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Centerfold by all choseny NC-17
Back among the (un)living at Wolfram & Hart, Spike finds himself annoying...
Stay by Maxine Eden NC-17
It's the night before the apocalypse.. hard conversations are had, declarations...
Angel Doesn’t Know by fortes775 NC-17
"I was 16, Spike,” she said softly. “I had the impulse control of...
Meow by CheekyKitten NC-17
Spike is great at pissing people off and typically it results in some of the...
Truth and Consequences by JamesMFan R
15 years have passed since the battle that closed the Hellmouth. Haunted by...
Ties to the World by The Danish Bird NC-17
“The only reason you’ve lasted this long is that you’ve got...
Across Ages by Isabeau R
For perhaps millennia, dark forces have been recruiting, building, lurking...
A Ripple In Time by CheekyKitten NC-17
A simple spell to find someone, anyone, that knows how to defeat Glory. Really...
Afterburn: In The Dark by Melme1325 NC-17
Being a teenager's tough. It's even worse when your mom's a slayer, your dad's...
Random Story
True Colors by Dee Bradfield PG
Buffy and Spike try normal on for size, with predictable results...but what...
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maarella (4/19 11:03pm): Looking starting season 6 or 7 with some post series. There is an old coven from England that moved to Hellmouth helping. They close Hellmouth because Buffy has visions about her child not making it if she had to stay. They move. Buffy gives birth over time to several girls, all slayers I think.
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Reminder for April Event Participants

This is a reminder for everyone posting (or planning to post) during our current April event: please use the new crediting system on the upload page. And triple check that you have got the username(s) of your betas, sensitivity readers, and/or artists spelled correctly, including punctuation where relevant. This greatly helps the Mod Team and means everyone will be able to get the awards they’ve earned faster going forward.

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New Warnings and Updated Definitions


In response to suggestions and questions from some of our members, we are adding three new warnings to the archive, for Voyeurism, Sexual Violence, and Torture (Implied). These warnings, like our other warnings, will be mandatory on new content published on the site. We encourage authors and artists to edit their existing works as needed to accommodate these new warnings, especially for works that are in progress. Please email us at elysianfieldsarchive@gmail.com if you have any questions regarding these warnings or any others; we are happy to answer questions, clarify language, and review content to see if a warning is appropriate.

Readers are also encouraged to email us if they are reading a story that is missing warnings it should have. We will confirm and work with authors to get the warnings added to fanworks so that we can all use the system to curate our...

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Final Details about April Challenge Month 2024

April Challenge Month is just around the corner, so here are all the details you need to get ready. (If you missed the announcement, see here.)

Once you have picked the challenge you wish to respond to and created your work (either fic or art), you will need to upload at least the first part between 00.00 on April 1st and 23.59 on April 30th site time, which appears under the ShoutBox on EF’s homepage. During the posting window, a tick box will appear on the upload page that, when checked, marks your work as part of the event.

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