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Categories: Episode Rewrite, Season 5
Characters: Anya, Ben Wilkinson, Buffy, Dawn, Giles, Glory, Harmony, Joyce, Riley Finn, Spike, Tara, Willow, Xander

In 'Into the Woods', after Riley has been to threaten and torture Spike, and he's given Buffy his ultimatum, what if he decides to go and indulge in one last bite before leaving?

Since the fire department is dealing with the blaze Buffy started, he searches until he finds the refugee vamps.

Buffy stays at the Magic Box, expressing her anger and Riley-imposed guilt by beating up the punching bag for longer, before leaving and being confronted by the suck-house vamps. Then when she's dusted them all, she's subjected to Xander's  absurdly misguided intervention speech.

Buffy duly runs to the rendezvous point, witnesses the helicopter taking off, and assumes that Riley is on it because she didn't get there in time.

However... the helicopter simply took off because Riley missed the deadline.

Because.... as payback for Riley bringing the slayer down upon them, the suck house boss orders Riley's usual weedy female vamp to drain him. She complies, but she goes one step further, and turns him.

So before long, Vamp!Riley rises...


Aaaand... over to you. You have Carte Blanche...

I do love lovely long plotty stories, but I'm a sucker for a Spuffy HEA, so however much of the remainder of the S5 plot you cover, all I ask is that the story ends Spuffily, or at least at a point where there is realistic hope for a healthy Spuffy relationship.



Categories: Crossover (Books or TV shows outside Buffyverse)
Characters: Ensemble


Buffy comes into contact with a symbiote. Maybe in the Intuitive labs? At first Buffy can't stand the thing but when it makes her slaying a lot easier and also saves her life the two come to an understanding. 

There is one slight problem.....the symbiote absolutely LOVES Spike and is always whispering into Buffy's mind at how they should get together with him!  

Categories: Post-Series
Characters: Ensemble

Angel did his best in keeping Spike away from Buffy as soon as Spike showed up in his office. But what if there was one thing he not only didn't think about but also can't control.....Drusilla and her powers!

As soon as Spike reappeared in the office he showed back up on Dru's radar. Dru goes to the Sunny Slayer and in the way only Dru can lets her know that Spike is back and in LA with Daddy!

Categories: Season 7
Characters: Ensemble

Willow and Spike run into each other in London in between seasons 6 and 7. Spike helps Willow out in getting over being a killer while Willow helps Spike deal with his soul. Willow doesn't tell Giles or the Council about her meetings with Spike.

Flash Forward to season seven with everyone back in Sunnydale. Willow has been slipping out and going to Spike's crypt so they can continue their talks. Only problem is Buffy is starting to notice Willow's disappearing act so she follows her once. She's shocked to see her go into Spike's crypt......but she's not sirie....nope not at all......right?! 

Categories: Season 6, Crossover (Books or TV shows outside Buffyverse), Alternate Reality
Characters: Buffy, Spike

Instead of the venom causing Buffy to hallucinate as in canon, it causes some of the magic spells that have been placed on Buffy to unravel. 

What is revealed to Buffy as the venom courses through her is that she is actually the daughter of Bellatrix Lestrange/(father TBD by author) who was kidnapped from her mother by enemies of Bellatrix who had Watcher's Council connections, possibly aided by the PTB They then did a memory spell that blocked off her real memories, also doing a spell on the Summers family so they thought that Buffy was always part of the family. Buffy also was somehow magically de-aged; she was born sometime before Bellatrix was sent to Azkaban.

When Buffy gains back her memories, she also regains access to her magic and the magical knowledge that her mother had taught her. How this all affects Buffy mentally and physically is up to the author (maybe the author decides to have her speak with a British accent). 

Categories: None
Characters: None

Buffy does something that hurts Spike badly enough that he says something like, "I wish that I felt nothing for you," within hearing of a vengeance demon.

But instead of erasing his love for Buffy, they make it so that he doesn't feel anything.

Would love to see how that affects Spike's actions and his interactions with Buffy.

