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Life's Ever Changing Turns by maryperk R
What if? during Fool for Love. What if Buffy wasn't a raging ... you know what...
Remember When by Ashlee NC-17
Set almost seventeen years after The Gift, Spike is now living in L.A. working...
Taste of Juliet by Megan NC-17
Set during Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 4.   Buffy's evening takes...
Replacement by sus NC-17
After years of struggling for a life of her own, the immortal Slayer is finally...
During Death by EffulgentEllie PG-13
Part one of the Void Verse.When Buffy sacrifices herself by jumping into Glory's...
Detention (again) by Frillyria NC-17
A young woman begins her teaching career assigned the Saturday Detention shift...
Hunger by Sunalso NC-17
AU. Spike killed his third Slayer, but Dru was already dust. He's been lost...
If I Should Dust Before I Wake by -Carrie-Ann- NC-17
Buffy moves into an old, desolate, mansion with her mother but it soon seems...
Scenes Without a Story by maryperk NC-17
These are various scenes that are not connect to each other or any other stories. ...
Summers by EllieRose101 PG
Dawn’s diary entries about her family, including Spike – a summary.
Random Story
Prince Albert by Bjarka99 NC-17
Spike gets pierced in a few interesting places. Response to a challenge by kruemmel.
scorpiogirl (8/20 01:10pm): And a very happy birthday to the amazing, talented and hottttt James Marsters, without which our beloved vampire would not exist! bravo cheers love
scorpiogirl (8/20 01:07pm): Happy Birthday to penwse and Frozenscythe! party
Kate of Katehall (8/20 09:20am): Happy birthday, penwse and Frozenscythe! 🎈
-Carrie-Ann- (8/20 08:01am): Now off to have brunch and then watch Annabelle Creation at the movies, see you all later xx
-Carrie-Ann- (8/20 07:59am): Would you believe I've managed to post the next chapter of IISD on time? I can hardly believe it myself! lol
sosa lola (8/20 05:25am): @purrmonster, ooooh thank you!
-Carrie-Ann- (8/20 04:49am): Oh yeah and Happy Birthday to the gorgeous and talented James Marsters!
-Carrie-Ann- (8/20 04:48am): Happy birthday to penwse & Frozenscythe.
pfeifferpack (8/20 03:33am): party Happy birthday to penwse & Frozenscythe. Have a fantastic day. May this coming year see you surrounded by love and may your fondest dreams come true.
purrmonster (8/20 02:54am): oh, excellent, sandy_s had the same info! Awesome!
purrmonster (8/20 02:50am): But then you'll have to tell them just who Jane Espenson and David Fury are and hopefully they know who Joss Whedon is. Excellent quotes from all three.
purrmonster (8/20 02:44am): sosa lola - add this information whenever anyone doubts the reason Spike sought/fought for his soul -->
sandy_s (8/19 11:24pm): You're welcome! big grin
medievalchic (8/19 11:21pm): Thanks for the article, sandy!
swifthorse (8/19 09:38pm): One more night and then you finally get a break to write vampire porn for all of us! wink
Sunalso (8/19 07:30pm): I'm excited to NOT be at work! (uh, after tonight)
swifthorse (8/19 07:18pm): Sunalso, I'm not sure if I'm more excited for GoT or your fic?! Actually, probably your fic!
Sunalso (8/19 06:38pm): Is it Sunday yet?? (GoT) Or Monday! It's my site-anniversary that day (...and lo, the sky goes dark...) Where's the last two years gone? Anyway, I can't wait to share the story with y'all that my muse hack up at me like hairball!
swifthorse (8/19 06:33pm): Wonderful share, Sandy! big grin
sandy_s (8/19 04:23pm):
Irishrose (8/19 03:47pm): You can call it a retcon if you want, but Joss himself actually tells us what Spike meant by "make me what I was" in Beneath You.
sandy_s (8/19 03:10pm): He could have also been asking to be human...I suppose?
sosa lola (8/19 01:51pm): Thanks @sandy_s, it was a Tumblr post that argues that Spike says to the demon "make me what I was" and Spike was never a vampire with a soul, so what he was was a chipless vampire. The have a point here, but there's more evidence that Spike was seeking a soul and not to remove the chip.
purrmonster (8/19 11:36am): Sunalso, you deserve some down time, take a break for as long as you need! We'll all still be here when you've got some much needed rest.
Sunalso (8/19 11:32am): BTW, peeps, I'm still massively behind in stuff. If you're waiting on something from me, I'm crashing out after a long night, I work one more shift, and then I can get caught up.

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