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Categories: All Human/Fantasy
Characters: Ensemble

Small idea I had.....anything else you want to add go for it.

Dawn is a child actress who plays on a tv show. On the show she plays the daughter to the character Spike plays. Having not had a father figure in her life Dawn takes to Spike as her own father like figure in real life. And true to Spike's nature he adores Dawn and spoils her rotten on and off the set.

One summer Spike sends and invite to Dawn and her mom. Everyone of the Summers girls are invited to his beach house for a week of fun in the sun. Everyone is looking forward to it....well except Buffy.

Buffy is not all happy with much in her life. Her baby sister is now famous and bringing in more money then Buffy could dream of. Not to mention Buffy's also fatherless now and is a bit jealous that Dawn has Spike in her life. She's not to happy about having to spend a week of her summer watching Spike spoil her little sister. But unfortunately for her Joyce makes her go along for the trip.

Idea I had...don't have to use if you don't want too.

Giles is Spike's uncle or agent or both. Poor Giles lost his wife Jenny a few years ago and hasn't much been into dating. Well that is until he meets Joyce. Or maybe Joyce chases him to get him out of his shell. 

Willow or Tara is Dawn's agent and her guardian on set. They're also invited to the beach house and meet the other one there some how.

Buffy is just coming off a bad break up with Riley 


Categories: Episode Rewrite, Season 1, Alternate Reality
Characters: Buffy, Ensemble, Jonathan Levinson

Browsing through TV tropes, I saw something very interesting that I didn’t know before. The actor who played Jonathan originally auditioned for the role of Xander, but as we all know didn’t get it. Considering how Jonathan’s character would go on to develop in the show, you have to wonder what might have been. 

So here’s the challenge for you: Instead of Xander, Jonathan becomes Buffy’s male best friend. Not that Xander doesn’t exist anymore, but to Buffy he’s just Willow’s friend that she’s crushing on. So more like causal acquaintances. Meanwhile, Jonathan takes his place in S1, and for the rest of the show. It’s up to you how they meet, but it has to take place in “Welcome to the Hellmouth”. 

Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean that things will be the same. Jonathan is a completely different person than Xander, and this should be reflected on how he interacts with the cast on the show. Does he have a crush on Buffy? How do he and Willow interact? Through getting to know Giles and Jenny Calendar, does he learn about his skills in magic earlier than before? What does he think of Angel, or Spike? These are just a few small questions, and there’s seven whole seasons to go through if you choose.  

The only must haves are no character bashing, and everyone being in-character. Have fun!

Categories: Season 3
Characters: None

Somehow, someway, the first time Spike and Buffy meet is when he's the vampire chosen for her Cruciamentum.  It doesn't go the way anyone expected.  

Categories: Season 4, Alternate Reality
Characters: None

I was rewatching Living Conditions (4.02) and had completely forgotten that this episode reads like a treatise on "why being soulless doesn't change who you are at your core, it just releases your inhibitions." Which is sort of amazing, considering that Marti wrote it. For example:

- The Scoobies think Buffy has turned into a psycho when she claims her innocent roommate, Kathy, is an evil demon, and tells them that she plans on killing her.... And then it turns out Buffy was right all along.

- At the end, post-soul return, Buffy says that she's glad her roommate irritation was part of being soulless.... and then we immediately learn that it's not. It's just how she is.

- There are INTENSE parallels between Wishverse!Buffy and this Buffy with regard to ensemble and ruthless attitude during the climactic day. (seriously, look at photos of both Buffys.) And S4 Buffy is definitely no less interested in taking down evil - in fact, she's very similar to her hardline Wishverse self in terms of how she treats her role as Slayer and dealing with good/evil.

SO, I'm looking for a story about "what if Buffy has a revelation from this almost entirely soulless affair?" (The ritual wasn't complete, so she still had a small bit of soul left.)

- This fic should explore what this means about Angel and how he changed / general views on what a soul MEANS (and doesn't) for anyone, including vampires. If you include the Initiative, Buffy's revelation should be reflected with regard to them and their work, as well.

- This fic should NOT be a way to give Spike a full pass. He is (especially at this point in time) an evil asshole. Buffy's revelation will likely shift their dynamic and should lead to them getting together somehow, but it should in no way saint-ify Spuffy/Spike/Buffy.

