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Categories: Alternate Reality
Characters: Buffy, Spike

Take a well-known (but badly reputed) storyline and twist it to fit Spuffy, but in a setting where the supernatural still exists. An example would be Twilight; Buffy as the Bella role, but she's badass and possibly still the Slayer or something else like a witch, then Spike is Edward (or Jacob if you'd like) only without the sparkling or even the soul if you wish. But the setting is similar; tiny town in Washington, one is a high school student, so on. Similar threats, too, but with Buffyverse characters in the roles.

Anyway, Twilight is just an example (it's how I got the idea originally) but it could be anything you didn't enjoy but that you felt started as a decent idea before it eventually fell apart.

Other than that, the only requirements are that it be anything but All Human, preferably canon-adjacent/AU.

Categories: Pre-Series, Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, Season 4, Season 5, Season 6, Season 7, Alternate Reality, Historical
Characters: Ensemble

I've seen variations of Human!Spike as a Watcher or sometimes a vamped Spike as a Watcher, but I would like to see a story that explores an actual Human!Spike Watcher transition to vampire Spike. Moreover, I'd like this fic to explore him being evil--and/or wrestling with his evil impulses--instead of automatically being good by virtue of his experiences as a Watcher. This could happen one of two ways:

1. Begins in 1880. William Pratt is a Watcher, but his path crosses with Drusilla and he is turned. Using his extensive knowledge of demons, vampires, and slayers, he becomes the Slayer of Slayers, possibly killing even more than the canonical two because he knows so much about them. The circumstances under which he meets Buffy are much the same (or could be; if you'd like, you can play with this a bit), but his S2 truce with her is further deepened by his insights as a former Watcher/Watcher-in-Training. His Watcher knowledge can come in handy in later seasons and even integrate him more fully into the Scoobies--but again, this shouldn't be a quick or easy transition. I imagine that Spike is torn on multiple levels between his old identity as William the Watcher and Bloody Awful Poet and his new one of Spike, Big Bad Slayer of Slayers. I imagine he would also have a further complicated relationship with Giles, as Giles would be intrigued by Spike's impressive knowledge of Watchers and Slayers and frustrated by his on-again, off-again reticence on the subject. Still, the two would understand each other in a way not present in the canon, and this would ultimately forge a strong bond between them.


2. William Pratt is Buffy's new Watcher--but is turned either immediately before or soon after Buffy's move to Sunnydale. In this version of events, he could be less evil (obviously he would not be the Slayer of Slayers), but he would still wrestle with himself and the tug-of-war between what he knows, logically, is right and what his new instincts are telling him to do. His character arc would be messy, with lots of missteps, trying and failing and trying again. He will do evil things. But over time he finds his balance and achieves redemption. This is also an opportunity for him and the Scoobies to struggle with what they "knew" about vampires and demons and what they discover to be the truth. His Watcher knowledge combined with his vampire strength, etc, would naturally enable him to train Buffy better once he reaches a place where he can/is working with the Scoobies again.


Must Have:

-A long arc that truly explores the messy road to redemption. Spike should not automatically become good. He should have done a lot of truly evil things. I don't want a sanitized version of Spike where everything he did in his past is somehow excusable. I want him to be complex because that's what makes him so interesting as a character and his redemption so meaningful. He has to work for it.

-Humor as well as drama. The show has lots of humor, even in its darkest moments.

-Characters that are allowed to be flawed--and also work to grow out of those flaws.

-Spuffy, naturally, but not before she's 17 at least, preferably older.

-A happy ending please



-Spike getting his soul, if that works for the story. I don't have a problem with the soul plotline in and of itself, and in fact I think if used right it can be a really meaningful addition. We all know he can love without a soul, that's not up for debate, but we also know that as a demon his ability to see the nuance in some situations is impaired, thus leading him to make (sometimes horrendous) mistakes because in the moment he can't see the details that tip something from good/normal to evil/abhorrent. A soul could help him see and understand those nuances, and honestly there's a lot of tension and growth to explore there that we never really got to see in the show. In all honesty, I love the fact that he *chose* to get his soul back, and that in and of itself is really powerful.

-Real, meaningful character development for characters that didn't really get much in the show (namely Xander). 



-Buffy bashing. Buffy is human and flawed, and that makes her character complex and engaging. She was thrust into a world of responsibility at a very young age and told to just deal with it. Her initial resistance to Spike in the show made sense with the information that she had at the time and the experiences she had to inform her. Allow her to struggle with trusting Spike. There are a lot of reasons why she wouldn't trust Spike right off and a lot of reasons why it would take some time for her to warm to him, especially if you pick option 1 and he's the Slayer of Slayers and has attacked her and her friends (probably repeatedly).

-That being said, if you choose to follow major plotlines more or less as they unfolded in the show, I would really prefer if you avoided the outright physical abuse we see in S6. Buffy was dealing with a lot, but I feel like there were other ways she could have expressed that. Similarly, there are other ways/reasons why Spike might choose to reclaim his soul, if you chose to go that direction.

-Spike being right all the time. Spike is cunning, perceptive, and clever at turns, even patient when he wants to be, and definitely book smart (especially in this version of events), but he is also occasionally a big goober, and ornery, and melodramatic. He's a vampire without a fully-functioning conscience and makes wrong or bad choices. He has a lot more life experience than Buffy (especially in option 1), but that doesn't always translate to having the answers to everything or being consistently more emotionally mature (because chaining up your crush and declaring love, then getting mad when that isn't received well is not an emotionally mature act). Remember, William was not a ladies man--doesn't matter how smooth Spike became with women he wanted to seduce/didn't care about, with women he actually loves and has to work for (because he didn't necessarily have to work for Drusilla) he's still clumsy, confused, and torn between his nerdiness/Victorian sensibilities and his want, take, have attitude as a vampire.


