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The Heartstone by bogwitch R
Summary: ‘She’d been a passenger in Spike’s mind way too long...
She's Out of Her Mind by BeneficialAddiction PG-13
When Willow resurrects Buffy, she doesn't come back numb, she comes back nuts!...
By Any Other Name by evlane NC-17
When Buffy jumps off of Glory’s tower, another slayer on the other side...
The Littlest Summers by Wonder and Ashes PG-13
The monks saw Glory coming a mile off – so sent Dawn to Buffy when she...
Meant To Be by Slayerfan PG-13
What happens when the man you're married to comes face to face with the father...
Date Material by BeneficialAddiction PG
Spike loves a challenge. Buffy never backs down. Now a carelessly thrown insult...
Trio Rise and Fall by Blue Eyes2 Adult Only
This continues from Love Triangle and takes place during Season 6.  There...
A Crack in Oblivion by DauntlessGrace NC-17
Set after the events of the season 5 AtS series finale "Not Fade Away." Buffy...
Chosen for More by AGriffinWriter PG-13
How 'Chosen' Should Have Ended. As the Hellmouth crumbles, Buffy chooses to...
Random Story
Making Waves by angelic_amy NC-17
After her parents messy divorce, Buffy and her mother moved out of LA and into...
Braxen (9/1 11:49am): Congrats BeneficialAddiction and ginar369!
AGriffinWriter (9/1 11:09am): Huzzah! Congrats to BeneficialAddiction and ginar369!
sweetprincipale (9/1 08:22am): Congratulations Beneficial and Ginar369! You two are awesome!
the_bronze (9/1 06:44am): Congrats BeneficialAddiction! And Ginar369, you definitely deserved reviewer of the month! Thank you for all your support! :)
stuffandnonsense (9/1 04:43am): Yay for BeneficialAddiction and ginar369!
stuffandnonsense (9/1 04:43am): Yay for BeneficialAddiction and ginar369!
A_Spiked_Slayer (8/31 06:54pm): Ha
Puddinhead (8/31 01:32pm): Knight - it's ok. I understood what you meant :)
knightowl (8/30 05:17pm): That's ok I can't spell very well which is why I don't beta. :)
All4Spike (8/30 10:19am): Sorry, knightowl The added parts in pointy brackets to make the below comment into a jokey 'Beta' thingy vanished. I'm still trying to get rid of the mental image of Dawn doing questionable things with curtains. And I forgot to proof read my own post before clicking 'shout' so for migtt read might.
All4Spike (8/30 10:15am): knightowl, I think you mean 'certain' urges. oh, and Giles migtt 'break' his glasses, but I doubt if they'd be traveling fast enough to need to brake.
knightowl (8/30 12:51am): Giles speaking " Now Dawn ..... um when a young .... ah .... lady get to a curtain age ...... she gets curtain .... oh dear..... urges."
missambermarie (8/29 10:54pm): Just reading through these messages and...LOL!! I love it! :)
maryperk (8/28 11:50pm): Or post Archive of our Own, although, I was on a waiting list for a few months before I could post
knightowl (8/28 09:05pm): lol then Dawn explaining that Joyce already gave her that talk. Giles would probably brake his glasses. :)
AGriffinWriter (8/28 06:12pm): knightowl, just had a hilarious mental image of Giles trying to give 'The Birds and the Bees' talk to Dawn while Spike laughs in the background ;)
knightowl (8/28 01:08pm): can you see sex ed as part of slayer training?
jhiz (8/28 09:44am): oh yeah with the definitely Blade Redwind... poor slayer. I somehow doubt she was unique in this though.
Blade Redwind (8/27 08:51pm): just dawns on me that based on Kendra's reactions to Xander in season 2 she PROBABLY died a virgin. Poooooooor girl.
EffulgentEllie (8/26 11:36pm): I just wanted to drop in and say that I'm glad everyone seems to be enjoying the awards and to thank whomever nominated A Different Kind of Chosen for the Sunny D Awards. Thank you so much! Hopefully life will start falling back into place and I can get deeper into writing again. :)
EllieRose101 (8/26 04:19am): That's okay. It's funny, actually. There can be days where no one says anything at all here, and then sometimes everyone posts messages at once. It can be easy to miss something.
the_bronze (8/26 03:51am): Sorry. I must've missed when scrolling. EllieRose101
EllieRose101 (8/25 10:01pm): @the_bronze Susan's already answered this, if you scroll down. (I put mine as my profile pic)
the_bronze (8/25 08:41pm): One of the SunnyD nominee buttons
the_bronze (8/25 08:40pm): Does anyone know how to insert one of the buttons? Do you use the banner link box?


Okay, I know I just posted a news item, and I hate to post them too frequently. However, I felt these awesome new site awards, created by EffulgentEllie, deserved a post all their own. From now on, all our members of the month and members who make our yearly top 10 lists, will get a gorgeous award placed in a new section on their profile. Let's all take a moment to admire the awards that have already been added.


--Susan on August 04, 2014 11:13pm 13 Comments
EF's First Members of the Month and Other Items of Note...

We now have our first Members of the Month! Congratulations to stuffandnonsense and magnus374Bravo! 21 authors and 7 reviewers were nominated by a total of 36 members (not everyone nominated members for both categories), which is a really great start. The nomination process can only be successful with your help, so please continue to use this as an opportunity to let our authors/reviews know that you appreciate their contributions. Nominations for September members are now open!

Previously, when viewing a story on EF, you could read online one chapter at a time or download chapters/entire stories as Word, HTML or ePub files. However, you now have the option to read an entire story in one page while online. If a story has more than one chapter, on that story's table of contents, you'll now see a link to "View...

--Susan on August 01, 2014 01:15pm 5 Comments
Members of the Month

We have so many wonderful authors and reviewers here at Elysian Fields, and now you have the chance to help us recognize some of the members who make EF such a great site. Every month we will have two members of the month, one author and one reviewer. So, how are the members of the month chosen? That's where you come in! Starting on the 1st of every month, nominations will open and you can head over to the nominations page to fill in your choices. Not sure who you want to nominate? You have until midnight on the 20th 25th to get your nominations in. Also, if you change your mind, you can change your vote since the nominations aren't counted until after the 20th 25th (your nomination only counts once no matter how many times you change your vote or hit the submit button).

Since nominations are open for most of the month, we're choosing for the following month (for example, right now nominations are for the August...

--Susan on July 01, 2014 10:10am 3 Comments