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Autumn Sunsets by Holly NC-17
Buffy asks Spike to help her with her Thanksgiving dinner, and is determined...
The Company We Keep by Enigmaticblue PG
Set in the 'Cast Me Not Away' verse. A Thanksgiving story
Food to Pilgrims Given by Barb C PG-13
Spike tries to cheer Dawn up at Thanksgiving.
Circulation by AGriffinWriter NC-17
A one-shot, smutty conclusion to 'Pangs'. Prompted by Laurence Quill's unofficial...
Giving Thanks by stuffandnonsense NC-17
Season 6 Thanksgiving with Buffy and Dawn's aunts. Missing scenes between Wrecked...
Poetry can make you cry by Lilachigh G
A very short account of the way Spike spent Thanksgiving one year!
Being Thrown a Bone by EllieRose101 PG
“You’re like a dog with a bone!” he exclaimed, utterly fed...
Love Brings You by maryperk PG
Buffy's talk with Glory's dying monk has surprising revelations.  
Awakening by tempestt PG-13
Trapped with a seriously injured Slayer with a wicked personality disorder...
Hello Goodbye by sandy_s PG-13
Rating: PG-13 Disclaimer: I own nothing. Joss owns all. Summary: Spike died...
Random Story
The Light of the World by Wonder and Ashes PG-13
Spike never came back to Sunnydale. Now Buffy has realized that Dawn, her supposed...
myrabeth (11/26 02:33pm): Happy Pangs Day, everyone!
synera (11/26 02:14pm): Thank you for any and all help, and Happy thanksgiving!
synera (11/26 02:13pm): I'm looking for a fic all human, where Buffy a single mom wins an all expense paid trip to England or Ireland (I'm not sure) and her neighbor happens to be Spike they have a whirlwind romance and then Buffy leaves thinking it's over. Spike it turns out is a famous actor and ends up tracking her down
kittyfajitas (11/26 02:10pm): Happy Ritual Sacrifice Day to all my fellow Americans! :)
scorpiogirl (11/26 01:58pm): Happy Thanksgiving lovely EFers!!! Don't eat too much pie! :)
Freecat (11/26 01:51pm): Happy Thanksgiving to all of you celebrating!
mak324 (11/26 11:23am): A very happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow US of A-ers. May you not have any fights to the death during dinner, or accidentally make any angry bears.
nmcil (11/25 10:04pm): Here is the link for Spuffy Realm - "Always Wait For You"
AnnaH (11/25 06:42pm): I don't think it's here but I've read the story on FF. Here's the link -
It's also on Blodshedverse, nocturnal light, spikeluver and spuffyficrec.

