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Categories: Crossover (Books or TV shows outside Buffyverse)
Characters: Ensemble

Buffy/Despicable Me

Before the Minions threw their lot in with Gru they traveled through Sunnydale and meet Spike! Over joyed the Minions threw their weight in behind the master vampire and his efforts too woo the Slayer!

As annoying and destructive as the Minions are Spike is a bit touched that someone actually cares for him. Plus the Minions ADORE Dawn(Tara also?) and cater to her every whim when she's with them. They also can NOT stand Riley and make his life miserable every chance they get(maybe Xander also).

Giles and Anya point out that the Watcher Council and the Demon world has known about the Minions for eons but have no clue what they are....and have learned that it's just best to stay out of their way.


Categories: Season 6, Crossover (Books or TV shows outside Buffyverse), Alternate Reality, Claim
Characters: Buffy, Dawn, Spike

After being resurrected, Buffy discovers that the Hellmouth is poisoning her due to her being in Heaven and becoming an Angel. As a result Spike takes her and Dawn to the home of another tv series so that she can heal.

Must haves:

  • Spuffy
  • Buffy is an Angel due to being In heaven as a result the Mouth of Hell is poison to her
  • Spike and Dawn are leaving with her
  • They go to some fictional (eg. Storybrooke, Mystic Falls etc...) town where either they have family or Spike has friends who can help.
  • Buffy didn't send the Gem of Amara to Angel or destroy it. Instead she kept it and gives it to Spike because she trusts him
  • The Council gets Faith to cover the Hellmouth
  • Giles realises Willow is out of control and gets her help
  • Buffy gaines some sort of power from Heaven
  • Buffy and Dawn or Spike are/is related to someone in the other town, ex; Buffy is a long lost Halliwell sister, Buffy is the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming, Spike is the son of Rumpelstiltskin etc...
  • The chip is removed

Can Haves:

  • Dawn / A character from the other canon
  • Spike Shanshus at some point
  • If you do have the First do it in a different way than in the show
  • Spike gets his soul
  • Spuffy baby
  • Dawn turns out to have been created from both Buffy and Spike and is technically their daughter, she even jokingly calls them mom and dad
  • Some Scooby bashing

Must NOT haves:

  • Buffy returns to Sunnydale for anything but an apocalypse
  • Buffy/Angel pairing

Categories: Alternate Reality, Season 5
Characters: Ensemble

When the monks brought the Key to Buffy, they didn't make it a helpless teenager who would need constant protection; they made it a Master Vampire who could defend himself from demons (but was unable to harm humans) and who had a hundred years of (fake) history of death and bloodshed. They made the Key someone who, more than anything, would want to be close to Buffy. They made it Spike.

I want Spike's background/memories to be canon, so in his memories, he was turned by Drusilla, was part of the Scourge of Europe and came to Sunnydale in season 2, was chipped by the Initiative and came to Buffy for help, etc. But of course, none of that actually happened.

I would love a fic that runs through the whole of season 5 (as AU as you like), but it's not absolutely necessary.

- Also, bonus if both Angel and Drusilla appear and weigh in on the situation.

- Up to author if final battle with Glory is included and how that actually goes down (is Spike's blood Buffy's blood - if so, what does that even mean? When does Glory figure out Spike is the Key? When does everyone else figure it out?).

- What is everyone's reactions to finding out they need to protect Spike and that their entire history with him is fake?

- What is Spike's reaction when he find out that his entire existence was made up? And that he's only a vampire because the monks made him that way.

- What implications does it have on Buffy and Spike's relationship?

- Dawn can still be around as a normal teenager, or not. I don't mind.

Categories: Season 4, Alternate Reality
Characters: Ensemble

What if Buffy and Spike got together in season 4 and the reason why was because of... Maggie Walsh?

After this speech of Professor Walsh's: "Ok.  This is Psych 105, 'Introduction to Psychology', I'm Professor Walsh.  Those of you who fall under my good graces will come to know me as Maggie.  Those of you who don't will come to know me by the name my TAs use, and think I don't know about, 'The Evil Bitch Monster of Death.'  Make no mistake, I run a hard class, I assign a lot of work, I talk fast and I expect you to keep up.  If you're looking to coast I recommend 'Geology 101,' that's where the football players are."   

The Professor has the class look at the syllabus. She assigns them a project they'll have to work on for the duration of the semester that requires them to pick a subject (a person) they don't get along with and see if they can change the persons perspective of them simply by "killing them with kindness". They have to resist the urge to be rude to this "subject" for the whole of semester although the professor doesn't want them to become doormats. Each student must keep a diary (for privacy's sake the subject must be kept anonymous and must not know that they are unwittingly part of an experiment) of reactions and must note if they are succeeding or failing at the task. The journal must be handed in at the end of the semester and will make up a huge percentage of her grade.

Will Buffy have a hard time picking a subject and start fretting that she's going to fail the class because she can't find someone suitable for the study? Does she consider her roommate Kathy for the part at first only to have to start from scratch when the soul sucking monster gets taken back to her own dimension? 