Categories: All Human
Characters: Ensemble
  • AU all human

Spike owns and runs a bar. One day during down time he notices a very young girl standing out in the rain/cold/snow. He brings her in and gets her something to eat out of the kitchen.

He finds out that the young girl is named Dawn. Turns out Dawn is new in town and completely friendless at school. Her mom had died forcing her and her sister to move to a nearby apartment.

Dawn was supposed to go straight home from school to the small apartment while Buffy was working. But for whatever reason you want to give Dawn slipped out and ended up outside of Spike's bar.

So now after school every day  Dawn stops in to Spike's place. She gets a hot meal each time, spends time with all of Spike's employees, making friends and actually having fun since her mom's death.......that is until Buffy finds out and wants to ruin everything!

Ideas I had

Clem runs the bars kitchen. He always has Dawn's meals ready for her as soon as she gets in from school.

Gunn is the bartender/bouncer. He teaches Dawn a few protection moves and walks her home.

Tara is the hostess and mother hen of the bar.

Spike talks to Dawn from behind the bar as she sits there eating her meals and doing her homework.

And of course one day Buffy slams in yelling and messing everything up for Dawn.

Categories: Post-Series, Season 6
Characters: Buffy

Spike's has always been Buffy's lapdog (as he´d say) and he's done sooo much for her and to prove his unconditional love... so, what if for once, it were Buffy the one to grovel? 

This could be a story set in season 6, where Spike is the one to brake up the relationship, or maybe he gets a new girlfriend (not the one in Xander's wedding, though)and Buffy just goes jealousy nuts and tries to get him back... or it could be a post-series story, where Buffy finds out Spike is alive and goes to him but he's already taken and she has to win him again.

The only must have is a Spuffy ending (because, of course, Spike is still madly in love with Buffy whatever he tries to do to get over her, he's just playing hard to get). devil

This is my first challenge, hope you like it and trigger your muse! 

Categories: Crossover (Books or TV shows outside Buffyverse), Season 2, Season 3, Between Seasons (any)
Characters: None

I'd really love to read a mash-up of the 1984 movie Romancing the Stone and BtVS. I feel like the two would go really well together and there's lots of opportunity for fun Spuffy interactions. There's action! There's adventure! There's danger, and treasure, and ample room for a solid enemies-to-lovers arc! Throw in a little magic and a lot of demons and it's a perfect playground for a seriously fun Spuffy fic.

Some ideas for how it could be done:

-After Spike and Drusilla hoof it down to South America (Colombia, if you want to follow the Romancing the Stone blueprint closely!), something happens to Drusilla. Maybe she's kidnapped, or maybe she's looking for some treasure the pixies told her about and wanders off only to be captured and held hostage in the process. Lots of options here, really. Spike grudgingly calls in the Slayer for help. He somehow convinces her to give him a hand and she flies down. Shenanigans ensue. (Maybe whatever Drusilla's captors want, Giles also has an interest in obtaining, and he convinces Buffy to go retrieve it? Again, lots of possibilities here.)

-Angel comes back from hell but he isn't getting better. He's not in his right mind and nothing seems to be helping. The Scoobies do some research and find some artifact down in Colombia that might help restore Angel's sanity. Buffy heads on down to South America, runs into Spike, and either a) has to help him with something he needs before he will help her, or b) she just straight up strong arms him into assisting. Shenanigans ensue.

-Or you can adapt it however you like. I feel like there are so many great possibilities here!biggrin


Some things I would like to see:

-Spike and Buffy taking a little while to fall for each other. At this point in canon, they respect but hate each other (or at least, that's their story and they're sticking to it!). It'll probably take more than a minute for them to get over that. No insta-love, please.

-Buffy having an appreciation for romance novels (in the movie Joan Wilder is a romance author, so Buffy liking steamy paperback romances would be a fun nod to that detail).

-A happy ending for our Spuffy, preferably without killing Drusilla. Since Spike and Dru were already on the outs, this should be pretty achievable. As for Angel... well, I don't have strong opinions about his fate.

