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Okay, In season 2 it's Spike instead of Angel, but when he loses his soul. He gets really possessive of Buffy, while he hides the fact that he lost his soul. When everyone does find out about his soul, they of course call him evil, telling he can't love blah blah blah.. So Spike he tries to be big bad, but he can't for he loves Buffy too much. Like when he tries to eat someone he thinks of her lets her go. He ends up dusting of the minion, because he constantly annoyed at them. He only thing he really tries to do is to get Buffy any way he can thinks...and most of them blow up in his face. Can he find a way to prove how much he loves Buffy? Will Buffy realize he's still the man she loves? I guess that's up to the writer.


Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered
I always wanted a fic where Oz wasn't the only angry boyfriend, but a very pissed off Spike comes calling! Or have it where Spike is trying to plan a special day for valentine to get her back, only she shows up as a rat. And when she turns back to normal...She's naked in front of her vampire.

Categories: Episode Rewrite, Season 5, Season 6, Season 7, Post-Series, Alternate Reality
Characters: Buffy, Buffybot, Spike

Imagine how Spike and Buffy's relationship would have changed if Buffybot hadn't got damaged in his recue from Glory.

Buffy has shown empathy with the robots in the show, except Ted. No one empathizes with that android. But Buffy sat with April until her power ran out, and you could tell that she felt sorry for the way she was cast aside. Then there was the way she looked at the busted Buffybot before going to see Spike. How she mimicked the posture and look her in the non functioning eyes. Think about how that scene would play out if Buffybot hadn't been damaged in such a way as to shut down but be unable to walk? What would Buffy and the Bot talk about? What insight would Buffy gather about Spike? Not all of her programing was about sex.

Or think about if it was Buffybot that carried Spike out and was nursing him back to health and Buffy goes to see if he spilt the beans about Dawn and hears Spike explaining why he didn't talk, and that the Bot is to delete any information she had on the Key Glory was looking for.

Imagine how the bot would change over time without Willow messing with its programing. Assimilating new data and updating her profiles. Learning what Spike wanted and trying to give it to him. How she would deal with Buffy's death. How she would deal with her resurrection. More importantly what would her perspective be on Spike and Buffy's developing relationship. Would Buffy cringe at the sight of the bot? Would she use it to mess with Spike? Would she let it join them? Would that make her more willing to believe she had come back wrong? Would Buffy befriend the bot along with Spike?

I guess the point of this challenge is to get people to develop the BuffyBot into an actual character beyond just a stand in for Buffy. Think of all the ways the show could change with her being an active participant in the goings on, not as a leader like Buffy would be, but as a secondary Spike character. Someone there to hit things when Buffy isn't available. But more tolerated then Spike is because she looks like Buffy. (If there is no interest in the idea I'll delete it)



P.S. if you could make it mostly from Buffybot's point of view that was be just awesome.

Categories: Crossover (AtS)
Characters: Buffy

Or title up to the author.

This could also work as a reunion fic, if anyone still needs ideas. The challenge is this: After "Chosen", Buffy's deathwish is back with a vengeance. She throws herself in the Slaying, hoping something will kill her... and eventually, something does. This something is a vampire, who decides to turn her instead. 

She rises as a vampire. She doesn't have her soul, so she gleefully kills humans for food. Up to you if she tries to kill or turn any of the Scoobies, but she shouldn't succeed. They also can't kill or stake her. Shortly after she's been turned, however, she learns that Spike is alive and back in L.A.! Still in love with him, Buffy goes to Los Angeles in the hopes of resuming their relationship. However, now he's the one with a soul and has to turn her down, since she's killing people. He also has to try and kill her, or at least scare her off, but she's still strong so he can never overcome her. She stays in L.A., hoping to convince him to change his mind, but eventually realizes she's the one who has to change for him now. She slowly starts to make concessions--first she promises to drink from humans without killing, then starts stealing blood bags, and lastly she capitulates and switches to animal blood.


Buffy's suicide can't be only because of Spike's death. She had years of trauma, death and betrayal on her shoulders--make sure that shows in the story.

Spike trying to kill Buffy, multiple times.

Happy Spuffy ending.


Buffy seducing Spike before becoming "good" again. They can have another twisted affair like in season 6, although Spike needs to be gentler in his rejection.Buffy going to get her soul like Spike did, but that's up to you.



Either of them becoming human again.


Categories: Alternate Reality
Characters: Ensemble

This is completely AU where Buffy never got called as a Slayer or anything like that but Spike is still a vampire.

Buffy is pregnant....with Dawn or another kid is up to you....and for reasons you want to give is working at a diner to make ends meet. Spike comes in late one night in search of a meal....the humankind. He fakes the human act in order to blend in and just so happens to get Buffy as his waitress. Spike can't help but turn the charm on when Buffy comes over to wait on him.

Buffy blushes all over because it's been awhile since any guy has hit on ever since she started showing! So the cute blonde guy hitting on her boost her self-esteem. Well, that is until her water breaks!

Spike wasn't going to eat the pregnant waitress but he wasn't expecting her to go into labor right there in front of him either!! Somehow Spike gets roped into taking Buffy to the hospital and is there in the room when she gives birth.

The idea is that seeing the birth of the kid bonds Spike to her/him and he can't help but to want to take care of it/protect it. He slowly starts to turn away from his vampireness......but just how is he going to explain to Buffy that he's a vampire and not freak her out?

Categories: Alternate Reality, Episode Rewrite
Characters: Buffy, Ensemble

What would Sunnydale high school be like if Buffy started a fitness club to cover her Slayer training. It could be small at first, just her Willow and Xander doing stretches and running, maybe some sit-ups, push-ups, and pull-ups. Then as time goes on the loser and outcasts start joining in, after all being in shape enough to run away is a great skill to have in high school. Eventually Buffy starts leading the larger group though escape tactics, if say some one grabbed you from behind. Nothing big just how to slip out of jackets and bags quickly. Over time she could show then how to climb fences quickly and do parkour  over benches, how to fall and roll away.

The idea behind all of this is to make the students of Sunnydale the lest likely to get eaten, and to hone Buffy's leadership abilities. The point for Buffy originally is to stay in shape for Slayer duty. But over time she begins to see what the group could mean. By the time the class of '99 graduates it isn't just scared highschoolers following the strange girl who they named class protector. Its a class following someone who helped them to become strong and stay alive.

