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Off Again by Sigyn R
Drusilla returns to Sunnydale in an attempt to seduce Spike back to the darkness...
The Dragon's Gold by Iamblichus NC-17
A year ago, Buffy and Spike went down into a cave, had some ritualized sex...
Holding Out for a Hero by Kittenshift17 NC-17
During Willow's Will-Be-Done spell while Spike and Buffy are engaged, Spike...
Wicked Game by Northmann13 NC-17
In an alternative universe, where demon-kind represents the majority of the...
A Matter Of Taste by Twinkles Adult Only
A potentially horrifying story of lust, blood and hunger when the world turns...
The Eternal Return by Iamblichus NC-17
Fifteen years after their grand showdown with the First Evil, Buffy and Spike...
FFS Harmony by tbd PG-13
Harmony has grand plans for Buffy & Spike and it just so happens that...
Not All Big Bad's Are All Bad by pfeifferpack PG
The clock is running down on the latest apocalypse and Glory is proving to be...
A Matter Of Taste by Twinkles Adult Only
A potentially horrifying story of lust, blood and hunger when the world turns...
Big Bad Boyfriend by bewildered NC-17
Slayers don't get weepy when their One True Love rides off into the night for...
Random Story
The Wishmaster by amidtheflowers R
A simple wish from a disgruntled kid wouldn't change much anywhere else, but...
thenewbuzwuzz (10/19 01:41am): Ginger, drool what a good idea!
Chrissel (10/18 11:23pm): Ooh! Ginger! Looking forward to that!
sandy_s (10/18 09:51pm): I like that you kept the old last names, slaymesoftly.
kats_meow (10/18 08:51pm): @Ginger for that scenario? The wait? SO WORTH IT! devil
Ginger (10/18 08:45pm): Well, Iím giving Spike a different last name. But Iím also giving him a wrought iron spiral staircase and a pair of handcuffs with which to tether Buffy to aforementioned staircase, so Iím hoping yíall will bear with me (Ďcomingí late Ď19 early Ď20) ;-).
slaymesoftly (10/18 06:44pm): @All4Spike - yes, I used a couple of names for him before we knew about Pratt. I remember asking my beta at the time if she thought I should go back and change it and then we decided not to. We didn't know what we didn't know when they were written, so they were fine for the time they were written.
DollyLevi (10/18 06:26pm): William Henry Pratt was Boris Karloff's real name - he was born 1887 - I think Joss thought he was being clever.
All4Spike (10/18 06:09pm): I thought Joss joked about Spike's name being Pratt, so I didn't think he was serious, so I ignore it. Besides, I already had my own name for him.
slaymesoftly (10/18 06:03pm): because I feel like I would have already known that. I remember a lot of chatter about "oh, he was just putting us on" or "Joss didn't really mean that" from both ff authors and readers.
slaymesoftly (10/18 06:01pm): Hmmmm I thought Joss responded to a question about Spike/William's last name with "Pratt" during an interview somewhere prior to the end of the show? Don't know why I think I remember that, but I do. I'll have to go back over my old Spike comics, but if it did show up there, I wouldn't have blinked
Twinkles (10/18 04:42pm): @magnus, whenever I start writing something and tumble into the self-doubt of "No one's ever going to want to read this mess," I remind myself that you'll at least give it a chance and probably find something to enjoy in it, and I push on with that in mind bravo
Twinkles (10/18 04:38pm): Aww, you guys, I shall never get the silly grin off my face blush So glad you're enjoying it! And always so wordless at expressing how much the feedback means wink
flow (10/18 03:40pm): The funny thing is that Spike:Asylum actually isn't a canon comic but JW approved of Pratt as Williams last name and it was later used in canon comics as well. But it is rather newish in canon comics. I think Buffy says it in Season 10 or 11. Thus you will find tons of different names in fics.
pfeifferpack (10/18 02:13pm): Cosmic Tuesdays Spike Asylum was one of my favorites of the whole comic treatment of Spike! Loved the re-read... going to dig out my copies to read the whole series. Thanks
Ginger (10/18 02:13pm): Since it wasnít established on air, and I want to give him a specific ancestry (at least on his fatherís side) in a fic Iím working on, Iíll give it a pass. Plus I had a boss back in the day whose name was Pratt and was, coincidentally, a real prat. ;-)
Cosmic Tuesdays (10/18 01:56pm): I take the comics as helpfully suggestive para-canon myself.
pfeifferpack (10/18 01:55pm): Pratt was chosen for the comic as a "tip of the hat" to Boris Karloff whose real name was William Henry Pratt. Joss signed off on the surname as approved.
Ginger (10/18 01:54pm): And thanks!
Ginger (10/18 01:54pm): Alrighty then, so I can happily ignore it. ;-)
Cosmic Tuesdays (10/18 01:35pm): Citation: https://comicpunch.net/...apter
Sigyn (10/18 01:16pm): It was established as canon in the comics.
Ginger (10/18 12:52pm): Totally random question: where is it established as canon (if it is and Iím forgetting, particularly if it was in either S7 or AtS which I havenít revisited in full) that Williamís surname was Pratt?
Holly (10/18 12:42pm): I chose Cambridge for Spike in Strawberry Fields for two reasons: It didn't come to mind as readily as Oxford and I researched the courses that would've been taught there when he was human and it fit. I'm sure Oxford had the same/comparable offerings, but since I found what I needed, I didn't look
Ginger (10/18 12:37pm): Agreed about ĎA Matter of Taste.í As a relative newbie active member of the fandom, who has read Spuffy fic off and on since the show aired, I find the newness and originality of the idea breathtaking. And the execution is spot on.
sweetprincipale (10/18 12:36pm): Seconding A Matter of Taste. So gosh darn addictively good!

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