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Too Little, Too Late by Xionin R
A BtVS post season 7 ficlet. *Warning* NOT Buffy-friendly. Buffy spills her...
Her Way by dreamweaver NC-17
After Spike burns up in the Hellmouth, Buffy demands that the Oracles...
Things That Go Bump in the Night by slaymesoftly NC-17
banner by teragramm – for Writer Con UK 2008 Summary: Set several years...
Dancing by flootzavut G
Spike could never've imagined they'd get to this point. Tag to the Buffy and...
It's Wrong! by MixSaysRawr R
Buffy and Spike have been spending a lot of time together since the defeat of...
The Safe House by DauntlessGrace R
A response to a challenge by Mia Vaan. Buffy is discovered by the Council at...
The Disney Version by sosa lola G
The show's story retold through Disney songs.  Silly amount of fun told...
Darkest Dawn by Sigyn NC-17
On Halloween night, Dawn Summers went missing. Two days later she turns up dead...
Saturday's Child by zabjade R
Buffy works hard and plays hard and has been building a real life for herself...
Perchance to Dream by Sunnydalesis PG-13
A series of dreams take Buffy into the world of fairy tales. While there's no...
Random Story
Songs From The Cellar by pfeifferpack G
Spike has more than a bit of time on his hands there in Buffy’s basement...
Slowburn (8/24 03:09pm): Besides enjoying audiobooks, I have vision trouble, and prefer to listen to books/fanfic and not exacerbate the issue
slaymesoftly (8/24 03:01pm): I'm sure there must be a lot of them by now. Not my thing, either, so I never looked into after that one contact, but she already had quite a few done, so....
relurker (8/24 02:34pm): @Slowburn: there's tons of S/B podfics out there. Not my thing though, so I cannot give you a link, but I'm positive there were some in the Seasonal Spuffy archive.
pfeifferpack (8/24 02:25pm): On age differences...yes respect & allowing to be equal partners is key. My daddy was 12 year my mom's senior but they were complete equals. Married till death. It also is important that the younger person is actually an adult when they join IMHO. Power balance can't exist with child and adult.
Slowburn (8/24 01:48pm): To clarify 1 spuffy podfic
Slowburn (8/24 01:37pm): My search on AO3 turned up 1 spuffy fic, I despise the filter system there, so maybe I'm wrong but
Torrilin (8/24 01:19pm): Since podfic can result in pretty big files sizes, I'm not sure if it should go in EF? But the AO3 search lets the mods research the question and decide.
Torrilin (8/24 01:15pm): A search on podfic in the Buffy fandom turns up around 200
Torrilin (8/24 01:14pm): I know AO3 hosts podfic, and there's at least some Buffy podfic there already
Kellydofc (8/24 12:40pm): I LOVE that idea Slowburn! It would be so great to listen to my favorite fics while commuting or doing data entry at work.
yellowb (8/24 11:16am): There's my hours-late 2 cents!
yellowb (8/24 11:14am): Angel thinks he respects Buffy. Maybe it's as close as he can get to respecting someone. He's kinda trapped being Angel.
yellowb (8/24 11:11am): Spikes a lot older but he's got oodles of respect for Buffy, even when he wants to kill her.
yellowb (8/24 11:10am): I'm late to the Bangel age discussion, but: I think age discrepancies in relationships bother people mostly because they tend to be reflected in other, more meaningful descrepancies of power and respect.
Joyce (8/24 09:33am): Seconding Slowburn's suggestion!
slaymesoftly (8/24 08:36am): Somewhere there is someone who has made podcasts of selected fanfics. Don't remember who it was or where I saw it. She/he contacted me as asked if they could do one of my stories and gave me a link so I could see what it was like. Was a long time ago though.
Slowburn (8/24 08:08am): I'm sure more than one member on here has an amazing speaking voice who could bring these stories to life smile
Slowburn (8/24 08:06am): I think it would be amazing to have these amazing stories on here to listen to.
Slowburn (8/24 08:03am): I have a stupid idea: What if we took our favorite fanfics from this site and with the authors permission turned them into audiobooks
ladypeyton (8/24 06:56am): *biased
ladypeyton (8/24 06:54am): And while it may seem like I'm being buased by giving SPike a pass, I also give Darla a pass because her only motivation in season 1 was making The Master happy.
ladypeyton (8/24 06:52am): But most vampires that we've seen on the show have smaller ambitions. Comfort, persoanl happiness, and plenty of food without the hassle of having the general public be aware that they existed.
ladypeyton (8/24 06:50am): ANd by that strict definition of ending he world then all Angelus wanted to do was pull our dimension into a hell dimension, not end it. And yet all 3 actions (and I don't include SPike whose only motivation was make Dru happy) would have ended the world as we know it.
ladypeyton (8/24 06:48am): BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
Sigyn (8/24 04:42am): No, he needs to be in charge for a hundred years before he can ascend to greater demonhood.

