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Random Story
After by Sigyn PG
“Are you all right?” Spike asked. “Perfectly normal,”...
Elianne (7/27 04:27pm): Also, as someone who tends to get very passionate about my work and sometimes tends to work too much and juggle family and work time, some parts of "landline" really resonated with me...
Elianne (7/27 04:22pm): I liked her writing and characters a lot .. i found her first book a bit flat but "eleanor and park" and "fan girl" were, at least imo, much stronger and authentic.. and also refreshing in their lack of over romanticizing the love stories she described. .
Sunalso (7/27 04:19pm): FanGirl let me know it was okay to write facfic! I read it before I watched Buffy and was one of the reasons I sought out fandom/started writing! I have a neat illustrated edition from Hastings.
flootzavut (7/27 03:37pm): I love Rainbow Rowell. She's on Tumblr, and she seems pretty cool as a person, too.
Ceruleansoul (7/27 03:26pm): *participated
Ceruleansoul (7/27 03:26pm): @Elianne: I love Rainbow Rowell! I read Fangirl last year, before I'd ever participate in any kind of fandom. It would be interesting for me to go back and re-read now. Thanks for the reminder!
Elianne (7/27 03:26pm): Also refreshing unpretentious in general and in its romantic stories and sweet😊
Elianne (7/27 02:57pm): "Fan girl" and it's fandom-related themes was as a spuffy fan especially interesting..
Elianne (7/27 02:54pm): Got sucked in the books of Rainbow Rowell a while ago while having problems with the Internet on my mobile and wasnít able to leave until i read all her books... end result: two weeks of spuffy and EF break.. something that hasn't happened in over one and a half years. .
flootzavut (7/27 02:48pm): yellowb: I just read that list and I couldn't help imagining Spuffy versions of those things, and thought it would be fun. I feel like there's a lot of UST/new relationships in Spuffy, and I LOVE both those things... but I'd love to see them as old marrieds, too! smile
flootzavut (7/27 02:30pm): "I refuse to let a few lunatics own the term."
Well said, Cohava, and much applause to what Sig said.
Actions definitely speak louder than words, but yeah, the notion a man can't be a feminist is just bankrupt.

halincandenza (7/27 02:22pm): Actions totally speak louder than words in this space
halincandenza (7/27 02:22pm): @Rezol - there's definitely a class of men that says the right things and then engage in misogyny anyway (I know many an "anti-rape" advocate who assaulted his girlfriends) or who fake up too much space - and then some men who don't id as feminists but don't perpetuate misogyny
Ceruleansoul (7/27 01:03pm): I love this community; itís crazy how often the conversations in SB or chat mirror my life. Just last night I participated in a discussion around the role of masculinity in feminist theory, and inherent relationship between the sociological definition of it and how women are treated and perceived.
MichelleZed (7/27 12:02pm): I realize I'd never asked my husband if he would consider himself a feminist. We've been together for 15 years! So I just asked him if he would call himself a feminist. He said, "Well, of course!"
MichelleZed (7/27 12:00pm): It's true that sometimes, from an activist standpoint, men can still do a little to make room for women's voices. Maybe that's what the women who talked to your brother were on about. But who knows.
MichelleZed (7/27 11:58am): I can't comment on what happened to your brother, Rezol, because I wasn't there and I don't know any of the context. But yes, of course men can be feminists. I don't associate with any who aren't.
Sigyn (7/27 10:56am): Thank you Cohava.
Cohava (7/27 10:47am): That's a shame, Magnus. I call myself a feminist because that's what I am--I refuse to let a few lunatics own the term.
magnus374 (7/27 10:44am): I can't call myself a feminist. The maniacs has destroyed that term for me so I always think about bad things when I hear it, "collective guilt, censorship, deprogramming of men" and things like that. Just to make things clear, I do think women and men should have equal opportunities.
Cohava (7/27 10:43am): Sigyn, I love your rant so much I want to CLAIM it. *bites*
Kate of Katehall (7/27 10:42am): Rezol, that's awful! I would start ranting about how we need everyone, men women and everyone in between, to be feminists to actually change things for the better, but Sigyn already did that perfectly bow
Sigyn (7/27 10:02am): ...Um... end rant. rant
Sigyn (7/27 10:00am): own cause by claiming men can't be feminists. Unless men are feminists, feminism goes nowhere.
Sigyn (7/27 10:00am): *the freedom for women to behave like men, (or however they want,) but the freedom for men to behave like women, it's never going to go anywhere. Women will continue to be oppressed if the socially-dictated nature of masculinity is to deny all femininity. Which means, in short, they're hurting their

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Reunion Challenge

Hi everyone!

A little over a month ago, the mods were discussing a new site challenge. We'd been leaning towards a Round Robin event, but knowing that some of the members had put together their own round robin (which has made a great start so far, check it out), we decided to put that idea on the back-burner. It will possibly be revisited down the track.

So we kept thinking, and the idea for this challenge was born. It has taken inspiration from the 20th anniversary of BtVS (and the accompanying photo shoot), and a fandom meetup organised via a facebook group.

Both events have a strong thematic connection, which is why the challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to write a fic with the theme Reunion.

What will the Reunion Challenge involve? All the relevant details are below.

This new item serves as your sign up post. By signing up to the challenge, you are agreeing to comply with the rules and regulations...

--Amy on July 10, 2017 02:08am 13 Comments
Review Milestone and Fun New Emoticons

Today Elysian Fields passed 200,000 reviews. This is a huge number, and it's all thanks to you, our members. Thank you for being so supportive of the authors who share their stories here! As you continue to shower our authors with love, reviews might just get a little more fun thanks to some completely amazing new emoticons created specifically for Elysian Fields by our very own EffulgentEllie. You might need to refresh your page to see them, and we know that you'll love them once you do. Thank you so much, EffulgentEllie for your hard work, and for sharing your talent with us!

Here's to all the wonderful members of Elysian Fields and to 200,000 more reviews!cheers

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A Word from the Tech Desk

7/7 update: Email issues should now be resolved, and you should be receiving story update and digest emails normally.

7/6 update: The issue preventing people from responding to reviews should be cleared up, so you can't use site problems as an excuse anymore wink. There is a lingering issue with email notifications, and some people are getting multiple emails, while others aren't receiving them at all. I'll look into it today and will try to get it resolved as soon as possible. 


First off, I want to say thank you to everyone for being patient while we deal with the glitches that showed up when we were unexpectedly moved to a new server. Overall, things are working as they should, but there are still a few things that need to be addressed, and I'm sure there are a few more that will pop up along the way. I just wanted to take a minute to go over some things that would be helpful while things get back to normal.

1. If you...

--Susan on July 05, 2017 04:05pm 14 Comments