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Rhapsody in Oil by Eurydice NC-17
A mysterious painting, a Slayer looking for something just a little bit different...
Look Into My Soul by -Ash- NC-17
19 days after the destruction of Sunnydale, Spike re-corporealizes in Angel's...
Bleed Black by Gaia-VoidMother R
Spike has a Really Good Day. Consequences follow. This does NOT start out a...
Cursed by Sunalso R
Every night Buffy finds herself waking up as Drusilla . . .
Requiem for a Poodle by zabjade PG-13
A week after Chosen, Buffy thinks about unlikely heroes.
Reality Sucks by Crimsinsky R
Sunnydale isn’t quite as “real” as the series. Buffy is trapped...
Dark Night of the Soul by pfeifferpack R
After the Initiative is “shut down”, a fatal decision is made that...
Let Me Give You What You're Giving Me by SilveryLocks NC-17
This is my version of what happens between Buffy and Spike during their last...
Get Over You by MSKBSwedish G
One-Shot. Buffy's thoughts toward Spike after she tells him that they won't...
Living In Danger by MSKBSwedish NC-17
Set four years after the first story 'Midnight Sun'. Buffy and Spike's daughter...
Random Story
Oblivious by hulettwyo NC-17
An all human AU inspired by Avril Lavigne’s Sk8er Boi. Is it possible...
juggler (2/8 12:18am): Autumn2005, give it a try. I'm open to reading lots of different ideas and if it doesn't work for me it will for someone else.
EmilytheSlayer323 (2/7 09:09pm): @Freecat: I think a better answer is here to fix your problem.
EmilytheSlayer323 (2/7 09:08pm): @Freecat: this might help
jhiz (2/7 08:57pm): I would read it, Autumn2005. I am sure others would too.
Rezol87 (2/7 08:13pm): Yes, I would still read it. I'll read most anything as long as the plot is good and its well written.
Sunalso (2/7 08:12pm): Even if :-)
alive_or_dead (2/7 08:12pm): I can't speak for everyone but I would still read it.
Autumn2005 (2/7 07:26pm): Even if it has an element of dubcon? :)
Rezol87 (2/7 07:24pm): I second that, I would totally read that
alive_or_dead (2/7 07:08pm): Do it and I will read it :D
Autumn2005 (2/7 05:46pm): Has there ever been a story in which Spike claimed Buffy during Smashed? If not I might write one...
Freecat (2/7 05:41pm): Emily - no, I haven't. I wanted to comment on the video reviews of PassionoftheNerd, which was why I created a g+ account in the frist place, but then I never got around to try it :-(
EmilytheSlayer323 (2/7 05:32pm): @Freecat: I think you need to have an account. I guess if you already have a g+ account um... you just have to create a youtube account? Have you tried commenting on other videos besides mine?
EmilytheSlayer323 (2/7 05:32pm): I think the show is streaming on the nbc app. So you can download the app on your phone and watch it. Or torrent it.
Freecat (2/7 05:11pm): ...suggesting I should...I do have a g+ account, so I have no idea why it wouldn't let me post a comment. So sorry!
Freecat (2/7 05:08pm): That's absolutely amazing!!! It's even better than the first! I very much liked that you included more characters this time, and since they seem interesting too, I REALLY want to watch now...I tried again posting, but YT doesn't like me. Do I need to have a chanel? I didn't think so, but it keeps...
EmilytheSlayer323 (2/7 04:08pm): @Freecat: I made another video since you said you wanted to see more xD.
EmilytheSlayer323 (2/7 04:07pm): happy birthday nmcil!
nmcil (2/7 03:53pm): @sweetprincipale & Braxen - Thanks for your Bday greetings - I had a wonderful day with my hubby.
Braxen (2/7 03:12pm): Happy birthday nmcil! :)
sweetprincipale (2/7 03:08pm): Happy birthday, nmcil! I feel like there are a ton of us lately ( I was on Thursday). is there a members' b-day calendar someplace?
cloudstarmoonsky (2/7 02:11pm): @Cryptwarmer it's called "heaven"
Cryptwarmer (2/7 01:44pm): What is the name of the new skin. I want to check it out
jhiz (2/7 01:32pm): I am also loving the new skin!
eternallyec (2/7 01:25pm): @-Ash- The new skin is gorgeous! I've had mine set on Drinking Buddies since I joined up until now. :D Thank you for the amazing work! (Makes reading much easier on the eyes too!)

New Skin and Banner Artist Listing

Just a quick news blurb so I don't clog up the shoutbox...

We have a brand new skin here at Elysian Fields thanks to our very own -Ash-. She was kind enough to submit some lovely artwork, and it inspired the new skin called heaven. You can preview it with the drop-down menus on the main page or in the footer. To make it (or any other skin) your default one, make sure to set in in your preferences.

Speaking of wonderful art, we have a number of banner artists here, and Wonder and Ashes added a suggestion asking for a better way for authors to find artists who are willing to volunteer their services to creating amazing artwork to go along with their story. If you are such an artist, you can now make it known that you're available to help by creating a banner artist profile from within your Account Info page. You can specify what information you need from an author if they make...

--Susan on February 05, 2016 09:07pm 11 Comments
Suggestion Box and Other Changes

I'm attempting a news post even though my brain is now slightly mushy. My apologies for any misspellings or incoherent ramblings.

First off, I upgraded our rich text editor to the newest edition of TinyMCE. I've been wanting to do this for a while since our previous version was very old, and because I thought it might make things a little easier for our authors who write in Google Docs. The new editor will import things like bold and italics easier than our old editor did. Also, it has a handy spell checker built in (no judgement wink).

Last month a number of people mentioned that they liked having the reviewer list that highlighted reviewers who go the extra mile with their reviews. I added a link on the bottom of the Members of the Month section on the main page that leads to a list that will update every month with reviewers who have at least 15 reviews of more that 5 words.

Just like the reviewer list, a number of our site features have come from member suggestions. Previously, suggestions...

--Susan on January 22, 2016 10:30pm 7 Comments
Welcome, 2016!

2015 was a very active and prolific year for Elysian Fields, and our stats are here to prove it (for reference, see our 2014 stats here). This year we held our first ever challenge month, and it went so well that we decided to do it again. We attempted to slay the email eating monster (and were slightly successful). We added beta and shoutbox search options, daily email digests, new categories, drabbles, and many other behind the scenes tweaks and fixes to try and help the site keep up with the times and to run more smoothly.

2016 will be Elysian Fields' 10th year online, and it is shaping up to be another big year for us. During the year, it looks like we will welcome our 4,000th story and our 15,000th member.

Thank you to everyone who made 2015 so wonderful: the authors, the reviewers, and even the lurkers !Flowers

2015 by the numbers:
Total number of words added: 10,487,862

--Susan, Megan and Kathleen on January 03, 2016 04:46pm 17 Comments