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Bag of Bones by Shadowlass R
Spike's return to Sunnydale, version 3,892. Nobody's rolling out the welcome...
A Place Called Home by DauntlessGrace PG-13
A response to a challenge by Mia Vaan. Following Buffy's death in "The Gift"...
Demon Daters Anonymous by EllieRose101 PG
Living on the Hellmouth, it was statistically probable that someone in the core...
Xander Harris and the Eye of Ra by SlayrGrl PG
Response to challenge by Killjoy: What if instead of the amulet being sent...
GTFO by Girlytek NC-17
Spike doesn’t take the extra hundred bucks to be the decoy. Ethan doesn’t...
Skipping the Stone by sandy_s, Badwolfjedi R
Buffy finds out that Spike was dusted in the big battle with Wolfram and Hart...
The Future is Ours by DarkEternity96 NC-17
What if in mid-Season 4, Spike demands another spell from Willow, in a last-ditch...
Broken Bridges by Dusty NC-17
Buffy reunites with Spike just when she really shouldn't.
Almost Paradise by Holly NC-17
When presented with the opportunity to magically alter the world she lives in...
Beneath the Surface by The Danish Bird NC-17
Spike returns a little earlier to find his gem. The mayor decides that shooting...
Random Story
One Good Day by randi NC-17
There's more than one way to have a good day... especially when the previous...
pfeifferpack (3/6 02:18am): So many plot ideas I can't wait to read and more that I really, really, hope are chosen! Grab the pretties!
angelic_amy (3/6 02:13am): However, I have no such scruples about encouraging others to sign up for more cos that means more fic! Anyone toying with the idea of selecting another... DO IT. DO IT NOW. devil
angelic_amy (3/6 02:13am): SO SHINY! Signing up for Round 1 was difficult, if I could've I would have snagged at least 12 challenges/banners. So I'm trying to show personal restraint by not diving on the unclaimed pretties the muse wants.
Sigyn (3/6 12:47am): SHINY!
bewildered (3/6 12:35am): I mean, none of us really NEED a second banner... they're just so shiny!
Kanita (3/6 12:08am): That's where it was! facepalm Thanks Sigyn!
Sigyn (3/5 11:57pm): According to the e-mail, " Also, if you are interested in secondary banner/challenge claims, they will be opening on the 6th of March (site time)." So... yeah, pretty soon.


Kanita (3/5 11:17pm): Does the second round of banner claiming for challenge month start in less than an hour? For some reason Iíve got 3/6 in my head, but donít remember where I saw that. Asking for a friendÖ because it would obviously be a terrible idea for me to claim a second one. angel
TwilightChild (3/5 10:34pm): Love all the talented writers here. Thanks for making this apocalypse bearable.
mother_of_unicorns (3/5 08:59pm): I dunno, I would totally read smut about myself lol
GillO (3/5 08:45pm): He's also said in the past that he finds it really hard reading smut about people he knows in real life, thinks of as his friends. I get that. But only 98.73% of fic is smut. :-D
Electric Heart (3/5 06:27pm): @Melaka I dont blame him lol, I would feel pretty awkward reading fanfic about a character portrayed by me... esp since 90% of is absolutely thirsting after him if not outright smutty
Melaka Fray (3/5 06:06pm): Lol, I just watched that video from JM to the EF site. I don't know if that video has been there for long, but I thought it was pretty funny the bit about him not reading cause he'd end up imaging himself doing it.
AlloSpoike (3/5 01:38pm): angel devil
chaoz (3/5 12:51pm): First member of team Slayee, I guess that makes us frenemies now *grins
AlloSpoike (3/5 12:40pm): Woo, thanks for organising @chaoz, count me in! cheers
chaoz (3/5 10:43am): For more details, FAQ and contact info, check out the website for the event here: https://sites.google.com/...ntral
Hope to see many of you joining AACMME (Artistic April Challenge Month Motivational Event) 3/3

chaoz (3/5 10:42am): You can sign up and set yourself goals. You get randomly assigned to one of two teams and log your progress (published chapters and/or written comments) during April. At the end of each week, a team is declared 'winner', the price being bragging rights and a very busy EF! drool 2/3
chaoz (3/5 10:42am): Hi all! Artistic April is fast approaching and we can almost feel the anticipation bubbling. With permission of the EF mod team Iíve set up a small motivational event/challenge environment to go along with it. Aiming to motivate ourselves and each other to be extra active. 1/3
Kanita (3/5 09:12am): Thank you, Touchstoneaf! And belated B-day wishes to you!
Touchstoneaf (3/4 11:59pm): Anyone in here tonight looking for the Reordering update, I am going to take a week off to whip it into shape. Hope it'll end up making it a stronger story in the long run.
Touchstoneaf (3/4 11:57pm): Ty for the birthday wishes@ HB to Kanita!
Kanita (3/4 10:53pm): Thanks @sweetprincipale, HebiC, and pfeifferpack! It has been a very good birthday! big grin
pfeifferpack (3/4 10:20pm): partyHappy birthday to Kanita! I really hope that the day has been and continuesto be perfect in every way and filled with joy. May the coming year lead to blessings, love, and wishes coming true.
Leenth (3/4 04:29pm): @AlloSpoike, are you talking about the movie? I haven't seen it.

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Round 2 banner claims open

Hi everyone!

Just a quick message to confirm that Round 2 Banner Claims are officially open. The process is exactly the same as Round 1 and all of the details for how to grab a shiny piece of muse enticing prettiness can be found HERE on the last news post.

As our cup has more that runneth over (we've had a happy flood of banners) authors who have successfully claimed a banner during Round 1, and have (or may be planning to) claim a banner for Round 2, will also have the opportunity claim further banners during Round 3.

Round 3 Banner Claims (for authors who have successfully claimed 2 banners already) will open for claims on the 13th of March (site time). 

A final note to any potential authors who've yet to sign up: it's not too late to join the party. If you haven't claimed a banner yet, you can do so at any time. Round 2 being open doesn't lock anyone out who has not previously joined the fun. In fact, your request...

--Amy on March 06, 2021 02:00am 0 Comments
Banner claims to open soon



Hey everyone!

We’ve had a massive amount of art submitted for this event, way more than I anticipated (and I’d set my expectations pretty high). In fact, I’m still receiving banner and challenge submissions, and they will continue to be accepted and added to the Banner Master List right up until 11:59pm on the 26th of Feb.

A little reminder of the Event dates before we get down to business:
Banner submission: 10th – 26th of February
Banner claims open: 27th of February
Banner claims confirmed: 1st – 3rd of March
Writing time: from banner confirmation (beginning 1st of March) onwards.

--Amy on February 25, 2021 05:47am 13 Comments
Artistic April Challenge Banner List

UPDATE Feb 26 - Banner master list total 125 139 141 142 pieces of art and challenges.
UPDATE Feb 25 - Banner master list total 100 pieces of art and challenges.  
 - Banner master list total now at 94 pieces and art and accompanying challenges. 


Hi everyone!

The entries for the Artistic April Challenge Month have been coming in hard and fast, and I’m sure the authors of our site are going to find plenty of inspiration amongst the 62 banner uploaded so far. Yep, you read that number right. And that’s not even all I have in my email, there’s at least another 25 banners to upload and join the others (these will be uploaded tomorrow). Our Elysian Fields artists are certainly a talented...

--Amy on February 22, 2021 05:19am 10 Comments