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Ashes by kantayra G
Set after the S6 episode 'As You Were'. A tragedy brings Buffy and...
The Right Thing by DreamsofSpike R
AU, Post-Season Four, as it would be *remembered* by Buffy post-season five...
A Quiet Night In by GillO PG-13
S6, the evening after the Party That Would Not End. Once sisterly duties are...
Touching Fire by annapurna_2 NC-17
Spuffy Ficathon Challenge. Season 6: Spike in a tux, a cramped utility closet...
Bones and dirt by Blackoberst NC-17
She's back... She's bad... But he's badder and on his way to her.
Echoes of Beljoxa by myrabeth R
Heeding the words of the Eye of Beljoxa, Buffy decides to end her war with the...
A Ghost, Is It? by itsnadya PG-13
Adjusting to her new life in London, Dawn cannot help but long for a sense of...
I Know Him by mak324 NC-17
He’s eyeing me, an almost predatory gleam in his eyes. He’s waiting...
A Thousand Nights by SavviPanther NC-17
A night out studying and dancing with friends becomes something else entirely...
Trials, Tribulations & Triplets by Blue Eyes2 Adult Only
This continues after Trio Rise & Fall. Starting the next Season 7.  Spike's...
Random Story
Twinnings by Xela Adult Only
Ochit Duzon asked for something similar to Twinlets, only different.
Laurence Quill (5/23 07:08pm): Shout out to Prior Claims by Dorians Kitten! Awesome read!
stuffandnonsense (5/23 01:05pm): I've been nominated since I've won - I always assumed it was intentional....
Wonder and Ashes (5/23 10:03am): @Susan Could there maybe be a better way to tell people whether or not an author has been nominated?
Wonder and Ashes (5/23 10:02am): Someone nominated me for Author of the Month. As flattered as I am, I've already won and therefore can't be nominated again.
NonMeaCulpa (5/23 09:52am): @sweetheartgoldielocks, might be 'Flood of Emotion' by ya_lublyu_tebya ???
Legen (5/23 01:56am): @erics I think we will when you say, this is the day and time and place
Erics Valkyrie (5/23 12:42am): SoaringClaws and Legen and anyone else able to be in Phoenix next weekend. Do we have a day to meet yet?
Sheitan (5/22 04:30pm): Yeeess, that the one, SoaringClaws! Thank you so much.
SoaringClaws (5/22 02:31pm): @Sheitan: I know that Spike has an ankle tattoo in sabershadowkat's bath series. It's a few silly shorts where Spike is ridiculously drunk and breaks into Buffy's house to take a bath.
knightowl (5/22 06:16am): what happened to the spell checker in the challenges page?
alive_or_dead (5/22 02:47am): @sweetheartgoldielocks Dunno if it's the one you're looking for, but Castaway by ripewickedplum has them hiding from a hurricane in a cave a few times. It's permanent WIP tho
valerie21601 (5/22 01:53am): :)
valerie21601 (5/22 01:53am): Please! Will someone do a Steampunk Spuffy story ;(
Laurence Quill (5/22 12:48am): -whines and paws at solstice's pant leg while looking up with puppy dog eyes begging for an update on "A Home at the End of the World"-
knightowl (5/21 08:40pm): Lol thanks wonder glad u like it
knightowl (5/21 08:40pm): Lol thanks wonder glad u like it
Wonder and Ashes (5/21 06:41pm): Just discovered this challenge:
If someone responds to this I'll be eternally happy. :D

sweetheartgoldielocks (5/21 06:15pm): i'm looking for a fic i read YEARS ago, 7 (long) chapters i think and it was steamy, i remember they were hiding from a storm or tornado at one point...ring a bell? thanx
Sheitan (5/21 05:02pm): NMC - thanx! I remember one more where Buffy finds out that Spike has a tattoo on his ankle - well, back to the drawing board :) And yes, hawt fic!
NonMeaCulpa (5/21 03:26pm): @Sheitan, the one you're looking for is 'Getaway' by cousinjean (GREAT fic). Alas, I don't know of any others that fit the brief
Sheitan (5/21 01:56pm): Hey, I'm looking for fics in which Buffy and/or Spike has a tattoo. I remember one with a road trip. Any suggestions?
zara2148 (5/21 12:43pm): Thanks to whoever nominated me for author of the month! You're all the best!
nmcil (5/21 02:48am): Reminder - May 20, 2003 was the night Buffy ended on TV with Buffy & Spike joined as Heroes saving the world. May 20 is also the release date for BS10 Issue 15 - Buffy and Spike joined again with their second chance at Love.
feliciacraft (5/20 10:14pm): @RedSatinDoll: Good to see you here. Welcome!
Wonder and Ashes (5/20 04:53pm): Just a heads up, I might not be able to update over the next few days. I'm having trouble with my laptop currently and I don't know if it's an easy fix or not. So if I suddenly disappear that's why.

Unauthorized Fanfic Downloads

As feliciacraft kindly pointed out in the shoutbox, has been downloading fics from AO3 (and perhaps other sites) and posting them for download as ebooks, without the consent of the writers.

How you can tell if they have your fic:

Go to and in the top search bar, enter any username that you use to publish your fic. If it says "Searching "username" books (0)", then they don't have anything of yours, but if links show up with your fic titles, they do.

Do not bother trying to download any stories they have because you need to register to do so. During the registration process, they claim that they need your credit card information which is incredibly shady. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION!

What to do if they have your fic:


--Susan on April 14, 2015 10:26am 1 Comments
Beta Search

A few months ago missambermarie asked me about the possibility of adding a way to filter the beta reader listings so that you're only looking at betas who meet your needs instead of having to scan through every member with a beta profile. Well, it took me a while to get around to it, but I just added a new beta search feature. You can access it on the main betas page at the top where it says 'Narrow down the list with a Beta Search.' Once on the search page, you can filter the list with the areas where you'd like help, the ideal average turnaround time for a chapter and your story rating. The final item in the beta search is the ability to only include betas who have been active in the last month. The thought behind this option is that a beta may be more responsive to a request if they have been on the site recently. Feel free to play around with the options and let me know if you notice anything...

--Susan on March 09, 2015 10:04pm 0 Comments
Happy 2015!

First off, congratulations to our first members of the month for 2015, tempestt and juggler!

Looking back on 2014, we had an incredibly active year. We added the members of the month nominations, and the process has been quite a success due to all of you who have voted. Make sure to keep it up in the new year to continue showing our authors and reviewers that they are appreciated! During the year, we had more new stories, reviews and members added than we did back in 2013. Not too shabby for a fandom that occasionally gets accused of "dying". It looks to me like we're still going strong. On behalf of all the mods, thank you to all our members who made 2014 such a great year in our little Spuffy haven. We can't wait to see what you all come up with in 2015!

2014 by the numbers:
Total number of words added: 4,922,186
Total number of stories added: 239
Total number...

--Susan on January 01, 2015 02:31pm 0 Comments