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More Than a Dream by Addie Logan NC-17
Trapped in Hell, Spike is given the chance to finally have what he’s dreamed...
Missing Dates by Stealthofdays R
148 days. Spike is given another chance to save Buffy.
Melting Fire by Freecat R
Set right after Dead Things. The night after, all he wants is talk. The night...
Fade into you by Tzigane PG
A drabble for Spike to say goodbye to Buffy. Takes place post Season 5.
Memories by Autumn2005 R
Angelus loses his soul in the early 1990's. It changes everything, and Spike...
Send to All by Cazmo NC-17
This is gonna be fun! Xander's mind has been taken over by Arabella, a witch...
Cursed by Sunalso R
Every night Buffy finds herself waking up as Drusilla . . .
Nothing More and Nothing Less. by Loup Noir PG
Set shortly after Chosen. Buffy, her love for him finally realised, has...
A New Life by Freecat PG-13
They don't know anything about their old lifes. He's a noble vampire. She's...
Seven Minutes by -Ash- PG
What do Spike and Buffy do while the potentials are fighting the vampire in...
Random Story
Prison Cells by SpikesGoddess Adult Only
Buffy Summers, FBI agent finally gets a chance to interrogate the man she's...
Freecat (6/30 05:58pm): Just posted a one-shot, my entry to Seasonal Spuffy. Yay, not only one story on my account anymore smile
Freecat (6/30 05:49pm): @Cryptwarmer - thank you for the warm welcome!
@nmcil - I'm so happy that you like Melting Fire! Also, I'm looking forward to see your icons!

sweetprincipale (6/30 03:55pm): Thanks, friends. Feeling the love, relurker

pfeifferpack (6/30 01:52pm): Actually @sweetprincipale we not only noticed but asked more than once here if anyone knew (we worry LOL). Glad to see you!!! Yup...where is Ace indeed?
relurker (6/30 01:46pm): @Sweetprincipale: to celebrate your "still being alive", I dowloaded one of your looooongest stories to read on kindle. Hi!
Spuffy93 (6/30 07:00am): We did wonder Sweet. Happy to see you. Now we still wait news on ace. She never even come back to find out she is reviewer of the month frown
ladypeyton (6/30 06:48am): We DID wonder! Glad to see you back!
sweetprincipale (6/30 06:16am): Hi guys! I'm still alive. In case anyone wondered, lol. Miss all of you.
nmcil (6/30 04:05am): @freecat - I am reading Melting Fire and loving it. And I get you spending time doing graphics - I'm doing same and want to get back to some icons.
moonlight88 (6/30 01:40am): Happy Birthday, Wicked Cheeto~^^ 🎉
Kellydofc (6/30 12:04am): Happy birthday wicked cheeto!
kerry220 (6/29 11:32pm): @Sigyn - you go right ahead and ignore that posting schedule.. I'm sure we can cope 😀
Wicked Cheeto (6/29 10:52pm): Thank you everybody for the well wishes 😙
the_moonmoth (6/29 10:37pm): Yay balloons! Happy b'day wicked cheeto!
jhiz (6/29 10:33pm): *snicker* I agree... well maybe not with the opinion not being worth much cause, well opinions are just that but yeah with all the texture and depth to Spike, I am not sure why even non-Spuffy shippers wouldn't at least like the character. He is just, well... fun.
Sigyn (6/29 09:42pm): Yes, Darkvoid, that's why I was being bad in posting early. We're up to like chapter 29, so we have a good buffer of chapters...
slaymesoftly (6/29 09:16pm): I was intrigued by Spike long before I started shipping him with Buffy. He was a wonderful character and pretty much everybody who hates him is a Bangel shipper and their opinion isn't worth much. IMHO (hope I didn't offend anyone - seems unlikely on a Spuffy site)
pfeifferpack (6/29 09:05pm): Yeah even if I didn't ship Spuffy I'd find Spike's character not only an asset but my favorite character if only for the layers he brought to the show as well as in the character itself.
pfeifferpack (6/29 09:04pm): Happy birthday @wicked cheeto
jhiz (6/29 08:10pm): Personally, I love characters that show growth and Spike, more than any other character on Buffy really has shown growth in a "non-forced by a curse" or lose of said curse kinda way
Cryptwarmer (6/29 08:02pm): If anyone is doing this round on Nanowrimo....please add me to your cabin!
-Ash- (6/29 07:59pm): I saw that article. I read it, then wanted to punch whoever wrote it because clearly they were a Bangel shipper, which means automatic Spike hate. (ie- my mom is a Bangel shipper and she and i fight all the time about it)
jhiz (6/29 07:59pm): he doens't wanna end the world,.. he loves (perhaps not wisely as Dru said but oh well), he stinks of humanity, and he has a distinct lack of interest in Vampire politics and linages? Talk about not being part of the normal group.
jhiz (6/29 07:57pm): And goodness,,. to say Spike doesn't fit with a bunch of misfits?!? How much more misfitty does one need to be? He totally goes against the supposedly cool catagory of creatures that are vampires.
jhiz (6/29 07:55pm): wow... that writer really was all with the Spike hate. *shakes head* Not sure how one character can be considered the death of a series especially since he had been on the show for years at the point he or she was complaining.


We like to think of Elysian Fields as a community, and part of being a community is celebrating together. We already celebrate great stories and reviews, but now we can help each other celebrate birthdays as well! Based on a suggestion by RESPICE FINEM, you now have the ability to choose to share your special day with others at EF. If you head over to your preferences, in the site settings section, there's now a space for you to enter your birthdate. If you enter the date there (yyyy-mm-dd format), on your birthday you'll get a special note in the site info section of the main page, which will look like this:

Your birthday will be shared based on site time (currently GMT-4), not your local time because it's stubborn like that. Remember, this is completely optional. If you'd prefer not to share your birthday, just leave the space in your preferences blank.

--Susan on June 17, 2016 10:51pm 7 Comments
New Skin and Banner Artist Listing

Just a quick news blurb so I don't clog up the shoutbox...

We have a brand new skin here at Elysian Fields thanks to our very own -Ash-. She was kind enough to submit some lovely artwork, and it inspired the new skin called heaven. You can preview it with the drop-down menus on the main page or in the footer. To make it (or any other skin) your default one, make sure to set in in your preferences.

Speaking of wonderful art, we have a number of banner artists here, and Wonder and Ashes added a suggestion asking for a better way for authors to find artists who are willing to volunteer their services to creating amazing artwork to go along with their story. If you are such an artist, you can now make it known that you're available to help by creating a banner artist profile from within your Account Info page. You can specify what information you need from an author if they make...

--Susan on February 05, 2016 11:07pm 13 Comments
Suggestion Box and Other Changes

I'm attempting a news post even though my brain is now slightly mushy. My apologies for any misspellings or incoherent ramblings.

First off, I upgraded our rich text editor to the newest edition of TinyMCE. I've been wanting to do this for a while since our previous version was very old, and because I thought it might make things a little easier for our authors who write in Google Docs. The new editor will import things like bold and italics easier than our old editor did. Also, it has a handy spell checker built in (no judgement wink).

Last month a number of people mentioned that they liked having the reviewer list that highlighted reviewers who go the extra mile with their reviews. I added a link on the bottom of the Members of the Month section on the main page that leads to a list that will update every month with reviewers who have at least 15 reviews of more that 5 words.

Just like the reviewer list, a number of our site features have come from member suggestions. Previously, suggestions...

--Susan on January 23, 2016 12:30am 8 Comments