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Help Wanted by Baphrosia PG-13
  When Buffy tells Spike in 'Lovers Walk' that he tends to cause trouble...
Someday by Sunalso NC-17
AU. The world is broken, but Buffy is given seven days to make it better. Does...
Desperation by Rezol87 R
Forced to watch helplessly while Buffy's life is slipping away Dawn makes a...
Reformation by OffYourBird R
When a Buffy from another dimension rescues Spike after he’s left beaten...
Regarding Grief by sandy_s PG-13
Disclaimer: I own nothing. All belongs to Joss. Summary: Dawn is grieving. ...
During Death by EffulgentEllie PG-13
When Buffy sacrifices herself by jumping into Glory's portal, she finds herself...
A Different Kind of (Sunny)hell by OffYourBird Adult Only
Between juggling a New World Order, a bothersome Council, wayward magic, and...
Taking Chances by sandy_s R
Someone dies and has a regret. The regret requires fixing. That fixing involves...
The Truth by Stealthofdays R
After The Wedding From Hell, Anya wishes everyone in Sunnydale would be forced...
Desperation by Rezol87 R
Forced to watch helplessly while Buffy's life is slipping away Dawn makes a...
Random Story
Life Goes On by Wonder and Ashes PG-13
Joyce lives long enough so she’s the one who jumps off the tower and closes...
pfeifferpack (6/28 03:22am): I agree with you HCB that verbalizing should make it a simple matter of yes or no (and no can be said at any time by either party). Having to rely on visual clues and guessing games can lead to disaster (look at Spike in S6). We need to learn to speak and listen and respect the answers given.
HCB (6/28 03:21am): terrifyingly as I now realise -- hearing a woman moan 'no' or 'we mustn't' during a sex scene is so normal that it is part of the background noise. A sharp "no" though, I don't understand how anyone could misinterpret, unless they were into some kinky stuff but then you have to have a safe word, no?
HCB (6/28 03:20am): Sigyn: That is a very good point. I hadn't thought of people having sex when they don't know each other very well. Pumpkin is a very difficult word to mishear. It reminds me of the scene with Faith and Riley, it takes him several seconds to work out that she was telling him to get off, because --
pfeifferpack (6/28 03:17am): Happy birthday Zay and LadyLily06. Hope the day is filled with smiles, love and prezzies and that you have your very best year yet.
HCB (6/28 03:15am): MichelleZed: But if someone isn't sure, couldn't they just stop and ask: "Excuse me, I wasn't sure if that was a groan of pleasure of pain, could you please clarify and would you like me to continue?" thereby making it a simple matter of yes or no?
HCB (6/28 03:14am): Killijoy: Yes, that is a problem. It makes me glad that I don't drink.
HCB (6/28 02:59am): I will read the article after breakfast.
HCB (6/28 02:58am): It just never occurred to me that you would. And, I have to say, the few times that she has said no to another dog getting to close the dog has always run back to his parents looking upset and been told: "Well, you shouldn't have been trying to sniff her bottom then, should you?"
HCB (6/28 02:57am): Ceruleansoul: That is very concerning. My dad never made me do that. If Catherine does not want someone touching or picking her up, then there will be no touching or picking up of the Catherine. Daddy is here for enforcement. *nods* I don't even make my dog let people touch her.
HCB (6/28 02:55am): Sunalso: Another person killing the whole parenting thing I see. Well done. big grin You won't be chopped liver, he's still going to need you to but him a trolley of groceries every day when the teenage years really settle in. big grin Empty leg syndrome is real.
HCB (6/28 02:54am): Sigyn: That is concerning. My question would be: did the person really believe that not saying 'no' was consent, or was that simply the excuse that they used after raping someone? Safe words for tickle fight, that's such a good idea. Good parenting job. big grin
-Carrie-Ann- (6/28 02:30am): Love the Carnivorous Carnival, an absolute work of art which must have been such hard work, I'm still in awe of it!
-Carrie-Ann- (6/28 02:26am): Sun, are you telling us you had a 'Carrie' (the movie) moment? (minus the nasty girls in the bathroom who I always want to beat to death with their own shoes)
-Carrie-Ann- (6/28 02:20am): Sunalso, Bit late but I only know them as Ladybirds so either way is good for me x
-Carrie-Ann- (6/28 02:19am): Lol! Highly amused by the scramble to provide smutty goodness for MichelleZed's hubbie big grin
Ceruleansoul (6/28 12:40am): Jumpverse is great! Definitely one of my favorite series @MichelleZed, I hope you enjoy!!
OffYourBird (6/28 12:29am): smile hope you enjoy!
MichelleZed (6/28 12:26am): Thank you all! We made it home. Moat od your recs I had read. OffYourBird, I have not read any Jumpverse so I have Bookshelved your first one!
Sigyn (6/28 12:22am): So... perfect fanfic, in other words!
bewildered (6/28 12:12am): lol with the CYOA, you are guaranteed smut if you just hit the back button any time you get a premature ending (so to speak). That fic is seriously 90% smut, 8% plot, and 2% Riley getting eaten by lions.
pfeifferpack (6/28 12:10am): YAY someone else who reads Spuffy to their other half on road trips (or commuting with work). Not always smut but he hears all the best stuff eventually.
Sigyn (6/28 12:06am): And for Choose Your Own Adventure smut, may I STRONGLY recommend bewildered's Carnivorous Carnival. (Hint: pick cookie for the third kitten.)
Sigyn (6/28 12:04am): And my two longer smut-fics. They might be too long for your purposes, but there is smut in every chapter. The first one's dark, the second one's much lighter.
Sunalso (6/27 11:59pm): @Rezol it's lovely!
Sunalso (6/27 11:58pm): @MichelleZed and if you need a threesome. (Still Spuffy)

