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Feathers and Forked Tongues by WeyrWolfen R
Sequel to In League with Serpents. Spike and Buffy make a strange discovery...
All Except One by EllieRose101 R
A shock revelation threatens to tear the Scooby Gang apart, but will it bring...
LA Is the Hell You Make It by Touchstoneaf Adult Only
Team Angel has gone through the looking glass.  But this time, they happened...
Stranger, Take My Helping Hand by Cosmic Tuesdays R
Buffy's lived a very long time, and it still hasn't been long enough for the...
Midnight Chicken and Other Recipes Worth Living For (A Slayer's Guide to Moving Forward and Being Happy) by talesofstories PG-13
Spike is back in Buffy's life, and now they get to build a life together, a...
The Key is Donnie Summers by Girlytek R
Response to tempestt's challenge, what if Dawn were Donnie, if the monks had...
Need a second to breathe by Axell NC-17
A not by the book Slayer and an unconventional vampire meet by chance or maybe...
The Eternal Return by Iamblichus NC-17
Fifteen years after their grand showdown with the First Evil, Buffy and Spike...
Jump by Holly NC-17
Spike makes a deal to go back in time to stop Buffy from taking the dive off...
Strawberry Fields by Holly NC-17
Heartbroken and determined, Spike sets out to form a truce with his mortal enemy...
Random Story
You know I do by -Carrie-Ann- PG-13
Buffy meets Spike when she leaves the bathroom dressed only in that cream camisole...
Allison42 (1/20 03:14pm): Ooo, I had that one on my bookshelf. Home sick, that looks like the story to get me through this cold!
pfeifferpack (1/20 02:38am): Addie largely left fandom in 2009. The only contact I had with her was on LJ and she left that around 2010. Sorry I can't help. Do know she left fandom behind, just glad she left so many wonderful stories for us to still enjoy here!
BloodyThorn (1/19 11:09pm): Does anyone know what happened to Addie Logan? I see she hasnít been active on any of her sites in 12 years.
pfeifferpack (1/19 10:13pm): Welcome home Sweet! Glad you are better. Please don't get stressed about anything especially the accuracy of editing LOL. We're delighted you're back.
pfeifferpack (1/19 10:12pm): Juggler the story is Home is where they have to Take You In by Slaymesoftly. https://dark-solace.org/...=4820 One of her best IMHO. I stayed up last night re-reading thanks to the SB reminder of the gem. HIGHLY recommend it.
sweetprincipale (1/19 08:43pm): I missed all of you!!
talesofstories (1/19 08:41pm): Welcome back, Sweet! We've missed you!
Cosmic Tuesdays (1/19 07:33pm): Good to see you! May this upswing continue until you're back to yourself.
Holly (1/19 06:09pm): YAY! Welcome back, Sweet!
sweetprincipale (1/19 04:59pm): I'm Baaa-aaaack! Sitting up and typing and hopefully editing with some degree of accuracy.
amidtheflowers (1/19 03:24pm): I am 3 days late but thank you for the birthday wishessss!!!! x
Chrissel (1/19 03:03pm): 🎈🎊🎉Happy birthday kokoro!party
juggler (1/19 02:35pm): @Touchstoneaf now I want to know what story it is that has you so engrossed? Or Slaymespftly if you know ?
slaymesoftly (1/19 09:46am): LOL Glad you found it again, Touchstoneaf. Hope you enjoy the rest of it. smile
pfeifferpack (1/19 03:36am): Second post of Eye of Eleos this weekend. Be sure to read 55 before 56!
Touchstoneaf (1/19 03:11am): ...AND IT'S DRIVING ME OUT OF MY MIND. so, well done.
Touchstoneaf (1/19 03:11am): Speaking of, @Slaymesoftly, I am dying to get back to it, because when my browser lost it on me I had found it at about 1am and was madly clicking 'next chapter' like a responsible grownup, and meaning to give you feedback ASAP... and now I haven't had a chance to come back and finish it...
Touchstoneaf (1/19 03:09am): Very late back but many thanks @Nmcil and @Magnus for finding me the title I was looking for. I keep clicking 'random stories' and getting neck deep in them and then having them run away from me before the end, and that one... well. I was too engrossed to pay the slightest attention to details.
pfeifferpack (1/19 02:38am): party Happy birthday to kokoro! Hoping you have a day with lots of prezzies, love and joy. May the year ahead shower you with blessings.
Joyce (1/18 01:25pm): Happy birthday to AmandaP93! cheers
Chrissel (1/18 10:31am): 🎈🎊🎉 Happy birthday AmandaP93!party
slaymesoftly (1/18 09:40am): I'm glad you're feeling better, Kathleen. That was a long bout of illness! (and poor Jim! I hope he's well soon too)
pfeifferpack (1/18 03:47am): party Happy birthday to AmandaP93! Hope you have a brilliant day start to finish. May the year to come reward you and bless you every single day.
pfeifferpack (1/18 03:46am): Chapter up for Eye of Eleos. Another will post on Sunday.
pfeifferpack (1/18 12:52am): Barring anything major I should be back to weekly posts now.

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Goodbye 2019!

As we close out 2019 and head into 2020, it's time to look back at all the wonderful things that happened at Elysian Fields this past year. We held 2 site events, Challenge Month in April and the Big Bads Challenge in October. Combined, the events resulted in 74 brand new stories! 2019 also brought Elysian Fields our 20,000th registered member. The fact that we're still so active after over 13 years online, and almost 23 years after Buffy the Vampire Slayer first premiered continues to amaze us.

We celebrated the holidays with our lovely seasonal skin, but January means it's time to put the decorations away until next December. If you had the holiday skin as your site default, it will be changed to the standard site default, the time in between. However, if you'd prefer another skin for your default, you just need to set it on your preferences page.

We thought it would be nice to start the new decade with some new awards, and thanks to OffYourBird...

--Susan on January 03, 2020 11:54am 5 Comments
Big Bads Challenge Wrap-up

Hi everyone,

Spike called, and he wants his Big Bad status back... talk about possessive. And so, like the Sunnydale Hellmouth itself, the Elysian Fields Big Bads Challenge is officially closed. 

Myself and the rest of the mods would like to thank and congratulate all who contributed in some way, making it yet another successful site event. Without the authors, artists, betas, commenters and lurkers, our site wouldn't be the place of awesomeness we know it to be. So thank you. 

read The Big Bads Challenge has delivered unto the site 30 brand new fic! If you haven't had a chance to check them out yet, and I highly recommend you do, you can FIND THEM ALL HERE

Big Bads Challenge stats:
(For challenge fic only, and accurate at the time of this news item being posted)

  • New fic – 30
  • Chapters...

--Amy on November 08, 2019 07:28pm 3 Comments
Big Bads Challenge

Hello everyone,

Time is ticking down on October, which sadly means wrapping up the Big Bads Challenge. To allow last minute entries by struggling authors, we're extending the challenge deadline until the 7th of November. Until 11:59pm (site time) the little check box that allows you to contribute to the challenge will still be visible for new fic. Remember, you only have to post the first chapter of your fic within this timeframe for it to be included in the challenge.

Anyone looking to read the wonderful fic submitted already - you can find them ALL HERE.

Also, thanks to member requests, the new site skin we debuted for the challenge will be sticking around. The mods wish our authors co-operative muses on this All Hallow's Eve, and happy reading to any readers and lurkers about.

screenpunch  read

--Amy on October 31, 2019 05:31am 0 Comments