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Allegiances by EllieRose101 NC-17
When your first love turns evil and your supposed enemy has your back –...
Special Delivery by Behind Blue Eyes NC-17
Rewrite of Lovers Walk: How would things have played out if the Mayor's ‘Committee’...
Lilí Ripper Makes a Friend by Soulburnt NC-17
From a challenge by tempestt:  When he was a wee laddie, Rupert Giles...
Let it burn! by Axell Adult Only
Her eyes followed the blood. Summers blood. She counted the drops. Ten. Then...
The Ethnocentrism of Vampthropology by Touchstoneaf NC-17
Buffy has a run-in with the Scourge, and she learns a few things from them—about...
The (actual) Complete Season 12 by Twinkles G
Solid Spuffy, fully canon compliant; these things are not antithetical in my...
Blank Check by Cryptwarmer NC-17
The only thing certain in life is change. Will Pratt is trying to play nice...
Enlightenment by Tennsters, Twinkles NC-17
After Buffy comes back from the dead she falls mysteriously ill.   When...
The damned by Tennsters NC-17
After having a slayer dream, Buffy asks Willow to help her find a way back in...
Foundations by Lavender Bixby PG-13
When the world caves in around you, it's nice to know that the vampire lurking...
Random Story
Fade into you by Tzigane PG
A drabble for Spike to say goodbye to Buffy. Takes place post Season 5.
Joyce (8/23 05:03pm): Happy birthdays to podotheduid and Bucket!
slaymesoftly (8/23 04:37pm): I am definitely a seat of the pants writer, but I totally agree that when you are doing time travel, multiple dimensions, or multiple story lines - you need to have a method for keeping things straight. Otherwise, it's plot hole hell for you and everyone reading it. smile
Twinkles (8/23 04:35pm): ...and I went, *oh god, what have I done* and instantly lost my stoically dry eyes wink
And could only blame myself while I skipped that side of the album for a while lol.

Twinkles (8/23 04:33pm): Yah! Thank you heart
And I discovered something about connecting music to scenes via Bihaldan - I was dry-eyed as normal while writing and editing a certain part of that fic, right up until I chucked The Wall on a week later... and that song came on...and the whole scene sprung to life in my mind

Touchstoneaf (8/23 12:18pm): @Twinkles, for which we're all very grateful! I can't wait to read that. I'm going to reread Bihaldan first tho and spend the day probably just, you know, bawling.
Chrissel (8/23 09:54am): 🎂🎊🎉🎈Happy birthday podothedruid and Bucket!🎈🎉🎊🎂
relurker (8/23 08:31am): @Cosmic Tuesdays: That is so very nice of you!!! big grin
Cosmic Tuesdays (8/23 08:30am): I've already given an aged Buffy enough problems to deal with that I'm letting her keep her teeth.
Twinkles (8/23 06:43am): I had a second's flicker of, "argh I'm too young for this", but then it was all, "The pain, the pain... is *gone*" wink
Twinkles (8/23 06:40am): I have a song or few songs for everything I write, absolutely dependent on it. The fic I got stuck on for ages only finally unglued when I found its song.
@maryperk and pfeiffer - I need to go read that. Had... I donít even know how many, pulled out this year at last.

pfeifferpack (8/23 03:19am): partyHappy birthday to podothedruid and Bucket! May this be the best birthday ever in all ways. May this year reward you and bless you.
Touchstoneaf (8/23 02:06am): I've not had problems with my email of late (though I still lose a few in spam here and there, but that's just hotmail being a jerk)... Am still being logged out every fifteen minutes no matter what I do to Chrome, but I'm sure at this point it's relationship issues or something.
Touchstoneaf (8/23 02:05am): @assthorn LOL, which part? The playlist one or the rewrite part? Or the notes thing?
@Irishrose you're the only other person I've ever met who does the 'playlist as emotional outline' thing, instead of just 'as mood-music'. That's neat!