Gah, that's a lot of stipulations! Obviously you may choose to bend some of these or use this challenge as loose inspiration, but *fingers crossed* I hope to see someone use their creativity to meet the criteria above. I would write it myself but *gestures around at the world* this is sadly killing my creativity and I don't have much stamina for writing anything that deals with dark and dramatic subject matter right now. Thanks in advance, if anyone's interested!

Categories: Time Travel, Comic (Season Not Specified), Season 1
Characters: Angel, Buffy, Giles, Joyce, Spike, Willow, Xander

I haven’t read the comics, so all I know about the consequences of there being a host of slayers is that some of them went bad, they were regarded as terrorists by the US military, and Buffy and the Scoobies set up HQ in a castle in Scotland.

All I know of Angel in the comics is that because of Angel starting an apocalypse in NFA, LA went to Hell for a while, and was brought back. And Angel killed and later resurrected Giles, he did badness as Twilight, and there was icky roofied Space sex.

Therefore, you should choose an appropriate event in the post-NFA comics canon to trigger an epiphany for Giles. He belatedly realises (what we all know) that Buffy would have grown into a far more confident, more resourceful slayer right from the beginning if she’d never been damaged by Angel.

Also, he acknowledges that she would be far happier and therefore more effective with Spike (with or without his soul) as her life and slaying partner.

He time travels (how is up to you) with all his memories intact, into Young!Giles’ body the day before Buffy walks into the library that first day, intent on changing everything for the better.


His first act is to seek out Angel and dust him before he stalks Buffy into that alley.

Take it from there.


Could have:

He goes to Joyce with Buffy and explains about Buffy being the slayer, and all that it entails, so no sneaking in and out, no lying, no distressing confrontations.

He builds up Buffy’s confidence and self-reliance rather than doubting her instincts and undermining her.

He goes with Buffy to deal with the Master, so Buffy doesn’t have to face him alone, and the Master doesn’t get the chance to thrall/bite/drown her.

When Willow first shows an interest in magic, he finds her a competent teacher.

He comes up with a way to defuse Xander’s resentment/jealousy when Buffy turns him down, so his unrequited crush doesn’t become toxic.

He encourages Xander, Willow, Cordelia, Oz etc to take the slaying seriously, and if they want to help, organises self-defence and weapons training for them.

Finds a way to deal with the Mayor before he has an opportunity to become invulnerable.


Eventually, somehow, believable Spuffy HEA.


Categories: Season 6, Alternate Reality
Characters: Buffy, Dawn, Giles, Glory, Joyce, Spike, Willow, Xander

The monks' spell gets highjacked exactly when Glorificus is being banished to the Earth realm. Now, all Joyce and the Scoobies know is that one day Buffy's little sister went crazy. They remember her being a pain before, but now she's all-powerful and says she's a god. Buffy needs to protect the key from her sister, but no one knows where, (what, or who) the key is.

Featuring: Big Bad Malevolent Dawn

[No body changing, just Glory in the body the monks made (without having any of the fake memories)]

Categories: Season 4
Characters: Angel, Buffy, Forrest Gates, Giles, Graham Miller, Joyce, Maggie Walsh, Riley Finn, Spike, Tara, Willow, Xander
Summary: Canon showed Willow meeting Tara in the episode "The Gentlemen". But what if Spike met Tara before then? How would this change things for everyone? Here's how I see it going: Spike arrives in Sunnydale alone, to search for the Gem of Amara. While out recruiting minions to help dig, Spike sees Tara fighting off two drunk and handsy college boys. Spike jumps in to scare them off while in full game face, just as Tara uses a small confusion spell on them. Tara immediately knows Spike is a vampire, but shows no fear of him, as she can read his aura. She thanks him for his help. Spike admires the way this sweet, shy young woman handled the situation, and takes an instant liking to her. They become fast friends. Tara helps Spike find the Gem, after he promises not to harm anyone when he has it. We all know that Spike is a vamp of his word. Thus far, no one else knows Spike is in Sunnydale. While Spike is waiting to take Tara to lunch, Buffy sees him in the sunlight. . .wearing khakis with a blue shirt. Naturally, Buffy tells Giles and the scoobies about seeing Spike in the daytime with a girl on campus. Giles is skeptical, Willow is all "bottle in face" scared, and Xander is all for stakage. Neither Buffy nor the scoobies see Spike again until "The Gentlemen". Spike rushes into the dorm to keep Tara safe from The Gentleman and their minions, only to find Willow and Tara trying to hide. Spike helps them both fight off the minions. The next day, Willow brings Tara to Giles' apartment to "report" on their near-miss via dry-erase boards. No one believes that Spike helped protect the girls during the attack. Tara is upset and rushes out of the apartment. No one sees Tara nor Spike until the night they help Buffy defeat The Gentlemen. Spike helps through violence, while Tara helps with a protection spell. Riley and the commandos witness the fight. What do they make of Buffy, Spike and Tara? The rest is up to the author. The only must haves are: No Harmony. Spike keeps the gem. No chip for Spike; he was busy selling off the Amara treasure, so Spike was never captured. Spike shares the proceeds from the treasure with Tara. Tara helps Spike find and furnish an apartment, maybe even moves in, to keep it vampire-proof. Thanksgiving goes as in canon, Angel, etc., minus Spike. Spike and Tara being very protective and supportive of each other. This bothers Buffy. . .a lot. How does the addition of Tara affect the scoobies so early on? How do the others react to her friendship with Spike? Will Tara and Willow still "find" each other? Will the relationship between Spike and Tara cause Giles and the others to see the humanity in Spike? Will it make a difference to Buffy? Whether Season 4 plays out as in canon or not, is up to you. Have fun!

