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Random Story
Death is Only the Beginning by maryperk R
During Empty Places, Spike and Andrew made a terrible discovery
pfeifferpack (10/25 11:28am): OUAT is also ex. produced by Jane Espenson of Buffy writing fame and a big fan of JM. I hope it's more than the cameo on the Blu Ray cause he could act the heck out of Mordred! Hook and Swan seem like Spike and Buffy lite.
medievalchic (10/25 11:26am): Haven't really watched OUAT since then, though. Guess I've been spoiled now with BtVS.
medievalchic (10/25 11:24am): So I guess you could say I shipped Spuffy before I even started! tongue out
medievalchic (10/25 11:24am): OUAT actually got me into BtVS. It was just popcorn fair for me, but I watched a fanmade crossover video with Spike's speech from Touched and I was impressed enough to give the show a retry (I had struggled through S1 a couple years ago and given up.).
Kellydofc (10/25 11:16am): It's funny, because I watched OUAT for 3 seasons and then stopped because I got sick of the constant revolving door of "bag guys" and I admit I hated Hook. I thought he wasn't the good guy most of the fandom liked to paint him as and when they killed off a certain character I walked way and was done
yellowb (10/25 11:10am): Also: I adore that photo of Spike and Nicki goofing off.
Sunalso (10/25 11:05am): JM was in an extra on the latest Blu-ray set, don't know if that's it or...(I have theories) The lastest is Captain Nemo and the crew- which excites me to no end because that was one of my favorite books as a child
Sunalso (10/25 11:02am): It's all really Disney/Fairytale but they do a pretty good job with it (and Snow/Charming have a decent long term relationship)
flootzavut (10/25 10:58am): ... also I think I read somewhere that James was guest starring in a later season at some point, and I will confess to being shallow enough to watch it for that reason lol
flootzavut (10/25 10:53am): yellowb: Once Upon A Time
flootzavut (10/25 10:53am): I have watched about a season and a half of OUAT. It bugs me a bit because of the whole 'true love's kiss' stuff which I tend to find a bit lazy on the writing side ("they're perfect for each other because... they just are, okay?"), but I enjoyed it enough I keep meaning to go back to it.
yellowb (10/25 10:53am): (What's OUAT?)
Sunalso (10/25 10:50am): Actually OUAT is pretty good at that. Things happen in relationships all the time- but the show's really excellent at pointing out why (someone lied, or whatever)
Sunalso (10/25 10:48am): lol- TV never allows for happily ever after's, but healthy could be a goal once in a while
flootzavut (10/25 10:43am): "but I think it was just more they wanted have "drama" at all times" Yes, this. And I think it is partly the era, but sex is bad for/because of Buffy. It's fine when Angel has relationships, but if she does, she's betrayed him. (I may have a slight plot bunny about Buffy pointing this out to him...)
flootzavut (10/25 10:42am): I kind of wish Riley had gotten turned so his awful behaviour had been shown to be bad when he ended up as an evil bloodsucking thing, not just a quasi-evil joy-sucking thing. And he keeps saying he does stuff *because he's crazy about Buffy*; that's not romantic, that's shifting the blame rant
flootzavut (10/25 10:39am): It really bothers me when Xander does his little "Riley is so great" speech when Riley has been shown to have been needy and unsupportive about her mum, not believing her when she says she loves him, and basically cheating on her with the vamp equivalent of prostitutes (except more dangerous).
flootzavut (10/25 10:38am): It really bugs me some of the stuff that is shown as romantic. I mean... bleh. One of the things I like about Spike is that at least when he behaves poorly, he gets called on it, for the most part.
internetname (10/25 10:37am): Yellowb, which is another way of saying that Buffy is bad for Riley WITHOUT blaming Buffy. They're just not a good fit.
internetname (10/25 10:37am): She's the first slayer we know of to reach an age where settling down actually is possible, but with whom, exactly? That to me is a great statement by the show. Truly strong women in this world get a raw deal on the dating front.
flootzavut (10/25 10:36am): internetname: True, the Initiative is more interesting than Riley!
slayme: Silver linings ahoy!
yellowb: "But the early warning signs were all surmountable, if he'd been able to take in new ideas and grown up about his own neediness." YES YES ALL OF THIS YES!!