Does she finally decide on Spike when he shows up chipped and starving on Thanksgiving (maybe she thought of making him her subject, for like, a millisecond before the fight for the Gem really ramped up?)? Maybe seeing him so pale and wasted away helps her to pretend he's a person and show sympathy for him. Will she tell the Scoobies her plan and get them all in on it? How will they react? Will they fight her on it? Will they agree to support her plan but not be nice to him themselves, cause, hey, not their assignment. Will Buffy, as her first act of kindness, go buy butcher's blood to feed him?

Will Spike be skeptical at Buffy's kindness and, in typical Spike fashion, be a "bad rude man"? Will something eventually happen to make him start appreciating her kind gestures? Will he reciprocate in kind all the while continuing to be snarky? Will Buffy start to include Spike in her patrols so that he can get out of Giles' place? Will Buffy start appreciating his view on things (which could also spill over to Anya who is an untapped fount of knowledge).

Will Spike eventually find out about the assignment and be very upset because he made himself even more vulnerable to the Slayer? Maybe he finds out by reading her diary. How will that play out? Will things get rocky for a wee bit until Buffy explains that though it started out as an assignment it stopped being that a long time ago.

Will Walsh die or not and if she does will her death completely derail the assignment? If she lives would things change? Would there be an Adam? Would Walsh still try to recruit Buffy or would she want her for experiments? Will Buffy feel disgusted when she  finds out who her professor really is? Would Buffy and Spike have a good working relationship by then? Would they already be in love with each other? 


Would like to see:

-Buffy and Spike bonding over bouts of helplessness (Her cruciamentum, his chipping)

-Joyce or other unlikely sources unwittingly smoothing the way for Spuffy.

-This shed new perspectives on canon events which help the Scoobies be more accepting.

-Eventual smut


Can have:


-Angel popping up again after "Pangs" to see Buffy working with Spike (and Spike rubbing it in.) Bonus if Angel is human.


Must not have:

-Buffy and Riley- maybe she won't date him because her mother makes an off hand comment about it being potentially problematic grade wise for her daughter once Buffy tells her he's the TA for her Psychology class.

-Buffy running off after Thanksgiving to see Angel.


That's it folks. Make it awesome!




Categories: All Human/Fantasy
Characters: Ensemble

High school senior's Spike and Buffy are on a field trip cruise and get washed up on a deserted island and have to fend for themselves for 3-4 months until they get rescued. Spike is a rich, loner, bad boy, intelligent but unmotivated. Buffy is the prom queen, straight A student, heading to an ivy league school. They dislike each other at first but then come to rely on each other as they build a life on the island.  When they are finally rescued, the two have a hard time adjusting to their old lives as they are used to being together without inhibitions and outside interference.

Basically, I'm inspired by the first two Blue lagoon movies and the book but the latest film, 'Blue Lagoon Awakening' left a lot to be desired, unable to create a feeling of genuine love between the two protagonists. Set in current times, I wanted to see the relationship between the protagonists continue to deepen and have the two of them rely on each other as they are rescued from the island and returned home. The test of a relationship is not in a love bubble but in real life, with pressures of friends and family. I would love to see a Spuffy rendition where the couple returns from the island much more connected to each other, wanting to continue their close relationship and finding normalcy in being with each other outside the prying eyes of the media, judgmental friends and family.

Can have:

- 3-4 months of being stranded on the island but back in time to finish off senior year and maybe attend the prom

- Details of island life where the two develop a bond. Like making shelter, finding food, tending to injuries, emotional support, arguments etc 

- The two are NOT virgins.  They may start having sex to quench the loneliness and fear and eventually to comfort and express affection until finally falling in love.

- Go beyond the time line of the movie and show them post prom. Adjustment as a couple in the real world takes time and it would be interesting to see the two navigate that through their senior year into college.

- I'd love to see some tenderness between the couple that shows them being mature beyond their usual high school relationship. Like the two having to concede to parents and staying in their respective houses but meeting up at late at night in Buffy's tree house to spend the night together anyway, them instinctively reaching out and holding hands while they face the press for interviews, not being able to relate to school friends and outgrowing  high school cliques etc.

- Buffy's wholesome but overprotective and dominating family

- Spike's rich and well meaning but neglectful parents

- At least 60-70% of the story spent on the island and the rest can be post rescue

Can't have:

- The main couple dating other people while hooking up with each other. No cheating please but ex's can complicate things.

- No baby or pregnancy although the characters can talk about it since they are having unprotected sex on the island. Find some reasonable explanation like Buffy's hormones affected due to being on the pill before, poor nutrition, stress, etc

Must have:

Happy ending

Some proper love scenes- it is Blue lagoon after all.

Categories: Season 4
Characters: Willow

We know that at the end of high school, Willow was being headhunted for her computer expertise. What if the reason she didn't run off and join the NSA or go the Oxford was less to do with staying around Buffy and more to do with having been recruited into the Initiative. 

