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Categories: Episode Rewrite, Season 4
Characters: Buffy, Ensemble, Spike

As Anya has pointed out in several fanfics and has been spoken of in forums, there are a lot of reasons to get married that have nothing to do with love..

What if, in Something Blue, they DON'T go all love-sick while planning the wedding, but start to rationalize this sudden urge and end up deciding that it would be a good idea to marry to cement a longer truce.

They've had truces in the past, and there is all this fear, unrest and uncertainty in the demon community from the disappearances. what better way to help calm and distract everyone and prove that the truce is long-term, than to marry?

After the spell is broken, they decide that it is actually a good idea still and decide to go through with it, much to the Scoobies' horror.

When does the love start to grow? Is it already there and hiding or does the attraction only really start after they decide to do this and get to know each other more?

If it's already there, when does it come out? After the wedding? Before the wedding?

What starts the confessions? Nearly losing one or the other? Fighting over ceremony details? Doubting each other's commitment to the Truce?

Categories: All Human/Fantasy
Characters: Ensemble

Buffy/Spike, Angel/Cordy, Wes/Fred

William Pratt is a part of the British Royal Family. He's far far away from the line of the throne but he and his family have an honorary title to them.....such as Duke of (put in whatever you want) This William is the poetry writing, long curly haired glasses wearing William. He's been in a long time engagement to his girlfriend Cecily Addams.

But all that comes crashing down when the paparazzi catch Cecily in an exposed cheating scandal. Now quiet shy sweet William is hounded by cameras, interview request and his face plastered all over everything. Wanting to get away William secretly takes off to the United States.

There he hides out with a friend from school/college.....I was thinking Angel or Wes. Wes or Angel's girlfriend takes him out and gets him a makeover into "Spike" in order to hide him from the paparazzi who are still looking for him. It's after his transfer that he starts acting more and more like Spike in order to hide out. Also during this time that he runs into Buffy.

The idea is that Buffy has come off a bad break up where the boyfriend was caught lying to her. How will she feel finding out later that the Spike she's met is actually an in hiding member of the Royal Family?!

Categories: All Human/Fantasy
Characters: Ensemble

AU All Human.....I'm a HUGE Spike/Dawn friendship shipper.....anything with him looking out for her I ADORE. How you want to mix Spuffy into this is up too you!

William "Spike" was very good friends with Joyce somehow. Worked with her, shopped at her's up too you. Spike is a few years older than Buffy in this idea.

Dawn is very little when she first meets Spike the friend of her mom. Dawn has no father figure in her life and Spike quickly adopted her. He spoils her rotten and she worships him. Buffy didn't care too much for Spike at first. She was still broke up over her parent's divorce and thought Spike was trying to move in. But over time she noticed only friendship between Spike and her mom and saw how Spike treated Dawn so she started to tolerate him better.

Sadly when Dawn was about eight-ten years old Joyce died. Everything was awful and Spike tried to be there when he could. He helped out here and there.....mostly dealing with Dawn and helping her....which helped Buffy a lot so she could deal on her own.

A few years after her mom's death Buffy is in college and has met Riley. Everything is starting to go well for her. She's up on the bills, Dawn is doing good and she now has a good 'normal' boyfriend. The only problem is that good normal boyfriend doesn't like the fact Spike is in their life. He starts to slowly try and take over Spike's place and whispers things into Buffy's ear about how wrong it is for some nonfamily guy to like a 'little girl'(Dawn) so much.

Buffy doesn't want to think bad on Spike or stop him from seeing Dawn but things are going well for her finally and her resolve is starting to waiver. How long and how far will she let Riley try to influence her into kicking Spike out? How much of a fit will Dawn throw? How does this lead to Spuffy?

Things I thought of......

Spike and Dawn have a ritual they've been doing for years.....go to the first baseball game of the season, go watch fireworks on the 4th...whatever is up too you. Spike and Dawn always look forward to it and make a big deal of it. Riley starts talking bad about it and tries to take over the event with Dawn. 

Just to be fun Angel HATES Riley for whatever reason and is on Spike's side.



Categories: Season 6, Episode Rewrite, Challenge Response
Characters: Buffy, Spike

I always hated the episode 'Dead Things' and I'm aware there are many versions of that particular episode here.
But... I want Buffy to have an epiphany right in the moment after Spike says:

'Come on! That's it! Put it on me!
Put it all on me! That's my girl --'

In the show she's angry about that statement and negates his words.

Here's where the challenge begins:

What is Buffy epiphany? Does she finally accept it? Does she see how destructive their affair is, for both of them? Does she do something about it? Does she still has the time to go inside the Police station?

Whatever her epiphany is, I want her not to lay another blow on Spike (that's a must), regardless if she's still deny her feelings or not.

I want to see a road to a healthy relationship after that scene. Well, if she's laying some truths on her friends and her little sister, I'm not going to complain.

If you decide to bring Captain Limp back in 'As You Were', don't let Buffy chose Riley's word over Spike's. (another must)

That's about it, have fun.


Cheers, wink

Categories: Season 4, Crossover (AtS), Alternate Reality, Episode Rewrite
Characters: Buffy, Spike

How about in season4, when Spike goes to LA to take back the Gem of Amara from Angel, he's attacked by a Mohra Demon? (The whole episode with Angel turning human doesn't happen). Spike fights him off, their blood get mixed together and Spike turns human...expect that the demon inside him is so attached to him that he decides NOT to leave his body. So now Spike is human (beating heart, pumping blood, no more allergy to sunlight etc) but with his demon still inside him (that means that he's still as strong as ever). This transformation must happen BEFORE the chip (your choice if he gets chipped anyway but I would prefer if he doesn't).

Your choice if the soul is returned to him or not (if not, he will have to go to Africa at one point to get it).

