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Categories: Season 3
Characters: Angel, Buffy, Faith, Spike

How would season 3 have gone if Buffy and Faith hadn’t seen each other as rivals? If they’d been able to bond over their shared calling rather than fighting over it? 

So, challenge in multiple parts:

1) Buffy and Faith bond very strongly, maybe comparing Faith’s fear of Kakistos to Buffy’s fear of the Master

2) When Spike comes to Sunnydale, somehow he asks Buffy for help and uses their previous alliance as proof of his trustworthiness

3) Faith, though reluctant to trust Spike, does so because Buffy does


May have:

Buffy being torn between Spike and Angel. I know it’s weird, but I think it would fit here.

Must have:

At some point Faith gets fed up with Angel’s stupidness and punches him, and then turns to Buffy and asks her to explain how she can possibly be confused over the waste of space that is Angel! (Maybe at this point, Buffy has slept with Spike but is still confused by the “importance” of her first love and first time. And she needs Faith to set her straight on matters of sex)


Can’t have:

Faith turning evil.

Categories: Season 6, Season 7
Characters: None

I'm really sick of the way Buffy always uses Spike, for his strength, and later for his body.  She thinks nothing of taking advantage of Spike's feelings for her, willingly using him to save her friends or to gratify herself, but then refusing to acknowledge those same feelings once she gets what she WANTS.  Hello, Parker ring any bells??   She felt used and dirty once she discovered that the meant less than nothing to Parker, yet she can turn around and do the same to Spike?!?   Why?  Because he isn't "real"?  I want to read something where Buffy (and ALL the Scoobies) find out that their actions have consequences.    Since the biggest problem they all have is the belief that Demons can't feel real love, I would like to see them visited by a god/goddess/higher power, who deals with true love.    For the purpose of this story, the "power" should take Spike, as well as ALL ROMANTIC LOVE away, until Buffy and the others admit they are wrong.    Remember, Anya was a Demon for over a thousand years, so she KNOWS that demons can love.   Will she try to convince Xander and the others?  What about Tara?   She likes Spike, and because of her ability to read auras, she also knows that Spike can love.   Will she try to reason with the others?    I would like to see Buffy being told (in front if the other Scoobies), that because she treats Spike's love so cheaply, that unless she admits his AND her own true feelings, she will forfeit love forever, and that since she fears their disapproval, her friends will share her fate.  When faced with a life without any love, what will Buffy do?   Will she remain in denial and doom everyone?   How will Xander, Willow, and the others react?     Will they blame Buffy if they lose love from their lives?   Will they realize that they are wrong in pushing Buffy to reject Spike?   Bottom line: is the chance for love worth the risk?   

You can handle this anyway you choose; it can be a spell, a dream, or possibly a vision shared by all of the Scoobies.    I want the "power" to show them all what could have happened if Spike had NOT been there during the Glory mess, or if he didn't love Buffy.    Worse, how would Buffy have dealt with Angelus and Acathla without Spike's help?   Angelus would have carved Giles up with a chainsaw if Spike hadn't distracted him by using Dru to get the informstion Angelus wanted.   Spike is the one who convinced Angelus that the Watcher was more valuable to them alive, in order to keep his deal with Buffy..   The point is that Buffy and the Scoobies discounted every good thing Spike did as unimportant, when much of what Spike did saved them all.   This would probably work best in Season 6 or 7, since the reason for the "power's" interference is Buffy's treatment if Spike.   Yes, I understand that Buffy hated herself, so she transferred those feelings onto Spike, but that doesn't explain Why she was so forgiving and accepting of her friend's actions in pulling her out of heaven. . .Spike had NOTHING to do with that, so why blame him?   She didn't blame Dawn for her death or resurrection, did she?  I hope somrone will accept this challenge and run with it.    Bonus points if someone writes a complete story or even a one shot based on this idea.

