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The price is right by Dutchbuffy2305 NC-17
Spike doesn't get the time to recover from the wounds the First inflicted...
Sang et Ivoire by Holly R
Spike, struggling with his soul and his love for Buffy, is offered redemption...
DUST by KnifeEdge NC-17
She'd kicked his butt, taken the Gem and sent it off to Angel. Buffy thought...
Wayward Souls by naughtynyx PG-13
Instead of leaving with Drusilla at the end of Becoming pt. 2, Spike decides...
Antics by EllieRose101 PG
Set during the Season 6 Spuffy sexcapades. Spike tries to surprise Buffy at...
In The Summertime by EternallySpuffy NC-17
Adapted from 10 Things I Hate About You / Taming of the Shrew, Xander attempts...
A Spark Of Love by MixSaysRawr PG-13
Drusilla never comes back to Sunnydale in 5x14 "Crush". How does that change...
May I by Wonder and Ashes PG-13
All Human AU. Mayoral candidate William “Spike” Pratt is down in...
Beautiful Enemies by the_bronze R
The Scoobies are defenceless as a group of demons stop at nothing to hunt down...
The Holiday Bachelorette by FoolForSpuffy PG-13
Buffy Summers is a resident nurse at Sunnydale Memorial Hospital who gets nominated...
Random Story
Make Me Whole by Hils PG-13
Buffy is forced to think about her feelings for Spike when she risks losing...
EllieRose101 (12/20 04:13am): @tempestt, I saw that and was inspired, too.
EllieRose101 (12/20 03:44am): @Wonder and Ashes, I will do! *googles*
Braxen (12/20 02:54am): Those of you who are used to me commenting - I've just been really busy. RL has been crazy lately. Really interesting - but crazy. I'm going to catch up on my favourites during the holidays.
tempestt (12/19 06:53pm): PaganBaby always makes my day with her sexy Spike pics. Today was my last final for this quarter! Maybe now I can work on some fun stuff! I hope everyone is having a rocking December!
Wonder and Ashes (12/19 04:56pm): @EllieRose101 I noticed your challenge. Check out 'Lost and Found' by Addie Logan. ;)
Wonder and Ashes (12/19 04:15am): @FoolForSpuffy *laughs* Tempting as that is, I have more than enough WIPs - and on top of that a bad case of writer's block...
FoolForSpuffy (12/18 09:07pm): @WonderAndAshes I posted a challenge based on the links you posted. You should take it on!
missambermarie (12/18 08:38pm): LOL @ the Cracked articles. You're right @Wonder and Ashes, they all do fit Buffy in some way, perfectly. :)
the_bronze (12/18 04:43pm): Sorry for the 3 week wait. Beautiful Enemies has been updated :';)
kellykcmom (12/17 10:22pm): You're soooo welcome nmcil! Lizerrrbeathan is one of my favorite s too!! :)
Legen (12/17 03:48am):
Legen (12/17 03:48am): @nmcil that new link goes to the right website. The last one went to cat facts and made me think of this
HollyRoger (12/17 02:50am): Thanks for the help, guys!
nmcil (12/16 08:48pm): Reminder that the annual Noel of Spike is now over at Live Journal -

nmcil (12/16 08:44pm): This takes me right to the Death Marked Love site -
nmcil (12/16 08:41pm): Kellykcmom - thanks ever for the info on lizerrbeathan - don't know what went wrong with that new WIX site - I thought it look super nice.
stuffandnonsense (12/16 06:52pm): awww, thank you!
juggler (12/16 06:25pm): Plus anytime is good for stuff and nonsense.
Dactylgirl (12/16 05:55pm): @stuffandnonsense any time is the right time for Spuffy stories.
Dactylgirl (12/16 05:55pm): @stuffandnonsense any time is the right time for Spuffy stories.
juggler (12/16 04:21pm): Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday so that sounds good to me.
stuffandnonsense (12/16 03:12pm): How would people feel about Thanksgiving stories in late December/ early January?
Wonder and Ashes (12/16 02:07pm): And now another article:
Point 2. Just point 2.

SoaringClaws (12/16 01:52pm): She probably would have read #1 in the love article and gone... "huh. I may be acting like a bitch." Or more likely not, cause denial.
Wonder and Ashes (12/16 01:41pm): You know, if Cracked had actually been around when Buffy was in high school, she could've dodged so many bullets...

More Sort Options

ETA 12/1/14: Another new sort item is the ability to filter by whether a story is marked as read or not. SoaringClaws asked for this a while back, and it's taken me a little bit to get it set up, but now on most browse pages, if you're logged in, you'll see this option among the top of the page drop-downs:

Remember, you need to mark stories as read for them to be included, since they aren't automatically marked that way if you view a story.

There's an item I wanted to point out just to hopefully avoid confusion. I had a few members ask me to add a new option to the bookshelf sort choices. They wanted to be able to sort their bookshelf by the date stories were added. The reason I didn't add that option in the first place is because the date isn't set in stone. What that means is, the date is added when you add the story to your bookshelf. Then, every time you click on a new chapter of the...

--Susan on November 14, 2014 10:07am 7 Comments
Banners and Review Wordcounts

Many new stories are featuring banners, and they are wonderful. We love banners, and are in awe of the work and creativity it takes to make them. That said, we know they can make it difficult to inconspicuously sneak a peek at the most recent list while at work sometimes you just want things simple and clean. So, you now have the option to hide banners from the browse pages and story index. Banners are always shown by default. To change your settings, go to your preferences, uncheck the box for 'Display banners on browse pages and story index' and click submit. If you uncheck the box, the banners will be hidden, and in their place you'll see a message that says '** Click here to see this story's banner**'. If you want to view the banner, you can hover over that message to see a thumbnail of the image, or you can click the message to view the image full size. Remember that it sometimes takes a little push for your phone/computer...

--Susan on September 12, 2014 11:02am 2 Comments

Okay, I know I just posted a news item, and I hate to post them too frequently. However, I felt these awesome new site awards, created by EffulgentEllie, deserved a post all their own. From now on, all our members of the month and members who make our yearly top 10 lists, will get a gorgeous award placed in a new section on their profile. Let's all take a moment to admire the awards that have already been added.


--Susan on August 04, 2014 11:13pm 13 Comments