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New Genres

Hi everyone,

Just a short note to let you know that new genres have been added. The list of fic genres had not been updated in some time (possibly forever). The new additions came from a request in the suggestion box (brought forth from discussion on the Shoutbox) because the connotations attached to some older fandom terms has changed. We also added a few because, well, we just needed them. 

The addition of new genres does not mean that existing ones have been removed or changed. I repeat, no existing genres have been deleted or modified. They're all still there. We've just added new ones, to give writer's more options for labelling/sorting their fic. If the new genres are utilised, that will also make it easier for readers to search for more specific criteria. 

The new genre options are as follows: Dark, Humor, Lighthearted, Erotica, Hurt/Comfort, Vignette. 


--angelic_amy on May 20, 2017 08:18am 8 Comments
A New Beginning... (Or Maybe not)

4/1/16 Edit: Well, I guess our switch to an all Rangel site didn't go over as planned... April Fools! Of course the jig is up and it was all a joke. We know we put all this up before April 1 in the USA, where the majority of our members live. However, don't forget that 2 of our mods are Australian, and since it was April 1 for them, we technically weren't cheating innocent.

Thanks to all our members for playing along. We got some themed submissions, which was awesome and unexpected, and we had many lurky members comment and shout about our "new theme". We hope to keep hearing from you! Don't keep quiet until next year when we make this place a Clem/Teeth the loan shark archive wink.

An enormous thank you goes to javajunkie247, who played along with our insane...

--The Elysian Fields Mods on March 31, 2017 08:59pm 30 Comments
Shoutbox Odds and Ends

Just a quick note to keep you all informed without clogging up the shoutbox. Speaking of the shoutbox, a suggestion was added recently about it, and it prompted me to add a couple new features, and finally fix some glitches that had been around for a while.

First, the fixes:

  • Links wouldn't work properly if they were directly followed by punctuation (e.g. or if they had more than one instance of http:// within them (e.g. These should no longer be an issue.
  • Multiple presses of the shout button frequently resulted in duplicate shouts. Some new behind the scenes code should now remedy this.

Now, the new items:

  • If you're reading on the shout archive page, you can now shout directly from there instead of having to click back to the home page. You'll see the shout text input at the top of the page.
  • If you want to catch up...

--Susan on March 30, 2017 11:40pm 12 Comments