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Spike runs into Buffy-in-Faith's-body instead of Faith-in-Buffy's-body, and she has to get him to help her without actually revealing her true identity.

Categories: Season 4, Alternate Reality, Episode Rewrite
Characters: Buffy, Spike

Inspired by OffYourBird's story Wedlocked...

What if, Spike and Buffy are compelled to get married to one another via magical artifacts during (or after) the Will Be Done spell in "Something Blue"?

Such as:

  • Magical rings that bind them inexorably
  • Celtic ribbon that binds their hands until they consummate
  • Marriage cup(s); both drink red wine & honey from goblets tied together with ribbon or sip sake 9 times or share a cup from which to drink
  • Chinese wedding arrows (Buffy shoots him 3 times and breaks each one to show the marriage will last)
  • Whale's teeth (Spike gives them to Joyce instead of Hank)
  • Something that locks them inside a home for days
  • Spike gives her a Welsh spoon with keys carved into it (giving her access to his heart) and beads for each child he wants 
  • Willow performs a creepier resurrection ritual than in canon, knocking Spike out of it with poison, dressing he and Buffy's corpse in traditional Chinese wedding clothes, and buries them together (early season 6).
  • Spike can't stop dancing until Joyce tells him to stop
  • El lazo (a lasso made of rosary beads and flowers) is draped over Buffy and Spike in a figure 8 infinity that says how long the union will last
  • Paper confetti rains down on them to ward off evil; stragely, Xander is safe from the hordes after him in the confetti circumference.
  • Buffy and Spike get trapped under a mystical chuppah until they make vows to one another.

Some Ideas derived from:

Categories: Pre-Series, Time Travel, Historical
Characters: Buffy, Spike

This is a bit of a head scratcher on how to work out so just bare with. Buffy, in any season but I would personally go with season 7, gets handed an old artifact that has been handed down by those that guided the Slayers throughout time, they weren't always The Watchers Council, and is simply told to wear always by whoever gives it to her who then runs off .... how she gets the trinket isn't important. What is is that when it is researched by Giles and the gang it is reviled that the trinket has always found the way into the hands of the Slayer whenever the First Evil has made a play against the world. <This is all hand wavey stuff to give a reason for the McGuffin trinket to be in season 7. Feel free to change)

When ever Buffy, either accidently or on purpose, touches spike with the trinket, the both of them are pulled into another point in time. They look different, but similar. Buffy is dressed in netural earth colors and Spike is Black on Black. Though this time they are wearing plate armor and defending a castle. Buffy is a monarch of some kind and Spike is her knight. And at the gates are an army of demons and behind them the Bringers. And about Spikes neck is the cleansing necklace and on his hand the Gem of Ammara. Buffy and Spike lead a charge into the ranks with a band of knights and when the dawn comes The amulet does its thing leaving behind a daywalker Spike as his own demon has been cleaned. Then they are returned to the present. <Hand wavey about the bringings. Its the threat, the gem ,and the amulet that's important )

The two are weirded out by the event and decide not to tell anyone about it. But then it happens again only they are in another point in time. They are aboard a ship baring down on a fleet demonic war ships Buffy is yelling out orders,  while Spike is relaying them  Fristmate to her captianhood. They ram their stake pointed front of their ship into the side of one of the large demon ships and begin fighting as the rest of the fleat bare down on them. The dawn raises Spikes amulet flares and only Buffy's ship is left in the ocean. The crew, those that lived swim back to it and Spike is a Daywalker again.

This keeps happening. over and over until they are all the way back to being the first Slayer and the First Vampire and The amulet is no longer decorated with all the bits of flash its just a shard of crystal tied by a string. and the Gem is just a green stone held about Spikes wrist with a lock of Buffy's hair. They are facing down an Old One in its true catthulhu form. They kill the beast just as the dawn comes up and burns Spike's demon away leaving behind his human appearance. Only He can shift back into his demonic shape if he wants.

THE CHALLENGE: Try to make an actual story out of these ramblings.

GOOD LUCK AUTHORS! P.S. mostly put out there to see if anyone has written a story that has these elements before

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Characters: Buffy, William

Bubblegum Vampire Buffy is flirty with Dorky Human Poet William.

Show me fluffy, sweet cuteness!

She can examine her nails and peer up at him through her eyelashes if you want.

Show me him uncomfortable with attention from what he perceives as a popular girl!

Have her hint that he should kiss her!

No bloodletting onscreen.

Make it funny if you can.

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Summary: I've seen a lot of ideas of how it would play out if either Buffy or Spike had been hit by Toth's staff in the S5 episode "The Replacement". What I would love to see is one (or more) of those getting hit: Willow (do we get shy nerdy willow and scary power witch willow?) Giles (does ripper make an appearance?) Tara (I'm really curious what two different Tara's look like) Dawn (Is one part more key than the other?) Oz (is the werewolf split of?) Faith (Oh hell. Girl Faith vs Slayer Faith. I wonder if Buffy would get along with one of those and if yes, which one) Riley (This seems like a prime oportunity to split him and Buffy up early) Angel (do we get Angel and Angelus? Or maybe Liam makes an appearance. Or what about a broody and a carefree version, who promptly goes and loses his soul?) Drusilla (a sane and a crazy version. Are both still vampires? If yes, the sane vampire is dangerous as f***, if not is it fair to reunite the sane human with the insane vampire?) Joyce (Just like with Tara I'm very curious where this would be going) Anya (Really curious about this one, too!) Or maybe it hits one of the bad guys: Imagine Adam getting hit with this. Or Jonathan during Jonathan Superstar. The Mayor. Or Dracula. Can you imagine two different Draculas running around? Considering not all of those are present at the time, feel free to let Toth show up in whatever season you want. And of course I hope for Spuffy happening as they work together to solve the mess.