-Spike still being Spike, which is to say evil with the possibility of being good once he slows down and starts thinking with his brain and his blood. He doesn't reform overnight, not even in the series, which is what makes him interesting (to me, anyway). While this is a fairly lighthearted premise, bonus points to anyone who can capture the complexity of his emotional/moral journey as he navigates the ins and outs of having to work with the Slayer again. Which rules can he bend and which can he break without risking all his parts? Which must he absolutely follow? Which does he realize he doesn't mind following by the end of the story? Definitely provides an opportunity to explore how Spike could change for the better without the Initiative Chip coming into play.

-Buffy being a complex character in her own right. Please no Buffy bashing or hating. She's working with the information and experience that she has on hand, both as a Slayer and a 17 year old girl. There's bound to be understandable gaps in her knowledge and experience. Like Spike, she has room to grow and she should be allowed to do that without being bashed.

-Maybe--just maybe--something to do with the Gem of Amara? Instead of it being in Sunnydale, the Gem (or something like it) is hidden in Colombia? Just a thought, not sure if this would actually fit, but thought I'd throw it out there just in case it helps get anybody's creative gears turning.


Categories: None
Characters: Ensemble

Spike says he can get money, but how?  What are the job options for a guy who's cold to the touch, can't work in daylight, and hasn't got a green card?  The ice rink! You come up with the specifics.  Spike hires out as a foreign competitive pairs or ice-dance partner for an Olympic hopeful (think of the movie The Cutting Edge or dozens of real-life skating pairs). Spike signs up as an international minor league hockey player (we know that Angel watches, Spike brawls.) Spike appears in  Disney on Ice, either in the cast or as a magically-masked mystery guest.  Or maybe Spike just wants to get Buffy some skates and rink time at the local venue and gets roped into giving lessons to the local kids (and then their moms). I'd love to see the gang discover his secret, and Xander belittle Spike, who then literally skates rings around him.  Or a future Spike and Buffy on Skating with the Stars and close to losing, because they they can't stop arguing about costumes, music, interpretations, and who gets to lead and lift. Or how about the Summers Skatetackular and School of Ice Slaying---er, Skating--as a cover and source of income for all the Chosen Ones? 



Categories: Season 6
Characters: Buffy, Dawn, Spike

Where Spike and Dawn keep being friends/siblings even after Buffy is resurrected. It doesn't just become almost nonexistant but both actively try to keep being friends. 

Can have


Buffy being weirded out/confused by the friendship

Buffy trying to get in the way of the friendship, but Spike and Dawn finding away around Buffy's rules

Can Not Have

Spike and Dawn in a romantic/Sexual relationship. 


Categories: Season 6
Characters: Buffy, Giles, Spike

This challenge is an AU of Season Six. What might have happened if Giles hadn’t gone back to England? How Giles made Buffy “grow up” in season six rubbed me the wrong way. 

So, Giles must stay for season six. How does Giles being around change Buffy and Spike’s relationship?  Can Giles help keep her together so she can have a true relationship with Spike?

Categories: Historical, Alternate Reality, Time Travel
Characters: Buffy, Ensemble, Spike, William

William Pratt comes forward in time and meets Buffy and friends, perhaps due to a spell of Willow's.

Buffy and he fall in love, but he has no choice but to return to his time, unable to make a future with her.

But then, he arrives in a different form and you have a very different first meeting between she and Spike.

Categories: Season 6
Characters: Ensemble

Seeing Red never happened so Spike is still in town when Tara was shot......but for some reason so was Drusilla.

The idea is that some how Tara's soul left her body and went into Drusilla. This not only gives Dru a soul but while inside Tara is able to help Spike woo Buffy better by taking over Dru and giving him advice. Tara/Dru stays over the whole time in Spike's crypt with him. Tara's also able to influence Dru where she's more sane and not to go out killing people. 

Plus with Tara's soul in Dru Buffy is unable to dust her......much to Buffy's jealous dismay......Willow is jealous at how well Tara/Spike/Dru are all getting along. Dawn thinks this is awesome cool!

