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Tales from Caritas East by myrabeth R
What starting over means to people who never expected to survive. Eight years...
Truth Lies and Family Ties Part I by reenasas G
Dawn was theirs and that didn’t change because she was a bit younger –or...
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What If I Loved You? by slaymesoftly NC-17
Sparked by a challenge at the BSV - what if Spike had saved Buffy when she got...
Immortal by Sigyn R
While Buffy is living in Rome, she meets the Immortal, a mysterious figure with...
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Set after the episode 'Dead Things,' in which Buffy beats up Spike in the alley...
Breaking Novikov by reenasas R
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Opposites Attract by Cazmo Adult Only
Response to Challenge Fic 'Opposites Attract' by killjoy This one took my imagination: Riley...
I Would Still Have Loved You by slaymesoftly NC-17
Post Chosen Buffy and AtS season 5 Spike are sent back (separately) to prevent...
Random Story
Necessary Evils by Barb C NC-17
More or less a sequel to "A Raising In the Sun."   However, all you...
Wonder and Ashes (5/5 02:16am): @nmcil Joss was busy at Marvel around that time so let the other writers handle it...which, from what I heard, he himself admits was a mistake. I think he even apologized for how badly it ended, and it's no wonder he's distancing himself from the comics now.
nmcil (5/5 01:26am): How could Joss Whedon go along with this vision and treatment of his Buffy? To make her betray all Slayers and accept all the destruction that Angel/TwiAngel let loose on her and all those innocent people? What a Jossian mystery.
nmcil (5/5 01:21am): @moonlight 88 "Sure you're with him but you'll always be mine." - Why I had such a disgust for the Twilight Times final phase - Angel gives this same kind of garbage to her as the temptation and she falls for it. That Buffy will only ever be able to find love and be happy in her life with him.
Sigyn (5/5 01:10am): Second to last chapter of Immortal posted. This story is almost done...
skywolf_fem2 (5/5 12:30am): Sitting....Sitting in Angels lap and went back to sleep
skywolf_fem2 (5/5 12:29am): Anyone remember a story that had Buffy & Spike...I believe they were mated...something happened that Angel was there, Spike went out for something, Buffy woke up...couldn't find Spike and she ended up during in Angels lap and went back to sleep...
letitia (5/4 11:27pm): Tha

THANKS everyone. I don't know why it came to mind tonight but I just couldn't remember the title. I will look them up. You have been a tremendous help

hng23 (5/4 11:15pm): That's a fantastic story: it starts off as Cupid & Psyche & turns into The Snow Queen. That's a fantastic story: it starts off as Cupid & Psyche & turns into The Snow Queen, version Spuffy.
Hm, I think it's time for a re-read.