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Characters: Ensemble

I almost can’t believe it, but … this is the Fourth Annual Exquisite Corpse Challenge!  Woot!

Even if you've written for the EC before, please read through the challenge, as the rules get tweaked a little bit every year.

For those who are new to the concept:  an "exquisite corpse" is a surreal, collaborative artwork created using a series of prompts.  Each person writes their part based on very thin knowledge of what came before.  The history of the form is here.  You can read the previous Elysian Fields exquisite corpses here.

This is intended as a time-limited, prompt-driven challenge -- that is, by signing up you commit to waiting for your prompt, to seeing what it sparks, and then to writing for approximately 7 days. The end result tends toward the surreal specifically because the small amount of info passed along from author to author encourages discontinuities.  That’s a feature, not a bug.


Here's how it will work:  

1.   If you want to participate, PM me before or on January 31. Let me know if you have special timing needs -- any periods in February, March, or April when you know you will be otherwise occupied.

2.   I'll put you on the list.  

3.   I will randomly draw names from the list to establish the order of writers. 

4.   The first person writes Chapter 1, and sends it to me.  

5.   I send only the last paragraph and a deadline on to the second person, who then sends me their completed chapter.

6.   Etc.

7.   This will publish on consecutive days, starting no sooner than April 30, after it's complete -- although if we get many more authors than expected, we may split it into a couple of flurries of continuous days.



  • Your chapter must start with the paragraph you were given, just as you were given it.  
  • Only your final paragraph will be forwarded to the next author.  A natural last paragraph is preferable. (“Crap!” said Buffy, for instance, is an acceptable final paragraph; as is “Crap,” said Buffy, glaring at the now teacup-sized Angel.  But you don’t have to force out something like “Crap,” said Buffy, glaring out the now teacup-sized Angel who had been shrunk by a boomeranging shrinkage spell of his own devising that had been intended for Spike on the occasion of this their wedding night.)  
  • No cross-overs.
  • We are a small community -- please do what you can not to share info about chapters before publication. You are of course free to have your chapter beta’d, but preferably not by a fellow Corpser.
  • NC-17, though you do not have to rise to that rating.
  • The Bewildered Rule: While I generally recommend a 1,000 to 5,000 word chapter, there is a maximum word count of 14,000.
  • Your chapter should be sent to me by your deadline if at all possible, since other people will also be waiting for their prompts.  But if something comes up that interferes with your ability to write during your assigned week, let me know and I will see if someone can swap places with you.


And just a note, because it can be an issue: participation in the EC (or other collaborations) will mess with your word count -- if I remember right, it awards all the EC words to me, because I create the story.  My understanding is that there isn’t a fix for that.

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What if after dying in Prophecy Girl and being brought back Buffy was at one with her Slayer self. Then during School Hard she knew that Spike was her destined mate the moment she sensed him in the Bronze while he was doing his recon. What if the Slayer within her took control. How much damage could have been avoided? All the lives that would not have been destroyed. Joyce, Jenny, Tara. Xander's discrimination towards demons. 

Categories: Post-Series
Characters: Ensemble

This is something crazy that came into my head.

What if instead of Cleveland the other Hellmouth had been under Disneyland or Disneyworld? How would having a Hellmouth under it effect the most happiest place on Earth?! What about the people(?) who work there? Maybe that's not someone wearing a costume for the Beast in Beauty and the Beast.....but is an actually a some what nice demon trying to make some money.

I see this set after the end of Buffy.

Buffy and her gang have to go into the park to stop an apocalypse....but it's the middle of the summer and the park is FULL of tourist! So they have to go in workers at the park and Disney characters.

(You can change these if you think of better)

Buffy is Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty

Willow is either Ariel or Merida a joke she gets Belle from Beauty and the Beast "I don't read any damn books!!"

Dawn is Snow White

Chao-Ahn is Mulan of course.

Xander can be a pirate from Peter Pan or goes in undercover as a maintenance guy.

The idea is that Spike, having survived the alley battle, has shown up to stop the apocalypse too. He runs into Buffy and her gang all decked out in their costumes.....he can't help but laugh...until Buffy punches him in the nose.

Categories: All Human/Fantasy
Characters: Ensemble

Young nerdy William was the best friend to fellow nerd outcast Dawn Summers. The two where in the same grade together in school. William had a HUGE crush on his friend's older sister one Buffy Summers. Buffy one of the cool kids in high school just rolled her eyes at her sister and her sister's nerdy friend.

Years later after her hopes in the BIG city turned to ash Buffy is forced to move back home with her mom. Dawn is off at college in the dorms. While going around town getting reacquainted with the town Buffy runs into and meets a hottie named Spike. She turns on her flirty charm with him.

Only problem is Buffy has NO idea the new hottie Spike she has just met is actually William her sister's best friend....all transformed!

Does Spike tell her who he is and Buffy's a bit embarrassed but still turned on? Does Spike keep it a secret for a time and Buffy's mad when she finds out? That can be up too you!


Categories: Season 5
Characters: Buffy, Ensemble, Spike

Glory is closing in and the gang is out of ideas. The Council has been of no real help except in identifying Glorificus as a Hellgod. Willow finds a spell written in an ancient language that causes the subject of the spell to mentally move forward in time...  within limits.

The person whose mind is sent forward would join mentally with their "future" self and attain all the "memories" and experiences of that future person. They decide that knowing what's coming soon will give them the edge they need to win against Glory and that Buffy would be the best candidate to make the "trip".