Categories: All Human
Characters: Ensemble

AU All Human

Joyce was an actress who stared on a Disney type kid show where she played the mom. Dawn was the kid star of the show and played Joyce's daughter. Dawn never had a mother figure in her life and too the little girl Joyce was the closest thing to a mom she ever had. Even if she was just a tv mom Joyce couldn't help but too love Dawn also.

A few years later Dawn's dad dies....arrested..runs off? With no where to go Joyce agrees to take in her former costar who is now a bit grown up (Think the age Dawn was on the show when she first showed up)

Buffy is not happy about this at all. Years ago she had to share her mom with a bratty tv star(Buffy's opinion)....and now the girl is moved into their house and Buffy's mom is all welcoming of these! 

I have numerous ways that Spike could be involved in this.

My fave idea on Spike.

Spike was a former castmate also who looks back and HATES his past job. He's now a trying to be rockstar who even though embarrassed by his past Disney like show he still cares for his castmates Joyce and Dawn. Joyce takes Dawn(and makes Buffy go) to one of Spike's shows getting them back into Spike's life. Buffy and Spike bicker the whole time much to Joyce and Dawn's enjoyment.

Categories: Claim, Season 7, Alternate Reality, Episode Rewrite
Characters: Buffy, Other, Spike, Tara

As Spike has said, there's always a price to magic. (the resurrection spell in this universe also has Hecate as part of it along with Osiris) When Willow, Tara, Anya and Xander resurrected Buffy they hadn't paid the price as full as they thought, it not being fulfilled until Tara was taken too soon. Unknowing to the rest of the group, Willow also cut corners on not reading/ignoring all the fine print that was in regards to the resurrection spell either.

Buffy is kicked out of her house in Empty Places. When Buffy goes to get the Scythe, Spike follows her. At some point after she's King Arthur'ed the Scythe, Spike touches her shoulder to get her attention and all of a sudden they both (along with the Scythe) disappear and then reappear in the audience of Osiris and Hecate. Tara is also there, off to the side.

Hecate and Osiris inform them that when Buffy was kicked out of her house, it nullified the resurrection spell if they (Hecate or Osiris) chose. The deity duo chose to take Buffy after she had Her weapon and her mate (or however you want them to refer to Spike). Buffy and Spike will only have to answer to the deity duo, not any of the other PTB. Tara will be brought back to living to be with them as a friend but also as an intermediary between Spuffy and the deity duo. Hecate and Osiris put protections on them that they are only detectable to each other and the deity duo (aka location spells don't work).

On Scooby side, possible reaction to the complete disappearance of Spuffy, the finding out that them kicking her out of the house kicked her out of their lives for good.

Categories: None
Characters: Ensemble

It's California! It's a Hellmouth!  And you've got main characters who can't drive cars? Inconceivable!

    We've got two Brits and an Irishman who manage to master the other side of the road, and Xander got a license and car despite despicable parents who wouldn't have helped him a bit.  Then you've got a superhero with incredible reflexes who can't pilot her mom's jeep down the street without a collision, a super-genius witch who needs magic steering to get into gear, and teenagers who are carted around by their mothers instead of getting their permits. Let's see how they got that way, or why they get away without driving, or show them learning to drive.  Your choice of season and style. Serious, such as Spike teaching Dawn to drive That Summer to get away from the pain.  Or maybe ridiculous--Spike lends a hand at The Giles Evening School of Driving Excellence.  Or poignant--teaching Buffy to drive Joyce's jeep after her death. Perhaps show what happened to Spike's beloved DeSoto.  Why Clem picked a VW Beetle as his getaway vehicle to evacuate Sunnydale. Angel singeing his hair in his ridiculous-for-a-vampire convertible. Tara driving a tractor on a construction site to earn her college tuition. Make it a whole dealer's lot of shorts. 