pfeifferpack (8/22 11:42pm): Me too Maryperk, me too (only no partial yet. Losing teeth rapidly and refuse to pay close to 200 a tooth for removal. Will have a lower plate before too long at least. I think of that story with every tooth gone!
maryperk (8/22 11:16pm): Since getting partials, I feel like Buffy in Ariel Dawn's Second Youth story, always talking about my teeth. LOL. I need to do a reread.
OffYourBird (8/22 10:54pm): @Gaia: I've noticed an uptick in mentions lately. For anyone having issues receiving emails, please follow the FAQ instructions here: https://dark-solace.org/...elpme . This will give us the details we need to narrow down where the issues are coming from. Thank you!
Gaia-VoidMother (8/22 10:45pm): anyone else having trouble with actually receiving emails for stories they are following?
Irishrose (8/22 10:37pm): however, @sandy_s had a great point about having to be a bit more organized with time travel/multiple story line fics. One of my current stories has two story lines I'm writing concurrently, and I did have to initially plot them out somewhat to keep them straight.
Irishrose (8/22 10:35pm): @Touchstoneaf - definitely right there with you on a lot of it. Emotional outline is a must. I have a playlist for each story I've ever written. I also widely and often resemble the same "something, something, cliffhanger" style that @bewildered mentions.
assthorn (8/22 08:20pm): @touchstoneaf my method is pretty similar to yours
Touchstoneaf (8/22 05:56pm): Heh, yeah, I think I saw that on an AO3 facebook group. So true tho.
pfeifferpack (8/22 10:37am): Just home from work. sleep (I hope) and will catch up later.
pfeifferpack (8/22 10:34am): limited graphic "skills" (only have free software and have to get creative. I love it that way).
pfeifferpack (8/22 10:33am): @Touchstoneaf "I just watch my characters do stupid $h1te and write an incident report." ROFL!!! Yup, been there, done that!

Another thing I've started to do is "illustrations" for chapters to help me sort out what I want to focus on in the text... Storyboard I suppose. Helps me and improves my

slaymesoftly (8/22 08:59am): @Touchstone - I love that!!! " "I don't 'write a story'. I just watch my characters do stupid $h1te and write an incident report."

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2019 April Challenge Month

Hello everyone,

The moderators of Elysian Fields would like to thank and congratulate everyone who participated in the 2019 Challenge Month. Authors, artists, betas, commenters, and lurkers – you all play an important role in making our archive the successful and wonderful place it is.

The 2019 Challenge Month has brought us 44 brand new fic. Yes, you read that number correctly, 44 brand new fic. That's huge! For anyone who has yet to read the wonderful contributions created by the talented authors on our site, you can FIND THEM ALL HERE. You’re welcome. wink

April Challenge Month stats:
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  • New fic – 44
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Get Ready for Challenge Month!

We know it's been a challenge having to wait for our April site event. However, we're only a few days away! We can't help but show our excitement for challenge month. No, really, you can see it with our brand new event skin, which will be our featured skin through the entire month. If you want to make it your default skin for the month, make sure to change it in your preferences page.

In order to make sure everyone understands all that's going on, we'll try to cover everything here. If there's something you're not sure about, please let us know in the comments. There's a lot of information in this post, but please read the whole thing to be sure you know what's happening in April.

How and when do I post my story so that it's part of the event?
After midnight on April 1 (site time, which is Eastern US time-it's listed under the shoutbox), post your story as you normally would. Once you've added your story, find the challenge you're responding to on the challenges page or in your saved challenges list (if you've already saved...

--The Mods on March 28, 2019 06:14pm 14 Comments
April Challenge Month

So, for those of you who have been members (or lurkers) here at Elysian Fields for a while, you’d know it’s not exactly a secret that we love Challenges. heartsAnd for anyone who was unaware, all you have to do is check out our Site Events page.

We went ‘live’ as an archive in October of 2006, and it’s become somewhat of a tradition over the last few years to celebrate that fact with a site wide event. And the response has always been phenomenal, from authors, artists and readers.

We look forward to these Challenges, and seeing and reading what our wonderful talented members come up each year is awesome. So awesome in fact, it made us mods ask the question, “Why can’t we do this more than once a year?”

Well, there isn’t a reason to not host a site challenge more than once a year. And as it happens, you lovelies--our members--have already planned it for us. Our site has a veritable treasure trove of inspiration in the form of member-written fic challenges, and they...

--Amy on February 21, 2019 02:28am 13 Comments