Mistranslation of the spell (original could be Sumerian or Akkadian or any of the oldest written languages) causes Buffy to jump into the mind of herself years instead of months. The intended spell would have jumped her (I'd like 3 or 6) months ahead but instead, she winds up in her body with the memories (3 or 6) years in the future. 

If 3, that would take it to just after NFA on Angel. You can be comic compliant or not as you choose but all canon events of Btvs and Angel will have happened.  If 6, that would be around S11 of the comics (if compliant) or the brave new world long after the canon events have happened.  Either way, all we saw on screen will have happened.

When Buffy returns mentally (very quick) she will know how they defeated Glory but also all that followed in full.

How does all that information change what goes from that point forward? How does Buffy decide to process what she has seen and felt and how does she get through to the others just how dire things become very shortly? How does Spike deal with finding out he sought and got his soul ... and why (or does he find out)? How does Willow deal with her future downward spiral, what she did ... and why (or does she find out)? How does Buffy deal with knowing that her nearest and dearest will betray her and/or desert her quite soon?

What about the "memories" of heaven? Will those cripple Buffy as they did in canon? Will she have to fight against that death wish even harder or will the lessons learned over the years in the future come back fully letting her find strength instead of vulnerability with those memories?

They say knowledge is power... this will be a fully empowered Buffy. 

Must have:

All the above and also Buffy having a clearer view of Angel and his doings based on things she saw and felt in the coming years where he was neck-deep in W&H and all that mess.

Her canon issues about not being able to love should be a thing of the past as she has the perspective to better see her grief and depression were the root cause (along with unresolved issues regarding Angel and even Riley).

A stronger Buffy no matter how you want to paint her, she wakes up stronger. She doesn't have to be full-General-Buffy but she's no longer as easily manipulated and swayed. She knows what she knows and has the confidence of that certainty.

Spuffy, naturally, but it can build slowly if you choose. BUT her trust in Spike and acceptance of him as being truly on her team will be solid and unshakable from the start.

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Okay, had a weird thought yesterday about Connor from Angel and how he only exited because Jasmine needed him to father her. Got to thinking how far back that particular plot thread would have to extend. And came to as far back as Whistler telling Angel about Buffy. Shajahn<didn't look up the name) might have been further back but the guy can time travel so his implication could come at any time. Long story short I had a thousand word challenge that essentially came down to this.

The Challenge: What would Buffy's story be like without Angel's involvement?

This idea has clearly been done before. But the twist I wanted someone to try is from the position of how it affects Connor. Specifically as the Child born to the Souled Vampire. My idea was to have a guy show up at Buffy's house. Giving off the feel of an old hunter like Dean Winchester from Supernatural, though not actually him obviously. He claims to be a friend of her son. Buffy asks him to leave and that she is going to call the cops. The guy gets confused and a five year old boy comes into the room being chased by Spike. Buffy orders Spike to get the kid out of there. But the guy is floored. And tells them that something very wrong has happened to the world. That he is from the future and that their son should have been in collage by this point in the time line. They ask how he knew this and he pulls out a miniature Slayer Scythe and lays it down on the table before him and when he pulls his hand away their son's name is on the handle and he responds that He is there son. Buffy dismisses the evidence only for Spike to put his hand on her shoulder and pull out similar, rough wooden version of the weapon. Saying he was going to start showing their oldest daughter how to handle it for her tenth birthday.

From that point I kind of faltered. But the crux of the story would revolve around the fact that one of the powers, Jasmine, manipulated the timeline because Buffy and Spike's son uncovered her ambitions when she possessed his tie to the Powers and exposed the whole thing thanks to a Slayer Dream, could give the kids prophetic dreams but like highly personalized. Not seeing end of the world things, unless they are involved in it, But like pop quizzes and the like. Anyway it comes out that he only knows Angel as The Cursed One. And that the guy hadn't been any part of Buffy's life until Spike had gotten his own soul. The idea is that all of the cannon material is the product of a Power writing their own Fix-it fic so that she succeeded in giving birth to herself.

I think that's enough for anyone to build a story off of. GOOD LUCK AUTHORS!

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Buffy isn't the Slayer, but she knows about vampires and stuff.  Spike's a down-on-his-luck (possibly chipped?) vamp hooker.  Buffy wants to take a walk on the wild side, hears about a place where you can get bitten by vampires, and decides to give it a spin.

(Bonus points for her getting bitten on the inner thigh)

Categories: Post-Series
Characters: Ensemble

After getting his soul Spike never left Africa. He was crazy for a bit but eventually found his way to sanity.

The idea is the same stuff goes down with the First just no Spike. Xander is now in Africa looking for Slayers. He gets reports of a group of strong girls in a gang being led by a man who are terrorizing demons. Xander hunts them down and guess his shock when he finds Spike leading a gang of Slayers.

Does Xander take the whole gang and Spike back to England and Buffy? Or does Buffy come to Africa?

Idea but don't have to use.......Xander is extremely attracted to one of the girls in Spike's group. But she's Spike's right hand and biggest fan. So they argue everytime Xander sticks his foot in his mouth over Spike. 

Categories: Alternate Reality
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Willma Pratt, Only Daughter to Ann, was always a spirited girl. Her androgynous features and taller stature often had her confused for a boy in her youth. And she didn't really mind as she quite fancied the attention the other girls showed her. Often putting her in their father's suit jackets to practice for their weddings. She was always quick to strike with her fists which got her in trouble more often then not. It came as no shock at all, to her at least, to find she much rather preferred the company of the fairer sex. She knew her preferences were abnormal but she hadn't realized how hateful the world could truly be until she tried to confide her feelings for Cecily Underwood one night at a party.