Categories: Episode Rewrite, Alternate Reality
Characters: Buffy, Giles, Spike, Willow, Xander


I have absolutely zero idea what this story is about. But I do know that I really want to read it!

So, requirements:
Write a fic to suit this banner.
Any size/genre/theme/setting, but I think some kind of crackfic AU would be awesome.
Must include mentions of Xander's red and green wide-striped flared tights, and Spike's transparent leopard-spot shirt.

Pm me to put your name and title on it :)

Categories: Pre-Series, Season 1, Season 2, Alternate Reality, Historical
Characters: Angelus, Anya, Buffy, Cordelia, Dalton, Darla, Drusilla, Ensemble, Giles, Harmony, Jenny Calendar, Jesse McNally, Jonathan Levinson, Joyce, Kendra, Nikki Wood, Original Characters, Other, Oz, Robin Wood, Sam Lawson, Spike, Tara, The Anointed One, The Master, Willow, Xander, Xin Rong

S2, Angelus is on the loose, Buffy is miserable and Anyanka feels her pain. She introduces herself to Buffy and offers to grant Buffy's wish. (When in S2 this happens is up to you). Buffy wishes that "Angel never lost his soul" and in a blink of an eye she's in a parallel universe which is... not what Buffy has expected.

Anya has granted her wish, no tricks about it, and in this universe the fledgling Liam had never lost his soul when Darla turned him.

This changed everything. And nothing.

Up until the Kaldarash clan tries to curse him the events of Angelus's unlife are exactly the same. After the curse has failed (the cursed soul bounces back since the space is already occupied), this is where the changes start.

Angelus kills all but one member of the clan, for the word to spread that no one screws with Angelus unpunished. Darla and Angelus never split up, and Dru continues to be Angelus's perfect girl.

This pushes Spike to prove himself more and he ends up killing four Slayers (with Nikki almost being his fifth, only for him to walk away because the thrill of killing a Slayer is gone and it doesn't help with wooing Dru any longer anyway. This can also be a point where Spike splits from the group).

Buffy is called around the same day she was called in the original verse, and her life goes the same as canon only she never meets Angel.

As a result she never dies at the Master's hands (no Angel, no Codex, no prophecy to push Buffy into the Master's lair unprepared). Instead Buffy thoroughly kicks his ass and then the whole gang shows up with Molotovs and fries the whole nest.

What other changes Angel's absence brings is up to you.


Must have:

1. Buffy making the wish intentionally, taking her time to consider it and thinking about the exact wording. It cannot be deceit on Anya's part.

2. Angelus with his soul equals Angelus without a soul. No one can even suspect he has a human soul until the failed curse reveals his unique soulful condition.

3. Spike killing four Slayers, fair and square. Spike meeting and fighting Nikki, winning the fight only to realize that the kill isn't what he wants. (What the watcher diaries say about the encounter and how Nikki eventually dies is up to you).

4. Slayer line being the same as canon, because the Slayers Spike killed were all in their prime and ready to pass the mantle.

5. Angelus, Darla and Dru coming to Sunnydale because Darla wants revenge. (How and why Spike gets there is up to you).

6. Buffy reevaluating what she thought she knew about souls and everything else.

7. Spuffy endgame.

8. Buffy having a choice to come back and choosing to stay.


Can have:

1. Angelus using a "I'm a good soulful vampire" line and getting the kicks out of it.

2. Badass Jenny Calendar who is an expert on all things Angelus showing up after Angelus and co.

3. Buffy having the memories of her wishverse self's life (as a gesture of good will on Anya's part).

4. Bonus points for including Kendra the Potential who gets a happy ending.

5. Feel free to make this a long story with Spike's POV throughout the years. ;)


Cannot have:

1. Souled, chipped and/or human Spike or non-Slayer Buffy.

2. Spuffy (biological) babies.

3. Angel's absence in s1 causing non-canon deaths and other badness  Angel's absence should have a neutral-to-positive consequences.


And that's about it. Hope you'll have lots of fun with this one!

Categories: Post-Series, Alternate Reality
Characters: Angelus, Buffy, Darla, Drusilla, Original Characters, Spike, William

After Spike burns up in the Hellmouth, Buffy goes to the Powers That Be and demand they bring him back. They agree, but only if she passes a trial they created for her. 

Accompanied by somebody who works for the PBT, Buffy has to go back in time and witness some of the worst/lowest times of Spike’s life. If she still loves him after seeing all of the things he’s done in his past, only then will the PBT bring him back.

You can chose any point in time you want them to visit. It can be before William gets turned, after he’s turned, him turning into Spike, etc. 

Please don’t make it a story where Buffy looks at every bad thing Spike has done and goes ‘it doesn’t matter that he murdered a village because I love him.’ I want it to end in Spuffy, but the real Buffy would struggle seeing these things. I want her struggling throughout the entire trial.

Categories: Season 4, Alternate Reality, Episode Rewrite
Characters: Buffy, Spike

Banner/Title optional - PM if you want the banner.