- Suggestion:

If you decide to have Spike without a soul, the Initiative tries to capture him but he's able to escape. He thinks Buffy is behind it at first but when he realizes she's not, he offers her a truce, to take down the Initiative together (maybe the Initiative tries to capture Buffy as well, thinking she's some kind of demon?). Anyway, that's up to you.

If you decide to have Spike with a soul, maybe he could go to Buffy for help because he's going crazy with guilt and he doesn't know what to do and where to go now (and he doesn't have anyone to help him except Angel but you know, he's Angel).

Obviously this must be Buffy/Spike and I would really prefer if there was no Riley/Buffy in it (though once again, this is up to you).

Only one thing I want - Buffy needs to understand that Spike can love without a soul and that he can decide to do good without one. Basically that he's nothing like Angel/Angelus and that people should stop comparing everything he does with Angel's actions or blaming him for what Angelus did.

Categories: Season 6
Characters: Angel, Anya, Buffy, Charles Gunn, Cordelia, Dawn, Giles, Lorne, Spike, Tara, Wesley, Willow, Xander

I really liked the interaction between Spike and Fred in ATS.   That being said, I would like to read a story showcasing the friendship between Fred and Spike set sometime during a slightly AU season 6 of BTVS.   Angel and his Fang Gang show up in Sunnydale, possibly so Fred can continue her graduate work at Sunnydale U.   Maybe the universities in LA are too intimidating for Fred. . .you can come up with any reason you want.  For the purposes of this story, Giles remains in Sunnydale, and until Fred finds someplace to live, she will stay in Buffy's house.  Fred becomes a regular fixture both at Buffy's and at the Magic Box.   On her first day in Sunnydale, Fred is explaining her Physics work to Giles and the others, when Spike makes his presence known by asking a question regarding one of the theories she is trying to prove.    Fred answers him, and is excited to meet someone knowledgeable about this particular theory.   Needless to say, Giles and Wesley are awestruck, Willow is curious, Dawn, Tara and Anya are tickled, Xander is totally flummoxed, Angel is annoyed and Buffy isn't sure how she feels.   The Watchers will have no choice but to question the information the Council has on Spike's origins.   How would a street thug understand modern Physics?   Spike might try to pass some of this off as stuff he picked up over the years, but he can't lie to save his life, so I doubt it.   Spike was a scholar in life, so I want the others to see that he puts on his tough-guy persona like he puts on his duster   I really just want to see Spike and Fed bonding over Physics, while the others look on and wonder.

With Fred around, Buffy and Spike will not have their destructive sex-capades, and Buffy will have a female to talk to who may be able to understand how strange it feels to be back in the world; Fred was trapped in Pylea for years, and just came back herself, so the possibility exists.   

Can't haves:

No baby Connor drama; this is slightly AU, so he doesn't exist.  

Dru and Darla are terrorizing some other country for a while, and should not be in this story. 

No Bangel .  . .both should have moved on by now.   Besides, Angel has Cordelia.

No magic abuse by Willow; with Fred around, Willow is too busy sharing her interets in math and science to get carried away.

No shoplifting Dawn; having Fred at the house is a grounding experience for both Buffy and Dawn.    Fred and Tara are both very caring, so together they can help create a more soothing environment for everyone.

No character death. . .unless you want Warren eaten by one of the demons Andrew summons for him.   If that works for you, I'm all for it; I really hated the Nerd Trio storyline.

Can have:

"Gentle" character bashing, so long as it is in character; name calling, etc.   Nothing really cruel.

Spuffy!    Buffy has to see just how gentle Spike is around Fred, as well as how he behaves around Dawn, Tara, and to a slightly lesser extent, Willow and Anya.   

You can have Angel & Co.returning to LA while Fred remains in Sunnydale, or they can all stay in Angel's mansion on Crawford Street.    Your choice.   Just remember, this should be Spuffy.

**regarding my idea for the title. . .I pictured Xander's reaction to Spike discussing Physics theories with Fred, and in my mind's eye, he was checking outside for flying pigs, believing if Spike was smart, then pigs could fly.

Categories: Alternate Reality, Challenge Response
Characters: Buffy, Spike

Title/banner optional. Just PM if you want it.

Basically a story about good and evil. Where is the line?

The challenge:

Buffy is an angel, but not your ordinary angel, she's stubborn, rebel, and a little naughty. She always gets into troubles because of it. Someday she does something to anger her boss (who's her boss, it's up to you), her punishment -- to get a devil's spawn to switch sides, only using her natural beauty.

Spike is Satan's (or whatever you want to call it) favorite, he's vicious and ruthless, but had some humanity left (why? it's up to you). Someday he saves someone's life and his boss has enough. Spike's punishment -- to make an angel switch sides, only using his natural charm.

Buffy and Spike are sent to the mortal coil, they still have some powers (what they are, use your imagination). Through a strange circumstance, they end up on an isolated island. They are the only humanoid creatures.

The reciprocal attraction is instantaneous, the problem is, they are stepping on each other's nerves. Which makes the mission more difficult.

Which one succeed to make the other one switch sides, or if they find a middle ground, it's up to you.


No death for either of our heroes, anybody else is fair game.

If you want to use any other character from the show, it's up to you, but the story must stay Spuffy-centric. I don't mind if they are the only characters in the story.

That's it, the rest as they say is (hi)story.

Cheers.    devil    innocent

Categories: Post-Series
Characters: None

Spike and Buffy have been through so much, and both of them have decided:  they actually want to have a wedding, a nice traditional wedding to celebrate having come through so many challenges together, their strong relationship, and the family-by-choice they've formed.

Wait -- is that a semi-coherent Dru standing there on the groom's side?   Please say this is not another mystic portal scenario, because surely we've had enough of -- well.  Fine then.  But being sucked into a another dimension is not going to stop Buffy from finding her way back to Spike, finishing their vows, and eating that delectable cake with a glass of champagne.  And woe to anyone who tries to mess with The Dress along the way.