You could get opposition from Snyder trying to close it down during second season, the mayor targeting the Geek Army members to keep Buffy from interfering with his ascension, this could push Buffy to start actual combat training. A small portion of the Geek Army attend UCSD where they ask Buffy to continue training them. This could draw the attention of the Initiative, maybe having some of their guys infiltrate. This could draw attention away from Spike as the soldiers could have been following Buffy that night and watched her dispatch a Hostile alone. Spike could have observed the observance. Someone else interested in his slayer? Storming the initiative with the best of her Geek Army to take out Adam. This could be a turning point because this would be the first time Buffy lead her army into open battle and some would have died. That would make season 5 about her questioning her leadership abilities instead of Riley drama. Picture a caravan of cars protecting Dawn as they make to leave town Another battle where Buffy loses not only her sister but a large section of her small army. Six could be about Buffy's resurrection and how Spike had taken over the army in her stead and kept Sunnydale and her sister safe, for the most part. This would add another wrinkle to them hooking up (Spike may or may not have a chip) She could be fighting him over control of the army the night they take down the house instead of Buffy being back wrong. Then Spike could have went for his soul after siring a group of the army that wanted to follow him instead of Buffy. Buffy would have been forced to slay the vamped out geek army members and she and Spike could have beaten each other bloody with Buffy telling him that him ever thinking turning his men was why she could never love him, and that he is a bigger monster then Angelus ever was to her for making her kill her men. Season 7 could be rolling the potentials into the Geek Army and Buffy learning what fighting in an actual war would mean. And dealing with issuing orders that got her people killed. And fallout of Spike returning with a soul and being a possible double agent for the first.

A story like this will more then likely be OC heavy, feel free to go nuts with the idea. I would be awesome if some of the Geek Army got April working and reprogramed her to be the equivalent of an anti-demon tank. You could have different sections to the Army, Willow could be witchy artillery. Xander your standard grunts who set up supply lines after the heavy hitters, Buffy's group, cleared the way. Giles could be spies and information brokers. Anya could even get into the act and have some boys collecting artifacts to supply funding for the large group. OR Tara as artillery and Willow R&D with the robot and weapons making, we never did find out what she did with the invisibility ray gun, or Ted's body

OK, this is a story idea that I can't really flesh out more then it is now. But if any of you can flesh out this monster series rewrite then be my guest and I look forward to reading the attempts.


Categories: Alternate Reality
Characters: Anya, Buffy, Drusilla, Spike

After killing the Slayer, Nikki Wood in New York, Spike suddenly feels Drusilla dust. Set on avenging his sire by any means necessary, he soon befriends Anyanka, a vengeance demon who helps him discover the truth behind Dru's death. (She dusted herself, allowing her soul to pass and complete the destiny Angelus stole from her. ) Years later, Spike gets the chance to reunite with the love of his unlife when Anyanka pops in to tell him Dru's soul was reincarnated, into Buffy Summers. Bloody hell! He might be love's bitch, but how does a vampire woo a Slayer?

Inspired by the song "Karma Chameleon" (hence the title) by Culture Club so kudos to anyone who can fit any of the lyrics and/or Boy George into the story.

*My challenges are here to inspire so feel free to interpret them however you wish. Shoot me a message for banner personalization. Thanks, Javajunkie247

Categories: Season 4
Characters: Angelus, Buffy, Ensemble, Giles, Spike, Tara, Willow, Xander

can change the title in fact please change the title I couldn't think of anything good! lol

What if along with Spike Angel aka Angelus also gets chipped?  

I know that Angel loses his soul again LOL but I didn't watch Angel TV show so I am not sure the timeline or most of the event that lead up to that lol my knowledge of that come from reading fanfic and when they put his story line with what is going on with Buffy LOL  so I am not sure when it happens so the writer can pretty much do what they want on how Angel lose the soul and when ;) I just want a fic where the Scooby's see how Different Spike and Angelus and to see what Angelus would have done had he gotten chipped.   

How does having a chipped Angelus running around Sunnydale change things??  

Must Haves:
Spike still ends up at Giles for help  

Spike and Buffy in a relationship :)  

Scooby's seeing the difference between Spike and Angelus

and also seeing that Angel and Angelus aren't that different from each other  

Angelus being well Angelus maybe he teams up with Maggie (up to you on that)

Angel not getting the soul back right away has to take a while

Happy ending lol ;)  

Can have Angel team coming down to help
also can have Angelus getting the chip out
can also have Spike getting the chip out as well  

must not haves:

no Buffy and Riley

no major character deaths

No Buffy being bitchy are being just mean to Spike conflict is fine they can fight but not her just taking stuff out on Spike just cause he can't hit back  

leave the rest up to the writer :)  

sorry if this has been done before!

Categories: None
Characters: Ensemble

Set in any season after Spike got his chip.

The idea is that due to her age,injury,sickness or a bit of all three Buffy's grandmother has to come to Sunnydale to live with them. How she gets along with Joyce,Buffy and Dawn is up to you. But much to Buffy's dismay her grandmother and Spike get along like gangbusters!

Due to the fact she looks a bit like his long dead mom Spike can't help but to like the older woman. Plus having lived in her time Spike understands and can talk to her about things from her past.

Be kind of funny if Spike and Grandma Summers were always carousing around town shopping, sneaking smokes and poking fun at others......especially if Buffy worried about her Grandmother on the Hellmouth tried to forbid her from ever leaving the house. Maybe Buffy gets mortified that she's in the Bronze one night and Spike and her Grandmother come in or she finds them there already smoking and drinking(and dancing?) lol

Categories: Episode Rewrite, Pre-Series, Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, Season 4, Season 5, Season 6, Season 7
Characters: Buffy

(Title can be changed as it doesn't really fit with the challenge)

Buffy's life is super fantastical. No one not living though it would believe her if she told them the truth about it. So in an attempt explain her life Buffy begins keeping a second Diary. In this book she explains the events of her life as if monsters and magic weren't a real thing. She tries to use metaphors for the end of the world confrontations she stops and sometimes completely changes the circumstances for an event to happen.

The Challenge- Rewrite the entire series from Buffy's point of view as she attempts to write the events of her slayer duties as if they were regular high school problems.

