mortal wounds, opening portals to different places, harnessing sun power to shoot vampires with, Willow’s spells against Glory... these are only a few examples, but whatever you feel is best.
  • Subsequently, Spike uses magic as well to keep up against the more powerful Slayers. His magic isn’t as overt or strong, due to not wanting to get to caught up in possible consequences and only trying to level the playing field, but it’s enough for him to give a challenge. Ways to protect himself from certain spells, temporarily making himself seem human, creating illusions to confuse, magical items... again, whatever the author thinks is best. You could draw some ideas from the DC character John Constantine, who’s actually quite like Spike.
  • Different styles of magic between Buffy, Kendra and Faith: The Watcher’s Council, viewing Slayers only as their personal weapons, would likely try to limit their magical abilities. As a result Kendra should be just as powerful as Buffy, but limited by what she’s been taught. On the flip side Faith is far more loose in her magic, shooting for quicker and easier results that lead to some dabbling in darker stuff. With this, you could draw parallels between Buffy and Faith/Giles and Ethan Rayne (on top of the mild homoerotic tones involved in both already).
  • Buffy and Willow bond further over magic: It’s up to you whether or not Willow learns about her own skills earlier in this AU, but I’d like to see her and Buffy having fun together with it. This would probably help curb the most of Willow’s magic abuse by having a close friend using it as well for survival, which along with Giles tutoring would help impress the seriousness onto her.
  • Spuffy. Now this kinda goes without saying, and I’d probably get the boot from EF if I suggested otherwise, but I felt like it deserved a bullet point. The finer points of how the relationship starts and grows are up to you, but I’d like to see things start around S4-S5. Buffy could get Spike to teach her about some of the magic that the Slayers he fought used (records would likely taper off due to TWC censoring and limiting the resources available), and help him improve his as well. Whatever the author likes.

Can Haves

  • Buffy joining the Wicca group in college. While she’d probably bow out quickly, this would introduce her to Tara and form a strong friendship with her earlier than canon.
  • Similarly Buffy could become better friends with Anya as well when the latter becomes human, wanting to know about any ancient spells to use (on demons, and maybe one or two jerks) and about creative usage of spells as well.
  • Faith not joining the Mayor in S3, due to being able to bond with Buffy further over magic. Or going in as a spy in enemy ranks, whichever suits the author.
  • Giles refusing to put Buffy through the Cruciamentum. In canon he already was hesitant and upset with himself for doing it, so in this AU where he’s also bonded further with her over magic I could see him not doing so in the first place.
  • Dawn, being made from Buffy, can also use magic and draw on her Key power, resulting in some of her first spells being MASSIVELY overpowered. However she doesn’t want to learn about magic from any of the Scoobies, instead trying to get Spike to be her teacher...and he agrees, much to everyone’s horror.
  • Given how it’s canon that she was psychic well before even knowing about the supernatural, and the only other human we see with similar powers got massive headaches that she didn’t seem to, it’s possible to quietly retcon Drusilla to have been a Slayer when she was human, not being found by the Council and having no idea until after becoming a vampire. What you do with this is up to you, but I thought it would be cool to throw out there.

Can’t Haves 

  • Spuffy too quickly. 
  • OOC Behavior.
  • Character Bashing.


That’s all I have. It’s a very open-ended challenge, so I look forward to seeing what people do with it!

Categories: Crossover (AtS)
Characters: Ensemble

This is a short silly one set during season 5 of Angel.

Dawn and Buffy are sitting on the sofa in their pj's, ice cream and drinks while watching the red carpet of some award show on their giant TV.

They are discussing and laughing at some of the outfits on the carpet,when suddenly something catches their pick any episode of Angel season 5 to set this in.....but in the background they can clearly see Spike and Angel walking by!

They rewind,replay and pause the dvr multiple times just to make sure they're seeing it right. Then Dawn has to keep Buffy from going to the airport in her pj's. 

