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Author: Lilachigh has published 31 stories at Elysian Fields since joining on December 01, 2006.

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Soul Meets Body by Dorians Kitten NC-17
Starts season seven as Buffy collects Spike from the First's cave and then...
My Life Closed Twice by anaross R
Post-Not Fade Away. Buffy seeks Spike's remains, but then finds him in the most...
The Cyrano Factor by medievalchic PG
For Buffy's eighteenth birthday, Angel gives her a book of poetry.  This...
The Safe House by DauntlessGrace R
A response to a challenge by Mia Vaan. Buffy is discovered by the Council at...
SPEAK ME by internetname R
"When the fire was done, there was a sort of middle space with no breath. He...
Yours by flootzavut G
It was actually kind of reassuring that she cared enough to be jealous. Which...
The Safe House by DauntlessGrace R
A response to a challenge by Mia Vaan. Buffy is discovered by the Council at...
Suicide Squad: BTVS Style by DeamonQueen R
Suicide Squad(DC Comics) Buffy style!   After the beat down in Dead Things...
Thing of Doom by Sunalso Adult Only
AtS S5. Things go a little off canon in Destiny and Buffy ends up with a whole...
But Where Have All the Wings Gone? by Gort, Sunalso NC-17
There are no buffalo wings to be found in all of Sunnydale and Spike is miserable...
Random Story
Power of Love by CrimsonAngel R
Something bad happens to Dawn and Buffy.
Sigyn (9/29 02:29am): We love to have you Leighroyal! (We love to be read!)
Leighroyal (9/29 12:19am): I looooove this site so much! I just discovered the world of Buffy on Netflix this past summer. Just wanted to say "thanks!" To all the great authors on here. I'm so enjoying reading....I hope this site stays forever, cause I want to read everything 😀
pfeifferpack (9/28 10:32pm): @Rezol87 as one of the many writers....I am honored! Worth a vacation day says so much.
Cryptwarmer (9/28 08:32pm): night, flootz...dream of that kiss
medievalchic (9/28 08:24pm): Happy Birthday, Autumn2005!
flootzavut (9/28 07:50pm): Sleep well, I'm heading off too! 'night, folks wave
-Carrie-Ann- (9/28 07:41pm): Nitey nite my fellow Brit 💤 x
flootzavut (9/28 07:30pm): and good grief yes, woman, GO TO BED!!!
flootzavut (9/28 07:30pm): Gloucestershire - sorta between the South West and the Midlands and not really claimed by either wink
-Carrie-Ann- (9/28 07:24pm): Where are you flootzavut? I'm meant to be heading to bed, Christ, i'm gonna be dying in the morning.....big grin:
flootzavut (9/28 07:12pm): Carrie-Ann: Heyyyy someone else on this side of the pond!
jhiz: aww yay, thanks for letting me know! That story took a looooong time to get to the point of me being happy to post it. so it makes me extra happy to get such a nice response big grin

jhiz (9/28 07:03pm): Hey, flootzavut... love your new oneshot. It gave me a bit of happy release of tension (which was needed since I am working on my banner story and it is overloaded on the not so nice). Thanks!
Sunalso (9/28 06:59pm): Night! smile
-Carrie-Ann- (9/28 06:54pm): LOL! floozavut, you are so gracious big grin I am going to bed now as it is nearly 12am here in windswept and rain ridden Dorset, UK and unfortunately there is work at 6.00am, nitey nite to you all x
flootzavut (9/28 06:04pm): I'll probably forgive you wink big grin
-Carrie-Ann- (9/28 05:58pm): flootzavut: My humblest apologies wink
flootzavut (9/28 05:56pm): Probably doesn't help that I still have that Amber/James snog gif open in my tabs and I keep stumbling across it and drool blush It's possible that I'm very easily distracted...
-Carrie-Ann- (9/28 05:54pm): LOL! Perhaps we aught to behave as I know that could be taken in an inappropriate way lol
flootzavut (9/28 05:53pm): ... okay I'm trying to edit things, thinking about Spike and being (ahem) eaten is not helping my concentration, damnit! faint
Sunalso (9/28 05:53pm): Ha! It doesn't need one! The fluff alone probably requires wine!
-Carrie-Ann- (9/28 05:50pm): P.s. Hana, even if I'm ten sheets to the wind after my mate coming over this evening (we had a fair few wines - it is 22:49 here in the UK) I still will be reading the last chapter of TOD! Cant promise a sober review though!
Sunalso (9/28 05:49pm): I lost track somewhere after the being eaten by Spike part...
-Carrie-Ann- (9/28 05:45pm): ...from the readers today, don't be afraid! x
-Carrie-Ann- (9/28 05:44pm): There is space in the back of the crypt for you too Sunalso, its just we're AH so we cant even hide behind canon Buffy or Spike! LOL! Don't be scared, I have your hand, even if we might be eaten by Spike! (I'd like that actually... no, no, don't say that Carrie! :lolsmile Sunalso you have the love....
scorpiogirl (9/28 05:17pm): Happy Birthday Autumn2005! cheers

