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Can I Keep You by CandyNicks NC-17
Vampire Spike meets runaway Buffy on the streets of Victorian England. He takes...
Aphrodite and the Lost Scribe by Winsomeone R
Summary: Spike, jaded best selling novelist, fresh from rehab, has writer's...
Reset - Part One of the Reset Series by PSUbrat PG-13
After Tara's death, and Willow's subsequent rampage, a broken Willow...
Take It All Away by AGriffinWriter PG-13
Jilted, confused, and heart-sick, Spike never returns to Dru in South America...
Snapshot by EllieRose101 NC-17
Buffy being able to hear Spike's thoughts leads to interesting consqequences...Starts...
Andrew's Epic Sacrifices to Save Spuffy by Lyzzybelle R
Andrew would do anything to reunited his favorite couple in this all-human AU.
Becoming by Mia Vaan PG-13
Peggy Sue. When Buffy jumped off the tower in self-sacrifice to save her sister...
An Inconvenient Marriage by ddysrs R
Buffy Summers is an Olympic champion figure skater. Spike Pratt is the Director...
Tabula Spike by Lyzzybelle PG-13
Spike saved Dawn at the end of S5 but loses his memory. How will the scoobies...
Random Story
Playgroup by spuffy luvr PG
Pure fluff.  Buffy's trip to an alternate dimension has lasted weeks...
SoaringClaws (4/24 04:53pm): It's gotten to the point that as long as they don't pair Buffy seriously with someone else, I can be okay. But I'm hoping Spike gets a good arc this season rather than just randomly popping in and out.
scorpiogirl (4/24 03:10pm): Ok Thanx...that's good to know I guess. But God only knows what they think will please us Spuffies and what they consider "Spuffy." I definitely will not get my hopes up...S8 and 9 pretty much left me hopeless. :(
SoaringClaws (4/24 02:25pm): They said I would probably be pretty pleased with this season. Though there were several other things I wanted, so I'm not getting my hopes up too much. I do know Spike is hanging around as a main part of the Scoobies this season though.
scorpiogirl (4/24 02:08pm): @SoaringClaws...since I no longer buy the comics, but I like to know whsat's going on in them, what was the response to the "more Spuffy"? :)
SoaringClaws (4/24 11:55am): Thanks! And lol, I love this group. Anyone else I would tell would be very confused about why I found it so cool to be in the back of a comic.
Behind Blue Eyes (4/24 09:54am): Congrats, SoaringClaws!
Saranac (4/24 03:23am): knew it, very cool
Rabbit_moon1 (4/24 01:51am): Awesome!
SoaringClaws (4/23 06:40pm): Yep
Saranac (4/23 06:32pm): Was it the one about no robots and more spuffy?
SoaringClaws (4/23 04:40pm): My letter made it into the back of Season 10 #2. I feel all special and stuff today.
SoaringClaws (4/23 02:35pm): Thank you!
Saranac (4/23 07:02am): congratz!
Saranac (4/23 06:53am): congratz!
SoaringClaws (4/23 03:38am): Woo! My first ever story is posted. I'm so nervous!
Noelle (4/22 02:44pm): Would anyone be willing to beta read the next chapter of my story Together We Stand? I would really appreciate it! Email me at if you're willing to help :)
Lyzzybelle (4/21 09:17pm): I want to read a Btvs/Valley girl fic - where Spike is the Punk rocker...anyone know of one?
3hours (4/20 07:17pm): Oh, awesome! I've typo'd and gotten things wrong in reviews before and ended up prodding the author to go fix it (it was a friend) >__>
Susan (4/20 12:58pm): responded. Once an author responds, you can note any edits by replying to their response. Hopefully this makes sense. Let me know if you have any questions.
Susan (4/20 12:56pm): By popular demand (and by popular demand, I mean one person who emailed me), you can now edit your reviews. One caveat though, once an author responds to your review, the response and review are stored together, and it gets harder to edit, so you can only edit a review if the author hasn't yet...
Nonnikkie (4/20 10:45am):'s even more exiting. I felt very conflicted the first time I read it, so many "wrongs" ;), now when I know what's it all about, I can savour it. And it really did push my boundaries, it actually kind of changed my mind a little.
Nonnikkie (4/20 10:40am): I agree, this is the third time I read it. I would have thought that it wouldn't be that thrilling when one knows all big revelations that are to come, but...
VampyreLover (4/19 07:20pm): I LOVE crave by Nauti, I've read it many times and each time love it even more
3hours (4/19 03:13pm): Nauti is extremely talented in making things hot and sexy. I wish she'd have gone the original fic route before 50 Shades, she would have done a MUCH better job!
Nonnikkie (4/19 12:48pm): I'm re-reading Nautibitz' "Crave" (not on this site) and it's actually better now than the first time I read it. It had me re-evaluate all my taboos and the Spike in this story might be the sexiest I've come across. It's all the things "50 shades" attempted to be. Read it!

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Happy New Year!

2013 brought Elysian Fields many changes (server issues, switching hosts, upgrading software, new features, etc...). With all those changes come growing pains, and we can't thank you all enough for sticking with us, being patient and continuing to support us. Despite being a 7 year old archive focusing on a show that went off the air in 2003, we have remained active, and that is all thanks to our wonderful authors and readers. Here's to an even better 2014Cheers. Happy New Year from all of us at Elysian Fields!

2013 by the numbers:

Total number of words written for stories: 4,688,476

New stories: 174

New chapters: 1,313

New members: 1,602

Reviews written: 6,543

Most prolific authors of 2013:


--Susan on January 01, 2014 09:46am 4 Comments
holiday season again

Hi all!  The holidays are upon us!  Yup, not only Christmas but the Solstice, Yule, Kwanzaa, New Years and we just missed Hanukkah (came so early this year).  There are likely even more holidays that I am forgetting but you will remember fondly.   Anyway....

Time for  fic rec's to give us that 'ole holiday feeling.  I'm trying to select fic that haven't already been featured so anyone with a special fav you would love to clue everyone in to enjoy, now is the hour.  Drop  a comment here or e-mail me with the fic rec (provided it's here on our site of course LOL) and we'll see about letting everyone else in on the yummy holiday treat.

Thanks and wishes for a very Spuffy holiday,


--pfeifferpack on December 15, 2013 06:13pm 1 Comments
Review Changes and Some Updates

Just a few items for this Thursday morning (or whenever it is where you are).

First, I wanted to point out that I have done some work on the reviews section. When you get an email saying that you have a new review or an author response, it will now include the review/response text (this is only if you have it set to email you for those things in your preferences, of course). Also, the author response section now includes the date/time of the response and it is more clearly separated from the review itself so that it's more noticeable. This will not apply to previously posted responses though since they are already formatted and I don't want to go into the database and reformat thousands of reviews. The biggest change though is that once an author responds to a review, the reviewer has the ability to add additional comments, as does the author...

--Susan on November 07, 2013 10:44am 4 Comments