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Hot in the City by MissLuci NC-17
Join Buffy and Spike during the summer of 2018 for a hot, smutty road trip adventure...
Spike and Buffy Go to Vegas (Also, It's Christmas) by othellia PG
Buffy has to go on a road trip to save the world. She needs to bring a vampire...
Carpe Diem, baby by Axell Adult Only
They are in love, and they are engaged to be married, but Buffy's impatient...
The Footprints Left Behind by Willow91 NC-17
 **I want to give a huge shout out to mcgnagallsarmy for making a banner...
The Wreckoning by Maxine Eden NC-17
After struggling with post resurrection life, Buffy needs an escape. Embarking...
Saving You by Spikelover4ever NC-17
Buffy is betrayed by her friends and Spike is sent to a hellish demon dimension...
Buffy...4.0?ish? by Sweetbutnutty G
When Andrew downloads Buffy-Bot's consciousness back into Buffy, something hinky...
Meow by CheekyKitten NC-17
Spike is great at pissing people off and typically it results in some of the...
The Degradation of Duality [Series Part 2] by Ragini NC-17
After the events in Deliverance From Destiny, Buffy, Spike, Willow, and Lorne...
Love Lives Here by Passion4Spike NC-17
Spike and Buffy reunite during the battle with the Senior Partners in L.A...
Random Story
Blue Valentine by naughtynyx PG
Post 'Chosen'/'NFA'. Buffy is now living in London and gets...
Ragini (6/15 11:18pm): Oh no! I hope the creator revises and reposts. I was really looking forward to that one.
Holly (6/15 09:20pm): The only exception is if the creator has stated they welcome constructive criticism. Please see EF's TOS for information about constructive criticism, including guidelines of what constructive criticism is (actionable advice in line with creator's vision) and what it is not (difference of opinion).
Holly (6/15 09:18pm): Friendly reminder! Please do not remark critically on any creator's work, whether or not that work is housed at EF. These comments can be incredibly discouraging with devastating consequences, up to and including the creator choosing to remove their work.
Ragini (6/15 08:36am): And thanks to the Admins for taking my suggestion and running with it! I see Slavery is now listed in the warnings!!! Thank you thank you thank you!
Ragini (6/15 08:35am): Oh no! I'd put that one on my reading list! Things like that are why I love that download feature, btw.
Holly (6/14 11:09am): @Marshmallow17 - The author voluntarily removed their works from the archive.
Marshmallow17 (6/14 10:29am): I was reading 'Early One Morning', and was a couple of chapters feom the end and it seems to have vanished....
pfeifferpack (6/13 10:15pm): partyHappy birthday to Citrix & to StrangerEmotion! Hoping you have all you most want & are surrounded by all you most love through a day of great memory making. May this year see you content, accomplished, joyful, & blessed.
pfeifferpack (6/12 11:54pm): partyHappy birthday to Jdog23 & to claudia1375! Eishing you the best day all celebrating YOU. May everyone you most love shower you with love & gifts. May this year bring you closer to (or achieving) your hearts desire & daily blessings.
though_you_try (6/12 11:56am): A hug and a giant thank you to whoever nominated me for Author of the Month! I'm humbled and grateful that you thought of me. love
Geliot99 (6/12 04:01am): HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my amazing friend and beta RavenLove12! Can't wait to post your presents for all the encouragement, all the pep talks, all yes ands. You're the best!
pfeifferpack (6/12 12:16am): partyHappy birthday to BewareTheKiller & to RavenLove12! May you be perfectly celebrated and gifted on your special day. May you have wonderful memories of a day full of love & joy. May this year bring blessings, success & all needs met.
pfeifferpack (6/11 07:14pm): partyHappy birthday to Amber61, TheHousekeeper, & to Nostromo! Hoping your special day brings you everything & everyone you most desire & that every memory will be brilliant. May you have a year with joy, success, fulfillment & blessings.
Joan963z (6/11 01:46pm): Yes, Loving William. I was reading Breaking the Habit. I only had 4 more chapters to read.
Iaiabarbie (6/11 01:02pm): Vote for Spike. https://x.com/buffygifs/status/1800542619514368352
LovingWilliam (6/11 08:39am): @Holly Thank you heart
Holly (6/11 07:45am): @LovingWilliam - It was removed by the author. We'll reply to your email as well (this happened while most of us were asleep, so we're just catching up).
LovingWilliam (6/11 01:56am): I was reading a really great fic here on E.F. and suddenly it disappeared without a trace. I send an email to the mods about it, but was wondering if anyone else has had that happen? From one chapter to the next, POOF - gone!
Violette-Milka (6/10 02:20am): @pfeifferpack Merci énormément pour tes paroles aimantes et tes vœux bienveillantes pour mon anniversaire, je suis si heureuse que tu y est pensée
pfeifferpack (6/10 12:27am): partyHappy birthday to Fluffypuppy, Violette-Milka, JackJames, & to BlueEyedShirt!
Joyeux anniversaire! May you all be well celebrated & gifted with all you most desire. May you have a day filled with joy & love & laughter. May this year bring blessings on blessings & success in all you attempt.