internetname (10/25 10:35am): creature
internetname (10/25 10:35am): as well as do, and she's not going to get one in a human dude, period. A vampire with a soul is probably her best bet, and of the two on offer, Spike is clearly the better choice. But could we relate to Buffy if they'd had her to happily ever after with a supernatural create on the show?
flootzavut (10/25 10:34am): A very happy Buffyverse to you, Sunny! big grin
internetname (10/25 10:34am): Well, I excuse the show's lack of a healthy relationship for Buffy because, frankly, that's realistic. The show demonstrates that she's a warrior goddess, basically, and men can't human handle it (either by treating her as just another girl to bed or by putting her on a pedestal). She needs an equal

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Artistic Anniversary Challenge

Hi everyone. It's nearly at that time for fic posting for the Artistic Anniversary Challenge. Yay! We know everyone's excited to get started (including us!), and we know you all have questions about how everything is going to go. We'll try to answer everything here, but if there's something else you're curious about, please let us know in the comments. There's a lot of information here, so grab a snack, get comfy, and get ready to learn about all the amazing things happening in October...

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Your fic does not need to be complete prior to posting. In fact, it doesn't even need to be completed...

--Amy, Kathleen, Megan and Susan on September 29, 2016 11:35pm 5 Comments
Adding Images

With the Artistic Anniversary challenge starting in one month and 7 days (but who's counting?), we know that a number of authors may be using banners on Elysian Fields for the first time. It can be a confusing process if you're not sure which code to copy and paste into the banner section of the story form. To hopefully make the process simpler and less confusing, we are now offering the option of loading your banners and art work to Elysian Fields. In your Account Info page, you'll now see an option called Your Images. To add a new image, click the Upload New Images link. On the new page, you'll see that images must be a .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, or .png file. The image can't be larger than 920 px x 300 px, and the max file size is 1 MB. Click the browse button to choose an image file from your computer and click Upload. If the image doesn't match the requirements, you'll get an error message, but hopefully it will be within the guidelines, and your image will be renamed and uploaded. Once an image is added, you'll...

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New warning labels

Writers note that there are two new warning selections for your stories available if needed.  They are for suicide and attempted suicide.  

We will not be going through the thousands of existing stories and adding this warning because  none of us have the time to cull through.  If you have written a story where the warning would have been appropriate and you wish to edit your story to add the warning please feel free.  Otherwise please note that these warning labels are available for future stories from now forward.

If you are a reader please realize that the warnings were not available until now, August 19, 2016 and read at your own risk.

Thank you for the suggestion.


--pfeifferpack on August 19, 2016 07:19pm 3 Comments
Banner claims - Round 2

Hi everyone. Just a short note to let you all know that all banners claims up until this point have been confirmed. Authors, you should've received an email, and I've updated THE LIST, so all of the pretties are linked to the writer's who've signed up for them. 

Now, for anyone who is super eager, and wants to take a crack at a second banner, (oh how do I want to, because they're so pretty... but I'm not sure if I should), then the process is the exact same as for Round 1. Second banner claims open Friday the 12th of August, SITE TIME. Email me with your preferences, in order, and I'll get back to you ASAP.

Final reminder... Now that you have your confirmations, you may begin writing (YAY!), but please don't post anything until October the 1st. Thanks! 

Happy writing!

--Amy on August 11, 2016 05:41am 3 Comments
Banner claim nearly open...

Hi everyone. It's nearly at that time for banner claiming - less than five hours and counting. Yay! \o/ 

First of all, important dates to remember: 
Banner creation: 17th of July - 6th of August 
Banner claiming: 7th - 13th of August
Banner confirmations: 14th – 15th of August
Writing time (but no posting of fics): 16th August - 30th September
Posting of fics to begin: from the 1st of October (and of course authors can continue to write/post throughout the month and beyond)

Now that we've got that out of the way... if you are someone who has been ogling admiring the pretties over the last few weeks (and there was just another massive upload of another 18 banners/challenges, so make sure you 

--Amy on August 06, 2016 07:14pm 7 Comments