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Regrets...I had a Few by Schehrezade R
(S/B) NC-17. Set in Season Six in the first moments of Tabula Rasa then spins...
Perfect World by cousinjean R
A slip of the tongue creates a whole new world of problems for Spike. Picks...
It's all A Question Of Timing by Debris4spike G
Sunnydale has gone - so what happens now ...? I know it has been done before...
Discovery by Caro Mio PG-13
Buffy and Co. have to move on after Sunnydale is destroyed. Where will they...
Uncontrollable by sweetprincipale NC-17
Set during S. 4"Where the Wild Things Are". Buffy and Spike end up being trapped...
The Road to Hell.... by All4Spike NC-17
Imagine, dear reader, that Spike didn’t return to Sunnydale after Season...
The Thin Blue Line by the_bronze R
Buffy has no idea what to think when she discovers that Spike is alive, kicking...
Choices by EllieRose101 NC-17
Buffy’s plan to never tell her friends about what happened between her...
Reveries and Ramifications by mak324 NC-17
Buffy's been dreaming about Spike. A lot. And as the dreams get more frequent...
Search for Redemption by Cyrano Adult Only
  Night after night he was there.  Night after night she would be...
Random Story
The Adventures of Porn Girl by TammyDevil666 Adult Only
Buffy Summers is just a normal girl by day, Porn Girl by night, your not so...
All4Spike (8/29 07:38am): I still read them all of course, and I'm grateful for every single one. Until you begin writing fics of your own, you have no idea how much the creative process relies upon feedback from readers! I'd never have been able to finish TRTH without the reviewers' feeback and encouragement! Thank you all!
All4Spike (8/29 07:36am): Ref the review response thread: I began by responding to all reviews. Then one week I was very busy and didn't have time and the next week the same and then by the time I did have time, there were so many, it was a little too daunting!
All4Spike (8/29 07:35am): *from her*
All4Spike (8/29 07:34am): Angel also undermined Buffy in Pangs, when he persuaded everyone to keep his presence for her 'for her own good'. As slayer, she needed to know exactly what was going on, not have everyone conspire behind her back!
tempestt (8/29 05:38am): Oh and don't get me started on Amends. Weak willed little wanker. Makes me want to take sewing scissors and stab him in the hmm..too much....time for bed. Night!
tempestt (8/29 05:34am): It's very annoying. then there's that whole thing with convenient that she made Buffy feel insecure and less womanly.
tempestt (8/29 05:32am): When Buffy tells angel they're done in lovers walk and he says, "I don't accept that." In fact all of s3 is a power struggle. Every time she tries to pull away he yanks her back until HE finally makes the decision that they can't work.
Sigyn (8/29 04:41am): Well, the whole Stalking Her From The Age Of Fifteen thing always stood out to me.
Valerie Strong (8/29 02:17am): Spuffy fic :)
Valerie Strong (8/29 02:16am): As well as he doesn't truly understand her like when he gives a book of poetry for her birthday. Thinking of writing my own Spuffy, I would like to add some of the small things as well as the "traditional" stuff in it, too.
Valerie Strong (8/29 02:12am): Between S1-3 Aside from Angel hiding the fact, who he was and what he did as Angelus, admitting he made Dru, not sharing the prophecy Buffy's death by the Master, taking it upon himself to leave her for LA. What other moments stand out when Angel undermined Buffy's authority and confidence to you?
Queenfish (8/29 01:33am): Strawberry Fields - oh please, please, please, please. Sits up and begs.
mak324 (8/28 07:22pm): Sweet, I'm with you. Always like to respond, especially cause its so incredible to get feedback and I always want to encourage discussion. It might take me some time, but I'll always get there!
hng23 (8/28 09:41am): @sweet: I usually leave a review on the first chapter; after that, a like for each chapter. I think of it as encouragement to keep writing. Quite frankly, I don't care if the author responds, because I know it's time-consuming, I just want them to know there's somebody out there reading.
Holly (8/28 09:37am): <3 Lou.
Holly (8/28 09:36am): Mum - Strawberry Fields has never quite danced its way off my to-do list. I'd love to be in a place where I could work on fanfic, original stuff, and dedicate myself to both my jobs. Ah, college. How I miss thee. T'was a simpler time.
sweetprincipale (8/28 09:28am): new toys until you've written the thank you note" mentality. I was just wondering if it mattered to people to get the reply before the new chapter or not. Sounds like as long as the writer doesn't lose the creative time by thanking people, it doesn't matter when the thank you is received.
sweetprincipale (8/28 09:27am): Responding to the discussion on replying- I always like to reply, even with a thank you, and I always get there, just may take me a long time. But previously my rule has been I can't post anything new to a story until I've thanked everyone who reviewed- kind of like the "you can't play with your
Lou (8/28 03:34am): Holly, it's like the olden days, you and pfeifferpack here!
Holly and pfeifferpack both here together -- it's like the olden day of yore!

