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Fly Me To The Moon by Megan NC-17
(NC-17, for language, violence, and adult situations. Some material not suitable...
To Repel Ghosts by Dee Bradfield G
Angel Season 5, post-'Damage'. Buffy pays a visit to Wolfram and Hart.
An Unexpected Darkness by AuthoressNebula R
Tragedy strikes hard, and just when the Scoobies think they can't take anymore...
Sweeping Sighisoara by Blackoberst NC-17
A witch and a Slayer are sent to an old city in the mountains of Transylvania...
Ipseity by spuffy luvr PG-13
After Buffy the Vampire Slayer's apparent death in the collapse of Sunnydale...
Reveries and Ramifications by mak324 NC-17
Buffy's been dreaming about Spike. A lot. And as the dreams get more frequent...
Look Into My Soul by xoSpikeIsLovexo NC-17
19 days after the destruction of Sunnydale, Spike re-corporealizes in Angel's...
Echoes of Beljoxa by myrabeth R
The Eye of Beljoxa made it clear that Buffy's resurrection triggered the rise...
Covered by Sigyn PG
“You can’t blame a girl, Spike. You’re all covered with her...
Destiny of the Chosen by DauntlessGrace NC-17
A response to a challenge by Mia Vaan. The Watcher's Council never tracks Buffy...
Random Story
Goodbye, Mr Giles by Aamah R
This story is meant to answer questions about what became of some of the characters...
alive_or_dead (8/4 08:54am): What Nina said. Don't like something? Don't read it.
Nina (8/4 08:46am): I'm really glad to hear you say that, Megan. I get super antsy when I see criticism for a genre or and style. It's really easy, if AU is not your cuppa or NC-17, then simply don't read it. Censoring or discouraging creativity (within reason) is upsetting. Different strokes, yeah?
Megan (8/4 02:03am): That is exactly what fanfic is for, kittyfajitas. To tel the story WE would have liked to have seen, or to push the characters in new directions, or to explore new ideas. They don't all have to be fluffy or PC.
kittyfajitas (8/4 01:57am): Thanks, Megan. I agree completely. To me, fanfic is about exploring other possibilities.
Megan (8/4 01:53am): In fact, I have an extreme aversion to telling people how and what they can write. We all have choice on what we read and most everything appeals to someone.
Megan (8/4 01:52am): I think we all can mostly tell what is abusive or across the line, but in general, if a fic has a warning, is in the right categories--of which we do have Taboo--I don't believe we can really tell people how they can write the relationship, whether it is dark, violent or fluffy.
Megan (8/4 01:51am): I think that is a valid point for Canon Spike, but there is a large number of stories that explore their connection in non-canon contexts, and alterations even within canon. And again, different kinks for different people.
spikeisthebigbad (8/4 01:46am): spikeisthebigbad
bewildered (8/4 01:00am): Also, in keeping with our discussion of ages, Buffy turns 18 mid Season 3. Yay age of consent! ;)
xoSpikeIsLovexo (8/4 12:42am): This is very true, bewildered. Parker was just an idiot. LOL.
bewildered (8/3 10:39pm): )
bewildered (8/3 10:05pm): (That was in response to the "extreme sexual scenes" idea.
bewildered (8/3 10:03pm): I think you can get away with Season 4 to a certain extent, based on Parker's description of her as "a bunny in the sack" requiring stamina - he's not a reliable narrator, but when she does get with Riley later it gets steamy fast, if possibly a bit vanilla. But it depends on how you write it too...
xoSpikeIsLovexo (8/3 05:37pm): No problem, mak324! :)
mak324 (8/3 05:20pm): Thank you Wonder and xoSpike for the input! That's actually what I'd figured but I'm glad to hear my conclusion's been made in good company.
xoSpikeIsLovexo (8/3 05:04pm): mak324- Generally if it is a continuation of the same storyline, then you would keep it under the same name, such when Stephanie Meyer did Breaking Dawn Part 1 and 2. But it's really up to the author. (:
Wonder and Ashes (8/3 04:52pm): That said, it's entirely up to you.
Wonder and Ashes (8/3 04:51pm): Sequels are different stories that take place in the same universe and continue the journeys of the characters, but are generally a different story instead of part two of the story before. So keeping it under the same heading would make things easier.
xoSpikeIsLovexo (8/3 04:51pm): Unless you write it so Spike is kind of guiding her, or if it's present-Buffy that is in the past, with all her memories of the future, it can be difficult. And Spike is evil in Seasons 4 and under, so he wouldn't really take things lightly with her. It would be violent and rough.
xoSpikeIsLovexo (8/3 04:50pm): I think having extreme sexual scenes with Buffy before Season 5 is a little much because up until Season 5, she only slept with two people, both who weren't as sensual as Spike.
Wonder and Ashes (8/3 04:50pm): @mak324 Personally I think it depends on whether or not you consider it to be the same 'story'. Like whether or not it's following the same story arc/plot points etc. They say that the best stories are self-contained, after all.
mak324 (8/3 04:47pm): Best/easiest for the lovely people who've been following along. Thanks for the help!
mak324 (8/3 04:47pm): Question for both authors and readers out there: when splitting a fairly long fic up into "parts" is it easier/ more enjoyable to read if both parts are kept under the same story heading, ect. Or if its split up, lmoat like its own piece (As if they were a series)? Just curious so I can do what's
ScarlettDuck (8/3 02:14pm): As a reader, I'd hate to see anything pulled or censored. None of these fics *promote* pedophilia/rape, and even if they did, they're fantasy & art. Warnings and ratings should be sufficient.
nmcil (8/3 01:38pm): Beyond taboo and your clear warnings - what more can be done and if any story is done with honest attempts to explore the Uber Dark of characters - it would be a pity to censor those works. It's probably a lot of extra work but maybe there could be a category set up for Members Only for these.

