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Back Through The Woods by Desicat R
While chasing down Riley before he flys off, Buffy makes the off-handed wish...
Give Me Back My Girlhood, It Was Mine First by Wonder and Ashes PG-13
Buffy receives a vision of just how miserable Angel will make her – in...
A Time to Every Purpose by Joan963z NC-17
Spike goes back in time to save a 13-year-old Buffy from a demon. Before he...
Hello from the Other Side by Soulburnt R
Wolfram and Hart replace the telephones of all employees.  Including Angel...
Aspectus by Kirinin PG-13
A spell to ‘make Buffy as she was’ pulls college-aged Buffy into...
In The Dark With You by Geliot99 R
After the trauma of clawing her way out of her own grave Buffy can't sleep without...
Chosen One 2: Welcome to the Hellmouth by all_choseny R
Buffy Summers thought leaving behind the glitz and glamour of being The Chosen...
Destiny or Choices Made? by charmed4lifekaren PG-13
Post Chosen and Not Fade Away, not comic compliant. After watching Spike die...
A Place in the Sun by honeygirl51885 NC-17
It seemed like years since Buffy felt the sun on her face and for Spike, it’s...
Spiderwebs by Willow25 R
After the Battle of the Black Thorn, the Angel Investigations crew is recovering...
Random Story
Anniversaries Aren't For Quitters by Rebcake PG-13
Ten years after their rush job of a wedding, Buffy and Spike try to find time...
Nightcandle (9/25 06:56pm): I'm happy that the site is up and running again, but trying to comment on fics still leads to an error message for me. (I'm posting this here as a 'heads-up' for other users)
Holly (9/25 06:53pm): We are working on it. Please see the latest news post. https://dark-solace.org/...d=253
Rkf22 (9/25 06:09pm): The website still a fatal error everything seems to work on your cell phone not computer
Holly (9/25 05:27pm): Yes, we switched on the ability to see PHP errors to troubleshoot some possibilities. That's been switched back off.
JustMe2 (9/25 05:21pm): Website now back to mostly working for me - yay, but am now getting an odd error at the top of the page (does not affect functionality) - Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in /home/u779083558/domains/dark-solace.org/public_html/elysian/includes/get_session_vars.php on line 30
slaymesoftly (9/25 03:03pm): Here's a link to the info about the next round of Seasonal Spuffy. You don't have to have an LJ to read it. Spoiler alert, no fall round.https://seasonal-spuffy.livejournal.com/....html
pfeifferpack (9/25 02:20am): partyHappy birthday to Rebcake, SpikeVampKing00 & Ravenazz! Hope the whole day brings great joy. May you be well loved & lavishly gifted. May you have a year with rewards & success, great joy and fulfillment.
Willow91 (9/25 12:28am): @Ethereal Demon Yes, with comments and with posting the next chapter on one of my fics as well. I'll try again tomorrow. =)
Nightcandle (9/24 11:47pm): @Ethereal Demon yes (and the shoutbox has hiccups, too). I didn't notice any error messages, but then I realized that of my 5 comments I wrote for a fic only 1 was displayed. When I rewrote and resubmitted the last one I got an error message too. (2nd time, it took and the comment was saved properly
Ethereal Demon (9/24 10:21pm): Anyone else been getting error messages when you try to submit comments?
slaymesoftly (9/24 08:23pm): Nice to see it working. Got an error message a couple of hours ago, but remembered the transition was happening and just went away for a while.
bewildered (9/24 05:51pm): Just posting a "little test" here... Sorry if you get déjà vu...
holetoledo (9/24 03:02am): Prompts make me anxious! Everything makes me anxious anyway. xD There are some fun ones in there though.
Violette-Milka (9/23 03:59pm): @Eazysworld n'hésite pas à me dire si les histoires que je t'ai suggérée t'auront fascinée et tu les auras aimait autant que moi
Nightcandle (9/23 08:17am): @CheekyKitten I look at them quite often to see what ideas others have come up with, and I second the ones I'd like to see realized in a full story. At first, I only saved challenges with replies to them, but now I also have a bunch saved where I sincerly HOPE that someone is going to reply to them.
pfeifferpack (9/23 07:18am): partyHappy birthday to Tari_na, Goteach444 & Sajaat! May you be well celebrated all day with all you most love at hand. May your greatest wishes be fulfilled & may your heart be filled with love, mind with good memories. May this year bring blessings, joy, laughter & success.
Joan963z (9/23 03:32am): As an autjor I like to look at the challenges with the most wants. It gives me information of what readers want to read.
Savvy (9/23 01:40am): @CheekyKitten I admit I don’t look that much because they’re too fun and hype me up to plots that haven’t been adopted yet by any writer, so I just avoid them if I can
CheekyKitten (9/22 09:42pm): Out of curiosity, how often do you all look at Challenges? I find myself perusing them pretty consistently and upvoting or saving. So was curious.
Holly (9/22 09:10pm): @dw7thdoctor - We do mean all AI material.
dw7thdoctor (9/22 07:24pm): Hi I was looking at the submission guidlines and talks about not using Text AI generated material. I've made art with an AI generator is that not allowed either or just text based stuff.
pfeifferpack (9/22 08:46am): Thank you cd85 blush Hope it was worth the wait and that you have so much good come your way that you can't count!
pfeifferpack (9/22 08:45am): partyHappy birthday to kfocht & to tragic! Wishing you the best birthday yet with all you most love & desire right there. May you be filled with joy. May this year bring more love & success than you can imagine & joy daily.
Eazysworld (9/21 04:11pm): @Jos771, thanks!!!!
cd85 (9/21 01:03pm): Thank you so much everyone for the birthday wishes! Yay, I've been waiting all year for a pfeifferpack birthday message, you legend!

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Hi guys! We know many of you have been waiting patiently for updates on the site migration. Here's where we are right now:  

  • Full site functionality has returned for many users; it is still in limbo for others
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  • All our conversations with the host indicate everything is on track and going well. We just need to be patient.
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Hello EF,

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Event Announcement: Anniversary Month 2023

I know so many of you have been bursting at the seams to know the theme for our October event, and we’ve been bursting at the seams to tell you, so… Because EF will be turning 17, and that was the age at which Buffy had a significant milestone in her relationship with Spike, our theme is in honor of said milestone. Which is to say, the theme is TRUCE!

What kind of truce? Between who? To what end? Why? Does it go well or explode in their faces? Well, obviously, we are a Spuffy site and so all of the participating stories must be Spuffy focused overall, but your truce can be set in any season, timeline, or alternate universe, between any two (or more) characters. So, basically, go nuts with it. Here’s the rundown of how the event will work:

  • Written works must be 100 words minimum and include or address the theme in some fashion. 
  • There is no word count limit for artwork-only pieces or mixed-media works (that consist of both words and pictures).
  • If you are writing a multi-chaptered fic, the first chapter must be posted during the month of October according to site time––no earlier, no later. (As always, you...

--EllieRose101 and the Mods on August 12, 2023 02:15pm 4 Comments