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Chosen by Pixiecorn NC-17
For centuries, Angelus has captured and tortured women from the 'chosen' bloodline...
Consequences of Bargaining by All4Spike PG-13
Buffy reacts to her resurrection… somewhat differently.
Winter Wonder Hell by Synefred NC-17
Shaken by the memories that flooded through him when his soul was returned...
Future Perfect by Sigyn R
 “I only show the truth,” the creature said. “The truth...
Just to Reach You by Sunalso R
Post-Series. Spike and Buffy have been a couple for almost two years. The honeymoon...
Something I Didnít Say by EllieRose101 PG
Buffy has a confession. (Off-canon epilogue to ‘Older and Far Away’)
What she deserves. by Jane Smith R
I remember James Marsters saying in an interview that the Spike...
All About the Mission by slaymesoftly NC-17
The second part to the I Would Still Have Loved You saga in which Buffy and...
A Small Boat on the Ocean by sandy_s PG-13
Buffy and Spike decide to start a family in a realistic way (as realistic as...
Every Rose by Sunalso NC-17
WishVerse AU. Buffy's life as the Slayer is rough and there's never time to...
Random Story
Weakness In a Winnebago by BloodEnvy PG-13
Oneshot. Set in the middle of "Spiral". Instead of Dawn going to see...
pfeifferpack (3/22 06:23am): party Happy birthday to Purple Stain! May the day hold all you most hoped for and may the coming year be filled with every possible good thing.
pfeifferpack (3/22 06:22am): YAYN Home from work. Now to de-scuzz and try to wind down and maybe, perchance, to sleep. Long day. See you all later.
Jane Smith (3/21 11:11pm): And I can never listen to music and work at the same time - I get too into the music!
Jane Smith (3/21 11:11pm): New chapter of What she deserves posted!
sandy_s (3/21 09:43pm): I listen to a techno mix of O Fortuna for all my fight scenes. But mostly I write in the quiet. But when I'm plotting I definitely have songs that remind me of Spuffy. I'm totally loving reading what y'all listen to!! heart
All4Spike (3/21 08:21pm): Although I have recently rediscovered a couple of old favourites, Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield and Oxygene by Jean Michel Jarre...
All4Spike (3/21 08:19pm): I generally have quiet. If there's music, it's classical on low, and preferably instrumental, so I'm not distracted by trying to listen to the words.
Nut9601 (3/21 08:17pm): Strangely enough... Ghost of the Robot and JM is what I write to at the moment.. 🤔
slaymesoftly (3/21 08:05pm): I prefer it quiet - maybe very softly in the background, but even that bothers me. If it'd music I like, I'm distracted by singing along, and if I don't like it, it distracts me by being annoying. smile I got used to quiet when I first started writing at school and now I expect it.
Sunalso (3/21 07:24pm): I think it depends on how obscure the classical music is? thinking
yellowb (3/21 07:23pm): Oh, I think of the classical as my pretentious music. My regular choice would be those old ambient albums by Eno ... wait, are those actually more pretentious? Does my pretentious meter work?
Sunalso (3/21 06:00pm): Sometimes instrumental Jazz depending on how pretentious I'm feeling, lol
Sunalso (3/21 05:59pm): I usually have classical on, sometimes French cafe music, occasionally whatever song I pull lyrics from for the chapter header
-Carrie-Ann- (3/21 05:42pm): Pfeifferpack, I listen to anything apart from heavy stuff but just on low in the background. I went through a phase of continuously listening to Generation X for months, very!
-Carrie-Ann- (3/21 05:37pm): Reeses pieces, yummy, pfeifferpack smile
pfeifferpack (3/21 05:25pm): Got any go to music while writing? Anything by Loreena McKennitt usually fuels my muse otherwise like Adrian Zigler or other "epic" soundtracks (if doing action scenes) or Classical. Too distracting with pop or country, I want to sing along.
pfeifferpack (3/21 05:24pm): Headed out to work...see you on the flip side. Lots of great updates to read/comment on and all the good conversation too. Have fun!

Go to writing snack Good And Plenty (Licorice) or Reeses pieces.

So many great fic just finished or soon to finish. Hope the muses don't give you a rest devil

Sunalso (3/21 05:00pm): Side note: I ended up condensing a little in the back half of A Better Man, so Sunday's chapter is the last one. Good time to catch up if you want to!
yellowb (3/21 04:08pm): It's FOREVER away. wink
Sunalso (3/21 03:59pm): Empirically I know that's not that far away, but it feels like it since I'm eager to read!
sandy_s (3/21 03:50pm): Ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!! lol I thought I was in April...sorry to bug! lol
yellowb (3/21 03:50pm): If we do it again next year, I'll come up with a different scheme for posting. Like every time there are 6 in the kitty, one breaks free and is posted.
yellowb (3/21 03:47pm): Early May? If everything stays more or less on time.
Sunalso (3/21 03:27pm): When do you post?
-Carrie-Ann- (3/21 03:20pm): EC squee

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New TOS/FAQ please read

Hello writers, artists and readers here in our EF family. I’m here with important information about something that impacts us all and that is newly covered by additions to our TOS and mentioned in our FAQ.

Part of the job as administrators of this site is to update rules and guidelines as things change and evolve that impact the site. There is one issue that has been on edge of fandom for years but has grown enough that it needs official addressing. This news item will likely be long winded but I feel it is important that I try to have us all understand not just the what of these additions but the why’s as well so please bear with me. Also please take note of the new rule.


--Pfeifferpack on January 12, 2018 02:10pm 18 Comments
Welcome 2018!

Happy new year! 2017 was another amazing year here at Elysian Fields. In honor of Buffy the Vampire Slayer's 20th anniversary, we hosted our reunion challenge, which produced over 40 new stories. Also, we added some fun new emoticons thanks to EffulgentEllie, we passed 200,000 reviews and 100,000,000 words for stories we host, and we briefly considered switching themes to become the first ever Rangel site.

Not ones to rest on our laurels, we're keeping things fresh for 2018 and adding 2 new skins. The time in between features a stunning new banner from Amy, and dead poets society showcases a stunning banner from javajunkie247. Remember that to set your default skin, you need to head over to the Edit Preferences page in your Account Information. Since the holidays are over, we'll...

--Susan on January 02, 2018 01:02pm 10 Comments
Reunion Challenge

Hello everyone! 

I want to say a huge congratulations to everyone who participated in the challenge. Everyone involved, from the artists and writers, to the readers and reviewers, have helped to make it a success. The challenge has seen 41 brand new stories written and shared with our wonderful community. 

If you have yet to read any of the challenge fics, and you want to see them all in one place, you can FIND THEM HERE

For anyone yet to post their fic, there's still time. The challenge is still open, but the window for selecting the checkbox to add your fic to the challenge is closing soon. You will have until 11:59pm on Wednesday, November 15 (site time) to post your first chapter. The fic does not need to be complete to be part of the challenge, you just need to have the first chapter posted prior to the 16th of November for it to be included in the event list.

I'm in the process of contacting...

--Amy on November 05, 2017 07:12pm 2 Comments