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Strange Partners by Sunalso, Gort NC-17
Season 5 AU: Spike’s been cursed before, but never quite like this. Set...
(Zeus and Hera’s ‘Epic Snark Battles’ presents...) "The Great Face-Off" by Touchstoneaf PG-13
(Between “Listening To Fear” and “Into the Woods”) Spike...
Beautiful Dangerous Chaos by Passion4Spike NC-17
A Slayer, a vampire, and a Chaos Demon go into a bar.... What could go wrong?...
Come on Dawn by MissLuci NC-17
When Hell-God Glorificus arrives in Sunnydale, she becomes suspicious that the...
Dojo Hard by speakr2customrs R
The Buffyverse characters dwell in 17th century Japan. Gilbert and Sullivan...
A Ripple In Time by CheekyKitten NC-17
A simple spell to find someone, anyone, that knows how to defeat Glory. Really...
Stay(s) by ClowniestLivEver NC-17
Lady Buffy Summers has found herself in a world very different from her own.
Stripped by all choseny R
Fan Video: Buffy and Spike to Stripped by Depeche Mode.      
Deliverance From Destiny by Ragini NC-17
Disclaimer: This is a work of fanfiction for which I receive no profit or compensation...
Forgiveness Doesn't Come Easy by slaymesoftly R
A longer fic in the John and Buffy series, in which he has become an amnesiac...
Random Story
Making it to Maybe by sweetprincipale Adult Only
A short sequel to Dusk 'til Dawn. I strongly recommend you read that first...
LovingWilliam (5/19 11:30pm): @slaymesoftly - Best to you on your trip, hope you have a wonderful time and good luck on your research project, too! We will be happy to see you when you're back and sharing more great stories. Have fun and be safe. heart
slaymesoftly (5/19 06:51pm): was taking my laptop with me, which I'm not. I'll work on it when and how I can, but I don't expect to have a completed chapter until we return in mid-June. I apologize for any frustration this causes, but I'd rather have a good chapter to post than a prompt one.
slaymesoftly (5/19 06:49pm): This is what I've posted in the Chapt. notes of Forgivenss Doesn't Come Easy. It will be the last chapter for a good long while as I complete some needed research, as well as taking a trip out of the country. I don't expect to have much time to continue working on the next chapter, even if I
pfeifferpack (5/19 03:12am): partyHappy birthday to Meavepagan! May this day bring all joy, love, laughter, gifts, & lavish love. May this year see you content, snuggled with those warm memories and blanketed with that love daily.
honeygirl51885 (5/18 02:58pm): Thanks so much pfeifferpack, violetta, and all choseny!!! hug
all choseny (5/18 11:10am): Happy birthday to everyone! And happy Birthday to honeygirl51885! <3
violettathepiratequeen (5/18 08:56am): Happy Birthday to the crew today, especially honeygirl51885! party
buffy_loves_spike (5/18 06:01am): I've just finished reading GreyAngel's Winter Storm and really enjoyed their writing. Would love to read more of their stories, but can't find them! Does anyone have any copies to share? Would love to read The Gambler but happy with any GreyAngel stories!
pfeifferpack (5/18 02:45am): partyHappy birthday to SportiShorti820, emmanu, Redwoman, honeygirl51885, & ccornelius4! Wishing each of you a warm spotlight where you are celebrated, gifted, & cherished. May each memory be wonderful. May this year bring blessings & success daily.
honeygirl51885 (5/17 09:23pm): Congrats all choseny! applause
all choseny (5/17 09:55am): @magnus374, HebiC, and pfeifferpack, thank you!
pfeifferpack (5/16 09:56pm): And such great words! Congratulations All Choseny! We are the ones blessed with the stories you tell.
HebiC (5/16 05:26pm): Congratulations, all choseny!
magnus374 (5/16 12:24pm): @all choseny That's impressive, reaching big numbers always feels great.
all choseny (5/16 10:12am): I just hit one million words dedicated to Spuffy since joining EF in 2009!
pfeifferpack (5/15 11:13pm): party Happy birthday to the lovely Melissanelson1975! May you have every joy you hope for the most with everyone you love showering you with love & gifts. May you have a year with all you most desire and have wonderful memories in the making.
SlayerOfSunnydale (5/15 05:58pm): Thanks @laurinha
Laurinha (5/15 05:47pm): @SlayerOfSunnydale, on AO3 there is a non-Spuffy (also a WIP) of Dawn and Buffy and the pre-Hindsight story.
Laurinha (5/15 05:44pm): @SlayerOfSunnydale, that is Toften’s Hindsight. https://dark-solace.org/...=5755
SlayerOfSunnydale (5/15 04:25pm): Thanks @hannora
Hannora (5/15 04:22pm): @SlayerOfSunnydale: No, unfortunately. I'm looking though. I'll let you know if I find it. *fingers crossed*
SlayerOfSunnydale (5/15 04:08pm): @hannora do you remember the title or author?
Hannora (5/15 03:26pm): @SlayerOfSunnydale: I remember reading this one, Buffy was immortal and she spent a long time with Willy in his home dimension.
Hannora (5/15 02:59pm): @readingismytherapy: Darn, I thought it'd trigger someone's memory. I posted the same clues on Find a Fic forum. I didn’t find any fic called "Obvious" Did you mean "Oblivious"?
SlayerOfSunnydale (5/15 02:55pm): Looking for a fic where post series Buffy gets sent back in time from a world where Willow became evil and (I think) there was a slayer civil war back to season four. She and Spike get engaged and there is some Ethan centric drama. Oh and pretty sure buffy was dating willy the snitch at one point

