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Fragments of a Dream by Magista R
Buffy becomes trapped in a world of her own nightmares. Will Spike and the Scoobies...
Second Youth by Ariel Dawn PG
Willow does a spell that brings an older (Post Chosen) Buffy back into the body...
Aphrodite's Pick by Dorians Kitten NC-17
Concerned that he has spent too long alone, William's cousin and uncle...
A Crack in Oblivion by DauntlessGrace NC-17
Set after the events of the season 5 AtS series finale "Not Fade Away." Buffy...
Breaking Novikov by reenasas PG-13
Buffy and Spike died miserable and alone. Dawn is going to fix that. So what...
Best Friends by anaross R
Buffy considers why Spike is her best friend.
Destiny of the Chosen by DauntlessGrace NC-17
A response to a challenge by Mia Vaan. The Watcher's Council never tracks Buffy...
In Pursuit of Kittens by Dactylgirl PG
Spike goes on the hunt for a missing kitten. SCHMOOP WARNING.
The Fallout by KAllyn9087 PG-13
Things go differently starting with After Life. Buffy and Spike had a more heartfelt...
Halloween by vampirische liebe R
What might have happened if Spike had found Buffy first in Halloween, Season...
Random Story
Only Time Will Tell by dampersandspoons NC-17
A year after the Hellmouth collapsed, Buffy and co., who now reside in London...
Behind Blue Eyes (3/6 12:37pm): Big thanks to lilachigh and stuffandnonsense for helping me out!
SoaringClaws (3/6 12:32pm): @Legen: Huh.. So when Willow is associated to strawberries...
EmilytheSlayer323 (3/6 08:06am): @alive_or_dead: That's amazing! Well done! *claps proudly* Oh, and, thanks. I'll be sure to PM you if I need anything. ^_^
knightowl (3/6 06:19am): Assie Buffy sounds awesome.
Lilachigh (3/6 04:31am): @Behind Blue Eyes Hi, let me know if I can help with London query
alive_or_dead (3/6 04:13am): Hey guys, has anyone checked out @wintersstorm's latest challenge?
alive_or_dead (3/6 04:01am): Yes, it stands for Self-Harm. Thanks for all the love, guys.
Dactylgirl (3/6 03:48am): Congrats on your 80 days @alive, that's an amazing achievement. (I believe it stands for self harm right?)
Legen (3/6 02:43am): Bc curiosity killed the Legen. I looked up SH that@alive said. I couldn't find it but I did find something else. scroll almost to the bottom and check out the entry for "strawberry" I thought it was... Relatable, for lack of a better word. To btvs that is.
SoaringClaws (3/6 02:30am): I wish I could give everyone cuddles. <3 I love you all!
feliciacraft (3/6 12:54am): @alive_or_dead: I have no wisdom to impart, but I hope it's obvious that people care about you. I guess taking it one day at a time is a good strategy. Don't hesitate to reach out to people you trust, especially when the going gets tough. Sending you best wishes.
alive_or_dead (3/5 11:34pm): I should mention that it wasn't JUST when I was 14. I've been close to the edge multiple times, and tried to go over a few times, but the important part is that I didn't.
alive_or_dead (3/5 11:33pm): Also (Possible Trigger Warning?) I'm officially 80 days clean of SH. Yay on me!
alive_or_dead (3/5 11:32pm): @feliciacraft I'm not really over it (even though it started almost 13 years ago), as it's not something one CAN 'get over'. It will haunt me til the day I die, but I get by, day by day. Like I said, some days are harder than others, but I'm still alive.
feliciacraft (3/5 11:17pm): @alive_or_dead: I'm terribly sorry to hear that, but more glad that you were able to summon the strength you needed from Buffy to overcome it all. Good to have you alive!!!
alive_or_dead (3/5 11:15pm): @EmilytheSlayer323 As long as you've got something/someone to look up to, you can beat it. Don't forget we're all here, too. PM me if you need to talk. *hug*
Susan (3/5 09:11pm): I thought this was interesting and timely since people were recently posting about how Buffy helped them through tough times:
Puppet (3/5 09:02pm): Yeah, not excited about Archive of our own, have to admit. What is SO3?
Niamh (3/5 08:53pm): Archive of our own. But there's not much of a family feel to it.
Niamh (3/5 08:52pm): SO3
Puppet (3/5 08:35pm): Hey, does anyone here know of a good site (not ffnet) where they post Buffy stories that aren't solely Spuffy, or even pairing-centered? A place like this, with active members and a good deal of people checking out your story? In the mood to write non-Spuffy at the moment. Thanks in advance.
EllieRose101 (3/5 07:28pm): *slips in to say: anyone who has read my most recent chapter of 'Regrets', please be aware I have edited it slightly since posting.*
EmilytheSlayer323 (3/5 06:37pm): @alive_or_dead: Wow. That's such a sad story... I feel the same way at the moment, but I always look up to Buffy and she's there to save me from 'slipping away'. Oh, and mental training for a slayer? We're all Potentials here xD
Wonder and Ashes (3/5 06:11pm): @Blue Eyes I'm not as familiar with London as I'd like to be, but I know that Lilachigh is. ;)
Behind Blue Eyes (3/5 05:07pm): Hey! I was hoping to get a bit of help from someone that is very familiar with London. It's not a big question and won't take much of your time. Just shoot me an email if you're willing to lend a hand. Thanks!

Happy 2015!

First off, congratulations to our first members of the month for 2015, tempestt and juggler!

Looking back on 2014, we had an incredibly active year. We added the members of the month nominations, and the process has been quite a success due to all of you who have voted. Make sure to keep it up in the new year to continue showing our authors and reviewers that they are appreciated! During the year, we had more new stories, reviews and members added than we did back in 2013. Not too shabby for a fandom that occasionally gets accused of "dying". It looks to me like we're still going strong. On behalf of all the mods, thank you to all our members who made 2014 such a great year in our little Spuffy haven. We can't wait to see what you all come up with in 2015!

2014 by the numbers:
Total number of words added: 4,922,186
Total number of stories added: 239
Total number...

--Susan on January 01, 2015 02:31pm 0 Comments
More Sort Options

ETA 12/1/14: Another new sort item is the ability to filter by whether a story is marked as read or not. SoaringClaws asked for this a while back, and it's taken me a little bit to get it set up, but now on most browse pages, if you're logged in, you'll see this option among the top of the page drop-downs:

Remember, you need to mark stories as read for them to be included, since they aren't automatically marked that way if you view a story.

There's an item I wanted to point out just to hopefully avoid confusion. I had a few members ask me to add a new option to the bookshelf sort choices. They wanted to be able to sort their bookshelf by the date stories were added. The reason I didn't add that option in the first place is because the date isn't set in stone. What that means is, the date is added when you add the story to your bookshelf. Then, every time you click on a new chapter of the...

--Susan on November 14, 2014 10:07am 7 Comments
Banners and Review Wordcounts

Many new stories are featuring banners, and they are wonderful. We love banners, and are in awe of the work and creativity it takes to make them. That said, we know they can make it difficult to inconspicuously sneak a peek at the most recent list while at work sometimes you just want things simple and clean. So, you now have the option to hide banners from the browse pages and story index. Banners are always shown by default. To change your settings, go to your preferences, uncheck the box for 'Display banners on browse pages and story index' and click submit. If you uncheck the box, the banners will be hidden, and in their place you'll see a message that says '** Click here to see this story's banner**'. If you want to view the banner, you can hover over that message to see a thumbnail of the image, or you can click the message to view the image full size. Remember that it sometimes takes a little push for your phone/computer...

--Susan on September 12, 2014 11:02am 2 Comments