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Soul Swap by ZombieRed R
Buffy, hardened from years of war caused by the activation of the Potentials...
Waiting by sweetprincipale NC-17
AU early season 5. A sequel to "Ready", please read that first. Time marches...
Inside Man by Holly NC-17
Spike had this perfect memory of them together—her holding his hand, looking...
Souls Unbound by Touchstoneaf Adult Only
The Scourge are done for.  The baby Slayers are back on track, nicely settled...
Thanks for the Memories by Soulburnt R
Buffy beats up Angel after learning that he’s lied to her for years.   Angel...
Every Life I Save You by Joan963z Adult Only
Spike has died to save the world and deserves a reward. But the cosmos needs...
Flickers by Dusty NC-17
Sunnydale has fallen and Buffy is trying to move on, but then he's back. Almost.
What Goes Around by celtic_goddess NC-17
A Big Bad trapped by incorporeality sets its sights on the Sunnydale Hellmouth...
The Blue Eye of the Storm by MaggieLaFey NC-17
Instead of the Scythe, what Buffy finds under the vineyard is a portal to another...
Hellmouth Hurricane by sandy_s R
A hurricane is hitting Sunnydale. This is a rarity in and of itself. Everyone...
Random Story
Solace by EllieRose101 PG
A vivid dream. An earnest plea. Acceptance.
mother_of_unicorns (11/24 07:07pm): bit**
mother_of_unicorns (11/24 07:07pm): I have a little but of FOMO
mother_of_unicorns (11/24 07:06pm): @dampers are you still sending your fics to people? I think I found this site a little before you took them down and I would love to read any you are willing to send!
Irishrose (11/24 06:56pm): Hmm... that's like being asked to pick your favorite child. Best? I'd have to go with Speranta Lumii, which will be wrapping up in a couple of chapters. Favorite Spuffy, No Happily Ever After. Favorite overall is on my AO3, because it isn't Spuffy. Exchange Rate. So much fun writing that one.
MiseEnPlace (11/24 06:08pm): @dampers - I *love* At Your Service. I've read it many times. But I've read College Is Awesome maybe 8 times? I still laugh. To me, the hardest thing to write is comedy.
MissLuci (11/24 04:44pm): @Dusty - it's called Poetry by William Pratt - VERSUS by SPIKE
Dusty (11/24 04:01pm): Stories within a story, that sounds fun!
MissLuci (11/24 01:54pm): Best is probably my poetry "book" written by William and Spike because it is a grouping of stories within a story. Favorite changes daily, but one that stretched me WAY outta my comfort zone was Rebel's Yell, so I'll always be proud of that.
Dusty (11/24 01:47pm): Safe also taught me that I write Spuffy humor and fluff well... which is hilarious to me because I love reading the brutal darker stories.
Dusty (11/24 01:45pm): Oh I love reading all these opinions of your own work. You're all so wonderful. I only have 3 stories, so I feel like it's hard to say which is my best... I'm really proud of Safe... it's my new head canon for how the comics should have completed.
dampersandspoons (11/24 01:11pm): Mine is a toss-up between At Your Service and The Butcher. I think I cut myself open and poured everything I had into those two stories. My favorite canon piece is A Letter from the Grave which I managed to wrap up in 10 chapters.
DarkEternity96 (11/24 12:56pm): Itís the most unique plot idea Iíve had, and incorporates both humour and drama/romance (I used to be alllll about the tragedy, but have recently realised I LOVE writing Spuffy humour!). Thanks for the fab question @acekoomboom! smile <3
DarkEternity96 (11/24 12:55pm): Itís also my most developed and fleshed out story so far, and the latter half does showcase some of my best writing (although the first half was, indeed, written when I was 16!). However, I have high hopes for my in-progress story ĎThe Future Is Oursí, which may take over as my best/favourite!
DarkEternity96 (11/24 12:54pm): My favourite is probably my first fic, 'Always Been Bad', predominantly for sentimental reasons; I started writing it when I was 16, so finally finishing it 7 or so years later - after being re-inspired during lockdown! - was incredibly cathartic for me.
thenewbuzwuzz (11/24 11:33am): The 15 cinquain poems, for me, because I managed to sum up some stuff in few words and this work covers a lot of what I like most about the ship. Thanks for the bragging excuse, @acekoomboom! <3
All4Spike (11/24 10:30am): The one I'm most proud of, however, is Consequences of Bargaining, because I was able to fix so many things I didn't like about the beginning of Season 6... without having Buffy & Spike jumping into bed at every opportunity.
All4Spike (11/24 10:28am): I think my favourite is Critical Care. It had a simple premise, and for me, was amazingly easy to write because all I had to do was write down the dream I'd had the night before, and then tweak it a little so that it made sense. Also, it's leading into a hopeful alternative future.
Sigyn (11/24 10:06am): Iím with you on needing to fix Angel s5, and Inside Man was a VERY good fix, Holly! cheers Angel s5 behind-the-scenes rewrite solidarity for the win!
Holly (11/24 09:56am): I'm honestly not sure which story is my best in terms of quality. My older stuff is more well-known/established, but there are definite flaws. My favorite? I think it's Inside Man, because (for me) it fixed AtS Season 5 and that's bothered me for 16 years.
Sigyn (11/24 09:35am): I was changing genres, concepts, all kinds of preconceptions I had about ďwhat I writeĒ with that one. Iím still fiercely proud of that thing. (Would I edit it if I wrote it now? Iíd probably clean up some language and phraseology, but storyline, no. Wouldnít change a thing.)
Sigyn (11/24 09:33am): Petís my baby. Is it my best? I donít know anymore. Itís not my most ambitious (Immortal probably hits that one) or my most daring (Iíll give that one to The Edge) and seriously, I canít begin to judge my quality. But Petís the one I poured all my Spuffy love and logic into.
Cosmic Tuesdays (11/24 09:30am): Best in terms of quality, "Reach for the Living." Favorite, at the moment, "May You Ever Return," because I'm proud I pulled off something big and different. But ask me tomorrow and my answer will change.
slaymesoftly (11/24 09:16am): might think is my "best". I'm pleased (or, more often, not pleased!) with different fics for different reasons. So, sorry, but I really can't answer this question. Maybe if I didn't have as many to wade through...
slaymesoftly (11/24 09:13am): Gah - my favorite and my best may or may not be the same thing. And probably aren't. If I've tried something out of my comfort zone and if I think I made it work, then that might be one of my favs, but not necessarily best. That said, my personal favorite can vary from day to day. As can which one I
acekoomboom (11/24 08:54am): Just curious, authors, outnof everything you've posted here what is your best work? What is your personal favorite fic you've written? I'm interested to hear you guys humble brag a little bit lol. Hear you gush about something you did that you love.