You can tell the story from an older Buffy's perspective as she looks back in an attempt to normalize her life as a way to not just have a massive blank in her history when she is asked about her younger years. This might allow her to have hazier memories of her first few years so you can begin the story at a later time. You could have her discussing her entries with Dawn and work in how the Monks changed the memories to accommodate her.

Ideally this would be Buffy putting down the story with her own personal thoughts on the lies she is putting down sprinkled though out. For example She could put down something like "Spike transferred into Sunnydale and I just knew he would be a pain in the neck from the start." /Yet for all his trying he never sank his fangs in./ "We would fight in the halls every time we seen each other. /literally/

There are no rules to this except that you tell a story as if Buffy The Vampire Slayer was retelling her time in Sunnydale as if the supernatural didn't exist. Recasting her Big bads as actual people. The Master was someone who mugged her on her way to the dance and left her to drown. Angelus becomes a controlling boyfriend that couldn't separate sex and ownership. The mayor becomes just a snake of a human being that destroyed the school when his adopted daughter got stabbed just before graduation. The Initiative becomes a collage Hazing scandal that never made the papers because the Frat had military alumni. Glory was a cult leader who kidnapped her sister, and ended up with Buffy in a coma after falling off a tower.

I'm sure you get the idea by now. Use those brilliant imaginations I know you have and really try to normalize the adventures of the Scooby crew.


Categories: Season 6, Season 5
Characters: Ensemble

Or title up to the author. This is a pretty weird idea, I guess, but has lots of potential for character developement and fun. So here it goes.

In season 5, Riley spiraled increasingly out of control. He felt his relationship with Buffy was in trouble, but was so thoroughly unable to deal with it in any mature way that he even put himself in serious danger and developed an addiction. He was becoming really unstable towards the end.

So, what if after his breakup with Buffy, he remained so obsessed that he would have done anything to get her back? 

In his desperation, he reached out to Ethan Rayne, who was still in an Initiative holding facility. He wanted to see if there was a magical way to separate Buffy from her Slayer part, like Toth's stick was supposed to do. For some reason, Ethan was unable to do that, but what he could do was give Riley a spell that would create a "copy" (like a clone of Buffy), completely human, without anything supernatural. He even managed to word the spell so the copy would not appear right next to Buffy, but in a secure location nearby (warehouse?). Riley's plan was to get to this Buffy 2.0, find some excuse to bring her back to Central America, and he thought they could get back together and all would be well, since a powerless Buffy would "naturally" defer to him.

So, he gets back to Sunnydale unseen and hits Buffy with the spell. Of course, he also hits Spike with it at the same time without realizing it. But that's not his only problem... 

Because the way the spell works, to make a "copy" of the person without supernatural influences, it actually "resets" te subject to before they were actually supernatural. So Riley gets to the location he'd planned only to find a very confused, very angry 15 years old Buffy, and a thorougly flabbergasted Victorian gentleman.

Now, Young Buffy doesn't recognize him and has not reason to trust him. She immediately pegs him as her kidnapper and has no intention to collaborate. Riley, meanwhile, is in big trouble... he can't let the pair go, because neither the Scoobies nor the army would be happy to discover what he's done. Desperate, he overpowers both of them, stuffs them in his van and starts heading back to Central America anyway.  

During the journey, Buffy and William slowly learn the truth about their situation (or as much of the truth as they can learn from Riley) and form a friendship. *IMPORTANT* As Buffy is still fifteen here, there shouldn't be any lusty or romantic love feelings at this point of the story. I mean, William could maybe react to Buffy's shameful state of "undress" (cut the guy a break, he's never seen a naked ankle before) and Buffy could notice that he's actually kind of cute, but their relationship for now has to be strictly friendship. Bonus points if William was "taken" before Cecily's rejection, so he's still in love with her and keeps mooning about her, while Buffy, who's more socially smart, immediately understands that she never would have given William the time of the day. Also, William can't be a father figure to Buffy. If anything, she's going to be the one who's protective of him, since he's less resourceful and obviously more confused in the beginning.

At some point, they manage to escape and make it back to Sunnydale. The enthire thing has taken months, so byu now Buffy has already died and resurrected. We're at the beginning of canon season 6 when Buffy 2.0 and William come to town! What will happen?

-Although their arrival shakes things up, they can't immediately be fixing everything about the season. William i a man out of time and Buffy is only 15 or 16, so they're still going to need help, and new identities. Buffy 2.0 could have a fake identity as a third Summers sister (though please, call her anything but Elizabeth or Anne, we've seen that plenty of times). William could live in Giles's old house, and find some kind of job. They will provide a fresh perspective on things, however, as they adjust. 

Buffy 2.0, for example, would probably bond with Dawn, since they're about the same age. Maybe she would get super involved in Anya and Xander's wedding. Oh, as a side note, maybe seeing how young she is will lead Buffy and the others to finally realize how creepy Angel was for "loving" her. And of course, they'd all love to make fun of Spike after getting to know his nerdy human counterpart. 

There's lots of fun to be had here. I'd like to see a lot of interactions between Buffy 2.0 and William vs their older, more jaded counterparts. I'd like to see what changes in the group dynamic with their arrival. And of course, if Riley dares to show his face again, he should definitely have to face the consequences of his actions!

Lastly, while I would like for William and Buffy 2.0 to eventually get together (as well as regular Buffy and Spike), they shouldn't even be thinking about it until Buffy is 18, or almost 18. Up to you if you want your story to cover three years or if you do a time skip. Or they could just stay friends, but in that case, no William/Other or Buffy/Other, please. 

I think that's it! Have fun!

Categories: Season 2
Characters: None

Buffy has been blind since birth, but that never proved as a hindrance to her since she had learned to cope with her disability. When she is called as the Slayer, at first it had been hard, but apparently there were some special quirks that you get when you are blind and you get called. One of them is the super enhanced hearing that allowed Buffy to "see" other's movements just using some form of sonar wave the same as how bats move.

Anyway, blind Buffy isn't as naive as the Buffy in the series. Because of her disability she had learned to see things in a different way. She isn't so much as superficial as she had been in the series and she is quite more mature, not just in her way of thinking (meaning she value normality as she did in the series)  but also in her abilities as a Slayer (she is faster, more skilled and can sense vampires better than she had been in the series). But most importantly Buffy isn't so easily persuaded by Angel's woe me attitude because aside from her skills as a Slayer her intuition was very developed. Meaning, she can see pass Angel's mystery routine because she has the feeling that the guy was bad news.