New Categories

Based on requests from sweetprincipale and RESPICE FINEM, we have some new categories for stories.

First up are categories for individual comic seasons and for comics in the buffyverse that don't fit within a specific season. Previously we only had one category for all comic based stories, but each season now has its own category. I haven't removed the comic category yet since there are currently 47 stories in that category. If you have a story in the comic category, you can now edit it to reflect the correct season. There is still a post-series category that can cover stories that are both comic and non-comic compliant. Any thoughts about the need to split this into 2 categories (post-series comic compliant and post-series non-comic compliant)? I'm not sure if there's a need for this, but I know some people avoid the comics, so I thought I'd throw it out there.

Next, there are now categories for award winners and award runners-up. There used to be categories just for...

--Susan on July 25, 2015 09:50pm 8 Comments

We recently received an inquiry about the minimum story length requirement here at EF, which prompted a conversation between the admins about allowing drabbles to be added to the archive. Neither Megan, Kathleen nor I could come up with a good reason to continue to impose the 500 word count minimum, so we are now officially opening the doors to drabbles, poems and other shorter non-traditional story types. You'll now find new category options when adding or searching for a story.

If you're adding a series of drabbles that all center around a similar theme, then you can add one story, and the drabbles can just be separate chapters in the story (it will use less database space that way). If they are not at all related, then they can be published as separate stories.

Please use these new categories responsibly, and don't inundate us with drabbles just for the sake of publishing something (As opposed to me, since my new masterpiece titled, Portrait of a Demon is vital...

--Susan on June 26, 2015 03:55pm 4 Comments
Search the Shoutbox

This isn't terribly newsworthy, but I didn't want to cram all this into the shoutbox. Hey, speaking of the shoutbox, I received a request from stuffandnonsense, who asked for the ability to search for shoutbox posts. Based on this request, if you now look underneath the shoutbox on the main page, or at the top of the shoutbox archive, you'll see a link to Search Shouts. On the new search page, you can search for shouts in one of three ways. Using the dropdown, you can search for keywords within a shout, for shouts written by a specific member, or for shouts written in a specific month. Make sure that your search type matches the term you enter, or it won't work properly.

If you have any questions, issues, or concerns, please let me know.

Blow Kiss

--Susan on June 10, 2015 09:18pm 0 Comments