Things did not go over well and Willma found herself dragged from the party by a group of men beaten, stripped of her party dress, and her lovely long hair brutally sheered with a pocket knives before being left in broken in the ally with a pair of men's britches and dress shirt to put on to cover her body with after. It was just as she was able to get dressed to hide the same of her nudity that a dark haired beauty came upon her in the night. Fearing that the men who had thrashed her so savagely might visit a less chased assault on such a clearly womanly beauty Willma attempted to guide the woman to safety. Has she know what darkness she would see in attempting chivalry..... She would have offered her neck much more willingly.


Okay, here is an idea that I've never seen play out in fanfiction. I'm not saying this kind of story isn't out there, I'm just saying I've not seen it. What would the story be like if the only thing you changed was that Spike was born Willma Pratt instead of William? She would still have the blue eyes, the shark cheekbones, the strong arms. But she would have a bit more padding on the chest and a bit less in the jockey. She would still be called Spike. She would have still earned the name Willma The Bloody. She would still be Drusilla's dark knight, and killed two slayers. Think the cyborg from the last Terminator movie only in black on black, and maybe some lipstick and eyeliner to go with the black nails.

Can you write a story where Buffy Summers falls fir this version of Spike? Where there isn't any gay panic on her part? Well maybe a little when she finds out that Spike loves her. Would Xander still be the one to house her when Giles wants some time alone in Hush? Would Willow be the one to notice the sexual tension between the two of them and that be the reason she said what she did about the two getting married. How would Riley react to Spike being rendered helpless while also being a woman. How would the interplay between him and Willma play out as sexual rivals now that they aren't the same gender? Lets dig deep into what all would be different with this version of Spike.

The Challenge: Write a story where Spike had been born an androgynous girl, and explore how each of her relationships are different then how William's had been. <no restrictions, no stipulations, no set time period.>


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Both Spike and Buffy are captured by the Initiative.  They perform breeding experiments on them and Buffy becomes pregnant with spike as the father.  They can either have sex or it can be artificial insemination.

Categories: Comic (Season Not Specified)
Characters: Ensemble

What if instead of Harmony outing the Supernatural world it was Spike?

Being the only survivor from the fight in the alley Spike ends up saving someone famous, a bunch of kids....using vampire traits and it's all caught on video!

Spike quickly becomes an over night internet tv sensation! He has a fanbase, Twitter account and a whole bunch of people working for him.

Buffy is furious when she finds out. Especially over two things.....Spuffy's backstory gets out on the web(*cough*) Andrew(*cough*)....and how she treated Spike in season 6 has Buffy getting hate mail from female viewers.....also Spike's new legion of female admirers pisses Buffy off!!

Categories: Episode Rewrite, Season 4
Characters: Angel

 Long story short, TPTB refuse to turn back time for such a trivial reason, and Angel is stuck as a human.  He and Buffy try to make it work as a couple, but things fall apart very quickly.  Buffy can't get over the fact that he was willing to not only rewrite time but erase her memory to go back to being a vampire, and the reality of human!Angel really doesn't measure up to her dreams.  Once the novelty of food and sex wears off, Angel *hates* being human - he's weak, his senses are dull, he needs to get a job, and as much as he loves his superpowered girlfriend she is 100% out of his league now.  

And, of course, Spike is here to poke their insecurities, point out that they have very little in common without the supernatural element, and ask why they're still miserable together now that they have everything they ever wanted.

Eventually, Angel is forced to admit that he loves the idea of Buffy (innocence, forgiveness, redemption) more than the actual woman, and Buffy realizes that if she has a partner he needs to be honest, supportive, and not running away or giving up on the relationship when things get difficult or 'for her own good'.

Should have:

Buffy finding out about the deal with TPTB on accident

Someone pointing out that if they had dated as humans Liam would have been arrested

Spike knowing a *lot* about what Angel was like as a human, being way too willing to share unflattering details

Can have:

Angel attempting to befriend the Scoobies again but no one being entirely comfortable around him

The line "If I wanted a boyfriend with superpowers I'd be dating Spike" and Angel taking that completely literally

Angel thinking about getting turned again and have Willow curse him immediately

Buffy accidentally injuring Angel during sex

Should not have:

Straight-up Angel/Bangel bashing.  I want them to break up naturally and with actual closure, not because everyone else hates him

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This is another lose idea that could be adapted in many ways. The spell Ethan used on Halloween gave Xander some memories and skills about being a soldier. The idea is that someone (most likely Willow) at some point starts thinking about the spell and thinks that it could be extremely useful. Dress up as a character, and learn the skill it has, could be skills that helps with slaying, or even for more personal uses like cooking, or languages, perhaps even have Spike dress as Dracula and learn those skills, the possibilities are endless.

This has potential for good or bad depending on what kind of story it becomes part of. Could be that the skills are fading with time, could also be that you get all kinds of traumas and problems from the character, or you are drowning your own life in other people's memories. There could be all kinds of consequences, or it can work out fine. 

I don't think I have seen this idea being used and there should be tons of ways to use a thing like that in different stories.

So this was another lose idea that have some interesting possibilities.

Categories: Post-Series, Comic (Season Not Specified)
Characters: Hank Summers

After the truth of Slayers, vampires, demons, magic, the forces of darkness and the endless mythic battle of good and evil is revealed to the public at large, an army of paparazzi immediately beat a path to Hank Summers's door.

Whatever he does next, whether it's going into hiding to avoid the attention, trying to leverage the paparazzi army for personal fame - could be there's a ghost-written airport tell-all bestseller on the stands within weeks which Buffy and Dawn drunk-read aloud and laugh through - or attempting to reconnect with his children is up to the author. All I ask is for the humor potential to be played to the hilt, because Hank Summers deserves no less than to suffer for our amusement.