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New warning labels

Writers note that there are two new warning selections for your stories available if needed.  They are for suicide and attempted suicide.  

We will not be going through the thousands of existing stories and adding this warning because  none of us have the time to cull through.  If you have written a story where the warning would have been appropriate and you wish to edit your story to add the warning please feel free.  Otherwise please note that these warning labels are available for future stories from now forward.

If you are a reader please realize that the warnings were not available until now, August 19, 2016 and read at your own risk.

Thank you for the suggestion.


--pfeifferpack on August 19, 2016 07:19pm 3 Comments
Banner claims - Round 2

Hi everyone. Just a short note to let you all know that all banners claims up until this point have been confirmed. Authors, you should've received an email, and I've updated THE LIST, so all of the pretties are linked to the writer's who've signed up for them. 

Now, for anyone who is super eager, and wants to take a crack at a second banner, (oh how do I want to, because they're so pretty... but I'm not sure if I should), then the process is the exact same as for Round 1. Second banner claims open Friday the 12th of August, SITE TIME. Email me with your preferences, in order, and I'll get back to you ASAP.

Final reminder... Now that you have your confirmations, you may begin writing (YAY!), but please don't post anything until October the 1st. Thanks! 

Happy writing!

--Amy on August 11, 2016 05:41am 3 Comments
Banner claim nearly open...

Hi everyone. It's nearly at that time for banner claiming - less than five hours and counting. Yay! \o/ 

First of all, important dates to remember: 
Banner creation: 17th of July - 6th of August 
Banner claiming: 7th - 13th of August
Banner confirmations: 14th – 15th of August
Writing time (but no posting of fics): 16th August - 30th September
Posting of fics to begin: from the 1st of October (and of course authors can continue to write/post throughout the month and beyond)

Now that we've got that out of the way... if you are someone who has been ogling admiring the pretties over the last few weeks (and there was just another massive upload of another 18 banners/challenges, so make sure you 

--Amy on August 06, 2016 07:14pm 7 Comments
Banner update: Artistic Anniversary Challenge

Hi everyone!

Well, the entries are coming in hard and fast, and at present we have a count of 57 banners uploaded. That blows my mind, and I am so impressed and excited by the level of interest the challenge has created. We still have another week (until the 6th of August) for banner submissions, if anyone is still wanting to contribute. Thanks again to everyone who has contributed so far.

Side note, from an admin perspective, please ensure you send me all of the relevant information for your banner submissions. The most important thing (apart from the art itself) is your member ID/penname. Banners are not being loaded anonymously, and if I don't have that information I can't put your gorgeous work up! 

Now, with the massive amount of entries so far, there is bound to be some errors with the uploading. A couple of artists have contacted me already because their specifications were a little screwy--something with the copy/pasting process not translating correctly. So, if you made a banner, and you...

--Amy on July 29, 2016 10:50pm 0 Comments
Featured Stories

Ordinarily I don't feature Adult Only stories not because they aren't worthy (believe me there are lots of fabulous stories with that rating!).  I try to make the features accessible to the widest audience including those in the age groups that cannot read AO stories.

However I really want to give nods to some of the best of them out of fairness.  So I figured what better time than the hot days of summer than to feature AO stories?  It's summer in the northern hemisphere so the features this time will all be AO stories.  We'll do it again when it's summer in the southern hemisphere.



--pfeifferpack on July 25, 2016 03:59pm 5 Comments