Categories: Time Travel
Characters: Ensemble

My favourite genre of fan fiction is Well Intentioned Time Travel With Horrifying Unintended Consequences, not just when it comes Spuffy but in general.

The challenge is to make a character (any character you want or even more than one) time travel and try to fix past mistakes only for it to have terrible consequences they now have to deal with.

For example a character could make a wish to go back in time to save the person they love and accidentally cause an apocalypse in the process, or be stuck in a time loop and every time they save someone another person dies, or they could try to give advice to their past selves only for it to be misinterpreted (or even end up reaching the wrong person) 



Spuffy of course, but that doesn't mean it has to be Buffy or Spike who gets to time travel.

Categories: Season 4, Alternate Reality, Episode Rewrite
Characters: Buffy, Faith Lehane, Giles, Sineya, Spike, Willow, Xander


This is an idea that originated from a conversation about how badly the Initiative/Adam stuff in Season 4 was resolved and how to make it better, the conclusion of which was that the easiest way to fix it, seeing that the actress who played Walsh was not available for the whole season, would have been to simply shorten the Initiative arc, make Buffy and the Scoobies defeat them earlier with the Enjoining Spell and then have the rest of the season be about them being hunted by the First Slayer in their sleep.

So that's the challenge, have the events of Primeval happen sooner ( I was thinking around the time of Goodbye Iowa but it's up to you ) and then Sineya would haunt Buffy, Giles, Willow and Xander in their sleep.


Some Ideas:


The nightmares start as soon as they defeated the Initiative.

Giles theorizes the spirit of the first Slayer is angry because they disrupted her rest and she'll probably stop hunting them after a few days. He is wrong.

At first, Sineya can only control their dreams and show them confusing visions they don't fully understand, after a while they realise she is also able to control their bodies while they are asleep, they try not to panic since it seems that her control over them is superficial and they wake up a few minutes after she moves their bodies but within days she starts to secure that control and the Scoobies notice they are sleeping for longer periods of time. They fail in the not panicking department.

Giles and Willow try to exorcise the first Slayer both separately and together, it only makes her angrier.

Willow doing magic on her sleep, waking up to see all the furniture in her room floating and Amy switching back and forth between human and rat.

Xander falls asleep on the couch, dreams he is falling, wakes up on the roof, covered in sweat wearing clothes that aren't his and with no idea of how he got there, there's blood on the couch.

Giles falls asleep while researching about the first Slayer, the few books that mention her are vague and contradictory and he is starting to suspect the Council is purposely hiding something about her, he wakes up with a terrible headache, all the windows and mirrors have been smashed and the front door is wide open, his books are nowhere to be seen.

Spike takes to follow the Scoobies at night, at first it's because he finds them entertaining in their odd behaviour, soon he starts stepping up when they do something stupidly dangerous, not because he cares about them mind you, but because he is sure the Slayer would find a way to blame it on him if her precious friends get killed, besides if anyone is going to eat the watcher, the witch and the wimp is going to be him, not some random fledge. 

Buffy goes to sleep on her own bed, wakes in the middle of the cemetery, still in her pyjamas, a stake in hand and several piles of dust around her and Spike watching her in awe from the top of a mausoleum.

Buffy doesn't attack Spike while possessed by the first Slayer because he is eating nothing but animal blood at this point and therefore does not register as a Vampire in her radar ( bonus points if Angel shows up and Buffy tries to kill him because he IS full of human blood )

Sineya shows Buffy visions of her life, her childhood in a time humans worshipped the Old Ones, how her family was brutally killed by demons, the Shadow Men kidnapping her and forcing the demon into her, the years she spent living outside of human civilization driving the Old Ones away, even her death, but the more she shows, the more Buffy feels like there's something missing, something the First Slayer doesn't want her to know, at least not yet.

The revelation that Slayers are part demons takes days to sink in.

Faith is in some of Buffy's dreams, it's not clear whatever it's a fragment of her imagination or the real Faith who is also dreaming.

Sineya calls Buffy and Faith her daughters.

She also tries to convince Buffy not to trust her friends, calling not only Giles but also Xander and Willow Shadow People and telling Buffy they just want to control her.

