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Cupid is stupid, and a little drunk by Behind Blue Eyes NC-17
What happened when The God of Love and Desire stumbled upon a fighting Buffy...
Valentine's Shuffle by sweetprincipale NC-17
Every day is full of decisions that will change where you end up.  Spike...
A Little Monster in MY Man by DeamonQueen PG-13
It's Valentine's Day and Buffy is angry because everyone seemed to have plans...
My Bloody Valentine by cawthraven NC-17
Buffy's sure that Valentine's Day is designed to torment the single. And oh...
Once Upon a Dream by CheekyKitten PG-13
Willow and Xander meddle in Buffy's love life and she ends up asleep and hanging...
Love Lives Here by Passion4Spike NC-17
Spike and Buffy reunite during the battle with the Senior Partners in L.A...
Amara Time by Joan963z NC-17
 Spike staggered. A moment ago he was in the hellmouth, pinned against...
Afterburn by Melme1325 NC-17
He was dead. She saw him burn up. She saw him swallowed by the ground as everything...
Bloom by Holly NC-17
A captured and blackmailed Spike is tasked to create the ultimate killing machine...
Goodbye to Everything That I Knew by fortes775 R
When Dawn’s future at Revello Drive is in jeopardy, Buffy goes looking...
Random Story
Constellations by Maxineeden Adult Only
Buffy’s birthday always gets ruined by something, so when she plans for...
rossshin (2/24 04:29am): @satinsafe thank you so much, that was it! Hugs!
pfeifferpack (2/24 12:47am): partyHappy birthday to fyreburned, Willow91, o3shelly, Winterspell, Dinosaurus, & Where_is_rye ! Hope every one of you are treated like THE shining star by all you love most. May you be well celebrated, gifted, & loved. May you have a year with every need met & desire in reach. Be well blessed
HebiC (2/23 10:02pm): Wow! Happy birthday everyone!
Dee Bradfield (2/23 09:04pm): @luvmyfirefly That sounds like Facing the Mirrors by Rabid1st: https://dark-solace.org/...=1371
satinsafe (2/23 06:41pm): @rossshin that sounds like Sleeping Beauty by Autumn2005 https://dark-solace.org/...=4362
rossshin (2/23 04:37pm): My memory is going down the hellmouth!just 1 hour ago I put this story in my bookshelf,started reading and now can't remember the title.ok, Spike's gone and Buffy's health declines till she gets into a sort of sleeping and only Spike can wake her up.it was random story earlier today.
rossshin (2/23 04:36pm): My memory is going down the hellmouth!just 1 hour ago I put this story in my bookshelf,started reading and now can't remember the title.ok, Spike's gone and Buffy's health declines till she gets into a sort of sleeping and only Spike can wake her up.it was random story earlier today
pfeifferpack (2/23 01:56pm): partyHappy birthday to rozamunduszek! Hope it's been one joy after another with more to come. May you be well loved & lavished with gifts. May this year bring success, blessings & love daily.
pfeifferpack (2/21 10:54pm): partyHappy birthday to greengirl00! Hoping it is the very best celerbation yet with every gift you most wanted and every person you most love there to celebrate you! May you have a year with joy, good health, success, & love every day.
EllieRose101 (2/21 07:41pm): Event Announcement: April Challenge Month 2024 https://dark-solace.org/...d=272
magnus374 (2/21 03:27pm): @luvmyfirefly it made me think about "Take Heart " by Dutchbuffy2305 but I don't think that's the one. I thought I should mention it though
luvmyfirefly (2/21 11:32am): I'm looking for a story that I read multiple times but can't remember the title. All I remember is that the villain of the piece would absorb people into it's form and it could then send them out in their original form but they had sort of a hive mind. Riley was absorbed by it. Thanks!
Holly (2/21 10:38am): @GillO - hahaha! Keep headcanon Holly then. She (literally) sounds cooler
GillO (2/21 06:32am): @Holly, if I listen to that you'll have an American accent, which you totally don't have in my head! ;-)
temporarytitle (2/20 09:13pm): Thank you for the birthday wishes!
pfeifferpack (2/20 02:29pm): partyHappy birthday to lovelikeSpike & to temporarytitle! Hoping your day saw you storing great memories of love, great gifts & so much laughter & joy. May this year bring people who cherish you, success where you wish, all needs met & a year of happiness.
Holly (2/20 11:35am): So, umm, it's my debut on Another Buffy Podcast. Wherein I cause @fiddledeedee and @TrevorCarlee to make their longest (to date) episode by ranting about Riley. Wherever you get your podcasts!
the_big_bad (2/20 09:28am): happy birthday temporarytitle and lovelikeSpike!
slaymesoftly (2/18 12:40pm): For anyone who is following my wip (Forgiveness Doesn't Come Easy) and expecting a new chapter today.... um, not happening. The next chapter isn't even finished, never mind self-edited and then re-edited by All4Spike. So, no update this week. Sorry, but RL is what it is and taxes are due soon....
WilliamMyBeloved (2/18 10:10am): @rossshin go here and click “issue a challenge” https://dark-solace.org/...enges
rossshin (2/18 09:21am): Hi everyone, how can I propose a challenge? Thanks so much, love!
To Be Hers (2/18 04:38am): Thank you @EllieRose101.
pfeifferpack (2/18 03:46am): partyHappy birthday to holetoledo, Cohava & to Yo no pruebo ! May the entire day be just as you wish with all you love the most at hand. May you be well loved & generously gifted. May you have the best of memories of the whole day. May this year bring joy, laughter, success, & blessings .
EllieRose101 (2/17 03:33pm): @To Be Hers: our April event centres around challenges. It will be announced soon.
cawthraven (2/17 03:32pm): New feature: sensitivity readers! We have added sensitivity readers as an option for beta reader profiles and search. More info in the news post! https://dark-solace.org/...d=271