- No character bashing in general, or pregnancy, or dub/non-con.

Optional: Buffy remains mostly-soulless. If you choose to take this route, her character should be in line with the episode (ie, she doesn't turn evil, etc)

Otherwise, have fun and go wild!

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Characters: None

Instead of a sister, the Monks gave Buffy a brother. Daniel (or whatever name you want that begins with a D) is a 9-12 years old boy and the Key. Daniels best friend is a boy, whose name starts with a J.

How would it change the story if at all.


Use in whatever season you want or in your own spuffy AU 


Most of all have fun with it.





Categories: Season 6
Characters: Buffy, Spike, Tara

In Angel Doyle's demon side didn't show until his 21st birthday - what if Tara had been told that her demon side would come then, too, instead of her 20th? That would mean smack in the middle of her problems with Willow in S6; how would that change things? Tara's family just showing up out of nowhere?

Up to you whether she actually is half-demon or not.

Categories: Season 5
Characters: Buffy, Dawn, Joyce, Spike

Here is an image of me when I was 14 - the same age as Dawn when she showed up in early S5; I had been a smoker for two years. I went to wild parties and got completely wasted on beer and vodka and even some of the green fairy. I hung out with kids a few years older than me and occasionally we got high. I was barely ever home - I spent every day of that summer hanging out at a park, sitting on a statue, and drinking, even during the day. I made out with random boys at parties and had my first boyfriend that same year.

Suffice it to say, I've never identified with Dawn - eating ice-cream like a child despite being in the same room as her crush, playing with a doctor's stethoscope, wanting the prize from a cereal box, not having any real friends of her own (we only see them when they're necessary for the story, like the black girl from The Body or Janice in S6), basically acting nothing like someone with my experiences thinks of when I think of a 14-year-old girl.

Granted, she was originally written to be about 8, but once they hired Michelle T., they really should've done some extensive re-writes.

After my long-winded start-up, here's the actual challenge; what if Dawn was a little closer to someone like me? What if she was a rebel, long before she found out about not being real - you don't have to go all the way, with hard drugs and sleeping with older boys, but she grew up in the shadow of a hero older sister, that can't have been easy.

Basically, give me a bad-ass, rebel Dawn whose friendship with Spike makes way more sense - give me a Dawn who is doing what Joyce used to think Buffy did in S1 and S2; falling in with the wrong crowd.

Bonus points if you don't make things that black and white and show that Dawn's friends aren't bad people or the villains here.

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Characters: Buffy, Spike

I made these banners for fun for Seasonal Spuffy a few seasons back. Let the image by your inspiration for a story. I can add your title to the banner. :) Requirement: the wildest night these two could have. A romcom for the ages. 

Categories: None
Characters: Buffy, Spike

I made these banners for fun for Seasonal Spuffy a few seasons back. Let the image by your inspiration for a story. I can add your title to the banner. :) 


Categories: None
Characters: Buffy, Spike

I made these banners for fun for Seasonal Spuffy a few seasons back. Let the image by your inspiration for a story. I can add your title to the banner. :) All I want is a happily ever after. 

Categories: None
Characters: Buffy, Spike

I made these banners for fun for Seasonal Spuffy a few seasons back. Let the image by your inspiration for a story. I can add your title to the banner. :) My only requirement is fluffy. 

Categories: All Human/Fantasy
Characters: Ensemble

Spike is the main star of a very popular tv show. He's at a convention,it can be just for is show or it can be like Comic Con. 

Spike has borrowed a costume from the show that he wears or that another actor wears. This suit covers his face enough that he can walk around the crowds,see the sights and not be recognized and mobbed. Spike is loving every bit of it. Even more when a gorgeous little blond suddenly grabs him and shouts at him.

"Ohhh my GOD you look just like him! Can I take my picture with you?!"

Buffy is shocked when she see's the cosplayer that looks just like one of the characters from her favorite tv show! She so has to get a pic with him! She almost swoons when she hears his voice with it's accent......although she can swear she's heard that voice before! Before she knows it as soon as the pic is done she asks him out for lunch.

Spike is thrilled. He's actually getting a date and having fun with someone without it having to do with his fame. But what's gonna happen when she ask him to take the mask off?


Must haves

Willow or someone was with Buffy but got seperated or went off on their own looking for stuff for their own fandom so leaving Buffy with Spike.