Spike realises he is in love with Buffy sooner.


Categories: Alternate Reality
Characters: None

Titanic movie plot, but Spuffy. Then there would be an actual reason why one dies and one doesn't: the cold doesn't kill a vampire. Thought maybe Buffy could be the vamp and Spike/William the human so that it's still the girl who survives. Just thought it could be cool :)

Categories: Season 7, Episode Rewrite
Characters: None

In Chosen, Buffy gathers all the girls together and declares, "I hate this. I hate being here. I hate that there's evil, and I was chosen to fight it. I wish, a whole lot of the time that I hadn't been" ... etc

I have occasionally wondered what would have happened later on, when Buffy came up with the idea of activating all the potentials and asked the girls, "Are you ready to be strong?" some of them had said, "Hell no! I don't wanna live like this for the rest of my life!" or words to that effect.

Well... that's it really.

What do you think would have happened?


Categories: None
Characters: Ensemble

Several times in S6, Spike is wearing a band that looks like a wedding ring on his left ring finger. I've never seen anyone --characters OR writers--comment on this or even seem to notice. Buffy surely had to have seen it or felt it.  Anya was so wedding obsessed, how could she have missed it? I didn't notice Spike wearing a similar ring any other time in the series, although I may have missed it since he does wear rings. (Subway Spike, circa 1977, has a band on his right thumb, a ring on his left forefinger, and a large ring, maybe the skull ring, or his left ring finger. You can see them when he's twirling the subway pole.)

     My challenge is for stories that address this ring, where it came from, what wearing it on that finger meant to Spike, and why and when he took it off. And maybe what became of it.  

     I'd like to have other characters notice, question and comment on the ring, including Buffy, Dawn, Xander, Anya, Willow, Tara, Giles and Clem.  Maybe some pool-playing buddies, or someone who saw him drinking; he's left-handed, and it would have been in plain sight each time he lined up a shot, or raised his glass or bottle. 

Marsters wasn't married at the time, and while it could have been his own or a random prop he happened to put on sometimes, that seems unlikely. The series talked about rings before, even had plot lines about them. There was Spike's Gem of Amara, the claddagh rings both Angel and Scott Hope gave Buffy, and the engagement ring that Anya had to hide.  Yet here's Spike, Mr. Faithful himself, wearing what appears to be a wedding ring, and nobody asks? Was he hoping they'd ask?  Did Spike, a Victoirian, secretly consider their affair the consummation of their engagement?

        I'm asking. Please answer, preferably without buckets of angst or smut.  





Categories: None
Characters: Angel, Angelus, Buffy, Spike, William, Willow

My idea is that William in heaven was an angel before he was Returned To his body! 1 more thing we have in common! pat! Starts remembering heaven still in a ghost state Angel looses His soul so Buffy companies willow to Los Angeles to return angels so where she discovers that spike is not a ashes Well his soul isn't anyway at the bottom of the Hell mouth


Categories: Season 5, Season 6, Crossover (AtS), Alternate Reality
Characters: Buffy, Darla, Ensemble, Faith Lehane, Spike, Wesley

Buffy doesn't die and her body goes with her through the portal.

She ends up in, at first, very similar parallel world, which rapidly turns out to be a dystopian version where The Initiative isn't a secret Government branch anymore, but a military and political organization which publicly hunts down every magical being (like a supernatural Nazi SS).

They started hunting demons, vampires and such, but when a Slayer killed a human, they expanded to every supernatura beingl (witches, warlocks, Potentials, Watchers...). The Initiative have most of the population support and those who doesn't, are too afraid to speak up.

Those being hunted are organizing in secret factions, which have finally agreed to cooperate in order to survive. When Buffy falls from the portal a member of one of these factions take her to their secret base.



