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Trust by Jackofspikes NC-17
This story was written with the prompting of my wonderful beta Spikeslovebite...
No Happily Ever After by Irishrose NC-17
Since the age of five, Buffy has always thought that life couldn’t get...
Saturday's Child by zabjade R
Buffy works hard and plays hard and has been building a real life for herself...
Dirty Dancing and Demons by OffYourBird NC-17
What happens when the world of Dirty Dancing is reimagined in the Buffy universe?...
Finding the Way Home by sandy_s NC-17
Buffy doesn’t feel quite right after the gang goes to L.A. for rest and...
A Touch of Her Style by myrabeth R
Season 2, but with a different pre-series history. Robin Wood moves to Sunnydale...
If I Should Dust Before I Wake by -Carrie-Ann- NC-17
Buffy moves into an old, desolate, mansion with her mother but it soon seems...
Rules of the Road by Gort R
S5, picks up at the end of Intervention. Buffy needs someone who can do two...
In Death, That I May Live... by Irishrose NC-17
Challenge Fic: Buffy makes an accidental wish to a vengence demon that will...
The Edge by Sigyn Adult Only
“Do you really think it happened?” Buffy was silent for a long...
Random Story
Fade to Black by Magista NC-17
The episode is "Chosen". Spike's contemplating the amulet, Buffy's...
sandy_s (9/24 08:27pm): I was always Sitles/Lydia...but I stopped watching last year. I think it was the plots?
ChexRancher3 (9/24 08:21pm): @killjoy Probably for the same reason they eat and breathe. Theirs bodies are so used to doing it, so they see no reason to not engage in it even if it unnecessary.
swifthorse (9/24 08:21pm): I'd guess it has to do with them coming from humans? They still have the brains of the humans they were turned from and I'd think that because of such they'd need the same time to rest and recover. I guess it all depends on how you headcanon vampire physiology?
Sunalso (9/24 08:13pm): Stephanie Meyer asked the same question...
killjoy (9/24 08:02pm): I just got through reading an update that made me think of a question I had from the show years ago. Why did Spike and all the vampires need to sleep? I get them staying out of the sun and all....but why sleeping during that time? It wasn't as if they were human anymore.
ChexRancher3 (9/24 07:51pm): So, I don't know if any of you guys watch Teen Wolf, but I've been binge watching the past 9 episodes to get ready for the finale. Until the moment I found out they've pushed Scott and Malia as the "end-game" couple. To me, this is the equivalent of Buffy and Riley being "end-game". >frown
swifthorse (9/24 07:41pm): I haven't read that one by Holly! *goes off to start reading*
Sunalso (9/24 07:14pm): In Omne Tempus by Holly
Sunalso (9/24 07:09pm): Or is she a kid?
Sunalso (9/24 07:02pm): It's not Sigyn's Pet?
hellsangel (9/24 06:41pm): looking 4 some help! started a story a while ago where normal buffy had been taken by spike & dru and was being kept as a pet but my computer crashed and i cant find it to finish it! been looking for months! can anyone help??
swifthorse (9/24 06:41pm): Ahhhh! So soon! Well, I won't complain for it becoming a six shot! big grin
Sunalso (9/24 06:39pm): Two chapters (it was supposed to be a smutty one-shot), now it's a six shot! Whoops!
swifthorse (9/24 06:22pm): Sun, wait, is there only a chapter or two of GR left?!
pfeifferpack (9/24 06:00pm): Gorgeous Lessons anniversary graphic Nmcil! Beautiful colors and lovely choice of poses too.
Sunalso (9/24 05:39pm): I work so much and on such a stupid schedule that next Sunday is going to be here in the blink of an eye. (I plan to post A Better Man on Sundays). GR should be finished before then.
Behind Blue Eyes (9/24 05:32pm): So excited for next Sunday, I've been holding on by a thread to not just say the hell with it and post! The only thing that's going to make waiting bearable is hubby and I are going to see Roger Waters on Thursday. For those that don't know who that is, past lead singer to Pink Floyd. Very excited
sandy_s (9/24 04:27pm): Lovely, @nmcil. I remember tuning in with bated breath for the start of the new season!
nmcil (9/24 04:19pm): Today is the anniversary of the start of season 7 - Lessons aired on 9/24/2007 - Here is a desktop to celebrate the return of Spike.
nmcil (9/24 03:44pm): I absolutely love the early seasons 1 through 3 created from a Spuffy vision - I hope that some of the current writers will keep exploring Buffy and Sunnydale history of this time period with the Spike effect. Angel/Angelus had a profound effect on Buffy and all the Scoobs as well as Giles.
nmcil (9/24 03:32pm): Ditto on the "Butterfly Effect" one of the early outstanding works. How I wish the works of Ariane could be archived on any currently active site.
Nyxella (9/24 02:54pm): I'm a little late, but that gif SunAlso posted, I never noticed the wobbling candle before. Probably too busy looking elsewhere. lol
flow (9/24 02:43pm): @pfeifferpack. Thanks for your recs ! And @sunalso: please go ahead with writing your Joan & Randy fic, we really need more of them !
flow (9/24 02:39pm): @purrmonster: The Joan & Randy Christmas fic is here on EF as well, so you could read that without the black questionmarks. There is also a sequel to it here in Ef about Joan and Randys valentines day.
flow (9/24 02:36pm): @FluffyVampire. the Butterfly Effect by cousinjean is a timetravel fic, where post-Chosen Buffy travels back to S2. It is here on EF and a really wonderful Story.

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Hey everyone,

The first lot of requests for art have come in, and this short message is to point you all towards them! If you're an artist in the Elysian Fields community and you're thinking of signing up to create one of the banners (or you're curious about the upcoming fic and just want to take a look), then you can find the banner requests HERE.

Artists, make sure you read over the info if you’re thinking of claiming one of the art requests. 

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Reunion Challenge - Banner Requests

Hi everyone!

So far we're off to a great start with the Reunion Challenge, judging by the number of sign ups. I'm excited to read what everyone has come up with. 

We're at that point where (hopefully) authors have made some progress on their writing, and may possibly be looking for some art to accompany their words.

Authors, if you would like a banner, now is the time to start making requests. It's pretty simple, all you need to do is shoot me an email (address available at the bottom of this post) with a combination of the following information. The first three dot points are required, the rest are optional. So, if you are looking for something specific, give me as much information as you think the artist will need. Alternatively, if you are open to the artist experimenting, then just give me the required info.

Required information

  • Fic...

--Amy on August 24, 2017 07:30am 4 Comments