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By Rook or By Crook by Eurydice NC-17
Sometimes, no matter how fast you run, your past always manages to catch up...
Angels In The Rain by Mrs Muir NC-17
NC-17 (You MUST be 17 to read this story. THIS IS YOUR WARNING) Summary: AU-...
400 Days by PassionFish NC-17
Buffy and Spike get thrown into another dimension...or is it?
Life Hard by Soulburnt NC-17
When you're trying to be better after decades of evil, a little encouragement...
Loyalty by zabjade NC-17
While Glory inches closer to identifying the key, her recent torture victim's...
Ghosts of Savannah by tbd PG-13
Savannah has always been a beautifully haunted city but something big is brewing...
A Hellmouth Resurrection by SpindleKitten R
Willow's resurrection spell didn't go to plan. The biker demons interrupted...
Dawn Bleeds Into Dusk by Malapert Adult Only
A response to Loup Noir’s Challenge. “It doesn’t matter...
Friend and Foe by KillerSnotMonster PG
After the Glove of Myhnegon disaster with Gwendolyn Post, the Scoobies realize...
Out of Time by joycometh R
Willow's spell in Triangle was meant to send the troll to his home dimension...
Random Story
A Touch of Her Style by myrabeth R
Season 2, but with a different pre-series history. Robin Wood moves to Sunnydale...
pfeifferpack (12/11 06:12pm): cheers Wrasslins. Congratulations on the acceptance!
slaymesoftly (12/11 06:10pm): oops - either didn't finish, or didn't click "shout". I think I said I pay no attention to what anyone calls them because it's always obvious what they mean. Coke, soda, pop, whatever...
killjoy (12/11 06:09pm): We call them all cokes here in the South. We laugh when someone calls them pop
slaymesoftly (12/11 05:17pm): Since I don't like/drink carbonated beverages and never have, I don't think I know what I'd call them. I've also lived a lot of places, so... "coke" does seem to be somewhat generic, for sure, but I think most people use the actual name of the drink. Or "soft drinks" if I need a word for more than
darcygall (12/11 01:49pm): Happy Birthday Saggit and Amon Kashino!
pfeifferpack (12/11 01:44pm): LOL thanks to something once said by a very young member of my family years ago...all cutlery and utensils (flatware included) are referred to under the broad title of tools in my family.
Twinkles (12/11 01:37pm): Happy birthday Saggit & Amon Kashino!
And congrats wrasslins!

OffYourBird (12/11 10:02am): Congratulations, wrasslins, that's wonderful! party
And happy birthday to Saggit and Amon Kashino!

wrasslins (12/11 08:14am): Hello everyone, I hope youíre all well! Iíve been meaning to jump on here and work on a new one-shot that came to mind but lifeís been so busy. Good news is I just got accepted to the university I applied for so yay me!! Also gotta contribute to the soda discourse & say itís fizzy drink all the way!
sandy_s (12/11 07:46am): Definitely soda but we called everything coke when I was a kid. Or I call my drink by name. Speaking of slang. I met with a middle schooler yesterday whose friends are all about the tea aka gossip. And I thought it was just you tube. Lol different kinds of tea apparently.
All4Spike (12/11 07:39am): As for fizzy drinks, in general, when offering guests a drink, or asking for one, each would be named individually. When I was small (cough) years ago, it was 'pop' but that was when there were about 3 different kinds and you took what you could get. Haven't heard that used for years.
All4Spike (12/11 07:34am): In the UK, cutlery is used for the knives, forks, spoons etc used at table. Items you use in the kitchen to prepare and cook the food, such as sieves, whisks, wooden spoons, spatulas etc are termed utensils.
SpindleKitten (12/11 04:05am): I have obviously been thinking too much in American since I started writing Spuffy. My dad mocked me mercilessly for five minutes for unthinkingly using the word hood instead of bonnet for my car. I *hate* using American terms - especially in regards to cars - but I didn't even notice blush
SpindleKitten (12/11 04:00am): I don't generally drink fizzy drinks, but that is what I would call them unless I was talking about one specific brand.
Parkade is such a fun word for a car park.

pfeifferpack (12/11 03:00am): For reasons I couldn't explain I tend to call it Sodapop LOL. Can't find that one on the charts. Pop in the area where I grew up and soda where I live now so maybe I just made it up??? Usually I just order the actual choice by brand name.
pfeifferpack (12/11 02:59am): partyHappy birthday to Saggit and Amon Kashino! Hoping you have a brilliant day followed by a perfect year ahead.
Pencilcomet (12/11 02:46am): Atlantic Canadian and we say parking garage. I never say pop or soda, every beverage is referred to as it's name, Sprite, Coke, Pepsi, Rootbeer. I mostly hear the word pop, but if use a general term I say "Want something with bubbles?" I might just dislike the words soda and pop.
stuffandnonsense (12/11 02:08am): Another Canadian - I knew parkade.
Twinkles (12/11 12:29am): Parkade's such a lol-worthy word, we got all giggly using it when we went to the big city and parked in one on the weekend. But we're weirdos wink
And it's not pop or soft drink silly billys, it's called fizzy.

MichelleZed (12/10 11:57pm): Canadian here. Have definitely heard the term "parkade". I would say it's used more often (where I am) than other terms.
Badwolfjedi (12/10 11:05pm): Okay at least we both say pop darcygall! lol
myrabeth (12/10 10:51pm): (Should specify: my experiences are mid-South, not Deep South. Parents from WV, current residence TN)
myrabeth (12/10 10:49pm): Also, I've never heard or read the word "parkade" in my life prior to this discussion. Where does that come from?
myrabeth (12/10 10:48pm): My experience in the South has been that using "Coke" as a generic term is a much more rural practice, probably a hangover of an older generation. Personally, I'm a mid-Atlantic girl raised by Southerners, so I grew up hearing "pop" at home, but am more inclined to say "soda," myself.
darcygall (12/10 10:39pm): LOL they're Pop! Or sometimes soft drinks. Mostly pop.

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