Author's choice of pretty much any detail, including the title.  I do kind of like the idea that they wrote their own vows, were both really nervous about them, and get interrupted saying them.  Spike may or may not go to a dimension of his own.

Editing to add one Must Not Have:  none of that smearing cake on each other’s face.  (Unless you're upping it to some sort of grand and wonderful cake-throwing combat.)  

Categories: Season 5, Season 6, Alternate Reality, Episode Rewrite
Characters: Angel, Anya, Buffy, Drusilla, Faith, Giles, Quentin Travers, Spike, Tara, Willow, Xander


"It doesn't matter. If Dawn dies, I'm done with it, I'm quitting." What if quitting wasn't all Buffy promised?

With the final battle of Glory upon them, and Buffy's adamant refusal to kill Dawn, the Scoobies make the quiet decision that should any of them be in the position to 'do what must be done' they'll do it. As the final battle commences, Buffy being occupied with Glory and Spike fighting with Doc atop the tower, Xander and Giles hatch their plan. When Spike is thrown off the tower by Doc, Xander is up on the tower and throws Doc to his death. The problem is Dawn's been bled and the portal is open. Xander cuts Dawn loose, and after chillingly telling her she's the key he needs to save the world and Buffy, pushes her off the tower into the portal. All the while, Giles watches remorselessly.

It works, the portal closes and the world is saved. Well done, Xan-Man, you've finally become Buffy's White Knight.

As Buffy kneels over Dawn's body, numb at her failure to save her sister, Giles gives her a speech about how she was wrong to prioritise Dawn over the world and that she 'forced their hand.' Xander also offers no apologies for his actions as everyone reels in shock at what has occurred. Buffy says nothing, silently broken that her friends may have needlessly killed her sister because they had such little faith in her. She simply cradles Dawn in her arms, Spike standing over them in grief. Giles states that with time, Buffy will understand that they did the right thing before leaving with Scoobies.

To their dismay, Buffy and Spike don't return to Revello Drive the next day and simply disappear altogether. Still Giles reports the defeat of Glory, and Buffy's disappearance, to the Watcher's Council and is promoted to the Council for his 'heroism.' Xander is pleased as punch at having saved the world, but angered that Buffy didn't thank him for it.

But in sacrificing Dawn, an innocent girl to save the world from Glory, the Scoobies instead created a threat far worse. As, unknown to them, Buffy had sworn to Spike that if Giles decided to sacrifice Dawn she'd make Glory look like a playground game compared to what she would become.

During the 147 days after Dawn's death, Buffy's grief and fury enable a dark transformation that leads to the birth of a vengeful Slayer known only as Dusk. On the 148th day, Buffy/Dusk returns from her exile, an unchipped and equally furious Spike as her love/mate, with only one thing on her mind: Vengeance. Against the world for taking her family from her, the Watcher's Council for their mistreatment of Slayers, Angel for abandoning her when she needed him and most of all, against her former friends for betraying and murdering her little sister.

Giles and Xander quickly the learn the deeper meaning of 'Better the devil you know...'

Must Haves.

- Buffy becoming Dusk: Dusk is the opposite of Dawn and so Buffy chooses the name to remember her sister. She dyes her hair black, dresses in black leather, and takes on an overall darker and vengeful persona that is out to make everyone who wronged her suffer. Underneath, she is still Buffy Summers though this will ONLY come out when she is alone with Spike.

- Dusk learns to harness the shadow demon within her, making her more powerful than Glory ever was. Not only this but she can access ancient and forgotten magic, making her as powerful as the Old Ones. Powers such as telepathy, mind-reading, telekinesis and blood magic. Have her use her telepathy to torment Giles and Xander specifically with visions and taunting.

- Unchipped Spike: I can imagine that if Dawn had died because of the Scoobies, Spike would've tossed his white hat to the wind if the Scoobies had been involved. He has reverted back to the Spike from season 2: violent and ruthless and like Buffy, has ascended to a higher level of power but without the magic that Buffy possess. He particularly targets Xander, hating the boy for killing his Niblet.

- Dusk and Spike are lovers: Their mutual grief over Dawn's death led to the breaking down of the barriers between them and allowing them to bond of profound level. They are deeply in love upon their return to the world.

- Dusk has a new 'Scooby Gang:' members of this group can be anyone who has been wronged by the Scoobies, Council or Angel. Possible members include a relapsed Faith who is tempted back to evil by Buffy, this time with no regrets. Drusilla, sees Dusk as a new 'dark princess' and is willing to have her vengeance on Angel. Harmony, Anya, etc. Anyone who could become dark and want to get back at the world. Would love to see a dark Tara who is furious at the loss of Dawn, reminded of her abusive family.

- Dusk destroys the Watcher's Council: They are her first targets. Dusk slaughters them, saving Travers for last and slowly tortures him for his actions. If Faith is part of the group, she joins in.

- Dusk goes after Angel: whether or not she dusts him is up to the author, but she must make it very clear she despises him and blames him as much as the Scoobies for Dawn's death.

- Dusk torments Giles and Xander for months, taunting and belittling them for their actions. Does she kill them in end or does she force them to live with the knowledge that they created something worse than Glory?

- Buffy is still the hero/ Scoobies are the Big Bads: This is the biggest part of this challenge because Dusk and Spike are essentially the 'Big Bads' of this story, but it's the Scoobies who made them this way. So, Dusk/Buffy and Spike must be seen as tragic villains over being straight Big Bads. The Scoobies, mainly Xander and Giles, are the target.

Can Haves.

- Riley returns to Sunnydale as in canon: this is encouraged but optional as Buffy could easily blame Riley for not being there to help protect Dawn due to his masculinity crisis. Riley must die if he returns.

-The Powers That Be warn Giles and Xander that their actions have had terrible consequences. Joyce could be the one sent to tell them, as she is furious with them both.

- Buffy takes over Sunnydale like the Master does in the Wishverse, uses the Hellmouth to further augment her power.