Categories: Alternate Reality
Characters: Buffy, Drusilla, Spike

Drusilla becomes a vengeance demon. An errant wish is made that enables a healthier Spuffy.


Perhaps, as she transitions from vampire to a new being, she deals with her past hurts and becomes healthier.

Categories: Post-Series
Characters: Ensemble

After the fight in the alley Spike(still a vampire) shows up to wherever Buffy and the new Council is located. But sadly Buffy has been enjoying her new "Normal" life and her new "Normal" boyfriend. Even though she is happy to see Spike she chooses the new normal life and boyfriend over him.

Dejected Spike is going to leave when he's approached by Giles. He has an offer for Spike and Faith(broken up from Woods) Giles wants to hire Spike to join Faith and be the Councils new version of their Wet Works team. If they need someone to go in and take out a very bad nasty.....Spike and Faith are the team. They'll do all the big bad dirty work the other Slayers can't do or the Council doesn't want them to do.

Spike really doesn't want to work for Giles but he A)Still likes helping folks and has no outlet of his own to do it....and B) Really likes the idea of him and Faith riding motorbikes while cruising the back roads busting heads of demons while drinking lots of beer! 

So Spike takes the offer.

Months to a year pass and Buffy's normal happy life has fallen to crap! She's no longer with the boyfriend and she finds out a normal life is a boring life! What also doesn't help is that both Spike and Faith have become LEGENDS amongst all the young baby Slayers. Spike may have saved a few of them and they're all in the vapors over him,talking about him......and getting Buffy all jealous over thinking about him traveling all around with Faith!!!

Now maybe Buffy tracks them down or Spike and Faith roll back into town for a pit stop and some R&R? But Buffy now has to earn her place back in Spike's affection! 

Categories: None
Characters: Buffy, Spike

No, really. The dream was Spike and Buffy in bed together, with Buffy going down on Spike under the covers while someone else was in the room. She'd already been blowing Spike while the other man came in, spent a couple minutes talking to Spike, and then left, right before Spike came (quietly, too - just freezing still with a fabulous look on his face). Everyone knew what was happening, and nobody would admit to it, and Buffy then came up from under the covers, upset with herself for having kept going and having enjoyed herself. He proceeded to reassure her she was fine, that there was nothing wrong with her, and then went down on her.  

My challenge, as such: please write the rest of the story this dream came from.  

Are Spike and Buffy going undercover to bust a demon sex ring and shenanigans ensue where they have to perform for someone? Are Spike and Buffy on vacation somewhere and she knows the rules are a little more lax, and when she remembers they hit her harder? I have no idea. I just know I woke up very happy, and very curious.  

Must haves: post canon. Established relationship. Striped sheets (because that's what was on the bed). Spike being quiet at the moment of climax.

Must not have: Character bashing. Slut-shaming. Time travel (because I'd know if that was in there, in the manner of knowing things in dreams). Chemical or magical influences, because it was just Spike and Buffy being themselves together, with Buffy learning more about what that means for her.

Categories: None
Characters: Adam, Angel, Angelus, Anne Pratt, Anya, Buffy, Clem, D'Hoffryn, Dalton, Darla, Dawn, Drusilla, Faith Lehane, Giles, Glory, Joyce

Si spike est une femme et lesbienne commente l'histoire sera et sa relation avec buffy.

Je veux voir un spike féministe et punks.

Sa relation avec dru est une relation fraternelle.

Et voir une buffy perturbée par le filte de spike

Enfin spuffy heureux. 

Categories: Pre-Series
Characters: Adam, Angel, Angelus, Anne Pratt, Anya, Buffy, Clem, D'Hoffryn, Dalton, Darla, Dawn, Doyle, Drusilla, Faith Lehane, Giles, Glory, Halfrek, Joyce, Lorne, Nikki Wood, Oz, Riley Finn, Sam Lawson, Spike, Tara, The First Evil, The Judge, The Master, Wesley, William, Xander

Si spike ou dawn sont des dhampir commentez la série serait le choix de l'auteur dans quel scénario qu il veut choisir:

1) soit spike rencontre dawn dans un laboratoire nazie, elle fût le résultat d expérience donc spike décide de la sauver sera l l'auteure s ils vont trouver dru ou pas mais je veux que dawn a les pouvoirs de vampire mais pas leur faiblesse et elles comprennent que tout n est pas tout noir ou blanc et que les humains peuvent être aussi cruelle qu un démon. 