So the annoying bleached pain in her ass witnessed her last humiliation and then had the nerve to taunt her about it. Big whoop. She's a big girl and can deal with it.

It's not like she hasn't seen him totally wasted and crying like a baby over his ho of an ex-girlfriend.

The arrogant bleached menace thinks she can't be a sex-kitten and have whoever she wants? She’ll show him, this kitten has claws and not afraid to use them.

She might not be an over versed sex-kitten, but she has some special moves. After all, what’s sex other than a horizontal samba? She’s a fricking fabulous dancer.

She’s gonna make Mister-I-ooze-sex-ask-me-how eat his words with a tiny spoon, after she kicked his sexy annoying ass, of course.

She might even let him keep the ring, just for the sheer satisfaction of kicking his ass all over the town, day and night. Ok, maybe for other stuff too.

How she’s gonna make him eat his words? Well, I think is self-explanatory, don’t ya think?

And… go!

Do what you want with it.

Categories: Challenge Response
Characters: Ensemble

Been enjoying Pictures of You by kats_meow and there was a great discussion in the comments section (for chapter 50) about whether vampires really are useless for the breathing part of CPR (as Angel said in season 1) or not. 

The challenge is, in author's choice in how it comes up, that the characters have a debate/discussion about if vampires can really do the breathing part of CPR and be effective.

Doesn't matter which characters, but Buffy, Spike, and Anya will need to be there during the discussion. (It might be hilarious if Dru gets involved too)

Would love for this to be an April Fool's type story but any direction the Author wants to take is fine by me.

Categories: Season 6
Characters: Ensemble

During their season 6 sex marathon Buffy and Spike are on patrol when they're jumped by some HUGE demons.  During the fight Buffy is about to get clobbered by a hit that would kill or seriously hurt her. Without thinking Spike steps in front of her and takes the hit,knockin him unconscious. 

The idea is when Spike wakes up he has no memory of having been in love with Buffy or them having sex. He's not evil again just no memory of caring for Buffy.

Buffy is overjoyed at first. No temptation of wanting to sleep with Spike or of him knowing that she had.

But all of that changes when Spike meets a new lady in town and begins courting her instead of Buffy. Soon jealous takes over and Buffy's gonna make sure Spike remembers!

Categories: None
Characters: None

A pandemic strikes and an executive order puts the whole country under house sanctioned quarantine. Spike tries to keep Buffy socially distanced from others and chaos ensues as two superhero’s are trapped in a small apartment or house together.

I like to imagine this post series but it literally can be anytime or even AU. Just interested in discovering how our two favorite babes would handle it together! 

Categories: Missing Scene, Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, Season 4, Season 5, Season 6, Season 7, Post-Series, Crossover (AtS), Episode Rewrite
Characters: Buffy, Spike

Based on this Facebook meme, go to town with your bad self and let Spuffy do what they do:

Categories: None
Characters: Ensemble

Before the season 6 sex capades

What if instead of fast food Buffy got a job as a phone sex worker at a new establishment in Sunnydale?

Lonely and hard up(intended or unintended pun is up to you) Spike decides to give the number a shot.

Just her luck Spike's call gets routed to Buffy's spot. Buffy instantly recognizes Spike's voice and is mortified. She takes on a different accent to hide who she is. 

They get down to the phone sex and much to their shock both get off on it. I see Buffy quickly hanging up lol. 

Spike calls back every day asking for Buffy's work name. Each call gets more and more sexual. 

Of course seeing Spike in person is not helping Buffy any!

Categories: None
Characters: None

Hoping to inspire one or more one-shots about targeting Spike – er, William the Bloody.

I don’t care what the ammunition is:  bullets, stakes, rotten tomatoes, Nerf projectiles, confetti cannons, flower petals, porcupine quills, contents of chamberpots.

I don't care what the propellant is:  a hand, a slingshot, a trampoline, a Wyndham-Pryce spring-loaded stakeholder, Buffy's unmentionables, pressurized gas, rubber bands from a potential's orthodontic braces.

I don't care how good the aim is.

I don’t care who is aiming:  the Whirlwind, a manic Dawn, a mob, a pissed-off Slayer, Willy the Snitch, Joyce, Drusilla, Angel, Fred, Clem.  Well, Tara would be awesome, if you can believably get her to hurl things.

I don't care if it's dark or lighthearted, sweet or bitter.  Doesn't matter when it happens, pre-series to post-series, or in an alternate reality.

The only ‘Must?’   

The fic must include the phrase, “Fire at Will.”  ow

Categories: Season 5
Characters: Buffy, Ensemble, Spike

Set in season 5.

A lot of fics I've seen have Spike as a more suave, knowing person, sometimes compared against a naive Buffy. But, I offer: peak dumbass Spike, and morosexual Buffy.


More seriously, what I mean is that we've seen Spike be a lovestruck idiot, a guy that freaks out about a bear while tied to a chair, get tazed while doing a cheesy monologue--I want that Spike, Spike that's kinda trying to court human-style but isn't quite getting it, and is not some sort of very mature knowing dude, just like, trying his best.

With a Buffy that, like, she can be silly for sure, but can and has made nuanced and hard decisions. She can come to the realization and knowledge that not all demons are evil on her own, with little to no hand-holding at all. Spike certainly not trying to teach her. Buffy deciding to persue Spike, rather than being reluctantly wooed.

But she's still young, and he's still clueless, so it's funny and fumbling and they're doing their best.