Now for the real fic. This is set on season 2, Angel is a bit obsessed with Buffy because he thinks he "loves" her. But Buffy drew a line on their relationship. Angel wants to help, fine. But she isn't that trusting of him. She still getting those bad vibes around the guy. Which was fine because, not trusting a vampire was normal and safe.

Then Spike comes to town claiming to want to kill her and Buffy's entire world changes because for some reason she trusts Spike better than she did with Angel. In fact because of her own instincts, she had told the blonde vampire that he can stay in town to search for Dru's cure as long as he didn't do anything stupid like kill people in her immediate vicinity. Spike at first declines the deal but eventually he finds himself following it because for some reason he finds this new Slayer more interesting than the rest. The two form an unusual friendship that Angel gets really jealous of.

What happen next is up to you. Good luck though and happy writing!

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Characters: None

Make a story where Cordella and Spike meet up after an annoying fight with their respective lovers. Anyway the two share a drink and start complaining about each respective lovers and how they are still hung up with their first loves (Buffy to Angel and Angel to Buffy).

Then Cordy carelessly makes a wish saying that she wants to make the two of them (meaning Buffy and Angel) feel how it feels to have their lovers be all romantic with someone other than them. And just their luck someone heard the wish and made it real!

Now both Angel and Buffy has to deal with the problem of their lovers being head over heels in love with their ex lovers current beau. How are they gonna fix it especially since it seemed that Spike and Cordy don't want it fixed?


Hehe, just play around this story, I just really want to see a fic where Angel and Buffy feel like shit for treating their respective lovers as shit while they are busy mourning a love (meaning their love for each other) that was doomed to fail in the first place. 

Categories: Missing Scene, Season 1, Season 2, Pre-Series, Season 3, Season 4, Season 5, Season 6, Season 7, Season 8 (Comic), Season 9 (Comic), Season 10 (Comic), Season 11 (Comic), Post-Series
Characters: Ensemble

Has anyone ever wondered what happens on all of those days that don't happen on the show? Like the clean up after ward, or the "boring" days leading up to an episode?

The Challenge- Tell a season of Buffy where they deal with all the fall out of their episode shenanigans.  Or maybe tell about the training Buffy undergoes. The show never really gets a chance to show off Buffy's brains. She scored really high on her SATs and that was with apparently very little time to dedicate to her studies. What dose Buffy do on the nights when the forces of darkness take a night off? What do the Big Bads do? How much planning dose it take to do the schemes Spike tries to pull off? Where did he meet Harmony? What was Harmony's life like after she got bit? What exactly was Joyce doing when not on screen? What she and Ted up to? She seemed awfully found of mentioning him when she said he was the last man she had ever dated... or maybe I'm remembering someone's smutty fanfiction about it.... doesn't matter, its just to give you Ideas.

Must not Have; No quoting the show at all. You can paraphrase as one would when talking about something that happened. But copying out scenes perfectly is a big No-No. You can pick up a scene after the credits rolled but you can't back track to give it context. The only exception to this is the Oedipus play at the end of "The Puppet Show". Feel free to include that some how if you chose the first season.

Ideally you wouldn't change how the show turned out but if the story gets away from you then by all means have fun with it, just don't quote the show. I think that it. If you have seen this challenge before PM me with the challenge and I'll delete mine.


Categories: Alternate Reality, Season 6
Characters: Giles

(Feel free to change the title.)

The Setup:  Giles doesn't leave in S6. He realizes that Buffy needs a stable adult in her life at the moment and sticks around.

How does his continued presence affect Buffy? How does he change the way the rest of the Scoobies deal with their personal demons? With a grown-ass adult to talk to, does Buffy take out less of her problems on Spike? Does Giles magically know a Slayer-friendly therapist who Buffy could talk to?

Would love lots of Giles-Buffy bonding, maybe Giles-Spike bonding, and perhaps examination of Giles's own issues--why did he want to leave in the first place? Was it really because he thought he was in the way? Was he just afraid to lose his Slayer again?

I would prefer that Giles didn't single-handedly solve all Buffy's (+ the Scoobies') problems, but rather gave her the tools she needed to figure out her own life--helping her find a not-terrible job rather than handing her a ton of money, etc.

Must Not Have:

  • Character-bashing, especially Scooby-bashing
  • Claim/marriage/pregnancy

Categories: Crossover (Books or TV shows outside Buffyverse)
Characters: None

So I have recently become obsessed with Van Helsing! I don't really have any must or must not haves, I just want to see a crossover! 

And I think there needs to be a line where Buffy kills one of the vampires, looks at Spike and says "Don't you miss when we could just stake them?" 

Then she and Spike team up with Vanessa and Axel and Mohammed. This should happen before Axel is turned and Mohammed picks his sister over Vanessa, so pretty much maybe Buffy and Spike meet them at the bunker, and Spike  or Buffy hold the button instead of Doc, so that Axel is never trapped! Something along those lines. Whatever you think would work!!! Just Axel and Mohammed are my two favorite characters, so they have to stay with Vanessa, Spuffy and crew!!!

Categories: Alternate Reality, Season 6, Crossover (Books or TV shows outside Buffyverse)
Characters: Buffy, Ensemble, Spike

A challenge by Coraxes inspired this one, there are some very interesting idea on their challenge page so at least check that out.

Okay, Croaxes challenged a baby dragon story. So I was kicking around in my head to see what kind of dragon might be a good fit for a Buffy story. Only to realize that dragons are huge and Spike, or anyone, would have trouble just feeding the thing as it grew up, so it would have to be a short story that ended with the dragon being set free. Now I'm fine with that kind of story but I was thinking about how a longer story would play out, because I like reading long ass stories, and my mind turned to dragon bonds that form. Eragon sprung to mind what with the mental linking and things. But having a rideable dragon would be kind of obvious and problematic. You couldn't just set them free at the end and a dragon would totally change the face of Buffy forever. Even How to tame your Dragon, dragons, would completely alter the face of Buffy.