- An optional pairing of Faith/Dark Tara- I get serious bi vibes from Faith and I'd love to see her and Tara fall into a relationship.

Can't Haves.

- Buffy can't go back to the side of good: her anger and hatred of the Scoobies and her grief at the loss of her mom and Dawn in such a short time has embittered her too much.

- No Spike turning on Buffy: Spike is just furious as she is and will not go back to being a white hat after seeing what they chose to do.

-No killing Tara or Anya: if the two don't join Buffy, Buffy must allow them to live and leave Sunnydale. They didn't have anything to do with Dawn's death and spoke against Giles, Willow and Xander when they killed her.

- No Angelus: Buffy doesn't want Angel to lose his soul, she wants him to pay for not helping her.

- No First Evil/Nerd Trio: from typical stand Dusk is the Big Bad, from the reader standpoint, the Scoobies are the Big Bads. No First or Nerds in this one.

That's all for this one. Quite a dark and angsty challenge this...but I look forward to see if there're any takers.

Axell has been kind enough to make an awesome banner for this challenge, be sure to PM them for  personalization on the banner.


Categories: All Human/Fantasy
Characters: Ensemble

AU All Human

Couples I'd really like to see in this.....Buffy/Spike, Wes/Faith, Willow/Tara and Angel/Cordy

William "Spike" Pratt is a famous author of a best selling line of novels. Spike and Wes are cousins who grew up together. Wes is the producer of the hot new tv show Celebrity Date. On this show, a group of normal people compete to try and win a date with a famous celeb. One time the celeb is female the next time it's male. This time up the celeb needs to be a guy but Wes can't find anyone famous to sign up. Seeing how his cousin owes him a BIG favor Wes calls in that favor in order to get Spike on the show.

The girls who sign up for the show are......Buffy, Faith, Tara, Cordy and Drusilla.

For whatever reason, you want to give Buffy signs up for a spot on the show but she's cutthroat in winning. So Buffy starts working behind the scenes in order to win.

She first notices the sexual tension between Faith and the producer of the show Wes. Buffy starts fixing it up to where the two of them are always ending up together. Knowing of Faith's lack of control over her hormones it's not long until Faith jumps Wes and get's herself disqualified from the show....not that Faith is upset over anything.

Buffy also notices how Angel, the best friend of the other contestant Cordelia, is always hovering around as he says 'just to look out for her'. Buffy can clearly tell that Angel is in love with his best friend. So she works her magic on him in getting Angel to tell Cordelia how he feels about her.....getting Cordy off the show.

Tara may not be the best looking of all the girls on the show but much to Buffy's shock Tara is the front runner. Not only do the fans watching the show LOVE her but she's also very smart especially about literature and is able to talk with Spike on an intellectual level about books. Wondering what to do with her Buffy starts to notice how Tara always seems to be eyeing Willow(What Willow's story is about is up to you). Buffy works her magic on making Tara see she may not be straight at all and how Willow might be a better option for her!

Buffy's biggest work though comes in the form of Drusilla. The girl may be a french fry short of a happy meal but she has some sort of spell over Spike. Buffy is going to have to work hard to push Dru out of the way if she wants to win her man!

Xander/Anya can be whatever you want in the story.....also with Giles, Joyce and Dawn.


Categories: None
Characters: Angel, Angelus, Buffy, Drusilla, Jenny Calendar, Spike, Whistler

Prophecy time! 

I love prophecy claimy fics, and have read all of them on the site, many times, with great enthusiasm. So I’m asking for someone to write me a new one lol. 

Nc-17. Graphics of Spuffy sex please. 

No Bangle sex. 

If there’s a first evil, there has to be a first good. One can not exist without the other. 

Buffy and Angel’s one night together started a devistating chain of events. Angel lost his soul, spike lost dru, buffy lost her boyfriend, Jenny lost her life, and willow lost her fish. 

What if the ptb knew what was going to happen. What if they really were the powers that like to mess with people and started the chain of events so they could get what they wanted out of our favorite characters? Because they knew without Bangle, Spuffy wouldn’t be able to come into play. 

While soulless Angelus and Dru claim each other. (No acathla). Jenny doesn’t die and instead is anble to re-ensoul Angel. Due to the claim Dru now has her soul, and with it (you decide how) her sanity. They nurse spike back to health because of a prophecy involving him and Buffy. Whistler told Angle help the slayer and you will be able to fulfill your destiny which turns out to be Dru not Buffy. Dru is now a seer who is sane and works for the PTB so she’s going to be in charge of helping her lost childe and Buffy get together. 

Categories: None
Characters: Angel, Buffy, Ensemble, Spike

-Back story to this challenge-

so today I saw my first “love” (or as much love as an inexperienced high schooler could master) while I was shopping. Mine and his relationship had a lot of parallels to Bangle (obviously no vampire/slayerness, or  pedophiliac age gap). And it ended badly just like cannon Bangle. I went off to college he stayed home. I went through the normal anger, hurt, betrayal, saddness stages. Then I woke up and realized I had moved on. Which in my experience is how healthy people handle their first love and them breaking up. Fast forward to today and I saw him and *shocker* none of the old feelings returned. He’s part of my past, we have a history together but that’s it. We both have changed and (possibly on his part definitely on my part) grown up. Cannon never gave Buffy that. Even all the way to season 7 she still had a part of her that was in love with Angel. Praying for the day when they could be reunited. Which isn’t all that healthy imho. 


I want a story (and how to make it Spuffy is up to you) where Buffy truly takes the time and gets over Angel. This will hopefully factor into her having a healthy relationship with Spike. Maybe she slowly had started getting over him when he came back from hell, or when Angelus was unleashed. I’d love to see how she would handle spike loving her if she didn’t still have a big thing for Angel. 

Yall know the drill. Have fun. Use your own first love experience if you would like (or don’t really it’s up to you) but the important part is Buffy goes through the normal mourning period and stages of a failed first Love which allows her to fully embrace the love of another. 

