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It's Just Lust by spikesdeb PG-13
Set during, or rather, just after the incident on Buffy's birthday when...
Be Careful What You Wish For by spike_spetslayer NC-17
Buffy's birthdays never turn out well and Dawn's made a wish that everyone...
Doing Their Best by peroxidelove R
Set in S7 after First Date. On a day overlooked by her friends, Spike does...
04. Fix You by XoChantelly PG
It's Buffy's birthday, and it has been a long and lonely month for our two star...
Closer and Caught in Time by EllieRose101 NC-17
Set during the Season 6 episode, 'Older and Far Away' in which Spike gets his...
Destiny and Dreams by the_bronze R
No matter what Buffy tries to do stay away from Spike, her vampire somehow always...
Gifts by Irishrose NC-17
Buffy has another birthday catastrophy, or is it? The outcome will change the...
Breaking Novikov by reenasas PG-13
Buffy and Spike died miserable and alone. Dawn is going to fix that. So what...
In Death, That I May Live... by Irishrose NC-17
Challenge Fic: Buffy makes an accidental wish to a vengence demon that will...
No Happily Ever After by Irishrose NC-17
Since the age of five, Buffy has always thought that life couldn’t get...
Random Story
Still Famous by xaphania PG-13
Sequel to Famous on the Internet.When Spike discovers his new-found fame, he...
Braxen (1/25 04:03am): Thank you, who ever nominated me for the reviewer of the month! A nomination really is a nice thing to find in the mailbox, and it made my morning. :D
Puppet (1/25 01:33am): Behind Blue Eyes - Funny you should mention that, just watched that episode a few hours ago and don't remember her name being mentioned. And I def would have noticed, since it was around that time that I read this discussion on the box :)
missambermarie (1/24 06:23pm): Oops meant I lol
missambermarie (1/24 06:22pm): ABC's of Fatherhood is a great story! U second that rec! :)
EllieRose101 (1/24 05:07pm): May I just take a moment to recommend ABC's of Fatherhood by Addie Logan? It's amazing. So beautiful!
tinkerbell (1/24 01:59pm): Thank you so much to stuffandnonsense!!!! You were right, it was imbloodyenglish who wrote tailored encounters,, not addie logan. My apologies to them both.
Behind Blue Eyes (1/24 12:44pm): Pupprt: I believe during Atv episode Dear Boy, when you find out the twisted history ofDru being sired, you hear her name.
Behind Blue Eyes (1/24 12:15pm): I knew Pratt was official. I was more talking during the show, nothing in the comics.
Puppet (1/24 11:29am): Actually, we never had any proof, did we, that Drusilla was her human name? Also, I'm pretty sure her human last name was Keeble, at least I heard that somewhere that wasn't fanon.
Susan (1/24 10:54am): Don't forget to nominate your choices for February's author and reviewer of the month! Nominations close tomorrow.
pfeifferpack (1/24 10:49am): Since it wasn't on the actual show many fans chose to give him differing names. Joss did say the Pratt was official though. No names even in the comics for the others, however and we also never did learn Darla's original name (she even had forgotten supposedly).
pfeifferpack (1/24 10:47am): Behind Blue Eyes yup except Spike has a surname in the comics (with JOss approval). In one of the comics that came out before the series ended they gave William's last name as Pratt. They said it was in honor of Boris Karloff the great horror film actor.
stuffandnonsense (1/24 04:39am): Tailored Encounters
stuffandnonsense (1/24 04:38am): You might be thinking of an I'mBloodyEnglish story
stuffandnonsense (1/24 04:38am): You might be thinking of an I'mBloodyEnglish story
Wonder and Ashes (1/24 03:14am): @tinkerbell I can't recall one by Addie Logan, but there's one by dampersandspoons called 'At Your Service'.
juggler (1/24 12:25am): Whoa tinkerbell I don't remember that but I need to read that!
tinkerbell (1/23 11:33pm): Does anyone recall a story by Addie Logan where spike is hired to service buffy?
Legen (1/23 11:11pm): Prolly cause she was crazy.
Behind Blue Eyes (1/23 09:56pm): @foolforspuffy: Liam was his given name. In canon they never gave him a last name. All the main vamps: Angel, Spike, Dru and Darla were never given a last name. Actually, on a side note, Drusilla is the only one of the four who actually kept their given name
SoaringClaws (1/23 08:51pm): @jhiz: Well, there's that. But at least there was an 'on again' period. Spuffy has been off for far too long.
FoolForSpuffy (1/23 08:28pm): Is Liam O'Conner Angel's real name or us that just fanon? I can't exactly see Angel giving his kid his last name.
jhiz (1/23 04:43pm): ah but how many times have Scott and Jean been ripped apart? *laugh* and that was just before I stopped reading the X-men in the early 90s... Oh, and as for holiday fictions... I read them them randomly more so than in the season.
juggler (1/23 04:40pm): I read all year round whatever strikes my fancy~ christmas in march valentines in june....
SoaringClaws (1/23 03:55pm): @Behind Blue Eyes: I tend to read holiday fics randomly or on the day of/night before.

Happy 2015!

First off, congratulations to our first members of the month for 2015, tempestt and juggler!

Looking back on 2014, we had an incredibly active year. We added the members of the month nominations, and the process has been quite a success due to all of you who have voted. Make sure to keep it up in the new year to continue showing our authors and reviewers that they are appreciated! During the year, we had more new stories, reviews and members added than we did back in 2013. Not too shabby for a fandom that occasionally gets accused of "dying". It looks to me like we're still going strong. On behalf of all the mods, thank you to all our members who made 2014 such a great year in our little Spuffy haven. We can't wait to see what you all come up with in 2015!

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Remember, you need to mark stories as read for them to be included, since they aren't automatically marked that way if you view a story.

There's an item I wanted to point out just to hopefully avoid confusion. I had a few members ask me to add a new option to the bookshelf sort choices. They wanted to be able to sort their bookshelf by the date stories were added. The reason I didn't add that option in the first place is because the date isn't set in stone. What that means is, the date is added when you add the story to your bookshelf. Then, every time you click on a new chapter of the...

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Many new stories are featuring banners, and they are wonderful. We love banners, and are in awe of the work and creativity it takes to make them. That said, we know they can make it difficult to inconspicuously sneak a peek at the most recent list while at work sometimes you just want things simple and clean. So, you now have the option to hide banners from the browse pages and story index. Banners are always shown by default. To change your settings, go to your preferences, uncheck the box for 'Display banners on browse pages and story index' and click submit. If you uncheck the box, the banners will be hidden, and in their place you'll see a message that says '** Click here to see this story's banner**'. If you want to view the banner, you can hover over that message to see a thumbnail of the image, or you can click the message to view the image full size. Remember that it sometimes takes a little push for your phone/computer...

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