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Strawberry Fields by Holly NC-17
Heartbroken and determined, Spike sets out to form a truce with his mortal enemy...
Superstar Revamped by kantayra NC-17
AU of the S4 episode 'Superstar'. With her friends brainwashed, Buffy must turn...
Dancing the Night Away by hesadevil PG-13
The final battle's over and Angel is missing. Spike goes in search of him...
Family by Aventerine R
Spike takes care of Dawn after Buffy dies. A year later they are living in a...
Ordinary Man by Gort NC-17
S6. Set during ‘Normal Again’. The Glarghk Guhl Kashmas'nik demon...
Misunderstandings by Jane Smith R
Buffy is at the Espresso Pump one day and sees a certain, adult William Pratt...
Strange Twist of Fate by AtlantianDream R
The story of how the future came and knocked some sense into the past! Right...
Tangled Web by Rabbit_moon1 NC-17
Spike went to find Buffy after surviving the battle with the Senior Partners...
Rules of the Road by Gort R
S5, picks up at the end of Intervention. Buffy needs someone who can do two...
No such thing as coincidences. by All4Spike NC-17
Summary: After Buffy beats Spike up in 'Dead things' he goes off in a huff and...
Random Story
How to Save a Life by TammyDevil666 NC-17
A chance meeting on a rooftop changes everything as rich Buffy Summers gets...
SilverSpike (1/20 11:16pm): T
hat's the story! Thanks Pfeifferpack!

pfeifferpack (1/20 10:41pm): SilverSpike Bet it's By Fate or Free Will by Spuffy516
zabjade (1/20 10:27pm): I did some searching after you asked in chat. Could this be it?
SilverSpike (1/20 10:24pm): Got a question: Anyone remember a story on here where Buffy and Spike are Persephone and Hades? I was reading it a few months ago and can't remember it now. Thanks in advance!
slaymesoftly (1/20 10:04pm): cause it's so bad you have to get drunk before it tastes good?
sandy_s (1/20 10:02pm): LOL...
slaymesoftly (1/20 09:58pm): We visited one on our Scotland trip. I sat out the tasting at the end of the tour. smile My sister is a scotch drinker but she makes faces for the first few swallows. I'm like "why are you drinking something that tastes so bad you make faces?" She says "It's fine after the first few swallows." Uh,
sandy_s (1/20 09:40pm): Thanks, Niamh... smile So cool that you visited the distilleries...
Niamh (1/20 09:13pm): It's still all handmade. Had a private tour of the distilleries last time I was in Scotland. Lovely people and place.
Niamh (1/20 09:12pm): I recommend starting with something like Dalwhinnie. It's rather light, as far as single malts go, and it's somewhat flowery rather than peaty.
sandy_s (1/20 09:02pm): I think some time I should try it again...maybe I'm not drinking the right thing?
sandy_s (1/20 09:01pm): LOL...slaymesoftly...same...
slaymesoftly (1/20 08:57pm): Who knew there was so much to learn about whisky and whiskey? My husband probably knows some of that. It all tastes terrible to me, so....
sandy_s (1/20 08:14pm): Wow, I'm learning so much about whisky and whiskey and scotch! Thanks, y'all! MichelleZed...thank you! The Aberlour website is beautiful...
MichelleZed (1/20 07:35pm): I'm a enthusiast of the single malts. I think that Giles perhaps might like an Aberlour.
pfeifferpack (1/20 07:14pm): Slaymesoftly lovely review...that's the sort that causes the muse to pop in and bring fresh ideas. Made me smile reading it (and I agree totally with the reviewer).
sandy_s (1/20 06:35pm): What a great review, slaymesoftly!
slaymesoftly (1/20 06:22pm): Congrats on your nom, EffulgentEllie!
slaymesoftly (1/20 06:21pm): Nevermind. Seems I don't have to. smile
slaymesoftly (1/20 06:21pm): *is pretty pleased* Got this lovely review on AO3 and couldn't resist sharing it on my LJ. Can be found here if anyone cares: (I've forgotten how do I make it a link?)
sandy_s (1/20 06:15pm): Thank you, Niamh and Fraggleshrew! hug Giles is gifting it to someone who knows...
yellowb (1/20 05:23pm): Yay, Sigyn! I have actually figured out how to subscribe to a podcast again ... Iím listening to Gort & Sunalsoís, and looking forward to yours.
EffulgentEllie (1/20 03:48pm): And I just wanted to say thank you so much to whoever nominated me for author of the month. It means the world and I'm so glad you've enjoyed my stories. hug heart
EffulgentEllie (1/20 03:48pm): Hey, everyone! Hope everyone is doing well. I'm running on no sleep because of a rough night, but I'm hanging in there.
-Carrie-Ann- (1/20 02:58pm): Sigyn, glad it went well, I'm looking forward to hearing it x

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New TOS/FAQ please read

Hello writers, artists and readers here in our EF family. I’m here with important information about something that impacts us all and that is newly covered by additions to our TOS and mentioned in our FAQ.

Part of the job as administrators of this site is to update rules and guidelines as things change and evolve that impact the site. There is one issue that has been on edge of fandom for years but has grown enough that it needs official addressing. This news item will likely be long winded but I feel it is important that I try to have us all understand not just the what of these additions but the why’s as well so please bear with me. Also please take note of the new rule.


--Pfeifferpack on January 12, 2018 02:10pm 15 Comments
Welcome 2018!

Happy new year! 2017 was another amazing year here at Elysian Fields. In honor of Buffy the Vampire Slayer's 20th anniversary, we hosted our reunion challenge, which produced over 40 new stories. Also, we added some fun new emoticons thanks to EffulgentEllie, we passed 200,000 reviews and 100,000,000 words for stories we host, and we briefly considered switching themes to become the first ever Rangel site.

Not ones to rest on our laurels, we're keeping things fresh for 2018 and adding 2 new skins. The time in between features a stunning new banner from Amy, and dead poets society showcases a stunning banner from javajunkie247. Remember that to set your default skin, you need to head over to the Edit Preferences page in your Account Information. Since the holidays are over, we'll...

--Susan on January 02, 2018 01:02pm 9 Comments
Reunion Challenge

Hello everyone! 

I want to say a huge congratulations to everyone who participated in the challenge. Everyone involved, from the artists and writers, to the readers and reviewers, have helped to make it a success. The challenge has seen 41 brand new stories written and shared with our wonderful community. 

If you have yet to read any of the challenge fics, and you want to see them all in one place, you can FIND THEM HERE

For anyone yet to post their fic, there's still time. The challenge is still open, but the window for selecting the checkbox to add your fic to the challenge is closing soon. You will have until 11:59pm on Wednesday, November 15 (site time) to post your first chapter. The fic does not need to be complete to be part of the challenge, you just need to have the first chapter posted prior to the 16th of November for it to be included in the event list.

I'm in the process of contacting...

--Amy on November 05, 2017 07:12pm 2 Comments