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2024 April Challenge Month Wrap-Up

The Mod Team would like to thank everyone who took part in April Challenge Month.

The site saw the addition of 58 new fanworks for the event, including 2 that were exclusively artwork and 3 that wove a narrative and artwork together. The works created and shared for the event were made up of 183 chapters, consisting of 505,242 words, and written by 45 authors.

Also, 27 artists and 36 beta and sensitivity readers got an award, while 58 members completed the commenter challenge, with 1,236 comments left on event pieces during April, not to mention 2,571 likes!

All awards are now issued, but if you are missing one, or something seems not quite right, please drop us a line at elysianfieldsarchive@gmail.com

If you have yet to check out any of the brand-new challenge works, you can

--EllieRose101 and the Mods on May 06, 2024 03:55pm 0 Comments
Known Issue: Mobile Posting from Google Docs

Hi all,

We have some bad news. We learned today of an issue posting from Google Docs on iOS to the site. Basically, when you paste the text into the site (or most other places on your phone that we could see), certain special characters are not being correctly copied, so when they paste you get something that looks like — when all you wanted was an em-dash.

The good (?) news is that this is a widespread bug caused by either Apple or Google, and not anything we did, and is affecting other sites, including AO3, and other apps such as Apple Mail, Notes, and so on. Unfortunately, this makes work-arounds a little tricky. Posting on desktop is currently unaffected by the bug, but we know not everyone has access to desktop. If that applies to you, then the best option is probably a free Office 365 account, but even here we found during testing that copy/pasting from Docs to Word that certain formatting such as italics and bolding were lost. Copying from Docs to Word to EF also...

--cawthraven and the Mods on April 29, 2024 10:08pm 0 Comments
Final Reminder for April Event Participants

This is the final reminder for everyone who has posted (or is still planning to post) for our April event: please use the new crediting system on the upload page. And triple check that you have got the username(s) of your betas, sensitivity readers, and/or artists spelled correctly, including punctuation where relevant. This greatly helps the Mod Team and means everyone will be able to get the awards they’ve earned faster going forward.

--EllieRose101 and the Mods on April 29, 2024 06:04pm 0 Comments