Categories: None
Characters: None

The Winter Olympics are here! Hit me with some Olympics Spuffy! Whatever happened to Buffy’s skating career? How does vampire agility translate onto the slopes? What does our couple get up to while watching? Anything you want basically :D

Categories: Post-Series, Crossover (AtS)
Characters: Angel, Buffy, Spike

Challange based loosely on Neil Gaiman's "How the Marquis Got His Coat Back". Someone stole Spike's duster and sent it to Rome. Set in Post Sunnydale and Season Five of Angel.

Must have

Buffy steal Spike's duster

Can have
Drusilla has as an ally or big bad
it can be a one short of a long story


Categories: None
Characters: None

Whatever you want to do! Can be explicitly related to Valentine's Day, or not, as long as it's a romance fic (read: not with an angsty ending) between Spike and Buffy started sometime in the month of February. Love is in the air!

Categories: Season 4
Characters: Anya, Buffy, Riley Finn, Spike, Xander

Set in S4 Post-Hush, Tony Harris finds Spike in Xander's basement and assumes that Xander is gay. He kicks both Xander and Spike out of his house. Anya offers both boys to live in her apartment. 

They both discover that Anya's building is owned by a demon - a friendly Schneider type demon - who is quite wary of humans. He was about to object to Xander moving in when the boy swears he's dating Anya and that he used to be friends with a werewolf and that Spike is his roommate. Schneider, however, is still skeptical because Xander is friends with the Slayer. Eventually, both Xander and Spike are to swear on a demon-version of a holy book not to tell Buffy about the demon building. 

So, Xander doesn't tell his friends that he was kicked out of home. 

However, later, realizing that Hostile 17 is Spike, Riley tracks Spike's down and discovers the demon building. He sees Xander going inside with Spike and assumes he's been kidnapped. 

Riley rushes to Buffy to tell her about what he saw and both Buffy and Riley with the Initiative attack the building and lock up all the demons in cells, except for Spike who Xander and Anya help escape. 

Xander and Anya try to tell Buffy that those demons were peaceful. Buffy isn't buying it at first, until Xander tells her his story about his father kicking him out and those demons being there for him. 

Buffy talks to Riley about letting those demons go, but Riley is still skeptical and doesn't believe that demons could be peaceful. Buffy wants to help the demons for Xander's sake, but on the inside she believes that Riley is right. She'd never met a nice demon before. Angel had a soul. Anya is human now. 

However, one day, while on petrol with Riley, they run into Spike, Riley tries to capture him when a demon attacks them. Out of Riley's sight, the demon spits poison on Buffy and she gets turned into a demon. Riley calls for backup and both Spike and Buffy are captured. Buffy tries to tell Riley that she's Buffy, but he doesn't understand her demon language. 

They eventually end up in the same sell as Schneider, and while being captured by the Initiative, Buffy witnesses the horrible crimes the Initiative are committing against demons. She's deprived food and gets tortured and experimented on. 

How Spike and Buffy get together is up to you as well as how they get saved. :)

Categories: Season 6, Alternate Reality
Characters: Anya, Buffy, Dawn, Spike, Tara, Willow, Xander

This is an idea I've been toying with for my potential Touched By Heaven series. However, this is something I would very much like to see as a standalone story, if anyone is up for it.

So, to summarise, I'd like to see a story where Xander is the Big Bad of Season 6. I thought Willow's sudden shift into black magic was very sudden, granted she had that moment in season 5 when she subtly helped Dawn in trying to resurrect Joyce. By there was no real explaination for it as I don't remember there being anything said about her overusing during the summer Buffy was gone.  So, part of my idea is that Xander is somehow behind Willow's use of black magic and subsequent addiction. In addition, perhaps he thought he could use bringing Buffy back as a way of cleaning the slate, meaning he could finally get his shot at her. Maybe everyone, including himself, relying on Spike over summer, and Buffy's closeness to Spike when she comes back pushes him over the brink. It's very open-ended and up to the author.