pfeifferpack (8/27 11:16pm): Daughter of my heart....I hope you stay nostalgic or get that way every once in a while (and maybe even inspired enough to take a trip down Strawberry Fields ...*ahem* just saying LOL). *massive hugs*
Sigyn (8/27 09:34pm): I respond to all of them, just because it's easier to keep track. Even if it's just with a "thanks!"
Holly (8/27 09:26pm): Hey Mum! Glad to drop by. I've been feelin' nostalgic as of late.
Baseketcase (8/27 08:23pm): Hello! I updated Chapter 4 of "Soft Whispers"! Hope you guys like it! I'm working on the next chapter and will post it soon. :)
pfeifferpack (8/27 08:22pm): Madspuffyfan...that is actually a very helpful comment! Your reasoning makes sense.
madspuffyfan (8/27 06:05pm): I think writers should reply on the 1st, last & any chapter(s) they had difficulty writing. 1st for reading new story, last for sticking to the last chapter, difficult chapter(s) for letting them know it turned out alright.

Attention Authors

I know many of you may be new to the fandom world of Buffy fic and don't know some of the conditions regarding award sites. The most active of which is the Sunnydale Memorial Awards.  A wonderful site with great people offering their time to showcase good fic.


Obviously there are rules there as there is here.  We have people register if you wish to read/access NC17 and above ratings.  We do this to protect the site from legal accusations of allowing underage reading of "porn" or other age restricted material.  Because of that rule of ours the Sunnydale Memorial awards site will not take NC17 and above stories if the link is to our site.  

As the awards are reader voted upon they do not want the voter to have to register to read.  This is stated in their rules with EF specifically mentioned.

If your story is under an NC17 rating you can link from here but if it is NC17 or above you have to have the link to...

--pfeifferpack on August 10, 2015 09:04pm 4 Comments
New Categories

Based on requests from sweetprincipale and RESPICE FINEM, we have some new categories for stories.

First up are categories for individual comic seasons and for comics in the buffyverse that don't fit within a specific season. Previously we only had one category for all comic based stories, but each season now has its own category. I haven't removed the comic category yet since there are currently 47 stories in that category. If you have a story in the comic category, you can now edit it to reflect the correct season. There is still a post-series category that can cover stories that are both comic and non-comic compliant. Any thoughts about the need to split this into 2 categories (post-series comic compliant and post-series non-comic compliant)? I'm not sure if there's a need for this, but I know some people avoid the comics, so I thought I'd throw it out there.

Next, there are now categories for award winners and award runners-up. There used to be categories just for...

--Susan on July 25, 2015 09:50pm 8 Comments

We recently received an inquiry about the minimum story length requirement here at EF, which prompted a conversation between the admins about allowing drabbles to be added to the archive. Neither Megan, Kathleen nor I could come up with a good reason to continue to impose the 500 word count minimum, so we are now officially opening the doors to drabbles, poems and other shorter non-traditional story types. You'll now find new category options when adding or searching for a story.

If you're adding a series of drabbles that all center around a similar theme, then you can add one story, and the drabbles can just be separate chapters in the story (it will use less database space that way). If they are not at all related, then they can be published as separate stories.

Please use these new categories responsibly, and don't inundate us with drabbles just for the sake of publishing something (As opposed to me, since my new masterpiece titled, Portrait of a Demon is vital...

--Susan on June 26, 2015 03:55pm 4 Comments