yellowb (6/9 08:41pm): I'd say in the age of AI it's totally true that it's best not to feed the trolls. It's just more fodder.
Sigyn (6/9 05:11pm): But they're asking for clicks. It's clickbait. Best not to feed to trolls, isn't it? (I've heard conflicting views.)
Joan963z (6/8 11:23pm): you can serch 15 TV Shows Ruined by One Character and go give the artical a thumbs down. You and also write a comment. This writer said said arrow was about the Flash. so the whole thing was bad.
CheekyKitten (6/8 12:20pm): @maryperk What? If that had been the case Joss would have killed him off when he planned to. Spike was so popular he not only became a regular, he made it through the whole show and then became a fan favorite on Angel... wtf?
WilliamMyBeloved (6/8 10:35am): @maryperk what fans?! Probably the Buffy boards on Reddit is the source cause there’s no way haha especially with how popular James is at cons and on cameos lol and of course fanworks! SMH well we know the truth hug

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The Triumphant Return of Mystery Month!

Are you guys excited? We sure are! We haven’t run Mystery Month since 2022, following a community-voted decision to alternate between Mystery Month and Drabblemania for our July events. And the results were amazing. We don’t like to brag (oh, who are we kidding, we LOVE to brag!) Drabblemania 2023 was a huge success. That said, we think the community chose very wisely, because our original Mystery Month is an event like no other, and we’re excited to get back to it!

If you weren’t around in 2022, or need a refresher, here’s the crux:

For the entire month of July (with a little spill over into August), participants will create works (either text-based stories or narrative artwork) that are five chapters long. Each chapter must respond in some way to a given prompt, and the works must be complete at five chapters––no longer, no shorter––with...

--Holly and the Mods on May 31, 2024 09:09pm 4 Comments
2024 April Challenge Month Wrap-Up

The Mod Team would like to thank everyone who took part in April Challenge Month.

The site saw the addition of 58 new fanworks for the event, including 2 that were exclusively artwork and 3 that wove a narrative and artwork together. The works created and shared for the event were made up of 183 chapters, consisting of 505,242 words, and written by 45 authors.

Also, 27 artists and 36 beta and sensitivity readers got an award, while 58 members completed the commenter challenge, with 1,236 comments left on event pieces during April, not to mention 2,571 likes!

All awards are now issued, but if you are missing one, or something seems not quite right, please drop us a line at elysianfieldsarchive@gmail.com

If you have yet to check out any of the brand-new challenge works, you can

--EllieRose101 and the Mods on May 06, 2024 03:55pm 0 Comments
Known Issue: Mobile Posting from Google Docs

Hi all,

We have some bad news. We learned today of an issue posting from Google Docs on iOS to the site. Basically, when you paste the text into the site (or most other places on your phone that we could see), certain special characters are not being correctly copied, so when they paste you get something that looks like — when all you wanted was an em-dash.

The good (?) news is that this is a widespread bug caused by either Apple or Google, and not anything we did, and is affecting other sites, including AO3, and other apps such as Apple Mail, Notes, and so on. Unfortunately, this makes work-arounds a little tricky. Posting on desktop is currently unaffected by the bug, but we know not everyone has access to desktop. If that applies to you, then the best option is probably a free Office 365 account, but even here we found during testing that copy/pasting from Docs to Word that certain formatting such as italics and bolding were lost. Copying from Docs to Word to EF also...

--cawthraven and the Mods on April 29, 2024 10:08pm 2 Comments