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The Headstone by Ameeya PG
Spike speaks with Buffy.
A Day Out by kantayra PG-13
Buffy decides to spend a cloudy day at the mall, only to discover that a certain...
A Fresh Start by EllieRose101 NC-17
Buffy, Spike, and Dawn are starting a new life together as a family back in...
Beautiful Enemies by the_bronze R
The Scoobies are defenceless as a group of demons stop at nothing to hunt down...
Wading the Waters at Senna Rock by Nickeltaffy G
After Chosen, what if Anya and Spike were given a second chance, this time in...
Five Words or Less by AGriffinWriter NC-17
What if Buffy had paid more attention to what Spike said directly after, "Out...
Admittance by EllieRose101 PG-13
A comic retelling of the Season 6 episode ‘Older and Far Away,’...
Beautiful Enemies by the_bronze R
The Scoobies are defenceless as a group of demons stop at nothing to hunt down...
Enigmatic Soul by Wonder and Ashes PG-13
Buffy knows from experience that feral vampires are never a good thing. Not...
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In Our Grief by sweetprincipale NC-17
In our grief, do we know what we're doing? Maybe. Maybe not. Buffy and Spike...
jhiz (8/20 11:42am): of course... how come she had a tomb stone if they were trying to hide her death??? I mean, buffybot was being her so why have a tomb that shows her dead?
jhiz (8/20 11:42am): I feel the same way on the name thing. Her tomb stone said Buffy and that is so a place where a real name would be
Legen (8/20 07:17am): I have to say... it drives me nuts when I see it. Can completely ruin a perfectly good fic when its used. Its like an insult to both the character of joyce and joss whedon. Maybe its cause ppl always pronounce my name wrong and im anal ab correcting them. Even if its a mundane situation
TammyDevil666 (8/20 05:27am): Nope, it's just in fan fiction.
Legen (8/20 05:19am): Is there anywhere in canon that actually states that Buffy's "real" name is Elizabeth?
valerie21601 (8/18 08:25pm): I would've avoided it if I had known it was going to turn into a Vamp!Buffy fi.
valerie21601 (8/18 08:24pm): Only grouching about it because it happened to me last week and I feel I got played on it. Not one hint, it was going to go where it went to, at the end. I feel so cheated on it.
valerie21601 (8/18 08:22pm): It's one of the biggest reasons why on EF I love there are so many tags available on here. But not enough different tags on FF. Though I openly admit I do wish for Evil!Vamp!Buffy! and Good!Vamp!Buffy tags on EF.
valerie21601 (8/18 08:19pm): Yeah, BtVS on FF is very broad, indeed. One of the few things that can bug is, where I read a pretty good Spuffy fic on FF and out of the blue. Buffy is suddenly vamped and becomes the happiests, newest, most evil member of the Whirlwind. I felt like I was bait and switched on it.
valerie21601 (8/18 08:11pm): I found out about E.F., through FF, because someone mentioned in their summary and at the top of their first chapter, their Spuffy fic was a E.F. Challenge fic. I looked it up, out of curiosity and joined E.F., that same night.
the_bronze (8/18 05:44pm): I started out on FF because a lot of people had told me to start on there because it was a well known site. However, I discovered EF was better because there are just Spuffy fans here and I tend to get more hit counts. FF is too broad as it were
juggler (8/18 02:49pm): valerie21601, Thanks !
valerie21601 (8/18 02:39pm): the_bronze, it's why I sometimes encourage some writers on here to post their fanfics on FF, so I can nominate them for the SunnyD Awards. Which I have already done, btw. :) I tell them up front I want to nominate them, but they need to post it on FF, LiveJournal or another open fanfic site.
Rabbit_moon1 (8/18 01:36pm): Congrats to all who got nominated at the SunnyD Fanfic Awards! Great stories all!
the_bronze (8/18 07:11am): Oh okay. Thank you :) EllieRose101
EllieRose101 (8/18 07:06am): You can't nominate fics on this site because you need to be a member to access the ones with 'adult' ratings. As for nominating the website itself: when you click the list of past nominees it says EF won previously and is no longer eligible.
the_bronze (8/18 05:05am): Regarding SunnyD fanfic awards, I recall someone mentioning that we can't nominate stories from this website for some reason. However, are we able to nominate EF for 'Website Nominations'?
knightowl (8/18 04:01am): very glad I don't need a smear for a while valerie, but do think it's a good story. Love any story were buffy has to see the grey in life.
valerie21601 (8/18 02:47am): Here's the direct link:
valerie21601 (8/18 02:47am): I'll just say, if you have ever had a pap smear test, you're going to wish, a really painful, vicious death for Dr. Walsh, when you read it. It's not too detailed, but it sure scares the s##t out of you.
valerie21601 (8/18 02:41am): juggler, there is a WIP on, by Annamonk, Personal Demons, where Buffy's Slayer and Spike's Demon chose to mate/claim each other and so far leave Buffy and Spike to deal with it. Be wary when you read the first chapter. It's rather intense, especially from a woman's point ofview.
CupcakeCute (8/18 12:03am): Thanks to whoever nominated my story "Found" at the Sunnydale Memorial Awards :)
Mia Vaan (8/17 01:30pm): Whoever nominated 'Memories of Another Life' at the SunnyD Fanfic Awards, thank you. PS, how do you put those buttons in your story?
stuffandnonsense (8/17 11:12am): :)
Braxen (8/17 06:27am): @stuffandnonsense - joining the chorus here. :D


Okay, I know I just posted a news item, and I hate to post them too frequently. However, I felt these awesome new site awards, created by EffulgentEllie, deserved a post all their own. From now on, all our members of the month and members who make our yearly top 10 lists, will get a gorgeous award placed in a new section on their profile. Let's all take a moment to admire the awards that have already been added.


--Susan on August 04, 2014 11:13pm 13 Comments
EF's First Members of the Month and Other Items of Note...

We now have our first Members of the Month! Congratulations to stuffandnonsense and magnus374Bravo! 21 authors and 7 reviewers were nominated by a total of 36 members (not everyone nominated members for both categories), which is a really great start. The nomination process can only be successful with your help, so please continue to use this as an opportunity to let our authors/reviews know that you appreciate their contributions. Nominations for September members are now open!

Previously, when viewing a story on EF, you could read online one chapter at a time or download chapters/entire stories as Word, HTML or ePub files. However, you now have the option to read an entire story in one page while online. If a story has more than one chapter, on that story's table of contents, you'll now see a link to "View...

--Susan on August 01, 2014 01:15pm 5 Comments
Members of the Month

We have so many wonderful authors and reviewers here at Elysian Fields, and now you have the chance to help us recognize some of the members who make EF such a great site. Every month we will have two members of the month, one author and one reviewer. So, how are the members of the month chosen? That's where you come in! Starting on the 1st of every month, nominations will open and you can head over to the nominations page to fill in your choices. Not sure who you want to nominate? You have until midnight on the 20th 25th to get your nominations in. Also, if you change your mind, you can change your vote since the nominations aren't counted until after the 20th 25th (your nomination only counts once no matter how many times you change your vote or hit the submit button).

Since nominations are open for most of the month, we're choosing for the following month (for example, right now nominations are for the August...

--Susan on July 01, 2014 10:10am 3 Comments