Finally I remembered that this is fan fiction and doesn't have to "make sense". But then I remembered a set of stories I read in my youth called Dragon Riders of Pern. Now those dragons, weren't really dragons, there were genetically engineered from a local species found on the planet. And that sparked another possible story. Fire Lizards. They were small, about the length of ones arm from shoulder to finger tip. They bonded psychically with the person that hand fed them after hatching. They weren't considered pets but more like life partners for those who bonded with them. In the wild they would have bonded with the flock and taken up rolls in the social structure of the group but by hand feeding them you actually break that natural structure and they view you as their queen. Which is what the people of Pern called the golden matriarchal leaders of the flock of lizards. (I'm no longer sure if flock is the right word to use) By taking on the role of the Queen in their minds they view what you choose to do as the thing that's best for the flock and try to accommodate that desire. Now remember these things are psychically linked to a person so its not just your stated wishes that they act on, even if you can implant a mental request in their brains the fire lizards have no problem dropping fruit and things on people that irate you but you don't want to hurt.

These creatures look like tiny dragons, they eat meat, and can be used to send simple messages by going Between(a teleportation thing where they travel though time and space in a very limited capacity) For a better understanding of the little things I would recommend the books or checking out the Pern wikia and looking under Fire lizards.

Now with five hundred words

The Challenge- Spike, while wondering on the beach at night (obviously) and wondering how he could make some money for Buffy so she could quite that horrid Double Meat Job. Hears very distressed chirping coming from a small crack in the in a rock face. Needing the distraction from his utter lack of ideas Spike searches for an entrance to what should have been a cave. Only to come up empty.  So begins to break the rock open until he finds a small golden Fire Lizard (He doesn't now that's what it is) with its tail seeming to be fuses with the rock. With some effort he breaks the little thing free only for the thing to try clawing though the rock some more. The thing is really upset so Spike helps out only to find a dead man in the rock. The little queen is clawing at the man's leather and fur chest Spike rips it open to find several small warm jars.

The jars calm the little beast down, but don't cheer it up. With nothing better to do Spike collects the jars and heads home. The little golden lizard riding along on his shoulder. Time passes and Spike learns that the jars have eggs inside, so he deices to hatch them. Taking his cues from the little queen with the busted up tail, he creates a hatchery and begins collecting fish when he notices that's what the golden lizard eats. Eventually they hatch and Spike hand feeds the lot of them, Red, Blue, Green, Brown, Bronze and Gold. After the excitement of the birth Spike notices the older queen becomes a less sad.

Now if you read up on this you will know that Spike now will begin feeling things from the Fire lizards. And they will begin taking on aspects of his personality. The clutch of Fire lizards begin acting as a sudo soul for Spike. As they are literally alien beings this is not a good substitute for his own soul but they do work to keep him out of trouble with Buffy, as they like the thoughts that Spike has when he is around Buffy. Eventually they begin breeding and Spike tries to get some money from selling them. This is when Buffy and the Gang find out and begin researching the beast. Their attempts at taking them away from Spike prove way less then futile as his flight of fire lizards keep traveling though the Between to return and attacking the Scoobies for their attempts. Now these things can breath fire but only if they chew the right rocks to create a spark. They can also do so if they do the fire breath into an open flame. Picture them fluttering about Spikes crypt and all those candles when the Scobbies show up to take the lizards.

OK enough from me. I think you have all you need to tell a story. Spike finds a clutch of fire lizard eggs on the dead body of a dragon rider who jump Between to a different dimension instead of a differ place on the planet, and came out inside a rock, with a gold Fire Lizard along. How that situation came into being is all up to you. I just want to see the little dragons in Buffy. They would be awesome for Slayers to have once they are all called. You could do a whole big thing where the scoobies and spike create a preserve for the new species. Or Spike just having a mating pair so he could bond with the offspring. Its all really up to you. I hope this isn't to long and ramble-ly


Categories: None
Characters: Ensemble

I'd love a POV fic from everyone else's POV but Buffy and Spike's. Maybe you can start it with the time they first meet out behind the Bronze when Buffy is fighting the minion and make it from the minion's POV before he goes poof. Or maybe when Buffy and Spike make their truce to stop Angelus and Dru and run into Joyce. What was really going through Joyce's head when she was talking to them? That scene could be good from the attacking minion's POV too. Maybe he was spying on them for a few minutes before jumping out at them.

I'd love to see this from as many POVs as possible and for as many seasons as you want. It can be through the eyes of strangers or from characters that we know and love well (even though she pretty much always speaks her mind, I'd really love to read Anya's POV at some point because she's so blunt she makes me laugh plus I'm sure she'd see all the UST floating around them and have hilarious observations about it).

This doesn't have to be limited to Canon episodes. Have a scene in mind where Buffy is prowling a cemetery and Spike joins her and they talk about mundane things like their favorite pie flavor before being attacked? Awesome! The more original scenes the better. This can also extend beyond the show's final season. Maybe you can write a Spuffy reunion and some elderly couple observes it and sighs at how in love the couple are. This challenge is your oyster. Go nuts.

Can haves: Anyone's POV you want except Buffy or Spike's POV.

That is all now go enjoy!

Categories: None
Characters: Ensemble

During the fight on Glory's tower, Spike is not thrown off to the ground. Instead, he's on top of the tower with Dawn and Buffy when the portal opens. They're all arguing about who's going to jump when a large tremor shakes the tower. Much to Buffy's horror Dawn falls off and into the portal along with Spike! Before Buffy can jump in after them the portal closes.

Dawn and Spike are transported to another world. When they get it happens is up to you....but teenage Dawn somehow/some reason gets reverted back into an infant. An infant that Spike now has to take care of and protect in this dangerous/new world.

Time runs faster in this world than back in the Buffy world. So where only days or a few weeks have passed in Buffy's world years has passed with Spike and Dawn. When Willow and Tara are finally able to find a way to bring them back Dawn is now somewhere between a toddler to six years old. A little kid who has no memory of Buffy or the other Scoobies and only knows and trust Spike.....her protector and "father" if you will. She doesn't take too kindly to the gang when they try to separate her from the only person she's known.

So now if Buffy wants's to be around Dawn she has to deal with Spike being there also! How will Buffy deal seeing "daddy" Spike and how he takes care of and spoils Dawn and how Dawn worships Spike?!


Categories: Season 6
Characters: Angel, Buffy, Spike

(Feel free to change the title.)

The Setup:  Angel comes to Sunnydale in S6, either before or in place of Riley in "As You Were".

The exact circumstances are up to you; maybe someone called him up, believing he could help Buffy through her time in Hell.  But when he gets there, he sees Buffy struggling and Spike clearly in love with her.  

