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Moh-moh by EffulgentEllie PG-13
Please note that this is not a crackfic. This is just some of our favorite characters...
Reflections by ZunJade NC-17
"We all know that Xander was the King of Denial, refusing to see stuff that...
Manual Override by -Carrie-Ann- NC-17
“Got a proposition for you, pet, another small wager if you like?”...
A Certain Point of View by handwithquill PG-13
April Challenge month response. A unusual idea to defeat Glory shows Buffy that...
Arpeggios from Hell by Axell NC-17
It was unfair. She’d done her duty and died. Twice. Why the Powers hated...
Bind Me by MissLuci NC-17
One Shot.  Takes place sometime between Older and Far Away and As You Were...
Something For Me by Dorians Kitten NC-17
Spike finally realizes that Buffy means it this time; she's ending their not-a-relationship...
The Ahhh Truth by spikeisthebigbad PG-13
A cold runs rampant through the Scoobies. The symptom? Sneezing, fatigue, headaches...
The Treasure House by Lavender Bixby PG-13
William Pratt is a bitter, withdrawn man who lives and works in an antique shop...
Random Story
Autumn's Advancing by Cosmic Tuesdays R
There are things Buffy never imagined would happen to her. Life has a way of...
ForgottenYogurt (4/3 11:18pm): @OnceBitten- the second one kinda sounds like stomping on butterflies by Blacktoberst https://dark-solace.org/...=5187
sweetprincipale (4/3 08:35pm): Kanita, I will be a member of the WIP club. But I'll never be cured, because I know I'm addicted to writing these things and I like it (and with one exception, I always finish my WIPs, it just takes a loooong time for some.)
OnceBitten (4/3 02:28pm): Thereís also a fic I remember where Spike found Tara and rescued her from her family...they stayed together when he came to sunnyhell...ring any bells?
OnceBitten (4/3 12:56pm): Hi Everyone-looking for help finding a fic...basically, Buffy and spike become friends in LA after destroying Acathla...she goes back to sunnyhell, but keeps in touch with spike...there was also something about them both giving each other the same ring for Christmas? Please help! Thanks!
Joyce (4/3 12:27pm): Happy birthdays to PiperKitty86 and nicodemusfleur! cheers
Joyce (4/3 12:26pm): Congratulations to tbd and The Danish Bird for getting awards this month! bravo
Kanita (4/3 09:31am): I totally feel your pain, Kathleen! As others have noted thereís something about this place or itís challenges that make it way too easy to start collecting WIPs as an author. Iíd suggest forming a WIP Anon group... but that would be about fixing the problem! Maybe just a club, then? Any takers? wink
pfeifferpack (4/3 06:02am): party Happy birthday to PiperKitty86 and nicodemusfleur! Hoping you have the best day ever with all you most hope for today. May the year ahead give you blessings, rewards and limitless love.
pfeifferpack (4/3 06:01am): I bowed to the lure of the nagging challenge so now will updating two WIPs at once. Yikes, I'm a masochist it seems.
slaymesoftly (4/2 09:19pm): Congrats to our new MoM - tbd and The Danish Bird.
tbd (4/2 08:49pm): Congrats to you The Danish Bird!!
The Danish Bird (4/2 01:10pm): Oh... and congrats TBDparty
The Danish Bird (4/2 12:51pm): Thanks everyone big grin @TBD: I did the same thing, lol...had to check maybe three times. @Sweet: I'm not going to attack, I'm just going to read...do it! devil
sweetprincipale (4/2 12:05pm): Also, I finally got myCrossRealms novelette finished if anyone was waiting for it. https://www.amazon.com/...DY1JW
sweetprincipale (4/2 12:04pm): Also, I REALLY want to do a challenge that I started with Dusk 'til Dawn and Making it to Maybe (which was a bridge between to challenges). But people might attack me if I start another piece...
sweetprincipale (4/2 12:02pm): Congrats members of the month! Thanks for all the kind hellos. Happy site -versary to Kats_Meow
pfeifferpack (4/2 03:13am): party Happy birthday to Mage21! May this day be the best one yet filled with all you could hope for and more. May this year bring you joy and blessings always.
pfeifferpack (4/2 12:30am): cheers Congratulations to the new Members of the Month TBD and The Danish Bird! heart
pfeifferpack (4/2 12:29am): cheers Happy siteversary day! You have enriched us all by being here!
Twinkles (4/2 12:28am): Congrats, kats_meow!
And tbd and The Danish Bird!
Much deserved and appreciated, all of you 💙 This place really is the greatest kiss

