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Family Matters by TammyDevil666 PG-13
Buffy is engaged and just graduated from college, but one thing has always been...
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Spike never came back in "The Harsh Light of Day," instead returning...
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Wouldn’t we all like to wipe our slate clean and start again?  Buffy...
Random Story
Pink, Lace...Granny Panties? by TammyDevil666 NC-17
Takes place after "Shadow." Spike sneaks into Buffy's house to...
Rebcake (5/29 05:42pm): I've had Spike complaining about the Watcher's Council killing off more Slayers than he could ever hope to, through the Cruciamentum and good old-fashioned assassination. Makes it hard for a vamp trying to build his rep, you see.
pfeifferpack (5/29 03:38pm): To all honoring Memorial Day weekend in the safe! Give a thought to the families of all those departed soldiers the day is meant to honor.
Cazmo (5/29 03:28pm): (Not the last one ever though LOL! Still more to come)
Cazmo (5/29 03:25pm): To anyone keeping up with Send to All, I've posted 3 Chapters today so don't forget to hit 10 and 11 before the last one Chapter 12
ladypeyton (5/29 10:42am): I think that Spike is definitely part adrenalin junkie, but I also think he's got a decent sized helping of glory ound in the mix as well which he exhibited fairly clearly inside that sub in the 40s. He was very concerned that he be considered a big player.
Erics Valkyrie (5/28 08:07pm): Yeah, Kendra didn't last a year, and the information probably traveled by word of mouth.
Cryptwarmer (5/28 07:41pm): Good point, they have a short shelf life
Erics Valkyrie (5/28 06:49pm): With the life expectancy of a new slayer he probably didn't get there in time for most of them
Erics Valkyrie (5/28 06:47pm): I just always assumed he didn't get to the slayers before they got killed. After all they seem to be called from pretty far flung and random places, so he wouldn't know where the new one appeared so he would have to wait until word got out where she was and then make his way there.
Puppet (5/28 04:32pm): My headcanon definitely includes Sophie Carstensen as his true second Slayer kill and I haven't even read the comics! It may have something to do with being from the same country as Sophie but oh well tongue out
slaymesoftly (5/28 04:19pm): When I write early season Spuffy, when Spike is telling Buffy or Giles about his early days, he almost always lets slip that he has fought more than two slayers. Just seems logical. Maybe he killed one more, got his ass handed to him once or twice, but survived the fight. But my Spike is all that.
Puppet (5/28 11:38am): Just wanted to say happy birthday to Glenn Quinn! He would've been 46 today, if he was still with us frown
Kellydofc (5/28 11:32am): I really don't think he had a death wish. And I think Buffy's death wish terrified him. I really think it explains why they spiraled so out of control in season 6. Because he was afraid she would start to yearn for death again and was trying to stave that yearning off.
Kellydofc (5/28 11:30am): I always thought Spike was an adrenaline junkie. I think he fought the slayers, and I agree that he probably hunted up more than 2, as a way to prove he was the best at something. It was just another way to suppress William and become more Spike.
the_moonmoth (5/28 10:31am): Porn porn porn for the masses! big grin I wrote a one-shot for seasonal_spuffy...
Puppet (5/28 07:32am): Yeah but another theory that I've seen used in stories also is that, because he fights them a few times over a few days, that maybe some of the Slayers were killed by other demons before Spike could finish with them.
pfeifferpack (5/28 06:37am): @Puppet I always thought he fought more than the two as well. I don't think they were as big a challenge and so he let them live IMHO. He wanted to challenge the BEST and won those two battles.
Puppet (5/28 05:28am): @jhiz, tbh my headcanon is that Spike has fought a lot more than just two, but he hasn't killed them, for whatever reason. I definitely think that what you guys are discussing holds merit, true or not it makes us think about it, which I think is the best point of them all.
Wonder and Ashes (5/28 05:23am): @ginar369 Great challenge! Would love to see someone take it on. smile
jhiz (5/28 05:13am): I think it was when the opportunity was there, he took the chance of enjoying the fight. Kinda like he was gonna throw himself into whatever other activity he was doing where ever he was.
jhiz (5/28 05:11am): On the other hand, he doesn't just chase down slayers. If he had, then wouldn't he have gacked more than just two?
jhiz (5/28 05:11am): I think he went after the slayers as a challenge for the thrill. Yes, there is a chance of death (good analogy with the sky jumping). He does little things that show a desire to run on the cusp of danger too (being outside in the sun, running his mouth and goading others into lashing out at him).
jhiz (5/28 05:08am): I agree with the adrenaline junkie concept for Spike. The scene in the mine shaft where Spike is bouncing off the wall with excitement after taking on a mob totally supports that idea. He was reved up and feeling "alive". I see him wanting the rush more than wanting death.
pfeifferpack (5/28 02:35am): Exactly @EllieRose101. I couldn't agree more.
pfeifferpack (5/28 02:34am): Posted it unBeta'd so any errors are mine alone.

New Skin and Banner Artist Listing

Just a quick news blurb so I don't clog up the shoutbox...

We have a brand new skin here at Elysian Fields thanks to our very own -Ash-. She was kind enough to submit some lovely artwork, and it inspired the new skin called heaven. You can preview it with the drop-down menus on the main page or in the footer. To make it (or any other skin) your default one, make sure to set in in your preferences.

Speaking of wonderful art, we have a number of banner artists here, and Wonder and Ashes added a suggestion asking for a better way for authors to find artists who are willing to volunteer their services to creating amazing artwork to go along with their story. If you are such an artist, you can now make it known that you're available to help by creating a banner artist profile from within your Account Info page. You can specify what information you need from an author if they make...

--Susan on February 05, 2016 09:07pm 13 Comments
Suggestion Box and Other Changes

I'm attempting a news post even though my brain is now slightly mushy. My apologies for any misspellings or incoherent ramblings.

First off, I upgraded our rich text editor to the newest edition of TinyMCE. I've been wanting to do this for a while since our previous version was very old, and because I thought it might make things a little easier for our authors who write in Google Docs. The new editor will import things like bold and italics easier than our old editor did. Also, it has a handy spell checker built in (no judgement wink).

Last month a number of people mentioned that they liked having the reviewer list that highlighted reviewers who go the extra mile with their reviews. I added a link on the bottom of the Members of the Month section on the main page that leads to a list that will update every month with reviewers who have at least 15 reviews of more that 5 words.

Just like the reviewer list, a number of our site features have come from member suggestions. Previously, suggestions...

--Susan on January 22, 2016 10:30pm 8 Comments
Welcome, 2016!

2015 was a very active and prolific year for Elysian Fields, and our stats are here to prove it (for reference, see our 2014 stats here). This year we held our first ever challenge month, and it went so well that we decided to do it again. We attempted to slay the email eating monster (and were slightly successful). We added beta and shoutbox search options, daily email digests, new categories, drabbles, and many other behind the scenes tweaks and fixes to try and help the site keep up with the times and to run more smoothly.

2016 will be Elysian Fields' 10th year online, and it is shaping up to be another big year for us. During the year, it looks like we will welcome our 4,000th story and our 15,000th member.

Thank you to everyone who made 2015 so wonderful: the authors, the reviewers, and even the lurkers !Flowers

2015 by the numbers:
Total number of words added: 10,487,862

--Susan, Megan and Kathleen on January 03, 2016 04:46pm 18 Comments