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It's Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Holiday Fic Giving


Up in the North Pole, according to popular myth, Santa is currently busy making all of the Hellmouth children’s toys so that he can distribute happiness and joy in less than two months’ time. Unfortunately (according to Anya’s excellent knowledge of supernatural history), Santa is, in reality, a demon who uses said gifts to tempt little children into coming close so he can disembowel them. Talk about a demonic holiday Grinch. Yikes. Thankfully, our Evil Santa has been pretty quiet the last several hundred years. Until now, that is… 

Now, Evil Santa is hopping on his demonic sleigh again, and it’s time for Spuffy to combat him the best way they know how: by making sure we give each other our gifts this holiday season!

Thanks to a great suggestion by member Ajmilone, Elysian Fields will be hosting our very first Secret Santa fic-giving event this year. Here’s how it works:

Everyone who signs up to participate in this event will write one fic and receive one fic. Each fic written should be a “one-shot”...

--OffYourBird on November 08, 2020 12:04am 22 Comments
Trapped Challenge Wrap-up

Hey everyone,

Congratulations to everyone who participated in some way during the Trapped Challenge. We had record breaking event with 47 brand new fic created and shared. That's phenomenal! If you have yet to check out the new titles, you can FIND THEM ALL HERE. You’re welcome. wink

Trapped Challenge stats:
(For challenge fic only, and accurate at the time of this news item being posted)

  • New fic – 47
  • Chapters added – 153
  • Words added – 458,193
  • Banners created – 38 (not including chapter art)
  • Comments received – 2,091
  • Likes received – 3,776

Amy on November 04, 2020 06:05am 3 Comments

Ready to get Trapped by new fic?

Anyone feeling a little anxious? Restless? Trapped? Well never fear, that’s just your brain preparing you for the flood of AWESOMENESS that is new fic about to hit the site.

We’re almost to October and that means Trapped Challenge month is about to commence. With such an adaptable theme, we’re buzzing with excitement about the soon-to-be posted gems written in celebration of the 14th birthday of Elysian Fields.

Mods Holly and OffYourBird have joined forces and combined their talents to present to all of you—the readers, writers, artists, betas and lurkers of our site—a fantabulous new skin. It will be set as the site default skin for the month of October. To take a peak or switch your current skin out, make sure to change it in your preferences page. It is called Trapped.

In order to make sure everyone understands all that's going on, we'll try to cover everything here. If there's something you're not sure about...

--The Mods on September 30, 2020 10:31am 7 Comments