Also,  vampiric behavior being different than human, and Buffy figuring it out and trying to romance him with that, and Spike being Did the Slayer just do that?? What??? And Buffy being in her head like 'is this right?? this is a vampire romance thing right??'. Think: two different bird species trying to do the others mating dance to woo them but not having the reference to do so, and all the hijinks that come with that. What those 'courting behaviors' might be is up to you.

Scooby gang can have some pushback at first, but this is not a Buffy and Spike vs Everyone story. There should not be character bashing, or OOC cruelty. They are friends!! Friends support each other's weird shit. Bonus points if for this, Anya or whoever knows/does research on vampiric pack behaviors and tries to make Spike part of their 'pack', cue Spike being just so lost but happy?? Vampire instincts say Pack Good!! Xander might have some interesting insight on this, given the hyenas.

Sex is cool, but this is not a sex-heavy story.

I'd like to see Spike being the one romanced, and being hesitantly and cautiously accepting, while being very confused. He may be a Master vamp, but it's been a long time since he's really been involved with humans and human behavior.

Please have fun with this! Can defo be angsty if you want, but should still have a happy ending :D

Categories: Missing Scene, Season 6
Characters: Buffy, Riley Finn, Spike

Season Six, 'As You Were.' 

I know a lot of people have theories about Riley setting Spike up with the whole 'doctor' thing but, outside of this, it has just occurred to me that Riley wasn't all that surprised to walk in on Buffy and Spike together. So, my theory is that he already knew about them. This is a challenge to write a missing scene to explain how and when he found out. Up to the writer to decide whether they want to work in the set up angle or not. Only stipulation is that you don't break canon. 

Categories: Episode Rewrite, Season 6, Crossover (AtS), Alternate Reality
Characters: Angel, Anya, Buffy, Charles Gunn, Connor, Cordelia, Darla, Dawn, Fred, Giles, Lorne, Spike, Tara, The Groosalugg, Wesley, Willow, Xander

This take place in an AU S6/AtS S3 where Buffy doesn’t die in the Gift. Spike managed to bring Doc down with him, saving Dawn. Over the summer, Buffy and Angel start to come closer together and begin dating again, with Angel even beginning to live in Sunnydale with Buffy. The two of them are in a blissful, happy state: patrolling together, moonlit walks, all the works. Buffy finds herself with less time than usual to be with her friends-but she’s with her soulmate!

When it comes to everyone else though...Giles is still rather miffed at Angel over the whole “murdering the woman I love”, and doesn’t seem too happy with how Angel seems to be overtaking everything in Buffy’s orbit. Willow and Tara are oddly enough are somewhat concerned at how Buffy describes her relationship with Angel-when they even see each other. Xander outright still hates Angel, and even Anya doesn’t seem to like him either. Dawn thinks he’s a loser and makes no secret of it. Even the Fang Gang in LA is dismissive of the Slayer. 

Buffy is too caught up with Angel to care-but can’t help but notice how Spike seems to be replacing her in the Scoobies. He hangs out with Willow and Tara on campus, talking eagerly and flirting with the Wiccas. Whenever he comes by the Magic Box he talks avidly to Anya about wedding plans. He and Xander are often seen drinking and playing pool together at the Bronze, Dawns at his crypt almost every night to do homework, and he even is regularly at Giles flat to drink and talk. 

Slowly but surely, Spike has pretty much wormed his way into the Scoobies while Buffy has left. First they barely even hang out anymore, then Buffy seems to be out of the loop. Then when Buffy throws her birthday and nobody shows up, she asks why and they tell her nobody was sure they were invited. Meanwhile, whenever anyone craps on Spike they start to come to his defense. It comes to a head when she and Angel are patrolling Restfield and she sees lights coming out of the crypt-only to find Spike and the Scoobies holding a cookout as an early celebration for Anya and Xander’s wedding, with Spike being asked to be one of the groomsmen. And apparently, nobody’s even sure if Buffy’s going to show up.  

This, combined with the drama of Darla and just HOW she got pregnant in the first place, causes Buffy to see how she’s been neglecting her family for Angel, and that all the problems in their relationship are still there-they‘ve just been in denial this whole time. Buffy tries to build back up her friendships along the way, and maybe gets together with a bleached vampire...

So basically, S6 of Buffy and Angel S3 with the curveball of the challenges events thrown in. All I ask is no bashing of anybody-I think people can use the flaws in Bangel as it is for this story. 

Categories: Alternate Reality, Episode Rewrite, Missing Scene
Characters: Buffy, Spike

Buffy, Spike, a stage of some kind; let the rap verbal battle commence. 

Must have: 

- An intentional and highly competitive contest to out-banter each other 

- Sexual tension (obviously)

- A peacock

Bonus points for:

- A highly engaged audience of scoobies

- Captain Whitebread saying something nauseatingly bland, if he must appear at all

- Hand gestures

Must not have:

- A peahen

Good luck!

Categories: None
Characters: None

(title optional but that's a play on Corona and lime drink)

Thinking about the quarantines taking place with the Novel Coronavirus pandemic and the likely things that may come along with it. Cabin fever can cause all kinds of things from increase in domestic violence and eventual divorce to.... 9 months later lots of babies. (or as I put it to my husband... there'll be lots of fighting and/or f**king going on all over the world).

SO that led to this thought.

Buffy and Spike... any season once she is of age or at least after Angel is gone.

Some sort of mystical illness that impacts humans and human type demons that would include vampires hits. It can be just Sunnydale or more widespread. 