I know, at his core, Xander is somewhat decent. However, I've never really had much love for his character as he embodies at lot of things I hate: Ignorance, bigotry, unwillingness to learn, hypocrisy, dishonesty, etc. And he's never called up on it. I want to see these things come to the forefront and Xander becoming dark.

Must Haves.

  • Xander's evil is subtle at first- make it clear he is the Big Bad to the reader, but not to the characters. Have him work behind the scenes, first doing everything he can to get what he wants: be it Buffy, or Spike dead. Maybe Spike, Dawn or Tara can see what he's become and this is what draws him out into the open. Have him be behind Riley coming back to SunnyD as well.
  • Xander is behind Willow's addiction- have it so Willow checked where Buffy was, and seeing she was in Heaven, said no to bringing her back.Xander, using magic perhaps, forced Willow to do the spell. Having so much magic forced on her so quickly is what sent Willow spiralling into addiction. Have it so she has blank spots in her memory when she has performed magic, this could be the first clue to the Scoobies something is wrong.
  • Spuffy- Buffy still gets closer to Spike, but not the abusive thing they had in the show. I'm okay with it being 'comfort sex' at first. But have her acknowledge that she cares for Spike, and doesn't like using him. Of course, Spike will do whatever Buffy needs him to. This could lead to Xander being more overt in his evil.
  • Anya leaves him- reasoning is up to the reader, maybe she sensed his darkness and became afraid. She tries to warn the Scoobies, Xander stops her. If you want to go dark, have him keep her prisoner, and/or kill her to keep her quiet. Up to author of course.
  • Scoobies eventually catch on to him. Killing Xander is up to the reader. I'm on the fence on this one, so I'll leave that up to you guys.
  • NO FIRST EVIL- Xander being a Big Bad is down to him alone, no manipulation from the First.

Can Haves.

Watcher's Council- Could be part of the reason he turned evil.

Cordelia has a vision of Xander's evil, she and Angel rush to SunnyD to help. Have Angel be okay with Spuffy as well, no bad guy Angel is this one.

Initiative- Given the Riley factor, the Initiative can also be part of this whole.

That's all guys. Looking forward to see if anyone takes this one.


Categories: Season 2, Season 3, Season 4, Alternate Reality, Episode Rewrite, Claim
Characters: Buffy, Cordelia, Ensemble, Spike

Written more as a reminder for myself, but anyone is more than welcome to take it up as well.  I know what the title looks like, and yes there is some accuracy to it, but if you would indulge me please.

The translation of 'ménage à trois' is 'a household of three', which an arrangement in a household and/or romantic/sexual relationship includes a third person. Now, whilst my overall favourite pairing in BtVS is, of course, Spuffy, I also enjoy a bit of Spordy (my own ship for Spike/Cordelia.) Has anyone else noticed that whenever Spike sees Cordelia, he almost always takes the time to compliment her? I can only think of one time he doesn't, and that's in Angel season 5.

Now, indulging in some stereotypical male fantasy here, I had an idea recently regarding Spuffy, which was what if they were dating before, and during season 4, how would it span out? Maybe Spike stuck around after season 2, meaning they had a chance to bond and he helped out in season 3 with the Cruciamentum and the Mayor, leading to Buffy falling for him much sooner. And, for some reason, I also thought 'well, what if Cordelia also fell for Spike at some point? And what if Buffy and Cordy decided to 'share' when it came to Spike?' It's a bit far-fetched I know, but the more I thought about it, the more I actually liked the idea, partly as way for Spike to really stick it to Angel. (I'm usually reluctant regarding threesome stories in general unless it's recommended as a very good read.) This is essentially a porn/w plot challenge, plenty of sex scenes.

Now, the difficulty is, of course, coming up with something feasible to explain how Buffy and Cordy come to this 'agreement' as it were. And, more over, how to keep it Spuffy focused as this is a Spuffy site. There are some ideas that could be worked in this direction. For all of these prompts, let's assume that Spike stayed in SunnyD after the Angelus fight.

