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The Hardest Thing in the World by Eowyn315 PG-13
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Random Story
Relentless Revenge by madrog NC-17
Set after the end of Season 6. Sequel to 'Who is Who'. Spike is back...
Cryptwarmer (3/25 06:17pm): Wow, thanks for all the love and encouragement for HCWTH. It was fun sharing it with everyone and interacting via reviews. This morning I hit submit (no pun intended) then left for a con. It was lovely to come back to kind words and lovely reviews. I'll miss it too.
-Carrie-Ann- (3/25 04:32pm): Happy Birthday kasumi and Seasammy13 x
scorpiogirl (3/25 04:19pm): Happy Birthday kasumi and Seasammy13!! I hope you both have a great day.. hug
-Carrie-Ann- (3/25 04:09pm): To those who haven't read, please read, it is amazing!
-Carrie-Ann- (3/25 04:08pm): No way! I can't believe HCWTH is over! shocked I'm gutted that its finished and I haven't even had time to read the final chapter yet! I'll have to wait as I'm packing tonight, just having a well earned tea break. Congratulations on finishing your wonderful, amazing fic Crypt xxx
yellowb (3/25 03:48pm): (in case that's not clear, I love the story)
yellowb (3/25 03:47pm): I told Cryptwarmer that I'd seen the challenge HCWTH is a response to, and thought "eh." Because I know nothing.
Aislenn (3/25 03:37pm): I haven't started that story yet but I've seen it come across my most recent so much lately. I look forward to reading it, and now it's all finished up. smile
Elianne (3/25 02:53pm): @kathleen: Or hopeful😊or optimistic😊
pfeifferpack (3/25 02:43pm): HCWTH had an ending that left me headed out to work with a massive smile on my face. Maybe we'll get lucky with a one-shot or two with a look at this pair again, you never know. (maybe we're just greedy).
Elianne (3/25 02:12pm): @Kate of Katehall and @flootzavut: i was shocked too, to see it end..although i guess it made sense after reading the chapter ..but it could have easily have had twice as many chapters..and i would have loved to read them all..😊
yellowb (3/25 02:07pm): Though I can see why vamps might occasionally need portable blood, even unchipped -- you run out of crew members at sea, etc. ... though I guess that's more of an old-times concern, from before bagged blood was common ...
All4Spike (3/25 02:02pm): @sandy_s - I think Spike & Tara first meet in 'The Yoko Factor' when Spike comes in with the floppy disks and sees her playing with Willow's hair.....
Kate of Katehall (3/25 01:45pm): Happy birthday, Seasammy and Kasumi!
HCB (3/25 01:44pm): I agreed with yellowb. Although, I wish she hadn't mentioned different interpretation because then I thought of textured blood and then ... yuck! Although I can definitely see Spike doing that.
yellowb (3/25 01:38pm): I assumed it was a way of making the yucky bagged blood he's been cruelly reduced to palatable ... but no reason you can't mess around with a different interpretation! smile
Wonder and Ashes (3/25 01:35pm): Something I've just realized: Spike says that he crumbles food in his blood in order to "give it a bit of texture". Was that something he started doing when he got chipped, or has he been doing that long before then? Leading to the question: Has he been drinking bagged blood before?
annamatte (3/25 01:28pm): Happy birthday Seasammy13 and kasumi!
flootzavut (3/25 01:24pm): HCWTH is finished? WHAT? No, that story is supposed to go on forever...
... and I really need to catch up.

Kate of Katehall (3/25 01:05pm): I was baffled that HCWTH is over. The ending is wonderful, but I could have read that story forever it was so beautiful!
Elianne (3/25 01:00pm): @jhiz: i know what you mean😊I was hoping for some more delightful chapters after they clear the air to enjoy them without that burden.. but then again i didn't expect it to be that long in the first place so..
jhiz (3/25 12:51pm): I can't decide if I am thrilled that He Came With The House is completed or sad that it is done. It is wonderful!!
tempestt (3/25 12:50pm): Thanks for the tip sunalso!
Elianne (3/25 12:28pm): Congratulations, cryptwarmer, on finishing HCWTH!!! that was quite a shock and very unexpected today!but what a delightful ending! Thank you for this amazing story!
medievalchic (3/25 12:17pm): Be: Ah, Lancelot! The original "love's bitch." roll eyes

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Reader Recs 2016 on our LJ

The lovely Sunalso has started a thread on LJ where you can list and link to stories that captured your attention that were either written or updated in 2016.  

This is NOT an award or "best of" type of listing just a recommendation from reader to reader.  

It is suggested that you post your recommendations (as a comment to the original post) based on genre (examples would be All human, Dark fic, Fluffy fic, Hot fic and so on).  

The link to the original post is here:

Also on the EF LJ site:

NMCIL has suggested we start a thread there with links to other sites that are still active.  Lots of old archives and writers websites are disappearing and the wayback machine doesn't always get us to those "lost" treasures.  This would be a way to find older stories that might be lost to the ages otherwise.  Looking for WORKING inks for this one and anyone who wishes to...

--pfeifferpack on January 02, 2017 05:37pm 2 Comments
Welcome 2017!

Another year down, and no signs of slowing down in our corner of the universe! This year we celebrated our 10th anniversary in style with our Artistic Anniversary challenge, and we welcomed even more amazing stories, reviews, and general Spuffy goodness. Thank you to everyone who made 2016 an amazing year at Elysian Fields. Here's to an even better 2017cheers!

2016 by the numbers:
Total number of words added: 11,660,940
Total number of stories added: 578
Total number of chapters added: 3,265
Number of new members: 1,942
Number of reviews written: 47,055
Number of words written for reviews: 2,346,932

Ten most prolific authors of 2016:
1. slaymesoftly (2,574,523 words)
2. Sigyn (708,613 words)
3. Sunalso...

--Susan on January 01, 2017 06:59pm 12 Comments

This time of year I usually feature holiday stories in the Featured Stories box.  

Since we are currently featuring AO stories in honor of the hot days of summer in the southern hemisphere and I really don't want to cheat anyone of the chance to read some wonderful AO fic I found myself in a dilemma.  Fear not and hurrah, I have stumbled upon a solution!!!

As of midnight tonight site time one of the current features (the very worthy but really dark Saving Grace by DreamsofSpike) will be retired early.  This is NOT because it is not as worth your time and attention as the others but with the author no longer being active in our fandom I thought her less likely to feel slighted if I chose her story for this purpose.

In the available slot there will be DAILY features of holiday stories from the 16th through (and including) the 25th.


--pfeifferpack on December 15, 2016 08:13pm 5 Comments