-Ash- (11/25 05:50pm): That fic sounds really good, guys! I think I am going to read it too! Is it on this site? If not, I'll check FF and Archives.
Autumn2005 (11/25 11:10am): Thanks, I couldn't remember the name of it! But yeah, it's a really good fic, and while I was sad that she didn't trust vamp!Spike at first, I agree that it's realistic. And it worked out in the end :)
SoaringClaws (11/25 10:42am): And for anyone interested it's called Always Wait For You. It's on a couple of other sites.
SoaringClaws (11/25 10:34am): @Autumn2005: I've read that! It was really good and really heartbreaking. I thought it was pretty realistic for Buffy to be so wary, especially while protecting kids, though I know other people will throw a fit about her not trusting Spike.
Autumn2005 (11/25 10:31am): And eventually he convinced her that he was still the same person as a vampire as he was as a human. I know the fic isn't cannon, but I thought it was a good portrayal.
Autumn2005 (11/25 10:30am): Regarding Spike soul/no soul, I read a fic, I think it's posted here, by Slaymesoftly (I read it at another site) about years after ATV5 both Spike and Angel shanshu'ed, and Buffy married/had kids with Spike, and he got turned into a vampire again. She was going to stake him, but let him go intead..
Carrie Vinca (11/25 09:05am): Season 10 is much truer to the original series and has much of the humor we were used to. Sn 8 sucked, AnnaH lcam!
AnnaH (11/25 08:47am): I hated comics s8 so much I almost gave up on them. Just kept reading out of curiosity. But, despite what JW says, I don't consider them canon either. For me, only 7 seasons of BtVS and 5 seasons of AtSV are canon.
Gaia-VoidMother (11/25 07:35am): @AnnaH Thanks. I haven't read the comics (Hell, I haven't even watched Ats) and only have the vaguest notion of what goes on in them. I kinda don't consider them canon, myself
AnnaH (11/25 06:46am): In the Spike series, when Spike gives his soul to Drusilla, he realizes he could be/was a good man without it. To me, that was one of the most important character developments of our insecure vampire. And the crucial difference between Angelus and soulless Spike.
Gaia-VoidMother (11/25 06:36am): There was a comic arc that dealt with that. Some guy stole his soul and he didn't change. He tried to give it to Dru to help her when it came time to return it but her poor mad brain couldn't handle it so he got it back
nmcil (11/25 04:23am): If Spike lost he lost - what does that make him - what limitations are imposed on him? Does Spike become a totally different being without the soul?
nmcil (11/25 04:21am): Regarding Spike/Soul - As an element that makes him more compelling and ads to his character - YES, I agree. What I dislike is that, at least for me, the soul becomes like a "magic elixir" that makes it possible for him to be the Good Vamp/Man. Because there will always be the What If he lost it?
Freecat (11/25 04:13am): @Gaia - oh, okay, so you're in the other direction ☺but you're still arround at all times... @Sigyn - and don't I know it...I'm glad my youngest is already 9 years old😀
Sigyn (11/25 04:03am): I have young baby. Young baby precludes sleep.
Gaia-VoidMother (11/25 03:58am): It's all good Freecat. It's only 5pm here though, although, I really don't sleep either XD

Holiday Challenges!

December is full of holidays, and to celebrate we're having two different challenges throughout the month.

The first challenge is for authors. Your job is to come up with a new story (be it a one shot or multi chapter fic) that includes or is inspired by a holiday in December. Of course there are a number of widely celebrated holidays such as Christmas, New Year's Eve, etc... that you can choose. However, you can also revolve your fic around one of the lesser known holidays in December. For example, did you know that Letter Writing Day, Cat Herders Day, Make Up Your Mind Day and Chocolate Covered Anything Day are all celebrated in December? Don't believe me? See those holidays and more here. Go ahead and start looking for inspiration and start thinking about your story/stories, but don't publish until December. There will be another news post in the coming weeks about how to make sure your addition is counted in the challenge, so keep an eye out for that.

The second challenge...

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Goodbye, Challenge Month!

Now that challenge month has come to a close, we wanted to say a huge thank you to all the authors and reviewers who made it a success. We had 39 challenge responses added or updated, and we had 5 brand new authors make their debut with a challenge response in October. You can still view all the Challenge Month entries here: All authors who contributed should now have their pretty, new award created by DauntlessGrace listed on their profile page.

As Kathleen mentioned in her birthday news post, we will be taking November off as far as new events. There are many things already going on, such as NaNoWriMo and Seasonal Spuffy, along with the regularly scheduled Elysian Fields goodness that we know you'll be providing. However, we've got some new things brewing for December and beyond. Even though we have some things already...

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Happy birthday to us!


Elysian Fields is celebrating our 9th birthday on Tuesday, October 27.  We want to thank all of our writers and readers because it is YOU who make this site not only possible but a joy.  This month we also surpassed the 14,000 member mark!  We have 609 authors and close to 4,000 stories.  Quite a lot to be proud of and we are.

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There are some sites that ask for donations all the time and people wonder just” how much it costs to host this site anyway?” I’ve wondered at times myself.  So here are our current...

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