  • Buffy and Cordelia were much closer than they led others to believe during the first two seasons, being best friends. Perhaps for sake of appearances (perhaps due to Cordy's parents/school acquaintances?) they agreed to keep their friendship secret from everyone. And, as it is natural to experiment as you grow up, they explored together as it were. Of course, this would mean that they'd be cheating on Angel and Xander respectively, but this would be kept to a minimum. Angelus would still be a factor, perhaps out of guilt on Buffy's part, but I'd like it if, by some twist, Cordy was Buffy's first . In this scenario, I see Cordelia and Spike bonding when Buffy runs away, and Cordy being furious when Buffy returns for leaving their friendship/pseudo-relationship behind. How this would lead to Spuffy with Cordy added later is up to the author. Maybe Cordelia left for L.A herself as in canon but kept in contact with Buffy with occasional meet ups, only come back after a fall out with Angel? Again, up to the author.
  • Drawing from Mia Vaan's challenge Cordelia Makes Different Wish. Perhaps, after Cordelia fell through the stairs, she and Buffy bond over being betrayed by those close to them. At this time, both girls are friends with Spike, who understands their pain as well, citing Drusilla. Buffy, by this point, could be tentatively dating Spike, who went with her to L.A and they found that they clicked together. Maybe Cordelia makes a wish to Anya something like 'I wish I had a life where Spike, Buffy and me were all happy' which leads to an alternate verse with the three of them in a ménage à trois. Again, drawing from Mia Vaan perhaps if the wish is reversed, the three of them retain their memories and keep their relationship going.
  • Drawing from Synefred's Winter Wonder Hell (Awesome story btw) perhaps the three are sent to a hell dimension. Perhaps Angelus came back for round 2 for some reason, or, if we're at season 4, Cordelia and Angel return to SunnyD in time for the Initiative and Maggie Walsh is responsible for them being teleported away. Whilst in this hell dimension, the three of them depend on each other to survive, starting a three-way claim that leads to the three of them getting together. They are in hell for many years due to the time difference, before being returned to SunnyD. Angel, Xander and Riley are all furious at the claim, but the three of them are very much in love by this point and refuse to let anyone come between them. Acceptance from Willow, Joyce, Tara, Anya, and later Giles, but much opposition from Xander, Angel and Riley.

These are just three prompts that could lead to Buffy/Spike/Cordelia. Up to the Author.

Must Haves

  • Spuffy focus- This is the BIGGEST MUST! I know this is a threesome challenge, but this is a Spuffy site. Therefore, Spuffy must be the focal point, even with the lovely Cordelia Chase in the mix. For example, if highly smutty, every Cordy sex scene with Spike and/or Buffy, must be balanced with two for Spuffy (but I'm not expecting sex scenes every chapter, however tempting)
  • Believable Buffy/Cordelia friendship- Prompts one and two provide good opportunities for this. Buffy and Cordelia are very similar in many ways: both a very strong women in their own way, both have been betrayed by those close to them, both have grown and developed in similar ways. I see the two getting on should they have a chance to bond. Playing of the comics a little bit, seeing how Buffy was attracting to Satsu for various reasons (I know it was a metaphor for loving her Slayer side) and going with the idea she is bisexual, I could see Buffy being attracted to Cordelia for her strength of character.
  • Believable reasons for the ménage à trois to begin- Buffy's previous explorations with Cordelia in prompt one, for example, could really turn Spike on, leading to Cordelia being invited to add some spice to Spuffy as it were. Of course, author's are welcome, and encouraged, to come up with their own scenarios for this.
  • Spike is attracted to both women for similar and different reasons- Buffy and Cordy are also different in some ways, despite the parallels between them. I see Spike loving them both for being strong women, but he has to love different things about them about as well. For example, he could love Buffy's strength and maturity as a Slayer, but also love Cordelia's confidence and sense of self.
  • All three fall in love with each other.
  • If written as a story, at the very least it must reach season 4- Doesn't have to be a long fic, minimum fifteen chapters, but as long as the relationship can be followed as it develops. Cruciamentum must be explored in someway as a catalyst for the relationship.
  • Smut- This is essentially a smut challenge, just keep in mind that it must predominantly be Spuffy focused. Cordy/Spike and Cordy/Buffy sex are to be included, but Spuffy is the main relationship.

