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Walking After Midnight by Chelle NC-17
(NC-17)Buffy is injured while fighting a demon and finds herself paralyzed and...
Seven Year Slayer by Dutchbuffy2305 NC-17
Spike has been back, with a soul, for some months. Buffy finds a mysterious...
Last Dance by dramionelurver G
All Buffy and Spike have ever done is dance... Missing scene from Chosen.
The Thin Blue Line by the_bronze R
Buffy has no idea what to think when she discovers that Spike is alive, kicking...
A Ghost, Is It? by itsnadya PG-13
Slowly adjusting to her new life in London, Dawn cannot help but long for a...
Light In The Dark by Loup Noir NC-17
Set in a very AU Season 4. After a run-in and subsequent escape from the Initiative...
Buddy the Vampire Slayer by spikeisthebigbad R
The Scoobies are flummoxed when a curse switches their sex - men to women, women...
Almost Heaven by spikeisthebigbad R
Spike comes back from Africa with almost no memories of his past. The Powers...
Inheritance by FoolForSpuffy R
In the year 2020, the Senior Partners of Wolfram and Hart have taken over the...
The Light of the World by Wonder and Ashes PG-13
Spike never came back to Sunnydale. Now Buffy has realized that Dawn, her supposed...
Random Story
Starry Nights by fauvistfly NC-17
William has been in love with Buffy since they first met, but Buffy's always...
EllieRose101 (7/6 05:37pm): @RESPICE FINEM thanks for the tip!
bewildered (7/6 05:08pm): Sweet! Thank you!
RESPICE FINEM (7/6 02:46pm): The two free Buffy/Spike comics are titled: "Buffy (Free comic book day): In Space No One Can Hear You Slay", and "Dark Horse Does Vampires Right". In the second one mentioned, Spike's story starts on page 18/19.
RESPICE FINEM (7/6 02:42pm): Also on Dark Horse Comics online, there's a (free!) short 9 page comic about Spike's adventure in space immediately after S8's ending. He spends about 60-odd days stuck with his space bugs trying to get back to earth, meanwhile learning about his new bug crew. :) Very cute short story.
RESPICE FINEM (7/6 02:31pm): :) Glad I helped! I agree on the cheaper digital comics, which are also easier to get (obviously) ;P...Dark Horse Comics online also has a free Buffy comic once you sign up on their site (free also), it takes place sometime S9, where Buffy takes an amusing vacation with Spike on his bug ship :D
midnight4spike (7/6 02:01pm): Sorry it got cut off i buy my comics online way cheaper
midnight4spike (7/6 02:00pm): Im confused as well i haven't really followed season 8 or 9 but season 10 is way better because i buy.
kittyfajitas (7/6 01:13pm): Thanks Respice Finem! That is so helpful!
RESPICE FINEM (7/6 10:22am): The listing is old-ish up to the end of Buffy season 9, but the comic writers start making sense in the chronological order by season 10...
RESPICE FINEM (7/6 10:20am): [see previous posting]:
RESPICE FINEM (7/6 10:20am): Hey, thought I'd share this listing for those having trouble like I am in reading the BtVS, AtS, and Spike comics in chronological order (which is messy even for I who is an avid comic reader): [see next posting]
nowinlivingcolor (7/6 01:17am): Christmas, for sure :D
Blade Redwind (7/6 12:44am): @valerie No! you did! It was my bad. I just wanted to add another link for the sake ot truthness... and puppies! ...justice?
bewildered (7/6 12:19am): I expect most people here would figure it out, but this is the internet. :)
valerie21601 (7/5 06:56pm): needs some real help in their personal and mental health life. Only meant writers might be interested in using some of the real science and medical facts.
valerie21601 (7/5 06:54pm): @blade redwind Oooppps! I should've said there are some made up and real facts facts mixed together in it. All for entertainment purposes. I don't blame them for posting their site is for entertainment purposes only, too. I have to say, if they're people out there, who believe it's for real....
Blade Redwind (7/5 05:24pm): HAHAHAHAHA@bewildered. xD Yeah, not so much.
bewildered (7/5 05:00pm): Definitely a fun read! Though it says "Since vampires are unable to bear children or HAVE SEX..." (emphasis added) so maybe not so applicable to fanfic after all, nudge-nudge, wink-wink, say-no-more.
Blade Redwind (7/5 04:13pm): It's interesting valerie, and certainly a fun source for writing, but not at all true. xD Just in case someone thiks it might be, I'll leave this here:
valerie21601 (7/5 04:04pm): It centers on a secret Federal Agency that deals with vampires, zombies and werewolves and pretends they really exist and mix in real history, places and events with fictional ones.
valerie21601 (7/5 04:00pm): For those who want a good fun read check this site out! And fic writers, who want to use some ACTUAL science in their Spuffy story. I checked many of the science facts on it and they're legit. Cherry pick your favorite ones. :) Have fun.


bewildered (7/5 03:33pm): @Wonder and Ashes So Much Truth in that article. Though it's not just Disney - some of these tropes persist into grownup media too.
bewildered (7/5 03:29pm): @AGriffinWriter Oo-hoo-hoo! Looking forward to it!
CaptainLobotomy (7/5 03:28pm): @EllieRose101 thanks a bunch<33!!
Minx DeLovely (7/5 03:25pm): Giant talking


We recently received an inquiry about the minimum story length requirement here at EF, which prompted a conversation between the admins about allowing drabbles to be added to the archive. Neither Megan, Kathleen nor I could come up with a good reason to continue to impose the 500 word count minimum, so we are now officially opening the doors to drabbles, poems and other shorter non-traditional story types. You'll now find new category options when adding or searching for a story.

If you're adding a series of drabbles that all center around a similar theme, then you can add one story, and the drabbles can just be separate chapters in the story (it will use less database space that way). If they are not at all related, then they can be published as separate stories.

Please use these new categories responsibly, and don't inundate us with drabbles just for the sake of publishing something (As opposed to me, since my new masterpiece titled, Portrait of a Demon is vital...

--Susan on June 26, 2015 03:55pm 4 Comments
Search the Shoutbox

This isn't terribly newsworthy, but I didn't want to cram all this into the shoutbox. Hey, speaking of the shoutbox, I received a request from stuffandnonsense, who asked for the ability to search for shoutbox posts. Based on this request, if you now look underneath the shoutbox on the main page, or at the top of the shoutbox archive, you'll see a link to Search Shouts. On the new search page, you can search for shouts in one of three ways. Using the dropdown, you can search for keywords within a shout, for shouts written by a specific member, or for shouts written in a specific month. Make sure that your search type matches the term you enter, or it won't work properly.

If you have any questions, issues, or concerns, please let me know.

Blow Kiss

--Susan on June 10, 2015 09:18pm 0 Comments
Unauthorized Fanfic Downloads

As feliciacraft kindly pointed out in the shoutbox, has been downloading fics from AO3 (and perhaps other sites) and posting them for download as ebooks, without the consent of the writers.

How you can tell if they have your fic:

Go to and in the top search bar, enter any username that you use to publish your fic. If it says "Searching "username" books (0)", then they don't have anything of yours, but if links show up with your fic titles, they do.

Do not bother trying to download any stories they have because you need to register to do so. During the registration process, they claim that they need your credit card information which is incredibly shady. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION!

What to do if they have your fic:


--Susan on April 14, 2015 10:26am 1 Comments