Categories: None
Characters: Ensemble

After a fun weekend where he partied,seriously drank,danced and had the best shag of his life William “Spike” Pratt goes into work to meet his new Rupert Giles.

But Spike gets the shock of his life when he realizes the best shag of his life he got the last weekend is his new boss’s oldest stepdaughter! Ohhh this isn’t going to end well for him.....especially when she keeps flirting and secretly touching him while her dad is around.

Categories: Post-Series
Characters: Ensemble

During the battle against the army of the Senior Partners, all of the Fang Gang were killed/dusted. But there's one slight little problem.....the Shanshu Prophecy is still out there and if not met will cause some type of disastrous fault to the Earth and maybe all the other realms. 

What has become the 'new' Watcher's Council had tried to fix this by forcing souls on numerous vampires. This in order to have a vampire with a soul to fill the Prophecy. The only problem is none of the vampires have been able to live with their new soul and have all committed suicide by walking out into the sun(or other methods)

Giles and Willow think they have found a solution. 

A magic spell will allow someone......Buffy of go into the afterlife to find the only two vampires known to have been able to live with their soul......Angel and Spike. The catch is Buffy is only allowed to bring ONE of them back. 

Which one will she choose? And will she be able to talk that vampire into coming back with her?

Ideas I had was that Buffy crosses path with others that have crossed over.....such as Ms.Calendar, Anya, Cordy, Tara and most importantly her mom. They act as guides to lead her to the parts of the afterlife that the vampires are at.

Categories: Season 2, Pre-Series, Season 1
Characters: Buffy, Spike

What if the Slayer before Buffy only drowned or something and was revived. The Council didn't know that Buffy had been called because they thought the Slayer (India Cohen or other) hadn't been properly dead because she was resuscitated straight away and still had her full powers.

Because of this, she goes through everything with Lothos alone (or with only Pike) and is wigged about her strange new strength and senses. Does she still burn down the gym or does she try to run so the whole thing goes down in a totally different location? What decisions does she make differently without a Watcher to train and teach her?

Preferably no stay in the psych ward.

Still move to Sunnyhell with mum for reasons.

Is Giles there to watch over the Hellmouth? Does Whistler still bring Angel to SH for the PTB?

What happens when she drowns at the hands of the Master and Xander revives her? What does Kendra's Watcher do when he notices the sudden changes in his student? How does the Council react when they learn that a 'second' Slayer (Kendra) has been called so many months after such a close call with the still 'current' one (India)?

How much help, if any , is Willow, Xander, maybe Jesse? Are there any others that join them? What about Jenny Calander, is she still sent there to keep track of Angel and how can she help Buffy?

Here comes the important Spuffy bits:

When does Spike turn up? Why?

Is Dru with him or not? Why?

What is his reaction to finding a self-trained Slayer (and potentially no Watcher still)?

Categories: Season 2
Characters: Ensemble

In a challenge that I just seconded, MOMNESIA wrote something that gave me an idea for another challenge. I asked permission to quote part of her challenge.

... momnesia wrote:

Jenny should stress that Angel was attracted to innocence (i.e., a virginal young girl), and that the curse was intended to make Angel lose his soul and kill the object of HIS love, as he killed the favored gypsy child THEY loved.. In other words, his innocent, virginal lover. How that would make Angelus suffer is beyond me, since Angelus would have revelled in Buffy's death, so as a loophole, it really sucked big time.

.... My idea:

What if the death of said lover in his soulless state is a trigger to return his soul, THAT is the curse: find true love/perfect happiness; lose soul; kill her; soul returns; guilt and pain ensues. Except that he didn't kill Buffy, so the return part of the curse didn't get triggered.

How can this become known?  Who is the girl (coz it's not going to be Buffy)?  How long does it take for Angel to find/kill her afterwards, days, weeks, months?  What did he do to terrorize the townspeople and Buffy between losing his soul and triggering the clause to get it back?  Is the poor girl under Buffy's and/or Kendra's protection?  Does Spike help to protect her or just sit back and watch the fun?  What does Dru think of it all?  

If you DO decide to go with Buffy, it would have to be something of a recoverable death, like drowning again.

This is a Spuffy site, so happy Spuffy eventually, obviously, but how does this whole thing open the eyes of the Scoobies?  How and what do they learn from all of this?  Is it the soul thing? The curse? Angel being a dick with and without? Spike helping them even tho he doesn't have a soul?

Categories: Episode Rewrite, Season 4
Characters: Anya, Buffy, Giles, Spike, Willow, Xander

What if Willow had discovered a forgetting spell or potion much earlier? She finds it just after performing the Will Be Done spell.

When she's walking around Giles's place at the end of that episode with her Guilt Cookies, what if she had decided that that day was something they were all better off forgetting? What if the cookies were all laced and everyone got all sleepy then woke up with regressed or missing memories, or no memories at all.

Totally authors' choice as to the level of memory loss, what happens, if the Initiative or Riley is there in any way, how long it lasts, how its broken.

Categories: None
Characters: Dawn, Spike

I've always wonderd  what would happen if Dawn and Spike were captured by the initiative. I just like thier dynamic together and I like seeing how protective spike can be.

Must include : 

Takes place after Buffy dies between season 5 snd 6  

Spike and Dawn as main characters

Spike being protective of Dawn

Spike saying " I'm your sitter so mind me "

No Buffy , she's dead 


Categories: Season 2, Season 3, Season 4, Season 5, Season 6
Characters: Angel, Buffy, Cordelia, Darla, Drusilla, Giles, Jenny Calendar, Joyce, Spike, Tara, Wesley, William, Willow, Xander

Ok.   I may be wrong, but I seem to remember that Angel told Buffy and the others that Spike was the worst vampire in history (other than Angelus), and that he was called William the Bloody BEFORE he was turned.  Now with a moniker like that, it is no stretch for anyone to think that Spike was some kind of homicidal maniac, if not a serial killer, which is the idea Angel wanted to instill, I'm sure.    Now, of course, we know the true reason why Spike was called "the Bloody", yet NONE of the Buffyverse characters know this.  