She works for them as a scientist. I can't imagine this being a problem for her. Although she might disagree with her superiors who insist that vampires and demons aren't sentient, she does think that they don't deserve to die and can't feel without a soul so what does it matter if they are cut up and experimented on.

We know that she doesn't have many classes with Buffy, so disappearing for hours at a time for 'study groups' is not going to ring any alarm bells. 

What happens when Spike is brought in - does she see him? Does he see her? Does it affect his choice to go to the Scoobies for help? Does he hide out in Revello Drive, waiting for Joyce to return and get found by Buffy?

What are the implications of Willow's involvement in the Initiative to her friendship with the Slayer? Does she inadvertently give too much away to Walsh (trying to impress her boss with her massive knowledge of demons and the occult) and set them after Buffy? What happens when they bring in a werewolf? Is it Oz? Veruca? and if so, is she feeling vindictive because of Oz's drifting attentions and therefore does nothing?

Does knowing that Riley is in the Initiative and effectively her boss make her less likely to encourage Buffy to get into a relationship with him? Does she ever go to the Wicca group and meet Tara? If not, does Tara find her way into the group in some other way?

Is there still a Will be Done spell? 

What changes that makes Buffy and Spike have to work together? How do they eventually accept their feelings for each other?

Bonus points if there is a mention of Willow being rabidly against animal testing. Because who would want to imagine the cute fluffy animals getting hurt?



Categories: Season 6, Season 5
Characters: Anya, Buffy, Giles, Glory, Halfrek, Spike, Tara, Willow, Xander

Title up to author Begin around The Gift when they are trying to come up with a way to beat Glory.

We saw in S6 that Anya kept in touch with at least Halfrek among her friends from her vengeance demon days. Anya was also the one to come up with all the practical weapons to use against Glory when they did go to battle... So why wouldn't Anya think to call on a friendly (to her) vengeance demon to win against Glory? Surely D'Hoffryn wouldn't want his dimension bleeding into others any more than anyone else did.

Set up is simple... Glory is too much for them to fight and win. Anya, in desperation, calls for her friend Hallie and points out that Dawn is an abused child in this situation. She's been put terrible danger by the monks having made her a vulnerable teen girl.  Anya convinces Hallie that Dawn needs to be avenged and since she's in Glory's hands the wish can be made FOR her.

The wording of the wish should get rid of Glory permanently, be creative.

No Buffy death

Tara is restored to mental health

Dawn remains as the Key but no longer in danger (wish can get rid of the Knights too).

Everyone has to admit that the real heroes in this apocalypse were the demons (Spike for protecting/shielding Dawn through torture and Halfrek for granting Anya's wish). They come to the realization that the old idea that demons are bad and evil and humans the good guys isn't quite true and that actions determine who is evil and who is good.

Go with whatever else you want them to change and make it as long and involved as you want but it's important that both Spike and Anya are seen as helpful and part of the team by everyone by the story's end.

Spuffy, of course. Buffy sees that it's okay to accept Spike's love (and knows he does love her). Sees him for the decent man he is trying to be.  Can begin a healthy relationship where Spike helps Buffy adjust to her new role as "mother" to Dawn, financial issues and so on as well as a sexual relationship built on mutual desire. No emotionally damaged Buffy even if she has challenges. 

Bonus is it's noted that Angel was nowhere around to help through the Glory danger.


Categories: Season 6, Season 7
Characters: Buffy, Dawn, Spike, Tara, The First Evil, Willow

After completing the demon trials and winning his soul, the PTB award Spike the ability to walk in the sun again. Half mad from the guilt, he travels back to Sunnydale just in time. Taking a bullet for Buffy, he barely manages to save Tara the only way he can. By turning her.

Vamp!Tara fully embraces her white witch abilities while working to pull her sire and the scoobies together. And with a little luck, hopefully they can defeat the first evil.

Must haves:
Tara rises with a soul. How is up to the author.
Willow and Tara stay together and are very much in love.
Though nothing sexual grows between the pair, Tara keeps her humanity by helping Spike regain his.
And last but not least, a happy Spuffy ending.

Can have:
Cupid causing a bit of mischief, because who doesn't love a little Valentine's Day challenge?

*My challenges are here to inspire so feel free to revise or interpret them however you wish. Shoot me a message for banner personalization. Thanks, Java.

Categories: All Human/Fantasy
Characters: Buffy, Spike

Spike gets a new job as a security guard in a mental hospital. He (at first) hates the job, but sticks with it since it was the only place that was hiring.

A very shy Buffy (patient at hospital) approaches Spike one day and introduces herself, wanting a new friend. 

Friendship ensues and later romance (yay!)

Up to the author to decide why Buffy is in the hospital.

Can Have: Clem being a fellow co-worker and becoming Spike's friend.

