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Unmentionable by sweetprincipale NC-17
A sequel to Uncontrollable. Set in Season4, Buffy and Spike were trapped in...
Love is Your Gift by Sunnydalesis PG-13
When Buffy falls into Glory's portal, she ends up in the last place she expected:...
Imperial by Sunalso NC-17
Hell changes a person. Set in a very AU S4. Things went differently for Buffy...
Prologue to Life/I Know You by slaymesoftly NC-17
Summary: The Prologue was a stand alone that became the prologue for a longer...
Moral Waiver by flootzavut PG-13
"A moral waiver is an action by United States armed forces officials to accept...
Memories by Autumn2005 R
Angelus loses his soul in the early 1990's. It changes everything, and Spike...
Cursed by Sunalso R
Every night Buffy finds herself waking up as Drusilla . . .
A Child Born of Pain by cloudstarmoonsky R
"Did I request thee, Maker, from my clay to mold me man? Did I solicit thee...
Like Warm Champagne by slaymesoftly R
A sort of fill-in-the-blanks that begins with the scene in the Bronze when Faith/Buffy...
The Dawning by tempestt NC-17
Dawn has finally arrived, but her existence still remains a mystery.  Is...
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Like a Man by Sigyn G
Spike dismissed the memory. His thoughts were just some old remnant of his human...
Cryptwarmer (7/23 10:04am): The banners are awesome! So are the challenges, this is going to be great!
Cryptwarmer (7/23 10:04am): emily, the video was powerful...ouch! in a good way of course. For some reason I really liked the xander bits!
sosa lola (7/23 06:33am): Anyone read the new BtVS S10 issue?
angelic_amy (7/23 03:50am): I even managed to make some myself, and I haven't played around with Spuffy fanart in over four years.
angelic_amy (7/23 03:50am): We've now got 20 banners listed! o/
RESPICE FINEM (7/23 02:16am): I submitted my Spuffy images that some may have seen, but were never used for anything. Now they get to be part of a fun cause!
jhiz (7/23 01:13am): oh those are some lovely bits of imagination and skill. Will be some great starting points for some fun stories.
Autumn2005 (7/23 12:52am): They look awesome! I definitely see some that I'd be able to work with!
angelic_amy (7/23 12:49am): You're welcome @Sunalso. Thanks for contributing your art!
Sunalso (7/23 12:44am): Thank you @angelic_amy I love seeing all the submissions so far :-)
angelic_amy (7/23 12:06am): Banners are live. See the news post for the link!
angelic_amy (7/22 11:35pm): We're at over 15 banners at this point, which is an excellent start. Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far! I'll be posting the link in the next 30 minutes. (Just gotta load a couple more)
SoaringClaws (7/22 10:56pm): Yes! I think my final count will be 4 banners when all is said and done. Thanks for the feedback!
RESPICE FINEM (7/22 10:05pm): I'm making 3 banners so far...and I have at least one more in mind.. wink
cloudstarmoonsky (7/22 09:59pm): EmilytheSlayer that video was awesome!! So perfect for s6; made me impatient to see it again!
jhiz (7/22 09:23pm): Make lots and lots of banners Sunalso! I am so hoping folks make oh so many banners so we have lots to compete for *grin* Ups the chance of getting one to write about.
Sunalso (7/22 09:03pm): That's what I did- one with more specifications and one with fewer
Cryptwarmer (7/22 08:53pm): SoaringClaws, maybe go with one of each. Leave one wide open and add specs to the other and see how it plays out! I think we have writers that enjoy both types of challenges
SoaringClaws (7/22 08:26pm): For context, I ask because I made 2 banners and haven't thought about specifications. So should I think of some or leave it open?
SoaringClaws (7/22 08:24pm): I think we've talked in general about preferences for challenges (more or less detail, etc.) but does anyone have specific thoughts about the banner challenge specifications? Would it be easier to write if it's more open or more specific?
Sigyn (7/22 07:11pm): That is an intense video, EmilytheSlayer
Freecat (7/22 05:23pm): @nmcil - sent you a pm
pfeifferpack (7/22 03:01pm): Thank you to whomever nominated me for author of the month! I am beyond honored. Made my day.
Susan (7/22 10:22am): After working on your amazing banner submissions, make sure to submit your nominations for members of the month. They close in a few days.
Sunalso (7/22 08:59am): I can't wait to see the submissions :-)

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UPDATE: Artistic Anniversary Challenge

Hi everyone!

First of all, I just have to have to say I am very impressed with the banner entries we’ve had so far for the ‘Artistic Anniversary Challenge’. You guys are awesome!

For your convenience, the uber talented Susan has created a page for the archive, where I’ve been uploading all of the fabulous art for everyone to view and drool over. We have some talented members at Elysian Fields! 

Each banner has the accompanying challenge criteria, as provided by the artists. So make sure you read over the info if you’re thinking of claiming one of the pieces. Just a friendly reminder, banner claiming is currently not open. So don’t go emailing me with a preference just yet! We’re allowing another two weeks for banner making time so that artists have ample time to submit their pieces.

To all you wonderful artists, keep them coming!

And to the authors in our community, I hope you've got your thinking caps on!

Wanna see the art? CLICK HERE \o/

--Amy on July 23, 2016 12:05am 0 Comments
Artistic Anniversary Challenge

Hello everyone!

The tenth anniversary of Elysian Fields is fast approaching--where has the time gone? The mods have decided a challenge is in order to celebrate this fact, and I come to you today with that information to encourage fresh blood and life (of the living and undead variety) to our wonderful community. Also, the challenge will involve both artists and writers. 

So here’s the sitch. Authors have banners created for their fics all time. In most cases the art is made after the fic. Well, we’re switching it around. This will be an art before the fic challenge. It’s not a new idea, but it’s one that works, and I speak from experience having run such a challenge for a Livejournal community many years ago. 

What will the Artistic Anniversary Challenge entail? Information is as follows. 

We’re asking you to create a banner with the following specifics.
Dimensions: Width 900px...

--Amy on July 15, 2016 09:23pm 24 Comments

We like to think of Elysian Fields as a community, and part of being a community is celebrating together. We already celebrate great stories and reviews, but now we can help each other celebrate birthdays as well! Based on a suggestion by RESPICE FINEM, you now have the ability to choose to share your special day with others at EF. If you head over to your preferences, in the site settings section, there's now a space for you to enter your birthdate. If you enter the date there (yyyy-mm-dd format), on your birthday you'll get a special note in the site info section of the main page, which will look like this:

Your birthday will be shared based on site time (currently GMT-4), not your local time because it's stubborn like that. Remember, this is completely optional. If you'd prefer not to share your birthday, just leave the space in your preferences blank.

--Susan on June 17, 2016 10:51pm 7 Comments