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Back Track by AuthoressNebula NC-17
And so our tale begins. Set the night following a girl's death and a trip...
Ready by sweetprincipale NC-17
AU early season 5. Riley and Buffy are still together and something big happened...
Wild and Wonderful by solstice PG-13
Written for the October 2015 Challenge Month, in response to prompts posted...
Fell by Sigyn R
Anya overhears an idle wish at the Bronze, and suddenly there’s no more...
Dust by flootzavut PG-13
five things Buffy Summers pretends not to think about, and one thing she...
La Femme Spander by sosa lola G
Set in Entropy. Anya wants Xander good and cursed. His friends won't do it...
Fly on the Wall by SleepingTigress NC-17
It's been some time since Riley left good old sunnydale, and he's managed to...
Forever Autumn by -Carrie-Ann- NC-17
Buffybot, now named Autumn, is lonely. She see’s others all around her...
Betrayed, Forgotten, Abandoned. by Loup Noir NC-17
In the aftermath of her battle with Angelus, an injured and emotionally...
Knight Errant by medievalchic R
When a hellgod's mistake leaves him chipless and unrestrained, Spike must choose...
Random Story
Junctures amid Darkness by SlayrGrl PG
 Sequel to "Embracing Darkness" A series of moments in the years...
kasumi (1/17 09:20am): @Autumn - SUPER LATE - This one?
HCB (1/17 08:33am): I think that it was about that, yes. I didn't know what they were. Male, female, trans, a-something and I don't remember but I'm sure that there were more.
jhiz (1/17 08:10am): six options for gender? Do I even want to ask what they are since I always thought there were only two... like bellybuttons... you gotta innie or an outie
HCB (1/17 07:35am): I was looking into applying for jobs at a university and the drop down box for gender was epic and, once you have ticked one of something like six options, they have a question: is your gender the same as at birth? I hope no one ever shuffles the boxes or I will never be able to find the right one.
HCB (1/17 07:33am): Jhiz: I don't know what it's like elsewhere, but by the end of my time in school there were at least ten boxes in Britain and you can tick "Other" and then explain. I'm fortunate that as White (British) my box is first, then White (Irish) then White (other). It makes life easier.
Sigyn (1/17 04:49am): blush You guys are so sweet. I promise if the muse comes back, I'll post. I don't think you want me to start posting the WiPs.
jhiz (1/17 04:39am): since there is not box for Scottish, Irish, German, Lenape American
jhiz (1/17 04:36am): or possibly just one that says Sapien
jhiz (1/17 04:34am): gotta love those little boxes, HCB. I want a flipping mutt box.
Behind Blue Eyes (1/17 03:37am): Just spoiled by daily updates of amazing stories Sigyn.
HCB (1/17 03:27am): *rant over*
HCB (1/17 03:26am): Can't people just be nice?
HCB (1/17 03:26am): Me: Actually, it is half Indian half Pakistani and 100% British, but when I called her to ask which box to tick on the form she said 'just tick Asian' so I thought that that is what I would do.
Serena: Oh. Well, I didn't know that. She shouldn't say Asian because blah blah blah.

HCB (1/17 03:25am): I also love that people who are involved have no say in it.
Me: *having to fill in a form* And Jasmine = Asian.
Serena: OMG that is so racist, you can't say that, don't you know anything? Asia is a huge continent you can't write Asian, it is Chinese or Japanese or ...

HCB (1/17 03:22am): as they use the 'correct' word - which usually wasn't decided by anyone it actually effected - then they are being PC. Whereas someone can make a good point, clearly be trying to be polite and have good manners, but use the formally PC word rather than the up-to-date one and all hell breaks loose.
HCB (1/17 03:21am): Good manners and PC are slightly different thought, IMHO. 1) Good manners are an understanding of social ettiquette and not wanting to make people feel bad, even if you don't like them. PC: is just being politically correct. Someone could be rude, insensitive, have neo-Nazi opinions etc but as long
HCB (1/17 03:20am): Oh my goodness! Did someone use the biologically correct term (wanker) for those people? I'm offended! Stop it at once or I'm going to tell!
Autumn2005 (1/17 03:18am): Looking for a fic, might be a wip, where ten years after nfa, Buffy makes a truce with wolfram & Hart and they give her back Spike, who had been in their custody all that time?
pfeifferpack (1/17 02:09am): Happy birthday Aurawn! Have a glorious day and a year with love, laughter and dreams coming true.
Sigyn (1/16 10:34pm): I did write a lot from September through Christmas....
Erics Valkyrie (1/16 08:55pm): Happy birthday Randy! And anyone I missed while real life distracted me.
yellowb (1/16 08:47pm): Sigyn, your muse was probably exhausted. She's sitting on a beach somewhere, and even thinking about a drink with an umbrella is too much effort.
yellowb (1/16 08:45pm): I know. All those daily doses got me hooked.
Sigyn (1/16 08:44pm): Huh? But... I'm still around. Just... not writing. Sort of. For a bit. The muse wandered off leaving me with two stories at 15,000 words, and no ability to continue them. I'm hoping to finish Attainathon this month, though. That way I won't leave any WiPs to torture people with.
Behind Blue Eyes (1/16 08:37pm): I'm having Sigyn withdrawals!

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Reader Recs 2016 on our LJ

The lovely Sunalso has started a thread on LJ where you can list and link to stories that captured your attention that were either written or updated in 2016.  

This is NOT an award or "best of" type of listing just a recommendation from reader to reader.  

It is suggested that you post your recommendations (as a comment to the original post) based on genre (examples would be All human, Dark fic, Fluffy fic, Hot fic and so on).  

The link to the original post is here:

Also on the EF LJ site:

NMCIL has suggested we start a thread there with links to other sites that are still active.  Lots of old archives and writers websites are disappearing and the wayback machine doesn't always get us to those "lost" treasures.  This would be a way to find older stories that might be lost to the ages otherwise.  Looking for WORKING inks for this one and anyone who wishes to...

--pfeifferpack on January 02, 2017 05:37pm 2 Comments
Welcome 2017!

Another year down, and no signs of slowing down in our corner of the universe! This year we celebrated our 10th anniversary in style with our Artistic Anniversary challenge, and we welcomed even more amazing stories, reviews, and general Spuffy goodness. Thank you to everyone who made 2016 an amazing year at Elysian Fields. Here's to an even better 2017cheers!

2016 by the numbers:
Total number of words added: 11,660,940
Total number of stories added: 578
Total number of chapters added: 3,265
Number of new members: 1,942
Number of reviews written: 47,055
Number of words written for reviews: 2,346,932

Ten most prolific authors of 2016:
1. slaymesoftly (2,574,523 words)
2. Sigyn (708,613 words)
3. Sunalso...

--Susan on January 01, 2017 06:59pm 12 Comments

This time of year I usually feature holiday stories in the Featured Stories box.  

Since we are currently featuring AO stories in honor of the hot days of summer in the southern hemisphere and I really don't want to cheat anyone of the chance to read some wonderful AO fic I found myself in a dilemma.  Fear not and hurrah, I have stumbled upon a solution!!!

As of midnight tonight site time one of the current features (the very worthy but really dark Saving Grace by DreamsofSpike) will be retired early.  This is NOT because it is not as worth your time and attention as the others but with the author no longer being active in our fandom I thought her less likely to feel slighted if I chose her story for this purpose.

In the available slot there will be DAILY features of holiday stories from the 16th through (and including) the 25th.


--pfeifferpack on December 15, 2016 08:13pm 5 Comments