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Steps To A Slayer's Heart by maryperk R
Happy Valentine's Day, Everyone. Here's a little 14 chapter Valentine's present...
How Spike Got a Date for Valentine's Day by Dorians Kitten PG-13
Someone has a "Secret" Admirer. A lighthearted Valentine's Day...
Blind Date by BloodEnvy PG
A Valentine's Day special for all you Spuffy fans. Dawn and Anya set Buffy...
If I Die, I Die by MaireAilbhe NC-17
Buffy has some lingering impressions from Amy’s Valentine’s Day...
Candy Hearts and Greeting Cards by DauntlessGrace PG-13
The slayer has all but given up on love and she's made it pretty clear that...
Too Fluffy by sandy_s PG
A little Spuffy birthday fic wedged in the middle of “The I in Team.”...
Something True by Fancyflautist PG-13
At the end of Something Blue, Buffy and Spike decide to pretend that the spell...
Trapped Under Ice by Axell NC-17
Disappointments. Betrayals. Lies. Expectations. Pressure. It could be overwhelming...
Pride and Prejudice and...Buffy? by blue_sweater_spike PG-13
Buffy and books are usually non-mixy things. Not because she doesn't like reading;...
Blank Check by Cryptwarmer NC-17
The only thing certain in life is change. Will Pratt is trying to play nice...
Random Story
Cursed: Dirty Laundry by Sunalso PG-13
The summer after Cursed, Joyce, with the help of Lorenzo, learns a little...
slaymesoftly (2/15 09:00pm): I thought I read somewhere that SA was still available. That's great.
sandy_s (2/15 08:03pm): Slaymesoftly, see the links I posted. Sinister attraction and poetic attraction are there... just on the site of old sites.
Susan (2/15 03:42pm): Some of Sweet Temptation is available via the wayback machine: . It was still online when I first got into Spuffy, but vanished shortly after.
slaymesoftly (2/15 02:39pm): in communities of one sort or another. Not to mention all the award sites that used to exist... It's sad that we've lost so much.
slaymesoftly (2/15 02:38pm): actively adding things (unless you had a wip), but still there and accessible. It contains a wealth of Spike-centric stories, including, of course, Spuffy. Sinister Attraction had added a sister site that was Buffy William, but I presume it's gone also. And Live Journal also contained archives
slaymesoftly (2/15 02:36pm): There is one the BSV used to link to - Sweet Temptation, which I'm pretty sure was an AH Buffy/Spike site. The link doesn't work anymore, so I presume it's long gone too. So many wonderful archives that have vanished. Wish more site owners had transferred to AO3. All About Spike is still alive. Not
-Carrie-Ann- (2/15 12:00pm): purrmonster, Aww, it's just good to see you here, drop me an email and let me know how you're getting on if you feel up to it hug
sandy_s (2/15 10:14am): And this is only a small portion of the sites! So many people had individual author sites and fanart sites!
yellowb (2/15 10:05am): Oh my, look, there were so many! I love that one was named "Drink My Soul."
flow (2/15 09:46am): There was a whole site for William and Buffy??? Why didnít I know that? And why is it gone? We need more Wuffy sweetness!
sandy_s (2/15 09:40am): I was mistaken. Itís a buffy and William site!
sandy_s (2/15 09:16am):
sandy_s (2/15 09:14am):
handwithquill (2/15 09:13am): Another one I remember from way back when is "AThin Line Between Love And Hate'. That was up way back in S3.
handwithquill (2/15 09:10am): Behind Blue Eyes: It was called The AU Spuffy Archive. It was one of the first site I went looking for when I can back into the fandom.
sandy_s (2/15 09:04am): It was run by Rachel from sinister attraction. Itís still up on the defunct Buffy site. But you could be thinking of something else.
Behind Blue Eyes (2/15 07:45am): There was a site, goodness, must be gone for 5+ years, it was Spuffy site but all the stories were human only (no supernatural at all) I can't for the life of me remember what it was called.
purrmonster (2/15 07:43am): flow - thank you for the info, I really appreciate it. hug
flow (2/15 06:21am): @purrmonster: yes they were all spuffy fanfic sites that are sadly nowadays closed or gone. VampireĎs kiss is another one to comes to my mind of the sites we have lost over the years. So sad. Some are still available via waybackmachine.
purrmonster (2/15 05:47am): Thanks so much 'buzzwuzz' flowers
thenewbuzwuzz (2/15 05:31am): Here's a Wayback Machine link to the Nocturnal Light archive:
thenewbuzwuzz (2/15 05:26am): @purrmonster, the Death-Marked Love archive was imported to AO3, the stories are here:
zabjade (2/15 03:30am): Today is our first book club discussion for a short fanfic (long fanfic is the 21st) It's St. Ephiny's Between the Empty Places, here on EF
purrmonster (2/15 02:16am): Hi Carrie! hug I apologize, I had to revert to lurker status as RL began to stink big time. Think of you often.
purrmonster (2/15 02:08am): Wow, but little confused... "And Death Marked Love" "Sinister Attraction" "Just Rewards" "Fire Pretty" "Nocturnal Light" are all websites & not titles of stories? I looked up Buffy and Spikes Diaries & no site came up, so is that a story title or defunct site? Would like to bookmark all.