2) soit spike est un dhampir de Londres victoria élève par une mère humaine et qu il cache dans la nature mais à la mort de sa mère de la maladie il va se connecter de nature vampire mais sans perdre son humanité. Je veux voir un pic qui parcourt dans le monde pour chercher un endroit et qui comprenne la société démon et humaine. Un spike comme dans la saison 5 et 6 avec une touche williams. Si al auteur choisi si spike croise dru ou pas.

Dans les deux scénarios je veux voir la réaction de buffy et un nouveau point de vue sur la société démon. Spuffy. 



Categories: Episode Rewrite, Season 3, Season 4, Season 5
Characters: Angel, Buffy, Ensemble, Spike

Buffy: Angel, if I'm not the Slayer, what do I do? What do I have to offer? Why would you like me?

Angel: I saw you before you became the Slayer.

Buffy: What?

Angel: I watched you. I saw you called. It was a bright afternoon out in front of your school. You walked down the steps and...and I loved you.

Buffy: Why?

Angel: Because I could see your heart. You held it before you for everyone to see and I worried that it would be bruised or torn and more than anything in my life, I wanted to keep it safe. To warm it with my own.

Here's the scene to start from. After Angel is done talking, instead of Buffy saying, "That's beautiful." go in a different direction. While Angel is explaining his reasons for loving her, have Buffy remember that day when she was called. She wasn't doing anything that would show her heart. She was talking about her dad trying to make her wear an old dress and making Tyler crawl on his hands and knees for the chance to be her date for a dance. Some of her first words to Merrick are to assure him that she "meant to pay for that lipstick." She knows this is the moment that Angel is talking about just by what he's described before that about her being on the steps, etc. and she's completely thrown on how this moment was one that showed her heart to everyone. 

Have Buffy question it. This isn't beautiful to her, she has no idea how Angel could love her because of that moment. The more she pushes for answers, the more Angel lets slip. He mentions watching her stake her first vampire. He slips up and mentions following her home, listening to her parents fight, watching as she rinsed her face in the bathroom sink and fought back tears. (Sidenote: am I the only one wondering why on Earth the Summers family had the bathroom window curtains open at night? Or why the house was built with such a big bathroom window at all?) Angel's trying to use each of these as an example of why he fell in love with Buffy but all it does for Buffy is give her a wake up call.

Angel was following her and watching her long before she went to Sunnydale. How does she know what's real and what isn't in their relationship? Did he watch her while everything was falling apart or when she was with Pike? Either he followed her to Sunnydale or he found out she was moving there ahead of time and got there before her to get himself settled in. And rather than introduce himself, he followed her at night, didn't give his name until she pushed, hid he was a vampire, etc.

Buffy freaks out and breaks things off - whether it's right away at that moment or if she's freaking out and says she has to go and leaves quickly only to break things off later is up to you.

Angel is no longer this romantic ideal to Buffy. She's completely creeped out by his actions. How does this change things later when Angel is poisoned and the Council refuses to help? I don't see Buffy letting Angel drink from her so how is he cured? Does she manage to get Faith? Does she have a few pints of her own blood taken out and put into something for him to drink so that he goes nowhere near her neck? Does Angel end up dying?

How does this all pave the way for Spuffy later? I'd like to see them get together in either season 4 or 5.

(I don't actually hate Angel. But the writers choosing that moment as the moment he falls in love with Buffy is a terrible choice.)

Categories: Season 4, Episode Rewrite
Characters: Buffy, Riley Finn, Spike

At the beginning of Hush, Buffy is awkward when talking to Riley because she likes him but, as she tells Willow, nothing else is happening because talking gets in the way.

So instead of this, what if after Something Blue both Buffy and Spike realized that they actually did have feelings for each other? But they haven't been able to admit it to each other because whenever they're around each other, their defenses go up and cue the snark and insults. She can still be awkward around Riley only because while she's realized he likes her, she doesn't like him back and she has no idea how to tell him that she didn't actually make Spike up, he exists and likes him. She's just not engaged to him.

The Gentlemen take everyone's voices and when Riley goes to kiss Buffy, she steps back from him and shakes her head, holding her hands up to stop him coming closer. She's finally able to be very clear that she's not interested in him. 