Can't Have: Buffy/Other, Spike/Other

Categories: Season 2
Characters: Buffy, Ensemble, Spike

Buffy isn't the slayer and is instead a regular scooby like S1 Xander and Willow.

Spike comes into town intent on killing the slayer (Faith, Kendra, or even Willow, etc.) but gets sidetracked upon meeting Buffy.

Can't Have: B/A pairing (Angel moons over the slayer not Buffy)

Categories: None
Characters: Angel

Angel goes to Africa to secure his soul, intent on becoming what Buffy deserves. He comes back as Spike.

Categories: None
Characters: None

In cannon, Xander got the zap meant for Buffy.  But how much more interesting would it be if he had hit his target, and surprise!!:  Spike catches the eye of  both Girly!Buffy and Slayer!Buffy.  Surely the Scoobs can manage to set things right and save their friend, but not before both sides of Buffy have gotten a chance to get to know just how good a match Spike can be for both of them.  

Can be a deep exsistential exploration of Buffy's slayerness or just a bunch of fun Scooby and Spuffy hijinks. 

Has to end spuffy. 

Thats about it. 

Categories: None
Characters: Angel, Buffy, Joyce, Spike, Willow, Xander

When Buffy gets hit with the aspect of the demon she’s afraid it’s going to be a body part or something. However what if instead of an added aspect it was the removal, or change of apspect the demon. 

Many fanfics have theorized that demons do have souls. Just not the same kind of soul as humans. (I can see this as I believe that puppy’s and kitty’s have their own puppy/kitty souls so it’s not a far streatch). What if instead of telekinesis Buffy loses her soul like demons apparent do or gains a demons soul. As the slayer only the slayer soul would work if you go that route.

souless makes her realize angel and the council are full of poop when it comes to souless creatures can’t love. She still feels the same as she did before. 

Demon soul makes her realize that she’s never going to be normal. She can’t just be susy homemaker and that she’s more demon than human. 


Must turn spuffy. 

Categories: All Human/Fantasy
Characters: Ensemble

Buffy Summers is the star of the hit tv show Joan the Vampire Hunter(or Slayer if you want). Angel had been her costar for years on the show. Their characters were love interest on the show and to be honest Buffy was in love with Angel in real life.

But a movie Angel stared in on the side became a HUGE hit making him suddenly a new A lister on the movie scene. So when his contract ran out Angel didn't renew it so he left the show after being written off. He's now rubbing elbows with the movie star elites with his new girlfriend fellow movie star Cordelia Chase. This crushed Buffy.

In order to keep the show going the bigwigs bring in a new romantic character called Randy,played by Spike. Buffy hates him on spot due to his having taken Angel's spot on the show. Even worse when the new episodes air and Spike/Randy's is a hit and his fanbase rivals Angel's old one.

Must have

Buffy getting mad when she finds out that not only does Dawn like Spike/Randy she's in his fan club! Joyce maybe also lol.

Categories: All Human/Fantasy
Characters: Ensemble

After her mom's death Buffy is working as a cocktail waitress in a big casino. She's forced to wear a skimpy dress and fetch drinks for wealthy men gambling who have already had to much to drink and have roving hands. She puts up with it all in hopes for good tips in order to pay the bills and take care of her younger sister.

Spike is a multi millionaire who loves to come to the casino and gamble. But lately every time he's come to the casino Spike has been on a serious losing streak.Losing all that money isn't what bothers Spike,he's a millionaire for Chrissakes, he just HATES to lose at anything. So this losing streak is bugging him!

That all changes when Buffy comes over to get his drink order. Being Spuffy they share words and gets Buffy pissed off. But when she comes back with his drink Spike hits it BIG on his bet. Being a superstitious gambler Spike instantly believes that Buffy brought him good luck!

Right then and there Spike declares that Buffy must stick by his side day in and day out every where he goes in the casino. Buffy objects of course but with Spike being a big player at the casino...aka spends HUGE amounts of money there...all of Buffy's bosses demand that she tail along with Spike as his "good luck charm"! 

Of course it's conflict the whole's Spuffy lol


Must haves

Faith and Anya are also waitresses at the same casino. Where Buffy hates the guys roving hands Faith and Anya encourages it as long as it gets them good tips!

Lorne HAS to be a lounge singer at the casino and a helpful ear for Buffy to talk too.

Put a few others working at the casino would be nice.

Categories: Season 5, Episode Rewrite
Characters: Buffy, Riley Finn, Spike

Buffy walks in on Riley staking Spike. (S5: Into the Woods)

Categories: Season 4
Characters: None

Spike never came to Sunnydale during the first few seasons (why is up to you: is Drusilla dead, and this he had no reason to come? did they break up and she came on her lonesome? some other reason that’s not occurring to me?). The first time Buffy sees him is during The Harsh Light of Day, sunbathing on campus adorned with the Gem of Amara. 

Oh no, she thinks, the pit of her stomach dropping and sending tinglies all over, he’s hot. 

They start dating, Buffy unaware that her new boyfriend is a member of the undead. Of course, she has to find out eventually... what follows is up to you. 


