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@cheekykitten also this one where buddy doesn’t know she’s a slayer runs into spike and he decides to train her so she good enough for him to fight
January 27, 2024 12:35am

@CheekyKitten there was also walking in sunlight by dauntlessgrace
January 27, 2024 12:30am

Thanks all! Will start reading smile
January 26, 2024 11:34pm

@CheekyKitten - Haven’t started Dress My Body All in Flowers White by othellia yet, but it seems like it may be somewhat what you’re looking for.
January 26, 2024 07:09pm

Found two where Spike/William is Buffy's human Watcher Somewhere I Belong by TammyDevil666 and Second String by solstice
January 26, 2024 11:25am

@CheekyKitten: Hi if you're looking specifically for a Fic where Spike takes over Buffy's Watcher's place, there is 'While the Watcher's Away' by Nik84 There is at least one where William is assigned to Buffy but as a human Watcher.
January 26, 2024 10:53am

@croozco We are glad you are here! Spuffy readers are the best toooo!
January 26, 2024 08:55am

Actually, while it begins in IKY2, he actually takes on the role in the short stories set in that world. "Knowing and Watching" specifically.
January 26, 2024 08:44am

@CheekyKitten-in I Know You II, Spike takes a watcher role with Buffy when they are stuck in an alternate dimension. I think I have another one where Giles tells him to put his education to work and be Buffy's watcher, but I don't recall which story that is, or if it actually happens.
January 26, 2024 08:29am

im so happy i found out about this site. spuffy writers aree the bessst i love you all
January 26, 2024 07:17am

Hi all! I've seen one or two, but wondering if there are others. Fics where Spike takes over as "Watcher" type role for Buffy. Even if it's not in an official capacity.
He's more than capable - multilingual, educated, well versed in demons and hand to hand combat, etc. Shoot them my way! Please!

January 25, 2024 08:22pm

partyHappy birthday to redridinghood & aerzis! Wishing a day filled with prezzies, love, warm memories & laughter. May this year see your needs met, dreams at hand, knowledge you are cherished & loved & blessings daily.
January 24, 2024 10:26pm

Thank you so much @Soulburnt!
January 24, 2024 10:16am

To Be Hers
Thanks @Soulburnt!
January 24, 2024 08:33am

Also @WilliamMyBeloved, he's part of Scooby group therapy in sandy_s' Group Therapy, Anyone?
January 24, 2024 07:51am

@WilliamMyBeloved, Spike goes to therapy in DeamonQueen's Therapy with the Undead
January 24, 2024 07:50am

@To Be Hers, 'Saint Buffy' (or Saint Fill-in-character-name) means writing Buffy as one-dimensionally perfect instead of a more realistic mix of strengths and flaws. If she can do no wrong, then she can't really have any growth. Maybe someone else has a more nuanced answer...?
January 24, 2024 07:46am

To Be Hers
Can anyone tell me what Saint Buffy means?
January 24, 2024 01:58am

partyHappy birthday to ForgottenYogurt! Hope it has been everything you most wished for, that you were surrounded by everyone you love & that they let you feel cherished. May you have every gift most wanted. Hope this year brings joy & blessings and true love & appreciation
January 24, 2024 01:35am

West of the Sun East of the Moon
January 23, 2024 11:58pm

@flamingquill You're right, it's Of Boots and Bubbly. I thought it was finished. Fingers crossed bookishy comes back to it.
January 23, 2024 10:17pm

Technically she was sort of referenced as a "peer counselor" not the official counselor, but yeah, she was massively underqualified even for that. They gave peer counselors six weeks of training in my school.
January 23, 2024 10:11pm

Swonderful, also Buffy as a school counselor.
January 23, 2024 05:47pm

@swonderful, maybe the world was more inundated by demons than they thought. If people were constantly being ripped from the mortal coil, bizarre promotions might occur. I mean, it's a fan wank, but it makes sense.
January 23, 2024 10:23am

Anyone notice that characters were catapulted into jobs they lack qualifications for? Angel to law firm CEO, Xander to foreman/mgr of a construction company, Sam Finn from the civilian Peace Corps to heading an elite military unit. Were JW and writers out of touch with reality?
January 23, 2024 10:11am

@Geliot99 My story The Edge has them addressing it head-on in a post-series exploration together, but that's a very Mileage May Vary story.
January 23, 2024 10:09am

@Geliot99 I second the rec for Seven; another by Holly that's good for this is Reprise; and then there's OffYourBird's Oddments of Bygone Times -- it's not a central plot point but I liked the discussion about it anyhow.
January 23, 2024 10:07am

Thank you!!,
Thank you!!!

January 23, 2024 09:21am

@Geliot99 - It's a self-rec and long, but my story Come Back to Me has Spuffy get into this. Specifically Chap. 4 and some lingering emotions in Chap. 21
January 23, 2024 07:46am

SEVEN by Holly is a good one, Geliot99!
January 23, 2024 07:04am