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Site Time: February 24, 03:49pm (-05:00 GMT)
Event Announcement: April Challenge Month 2024

Can you believe it’s almost that time of year again?

For the month of April, EF will once again be running our Challenge Month event. Your task––should you choose to accept it––is to respond to challenges issued to our site by your fellow members (see here). You don’t have to complete the fic (or art) by the end of the month, just post the first installment between midnight on April 1st and 23.59 on April 30th (site time).

You can respond to as many challenges or as few as you want––so long as you didn’t issue them yourself!

If you find a challenge that mostly speaks to you but you would like to change an element of it, we recommend that you contact the person who issued said challenge and ask for their permission/blessing.

Any other questions or queries, please comment below or contact one of the Mod Team directly via email at elysianfieldsarchive@gmail.com. Further details including what the awards for authors, commenters, betas, and artists will look like will be posted closer to the time.

--EllieRose101 and the Mods on February 21, 2024 07:40pm 3 Comments
Sensitivity Readers Added to Beta Reader Profiles

Hi all!

We’ve been working on an update to our beta profiles and beta search to include sensitivity readers.

If the term is new to you, a sensitivity reader is a specialized type of beta reader who holds a lived experience or marginalized identity that the author does not, but that the author intends to portray within their fic.

Sensitivity readers can help authors write in ways that are more authentic and representative of the experiences of others. With that in mind, we’ve added a section to the beta profile that allows members to opt in as a sensitivity reader and indicate the kinds of topics and themes they can help review. We’ve revised our guidelines on working with beta readers. Among other changes, the guidelines now specifically feature tips on working with sensitivity readers, including when you might want to reach out to one.

A number of pages have changed to support this. First up is the 

--cawthraven, Darkvoid116, and the Mods on February 17, 2024 03:00pm 3 Comments
Event Announcement: Monster Mash!

After the success of EF’s first mini-event, the Satisfaction-athon last year, we have decided to run another one. Again, it will be for one day only, but this time the theme is Monster Mash and the date will be March 10th.

Credit for the theme idea goes to ClowniestLivEver, who implanted it in the Mod Team’s minds many months ago.

To clarify the theme: There is a monster in town* and Spike and Buffy team up to take it down. (*The fic does not need to be set in Sunnydale. Road trip fics count.)

The monster or monsters, plural, can be from the show (literally any of the minor monster-of-the-weeks. e.g. Luke, the Gorch brothers, Amy's mom, etc.); a classical monster (Frankenstein's monster, Wolf Man, the Invisible Man); a monster that is both (Dracula); or an original character monster.

Members can post artwork, drabbles, one-shots, or even multi-chapter fics if they wish, so long as they post the complete work before the end of the event. There will be awards on offer for participants, artists (including banner artists), commenters, and betas, which we will reveal the artwork for closer to the time.

Anyone who submits an artwork-only...

--EllieRose101 and the Mods on January 08, 2024 05:24pm 8 Comments