(Title of the challenge is in reference to this piece of internet humor.)

Categories: Pre-Series, Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, Crossover (AtS), Claim
Characters: Angel, Buffy, Drusilla, Sam Lawson, Spike

What if Angel never left the Whirlwind?

What if, after Angel got his soul, the Whirlwind caught him in a depression spiral and he blurted out that he was thinking of leaving them? Naturally, Darla would be a bitch and tell him to go, Drusilla would be devastated and beg him not to, but what of Spike?

In flashbacks, Spike and Angelus's relationship often seemed as brotherly as it was antagonistic. In 'School Hard' Spike freely admitted to Angel that he was upset with him abandoning them, and seemed genuinely delighted to see him again after he lost his soul (at first). What, then, would Spike say to Angel if he has prior warning? Personally, I think he'd tell him not to go, or to at least let Dru and Spike come with him.

So he does.

What would this change? If Angel had his Childer with him as he struggled with his soul, would be still spend a century in the gutter, or would be be forcefully dragged out of it by the combined efforts of Dru's pleading, Spike's loving antagonism, and Sam's reasoning?

Dru adores her Daddy and would do anything for him, including bagging it. But what of Spike and Sam? Would they agree to catch and release, knowing the alternative is hurting their Sire? Would they help Angel hunt to keep him strong, or make it their mission to find animal blood that doesn't taste like ass? If it's the latter, I can see that being funny and sweet and fascinating to read. Would they steal a lion from the zoo for him? Or find ever more creative ingredients to add to pig's blood?

What of Spike's Slayer obsession? Would he drag them all over the world looking for Slayers to fight but not kill? Would be find himself accidentally training them when they aren't good enough? Instead of killing Xin Rong, would he just fight her? Or is she already dead when Angel confesses? Instead of Spike and Nikki fighting to the death, would a strange affection develop between the sassy Slayer and 'weird ass vamp' as Spike keeps coming back because he 'could dance all night with her'?

Would Whistler still reach out to Angel if he had his three Childer with him, or would they make their way to the Hellmouth after Dru gets hurt? And if Whistler does still reach out, would Angel be the only one offered a destiny? Would he tell Spike and Sam that they too would find their place in the world by helping Buffy (Spike with Buffy, Angel in LA, and Sam travelling the world stopping evil with Faith)?

Would Angel's soul and Spike's loyalty change their antagonistic relationship? Would they become true friends if there wasn't such seething resentment between them thanks to Angelus's treatment of Dru and Angel's abandonment of his family? Or would Sam be the family peace keeper? Would they have a relationship reminiscent of AS5, where they secretly care for each other but bicker endlessly about everything? Would Sam turn to demon hunting just for five minutes of peace? Or would Dru force them all to have tea parties until they got along again? Would Dru and Spike's romantic relationship wither on the vine as she dedicated herself to caring for her Daddy? Or would Dru revel in playing mummy to Angel's exasperated daddy?

Would Angel begin repenting sooner, earning brownie points with the PTB, when Spike begins gleefully hunting demons for his spot of violence as he can't kill humans, like he does in S4 (except this time he's held back by the effect his actions have on his Sire's soul rather than a chip)? Or would Angel spend those hundred years yelling himself hoarse at his unruly Childer?

And when they get to Sunnydale and are reunited with Darla and meet Buffy, what then? Would Spike point out that Angel's stalker routine is a bit too reminiscent of Angelus on the hunt, scaring Angel into backing off? Would an exasperated Spike once again find a Slayer to accidentally train when he sees her 'dropping her left'? Would Sam take up stopping apocalypses as his new mission? Would Angel and Cordelia fall for each other much sooner? And Spike and Buffy? And Sam and Faith?

And just what on Earth is Giles going to put in his Watchers Diaries about all this?



  • Bangel sex. If Angelus is involved somehow, maybe because the PTB are testing their new Champion, or because he and Cordy get it on, it doesn't matter, as long as it isn't because he and Buffy get groiny.
  • Giles/Joyce romantic relationship.
  • The Scoobies thinking the soul is all that matters, especially after they realise that Angel was ensouled when he turned Sam. Angel personally needs a soul to be good, and Dru is too damaged to take responsibility either way, but a soul clearly isn't necessary for Spike and Sam; they're grey hats because they've chosen to be, and Sam personally has never killed a human who didn't deserve it (like Nazis. I imagine he has a major beef with Nazis. If your story continues for that long, I'd LOVE to see Sam's reaction to the Initiative and it's similarities to Nazi beliefs and practices, particularly the experimentation on sentient creatures 'for science').
  • Rape. NO rape - not actual, not implied, not even vaguely hinted at. UNLESS it's in reference to Angelus's victims as that's kinda his M.O.



