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Rough and Tumble by Holly NC-17
It’s Halloween, and Buffy is tired of lying to herself, especially in...
Eight Days a Week by Avalon G
What did Buffy and Spike find to talk about during the seven nights before Halloween...
The Halloween Series by spike_spetslayer NC-17
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A Crack in Oblivion by DauntlessGrace NC-17
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Project Intern: Halloween Edition by FoolForSpuffy PG-13
My name is Andrew Wells and I am an intern at Wolfram and Hart Publications...
Repentance by EllieRose101 PG
Spike gets a chance to undo a lot of damage, and he might even save the world...
Trio Rise and Fall by Blue Eyes2 Adult Only
This continues from Love Triangle and takes place during Season 6.  There...
Enemy's Heartstrings by AGriffinWriter NC-17
Season 2 AU: There's a dangerous vampire in town, William the Bloody, and Buffy...
Random Story
Dreidel by Constance R
Pre Season 7. Dawn's missing and Buffy's all alone. Luckily Spike's...
Puppet (10/31 07:53pm): I personally don't feel like I read enough Buffy verse stories that don't focus on Spuffy, but usually the reason is because I don't want to read a background pairing of Bangel or Biley... in conclusion, I am all for it, and would actually love to be able to post some of my own here, if possible :)
magnus374 (10/31 07:40pm): SoaringClaws- If it's a part of a bigger verse, then it make sense to have it her. Just mention what it's part of.
EllieRose101 (10/31 06:50pm): @SoaringClaws, I guess if it was posted here and Spuffy wasn't the main focus I'd be a little disappointed. But that could easily be avoided by putting a simple warning/disclaimer in the description.
SoaringClaws (10/31 01:43pm): As a side note, I double checked the site rules and it follows them to put such fics here, so I was just wanting opinions.
SoaringClaws (10/31 01:42pm): I wanted to put a question to the community. Do you like having one-shots from a verse posted here, even if they aren't focusing directly on Spuffy (Spuffy is background and part of the central story) or do you prefer that they be posted somewhere else?
nmcil (10/31 11:49am): pfifferpack - Thanks Ever for your super kind comments - MUCH appreciated. Regarding Dia de Los Muertos - I can already see a story that features Spuffy and the Scoobs doing a time travel or a dimension travel that would involve Tara and Anya. It's a subject that has so much potential.
nmcil (10/31 11:42am): Glad things worked out well with the constructive critic - I know that anytime I get that "not as good as you can do" ultimately the finish product always improves.
SoaringClaws (10/31 11:07am): Commenting on the previous conversation: I would really love a banner for Only Ever In Dreams if anyone would be willing to make one for me. I'm working on finishing it (finally!). Hopefully I'll have the final part up next week.
EllieRose101 (10/31 08:50am): Some people simply won't be able to handle criticism, no matter how constructive it is. But, for the most part, if it's delivered correctly it should always be given. It's for their benefit after all.
Wonder and Ashes (10/31 07:21am): What's everyone else's opinion of constructive criticism?
Wonder and Ashes (10/31 07:20am): Thanks for the advise, guys. Turns out my friend was trying something new, and it just went wrong. She also told me not to hesitate next time when I want to give constructive criticism.
pfeifferpack (10/31 12:42am): Everyone should rush to take NMCIL up on her offer. Syl is a brilliant artist, truly.
pfeifferpack (10/31 12:42am): YES! Dia de los Muertos is a perfect example of what we need added to the collection and a natural for Spuffy IMHO. Also YAY FoolForSpuffy, look forward to it!
juggler (10/30 11:34pm): And Day of the Dead seems like a natural
juggler (10/30 11:33pm): We just passed National Chocolate Day October 28th (Seems like a holiday Buffy could get into)
nmcil (10/30 10:22pm): I love making banners - please keep me in mind if you want one - You can see my work at Buffytube.
nmcil (10/30 10:19pm): One theme that I would like to suggest would be a story based on the Dia de los Muertos celebration and observance. This celebration for those who have passed on from this world would be perfect for a Buffyverse story. It's a very interesting celebration of life/death cycle -
FoolForSpuffy (10/30 05:47pm): @pfeifferpack: I'm gonna post a Halloween one-shot tomorrow!
pfeifferpack (10/30 05:18pm): If the Calendar calls it a holiday or Hallmark makes a card for it...we could use the Spuffy fic for it LOL.
pfeifferpack (10/30 05:03pm): archive at the moment (Solstice for example). Give it a bit of thought (I am too if my muse would just get in gear again).
pfeifferpack (10/30 05:02pm): I'm going to change up the featured story rec's for the next few days with some Halloween based stories to enjoy the season in a Spuffy sort of way.
Say...writers (*ahem* excluding myself at the moment)..we could use some new holiday fic's. Even some for holidays we don't have too much of in the

SoaringClaws (10/30 12:46pm): That way, it's heavy on the compliment (you really like her other stuff) while also pointing out that this isn't working for you in the same way. Maybe if she rereads it and starts to rework it, she'll do a lot of self-editing that she didn't realize she needed.
SoaringClaws (10/30 12:45pm): @Wonder and Ashes: I agree with both Puppet and nmcil. I've been in a writing class and had to say, 'hold on, this is not your best work.' It could be that she was experimenting with style and just kind of flopped. You could just suggest that it needs more work to be up to par with her other pieces.
nmcil (10/30 10:23am): Happy Halloween to all - I'll be watching "All The Way" tonight. My Halloween Treats are the new Funko Buffy & Spike and Vamp Spike. I love them.
nmcil (10/30 10:18am): Regarding SMG and Bangel POV - it's not so much a lack of respect but a lot of disappointment that she so easily ignores all the darkness in that relationship. How can she ignore that she turned into a would be murderess over Angel and that he totally overwhelmed Buffy at this age?

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Okay, I know I just posted a news item, and I hate to post them too frequently. However, I felt these awesome new site awards, created by EffulgentEllie, deserved a post all their own. From now on, all our members of the month and members who make our yearly top 10 lists, will get a gorgeous award placed in a new section on their profile. Let's all take a moment to admire the awards that have already been added.


--Susan on August 04, 2014 11:13pm 13 Comments
EF's First Members of the Month and Other Items of Note...

We now have our first Members of the Month! Congratulations to stuffandnonsense and magnus374Bravo! 21 authors and 7 reviewers were nominated by a total of 36 members (not everyone nominated members for both categories), which is a really great start. The nomination process can only be successful with your help, so please continue to use this as an opportunity to let our authors/reviews know that you appreciate their contributions. Nominations for September members are now open!

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