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Beyond Truth and Lies by Megan G
Post Chosen. When time refuses to heal her broken heart, a desperate Buffy asks...
Lost Child by zabjade R
While back in Sunnydale for a brief visit with her parents, Willow tries to...
The Collection by -Carrie-Ann- NC-17
Buffy finds a collection of paintings in her mother’s gallery while unpacking...
Counterclockwise by SlayrGrl R
What if the secret weapon that Buffy discovered in Touched wasn’t...
In Retrograde by Wroth_and_ruin PG-13
When 16-year-old Buffy wakes up one morning to find herself inexplicably in...
Grave by justsue R
He didn’t know how right he was when he said she came back wrong… Something...
Save the Last Dance for Me by Passion4Spike Adult Only
Set in season 6, this story begins soon after Older and Far Away. Warren...
A Mother's Sacrifice by tempestt R
Joyce wants to change the fate of her daughters, and she's just desperate enough...
The Day the World Turned Day-Glo by stuffandnonsense PG-13
It’s almost a year and a half since Sunnydale fell into a crater. Now...
Safe by Dusty NC-17
S11 - A story set in the "Safe" Zone internment camp from the comics. Begins...
Random Story
When the Day Breaks by Addie Logan NC-17
Buffy and Spike are expecting their first child and planning their wedding...
slaymesoftly (8/16 05:21pm): re a nomination is accepted (which means someone has to vet those too) so that there is a minimal level of quality in all the entries. As a judge, I always appreciated that, but I only remember one site where they actually turned down fics that weren't very good. TMI - right? lol
slaymesoftly (8/16 05:19pm): bothered me about them (and perhaps drove me to accept so many judging assignments) were the ones that seem to be rewarding popularity (in the sense of having lots of friends voting for a fic) rather than quality. Obviously, what's "best" is a subjective thing, but there can be criteria to meet befo
slaymesoftly (8/16 05:17pm): What will be our rules? How many catagories/stories/nominations can we handle? Who will judge? On what criteria? How do we determine the winners? Who will make the awards themselves? Where will it be hosted? And so on. And maintaining quality and getting good results isn't easy either. I think what
slaymesoftly (8/16 05:12pm): LOL I did do a lot of judging at one time, and I can assure you it is a tremendous amount of work for those who are running it. There did used to be a lot of them, but I suspect the amount of work involved wore people out fairly quickly. Things that had to be considered: what are the catagories?
sandy_s (8/16 03:51pm): I have only judged for an award site a few times but I know some people here did a lot more work with them and will probably have other thoughts and theories. Maybe slaymesoftly will. (PS Thanks, slaymesoftly!)
sandy_s (8/16 03:50pm): I think it's complicated why all the award sites died down. There used to be lots of them! And we'd nominate each other... One factor I know plays a role is the amount of work it takes to run one. Even if you have people helping to judge, it can be a ton of work. Fandom is less active now, too.
flow (8/16 02:42pm): I have a question. Sometimes I see award banners for stories that are archived here but when I follow the links the award sites are usually not active anymore. Does anyone know about award sites that are still active? Why did they all die down?
Joyce (8/16 08:49am): Happy Birthdays to wert700 and Flourxzelda also!
pfeifferpack (8/16 04:27am): partyHappy birthday to Joyce, wert700& Flourxzelda! May you all have a perfectly wonderful day filled with all good things. May the year hold nothing but win after win and joy followed by joy.
slaymesoftly (8/15 09:56pm): Congrats, sandy! You'll be fine.
sandy_s (8/15 08:51pm): hug hug Thanks, Carrie Ann... heart
-Carrie-Ann- (8/15 05:07pm): sandy_s, you'll be amazing, don't worry. It's nerve wracking while you wait for the day of recording, but once you get chatting it just flies by hug
sandy_s (8/15 04:58pm): Awww...thank you all! I'm super excited and super nervous, too. hug In equal measure. Haha... And Badwolfjedi, hope you enjoy it! heart
Badwolfjedi (8/15 02:43pm): Well that was quick wink
Badwolfjedi (8/15 01:08pm): Thanks Carrie!! kiss
-Carrie-Ann- (8/15 01:00pm): I've just submitted my question for sandy_s big grin
-Carrie-Ann- (8/15 12:59pm): Badwolfjedi, I'm so glad to see your beta profile up there, you have been so supportive and your beta skills are excellent! Good luck with your new endeavour! squee
Badwolfjedi (8/15 12:45pm): Hi All, just letting anyone who might be looking for a Beta, I have added to my profile. I want to support all you lovely writers however I can! heart
Badwolfjedi (8/15 12:44pm): That's so cool Sandy!! I need to read quickly (as has been on my list forever), so I can send you some questions smile
Hope all goes smoothly Saggit!! Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

