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partyHappy birthday to Axell, The Siren, and DarkEternity96! Wishing you a day with all you best dreams coming true. May this year see you showered with love and blessings every day.
April 20, 2021 05:34am

slaymesoftly, I don't have much time to read right now and I need to take a break and read but I keep having deadlines... Hope you enjoy Skipping someday!
April 19, 2021 10:37pm

Ahhh..thank you, Dusty! Skipping got to be quite long. lol *hugs* And Pet35, I hope you enjoy the story! heart I totally understand about WIP.
April 19, 2021 10:36pm

@pfeifferpack Thank you so much!
April 19, 2021 06:43pm

Somebody nominated me! Thank you so much, whoever you are!
April 19, 2021 06:02pm

already started it and then lost it. Better for me to stick to no more than two (if that) wip at one time. I'll grab a short fic here and there, but only one or two long-term commitments at a time for me! Makes for a very full bookshelf....
April 19, 2021 04:56pm

Me too, Pet35. I'm struggling to juggle two wip without getting confused. Sandy's will sit on my shelf until I know I have time to devote to it. I have a bad habit of dipping into things, then having begun so many that I lose track and wander away, only to discover when I try one again, that I'd
April 19, 2021 04:55pm

@Sandy that's so great!! I have your story in my bookshelf waiting for this day hahaha my little heart just couldn't take any more WIPs. @Dusty is partially responsible of that... hahaha
April 19, 2021 04:29pm

Congratulations, Sandy! I checked the word count just now on Stepping Stones! What a beast of an accomplishment! heart
April 19, 2021 02:52pm

Awww! Thank you, DeamonQueen! hug
April 19, 2021 02:37pm

@sandy_s I am happy for you that you completed Stepping Stones. I love that story so much.
April 19, 2021 01:44pm

Woohoo!! Great show all round squee
April 19, 2021 12:45pm

Team Slayer in return attempted to take the commenting scuffle too and logged 38 comments but Team Slayee was having none of it and successfully defended their win by logging 43 comments! Go Team SLAYEE! devil
Week 2ís bragging rights again go to BOTH teams! 🏆

April 19, 2021 10:11am

✨AACMME Week 2 Winner Announcement -
Team Slayee doubled their logged chapters to 4 in an attempt to topple Team Slayerís reign on the Authorís trophy but Team Slayer in turn ruthlessly doubled their own logged chapters for a total of 18 chapters logged last week. Bravo Team SLAYER! stake 1/2

April 19, 2021 10:10am

partyHappy birthday to joelsmanders, Sansho, and TashaHere! May the day hold nothing but joy, laughter, and love (and tons of prezzies). May this year bring you much the same and may you be well blessed.
April 19, 2021 03:55am

SurvivalHorror I do
April 19, 2021 02:15am

Thanks, slaymesoftly. love
April 18, 2021 10:19pm

Congrats, Sandy.
April 18, 2021 10:06pm

Thank you, Cosmic Tuesdays! heart
April 18, 2021 09:57pm

Cosmic Tuesdays
Well done, Sandy!
April 18, 2021 09:51pm

Thank you, mother_of_unicorns! hug
April 18, 2021 09:46pm

Happy birthday, @msaracen, @Spuffyloves90, @IrishRose, and @Behind Blue Eyes!
April 18, 2021 09:34pm

Congrat's on finishing sandy_s!!! I'm excited to read it all, I've been waiting it to be all done!
April 18, 2021 09:03pm

@Irishrose, yay! Thank you for reading and happy birthday! party (Happy birthday to everyone else too!)
April 18, 2021 08:26pm

@Sandy_s - fabulous ending! Loved it!
April 18, 2021 07:55pm

Skipping the Stone is now complete! Hope you enjoy the final chapter... hug
April 18, 2021 07:12pm

Hey all, I was wondering if anyone happened to have a copy of Etched in Stone by Flowerofthewolf. I've been wanting to re-read that story and just found out it got taken down.
April 18, 2021 06:49pm

Thank you @pfeifferpack! And happy birthday to my co-celebrants, @ Behind Blue Eyes, @Spuffyloves90, and @msaracen!
April 18, 2021 06:31pm

oooh thank you @Cosmic!! I couldn't find it
April 18, 2021 07:55am

Cosmic Tuesdays
Here you go:
April 18, 2021 07:38am