Categories: Season 4, Season 5, Season 6, Alternate Reality
Characters: Angel, Buffy, Spike

So, I just watched an NYPD Blue episode, where at the end, Andy Sipowicz calls his wife to ask her to pick him up from work because he's afraid he'll drink if he drives himself home. (He's a recovering alcoholic.) And then, a quote from the Witcher 3 about a vampire's bloodlust popped into my head.

So, from this an idea sprung to my mind, which I will share with you. 

In any season from 4-6, Buffy, for some reason or another, briefly finds herself turned into a vampire. Now this can be due to a spell either by an enemy or by Willow (preferably not) and she finds herself deeply feeling a vampire's bloodlust. Spike helps her cope with the thirst, and stops her from killing anyone. In doing so, Buffy learns all of Spike's coping mechanisms regarding his need for blood which, despite by a necessity for vampires, is very narcotic in nature. As such, Buffy gains a new found respect and sympathy for the difficulty vampires have in restraining themselves. As such, she does all she can to support Spike's attempts to be good.

Of course, this leads to Spuffy.

Must Haves.

  • Brief VampireBuffy! This is integral to the challenge. Only the first few chapters, but enough for Buffy to truly experience vampirism. How is up to the author. Did Jonathan cast a spell? Was it a demon wish? Willow being sloppy? 
  • Spike helps Buffy with the thirst. 
  • Buffy's experience as a vampire leads her to develop respect for Spike and to try help him stay on the right path. How depends on the season this happens in, which I will leave up to the author. Flexible as long as its in seasons 4 to 6. Also, the Big Bad of each season can play as big or as little a role as the author decides.
  • Spike becomes a full-fledged Scooby- the core Scooby members accept him, Tara and Dawn first of course. Xander will naturally take a little longer to come round, but, apart from one instance explained below, don't make him too of a jerk. (Even though he does bring it on himself.)
  • Spike calls Buffy for help- THIS is the big Spuffy scene. Similar to NYPD Blue, Spike has an experience that pushes him to his limit. This could be a run in with Riley, Drusilla or even the death of Drusilla. In either case, Spike calls Buffy and pleads with her to come find him where he is so he doesn't go on a blood bender, despite the chip which he knows he can ignore if he is pushed enough.  
  • Buffy helps Spike- Upon receiving the call, Buffy asks Joyce and/or Dawn to buy some blood from the butchers and make up the basement for Spike. She has a huge argument with Xander about this and how he always suggest dusting Spike just for being a vampire, when he has no idea what it's like to be one. She DOES. She bluntly tells Xander that she is helping Spike and if he doesn't like it, tough. Buffy finds Spike and takes him to Revello Drive and keeps him there until his thirst wanes. I would like the first 'love' scene between them to happen here. 
  • Slowburn Spuffy (but not too slow.) The new understanding leads Buffy to making an attempt to start a friendship with Spike. It starts with her thanking him for his help and apologising for how he's been treated. From here, friendship blossoms into romance. Though, the love part must come after when she helps him with the thirst.
  • Scoobies accept their relationship, even Xander. 
  • Buffy offers to feed Spike-whether or not he accepts is up to author.

Can Haves.

  • Buffy remembers Angel's lack of control. Don't bash him too much, just have it pointed out.
  • Angel also helps Spike. If the cause of Spike's near slip is Drusilla, have Buffy call Angel for help. Angel comes in and does what he can to help his grandchilde. Of course, this still leads into the help Spike. Angel accepts Spuffy. (If set in a period where Darla was around, have her arrive too. Make her a good but bad girl for this. Otherwise Cangel.)
  • Giles writing a new thesis on vampire thirst, using Buffy and Spike, maybe Angel, as references.

Can't Haves.

  • Spuffy too quickly.
  • Spike relapsing into blood.
  • Spike bashing.
  • Scooby Bashing.
  • Character deaths.

That's all. Very open ended challenge, have fun.