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Cast Me Not Away by Enigmaticblue PG-13
A long series exploring the ramifications of love, loss, and belonging. Spike...
In The Summertime by EternallySpuffy R
Adapted from 10 Things I Hate About You and Taming of the Shrew in this all-human...
Date Material by BeneficialAddiction PG
Spike loves a challenge. Buffy never backs down. Now a carelessly thrown insult...
Scarlet Symphony by DauntlessGrace NC-17
The year is 2030, and the rules have changed. In a broken world corrupted by...
Something To Live For by the_bronze R
**SEQUEL TO ALL I ASK** Things become 10x more complicated for the slayer and...
Feels Like Home by TammyDevil666 NC-17
Takes place after "Something Blue," Buffy gives Spike a reason to stick around.
She's Out of Her Mind by BeneficialAddiction PG
When Willow resurrects Buffy, she doesn't come back numb, she comes back nuts!...
Date Material by BeneficialAddiction PG
Spike loves a challenge. Buffy never backs down. Now a carelessly thrown insult...
Better Things to Do by BeneficialAddiction PG
If Spike had known that he would lose the Gem of Amara so quickly, he may have...
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Slayer Origins Book 3: A Legacy Continued by Areanna Whitewolf Adult Only
 <p>Author's Update:<b> Does anyone care about my stupid...
SoaringClaws (7/23 07:26pm): If anyone has been interested in starting Season 10 comic (either Buffy or Angel and Faith), Dark Horse digital is having a 99 cent sale! I'm finally able to catch up on the new A&F issues, wooh!
jenluvsspuffy (7/23 04:16pm): Yes---that's it! Thank you!
stuffandnonsense (7/23 12:07pm): oops - that'll learn me to not refresh before posting
stuffandnonsense (7/23 12:07pm): @jenluvsspuffy - I think you're looking for Somniloquy by Gwyneth Rhys
SoaringClaws (7/23 12:02pm): Yep, it is. I just read it recently and looked it up to make sure.
Susan (7/23 12:00pm): I'm pretty sure that's Somniloquy by Gwyneth Rhys .
sarra ambrai (7/23 11:14am): I think it might be one where Buffy didn't die bc Spike saved Dawn and everyone was just waiting for Buffy and Spike to get together. Giles really didn't like it, but didn't stand in the way and eventually went back to England. I can't remember the title, but maybe this will help?
jenluvsspuffy (7/22 11:54pm): Can anyone identify a fic for me? The part that stands out in my mind is bit of a rewrite of 'Bargaining'. Spike is accidentally staked by Anya and oddly enough he ogles Tara and thinks about how she was the shape that was attractive back when he was still human. Suggestions very appreciated.
Niamh (7/22 04:15pm): According to her headstone Tara's birthday was October 16
juggler (7/22 07:41am): Thanks 3hours, that may be the one.
3hours (7/21 10:49pm): Juggler, I once read a drabble where the Initiative had done more than put a chip in Spike's head. Buffy found a bionic dingaling when she stuf her hand down his pants :P It was under a thousand words tho.
stuffandnonsense (7/20 08:29pm): thank you again, Niamh :)
Mia Vaan (7/20 01:20pm): OK, been looking through the shout archive... EffulgentEllie, a while back you were asking about how to write 500+ years in a hell dimension. I've just discovered Holly's 'The Writing on the Wall', which may help if you still need it ;)
Niamh (7/19 10:19pm): Anya claims July 4th as her birthday
Susan (7/19 08:37pm): feature/emails would cause more good feelings than hurt ones. Personally, I agree with sweet, puddin and lambean that just announcing the MOTM is the way to go. However, if you're curious and want to know how many nom's you got, you can PM me and I'll be happy to let you know.
Susan (7/19 08:34pm): I wasn't planning on posting the number of votes. When I started thinking about MOTM, one of my worries was that it would cause hurt feelings if people didn't get many/any votes. I even thought a lot about the emails letting people know if they got nom'ed, but at the end of the day, I hoped that the
stuffandnonsense (7/19 06:45pm): @juggler, I think some (or all) of dreamweaver's fic has that....
juggler (7/19 05:51pm): thanks knight owl ~
lambean (7/19 03:58pm): I agree. It's surprising what a boost it gives you just to know that an author appreciated your review enough to nominate you. It would probably make you feel worse if you found out you were in last place. Let everyone who doesn't win believe they got second
sweetprincipale (7/19 12:45pm): The numbers shouldn't matter, it's just nice someone likes what you write :)
sweetprincipale (7/19 12:45pm): I agree with Puddinhead, but in case authors are curious, could they receive a notification email, not have it posted on the site? I am grateful I got nominated, but I don't want to know if it was only one little vote or 100. I especially wouldn't want to see that someone got hundreds while to my 1.
Puddinhead (7/19 11:29am): I love the idea of "member of the month" but worry that showing a vote count could make people feel badly and feed competition among us. And I love the supportive nature of this place so much!
EllieRose101 (7/19 10:59am): Are we gonna be told how many votes everyone got after the fact? I'm really curious.
Susan (7/19 08:28am): Less than 2 days left to nominate an author and a reviewer for our very first members of the month!
knightowl (7/19 03:13am): something like the sun by Barb c has a little bit but it's a pylea thing.

Members of the Month

We have so many wonderful authors and reviewers here at Elysian Fields, and now you have the chance to help us recognize some of the members who make EF such a great site. Every month we will have two members of the month, one author and one reviewer. So, how are the members of the month chosen? That's where you come in! Starting on the 1st of every month, nominations will open and you can head over to the nominations page to fill in your choices. Not sure who you want to nominate? You have until midnight on the 20th to get your nominations in. Also, if you change your mind, you can change your vote since the nominations aren't counted until after the 20th (your nomination only counts once no matter how many times you change your vote or hit the submit button).

Since nominations are open for most of the month, we're choosing for the following month (for example, right now nominations are for the August members of the month). After voting is over...

--Susan on July 01, 2014 10:10am 3 Comments

I just wanted to post a brief news item on Adopt-A-Fic, a new category that was recently added. A few members wanted a way for authors to show that they are no longer willing nor able to finish a WIP that they have written, and they are now interested in giving the fic to a new author so that it may be finished. If this is the case, authors may add the Adopt-A-Fic category to their stories so authors interested in picking up an existing story can easily find available works. There is some debate on author interest level, so the category has been added on a trial basis. We will re-evaluate the necessity of such a category after one month.

The decision for a story to be added to the Adopt-A-Fic category is that of the original author alone. Please do not contact authors asking them to do this. Asking an author to give one of their stories to another author is one of the surest ways to anger them.

--Susan on June 27, 2014 09:53am 2 Comments

A little while back EffulgentEllie and 3hours made a couple of suggestions for the challenge section, so I did a bit of work to hopefully fulfill their requests. When you look at challenges, you'll notice that at the bottom there are 2 new options. If you see a challenge that piques your interest that you might want to respond to at a later date, just click the first option [Save this challenge] and the challenge will be stored on your saved challenges list, which is accessible on your account info page. If you see a challenge that you don't want to take on, but feel like it's a great idea that you'd love to see come to fruition, click [Second this challenge]. You can see how many members have seconded a challenge on the top row next to the number of responses. In the example below, you can see a '+1' because one member decided that Puddinhead's challenge is awesome and should definitely be brought to life. If 2 members seconded the challenge, it would show a '+2'...

--Susan on May 29, 2014 02:24pm 7 Comments