Pre-Series [65] Stories set pre-Sunnydale, when Buffy still lived in LA.
Claim [225]
Season 1 [68]
Drabbles [75] Drabbles are traditionally 100 words or less, but since we don't go much for tradition, we'll make it stories with 1000 words or less.
Season 3 [211]
Comic (Season Not Specified) [7] Stories based on Buffyverse comics which are not part of comic seasons.
Time Travel [165]
Song Fic [62] Story based on a song
Season 4 [498]
Post-Series [914] Stories set after the end of BtVS.
Historical [49]
International Fics [12] Stories written in languages other than English.
Season 7 [482]
Holiday Fic [116]
Taboo - Adults Only [131] WARNING: The Taboo category is specifically for Adults Only. It houses fiction not appropriate for the faint of heart. If you are under the age of 17 and/or have serious moral reservations about any aspect of sexuality, TURN AROUND NOW.