  • Penn. In what capacity is up to you, how he reacts to his family's new lifestyle is up to you, but he's definitely not willing to be a good guy like his younger siblings. Maybe he's the S2 antagonist instead of Angelus? Or he's trying to get Angelus back?
  • Angelus, but not because of Buffy. Maybe Cordelia? Or the PTB?
  • Angel/Cordelia and Sam/Faith romances.
  • Angel/Spike/Dru/Sam sexual relationships. It's been teased in the show that the Whirlwind often had sex with each other. During flashbacks in 'The Girl in Question', Angelus is indignant that Darla and Dru had a threesome with The Immortal even though they wouldn't let Angelus or William have them both at the same time, implying that Angelus and William had had both Darla and Dru separately. Spike also says in AS5 that he and Angel were never intimate 'except that once', so there is obviously a story there. I can't see Angel losing his soul with his Childer given how guilty he must be that they exist at all, meaning sex would be safe and they still would have no idea that making love risked breaking the curse. But as sex is about more than romance, it's about pleasure and fun and intimacy, it would make sense that they sometimes tumbled into bed together, especially as an outlet for their frustrations with each other (looking at Angel and Spike here). Not all of them at once, but that they'd share themselves with each other. This can be shown or just hinted at, but it can't be romantic, they can't be IN love with each other, or at least Spike can't be in love, as this is Spuffy, after all!
  • Claim.
  • Darla playing a more prominent role than she did on 'Buffy', but she's not a grey hat and never will be. Maybe she teams up with Penn to get Angelus back?
  • Dawn. Story can be how everyone remembers it rather than what actually happened, but Dawn MUST be the Key. No AU Dawn.
  • Giles recognising the Whirlwind from the Watchers Diaries, particularly their strange behaviour over the last century (demon hunting), especially Spike (fighting, beating, but not killing Slayers), and going full blown 'Interview with a Vampire' after researching the hell out of them and coming away dissatisfied.
  • I can see this story being either quite serious as a story of redemption for everyone involved, or a huge comedy of errors. Maybe both. After all, the highlight of AS5 was definitely Angel and Spike's endless bickering, all the while working towards redemption. Both genres would be amazing!



  • Sam Lawson. MUST include Sam, not just Spike and Dru. If Angel already had his Childer with him when he made Sam, I seriously doubt he would then abandon Sam out of guilt as he's already dealing with it from Spike and Dru. Plus, he's seen first hand that two of his Childer can stop killing, so it's worth taking a chance on Sam that he could do the same, rather than sending him off on his own to inevitably kill, or having to dust him himself. I can't see Angel even considering dusting Sam, as he didn't in the show until Sam forced his hand, and he never once tried to kill Spike or Dru unless they forced his hand either, even though he literally walked in on Dru about to eat a child at one point in BS2. I also can't see Spike letting Angel abandon the new Childe, as it would hit too close to home that Angel almost abandoned him and Dru, too.
  • Lots of 'Good Lords' and frantic glasses polishing from Giles.
  • Happy Spuffy ending!

Categories: None
Characters: None

I've been watching philip pullmans "his dark materials" and am intrigued by the characters of Buffy verse having daemons, visible souls. Daemons settle between the ages of 15 and 18 so what would they be?

Buffy's - some kind of predator; panther, jaguar, African hunting dog, wolf? Or do slayers get a special daemon? Maybe a slayers daemon doesn't settle so it can change form in a fight and be more deadly but has a preferred form around others so it stays secret.

Giles - Raven , owl something wise proud and maybe a little pompous. Cause giles is a know it all and thinks he's always right.

Xander - I could see with a faithful dog easily led and possessive of those he considers his, weary and jealous of outsiders 

Willow - she's smart, controlling and often manipulative of her friends so maybe a capuchin monkey, otter or cuckoo.

And I'm more intrigued by what it would mean for vampires, our Spike in particular.  Do their daemons just die as they get turned? Or are they transformed ? What about spike with all his humanity? Maybe the daemons just lose the ability to speak? Soul silenced? Maybe Spikes daemon can still communicate with him in some way with the humanity that he still has. 

Angel would have no communication ability, his daemon would be transformed over the years from the merely ugly daemon of Liam to something as twisted as Angelus. 

If you're going far enough back to have Dru in the story.  Maybe she harms herself by hurting her daemon.

What would the presence of daemons have on how our characters relate to each other? Would spike and buffys daemons be in love before spike and buffy themselves??

I have no idea of a story but would love to see a talented writer bring this idea to life.

Categories: Season 6
Characters: Anya, Buffy, Dawn, Giles, Spike, Tara, Willow, Xander
Summary: I'll admit that I love Spuffy, but it bothers me that Spike is the one who risks his heart and his health in pursuing Buffy, sometimes to extremes. I would like to read a story, probably set in Season 6, in which Spike has had enough, and decides to give up while he is still in one piece. This can happen as a result of being left in the alley to dust, when Spike realizes that Buffy never cared to check on him as she walked away in Dead Things; OR, immediately after Buffy breaks up with him in As You Were. There should be no fanfare, no warning to Buffy of his intentions, just gone. If set after Dead Things, I would like to see Buffy being guilt-ridden that she left Spike to dust at sunrise because he was unconscious when she left that alley. If set after As You Were, Buffy should feel guilty that she once again used him to feel better about herself after seeing how quickly Riley moved on. Since Tara was aware of the sexcapades, I would like to see Tara being upset, angry, and vocal over Buffy's mistreatment of Spike. This can be Tara speaking solely to Buffy, or in front of the others. If in front of the Scoobies, Buffy would have a hard time brushing it off, especially once Xander and Willow hear what Tara has to say. Regardless the subject, they all know that Tara doesn't lie. In either case, Dawn should be hurt and angry with Buffy for Spike's leaving, not Spike. Would be great if Spike writes to Dawn as he leaves, letting her know that he still cares about her but that it is better for him if he leaves the Hellmouth, with no hint that Buffy is the reason. Dawn, of course, would know the truth. Continued letter writing could be good. Whether Buffy tries to get Spike back, or he returns on his own, or even if he never returns, Buffy NEEDS to face the fact that SHE pushed HIM away, and NOT that Spike left her "like all the others". Basically, Buffy needs to grow up and accept responsibility for her actions. . .if she does, maybe the Scoobies will learn the same lesson. Can end however you like, but Buffy and the Scoobies need to stop hiding from things they don't like.