To be clear:  I don't want Angel-bashing.  I don't even want particularly jealous Angel, although he might be.  Instead he tries to help both Buffy and Spike, since they're clearly struggling (and honestly, I always pictured S&A's relationship as less hostile than it's usually portrayed--I saw S2 as Angelus just being stir-crazy after being so soulful).  He might not try to push them together, but he doesn't explicitly make a move on Buffy either.  Feel free to bring up Cangel.

Would love it if there was a (better-written than this) conversation along the lines of:

Buffy: "Spike can't love me without a soul."
Angel:  "Yes, he can."
Buffy:  "Well, you couldn't love me without a soul."
Angel:  "I could.  That was why I tried so hard to destroy you.  I was still in love with you, and it made me feel human.  Without my soul...I couldn't stand that."

Cue Buffy comparing that to "I know I'm a monster, but you treat me like a man."  Etc. etc. etc.

Basically, Angel isn't a Spuffy shipper, but he does want them to be happy(/ier) and ends up accidentally pushing them together while the Scoobies look on in horror.

Can Have:

  • Lots of Angel/Spike talks about morality, etc.
  • Mentions of past Spangel (that wasn't just Angel raping Spike) would also be cool
  • Riley showing up at the end to see Buffy dating Spike and on good terms with Angel
  • Other people from LA also coming along for the ride

Must Not Have: 

  • Scooby-bashing
  • Buffy throwing herself into Angel's arms right off the bat

Categories: Season 5, Alternate Reality
Characters: Dawn

There are probably a billion challenges like this, but whatever, I'm throwing this gauntlet down.

The Setup:  When the monks make the key into Dawn, they give her to Spike instead.  It might be on purpose, or it might just be that the spell went wrong.  

Dawn's backstory might be that she's a child Spike "adopted"; she might be a human or a vampire.  If she is a vampire, her being the Key might work like having a soul; but she might also be soulless.  I've seen soullessness be compared to an extended adolescence, so that might be neat.  For extra angst points, Spike and Dawn might both believe that she's his biological younger sister.  Either way, she is physically no older than a young teenager--14/15.

Spike tries to keep her hidden away from the Scoobies, and succeeds in keeping her a secret for a while.  But Dawn likes to disobey her older brother, too.

And as it turns out, she loves Buffy.  Her major female role model growing up was Drusilla, after all, so a non-vampire woman who kicks ass seems pretty cool.  As Buffy gets to know Dawn she thinks the kid is cute and comes to care about her, as well as admire Spike's soft side since he clearly loves the girl.  And Spike starts out hating the Slayer, of course, but he can't say no to Dawn (even if she is a total brat to him).

Can Have: 

  • A pre-S5 start--maybe the monks created the Key earlier, too
  • Dawn imprinting on Joyce
  • A different, more Victorian name for Dawn
  • Lots of Dawn telling embarrassing stories about Spike
  • If Dawn is a vampire, she could be chipped

Must Not Have:

  • Claim/Marriage/Pregnancy
  • Character bashing!  Please don't have souled!Angel hitting on preteen Dawn or something.
  • Shipper-Dawn--she might think Spike and Buffy are cute together, but her life shouldn't revolve around making them kiss.  It might even be neat if she felt jealous of the attention they start giving each other.

Categories: Post-Series, Alternate Reality
Characters: None

(Feel free to change the title.  Actually, please change the title, it's very bad.)

The Setup:  Someone (probably Spike) adopts a baby dragon.  That's it.  It's adorable but vicious, and how this turns into Spuffy is up to you.  

Listen, I just really love dragons and would love to see more of them in the Buffyverse.

No claim/marriage/pregnancy.  Would also be nice if Spike didn't have a soul, although post-canon is fine.

Categories: Alternate Reality
Characters: Buffy, Giles, Spike, Willow, Xander

My brain was churning about in its usually off kilter way when I stumbled across a Munsters cross over fanfiction with Harry Potter (don't judge me like that) This obviously got me thinking about Buffy. In the Munsters there is a family made up of a Frankenstein monster for a father, a Vampire wife and father in law, a Werewolf son, and a normal looking girl surrounded by monsters. All things that have appeared in Buffy. So I thought Eh why not?

The Challenge- Write a story where the Scooby gang is made up of monsters, Munsters style. It could be a spell that gets broken, it could be a retelling of the show where the population is some variation of monster or demon. It could be a dream sequence of Buffy's, it doesn't really matter as long as you have at least all members becoming some form of monster. The catch is that they can't be any monster they became in the show, that cheating an lazy. So No Fral demon Giles, no Vampire Willow or Xander, or Spike for that matter, and no wolf man Oz.

Ideally you would have different monsters for each person. The show even provided several monsters for you to pick, and choosing Witch as a monster only counts if its a crone like witch that eats children. No pretty witches, that's a cop out. I personally would like Xander as the creature from the Black lagoon, Spike as a werewolf, Giles as a Frankenstein monster, Willow as a doctor Jeckel mister Hyde, and Buffy as a vampire (or as a Slayer and being bummed about how all her friends are cool monster people and she was stuck looking "Normal". Its really all up to you as long as the core Scooby gang are monsters.

Categories: Alternate Reality
Characters: Ensemble

can change the title :) 

So I know that in the show the people of Sunnydale either pretend or really don't know that what is really going on in their town. but what if they did, at least the police do and maybe others.  I mean the mayor did turn into a giant snake and get blown up that had to of impacted the town for one they needed a new mayor and that is hard to blame on people on PCP lol and what about the demons that were peaceful just living in Sunnydale? did they have their own police force I mean Buffy only takes out the bad ones that are trying to kill people or end the world but what about every day crime? does Sunnydale have a supernatural unit?

and the kids at high school seemed to know more was going in their town, they did give Buffy the school protector award. 

and what about before Buffy came to town its been a Hellmouth a long time there was never anyone that notice that weird things happen in Sunnydale and maybe there should be someone to keep it in check or at least try to keep it in check?

So my challenge is what if Sunnydale people for instance the police force and government were aware of the supernatural and the vamps and demons in their town. can still have some of the every day citizen not knowing about vamps and what not.  The police force has a supernatural unit made with the good supernatural people and they are happy to finally have a slayer helping to guard the Hellmouth.  Now there can be bad guys mixed in the gov of Sunnydale like the mayor and what not but there are also those that want to help the slayer. So how does having a town that is backing the slayer and also having good demons and other supernatural help shape how Buffy and the Scooby's view demons and vamps. and maybe there is a neighborhood in Sunnydale made up of humans and Demons that are living together peacefully how does that change things as well?   