On the other hand, she and Spike are no longer able to insult each other or anything so no more words getting in their way so when she shows up at Giles' apartment, he's there. They're able to get across that they're worried about each other. Maybe as soon as he sees her, he's in front of her and checking to see if she's injured. 

Maybe this also leads up to Spike finding out he can hurt demons. He goes with her when she's going after The Gentlemen because an extra pair of eyes can't hurt, right? When the Gentlemen's minions attack Buffy on the way to the clocktower, Spike can't help himself. He joins the fight and realizes he can hurt demons. Is this the moment Spike and Buffy kiss before they remember, hey, demons to fight, voices to get back?

By the end of the episode, they've finally taken the first steps towards becoming a couple though. Once they get their voices back, then they finally talk to each other.

Have fun!

Categories: Time Travel, Season 2, Season 3, Season 4, Season 5, Season 6, Season 7, Post-Series, Crossover (AtS)
Characters: Buffy, Drusilla, Ensemble, Spike

Buffy and co. show up to help in that final battle in NFA but Spike doesn't survive the battle. Buffy's furious that Angel didn't call her right away and accuses him of talking Spike out of contacting her once he was corporeal. Angel's fires back that he doesn't see why she cares when she moved on from the both of them with the Immortal. Whether you go with the comics and that wasn't really Buffy they saw or if there was another explanation for Buffy being close to the guy is up to you. Whatever you choose, Buffy explains it to Angel and they both realize that there was plenty of assumptions being made since no one bothered actually talking to each other. (For instance, was it true that Buffy & Faith really stopped trusting Angel once he took over W&H or was Andrew spouting off the company line given to him by someone else like Giles or Robin or Xander or maybe one of the other Slayers?)

Air cleared between the two of them, Buffy stays in LA for awhile longer. She can't seem to stop herself from going to that alley where Spike died each night. One night, she goes and Dru is there. While normally Buffy would immediately go into Slayer mode, it's pretty obvious that Dru is there because she's mourning Spike as well. So instead of "hit first, ask questions later", Buffy makes the first move. I imagine her saying something like, "You were right. Vampires could love well but not wisely." Maybe there's a bit of bitterness to her smile or tone because she's thinking Spike loving her was the unwise part. Dru, on the other hand, assures her (in her own Dru way) that loving Buffy wasn't where Spike went wrong. What went wrong was that "Daddy got what he wanted just like he always does." A bit of prodding has Dru telling Buffy that Angelus' mission when he first came back wasn't to use the Judge or anything. He wanted to hurt Buffy like he hurt Dru and he managed it though not in the way anyone would have expected.

Angelus broke Dru before he turned her so while she was able to love Spike the best she could, it wasn't in the way he wanted or needed in the end. And then Angelus wanted to break Buffy and, in a way, he managed it. What Angelus did was what caused Buffy to doubt Spike's love later on - that pesky soul debate and all. Combine that with other factors (Angel pushing her to go for normal, Spike trying to woo Buffy the way he would Dru when he chained her up which just made Buffy feel justified in her beliefs, etc) and it took much too long for Buffy to realize Spike's love for her was real and that she loved him back.

And from that conversation, a friendship no one saw coming is born.

Buffy and Dru bond. They become actual friends that are leaning on each other for support because no one else gets what they're going through. No one wants to help Dru because, hey, enemy! No one wants to talk to Buffy about Spike because, well, it was Spike, why isn't she over it? 

Then one night they get a crazy idea to fix things. They can't bring Spike back but they can go back to when Spike was still alive (undead, whatever) and fix things. Dru has made it clear that while she loves Spike, it's more that she wishes they could have been a family again but this time with Buffy included. She knows that Buffy and Spike are supposed to be together. And hell if Buffy's going to argue.

They plan and though Buffy is preparing herself for this to possibly fail, in the end it actually works. Both Buffy and Dru end up in their past bodies and set out to get Spike together with Buffy and be a family. (Buffy's not going to ditch her friend once she gets her man after all!)