This brings me to my challenge:   just as there is a spell to reveal the existence of a soul, there should also a way to SEE the truth behind a vampire's origins.   This story could be set right after Spike first arrived in Sunnydale, but could be set later, if you like.  For me, ideally this would work as a way for Jenny Calendar to "out" herself to Giles BEFORE Angel loses his soul.    As I see it, Buffy and Giles both believe the gospel according to Angelus, but Jenny knows from her clan just what Angel/Angelus is capable of, so she suggests using the spell to see if Angel is telling the truth.    Buffy firmly believes that her "one true love" Angel will be shown to be the sweet, well mannered heir to a Merchant he led Buffy to believe, while she is equally positive that this Spike was born a Monster.    Imagine all of their reactions to the truth of both vampires origins.    Angel was a lying, cheating, drunken, whoring, (possibly raping), layabout; anything but the nice guy that Angel led them to believe he was.    On the other hand, Spike is also the polar opposite of what Angel stated, and no where near the monster Angel was in life.   How does this information change the Buffyverse?    Will Buffy refuse to believe what the spell reveals?   Or will she finally realize that Angel might just have "tweaked" the truth to put himself in a better light?   Bonus points if the "origins spell" shows what happened immediately after both vampire rose;  Angel told Buffy that all vampires kill their entire families once they rise because they remind the vampire of his human self; how will the gang react to the carnage Angel caused to his family as well as his village?      How will Willam's turning his mother in an effort to save her from a slow, painful death affect the gang?     

Naturally, I favor a very Spuffy outcome, but not right away.   Buffy at 17 is still a child, and should not be involved with a man well into his late twenties, let alone one well into his second or third century!     

Must haves:

 No character death.   If Jenny Calendar comes clean with Giles early on, he may be more willing to actually listen to her and to believe her when she warns him that Angel should Not be trusted.   Angel spent over 100 years with his soul, yet did nothing to try to make up for his sins until he was shown an innocent 15 year old slayer to "help".   I seriously doubt that the PTB would arrange to give any Vampire a young girl as a "reward"  for seeking redemption, so that business of Buffy being Angel's "Destiny" and his REWARD is pure crap!

Angel must NOT lose his soul.  No Buffy seducing Angel.   (That entire storyline bothered me.  Bufy was not yet 17, while Angel had passed hiis bicentennial.  Can you say Pedophile?  Enough said)  Jenny should stress that Angel was attracted to innocence (i.e., a virginal young girl), and that the curse was intended to make Angel lose his soul and kill the object of HIS love, as he killed the favored gypsy child THEY loved..   In other words, his innocent, virginal lover.   How that would make Angelus suffer is beyond me, since Angelus would have revelled in Buffy's death, so as a loophole, it really sucked big time.

Character bashing is ok, and to be expected.   Spike calling Angel "peaches" should be explained at some point.    I imagine something extremely embarrassing to Angel, which would be precisely WHY Spike refers to him as such.   

Can use canon storylines for "big bads" or go completely AU since Buffy doesn't seduce Angel.   Or, if you want to, you can have Drusiilla or some other girl (Cordelia?) Cause Angel's soul to fly the coop.   No more love-damaged Buffy, please.

That's it.   Any takers?

Categories: All Human/Fantasy
Characters: Ensemble

Buffy and Willow own and are running a small restaurant/bar/club. It’s not doing so well competing against the other ones in town.

When Buffy isn’t there Willow hires Spike as their new bartender. Buffy hates him on sight....even more after talking to him.

But the thing is Spike has some type of gimmick while working. Maybe he sings while working the with his shirt off...whatever it is it draws in the crowd. Mostly lots and lots of women.

At first it’s cool to Buffy due to the money they’re getting. But when more and more women start ogling for Spike’s attention the last Buffy likes it!


Categories: All Human/Fantasy
Characters: Ensemble

Spike is a rich guy...what he does is up too you...but whatever he does he can do a lot of it from home. Spike was madly in love with Dru his girlfriend/wife/fiance but a while back ago she shocked him by dumping him and moving away. Now Spike is a bit of a bitter man wanting nothing more to be left alone.

After her mother's death and her father being arrested for stealing from his job, Buffy has lost everything. Buffy has gotten a job as a housekeeper in order to keep her tiny apartment and to eat. Dawn is her very young little sister or her very young daughter.

The idea is that Dawn's babysitter can no longer watch her anymore. Buffy is forced to take Dawn to work with her when she goes to take care of Spike's BIG home. She tells Dawn to "Sit right here and do NOT move!" of course Dawn doesn't listen and wanders off.

The idea is that Dawn just so happens to wander into the room where Spike is. She startles him at first and he demands to know who she is. At first, he's a bit put off by the little kid but over time she charms him and makes him smile/laugh for the first time in a long time.

Buffy is scared when she notices Dawn is gone.....then mortified to find her in the room with her boss! But she's shocked when Spike laughs and tells her no foul......and he also tells her seeing how she can't find a babysitter at the moment it's ok with him if she want's to bring Dawn back with her.

