Pre-Series [103] Stories set pre-Sunnydale, when Buffy still lived in LA
Season 11 (Comic) [9] Stories set during Season 11 of the BtVS comics
Canon-Compliant [24] Stories that maintain canon and don't change canon events (i.e., what we saw on-screen and/or read in comics). Canon-Compliant fics can be either TV-compliant or TV & Comic-compliant, but they must be one
Holiday Fic [175] Stories which feature holiday celebrations, themes, or settings
Season 1 [110] Stories set during Season 1 of BtVS
Season 12 (Comic) [10] Stories set during Season 12 of the BtVS comics
Vignettes [20] Brief, evocative descriptions, accounts, or episodes
Claim [278] Stories that contain a vampire creating a supernatural (often blood-related) bond with their partner, or featuring characters who are already “claimed” partners
Season 2 [402] Stories set during Season 2 of BtVS
Between Seasons (any) [31] Stories set between seasons 1-7 of the TV series (aka, during the “summer”) or between comics seasons.
Episode Rewrite [648] A rewrite of an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and/or (if applicable) Angel the Series
Drabbles [110] Traditionally 100 words or less, but since we’re not much for tradition, can include stories with fewer than 1,000 words
Season 3 [298] Stories set during Season 3 of BtVS
Comic (Season Not Specified) [36] Stories based on Buffyverse comics in which the season is not obvious or mentioned
Missing Scene [198] A scene missing from an existing episode or issue that the viewer or comic reader didn’t get to see. Typically Canon-Compliant
Poetry [42] Content in verse format, whether metered, rhymed, blank, free, etc
Season 4 [682] Stories set during Season 4 of BtVS
Comic (Boom! Studios) [0] Stories set within the Boom!Studios Buffy reboot comics universe
Challenge Response [392] Stories that are written as responses to Elysian Fields member-issued challenges or official Elysian Fields Challenge Events. May also include challenges issued by members of other Spuffy archives
Song Fic [81] Stories that prominently feature song lyrics and/or stories in which a song plays a key role in a character’s actions, decisions, or motivations
Season 5 [904] Stories set during Season 5 of BtVS
Post-Series [1228] Stories set after Season 7 of the TV series
Time Travel [228] Stories where the characters experience a time disruption or time displacement, whether forward, backward, or in a loop
International Fics [27] Stories written in languages other than English
Season 6 [1218] Stories set during Season 6 of BtVS
Crossover (AtS) [322] Stories that include characters or significant elements/settings originating from Angel the Series
Historical [72] Stories in any category or genre that take place (in full or in part) in an era prior to 1990
Award Winners [280] Stories which have been the recipients of fandom awards
Season 7 [589] Stories set during Season 7 of BtVS
Crossover (Books or TV shows outside Buffyverse) [88] Stories that include characters or significant elements/settings originating from another fandom universe
All Human [605] Stories in which there are no supernatural or magical elements (the “real world”)
Award Runners-Up [116] Stories which have been runners-up for fandom awards
Season 8 (Comic) [34] Stories set during Season 8 of the BtVS comics
Wishverse [2] Stories Set in the alternate reality created by the episode "The Wish"
High Fantasy [2] Stories featuring traditional fantasy themes and archetypes, up to and including classic fairytales
Seasonal Spuffy Entries [118] Stories that were entries in one of the rounds of Seasonal Spuffy
Season 9 (Comic) [32] Stories set during Season 9 of the BtVS comics
Alternate Reality [1429] Stories that alter Buffyverse lore, events, or character roles to the point where they significantly differ or diverge from canon. See Fanlore for more on Alternate Reality fics
Baby Fic [165] Stories which prominently feature pregnancy and/or babies
Taboo - Adults Only [154] WARNING: The Taboo category is specifically for Adults Only. It houses fiction not appropriate for the faint of heart. If you are under the age of 17 and/or have serious moral reservations about any aspect of sexuality, TURN AROUND NOW
Season 10 (Comic) [58] Stories set during Season 10 of the BtVS comics