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The Plan by sabershadowkat PG-13
Spike has a plan...that doesn't work. Post Pangs (Rated PG-13)
Victims of Fate by ya_lublyu_tebya R
Goes AU during 'Becoming'. The soul restoration spell has more consequences...
Something Redux by dreamweaver NC-17
A year after Spike’s death in the Hellmouth, Buffy is flung back in time.Winner...
Rewind. Shuffle. Replay. by cloud_forest PG
Buffy Summers was hoping that when she moved to Sunnydale, she could forget...
We Band Of Buggered by TieDyeJackson R
In response to one of Tempestt's Challenges --- A late night conversation on...
Beautiful Enemies by the_bronze R
The Scoobies are defenceless as a group of demons stop at nothing to hunt down...
Chosen for More by AGriffinWriter PG-13
How 'Chosen' Should Have Ended. As the Hellmouth crumbles, Buffy chooses to...
Great Balls of Fire by Niamh NC-17
Post OMWF; What would happen if Sweet changed his mind and took Xander back...
Beer Very Bad by acekoomboom NC-17
At the end of Season Four's "Beer Bad," Buffy senses a well-remembered vampire...
A Crack in Oblivion by DauntlessGrace NC-17
Set after the events of the season 5 AtS series finale "Not Fade Away." Buffy...
Random Story
In Omne Tempus by Holly NC-17
For a hundred years, William the Bloody has led a trail of bloodshed and chaos...
SoaringClaws (10/24 11:28am): Thanks Susan! Reality is a bummer. I'll send you all my good thoughts.
Susan (10/24 10:30am): me, send me a PM or an email since I may not see it in the shoutbox. On another note, voting for November's Members of the Month closes tomorrow, so get your votes in!
Susan (10/24 10:29am): SC, that's a great suggestion, and I'll work on it in the future. I have some stuff going on right now, and I don't have the time nor mind-set to put a lot of energy into coding at the moment. That said, I may not be around much, so if anyone has a question, or a suggestion that is specifically for
jhiz (10/24 01:35am): send you an encouraging note about writing and include a beg for cash... repeat often
jhiz (10/24 01:34am): I found NaNoWriMo annoying. All the site/organization seemed to do was beg me for money
the_bronze (10/24 01:32am): AGriffinWriter
If you can submit your previously published stories, yes. I won't have time to write a whole new one :';)

AGriffinWriter (10/23 11:57pm): So... who else is doing NaNoWriMo? :D
pfeifferpack (10/23 04:14pm): I try to mix it up on the features. Glad you like the mix.
Dactylgirl (10/23 03:26pm): Thanks @zanthingirl and @pfeifferpack, but I was kinda thinking of something more in the line of an AH regency AU :) or maybe not AH, 'cause come on, regency!Slayer would be too awesome.
SoaringClaws (10/23 02:11pm): I have a site request that may or may not be possible.. Is it possible to add a filter for read and not read? I frequently browse categories and there are pages and pages of fics I have marked as read that I don't want to have to search through again. <3
juggler (10/23 12:08am): In the featured stories.
juggler (10/23 12:08am): It's good to have a mix of current WIP and older fics, as well as different ratings. I like that. Thanks.
TieDyeJackson (10/22 07:33pm): Yay, I'm one of the featured stories. Thanks to all who have been reading and who have unchained my muse is a very big way :).
Tara (10/22 07:29am): You are welcome Juggler.
juggler (10/21 08:43pm): Tara thanks for the heads up, I started that one and wasn't sure about continuing.
Tara (10/21 08:35pm): Dactylgirl: I have not read 20 Months, but have RWP's P&P. Just a heads up: P&P is a tough read and does not end the same as Jane Austin's, so if you are looking for a HEA, this would not be the fic for you.
pfeifferpack (10/21 08:13pm): Dactylgirl there is a Pride and Prejudice story here by Rip Wicked Plum 011354DMK92%
zanthinegirl (10/21 02:21am): Dactylgirl : I can think of at least two P&P spuffy stories. 1) Twenty Months, by Dee and 2) Pride & Prejudice, by Ripe Wicked Plumb
the_bronze (10/21 01:32am): BehindBlueEyes
Oh. I only read up to the link. My bad :';)

SoaringClaws (10/20 11:49pm): @Dactylgirl: I would totally read that fic if you started posting it!
Behind Blue Eyes (10/20 01:52pm): the bronze: I agree completely. That's why I said I hope he "... gets the help he so desperately needs." (In case you didn't read my whole post)
juggler (10/20 01:14pm): I was able to vote at the SunnyDale M A site. Hope everyone else gets a chance to also. Best of luck to Nick it can take a lot of effort and self reflection to get to a better place. That said maybe it's all a misunderstanding and all is well.
the_bronze (10/20 12:43pm): BehindBlueEyes
Addiction is a hard thing to overcome and the last thing he needs is hate from people (which he is currently getting on social media) He needs help and support desperately and love from his fans

Dactylgirl (10/20 09:40am): @EllieRose101 It's tempting and yet daunting. If I wanna start writing Spuffy fic, I think it would probably be with something a little less huge. But then again, some ideas just won't let you go . .
Behind Blue Eyes (10/20 09:34am): Art mirrors life...Xander acting badly, again. Hopefully Nick gets the help he so desperately needs.

Banners and Review Wordcounts

Many new stories are featuring banners, and they are wonderful. We love banners, and are in awe of the work and creativity it takes to make them. That said, we know they can make it difficult to inconspicuously sneak a peek at the most recent list while at work sometimes you just want things simple and clean. So, you now have the option to hide banners from the browse pages and story index. Banners are always shown by default. To change your settings, go to your preferences, uncheck the box for 'Display banners on browse pages and story index' and click submit. If you uncheck the box, the banners will be hidden, and in their place you'll see a message that says '** Click here to see this story's banner**'. If you want to view the banner, you can hover over that message to see a thumbnail of the image, or you can click the message to view the image full size. Remember that it sometimes takes a little push for your phone/computer...

--Susan on September 12, 2014 11:02am 2 Comments

Okay, I know I just posted a news item, and I hate to post them too frequently. However, I felt these awesome new site awards, created by EffulgentEllie, deserved a post all their own. From now on, all our members of the month and members who make our yearly top 10 lists, will get a gorgeous award placed in a new section on their profile. Let's all take a moment to admire the awards that have already been added.


--Susan on August 04, 2014 11:13pm 13 Comments
EF's First Members of the Month and Other Items of Note...

We now have our first Members of the Month! Congratulations to stuffandnonsense and magnus374Bravo! 21 authors and 7 reviewers were nominated by a total of 36 members (not everyone nominated members for both categories), which is a really great start. The nomination process can only be successful with your help, so please continue to use this as an opportunity to let our authors/reviews know that you appreciate their contributions. Nominations for September members are now open!

Previously, when viewing a story on EF, you could read online one chapter at a time or download chapters/entire stories as Word, HTML or ePub files. However, you now have the option to read an entire story in one page while online. If a story has more than one chapter, on that story's table of contents, you'll now see a link to "View...

--Susan on August 01, 2014 01:15pm 5 Comments