I'd like for them to go back to either season 2 or 3 and for them to have already figured out a plan for when they get back. If season 2, it's before What's My Line? and Buffy breaks up with Angel. She gets either the manuscript or Du Lac cross (or both if you want) that's necessary for Dru's cure - the two of them already know Angel doesn't have to die for Dru to get her strength back so it's not like that's a problem. Dru, meanwhile, tells Spike that he needs to play nice with Buffy because she's going to bring them what they need. Spike nearly falls over in shock when it turns out it's not just crazy talk on Dru's part, the Slayer shows up with the means to cure Dru. Not only that but the two are getting along like a house on fire. Do they convince Angel to participate in the ritual willingly? Does Buffy end up helping them kidnap Angel if he doesn't (which Spike would probably be baffled by while also finding it a bit hilarious)?

If season 3, then rather than cheat on Spike, Dru insists that they need to go back to Sunnydale. The reason can be anything (though imagine Spike's face if Dru says she misses her sister and he's wondering who the hell that could be). On Buffy's end, depending on when in the season it is, she tells Giles immediately about Angel being back once it happens or she breaks up with Angel and doesn't let him talk her out of it. Instead she's firm when she says if he wants to be her friend then great but if he can't do that then they need to stay away from each other.

From there, cue Buffy and Dru continuing their friendship (and not bothering to explain to anyone how/why they're friends) and shenanigans as they try to get Spike to admit that he's fallen in love with Buffy. If you decide to continue passed that and show how Buffy and Dru's friendship changes what happens in later seasons, I think that'd be great but if you want to stop after Spuffy gets together, that's okay too.

Sorry about the length - I seem incapable of writing short challenges, yeesh. 

Have fun!



Categories: Episode Rewrite, Season 2
Characters: Angelus, Buffy, Drusilla, Spike

In, "I Only Have Eyes For You," what if Drusilla is the one thrust into the role of the deceased teacher opposite Buffy?


It'd have hilarious and dramatic fallout if the episode went this way; the ghosts weren't exactly choosy about their hosts' genders.

Would Drusilla gain a more mature and responsible outlook and stop world ending plans because she irrationally cares for Buffy/ the boy that possessed her?

Spike and Angel(us) being weirded out by the vampiress on slayer macking either or both witness.

Xander tries to commisserate with Buffy on being the temporary magical target of Drusilla's affections.

Categories: Post-Series, Season 6, Season 7
Characters: Buffy, Spike

A quiet moment somewhere in season 6 or 7 or post series - your call!

Buffy and Spike are talking one night (maybe after a few drinks, but in general, relaxed and comfortable in each other's presence) and we finally get to hear the story of Buffy beheading the football player she mentioned in The Harvest. 

Vibe should be a comfortable intimacy that they didn't realize they had fallen into. Perhaps some casual sparring. Perhaps some flirtatious banter. Perhaps plans to do it again next week.  

Categories: Episode Rewrite, Season 6
Characters: Anya, Buffy, Dawn, Spike, Tara, Willow, Xander

Deep in the hot mess of season 6 ("As You Were" deep, in fact), Buffy and Spike are maybe finally starting to talk and get to a better place. And then Buffy's ex-boyfriend shows up.


The Scoobies always thought Angel was the prime example of Buffy's type: tall, brooding, big forehead, and willing to back her up in a fight if pressed to or it's convenient for him. But when Pike shows up, having not seen her since Buffy left LA and moved to Sunnydale, they realize maybe she has a different type: killer cheekbones, leather, obnoxious cars, and willing to be whatever she needs and support her any way he can without getting in her way.

Must have Buffy and Spike ending up together and the Scoobies accepting (or at least resigning) themselves to the relationship.

Must not have any blowing up of Spike's crypt; that destruction (those rugs!) was painful enough to watch.

Categories: Episode Rewrite, Season 6, Crossover (AtS), Alternate Reality
Characters: Angel, Anya, Buffy, Charles Gunn, Connor, Cordelia, Daniel Holtz, Darla, Dawn, Drusilla, Fred, Halfrek, Spike, Tara, Wesley, Willow, Xander

Halfrek turned to look at the newcomer by her side. “Granok, huh? Didn’t think you guys were still around.” 

“Yeah, I get that a lot.” Sahjhan said, eyes focused on the strange event in front of them. “Being stuck between time and space without corporeality didn’t really help to spread word of existence around.” 