•Spike/Buffy dating when Buffy doesn’t know he’s a vampire

•The eventual discovery of his vampirism


•Spike freckles

•(supportive!)Willow/Tara, Xander/Anya

•Spike coming to town in hunt of the Slayer but not knowing Buffy is the Slayer, leading to a run-around (Spike seeks out Slayer, Buffy searches for the town’s new Big Bad)

•Claim, bond, etc


•Chipped Spike

•Character bashing 

•Spike/other, Buffy/other (beyond brief mentions of past relationships)

Categories: Pre-Series, Season 2
Characters: Buffy, Drusilla, Spike

So I was thinking today about how Spike always loves women so completely. He loved Buffy so much he changed for her. But what if Buffy wasn't the first love of his life to ask him to change?

The idea is that Drusilla at some point pre series (I'd prefer it being before Niki Wood is killed, but up to the author) has kind of a breakdown remembering who she was before Angel's torture and tells Spike that she doesn't want to hurt anybody anymore. Spike, always love's bitch, agrees that they won't.

Spuffy comes in when, years later, Spike (and Dru?) show up in Sunnydale as a pacifist vampire, throwing everything Buffy thinks she knows about vampires and love on it's head.

Here's the scene as it is in my heart, feel free to reuse or not:

Spike entered the bedroom and paused on the threshold, arrested by the sight of his ripe wicked plum standing stock still and trembling, staring at a body crumpled at her feet.

The body was wearing a habit, whipple thrown askew to reveal the bright red bite on her neck. Spike took a short step forward. "Pet?"

"She forgave me." Druscilla said, tremously, and Spike cursed silently. Dru always went a bit nutty around nuns. He'd taken pains to avoid them over the last century for her sake. "As I drank the life from her she forgave me, and said God would too." She knelt slowly next to the body, and the light sjifted across her face, revealing tear tracks on her cheeks. Silence rang as Spike considered what he should say, but Dru spoke first, voice firm, her decision made, "My love, I don't want to hurt anyone anymore."

"Then we won't." Spike agreed, not even taking a moment to think. Whatever she wanted was what he wanted.

Categories: Season 6, Season 7, Post-Series, Crossover (AtS)
Characters: Angel, Buffy, Buffybot, Spike

Willow succeeded in re-programming the bot. In fact, she did a really good job at recreating teenage Buffy's personality in her adult body.

Somehow, the bot ends up with Angel. The perfect girl acting exactly as he imagines that she should... he ends up with his moment of perfect happiness (not necessarily through sex, it could just be having her as a perfect submissive partner or anything else; it's up to you).

Meanwhile, Spike and Buffy are together on the Hellmouth. How do they react when one of Angel's team calls in a panic?

Can be set any time after the resurrection. 

Does not need to take itself seriously. 

Have fun!


*edited to add*

The lovely Myrabeth has expanded on my idea with a more in depth plot but she is refusing to start another fic (understandably, considering the sheer number of WIPs she has). So this is what Myra thinks could happen:


Willow goes all in on bot work and reprogramming as a means of keeping herself busy while she's on the no-magic wagon. That coincides with the Spuffy warming up. The bot outs Spuffy before the Dead Things beat down can happen, and everyone has to make decisions about what they think (Buffy especially) once the relationship is brought into the light of day. Meanwhile, Willow is still tinkering with the bot, earning lots of comments about the increasingly realistic personality, and comparisons to the contemporary Buffy. Distracted by all of this, Buffy isn't patrolling the night Katrina is killed. Trio is arrested off-screen (Warren can break out and/or Jonathan and Andrew plea deals can be struck if any of them are needed in the story later).

Then someone mentions off-handedly where Angel is in the bot's earshot. The next day, no one can find the bot, and the whole gang is forced to work together to try to find her, helping to heal a lot of wounds. By the time they get a call from Wesley, the Scoobies are mostly working well together, and Buffy is hesitantly trying to treat Spike like a real boyfriend. They head off to LA as a group... the very weekend Riley rolls back into Sunnydale. He finds everyone gone, and redirects his mission to finding them, triggering some spats with Sam. They end up tracking the gang to LA just in time for the "we fixed everything and its happy smoochy time" ending to the Angelus/Bot adventure.



Categories: None
Characters: Ensemble

Buffy and Spike are planning on getting married. Angel and all the Scoobies(except Tara and Dawn) are against it......Anya could care less

The idea is that with most of her friends against her wedding Buffy gets help sitting it up from the demon community in town. Clem is the wedding planner.....Willy the Snitch let's her have it in his bar.....and all the demons help decorate, cater and get invited. 

PS...came back to edit this when this came to me.....

Maybe the wedding is at Caritas due to it's no violence spell? This way Willy the Snitch can cater the reception afterwards. This way when all the demons get invites they can show up without worry of killing. Plus even though they HATE the Slayer...some of them's still a matter of PRIDE to have been invited to her wedding!!!


