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Whispers of a Dream...Screams of a Nightmare by Schehrezade R
An evil Fairy makes her presence known on the Hellmouth with disasterous consquences...
Future Imperfect by cousinjean R
In the year 2336, Buffy wakes to find she is humanity's only hope for the...
Right as Rain by Lenore PG
After the beat down in 'Dead Things', Spike finally grows a spine...
Great Balls of Fire by Niamh NC-17
Post OMWF; What would happen if Sweet changed his mind and took Xander back...
La Belle et la BÍte by Wonder and Ashes PG-13
So Buffy’s life was foretold in a famous fairy tale. Who knew? She and...
Bad Prophecies by Safire NC-17
AU between Season 4 and 5: The fates have always been cruel to Buffy but now...
Tale As Old As Time by lucyprobably NC-17
The Big Bad is back and determined to finally kill the Slayer once and for all...
Segue to Surreal by EllieRose101 NC-17
Buffy and Spike deal with the sudden onset of faux parenthood [Sequel to Snapshot...
To catch a heart by Blond Handsome Stranger NC-17
When Spike is brought back from the dead, Buffy gets a second chance to express...
Se2en by Puppet R
Buffy is having strange dreams. Willow feels off. Xander knows his friends thinks...
Random Story
Aftermath by GillO G
After an apocalypse there are always things to sort out. Spike is wounded in...
annamatte (3/30 01:45pm): I wrote a new challenge! Excuse me if I don't write correctly, but I'm Italian!
Sheitan (3/30 12:03pm): Are there (any) good fics with role reversal, i.e. Spike as the Slayer and Buffy as a vampire?
maryperk (3/29 02:00pm): synera, if it's not Holly's story, it might be my 'Memories Maketh the Man'
EmilytheSlayer323 (3/29 09:33am): Okay, I found the perfect song for Spike & Buffy called "Give You What You Like" by Avril Lavigne.
I think it's actually really perfect. Especially the part where it says "If you don't give me what I want, than you'll get what you deserve"

EmilytheSlayer323 (3/29 09:31am): Does anyone else have creative names for their playlists on their iPod? The playlist I've organized to listen to when I write or read or whatever is called "Fade into Oblivion" so fancy, right? Hehe xD
calamityjane31 (3/29 03:28am): I think I might have to email here and ask for the spuffy version just so I can read it again.
synera (3/29 03:19am): Thanks. It looks good.
SoaringClaws (3/29 03:12am): Here's the reworked book too. =] I went searching...
synera (3/29 02:56am): @calamityjane31 I think you might be right. Thank you.
calamityjane31 (3/29 02:21am): I might be wrong but that sounds a lot like Echoes by Holly. She took it down to turn it into an original fiction. I have heard that she will send you a copy of the spuffy version if you email her.
synera (3/29 02:08am): @soaringclaws if it's as good as I remember it's pretty . . . Rad. I just wish I could remember the title of the story or at the very least the author.
SoaringClaws (3/29 01:50am): That sounds rad. I hope someone knows what it is so I can read it.
synera (3/29 01:43am): . She turns into her Halloween costume. Convoluted I know, sorry.
synera (3/29 01:42am): I'm looking for a fic. What I remember of the plot is that Buffy and Spike knew each other in a previous incarnation centuries in the past. Spike/William and Buffy fall in love Spike/William dies Buffy summons a demon to save him. The demon does but changes thing. Buffy remembers everything when . .
kittyfajitas (3/28 10:34pm): @Emily - not surprised you've got to shell out some $ for an add-in. Part of my problem with Apple...
kittyfajitas (3/28 10:22pm): Hey guys - for those that are interested in the comics Amazon Kindle has several volumes for $2.99 right now!
Laurence Quill (3/28 06:27pm): Ah-HA! Thank you! I knew there was a trick to it.
wintersstorm (3/28 05:48pm): @Laurence, you can sort the challenges by "most responses" or you can look through the category "challenge response". Not all CR's are linked to the challenge, and a lot are responses to challenges posted on a different site.
EmilytheSlayer323 (3/28 05:15pm): I went to the theatre with my friends to watch Insurgent but it was stupid VIP (18+ only) so we watch Birdman instead, and I don't regret it. Birdman was really good and I loved Emma Stone in it. Then, we went to HMV and I SAW A FREAKING BUFFY SHIRT AND FREAKED OUT IN THE STORE! It was great. :)
Laurence Quill (3/28 02:49pm): Should I copy the challenge prompt and search in "summery" instead?
Laurence Quill (3/28 02:47pm): Speaking of challenges, I'm having trouble finding stories based on challenges posted by other writers. Am I just blind? Or are writers not pushing the "respond to challenge" button and instead just adding a note in the AN?
jhiz (3/28 01:24pm): hmm, I could always sell my magic cards and buy a bumpy Spike *laugh*
SoaringClaws (3/28 12:52pm): @knightowl: Yay! Hmm... My husband did just spend $40 on Magic cards. And vampy Spike isn't that expensive here...
Wonder and Ashes (3/28 11:25am): @alive_or_dead If you look way back on the challenges (the last page) you'll see that a lot of them are one line prompts.
EmilytheSlayer323 (3/28 10:14am): @kitty: I just have to get money to pay for the app ^_^ *thumbs up*

Beta Search

A few months ago missambermarie asked me about the possibility of adding a way to filter the beta reader listings so that you're only looking at betas who meet your needs instead of having to scan through every member with a beta profile. Well, it took me a while to get around to it, but I just added a new beta search feature. You can access it on the main betas page at the top where it says 'Narrow down the list with a Beta Search.' Once on the search page, you can filter the list with the areas where you'd like help, the ideal average turnaround time for a chapter and your story rating. The final item in the beta search is the ability to only include betas who have been active in the last month. The thought behind this option is that a beta may be more responsive to a request if they have been on the site recently. Feel free to play around with the options and let me know if you notice anything...

--Susan on March 09, 2015 10:04pm 0 Comments
Happy 2015!

First off, congratulations to our first members of the month for 2015, tempestt and juggler!

Looking back on 2014, we had an incredibly active year. We added the members of the month nominations, and the process has been quite a success due to all of you who have voted. Make sure to keep it up in the new year to continue showing our authors and reviewers that they are appreciated! During the year, we had more new stories, reviews and members added than we did back in 2013. Not too shabby for a fandom that occasionally gets accused of "dying". It looks to me like we're still going strong. On behalf of all the mods, thank you to all our members who made 2014 such a great year in our little Spuffy haven. We can't wait to see what you all come up with in 2015!

2014 by the numbers:
Total number of words added: 4,922,186
Total number of stories added: 239
Total number...

--Susan on January 01, 2015 02:31pm 0 Comments
More Sort Options

ETA 12/1/14: Another new sort item is the ability to filter by whether a story is marked as read or not. SoaringClaws asked for this a while back, and it's taken me a little bit to get it set up, but now on most browse pages, if you're logged in, you'll see this option among the top of the page drop-downs:

Remember, you need to mark stories as read for them to be included, since they aren't automatically marked that way if you view a story.

There's an item I wanted to point out just to hopefully avoid confusion. I had a few members ask me to add a new option to the bookshelf sort choices. They wanted to be able to sort their bookshelf by the date stories were added. The reason I didn't add that option in the first place is because the date isn't set in stone. What that means is, the date is added when you add the story to your bookshelf. Then, every time you click on a new chapter of the...

--Susan on November 14, 2014 10:07am 7 Comments