The conversation was ended as the wailing sobs of the vampiress rose up once more, leaving the two demons to stare awkwardly at the bizarre funeral a few feet away from them in the garden. Dolls were strewn about the open holes in various states of uprightness, while the insane woman clutched the two small boxes of ashes to her chest and let out hideous screeches and cries in mourning, finally dissolving back to choked whispers for a moment. 

“...Is...Is she going to take much longer? Because this is getting rather repetitive.” 

“Oh hush, the poor girls in pain. Leave her be.” 

Spike is unable to drag himself out of the alley after “Dead Things”, and dusts in the sunlight. Drusilla, already reeling from the death of her “grandmother”, is rendered almost catatonic at the loss of her Childe. Leaving Europe she heads to LA and Sunnydale, collecting Darla and Spike’s ashes for a funeral. She curses the Sunshine that not only stole her boy from her but used and killed him, and the terrible Angelbeast that stole her Daddy and made Grandmummy like him before “forcing” her to kill herself for “the spawn”.  

Now while Dru isn’t really her usual target for vengeance wishes, Halfrek was already coming to town for Anayanka’s (rather foolish) wedding, and how could she resist such misery? Meanwhile, Sahjhan’s getting a little antsy as Hotlz does his work; sure the time-displaced hunter’s doing his job, but it’s always good practice to have a few extra cards to play, isn’t it? And the crazy loon isn’t ideal, but nothing about this situation is.

So now Drusilla works with the two powerful demons to achieve vengeance for her family: first on the Slayer and her band of friends (“Could we try and keep Anyanka out of this? It’s not really her fault.”), and on the ensouled vampires along with his followers (“Let’s keep in mind that we REALLY need his kid dead, OK?”). 

Must Haves: 

This is ideally going to be a somewhat angsty fic, given that it’s about a lunatic vampire working with reality warping demons to  make our heroes suffer, but it shouldn’t be constantly depressing and grim. Bits of humor and lightheartedness here and there, alright? 

No character bashing or praising please. While character flaws and events should be addressed, it needs to be done in a mature manner as both the characters and questions of “How and why is Spike dead?” “Darla came back to life, and gave birth?” are complex, and deserve to be given proper treatment. 

Drusilla wishes Spike and Darla back to life, but the ramifications are up to you, as she probably would want to arrange a few things to bring them “back where they belong” with her, without that pesky character development. 

Happy ending. I’m a sucker for ‘em, what can I say? 

Have fun!

Categories: Season 4
Characters: Buffy, Ensemble, Spike, Willow

At the end of Something Blue, Buffy tells Willow they might need to look into a forgetting spell and then it's never brought up again.

Willow decides to do the spell anyway - without telling anyone of course. She decides she wants the gang and Riley (because there's no reason to risk him bringing it up and making Buffy wonder) to forget that Buffy and Spike were ever engaged.

Of course, it backfires and everyone forgets who they are entirely. Take it from there!

Can be set anytime after Something Blue and up to you how this leads to Spuffy and how long the spell lasts.

Have fun!

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In season 2, Jenny suggests that Angel leaves with the Judge's arm and points out that Buffy can't do it because she can't just up and leave for a few months. Then, as we know, that plan gets derailed when Spike and Dru's minions attack and get the arm back.

But what if they didn't?

Angel leaves with the arm and Buffy is left with the ring he gave her (along with the cross and jacket) and the hope that it won't take nearly as long as Jenny said it might to get rid of the arm. So she's holding onto her love for Angel right now and she figures they can survive this. It'll be like a long distance relationship.

One month goes by. Nothing from Angel, no communication at all. Two months. Three months.

As each day goes by, Buffy starts losing hope. She gets that he probably can't call. But how hard is it to even drop her a postcard? Something to let her know he's okay and not dust.

Soon, Buffy feels like she's been forgotten by Angel and she starts to move on. She grieves the loss of the relationship because she really thought she and Angel were true love. Without Angelus making an appearance, things go differently of course. Jenny doesn't die, no one knows she's part of the clan that cursed Angel because she's done her job and kept him and Buffy apart.

Feel free to touch on how this might change certain things in season 2 - for instance, is it Spike and Buffy acting out what happened with James and Grace in I Only Have Eyes For You? Either way, there's no Angelus so it's up to you if Acathla opening is still the thing to stop at the end of the season or if it's something else.