Categories: Season 4, Episode Rewrite
Characters: Adam, Buffy, Oz, Riley Finn, Spike, Willow, Xander

Season 4 New Moon Rising Re-write Challenge

During a recent re-watch, I noticed some key things in ep 4x19 that made me think this episode could have gone in a much Spuffier direction. 1. Riley is ignorant about not all demons being bad. 2. Buffy defends Oz and even says that some vampires are good. 3. Spike makes a deal with Adam, but there’s a moment where Spike points out that Buffy tends to win and Adam tells him that maybe he should be on her side.

So, what if Spike realizes that he's better off teaming up with Buffy instead of Adam and offers to help Buffy and Willow get Oz back? Then maybe he offers to play double-agent for Buffy instead of spying on her. From there you can go where you like with this.



Categories: Season 6, Crossover (AtS)
Characters: None

Challenge: When Buffy dies Angel stays on the Hellmouth after her funeral.  Angel has to stay through 6 seasons to help Buffy get back on feet. How does change season 6? 

Must have 

  • Spuffy
  • Angel and Spike are frienemies
  • Dark-Willow

Can have:

  • Angel's crew joins him in Sunnydale
  • pregnant Darla  
  • Wolfram and heart

Can't have:

  • Abusive Buffy
  • love triangles
  • Giles leaving


Categories: Alternate Reality
Characters: Buffy, Spike

I always wished we could explore the wishverse more, see if there were other cities that were openly ruled by the vampires other than Sunnydale. So, here is an idea for you writers out there.

Instead of just Sunnydale being under the rule of the Master, instead most major cities are under the rule of a powerful vampire. Now, let's say we're in a Wishverse version of season 2, Buffy has defeated the Master like in canon, with the unwanted aid of a Wishverse Giles. But, with him gone, the power vacuum opens up and in rolls Wishverse Spike. Unlike the Master, who ruled over Sunnydale, Spike is far more influential and rules over most of California, his main base being L.A. Perhaps, in this wishverse, Spike was turned a different vampire and is older and more powerful than in canon. Having heard of the Vampire King being dusted, Spike is curious about who killed him, rather than being out for revenge. More importantly, he and Buffy have history, complicated history.

Upon reuniting, Spike is not surprised by the Master's death, but warns Buffy that Sunnydale is now his by default before returning to L.A. Buffy follows him and their warped relationship draws the attention of a jealous Wishverse Angel and vengeful VampXander and VampWillow.

Must Haves.

  • Set in the Wishverse- for this story, Wishverse is treated as canon with some minor adjustments.
  • Wishverse Buffy- This Buffy is more like Faith, being grim and shunning friendships She is cynical, nihilistic and vulgar but still dedicated to being a Slayer. Show that she doesn't really care about living or dying, showing complete indifference to the violence of the world. As she says she 'has to live in this one.' Her relationship with Spike is the only meaningful bond she has.
  • Wishverse Spike- Since Buffy is very different in this verse, I imagine Spike can be as well. Still have him renowned for killing Slayers, but for different reasons and he is older, around Darla's age unlike canon. Due to the vampire influence in the world, Spike killed the Slayers to protect his kingdom rather than for the thrill. While Spike still enjoys fighting, he is methodical and disciplined. Unlike the Master, Spike doesn't just see humans as food, showing that same humanity he has in canon as he doesn't allow blood banks to be built. He keeps order in California and is a very necessary in order to maintain the balance.
  • Spuffy relationship- I would like them to be in an established relationship that is extremely bipolar. While the two clearly care for each other, they rarely openly state it and it's very twisted as they often jump between threatening to kill each other to having violent sex. They are very possessive, claiming the other is theirs to kill but both are unable to do so. The story should focus on their warped relationship gradually becoming as normal for them as it can. Their relationship is a bit season 6ish, lots of sex to cover-up their feelings for each other.
  • Wishverse Faith is a vampire- She is Spike's second-in-command. She and Buffy know each other and get along much better than in canon. She could fight a Wishverse Kendra, if Buffy is still temporarily killed by the Master.
  • Wishverse Doyle works for Spike- Unlike canon, Doyle is a vampire and is Spike's best friend besides Faith.
  • Vamp Xander and Willow as main antagonists- They should be out for revenge for the Master. I was never sure on their age in the Wishverse as Buffy was very nonchalant about killing Xander, so it's safe to say she's stronger than both of them. What makes them dangerous is their teamwork as together they can overpower Buffy, until Spike steps in.
  • Wishverse Council is also the Initiative- Riley is Buffy's Watcher, who ends up on hers-and Spike's-bad side.
  • Angel makes problems for Spike and tries to kill him after seeing him with Buffy.
  • No vengeance wish- this world wasn't made by Anya, it's the canon.

Can Haves.