Must haves 

Spike and Buffy of course 

sorry if this has been done before 

I leave everything else up to the writer 

Categories: Season 2
Characters: Buffy, Ensemble, Spike

can change the title :)

  my Challenge is what if in the episode Halloween Buffy and Spike end up having sex either do to her costume or maybe other spell is used that makes people lose all sense of right and wrong. writer can pick which way to go stay with the original story up to a point ;) or pick other spell to happen that night :)

 after the spell is broken Spike and Buffy have to deal with what happen at first they go there separate ways vowing to kill each other however they can't stop thinking about what happen and wanting to do it again ;) and start to seek each other out under the idea to  kill the other only they end up having sex again. 

  so starts a secret affair between Buffy and Spike they agree to be enemies with benefits ;) but what starts out just being sex soon start to be more and they end up falling in love.   

Spike starts wanting to be better for Buffy and Buffy starts to see that Spike is changing and that he is a much better boyfriend/lover then Angel and she find comfort with Spike.  

must haves
Buffy learning more about Angel from Spike and comparing Spike and Angel and seeing that Angel is not as great as she liked to think.  

 Spike starting to want to help Buffy  

Buffy standing up for Spike when they are found out and standing by Spike side  

must show them going from just wanting to have no strings sex to learning about each other and falling in love

Scooby's finding out about Buffy and Spike though when the Scooby's find out Buffy and Spike are now in a relationship :) 

happy ending and Spike and Buffy being in a health relationship :)    

Optional: Joyce being attack by vamps and Spike saves her and Joyce learns vamp are real and then knows that Buffy was right and she is the slayer  

though the writer can do what they want with Joyce and if and when she find out about Buffy  

optional: think it would be fun for Oz and Spike to become friends ;)  

Optional: Angel can still lose his soul but not by Buffy can be Drusilla or something else   

writer can do what they want with Drusilla and also with Willow and Xander, Giles and Oz and Jenny and Angel

Optional: if Angel still loses his soul then optional that Jenny does not die ( though if you want to you can still have her die) 

Optional:  an angry and jealous Spike at Xander, after Xander does his love spell to get Cordelia back ;) lol   

Must not have
no Angel and Buffy sex  

no character bashing ( some fighting is fine they being mad at each other for a while is fine but no major character bashing please)  :)  

NO Buffy being bitchy to Spike for her liking what they did she must knowledge she wanted Spike and though at first they fight it they can't be cruel to each other  

no major character death    

sorry if this has been done before  

I leave the rest up to the writer and thanks to the writer that picks this challenge :)   

Categories: All Human/Fantasy
Characters: Ensemble

Giles is trying to run a radio station that has seen better days. He has hired Buffy and another guy to be their new morning personality DJ's. But as bad luck would have it the first morning they're supposed to go on the air the guy with Buffy doesn't show up/calls in too quit on them at the last second!

Knowing you can't have a one person morning crew Giles doesn't know what he's going to do!

Spike is the late night weekend DJ who loves to play his old school rock and roll on the air. He's in the studio early in the week for some reason. He was just passing through but he's seen by Giles who has no other option but to grab him and throw him into the studio room with Buffy seconds before they go on the air! 

The idea is instead of the bubbly/funny morning show that's on all the other stations Buffy and Spike argue over EVERYTHING live on air! It's a battle of the sexes type thing over every little thing between men and women! They explode on each other the first morning!

Giles can't help but to groan and think it was a disaster but when either the ratings come in or all the papers/news is talking about how great the new morning crew is on their station Giles starts to hype them up and much to their horror force them to work together!

It becomes a battle of the sexes with all the men pulling for Spike and the women pulling for Buffy on the air! But how are all their fans going to feel when the two make peace and start having feelings for each other?

Categories: All Human/Fantasy
Characters: Ensemble

Buffy Summers was once a very nice fun having young lady. She was engaged to her high school sweetheart.....Angel....and was happily planning her wedding. That is until Angel and his longtime best friend Cordelia realized they were really in love with each other and ran off together.

Over night Buffy turned into a cold no nonsense no fun having person.....even worse at work where she is the boss and runs things with an iron fist.

William "Spike" works where Buffy is the boss. Normally Spike would never put up with a boss like Buffy, but as a single dad to his young daughter Dawn, he really needs to keep this job......great pay, insurance for him and Dawn. So with that, he puts up with Buffy being a commanding overlord on him.

But one day after a mix up with the babysitter Spike is forced to bring Dawn with him to work. He tells her to keep a low profile, stay at his desk and not to wonder off. But when Spike runs off to take care of something young Dawn wonders off and wonders smack into Buffy's office!

The idea is that young Dawn actually breaks down Buffy's wall and gets to her.Slowly over time, she wants to spend more time with the little girl that makes her happy....which means also spending time with her dad Spike!

Dru is Dawn's mom and either died or left the family....which ever one you want to pick is up too you.

Categories: Alternate Reality
Characters: Buffy, Original Characters, Spike

Xin Rong gets no love in the Buffy verse. She is just The China Slayer, or the one Spike killed in the Boxer Rebellion, or simply the first slayer he killed. But what if she had more of an impact on Spikes life then he was letting on in Fool for love? Her dying whish was for him to apologize to her mother. Now we know he didn't know the language but this dose imply that the girl had family that she lived with, at least a mother. So I asked myself. What would a mother do to hunt down the thing that killed her daughter?

OK here is my thinking. Spike got credit for killing Xin Rong, so Someone reported him, or gave a good enough description as to be able to link his face with the same vampire who killed Nikki Wood. Who could have done that? I say a family that has been looking for Spike since he killed Xin Rong. (I keep using both names because I don't know which is her family name) What if Xin Rong's mother started an organization, like the triad but with the purpose of hunting down vampires specifically Spike?

You could do so much with a hundred years of vengeance seeking. Granted its not many generations. You could have Momma Xin Rong have another child and raise them to hunt down spike, so if you did this every twenty years that's at least five generations of descendants with a sixth being raised. What all could you do with five generations? Selective breeding with specific demons to give them strength but maintain a human appearance? Studying magic to enable them to track and sneek up on vampires who can hear heart beats, and smell fear? Study technology to improve the outdated weapons and armor? Pass Xin Rong's sword down the line to the next person to attempt his life?