If you want the banner send me a PM ;)


  • At least 4 factions with the following leaders: Spike, Darla, Faith and Wesley. They have their differences, but they respect each other. I wanna see comradery and bickery between the four of them.
  • The leaders decide their objectives together but there is a behind the scenes Big Honcho calling the shots. Everyone speculate and tell impossible stories about this Boss, but no-one really knows who he/she is.
  • Appart from the factions, there are also collaborators, spies, double agents, etc. (For example: Angel as a collaborator who denounces vampires, Giles as an initial collaborator who turns to the factions when The Initiative starts hunting down Slayers or Lindsey from Ats as a double agent.)
  • Dawn doesn't exist.
  • Buffy doesn't want to help the factions at first, since they're killing humans.
  • Her views must change slowly until she offers to help them in a big operation they've been preparing for a long time.
  • During the operation, AU!Spike goes rogue after seeing info about a weapon.
  • The weapon turns out to be AU!Buffy, who has been experimented and kept prisoner for a long time.
  • The Big Honcho turns to be someone unexpected like Tara or Cordy.


  • AUBuffy and AUSpike were lovers prior her capture.
  • AUBuffy can be the Slayer who killed a human.
  • Weird non-canon pairings (like IDK Darla/Wes, Darla/Faith or any other that would made no sense in the original Universe).
  • Xander and Gunn are convinced members/followers of The Initiative.
  • Anne/Chanterelle as a high member of The Initiative.
  • Fred hides hostiles in safe houses.
  • Drusilla was killed by The Initiative, after Angel report her, Darla and Spike.
  • Willow captured and used by The Initiative to hunt down Hostiles or turned into DarkWillow for the same purpose.
  • Buffy being able to go back to her universe when AUBuffy is freed but instead decides to stay until they get rid of The Initiative.


  • Faith being the Slayer who killed a human.

Categories: Season 6
Characters: Ensemble

A magical mishap hits both Tara and Spike. I see them both grabbing an artifact at the shop at the sametime. It magically bonds them together. They are not mated but the artifact sticks Tara's magic and Spike's demon together somehow. They can't stay separated for long periods or they start to feel uncomfortable.

Tara being a sweetheart and Spike a mother hen the two actually enjoy each other's company. They play cards, discuss books and actually have fun.

Problem is Willow and Buffy are extremely jealous.

Categories: Season 7, Episode Rewrite
Characters: Anya, Buffy, Dawn, Giles, Spike, Willow, Xander

Set in Season 7.

Spike kills Robin Wood, the First takes over his body almost completely and puts his demon in control with the trigger.

The First orders him to kill the Potentials, the Scoobies and Buffy, and Spike has no choice but to do it, there's only one problem, while the demon has no claims about eating the Potentials, it sees Buffy as his mate and Giles, Xander, Willow, Anya and Dawn as his family, both the demon and the soul in Spike refuse to kill them but the orders the First put on him can not be avoided.

Spike ends turning them all.

When it's over his soul fully awakes and he is horrified by what he has done, the shock of it is so big it prevents the First from controling him further.

Spike knows he should dust them before they can start killing innocents but he can't bring himself to, they are his family now after all and he can't help but love them all, specially Buffy, even like this, besides as much as his soul regrets turning them his demon is overjoyed to know he gets to keep them all for eternity.

Now Spike must try to prevent six newly souless vampires from killing anybody while staying out of the radar of a recently ex-convicted Slayer and his self-righteous grandsire looking to dust them all, that is assuming the world doesn't end of course.

Categories: Time Travel, Post-Series
Characters: Angel, Buffy, Giles, Joyce, Spike, Willow, Xander

I think it’s probably obvious by now that I love a good ‘Let’s go back in time and fix it’ fic. I think most of us do. But with nothing worth watching on TV over Christmas/New Year, and no story demanding to be written <gives the muse a kick up the arse in the hope that it comes up with something soon> I’ve had time on my hands to come up with yet another potential scenario that I can’t figure out how to turn into a fully-fledged story myself.

Think about it for a moment. Which character is generally most inclined to try to fix things? Pretty obvious, isn’t it?

So here goes…

The story begins post-Chosen—but pre-comics—and before it’s known to the Slayer/Watcher camp that Spike is back.