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Goodbye 2018. Hello 2019!

It was another amazing year in our corner of the Spuffy world. We celebrated our 12th birthday with the 12 Years 12 Seasons Challenge, which produced 31 wonderful new stories, we were lucky enough to have OffYourBird join our admin team, we passed the 5,000 story mark, and we continued to work both behind and in front of the curtain to make sure that Elysian Fields remains a welcoming, user-friendly place to be.

With no sign of slowing down, we're excited for 2019, which will include some site events that you won't want to miss. Also, we're set to register our 20,000th member sometime this year, which is no small feat. We promise to continue to do all we can to make sure that Elysian Fields feels like home.

Three cheers for everyone who made 2018 special at Elysian Fields, and who are carrying that energy into 2019! Here's to the authors, the artists, the commenters, the readers, and even the lurkers (no time like 2019 to come out of the shadows) cheers.

2018 by the numbers:
Total number...

--Susan on January 01, 2019 02:33pm 9 Comments
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We've had a few questions lately regarding the shoutbox, and what is and isn't allowed. We've never had any official rules for the shoutbox, but just wanted to clarify some guidelines to avoid any confusion in the future. Chances are, you're already following the guidelines without even knowing about it, but please read them over just to familiarize yourself. They're listed here as an introduction, but there also posted in the FAQ, and there's a handy link under the shoutbox. Please let us know if you have any questions.


The shoutbox is a place for members to say hi, rave about a story they're currently loving, ask if other members can remember the title of a story that may have been forgotten, complain about a bad case of writer's block, etc. To keep things running smoothly, and to make sure that all writers and readers feel welcome, we ask that you to follow these guidelines:

  • As with all interaction on the site, we ask you to be polite and speak to others the way you'd like to be spoken to. If you have an issue with a story, an author, or another member of the fandom, the shoutbox isn't a place to air grievances...

--The Mods on December 23, 2018 12:32pm 29 Comments
12 Years 12 Seasons Challenge

Hello everyone! 

A huge congratulations to everyone who participated in the challenge this year! Thanks to the involvement of the authors, artists, readers and reviewers we've had yet another very successful event celebrating Elysian Fields' birthday. I can't believe it's been 12 years since we opened. The challenge has seen 31 brand new stories written and shared with our wonderful community.

You can FIND ALL CHALLENGE FICS HERE - if you haven't read any yet I highly recommend you check them out.

To the artists of our community who created banners for the challenge, all art left unclaimed by participating authors returns to your ownership. If you wish your banner to remain up for grabs by potential authors you can always add your banner along with the corresponding prompt up on the site challenges page here by selecting 'Issue a Challenge' and filling in the details.

Finally, if you participated...

--Amy on November 02, 2018 05:40pm 3 Comments