Orders are issued that everyone is quarantined to stay just where they are. 

Buffy and Spike happen to be together (place... your choice)

Can put others together in ways either amusing or insightful. Some possibles include sticking Anya and Giles together so she can see that she and Xander aren't likely to work out but that Giles is a pretty hot number himself. Maybe Anya with Xander instead and they realize they have some issues that they really need to address. Depending on the season there are plenty of interesting choices to be made, even groups stuck like they were for Buffy's birthday in S6. No matter how you do the others, Buffy and Spike have to be ALONE together though.

Think of the things you see happening in the real world to help build the story... the panic, the misinformation, the confusion and reactions of people (and demons) to this illness.

Can have

a lead up with people rushing the stores like swarms of locusts before the quarantine hits. 

Spike and Buffy BOTH not dealing well with the idea of this illness because neither are used to being sick very long or at all. After all the Big Bad should scare off germs!

Can play this as drama or even comedy but 

Must have

Buffy and Spike forced to co-habit and learning they really, really, like it and each other. They can have their fair share of fighting at first but eventually... well there is the other option *evil grin*. So as time passes they become a full-fledged couple by the time they can rejoin the world.



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This is an idea I’ve thought of intermittently, and might still do someday, but between Fandom Trumps Hate, Seasonal Spuffy, and the EF Challenge Months, it ain’t gonna be soon. Plus I’d have just as much fun reading it.


Premise: That Mohra demon that makes Angel mortal in I Will Remember You—what if another vampire ran into it?


  • Season 4-era, pre-chip. Rather than getting captured by the Initiative and chipped-up, Spike fights a Mohra demon and finds himself turned human, soul and all.
  • Scoobies aren’t terrible but also aren’t too accepting. They should be appropriately wigged.
  • Buffy begrudgingly becoming close to a freshly human and souled Spike.
  • Buffy and Spike developing feelings for each other (obvs)
  • Happy Spuffy ending (also obvs)
  • Spike must remain Spike, per Season 7 and onward characterization with his soul; William is a part of him, but he ain’t that guy anymore and Sunnydale, CA is a far cry from Victorian London.
  • Spike acclimating to human life, though not easily. Still, he should make an honest go of it (unlike Anya, who spent several episodes attempting to reclaim her lost power; their experiences are similar but the addition of a soul makes Spike care about not hurting others).


  • Buffy still goes to LA; Angel still encounters the Mohra demon (could be the same one—on the run from Sunnydale), still gives up his humanity, and still takes away Buffy’s memories of the day they had together. (I know, Bangel ick, but I want Angel to be the jerk he was in canon here). If this happens, Buffy should learn about Angel encountering the same demon and giving up his humanity.
  • Spike the UC Sunnydale student (imagine him in history class)
  • Inclusion of Riley, per canon. Though I’d prefer if he and Buffy didn’t get past first base.
  • Despite his best efforts, Spike gets vamped again. 

Honestly, as long as I get my Spuffy HEA, I’m a happy girl.

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Characters: Buffy, Ensemble, Joyce, Spike

Alright, first challenge. I always wanted to see more of Spike and Joyce’s friendship, so I thought of this. 

Unlike canon Joyce doesn’t visit her sister and stays in Sunnydale, but tells Buffy to celebrate with her friends since she has a lot of work at the gallery. Managing to finish early, she heads home and prepares a nice cup of coffee-until someone knocks on the door. It’s daylight, so she doesn’t particularly care about who’s there-and as a result gets the shock of her life when a starved Spike begs her to help him. 

Rather than go to the Scoobies for help, Spike decides to ask the one person he actually likes in Sunnyhell(Thats human anyway). Joyce is somewhat hesitant, given how Lover’s Walk almost got Cordelia killed, but upon seeing Spikes sickness she lets him in. He explains to her about the Initiative, and how he now can’t feed anymore. When Joyce asks if he has anywhere to stay and he says no, she tells him he can live in the basement until he gets on his feet. Spike is shocked, but grateful. When Buffy comes by after the events of Pangs(Say that Anya gave Willow her own version of Spikes speech), she’s shocked to find her mortal enemy and mother sitting comfortably and having a small Thanksgiving meal. Even more-so when she pushes Spike out and her mother shouts at her for “assaulting her friend”. 

For the rest of S4 Spike lives at the Summers house, helping out Joyce at the gallery as “rent” and getting a new friend in the process. Buffy and the Scoobies freak but Joyce tells them that it’s her house and she can let whoever she wants live in it. While living with Joyce, Spike gets help from her in his struggles of how to adapt to the chip. Joyce tries to help him figure it out, giving him advice and even tells him something similar to what Giles said about his new purpose. Spike doesn’t like it, but also doesn’t outright shut her down. On the flip side, Joyce gets someone to talk to about her daughters slaying and her own fears about her daughters death. And rather then enjoy it, Spike outright feels bad and tries to help her. 

Basically, the story is about Spike living with Joyce, and slowly learning to become a better man with her help. How this changes the events of s4 and the rest of the series is up to you.

Must Haves 

Spike/Joyce friendship: It’s the main point of the challenge, to the point Spuffy should play second fiddle if need be.

No Bashing:People shouldn’t be outright acting ooc about anything. For example, Xander can freak out that Joyce is living with a vampire, but should get over it at her assurances and seeing her and Spike’s relationship. 