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Adding Images

With the Artistic Anniversary challenge starting in one month and 7 days (but who's counting?), we know that a number of authors may be using banners on Elysian Fields for the first time. It can be a confusing process if you're not sure which code to copy and paste into the banner section of the story form. To hopefully make the process simpler and less confusing, we are now offering the option of loading your banners and art work to Elysian Fields. In your Account Info page, you'll now see an option called Your Images. To add a new image, click the Upload New Images link. On the new page, you'll see that images must be a .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, or .png file. The image can't be larger than 920 px x 300 px, and the max file size is 1 MB. Click the browse button to choose an image file from your computer and click Upload. If the image doesn't match the requirements, you'll get an error message, but hopefully it will be within the guidelines, and your image will be renamed and uploaded. Once an image is added, you'll...

--Susan on August 24, 2016 10:02pm 7 Comments
New warning labels

Writers note that there are two new warning selections for your stories available if needed.  They are for suicide and attempted suicide.  

We will not be going through the thousands of existing stories and adding this warning because  none of us have the time to cull through.  If you have written a story where the warning would have been appropriate and you wish to edit your story to add the warning please feel free.  Otherwise please note that these warning labels are available for future stories from now forward.

If you are a reader please realize that the warnings were not available until now, August 19, 2016 and read at your own risk.

Thank you for the suggestion.


--pfeifferpack on August 19, 2016 07:19pm 3 Comments
Banner claims - Round 2

Hi everyone. Just a short note to let you all know that all banners claims up until this point have been confirmed. Authors, you should've received an email, and I've updated THE LIST, so all of the pretties are linked to the writer's who've signed up for them. 

Now, for anyone who is super eager, and wants to take a crack at a second banner, (oh how do I want to, because they're so pretty... but I'm not sure if I should), then the process is the exact same as for Round 1. Second banner claims open Friday the 12th of August, SITE TIME. Email me with your preferences, in order, and I'll get back to you ASAP.

Final reminder... Now that you have your confirmations, you may begin writing (YAY!), but please don't post anything until October the 1st. Thanks! 

Happy writing!

--Amy on August 11, 2016 05:41am 3 Comments
Banner claim nearly open...

Hi everyone. It's nearly at that time for banner claiming - less than five hours and counting. Yay! \o/ 

First of all, important dates to remember: 
Banner creation: 17th of July - 6th of August 
Banner claiming: 7th - 13th of August
Banner confirmations: 14th – 15th of August
Writing time (but no posting of fics): 16th August - 30th September
Posting of fics to begin: from the 1st of October (and of course authors can continue to write/post throughout the month and beyond)

Now that we've got that out of the way... if you are someone who has been ogling admiring the pretties over the last few weeks (and there was just another massive upload of another 18 banners/challenges, so make sure you 

--Amy on August 06, 2016 07:14pm 7 Comments
Banner update: Artistic Anniversary Challenge

Hi everyone!

Well, the entries are coming in hard and fast, and at present we have a count of 57 banners uploaded. That blows my mind, and I am so impressed and excited by the level of interest the challenge has created. We still have another week (until the 6th of August) for banner submissions, if anyone is still wanting to contribute. Thanks again to everyone who has contributed so far.

Side note, from an admin perspective, please ensure you send me all of the relevant information for your banner submissions. The most important thing (apart from the art itself) is your member ID/penname. Banners are not being loaded anonymously, and if I don't have that information I can't put your gorgeous work up! 

Now, with the massive amount of entries so far, there is bound to be some errors with the uploading. A couple of artists have contacted me already because their specifications were a little screwy--something with the copy/pasting process not translating correctly. So, if you made a banner, and you...

--Amy on July 29, 2016 10:50pm 0 Comments