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Newborn by Addie Logan NC-17
A year after saying good bye, Spike finds Buffy again-and discovers he's been...
Mine by Terapsina PG-13
Spike had reasons for why he didn't call Buffy, this story shows them and...
For You, Only For You! by Connie_3D G
Buffy allows herself the sharp focus of regretful hindsight.
A Funny Thing Happened by GillO G
Spike's in Rome, a year after NFA. He hears a damsel in distress sound amongst...
Haunted by Twinkles NC-17
Spike picks up a ghost. An AH mystery/thriller/tragedy.
counting the days by trevino PG-13
"how long was i gone?" even as she asked it, two years ago, she knew that spike...
Dead Ringers by AlloSpoike NC-17
Warren adds a Spikebot to his list of commissions when Buffy finds herself unable...
Mortal Allies Series, Episode 4: My Turn by Passion4Spike NC-17
On the verge of her 18th birthday, drugged, confused, and betrayed by the very...
The Beginner's Guide to Dating A Ghost by sweetprincipale NC-17
Buffy hears the news that Spike is back from the dead— sort of. His ghostly...
Never Have I Ever by Foxstarreh PG-13
The Scoobies attempt a game of Never Have I Ever. Attempt. 
Random Story
Training by AmandaRex NC-17
"Bloody..." he whispered. "...Hell," she finished for him...
nmcil (5/15 06:33pm): Thanks Holly -
Holly (5/15 06:23pm): @nmcil - Spike/Buffy/Angel.
nmcil (5/15 06:18pm): late to the party again - what the heck is "spuffel"
Lnw86 (5/15 04:47pm): @Dusty and there was me thinking you were sat just waiting for someone to say they missed you 😂😉
Dusty (5/15 04:26pm): @lnw HA. What a wonderful time for me to check in on the shoutbox!! I'm loving the new niche of Spuffel lovers that are coming out of Embers 😂
Dusty (5/15 04:24pm): @Holly someone told me in comments that they'd never seen the show and just appreciate the fic! Blew my mind! I'd just rewritten the musical and thought "Oh man this made no sense for this person!" but she said it did!
Lnw86 (5/15 03:18pm): Is anyone else having Spuffel withdrawal seen as @Dusty has selfishly been away for 3 days!! 😱
acekoomboom (5/15 12:02pm): @mcgnagallsarmy yes, it's a good one!! I enjoyed reading it a lot.
mcgnagallsarmy (5/15 08:23am): somebody recommended me the story Wild and Wonderful by solstice the other day, and I just wanted to say thank you, it was the cutest fic I've ever read love
pfeifferpack (5/15 05:18am): wave Hi new member RecklessSloth69! Love y our name. The Sloth is my spirit animal! saw your name and had to say hi.
pfeifferpack (5/15 05:17am): partyHappy birthday to Antaera! Hope you have a day with all your fondest wishes happening and your favorite people around you, loving you properly. May this year have blessings and joy each day.
gdp (5/15 04:53am): Agree with all of you. I like the show, BtVS made incredible characters, but often you, amazing fic writers, understand much better that characters than the creators themselves.
Holly (5/15 01:18am): I'm pretty sure we're all here because we genuinely like the show.
slaymesoftly (5/14 09:20pm): It was a flawed, but still awesome show. And has inspired some amazing fanfic from very talented people. It's possible to love the show/characters and still want to fix everything wrong with it/them. wink
Electric Heart (5/14 07:20pm): I like the show lol I just hate Joss Whedon
GillO (5/14 07:10pm): @Cosmic, I love the show. Even the worst eps are better than most TV, and the Spuffy chemistry really is dynamite. It's nice to play with them too, mind you...
Cosmic Tuesdays (5/14 06:03pm): ...is it bad that I genuinely like the show?
Holly (5/14 03:40pm): I think in fanon, we get to make them more real than they were on the show, tbh.
acekoomboom (5/14 02:21pm): (Is it bad for me to admit I enjoy the Buffy characters more in fanon than canon?)
acekoomboom (5/14 02:19pm): @Steffydoll I've never gotten into the fic but maybe I'll have to! Fanfic writers can be so unbelievably talented and magnify everything that is good about something times a billion.
Steffydoll (5/14 02:04pm): *I think I like
Steffydoll (5/14 02:04pm): @acekoomboom I honestly think that's one of the reasons I think Twilight fic so much. Talented writers actually took those not so complex characters and built great stories by building on them. Jasper for instance in alot of fics is this almost Spike-like badass warrior of a vamp.
acekoomboom (5/14 01:24pm): this shoutbox awhile ago, it doesn't have to be a "guilty," pleasure. You're allowed to like things just because you like them. You're allowed to like things that other people don't. You're allowed to enjoy silly or frivolous things.
acekoomboom (5/14 01:22pm): I never even read the books idk if I would enjoy them or not. There's a difference between something being good and something being enjoyable. I think Suicide Squad was a hot mess and the writers did a TERRIBLE job, but ai really enjoyed it. I had a blast at that movie premiere. Like someone said in
acekoomboom (5/14 01:20pm): Don't expect great dialogue or complex characters. Don't expect something that it's not. I like the action, the tension, the build up. There's scenes and even a whole movie (NM) I just can't watch it's so ughhh. But then there's scenes, like the final battle and the baseball field, that I adore.

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Artistic April Challenge month wrap-up

Hey everyone,

I would like to congratulate and thank everyone who played a role in making the Artistic April Challenge month an incredibly successful event. The Trapped Challenge previously held the title for most new fic for a site event, but you guys have smashed that—this April brought us 59 brand new challenge fic. Yes, you read that right… 59 new fic. bow 

If you have yet to check out these titles, you can FIND THEM ALL HERE

Artistic April Challenge month stats:
(For challenge fic only, and accurate at the time of the news item being posted)

  • Banners created – 142 (not including chapter art)
  • New fic – 59
  • Chapters added – 116
  • Words added...

--Amy on May 02, 2021 06:32am 8 Comments
Everything you need to know about the Artistic April Challenge Month

Hello everyone,

Can you believe we’re only a day out from posting fic for the Artistic April Challenge Month? squee
We know a lot of our authors and readers are excited to get started (and that includes the mods!) so this post serves as a final Q&A for the event.

This post should cover everything, but if there's a burning question you have or something else you're curious about, please let us know in the comments and we'll get back to you ASAP. There's a lot of information here, so grab a bite, get snuggly, and prepare to learn about all the amazing things happening in April...

How and when do I post my story?
Starting at midnight on April 1 (site time, which is Eastern US time-it's listed under the shoutbox), you'll see a checkbox on the page where you add a new story:

The Mods on March 31, 2021 03:30am 3 Comments

Round 2 banner claims open

Hi everyone!

Just a quick message to confirm that Round 2 Banner Claims are officially open. The process is exactly the same as Round 1 and all of the details for how to grab a shiny piece of muse enticing prettiness can be found HERE on the last news post.

As our cup has more that runneth over (we've had a happy flood of banners), authors who have successfully claimed a banner during Round 1, and have (or may be planning to) claim a banner for Round 2, will also have the opportunity claim further banners during Round 3.

Round 3 Banner Claims (for authors who have successfully claimed 2 banners already) will open for claims on the 13th of March (site time). 

A final note to any potential authors who've yet to sign up: it's not too late to join the party. If you haven't claimed a banner yet, you can do so at any time. Round 2 being open doesn't lock anyone out who has not previously joined the fun. In fact, your request...

--Amy on March 06, 2021 02:00am 4 Comments