Nina (5/4 10:41pm): @leticia West of the moon, East of the sun by knifedge. It's archived here.
letitia (5/4 10:31pm): does anyone know this story??? Spike makes a deal with a demon that he can spend nights with Buffy and she is not able to see him (something like that). Then she has to go and save him. I don't know why this story has popped back into my head after so many year
Sunalso (5/4 09:33pm): I was just thinking of solstice the other day, I hope she's just busy with work
pfeifferpack (5/4 09:18pm): It's been a couple of months! Hope someone's heard. I PM'd her but nothing.
Kellydofc (5/4 09:03pm): I always thought Angel saw Buffy as a prize to be won. I think this even more after he finds out about the prophecy.
Sigyn (5/4 06:58pm): (And I've been a little worried about Solstice too. She's been gone awhile.)
Sigyn (5/4 06:57pm): I think Angel's opinion of women is best highlighted by a line he said as Angelus on Angel the series. "I like my girls to lie still."
pfeifferpack (5/4 05:50pm): Anyone heard from Nell (Solstice)? I'm wondering if she's okay.
moonlight88 (5/4 04:40pm): For me, Buffy is to Angel as Drusilla was (and is) to Angelus. A pretty dolly to shape and break at will. She'll forever be his but he doesn't need to be hers.
moonlight88 (5/4 04:38pm): Angel's attitude seems to be stuck in the century he's from. At least Spike managed to move with the times, that said I doubt William was a much a pig as Angel (& Liam by extension). Angel seems to like his women to be girl-like dollies he can shape to his will.
moonlight88 (5/4 04:34pm): I'm confused about what Angel actually wants. Angel wants Buffy to be his yet he says, "Buffy have a normal life." He leaves yet every time she gets a new boyfriend he comes back to criticize said boyfriend. It's so "Sure you're with him but you'll always be mine." Ugh! *growls loudly*
Chrissel (5/4 04:22pm): If there is a continuum of sexism to misogyny, I think Angel is slightly farther towards the misogyny end than Riley is. Mainly because the source of Riley's issues seems like ignorance/raising while Angels is - idk what, just seems darker somehow?
Sigyn (5/4 03:49pm): human and she was THE SLAYER! It put him in danger, and then he went behind her back to undo it, torturing her with the knowledge of it at the end. He wants, in every way, to be the dominant one in their relationship, and he'd rather NOT HAVE HER than have it otherwise.
Sigyn (5/4 03:48pm): My opinion of Angel's relationship with Buffy is always characterized by how he treated her in I Will Remember You, where he went off to fight the demon leaving her asleep in the bed (and don't get into how leaving her asleep after screwing would be traumatic for her anyway) when he was weak and
DeamonQueen (5/4 03:42pm): Oh and correction in my previous statement. I had meant Ginar369 so right about Riley being a sexist.
DeamonQueen (5/4 03:41pm): Relationship, why when she was with Riley she was more of the power girl and dominant type.
DeamonQueen (5/4 03:40pm): Ginar369 so right about right being a sexist. But I have a follow up question though, do you guy think Angel was sexist or a misogynist? I always saw that he and Riley were a bit similar in how they treated Buffy.Only thing was that Buffy for Angel allowed him to be the "Big man" in their

New Skin and Banner Artist Listing

Just a quick news blurb so I don't clog up the shoutbox...

We have a brand new skin here at Elysian Fields thanks to our very own -Ash-. She was kind enough to submit some lovely artwork, and it inspired the new skin called heaven. You can preview it with the drop-down menus on the main page or in the footer. To make it (or any other skin) your default one, make sure to set in in your preferences.

Speaking of wonderful art, we have a number of banner artists here, and Wonder and Ashes added a suggestion asking for a better way for authors to find artists who are willing to volunteer their services to creating amazing artwork to go along with their story. If you are such an artist, you can now make it known that you're available to help by creating a banner artist profile from within your Account Info page. You can specify what information you need from an author if they make...

--Susan on February 05, 2016 09:07pm 13 Comments
Suggestion Box and Other Changes

I'm attempting a news post even though my brain is now slightly mushy. My apologies for any misspellings or incoherent ramblings.

First off, I upgraded our rich text editor to the newest edition of TinyMCE. I've been wanting to do this for a while since our previous version was very old, and because I thought it might make things a little easier for our authors who write in Google Docs. The new editor will import things like bold and italics easier than our old editor did. Also, it has a handy spell checker built in (no judgement wink).

Last month a number of people mentioned that they liked having the reviewer list that highlighted reviewers who go the extra mile with their reviews. I added a link on the bottom of the Members of the Month section on the main page that leads to a list that will update every month with reviewers who have at least 15 reviews of more that 5 words.

Just like the reviewer list, a number of our site features have come from member suggestions. Previously, suggestions...

--Susan on January 22, 2016 10:30pm 8 Comments
Welcome, 2016!

2015 was a very active and prolific year for Elysian Fields, and our stats are here to prove it (for reference, see our 2014 stats here). This year we held our first ever challenge month, and it went so well that we decided to do it again. We attempted to slay the email eating monster (and were slightly successful). We added beta and shoutbox search options, daily email digests, new categories, drabbles, and many other behind the scenes tweaks and fixes to try and help the site keep up with the times and to run more smoothly.

2016 will be Elysian Fields' 10th year online, and it is shaping up to be another big year for us. During the year, it looks like we will welcome our 4,000th story and our 15,000th member.

Thank you to everyone who made 2015 so wonderful: the authors, the reviewers, and even the lurkers !Flowers

2015 by the numbers:
Total number of words added: 10,487,862

--Susan, Megan and Kathleen on January 03, 2016 04:46pm 18 Comments