The less-than-ideal consequences of having activated far more slayers than they’d ever expected are becoming evident. How bad these consequences are, is up to the author.

It gradually becomes clear to either Xander or Willow – or both - that Buffy is once more withdrawn, and just going through the motions, as she did after her resurrection, because she’s deep in mourning at the loss of Spike.

At this point, Willow has a new understanding of, and respect for, her magical abilities, and her relationship with Kennedy is already showing great big chasms of cracks.

Plus, Xander has grown past his Spike-hatred because of the way he sought his soul by way of repentance, then made the ultimate sacrifice to save the world, and he can now see the ‘big picture’.

So, unlike when Buffy had to send Angel to Hell, the loss of Tara allows Willow to empathise with Buffy’s distress, and Xander also understands because of losing Anya.

Resolving not to consult Buffy or Giles, or anyone else (of course), they decide to find a way to change things for the better.

Secret research is done, and it turns out that they can do it, but for some reason, only one of them can travel – not physically, but rather merging their consciousness into their younger self. They decide that Willow should be the one to go because when she’s younger, her early independence engendered by her largely distant parents gives her more freedom, and thence the greater ability to influence events.

Does the spell work as they intended?

At what point in time does Willow arrive?

Who does she tell? Personally, I think she’d be likely to tell Xander and recruit him to help her, but it’s up to you.

Do any of Willow’s well-intentioned changes backfire?

All I ask is for realistic characterisation for all, an end result of a happy, healthy Spuffy relationship, plus Willow and Xander making sure not to screw up their own respective relationships—whichever person they choose to end up with—and a reduction in the overall badness that occurred first time around.

Oh, and if Willow goes back far enough, please could she discourage Buffy’s crush upon the creepy stalker Angel, and thereby prevent Bangel, rather than cheerleading the relationship.

And… over to you!


Categories: Post-Series
Characters: Ensemble

Spike dies fighting in the rain at the end of ATS. Buffy finds out about this and is furious with Giles and her friends for keeping it all from her. 

In an effort to fix things Buffy goes to the same demon that Spike saw and got his soul from. The demon is impressed because a Slayer has never came to him for a wish....trying to kill him yes....but not a wish. So he puts Buffy through her own trials.

Does she get Spike back.....does she go back in time to be with Spike....a chance to save him some how? All of that is up too you.

Categories: All Human
Characters: Ensemble

Back in her younger days Joyce was the star of a tv show or movie franchise. She played a Laura Croft type character.....strong female going out on some adventure to save the day/world. After the run of her character Joyce's career didn't quite go as she planned. She's now quit the business and is a at home divorced mom with two daughters.

William "Spike" moves in next door. He can't help but to notice that the older woman living next door looks a bit familiar. He is flabbergasted when he realizes his new neighbor is Joyce Summers! Turns out when Spike was a lonely little kid Joyce was his favorite actress and he absolutely LOVED her tv show/movies! Joyce was actually his celebrity crush!

When Joyce finds out about this she's embarrassed and a tad bit flattered. She invites Spike in and over time the two bond over drinks and talking about her career. He even manages to befriend Joyce's youngest daughter Dawn. He becomes a fixture in their lives.

BUT........Buffy who is away(College?) is an over protective non trusting type. When she hears that her mom has befriended a much younger man her mindset instantly jumps to....conman gold digger!  She comes back home to see things for herself and run this man off who is trying to con her mother. Buffy is all upset when her mom and sister won't see things like she does and stands up for Spike.

How Buffy comes to an change of mind is up too you.

Categories: None
Characters: None

Due to unforeseen and/or magical Shenanigans, Spike (and only Spike) ends up with amnesia.  Amnesiac!Spike seems to be a chill, decent guy, so Buffy et al. respond by straight-up lying to him about his identity and their past in order to make him believe that he is and always has been their devoted friend and ally.  

Good news: it seems to be working.

Bad news: he's concluded that Buffy is his girlfriend and she has to play along.