Categories: All Human/Fantasy
Characters: Angelus, Buffy, Drusilla, Ensemble, Joyce, Spike

Based on my favorite Western film series:

William Pratt a.k.a. Spike the Bloody is a reformed ex-criminal that used to be a part of a notorious gang of robbers called the Scourge of the West. He's now a U.S. Marshal appointed by the authorities to track down and imprison members of his former gang.

People in a town called Sunny Dale don't trust him and are either passive aggressive or outright rude, recalling or hearing about his former ways, even though he's polite, courteous, goes to church, and helps settle disputes. But, just as some of the townspeople begin to trust that he's a changed man, the Scourge blow into town to rob the bank.

Mr. Pratt is hit in the back of the head and develops amnesia and the Scourge take advantage and convince him that he's a part of their gang and he starts riding with them again. Misunderstandings occur, but it turns out that even with his memory gone, he's still a changed man. When they decide to cut their losses (i.e. kill or abandon him), he manages to imprison them in Sunny Dale's jail cell.

Categories: Crossover (AtS)
Characters: Ensemble

What if Buffy had found out about Spike being back and being with Angel? What if she had headed to LA and showed up at WRH in the middle of the Halloween party? Right when Spike was affected by Lorne and was bouncing all around like a puppy?

How will Buffy deal with a enspelled Spike who is running around trying to have the time of his life?! I have this funny shot in my head of Buffy trying to spill her heart out to Spike,with the loud music going on,people shoving all around them, only to have something shiny catch his eye and he runs Buffy going "You've got to be kidding me! I was offering my cookies!! ......Spike get back over here!" 

Categories: All Human/Fantasy
Characters: Ensemble

Spike is Buffy's bodyguard.

Buffy is either a rich daddy's girl or the current new it girl in Hollywood(actress...singer...and/or model)

Spike is very over zealous with his job. Buffy sees him as a bore and a killjoy. That is until an obsessed fan or wannabe kidnapper makes an attempt on Buffy. Spike is hurt protecting her and is laid up.

Now Buffy suddenly feels emotions for it love...hero worship....or both? That's for you to show. 

But now Buffy is the one over zealous in making sure Spike gets the best of care....even if she's the one who has to give it to him! And we all know how well Spike is going to not like this......well at the start that is.

Categories: Episode Rewrite, Season 2, Alternate Reality
Characters: Buffy, Spike

The site is dedicated to stories that center around Buffy and Spike. While most, nearly all, have the two getting together. My mind took a detour in thinking about this. Being the center of a story doesn't mean that they have to be a couple. And I got to thinking about what kind of story you could write where Spike and Buffy have loads of interactions but never wind up killing each other.

It can't take place in early season two because Spike won all of those confrontation, or he would have if something didn't derail him in the moment of victory (ax to the head, a spell ending, needing to get Dru out of a burning church) I'm thinking during the restoration Buffy dusts Drusilla to stop the ritual instead of pulling out the knife when she moves to save Angel. This breaks Spike and puts an ever burning coal of hatred in his heart. But he doesn't want Buffy Dead, he wants her in everlasting pain as he has to live in without Drusilla. So he becomes stalker guy and interfears in all of her big fights. Coming in and smashing her in her moment of victory or becoming another road block to her stopping a threat, which case her to lose, as long as the earth or the slayer survives he wont care about the outcome. So he helps her out in an "Only I get to Kill You" kind of way. We could even have him killing Angelus. Kind of random but I'm sure you talented people can pull off a decent story

The Challenge: Write a story where Buffy and Spike Loathe each other and are constantly beating the other down, but circumstances keep twisting so that they can never put the other down. And things get weird when they start beating down and killing anyone that tries to take the other out. The are each others nemesis, in the truest sense of the word.

Naturally this is just a starting point to their relationship. You could so change things but I want to see actual hatred between the two. Personal in your face I would pull your teeth out with pliers if given the opportunity was given kind of hate. If you are good enough to get them around to being a couple from that point than you will deserve all the kudos.

If it helps think Optimus Prime and Megatron... GOOD LUCK AUTHORS!

Categories: Season 4
Characters: Ensemble

Spike, having run out of ideas on how to get Drusilla back and after the humiliation of losing the Gem of Amara, is desperate. He has an encounter with the Initiative (maybe he's captured and escapes prior to receiving the chip, or the chip doesn't work, etc.) and learns that they deal with behaviour modification, so he decides to go to the Scoobies and pretend he can't hurt people. Just because he can, really - it's either do this or go meet the sunshine or stake himself. None of those options are really his style, but he doesn't know what else to do, so why not try? It could be fun. And if it gets too annoying, he can kill the lot of them all at an opportune time, no big deal.

He helps out the Scoobies a little (demanding compensation, of course) and enjoys going out and causing the usual death and mayhem behind everyone's backs. However, he (inevitably) begins to fall in love with Buffy and eventually finds the whole white hat thing is actually not all bad, sometimes.

How does Spike faking the chip change the events of Season 4 (and potentially beyond)?

Must have the Scoobies finding out the truth, but when is up to you (even years into the future), as long as Spike successfully fakes it for a little while at least.

Categories: Alternate Reality
Characters: Hank Summers

I've been reading fanfiction for a long time and I can count on one hand, with fingers left over, the number of stories that feature Hank Summers in a positive light. In the show we never hear why the divorce happened. Only that Joyce apparently got custody of the kids. Loads of writers like to use the fact that Hank isn't around to claim that he wasn't interested in his girl's lives, and that he apparently got remarried is some kind of cardinal sin. But for all we know Joyce was the one who cheated, if cheating actually occurred. Its never said in the show and I suspect that because Josh was raised by a single mother that he doesn't have any good dad stories to tell. That was beating about the bush the long way to simply say.

the Challenge: Write a story where Hank is the parent that moves to Sunnydale with Buffy.