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Characters: Buffy, Ensemble, Hank Summers, Joyce, Spike

Hank was a pos and we all know it. But what if him and Joyce divorced earlier than in cannon. Like when Buffy was still a toddler. What if Joyce got re-married and had baby Dawn with step daddy (optional if you want to include Dawn into the mix). And most importantly Step daddy was around for Buffy becoming the slayer. Joyce knows step daddy’s secret but Buffy doesn’t. His secret? He’s full or half peaceful demon. How would buffy be changed if she was raised with a male parental figure who’s actually around (unlike hank) and who shows her not all demons are bad regardless of what the council thinks and tries to show her.  Obviously make it Spuffy. (Id love for step daddy to be friends with spike prior to Buffy’s turning. Maybe he was st the wedding but didn’t come around often because it would bring to many questions about him not ageing. So when he hits Sunnydale he hits up hos old friend. But that’s just an idea. The possibility’s for this could be endless.)


yall know the drill. Don’t have bangle sex, do have Spuffy sex. Don’t kill Joyce please. Make it Spuffy. And have fun lol

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Characters: Angel, Buffy, Dawn, Giles, Spike, The First Evil, The Master

There is a prophecy about the Bride of the Aurelian:

A child as pure as the Dawn will lead the Bride to him. She shall be clothed in white and fearless, empowered to slay the darkness and defy death. She shall happily greet her Aurelian husband's lips and embrace him. Then he shall gain unprecedented new power and gain true mastery of la Boca del Infierno. If she is pure of purpose the world shall be won and born anew. If not, the mouth shall be swallowed whole.

I worded the prophecy vaguely enough for any of the male Aurelians to believe it's about them and for the world ending or being saved to be possible interpretations. The only thing that's sure in it is the possibility of the mouth being swallowed if the Bride's purpose is not pure and that his lips and her embrace are involved.

If you recall, a child led Buffy clothed in white to the Aurelian Master and he percieved her coming as his mastery over the mouth of hell once and for all. He truly was empowered to an extent.

Angelus too could have believed himself to be a recipient. He could percieve Buffy's innocence as her metaphorical white clothing and could view any number of persons as the child like Spike or the gypsie girl that led him to her. His freedom from the curse could be viewed as his empowerment and Buffy certainly embraced him.

Now, I intend for the prophecy to actually be about Dawn, Buffy, and (you guessed it) Spike. The first, Giles, Buffy, and Angel all believe that the prophecy has already been fulfilled if they know of it at all.

The story could be completely canon or as loosely alternate universe as the author desires. It's their choice whatever they believe will empower Spike to be the true Master of the hellmouth. Have fun!

Categories: Season 6
Characters: Andrew Wells, Buffy, Dawn, Ensemble, Giles, Jonathan Levinson, Spike, Warren Mears

I hated the character assassination of Giles by having him bail on Buffy after her resurrection. The "reasons" never made a bit of sense and there were a slew of other ways they could have written the actor out without destroying the character of Giles that way.

While making a comment on another story I thought of one and believe it would be a good story in and of itself.

I always thought it insane to think that after a wee bit of Dawn's blood being shed in opening that portal on the tower that suddenly Dawn was nothing more than an average, normal, teen-aged girl. Why should her basic nature change? Her Key abilities (later explored a bit in the comics) should have remained. I never understood why Giles didn't investigate further.

It would have been a perfectly understandable, reasonable, reason for Giles to go back to England after research the Key. It would have been in character as opposed to the character assassination they did to Giles by having him leave the way they did when Buffy needed him so much. Even Buffy would have felt he needed to check into her sister's possible abilities and vulnerabilities through research at the Council!

Perhaps Giles asks Spike to be Buffy's support (at least with the patrols and things of that nature. Maybe even basic research) while he is in London. This would fit with Xander's dream post-Adam of Spike becoming a Watcher. It might draw Buffy and Spike closer and in the open. It wouldn't be Giles' intention to have it bloom to romance but would likely work that way.

Obviously, the story needs to be Spuffy too so either they get close during the course of the tale or are established as a couple as part of the story.

Must have:

Giles keeping in touch while researching. The information on Dawn and her abilities should be more than just a plot device to get Giles out of the picture. 

The Scoobies being frustrated with the seeming approval by Giles for Spike being present and involved with Buffy. Tara and Anya should be supportive and point out the benefits.

Can have: 

The Trio if you want them. Would be good to have them dealt with without any skinning or Dark Willow 

Tara not dying. If shot, it shouldn't be fatal. Willow could go off the spool in that event but not lethal, end-the-world off the spool.

The Trio can discover the possibilities of Dawn's abilities and kidnap her trying to find a way to use her.

Extra points if you can work in Lorne and Wesley into the story. Perhaps Lorne could "read" Dawn and confirm she is still the Key and Wesley might help either in Sunnydale or assist Giles. It would keep those two out of Angel's mess in LA

Can't have:

Destructive Spuffy. If you get them together sexually it shouldn't go to the unhealthy relationship they had in canon. Doesn't have to be fluffy but at least healthy.

No AR like in Seeing Red. IF you choose to have Spike get his soul for some reason it should come from a positive POV, not punishment or a feeling of lack (maybe to appease Willow and Xander who aren't happy with him being with Buffy?) Lots of ways to have him earn the soul through trials without going to Africa...Angel did trials right there in LA after all! The issue of the soul is irrelevant to the challenge however. Spike can go for it or not but if he does it cannot involve the AR.

Categories: Season 5, Alternate Reality, Episode Rewrite, Challenge Response
Characters: Buffy, Ensemble, Spike


Title / banner optional, just PM if you want it.

Basically a re-write of ‘Out of my mind’ and ‘No Place Like Home’

Here’s the starting plot:

Spike is pissed. The Slayer once again ruined his plan. He didn’t get his chip out. In a fit of rage he stakes Harmony, because she didn’t paid attention to the Doc.

Spike doesn’t have the dream revelation in ‘Out of my mind’, so nobody clued him in that he’s in love with Buffy.

But you can give him a naughty dream about her. – your choice.

So, he was really out for a walk. The scene plays almost the same, without him calling her by her name and the lame ‘I never really liked you anyway and, and, and your hair looks very stupid’ line, but with some harsh truths spoken by the bitter vampire. About the dead-weight Riley really is, about how she isn’t really cut out to be normal, about her rudeness, and so on…you get the picture.

He walks away, but not before telling her once again she has tragic taste in men and that she really should find a suitable mate.

Buffy starts to think, and what do you know: the blonde pest is right.

She begins to see Riley in a new light, especially after he gets in her way while slaying.