  • Wishverse Cordelia- She works for Spike as a seer. She is Doyle's lover and favourite blood donor.
  • Lilah is Spike's occasional lover when Buffy's not in the picture. Buffy is extremely jealous about this, which adds to the bipolar nature of their relationship.
  • Wishverse Tara is Spike's witch- she could be a dark witch, using powerful magic. Unlike Willow, she's not addicted to the magic. Have it that she killed her family after they abused her. She is in a relationship with VampFaith
  • Wishverse Kendra- If tweaked that Buffy is temporarily killed like in canon, have Kendra show up.
  • Kakistos being a rival of Spike's.

Can't Haves.

  • Spuffy dying- they both survive.
  • Easy road to love declarations- Buffy and Spike fight their love for each other out of fear. Have them really hold off on this.
  • Cordelia dying- nope.
  • Tara dying- NOPE
  • Bangel- Doesn't happen, Buffy thinks he's pathetic.
  • Biley-

That's all, I imagine this to be quite a dark challenge. Enjoy.


Categories: Missing Scene
Characters: Angel, Whistler

Whistler sets Angel straight about Buffy not being promised to him, how he never said that, that it's what Angel read into what he actually said which was "to help her" and how Angel hadn't actually been doing that, just messing with her by feeding her half truths and outright falsehoods and bringing down her self esteem and her confidence, treating her like a useless inanimate tool meant only to satisfy him when really she's a capable warrior who is a person meant to have satisfaction.

Categories: None
Characters: Ensemble

This very AU.....I don't know about this one....came to me at work.

The idea is that Dawn is just a normal girl,same age as she was when she appeared on the show,living a normal life.

Buffy is her guardian angel always with her trying to influence her subconsciously into doing good. Where Buffy is her guardian angel Spike is the demon on her other shoulder trying to get her to do evil....shoplift...smoke....that sort of thing. Dawn of course can't see the pair but the two of them can see each other.....and HATE each other! Both trying to do their best to get Dawn to only listen to them.

Spike is evil he'll tell you.....and he tells Buffy all the time....but Buffy has started to notice something. Over the years Spike has appeared to more and more care for Dawn no matter how much he's trying to get her to do evil. Later when Dawn is badly hurt in a car wreck and is in ICU room Buffy is with her the whole time.....but she can't help but to notice how Spike is there also...trying to hide in the shadows from her{Buffy}. 

I was thinking some how the two care for Dawn so much that it draws them together no matter what side their own. Maybe they have to give up their supernatural lives when Dawn needs real life guardians after her wreck(kills her parents)

Categories: Season 2, Alternate Reality
Characters: Angelus, Buffy, Drusilla, Spike, The Judge

I'm in the middle of a series re-watch, and I just finished one of my faves - S02E14 - Innocence. And it has sparked an idea!

Hence the banner and this challenge prompt. 

Title: Author's choice (Innocence Lost is the working title for the art but it can be changed)
Characters: Buffy, Spike, Angelus, Drusilla, any of the scoobies or other characters (at author discretion)
Rating: Author's choice
Category: Season 2, Alternate Reality

Scenario: When Buffy shot the rocket launcher, not only did it take out The Judge, but Angelus and Drusilla were also killed by the blast. There's your starting point... and GO! 

Must have: 
-The fic starting with Buffy using the crossbow and rocket launcher. I want all of the feels that blowing up Angel is going to cause.
-Buffy being devastated by the loss of Angel (even knowing that Angelus being killed was for the greater good).
-Spike finding out about Drusilla's death. How, is entirely up to you. Spike (obviously) loses it over her death and plans to seek vengeance against the Slayer and her pals. His revenge plans go awry when he falls for Buffy.  
-Eventual Spuffy romance. No easy paths here, they're gonna have to work for it. 
-Giles being extremely hesitant of the growing Spuffy romance, but not ultimately doing anything Season 7-esque (such as trying to have him killed).
-Spike proving himself to be a true ally somehow. 
Can have: 

-Willow/Oz and Xander/Cordy romance. 
-Giles patching things up with Jenny (at some point).
-Kendra making an appearance and possibly sticking around, now that her murderer is no longer in the picture. 
Can't have:
-Extended death scenes for Angelus and Dru. Maybe there can be enough time for them to sense their impending deaths, an 'oh shit' moment, but not ridiculous amounts of physical pain.
-Too much Angel bashing. 
-Xander being too nasty to Spike. A little Xander-ness is to be expected, but perhaps in this world he can show a little more maturity? 

That's about it. I really hope someone takes up this challenge!


PM me when you're ready to post for banner personalisation. :)

Categories: All Human/Fantasy
Characters: Ensemble

William "Spike" Giles is Buffy's boss and not the most easiest guy to work for. But the pay is good,the insurance is good and it's better then flipping Buffy puts up with the bad mood puss bucket.

But when Buffy's mom suddenly dies Buffy is first in mourning then in shock when her boss shows up for the funeral and later at her house for the wake. 

The idea is that Buffy notices Dawn is missing so goes to look for her. She's is shocked to find her younger sister and her boss hiding some where. Spike had meant to find some where to escape the crowd for a minute or two...maybe even sneak a smoke. What he didn't mean to find was a very young and upset girl.

