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A Shower of Ash by Eurydice PG-13
Just because you're not in the same country anymore doesn't mean you're...
100 Strokes by Lirazel PG
She’d never offered him anything like that before, and it felt far too...
Learning to Love by anzu_brief NC-17
Spike is dead, and the world is ending. The armies of the First has defeated...
Rewind by Mishka Fogolin R
What would happen if Buffy and Spike had to know what the future holds? DISCLAIMER:...
A Crack in Oblivion by DauntlessGrace NC-17
Set after the events of the season 5 AtS series finale "Not Fade Away." Buffy...
Five Words or Less by AGriffinWriter NC-17
What if Buffy had paid more attention to what Spike said directly after, "Out...
Better Things to Do by BeneficialAddiction PG
If Spike had known that he would lose the Gem of Amara so quickly, he may have...
A Thousand Years by Wonder and Ashes PG-13
Shared dreams between Buffy and Spike lead to knowledge of what happened in...
La Belle et la BÍte by Wonder and Ashes PG-13
So Buffy’s life was foretold in a famous fairy tale. Who knew? She and...
Random Story
An Eternity To Love by MsXGingerXNinja R
An Eternity To Love starts right at the end of Chosen and then goes completely...
Saranac (9/22 05:41am): 5:40 am est, i need to get better about when i go to bed. still, getting better at photoshop is addictive. here's a funny for anyone who needs a good laugh, enjoy
Niamh (9/21 11:45pm): Daylight by Addie Logan.
SoaringClaws (9/21 10:40pm): Fall of the Night by Mabel Marsters is also a brilliant Shanshu Spike story. All of her stuff is golden though, so just devour all of it.
Autezma_mete (9/21 04:07pm): @Dactylgirl a loss of pride by mable marsters is really good, quite angst in places from what I remember tho.
sweetprincipale (9/21 03:46pm): Brilliant idea Mia!
Dactylgirl (9/21 02:04pm): Hi there, can anyone recommend me any good Shanshued Spike stories? I found one great one but it was a WIP. Please and thank you ^_^
EllieRose101 (9/21 01:14pm): Fun idea, @Mia!
Mia Vaan (9/21 04:44am): On the subject of Featured stories... I've read so many good stories on here which haven't yet been featured. Could there be a way for us to nominate stories to be featured, like we nominate authors for author/reviewer of the month?
Braxen (9/21 02:20am): On a positive note: I just had a "squeee - there is a sequel!!" moment after finishing Legions of True Hearts by Eurydice. Anyone up for some *very* romantic (and steamy) William should read it. The sequel seems to be Spilliam, with just enough edge to keep him Spike-ish.
knightowl (9/20 11:07pm): I love puppets new story. Now to convince her to write a sequel .....hmmmm.
Susan (9/20 08:05pm): continue reading their story. The shoutbox is not a place to point out author errors. If anyone has any questions about this, feel free to PM me, but as far as I'm concerned, this conversation needs to end here. And now back to your regularly scheduled unicorn farts...
Susan (9/20 08:03pm): Whoa, this was not what I was expecting when I logged on tonight. Listen, as a reader it is perfectly reasonable to point out errors to an author in a constructive way, preferably in a PM or an email. It is up to the author if they choose to take the advice, just as it is up to you to choose to
sweetprincipale (9/20 07:30pm): Okay, so all the comments about criticism aside then, I just want to give a shout out to all the wonderful authors and stories in the featured section lately. I've found some gems lately and it is wonderful to have such an inspiring community in which to write.
Nina (9/20 06:40pm): Couldn't everyone have just said, "thanks for the helpful reminder!" or something similar? Instead, you use criticism to combat criticism. Well done.
Nina (9/20 06:39pm): It's kind of funny that suggestions like taking criticism private, or just ignore it, or don't read could absolutely apply just as well to Niamh's original comment. No one had to criticize that comment here, but you chose to. So, how is that keeping it positive?
Puddinhead (9/20 02:38pm): *stated* ha :)'
Puddinhead (9/20 02:38pm): Well states Griffin. Our most public forum isn't the place to pull writers apart. If you feel the need to correct others, there are other options, like reviews, private message or email.
AGriffinWriter (9/20 12:24pm): If you admire the story's plot or character voices or development, but think that the writing style or grammar needs work, it would be courteous to let the author know that before going into a long list of their typos, word mix-ups, etc.
AGriffinWriter (9/20 12:22pm): Although, I stress that critique should be balanced with compliments. I'm sure many of us are familiar with that plummeting-stomach feeling when we read a condemning review, which can ruin a whole day. If you can't think of anything nice to say... why are you wasting time reading the piece?...
AGriffinWriter (9/20 12:19pm): I think the intent is to have the homepage of our site emphasize positivity and collaboration between fans. Like others have mentioned in previous posts here, a review or PM to an author to comment on an excess of grammatical errors might be the better venue for these sort of remarks...
Niamh (9/20 08:36am): So it should only be sunshine and unicorn farts in the shoutbox?
TieDyeJackson (9/20 08:32am): LoL thanks Puddinhead
Puddinhead (9/19 11:01pm): ((Hugs)) Tiedye. The world's a harsh enough place. Kindness and author support is where it's at. :)
TieDyeJackson (9/19 09:49pm): Nothing against Betas or Reviews ... I'm just saying the Shoutbox should be a happy place.
Niamh (9/19 09:27pm): *grammatical errors*

Banners and Review Wordcounts

Many new stories are featuring banners, and they are wonderful. We love banners, and are in awe of the work and creativity it takes to make them. That said, we know they can make it difficult to inconspicuously sneak a peek at the most recent list while at work sometimes you just want things simple and clean. So, you now have the option to hide banners from the browse pages and story index. Banners are always shown by default. To change your settings, go to your preferences, uncheck the box for 'Display banners on browse pages and story index' and click submit. If you uncheck the box, the banners will be hidden, and in their place you'll see a message that says '** Click here to see this story's banner**'. If you want to view the banner, you can hover over that message to see a thumbnail of the image, or you can click the message to view the image full size. Remember that it sometimes takes a little push for your phone/computer...

--Susan on September 12, 2014 11:02am 2 Comments

Okay, I know I just posted a news item, and I hate to post them too frequently. However, I felt these awesome new site awards, created by EffulgentEllie, deserved a post all their own. From now on, all our members of the month and members who make our yearly top 10 lists, will get a gorgeous award placed in a new section on their profile. Let's all take a moment to admire the awards that have already been added.

--Susan on August 04, 2014 11:13pm 13 Comments
EF's First Members of the Month and Other Items of Note...

We now have our first Members of the Month! Congratulations to stuffandnonsense and magnus374Bravo! 21 authors and 7 reviewers were nominated by a total of 36 members (not everyone nominated members for both categories), which is a really great start. The nomination process can only be successful with your help, so please continue to use this as an opportunity to let our authors/reviews know that you appreciate their contributions. Nominations for September members are now open!

Previously, when viewing a story on EF, you could read online one chapter at a time or download chapters/entire stories as Word, HTML or ePub files. However, you now have the option to read an entire story in one page while online. If a story has more than one chapter, on that story's table of contents, you'll now see a link to "View...

--Susan on August 01, 2014 01:15pm 5 Comments