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Broken Wing Of an Angel by Mrs Muir NC-17
Summary: Sequel to 'Angels in the Rain'. Six months after they met...
Saggit (6/21 12:15am): I mean, Dawn as a centaur, or a giantess: *really?* Talk about a pubescent boy's wet dream. And let's not get into the fact that villains can't die, because they're needed to furnish the stuff of endless future merchandise, aka comic books. -Basta. Enough complaints.
Saggit (6/21 12:05am): Comics don't work for me. Just my personal view, but nearly everything I've read at any given time seems to be written for 14-year-old boys who prefer masturbation to actual girls. Maybe because the women in comics are blow-up dolls. And the stories make no sense. -Again, just my perspective.
pnksno20 (6/20 11:32pm): Just read the latest issue myself. It just sucks how they wrote the breakup. If there isn't a twist, it's really bad writing and makes no sense.
Jane Smith (6/20 10:03pm): Whether or not they end up together at the end, all I see is artificial conflict.
Jane Smith (6/20 09:59pm): Even Buffy admits that it's "just her" that can't make it work, and it doesn't have much to do with him. Anyway, don't get your hopes too high, but I wouldn't keep them too too low either.
Jane Smith (6/20 09:58pm): But maybe, despite a great plot and characters, they can't write a healthy relationship for their lives and literally stumbled into a something that worked between Spike and Buffy in S6.
Jane Smith (6/20 09:57pm): Well, I just saw a panel from twitter, and maybe joss & co. are trying to imply denial from Spike and Buffy? I can't even tell with them, but the panel that says "we broke up. it was mutual and the right decision and we're fine with it," sounds like they're really not fine with it.
sandy_s (6/20 09:45pm): Love that the featured stories are all human AU's. big grin Nice.
yellowb (6/20 09:39pm): Inglorious fan fiction.
Jane Smith (6/20 09:34pm): And, from what I've seen, they're basically glorified fanfiction, to the point where actual fanfiction is better.
Jane Smith (6/20 09:34pm): So, is it explained what they broke up over in the comics? Anyway, while I don't keep up with them/care about them enough, there are still a few issues left for a plot to develop; also, the comics were something of a mess for a while until they got better and they'll probably revert to a mess.
slaymesoftly (6/20 07:26pm): well said, kerry220
slaymesoftly (6/20 06:03pm): I wrote my reactions on the FB discussion page. Basically, I wasn't as freaked out as I expected, but reserving judgement until it's all said and done.
kerry220 (6/20 05:58pm): Meh, Ive always thought the Spuffy community thrived on the conflict of canon. If theyre together and happy in canon what is there to write about or fix?? Im looking forward to all the potential reunions - silk purse/sows ear anyone?
Bookworm742 (6/20 01:57pm): Ive never been a huge fan of comics in general...if I want to read for pleasure, I generally want something longer! That said, Im one of those with my hands over my ears, eyes shut, and pretending the Buffy comics have never existed. I like my happy fanfic endings, tyvm! wink
magnus374 (6/20 12:15pm): I say as I have said before, I think about the comics as I think about the other highlander movies, they don't exist.
slaymesoftly (6/20 12:15pm): On my way now to get mine....
kimothyschma (6/20 11:35am): The big bads of the comics were never compelling. They recycle stuff from the show - just finished the new issue and theres another recycled big bad. Spuffy aside, its disappointing. Also I remain hopeful they can get back together before #4.
noelle89 (6/20 10:26am): Also they could have just ended the Buffy comics after season 11 to have a nice closure to the series. Just my thoughts. Done now..
noelle89 (6/20 10:00am): Glad I never got into the comics. They sound strange. And writers today seem to not be influenced by "fans" and what they want. Sad about Spuffy from what I am hearing thoughfrown
kimothyschma (6/20 08:46am): I liked the direction of the comics before now Spuffy-wise, but honestly, 90% of the fic here was already better anyway?
laurazap_1980 (6/20 08:14am): But i come here because in my mind these amazing stories are as much cannon as the ridiculousness of the comics
laurazap_1980 (6/20 08:11am): So upset at the comics.
slaymesoftly (6/20 08:11am): Will be picking up my comic in a few hours. I'm trying to reserve judgement until the series ends, but I cannot believe how depressed I am at what I'm hearing . I hate that a comic book can have that kind of affect on me. I am not a particularly sensitive or emotional person. This sucks.
Elianne (6/20 06:57am): @flow: thank you for pointing out the FB group😊sending hugs because of the comic ..

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