How would the story change with a dad in the picture. How would this affect Giles and Buffy's relationship? If you did the whole date a robot story line then how would a female bot change things. Or maybe Hank and Ted hooked up. But would Hank call the cops to deal with the body either way? I can see a father trying to cover up that kind of thing. Then you have the whole Faith situation, that entire story line would change is it was Hank there instead of Joyce. The mind games that Faith would try to play would be... let call it interesting.

There are loads of stories that one could tell with Hank in Sunnydale instead of Joyce. so go nuts and have fun.

Categories: Alternate Reality, Episode Rewrite
Characters: Ensemble

Prologue set during/just after Touched.

Instead of going to the vineyard and then back to the house, Buffy and Spike leave Sunnydale. Having had enough of being betrayed, Buffy decided the Scoobies can fight the war without her.

Faith leads the group into the ambush as in canon, but without Buffy to save them, a number of them are injured, a couple killed. As is Scooby fashion, once she recovers Faith is blamed and then kicked out as well, Dawn goes with her, worried about Buffy. Angel arrives as in canon and takes the lead...and fails, hard!

In short, the First wins.

Fast forward five years, humanity is scattered and fighting to survive. Like in the Walking dead, survivors are divided into little communities, fighting the First and each other for scraps. Alongside Caleb and the Turok-Han, the First has an army of renfields, humans enslaved to its will by the Turok-Han, willing human servants like Wood who wants revenge on Spike, as well as Kennedy who betrayed the Scoobies to become ‘The’ Slayer. Her powers are as strong as Caleb’s

Buffy and Spike are co-leaders of the largest and most effective community of survivors, named Destiny, with humans and demons working together. With them are Faith, Dawn, Wesley, Fred and Cordelia. Gunn died fighting the First and Angel is missing. Hardened by the five years of fighting for survival, Buffy is less than pleased when the Scoobies arrive in her sanctuary, looking for shelter. 

But, there is a chance the First can still be beaten...

Must Haves

  • Buffy and Spike leave The Scoobies to fend for themselves, having enough of being betrayed. Thus, without Buffy’s leadership and Spike’s strength, the First wins.
  • Established Spuffy relationship. Five years of relying on and confiding in each other has led to realisations and confidence in their feelings for each other. They share a blood bond (not a claim!) having a deep emotional and mental connection.
  • Buffy has hardened by the war with the First. More than willing to kill humans if it is to protect her people. This leads to shock from the Scoobies, but she shuts them down. She has little forgiveness if any, for them, after five years of reflecting on their behaviour. The Scoobies have a long road to travel to regain her trust.
  • Linked to the above point, Buffy must wipe out another community during the story to protect her own. She spares those who surrender but those who don’t she has no mercy for. Leads to a confrontation with the Scoobies, who are horrified. But this survival and war, have Buffy point out Ben’s death.
  • Faith and Buffy have buried the hatchet and are like sisters. She has been adopted into the Summers clan and sees them both as family.
  • Dawn has grown up and is one of Buffy’s best fighters having been trained by Spike. She is also a leader in her own right.
  • The Scythe plays a part, but no mass Slayer spell.
  • Spike kills Kennedy, Faith kills Wood, Buffy kills Caleb.
  • First is eventually defeated.

Can Haves

  • Faith/Cordelia relationship. Ladies deserve to be happy.
  • Connor working for the First. Tries to kill Cordy in jealousy.
  • Angel showing up as a leader of another community. Firmly good Angel here, if you can bring back Darla believably as a good vampire, do so as his lover.
  • Riley and Sam with Buffy. Not Finn’s biggest fan but make the hero he thought himself for this. He dies helping Spike.
  • Tara as a guardian, brings the Scythe to Buffy, no reunion with Willow. She’s seen Willow turn on her friends too often.
  • Giles tries to kill Spike again for whatever reason. Buffy can banish or imprison him. 

Must nots.

  • Perfect victory: some characters must fall defeating the First. Anyone outside Spuffy, Faith, Cordy and Dawn is free gain, not too many though.
  • Bangel
  • Biley. 
  • Too quick Scooby forgiveness. They REALLY have to earn it.

That’s all from me. Enjoy!

Categories: Crossover (Books or TV shows outside Buffyverse)
Characters: Anya, Buffy, Dawn, Ensemble, Other, Spike

Melody Pond, A.K.A. River Song, is an archaeologist from the future in another dimension. She wants to study the hellmouth before its collapse and find out what happened to it. But then, she finds herself getting involved and caring for the residents of 1600 Revelo Drive. And, unlike her dimension, this one doesn't have fixed points in time or creatures who attack you if you aren't supposed to exist, so time travel and change are more than possible here. Feeling a bit of a maternal or auntlike connection for Buffy and Dawn, she reaches that moment and changes Sunnydale and some of its inhabitants' futures for the better. Hilariously, the only one to try to stop her is some idiot whose name is an affront to women everywhere, Whistler.

You can start her in Sunnydale literally anywhen, but the focus should be from season 4 through the original collapse of the hellmouth. I really would enjoy such a dynamic character interacting with these characters, especially exploring her grief over never seeing the Doctor again (for all intents and purposes her SPOILER husband) and how she heals, explores, and loves a new group of people.

She could empathize with Spike about the First controlling him through the chip and brainwashing him to harm people, especially concerning her own birth and the mission that was given to her to "kill the Doctor" and not having a choice in the matter.

To familiarize yourself with the amazing character this prompt is about, watch this 10 minute video here. SPOILERS