So Buffy grieves over the summer (also up to you if Joyce finds out because Buffy has to stake a vamp in front of her or something else - if there's no world ending happening, maybe Buffy has time to sit down and actually explain things to her this time) and she hasn't been expelled and, unless Spike and Dru did something, Kendra wasn't killed at the end of season 2. Maybe Buffy decides that it's time to get back in the dating saddle again and still tries dating Scott. How does that relationship go without any Angel baggage effecting Buffy? Does it last longer possibly? Do they break up on friendly terms (so that Scott doesn't spread rumors about Buffy)?

This will also change things with Faith, I'd think. There was already friction between her and Buffy due to both their insecurities. But I think what started the big wedge between them was finding out that Buffy had been hiding Angel's return from everyone right when Gwendolyn Post was there, planting even more seeds of doubt. So with Buffy not lying, how does it go when Post shows up?

Those are just a couple of things to consider. And maybe the attempt to be with Scott shows Buffy that she really can't date a normal guy. There's no longer Angel there to tell her she needs normal. Joyce might be pushing for it, like she's been pushing for Buffy to leave town for college, but while two Slayers might allow for the college part to be true, Buffy now has evidence that dating a normal guy won't work. Maybe have Buffy think of Pike leaving her and remember that she didn't want to date Owen because he was normal too and she was worried about him getting hurt. So when Riley is interested in her, she sticks to her original answer of no.

Eventual Spuffy, of course! I'd love for it to happen in season 4 but any season after season 2 works. Heck, if you can swing season 3, go for it!

It's up to you when Angel comes back but by the time he does, Buffy is long over him and she's already got feelings for Spike. Whether she and Spike are already together is up to you as well.

Have fun!

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In The Pack Xander says that, before Buffy showed up, their lives didn't need so much saving, as if inferring that it's Buffy's fault; but it's the Hellmouth!

What if Xander and Willow - and everyone else for that matter - had spent the past many years of their lives living in fear, and under almost as strict rules as in the Wish!Verse? And when Buffy shows up, they are relieved to have her and befriend her? And her being the Slayer is not only well-known to the whole town and school, but she's basically treated like a superhero who can do no wrong - need to skip school to slay? No problem. Didn't have time to study because you were out late slaying? No worries, automatic A for saving our lives. Like an exaggerated way of how a lot of schools treat their star athletes. Not saying it's right, but it's how they'll treat her.

What would this Sunnydale look like and how would outsiders like Buffy, Giles, Angel, Jenny, and the rest (Spike?) take this change?

Extra points for an ensemble piece!

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Yes! The title should have an exclamation mark like Jumanji! Or Kon-Tiki!

There's an epidemic in Sunnydale and Spike and Buffy are in lockdown, together, with a bunch of grade school age kids, in a school bathroom. (Based on a real life incident, but that's another story.) What's the epidemic? How'd they get there with the kids? Most importantly, how hard is Spike going to rock this Daddy Day Care when the entertainment options are so limited, being stuck in a bathroom and all.

Must have: Buffy hoarding snacks, hand sanitizer, sexy use of a face mask, debunking of a conspiracy theory, playing Jenga with improvised bits they find around, a smokin' hot rescue person.

Cannot have: There is nothing you cannot have here! Pandemic Rules. You want Anya in a bikini made of bacon? Do it! Go nuts!


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After the events of Once More, with Feeling, Tara realizes that she recognizes the scent of the herb used to erase her memories; she's been smelling it a lot lately. That's why she decides to cast a spell to bring back any lost memories (only on herself, this isn't about Buffy remembering That Day) that may have been taken from her through magic - she's horrified to learn just how long her girlfriend has been erasing memories; from small arguments to giant disputes.

What did she take? And how does it make things Spuffy? My only request is that, when things hit the fan, Buffy will ask Willow to move out, instead of Tara leaving and that should be what makes all the changes. Imagine Buffy having Tara's support during the time when she needs it most?

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Either the battle against the First failed....or Buffy died with Spike in the cavern as it fell down on them. The PTB not liking however the battle turned out came up with a plan to change things. They take all of Buffy and Spike's future memories and send them back in time to their past selves. 

The hope is that knowing what will be going down in the years ahead might make the pair work together better and stop things faster and make the future better. 

Only problem is that they send the memories to them at the point of The Harsh Light of Day fight between the pair! What's going to happen to them when right in the middle of the fight they get whammed by future memories of them.....and them being together?