Buffy listens in as Spike tells Dawn about his own mother's death and how he dealt with it. She's shocked at how well he does in making Dawn feel better. Buffy decides maybe her boss isn't so bad after all.

Categories: Pre-Series, Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, Season 4, Season 5, Season 6, Season 7, Season 8 (Comic), Season 9 (Comic), Season 10 (Comic), Season 11 (Comic), Season 12 (Comic), Alternate Reality, Time Travel, Drabbles, Poetry
Characters: Ensemble

Announcing the third annual Exquisite Corpse Challenge!  Please read through the challenge, as this year there are some new rules and a couple tweaks to old ones.

For those who are new to the concept:  an "exquisite corpse" is a surreal, collaborative artwork created using a series of prompts.  For a written corpse, each person writes their part based on very thin knowledge of what came before.  The history of the form is here, very briefly:  You can read the previous Elysian Fields exquisite corpses herehere, and here.

This is intended as a time-limited, prompt-driven challenge -- that is, by signing up you commit to waiting for your prompt, to seeing what it sparks, and then to writing for 7 days. The end result tends toward the surreal specifically because the small amount of info passed along from author to author encourages discontinuities.


Here's how it will work:  

*** EDIT:  We have a volunteer to write the opening chapter. ***

1.   If you want to participate, PM me before or on January 31. Let me know if you have special timing needs -- any periods in February, March, or April when you know you will be otherwise occupied.

2.   I'll put you on the list.  

3.   I will randomly draw names from the list to establish the order of writers. (Yes, this means everyone risks going first -- but if that ends up being you, I will provide you with an optional prompt.*)

4.   The first person writes Chapter 1, and sends it to me.  

5.   I send only the last paragraph on to the second person, who will have have 7 days to write Chapter 2, and send me their completed chapter.

6.   Etc.

7.   This will publish on consecutive days, starting no sooner than May 1, after it's complete -- although if we get many more authors than expected, we may split it into a couple of flurries of continuous days.

*If anyone has a first chapter of a fic they’ve come to accept they will never continue, and would like to donate it as chapter one -- or if anyone would just generally enjoy going first -- please let me know!  



  • Your chapter must start with the paragraph you were given.  
  • Only your final paragraph will be forwarded to the next author.  A natural last paragraph is preferable. (“Crap!” said Buffy, for instance, is an acceptable final paragraph; as is “Crap,” said Buffy, glaring at the now teacup-sized Angel.)  
  • We are a small community -- please do what you can not to share info about chapters before publication. You are of course free to have your chapter beta’d, but preferably not by a fellow corpser.
  • NC-17, though you do not have to rise to that rating.
  • There were several indications of various people feeling a little … competitive … about word count after bewildered’s muse writ long last year.  I wouldn’t willingly change a word of that chapter, but I’d like to discourage word count as a goal in itself.  So while I generally recommend a 1,000 to 5,000 word chapter, I am also going to initiate a new, maximum word count of 14,000.
  • Your chapter should be sent to me within 7 days if at all possible, since other people will also be waiting for their prompts.  But if something comes up that interferes with your ability to write during your assigned week, let me know and I will see if someone can swap places with you.


And just a note, because it can be an issue: participation in the EC (or other collaborations) will mess with your word count -- if I remember right, it awards all the EC words to me, because I create the story.  My understanding is that there isn’t a fix for that.

Categories: Historical, All Human/Fantasy, Baby Fic, Taboo - Adults Only
Characters: Angel, Buffy, Ensemble, Giles, Hank Summers, Joyce, William

17th Century England William Rayne was born to Rupert Rayne and Anne Rayne. Unfortunately Anne Rayne died of Scarlet fever when William was 8 years old and since then became more withdrawn. Elizabeth Summers is the opposite she’s wild spirit who speaks her mind. Joyce give her the nickname Buffy which only her parents only call her. She was born in America to Hank Summers and Joyce Summers. At the age of 14  Elizabeth moves England and meets Liam O’Conner (15) who has just moved from Ireland. They start as friends then secretly become involved as the years pass by(no they don’t have sex just kiss). Unfortunately Liam’s parents have already betrothed him to Darla Kingsington. At a party William Rayne (26) sees Elizabeth for the first time and can’t help falling in love with her. He watches her from off far due to his shy tendency. William ask Hank for Elizabeth’s hand and at the age of 17 she’s betrothed to William who is 27 while she’s in love with Liam her Angel. William will figure out who Elizabeth truly loves and it will hurt him but he doesn’t give up that one day she will love him as he loves her. Elizabeth haves to give William a heir, but due to her being in love with Angel it won’t happen immediately. Not wanting to give a Heir will be a problem and a pain for William. This story will be sad for William in the beginning as well as for Buffy in different ways. They both will realize they both were meant for each other at the end. 


Categories: Season 7
Characters: Spike

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