Gradual character development for Spike: This is a big one. He shouldn’t just change immediately, it should be a struggle to see him overcome his instincts and become a good man. This could be interesting to get an in-depth view on what it’s like to be soulless, in a way Angelus wasn’t. 

Can Haves 

Early Dawn: It would be funny to see how a 13 year old Dawn would feel about her new housemate, and nice to see her and Spikes friendship develop earlier. 

The rest is up to you. I’m planning on writing my own response, but I wanted to see other people’s interpretations of the idea. 

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Shortly before Joyce is about to undergo surgery, she talks to a nurse and confides her concerns about her daughters. Unaware that the nurse is a vengeance demon who grants people a wish in the face of a possible impending death, Joyce makes the following wish: "I wish a happy life for my girls and that they follow their hearts, no matter what."

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Just a random weird idea.

What if Buffy was some sort of Child tv star that quit when she became the Slayer maybe using her parents divorce as an excuse. She quit whatever show she was doing but sometimes has to do stuff like commercials or interviews and is still on the peripheral of the media the whole time she’s being the slayer. She has to disguise herself and take extra precautions to not get found out by the media. It’s the same thing where the council didn't find her till after she was called.

The biggest part though, Drusilla is one of her biggest fans and after she gets injured demands Spike bring her to the Hellmouth so that she can meet her one of her idols. Spike, who would do anything for her anyway but especially now that Dru is sick complies even though he’s not really into Buffys show, he prefers his soaps. 

that’s the basic gist of the idea. Spike runs into an in disguise Slayer who is a big TV idol of Drus. I only have two really big asks. 

1)Dru lives and is actually not an antagonist anymore so than Spike is.

2)Buffy is 18 when her and Spike get together.


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Hardly ever do we see a fic where Jesse survives and even more rare than that do we see a Vamp!Jesse fic that doesn’t have him immediately dust.

The Challenge:

Jesse is grabbed and turned like in cannon but the twist is he rises and instead of being like most vamps he’s more like how William was. He’s confused with what’s going on but decides he needs to get away from the people he remembers attacking him and makes his way to Xander and Willow. 

I would like to see a story with an unsouled Jesse as a Scoobie (even if he struggles with the finer points of morality from then on and having to kinda use his close friendship as a replacement for having a soul) 

Can’t have:

Blood thirsty newly risen Jesse

Jesse dusting (he has to actually ‘survive’ this fic)

Prolonged Bangel or Bangel sex

Can have:

Xander and/or Willow hiding the fact that Jesse is a vamp and came to them from Buffy and Giles for a while and helping get him blood

Angel suggesting they dust Jesse or that Jesse is dead and he’s just a demon that took over his body and can’t feel love BS thus making Willow not on Team Romeo/Juliet Bangel

Jesse playing double agent for the Scoobies for a while until it becomes known he’s in league with the Slayer

Jesse calling the councils books on their BS. (“I do NOT get the urge to bury myself in the dirt in the daytime!” Or other things the council has wrong) and even have Spike join in on it even more when he finally is incorporated into the story.

Spike taking Jesse under his wing once he realizes stops working against a the Scoobies.

Must have:

Buffy and crew being more into the Grey point of view with Jesse as the proof


I could honestly see this as either a complete series rewrite with the addition of Jessie or something that pics up in season 2 with mentions back to Jesse first getting turned as a way to explain the different dynamic that Spike saunters into when he rolls into the Hellmouth to heal Dru.

Do with it what you will just have Jesse be an undead Scoobie that’s the catalyst for a healthier Happy Spuffy.

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This would obviously be pre “The Body” but other than that it could be set any time after Joyce finds out about Vampires. 

Joyce gets tired of being left out of the loop all the time so she starts to pay even closer attention the the goings on of the Scoobies. After a little while she notices how many injuries Buffy hides and how much sleep she is missing. She hates that her little girl is run so ragged because she has to fight newly risen fledged every night so she decides to do some research herself by going to the person she sees as the most knowledgeable about vampires. Spike. She has him start from the beginning and really tell her all about how Vampires really work from start to finish.

This would be a great opportunity for the author to put forth their own head cannon on how vamps work.

Joyce comes up with a plan.

She comes to the realization that most of the vamps that rise can be prevented with a few simple conversations with the local morticians by having them sneak preemptive wood into the heart Or holy water embalming fluid for every “animal attack” or “stuck in the throat with a BBQ skewer” victim.  Basically her and Spike (because she drags him along to prove a point if need be) convince all the morticians/coroners to do something that will cause any vamp victim to dust as soon as they turn.

That is only part one of her plan. She comes up with more ideas that drag the locals of Sunnydale who are in the know and comes up with some sort of system that prevents almost all fledges from rising and maybe even a network of people who have mirrors in strategic locations that are all on some sort of phone tree/Hellmouth community watch committee and they start to call Joyce and tell her where the vamps frequent and even discriptions of them and their habits. Joyce passes this info onto Giles and Buffy (giving Giles a piece of her mind because honestly what does he do besides read the news paper) 

This gives Buffy a lot more free time and Spike is around more often. More opportunity for Spuffy moments and with Joyce having more access to Spike maybe he takes some more motherly advice and does a little less of the things that would make Buffy upset (work with Adam, chain up Buffy, or if it’s during lovers walk that Joyce decides to start her “research” when he shows up on her doorstep maybe conveniently before he kidnaps some Scoobies) This could also cause Spike to be more involved in the slaying (possibly at Joyce’s request so Buffy has someone of similar strength and ability to help her). Hell if it’s season 3 lovers walk maybe even let Faith stay team white hat because of the changes and give Buffy even more support.