OffYourBird (8/15 11:44am): Congratulations on the feature, Sandy!! Eeee!
-Carrie-Ann- (8/15 11:13am): I'm so excited! Please submit your questions about A Small Boat on the Ocean for sandy_s' Sunnydale Fanfic Club podcast on 27th August: big grin

OffYourBird (8/15 11:09am): Wishing you a speedy recovery, Saggit! heart
Dusty (8/15 10:44am): Good luck, @Saggit! I got real good at typing with one hand when I was nursing my baby round the clock, haha, I hope the same holds true for you!
slaymesoftly (8/15 07:36am): Good luck, Saggit. Wishing you a quick recovery. Rotator cuff stuff is the bane of my existence (ok, at my age, it's one of the banes.....) but not willing to go through the surgery. Good for you.
pfeifferpack (8/15 01:17am): hug to @Chrissel too.

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Flames vs. constructive criticism

a helpful guide (we hope) to navigating the waters.

Constructive criticism is welcome by most writers but wording can make a difference. Expression of strong opinion and even passion about the characters and stories are also welcome but our terms of service clearly state that flaming is not permitted. 

This can lead to questions about just what constitutes constructive criticism.  This is a good rule of thumb about staying in bounds when giving feedback to authors here. 

Description of Constructive criticism: containing helpful and specific suggestions for positive change, constructive criticism is highly focused on a particular issue or set of issues, as opposed to providing general feedback on the item or organization as a whole.

The difference between constructive criticism and destructive criticism is the way in which comments are delivered. Although...

--pfeifferpack on August 13, 2018 10:46pm 7 Comments
Seasonal Spuffy

We love to celebrate everyone out there working to keep Spuffy alive and well, so we're happy to promote the Seasonal Spuffy stories that we have housed here on Elysian Fields. We've got a brand new Seasonal Spuffy category that authors can choose when they're loading a story here that was written for Seasonal Spuffy. If you already have a story here that was written for a round of Seasonal Spuffy, you can edit it and add the Seasonal Spuffy category. That way, when readers want to admire all the works created for Seasonal Spuffy, they can head to the category and sort and filter just like with all the other categories.

There's a free-for-all day coming up on June 21, so if you're interested in contributing to Seasonal Spuffy, check out the rules

--Mods on June 16, 2018 10:54pm 7 Comments
Another important TOS/Policy update

TOS/Policy update and explanations/definitions:

Social networking is always evolving and we at Elysian Fields try to keep up with those evolving issues to the best of our ability. This often leads to new or revised policies and Terms Of Service as with the Patron site links a few months ago.

It is our objective to have Elysian Fields be a place where all of us who love these characters can share and enjoy fanworks that continue to tell stories that center on the Spuffy connection. We aim to have it be a place where we can be a community of fans where interaction is encouraging and polite, where members can feel they are in a safe place to enjoy and share.

This does require a certain amount of, for lack of a better word, policing (insofar as volunteers are able to do so). And so for that reason, there are going to be a few...

--Mods on May 22, 2018 08:36pm 25 Comments