This idea could be why Spike is so good at fighting, he's had what ammouts to ninjas trying to kill him for a century. Why he kept up with the times, yeah music but when your own personal band of assassins keep improving their weapons and gear you have to keep abreast of the advances in sciences so that you have a sporting chance. It could also be why he has maintained the same general look, Long coat and styled hair, since killing Xin Rong, Its a way of identifying him and he likes the fight that the family puts up. It appeals to his sense of poetry. Walking though time constantly being hounded be the family of his conquests. It could be why he didn't rip Robin's throat out, another threat prodding him forward to be the best he could possibly be.

The Challenge- Tell a story where the Descendants of Xin Rong's family seek to kill Spike. Tell of their attempts throughout the century after her death and what Spike learned from each attempt. Ideally the story should take place as the latest attempt on his life tracks him down to Sunnydale. In fact it could be them that forced Spike to seek out Buffy for protection. This could play out rather well, forcing Buffy to contemplate how she goes about doing her job as The Slayer when confronted with the lengths the family had went to kill a single vampire for an ancestor a century dead.

further insult Xin Rong isn't even in the characters list

Categories: None
Characters: Anya, Buffy, Giles, Spike, Tara, Willow, Xander

The other day I was reading a fick and Anya referred to D'Hoffryn as Hoffy. Which made me think of Heffy which is what Kendra and several other playboy bunnys have referred to Hefner as. The two mashed and made me think of this.

Hoffy and Heffy are one in the same. All of the bunnys are vengeance Demond's which is why Anya is so afraid of them now. She hates being a human and misses being a bunny so her fear comes from not being one any more. Buffy and the scoobies find this out when they have to go to the playboy mansion (reason is up to you) which happens to actually be arashmahar. 


Truthfully my mind is real jumbeled with this thought but it won't go away. And can explain so much. Anya's fear of bunnys, her need to discuss orgasams, why there are so many playboy bunnies. 

Turn it Spuffy. Make it fun. Free reign to who ever can make my jumbled thoughts turn into a story. Cause I really want this to be a story but lack the creative ability and the skills to write. 

Categories: None
Characters: Buffy, Ensemble, Faith, Kendra

This crazy ideal has been flowing in my head for forever. What if there was a way to combine Willow's slayer activation spell of season 7 with Buffy's death prophecy in season 1?  One girl in the world... Pfft not anymore. 

Here's the challenge: Unknown to Giles there's a second part to the prophecy that stated the Master would kill Buffy, this second part says "if the slayer should be reborn after a great one kills her no other is to die, and one more will rise." Now not only is the slayer line immortal but new slayers are called when one dies by a master vampire. With Buffy, Kendra and Faith banded together vamps don't stand a chance, but with different personalities how do you stop these girls from fighting each other? 

It's the author's choice on how cannon this is especially Faith's criminal activities (for the story though I would like her to stay out of jail how that's achieved is again the author's choice). Spike's story also can be changed. My only requests are minimal Bangel and no soul getting or human turning Spike. 

* I know this sounds crazy lol, but the Key is old and something the prophecy book Giles read would've known about why would there not be a way to protect it (strength wise) that far back? 

Categories: Alternate Reality, Episode Rewrite
Characters: Buffy, Ensemble

Okay I'll level with you. I like Star Trek, not so much the original series but the rest I wouldn't mind sitting down to watch just about any episode. Some of the iconic episodes get remade with each new show. One of those episodes is Though the Mirror Darkly. In it the story is told with a darker tone. For example the Federation is instead the Empire, and the Enterprise isn't a ship of exploration but conquest.

The gift is one of those episodes that makes a natural jumping off point for change so I thought what if the portal sent Buffy to another world. Its not the most original idea, its actually been done quite a lot. But what if it wasn't just a one way transportation but an exchange of Buffys?

The idea in my head is that the Buffy we all know and love gets dropped into world were her friends are harsher versions of themselves and their Buffy didn't exactly 'jump' though the portal but was thrown in by Dawn when they realized that Buffy's life could close the portal. Now the world would still be the same as Buffy's old world the episodes still happened the outcomes were just different. For example Xander didn't accidently kill Jesse during The Harvest but later. after the guy kidnaped him for a few rounds of torcher before Xander got free and cut his head off wit a hack saw that had been used on him previously. Or Spike still got captured by the initiative, but instead of behavioral modification chip he was cyberized like Adam, but to a lesser degree. Think surgically graphed mechanical enhancements and body armor, the idea would be to make a vampire as un-killable as possible so the government could use them as shock troops, fast an mobile compared to the tanky feel that Adam puts off. I think you get the idea, go though each character and think about how their life could have gone if the bad guys didn't just leave them be. Like Willow losing an hand to Moloch when she tell him she would never be with him because hes a demon. Or Buffy Killing Kendra when the girl attacked her in Angels place before she could claim to be a Slayer. Actually getting her throat slit by Faith when they play her for information about the Mayor. Or Glory capturing Buffy and torchering her for information and Spike rescuing her, but having to graft Buffy bot parts to her to save her life.

Naturally any examples given are just suggestions on how the world could be different then Buffy's own. But remember that you get Dark Buffy dropping into the Light Buffy's world. Now onto--

The Challenge- Assuming the above is true tell a story from each Buffy's point of view, and have their experiences mirror each other. If Light Buffy goes to Dark Willow for help, so would Dark Buffy go to Light Willow. Go though as Much of Season Six as you want, but show how both worlds change slightly because of the exchange of Buffys. For example Light Buffy gets hurt more because she expects backup from her friends and family and it isn't there when the demon breaks in during Flooded. In contrast Dark Buffy is expecting no help and is surprised when Spike joins her in battle without being ordered to and they both come out unscathed. This being a Spuffy site I would really like to know how each Buffy deals with Spike. (Assuming you keep the Frankensteined Spike from above).

Well there it is. This is going to be a more technical demanding story. You're going to have to mirror chapters and change subtle things. I would personally like you to alternate Lite Buffy chapters With Dark Buffy chapters. Really telling two stories at the same time but alternated like the teeth of a zipper. I have no idea how you would go about plotting this kind of story, but if you can pull it off I think it could be one of those epic stories we all come across every now and then.

GOOD LUCK AUTHORS! You're going to need it.