Buffy seeks Spike’s company while patrolling, much to the vampire’s annoyance, she always steals his kills. And she’s playful and flirty around him, which confuses the poor vampire. Who makes the first move, it’s up to you, but they begin… to play chess. Loudly, frequently.

Buffy didn’t sleep with Riley since he lost his chip induced power, they are almost like strangers. So, the overgrown soldier boy seeks his pleasures elsewhere. You guess it: the suck house. Spike didn’t play his stalker routine, so nobody clued Buffy about Riley’s extracurricular activities and he gets vamped.

From here on, it’s your story.


Spike doesn’t know he’s in love with Buffy. At least, not before they sleep together.

Riley gets vamped.

Riley dies, as painful as possible.

Did I mention, Riley dies?

A spuffy ending.


You can add anything you want to the story.

You can kill any other character you want, if it serve the plot, save for Buffy or Spike. 

It’s not mandatory to kill anyone else. Just Riley. He must die.

That’s it, have fun.

Cheers,  wink

Categories: Post-Series
Characters: Ensemble

A Scooby reunion fic set anytime post-series you would like, with any starting point for the relationships you explore (specifically Buffy and Spike) you choose. This is challenge is specifically for Kennedy haters who aren’t afraid to play her death for laughs.

Title, length, rating, and sub-genres are your choice, but this is definitely meant to be a comedy. OCs and/or retconning Anya’s death are welcome.

Our beloved Sunnydale characters are scattered around the globe, busy working and learning about themselves in a post-Sunnydale world. When news reaches them that Kennedy has died (preferably in a silly way, or in a way that is clearly her own fault), they all dutifully make arrangements to attend the services. Very few are even a little bit in mourning, but most are secretly very excited at a chance to reunite with their old friends.

Once they are gathered, they make great efforts to appear to be mournful in front of Willow and anyone else who cared for Kennedy, with varying degrees of success. Meanwhile, they’re all pursuing their own agendas, patching up estranged friendships, closing unwelcome distances, and lighting a few romantic sparks. I suspect lots of alcohol is in play. Magic is optional.

I want to see all our old friends sneaking around the funeral home and the home that hosts the wake for chats and trysts, trading looks of amusement when someone extols the virtues of the deceased, and trying very, very hard to appear somber while they’re having the best weekend any of them has had in years.

My only request is that Willow be featured in the eventual exposure of the “under the table” party that’s going on. She could call everyone out for their behavior in front of outsiders (I’m thinking Kennedy’s rich parents are probably hosting), get drunk and start loudly complaining about Kennedy’s faults, or have some other response in either of those veins. If the party is not discovered by the genuine mourners, I request exposure to occur in the final moments, with at least one character saying something like “That was the best funeral ever!” as they exit.

Have fun, and don’t forget to call Kennedy a brat.

Categories: Alternate Reality
Characters: Ensemble

What if instead of Angelus getting hit by the soul curse it had been Dru? This drives the already loony vampire even more around the bend.

Angelus and Darla quickly discard her as an inconvenience and move on. But Spike stays with her because even with her having a soul he still loves her eyeballs to entrails. So for the next almost one hundred years, Spike helps take care of the almost catatonic souled Dru.

He brings her to Sunnydale hoping the Hellmouth's energy might help her.

Instead of trying to become the Master of Sunnydale this Spike keeps a low profile in order to let Dru attempt to heal and come out of her inner shell. But as normal things don't go to Spike's plan when Buffy somehow stumbles across them. How will she handle a souled vampire and an unsouled one who has been taking care of her for decades?

Spike still killed the Slayer in NYC.He didn't go trying to hunt her down for his ego. Dru escaped one night while his back was turned and she wandered into the Slayer. Spike fought her to protect Dru and won.

Categories: All Human/Fantasy
Characters: None

Just something that came to me that I'd like a story based around. You don't have to use any of this.... it's just a mood idea to sit the story idea up.

"These chick flick girl in love with her guy best friend movies are so unrealistic!"

"Why do you say that?"

"How in the hell is the guy suppose to know his best friend is in love with him if the bird never says anything to him?! Or doesn't show she has the slightest speck of feelings for him?!"

"I think all the hints that she drops are pretty obvious how she feels Spike."

"Oh for Pete sakes Buffy! Men don't get hints! We need it crammed down our throats before we get it! We need........"

The sound of sudden movement and kissing

"Uhhhh....hey....what was that.....?"

"How was that for cramming it down your throat? Did you get the hint?"


Categories: None
Characters: Ensemble

Buffy and William "Spike" are married. Buffy has a high up job where Spike is the one to stay at home trying to be a writer or is a writer but has a severe case of writer's block. Buffy's job transfers them to a new town. Buffy is all up in her new position at work while Spike is bored off his butt being at home all day by himself for long hours.

Spike starts to meet some of the stay at home moms and trophy wives who live in the neighborhood. He starts to go to things like book clubs,Tupperware parties and what not just to release the boredom of being home all by himself. 

Of course, Spike being Spike is the center of attention at all the hen parties and has all the women eating out of his hand and just LOVING him. Also, some of the younger trophy wives start to hit on him or have too much of an interest in him.

Buffy isn't too pleased when she finally finds out how Spike has been releasing his boredom.....nor the fact the trophy wives have an interest in HER husband.

Categories: Alternate Reality
Characters: Buffy, Spike

A conversation between Buffy's choice. And so begins a tale of self discovery, reconciliation, and beautiful Spuffy loving. I'm looking for tooth-achy sweet ending (but a little angst and bittersweet cocoa may make the sweetness sweeter :).

"Buffy, I still love you."

"I don't need that kind of love. I need the kind of love that stays, that fights for what could be. Not the kind that leaves me for my own good or whatever excuse makes you feel better. I'm done with that kind."

"Buffy, I "

"No, it's okay. I love you too, and you will always be in my heart. But it's okay now. Maybe I'll see you around, or whatever."