tbd (4/1 10:48pm): Y'all I just logged in and saw that I am author of the month and I am shocked! Like honestly shocked! Thank you to whoever nominated me. I literally opened up another browser to make sure I wasn't seeing things! Love this wonderful group!
JustWriter (4/1 10:37pm): Here's my newest challenge: https://dark-solace.org/...=3282
OffYourBird (4/1 10:27pm): @Congrats, my dearest fellow Bird-friend! party And congrats to the fabulous tbd as well!
The Danish Bird (4/1 08:08pm): ...And wow, I just noticed that I'm commenter of the month. Thank you so much, whoever nominated me! cheers
The Danish Bird (4/1 08:05pm): @kats_meow: Happy anniversary! I feel the same way about EF changing my world. Thank you for gifting us with amazing fics flowers

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Everything you need to know about Challenge Month

Challenge Month is just around the corner, and this post has all the deets you need to know. And what's a site challenge without an event skin? Some of you may recognise it from last year (we've brought it out of retirement) and it will be the featured site skin for the entire month. If you want to make it your default skin for the month, make sure to change it in your preferences page - it's called 'Challenge Month'.

In order to make sure everyone understands all that's going on, we'll try to cover everything here. If there's something you're not sure about, please let us know in the comments. There's a lot of information in this post, but please read the whole thing to be sure you know what's happening in April.

How and when do I post my story so that it's part of the event?
After midnight on April 1 (site time, which is Eastern US time-it's listed under the shoutbox), post your story as you normally would. Once you've added your story, find the challenge you're responding to on...

--The Mods on March 30, 2020 02:08am 8 Comments
Welcome Back to the EF Admin Team, Holly!

With the farewell of our dearly beloved Susan, the rest of us—Amy, Megan, Kathleen, and I—put our heads together and discussed the best way to move forward. With as active and large a community/archive as Elysian Fields is, we agreed that we need to maintain the presence of a mod who is willing and able to focus on the backend maintenance and development aspects of the site. 

As many of you may have noticed, one of Elysian Fields' founders, Holly, recently became active again in the community. She has very graciously agreed to re-join the admin team, and is committed to learning the backend functions of the site. This is a huge task for anyone to take on, and there will be a learning curve as Holly gets brought up to speed with Susan's assistance, but we have every confidence that EF will be in good hands with her. We feel incredibly lucky and are so grateful to have her on the team again, as Holly's long history with EF, and the consequent insight/experience she brings to the admin role, is invaluable.

I could go on and on, but the best introductions come from the people themselves...

--OffYourBird on March 11, 2020 10:43am 16 Comments
Hanging Up My Mod Hat

I wanted to say farewell because I’m leaving my post as an EF mod. However, I realize that many of you are now wondering, “Um, who are you, and what did you even do at Elysian Fields?” I stay relatively behind the scenes, so they’re both valid questions.

Megan, Kathleen, and Amy brought me into the admin crew back in 2013 after a site crash that caused EF to go offline. I helped them get everything back in working order, and things blossomed from there. I don’t like to brag (who am I kidding, I love to brag), but in the years since:

I updated the site software, and gave the site a bit of a facelift by refreshing the site’s original skins, and creating multiple new ones.

I modified the site a number of ways, including things like giving stories on bookshelves the ability to remember the last chapter that was read, adding many new options for members to sort/search for stories, giving members...

--Susan on March 04, 2020 07:37pm 45 Comments