To summarize, I challenge someone to write a Spuffy fic that uses Joyce and some concerned citizens in the know getting involved in “preemptive slaying” that gives Buffy more breathing room and Spike more opportunities to not skrew up so bad thus creating more Spuffy moments leading to eventual Happy Spuffy ending with lots of domestic Spuffy moments.

Categories: Season 4
Characters: Buffy, Giles, Sam Lawson, Spike, Willow, Xander

I'd really love to see a fic where Sam comes to visit Spike after he's been chipped.  Maybe they have a habit of getting together every now and then, good friends since they escaped that sub together and Spike showed Sam the ropes.

- If Season 4 or 5, Spike is in a much stronger position with a friend he can depend on instead of, say, Harmony.  And even without a soul or chip, Sam isn't doing anything stakable, so the Scoobies warily tolerate him.  If 4, he's eager to fight Nazis again.  If 5, he's another being who can get past Glory's spell.

- If Season 6, maybe Spike called Sam to help him protect Dawn.  Now Sam finally has a mission again.  

Can Haves:

-Scoobies finding out who sired Sam and when.

-the Scoobies and Sam getting along really well until he's outed as a vamp. 

- Riley & pals kinda respecting a WWII vet even as they hate a vampire.  Also Army/Navy rivalry?

- Sam/Faith

-Angel coming to town, and Sam chewing him out.

Can't Have:

-Character bashing

Categories: Season 2
Characters: Angelus, Buffy, Cordelia, Drusilla, Giles, Jenny Calendar, Joyce, Oz, Spike, Willow, Xander

I'm looking for something really, really dark where Angelus gets serious and really does a number on Buffy, similar to, or even worse than, what he did to Dru. He stalks her, even tortures and kills some of her friends and family. (Jenny Calendar and possibly Willow would need to be early targets, not giving anyone the chance to even think about restoring his soul). Buffy is on the verge of completely breaking down after weeks or months of psychological torture when he captures her. Angelus brings her back to to the mansion for the final 'act' of his masterpiece, planning to rape her and then turn her.

During this time, Spike has been bedridden from his spinal injury. Angelus and Dru have both taken pleasure in torturing him, as well. Having sex in front of him, feeding in front of him but giving him only dregs, leaving him unwashed and alone, locked in a dark, dank room when they go out. He might be forced to hunt rats in his room for survival.

Finally recovered from his spinal injury and angry with Angelus and Dru for his treatment, Spike escapes his confines to find the Slayer chained up, naked, beaten, (perhaps raped), guilt-ridden for setting Angelus free and for the death of friends/family, her spirit broken. Disgusted by the way Angelus has gone about things with the Slayer (Slayers deserve to die in straight-up fights, not to be played with and disrespected), but both being too weak to fight Angelus and Dru, Spike gets Buffy free and they escape. 

On the run from Angelus and Dru, they become wary allies, helping each other heal. Slowly they fall in love as they move from place to place, sharing their pain and taking strength from the other, each taking care of the other, until they are strong enough to fight and defeat Angelus and Dru.


  • DARK!! Brutal. Death. Torture.
  • Some people we know and love must die. No holds barred. Make Angelus the monster he supposedly was.
  • This needs to be a good long story -- delve into the depravity and the feelings and then the healing and tears. Angelus' enjoyment of torturing Buffy and Spike, Buffy's guilt and fear, perhaps thinking she's going mad at times. Her frustration at not being able to take Angelus down (because Dru is always with him and she can't defeat them both, or because every time she strikes at Angelus, he strikes back 10x worse). Spike's feelings of heartache and anger and frustration; his hatred of Angelus and his heartbreak over Dru's betrayal after all he'd done for her.
  • To keep this going on for a long time, something has to be done to stop Jenny from translating the curse or to stop Willow from performing the spell later.
  • You can have Spike rescue Buffy before Angelus rapes her or after. Up to you. If after, it can be implied or shown.
  • An element of psychological, Stephen-King-like, thriller would be awesome.
  • Set in Season 2, well before Spike falls in love with Buffy.
  • The chapters showing Angelus and Dru torturing Buffy and Spike should be nearly as long and detailed as the part of Buffy and Spike together, not just skimmed over.
  • End with Spuffy victory and happiness, of course.

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Okay, fine, I'll issue a challenge. I won't write it, because I don't/can't write stuff for the first three seasons, but someone can do it justice, I'm sure. We've all seen the still by now; that weird smile when Buffy says, "I can't fool myself...or Spike for some reason..." (Lovers Walk)

What's the hell was was she doing with her face when she's thinking about Spike knowing her?! Especially since she's supposed to be thinking about Angel along about then?!

So go to it folks! Give me some Buffy thoughts!  A one-shot...or maybe go from there. Does she decide to explore things with Spike before he leaves town to go back to Dru? We all know that Spike is canonically in love with Buffy by then, whether he admits it to himself or not (dear gawd, that quote from him about the conversation with Joss, where JM said but he was playing Spike as having fallen in love with Buffy from the start and Joss then proposed it and he realized they were on the same page the whole time)... and Dru's made it clear she's handing him over, albeit reluctantly.

So let's see 'em, you gorgeous people!

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Demons are nothing more than fallen angels right? 

So what if Spike's love for Buffy was so strong so pure that it broke through his demonic side and brought out his fallen angel side?

Maybe he glows a heavenly light.....maybe he sprouts wings.....its up too you but everyone is shocked....including Spike.