Can Haves.

  • Claim- See third prompt. Authors can also put their own spin on it.
  • Willow and Tara offering advice to Buffy and Cordelia about their attraction/relationship.
  • Drusilla showing up.
  • Darla- If I'm not mistaken, Darla and Angel sleep together around season 4, I might be wrong, but if you want to make this the reason for Cordelia returning to SunnyD that is fine. It might also serve to bring Cordelia/Buffy closer.
  • Angel/Riley bashing- Not overly fond of Angel, and hate Riley so bashing is welcome.
  • Xander coming round- Not the biggest Xander fan honestly, but I know he is good at heart.

Thank you for indulgence guys and gals. Look forward to seeing if someone takes this challenge up, though this is more of a reminder for myself. Remember Spuffy MUST be the focus, do not take away from the relationship too much.

Have fun!

Categories: Holiday Fic
Characters: Anya

There needs to be more stories about Anya freaking out at Easter.  It would certainly make shopping horrible for Anya, but probably hilarious for everyone else.  So many bunnies ... everywhere.  It's a bunny explosion.   Write a holiday fic with Spuffy and Anya.

Categories: All Human/Fantasy
Characters: Ensemble

William “Spike” is a world renown chef who works in only the most swanky and famous restaurants. He’s a swinging bachelor loving his upscale life. He normally wouldn’t set foot in “normal” supermarket but he’s in desperate need of something.

This is the first Thanksgiving after her mother’s death and Buffy is bound and determined to have the holiday just like her mom would have. Except she’s failing miserably at it. So in between that and the grief she starts to break down in the middle of the aisle. 

Spike is the one to find her mid break down and much to his shock she clings to him for comfort. Hearing her story Spike shocks himself even more by offering to help Buffy. He either volunteered to help Buffy cook her Thanksgiving meal or to give her cooking lessons!

Categories: Season 3, Season 2
Characters: Angel, Angelus, Buffy, Drusilla, Ensemble, Oz, Spike, William, Willow, Xander

Season 2, innocence changes of the start of season one. Willow is the first one to meet buffy and introduces her to the whole gang Xander, and William. William is a nerd who falls for buffy at first sight. William eventually becomes Buffy’s best friend. Williams the first to find out about buffy being a slayer. Then the Scooby gang finds out and they accept it. Angel (still a vampire)  comes in the picture and buffy  can’t help her attraction towards him. Angel helps buffy with slaying since he has a soul. William is hurt but still defends Buffy’s actions when Giles yells at buffy about Angel. A week before buffy loses her virginity to Angel she ask Williams advice on her losing her virginity to Angel. William (still a virigin) doesn’t know what to say but can’t help to feel angry. He tells her Angel doesn’t deserve her and she deserves someone else better. He yells at her saying she can’t lose her virginity to him that it shouldn’t be him and he won’t allow it. Buffy being angry yells back saying “your mad because you want it to be you, you think you deserve it, but I’m not yours you follow me around like a puppy dog I’m tired of it our friendship is over” buffy runs to Angel. William is left distraught by Buffy’s words. Buffy tells willow the next day in school and William stays away from the Scooby gang. William avoids buffy and skips lunch and becomes friends with Oz he tells him about being in love with buffy. A week after buffy loses her virginity to Angel and he turns into Angelus. Angelus goes straight to kill Buffy’s mom. William walks to Buffy’s house to apologize and Joyce let’s him in. Then Angel appears asking to come in to talk to buffy. Angel try’s to attack her but not before William grabs her pushes her out of the way and tells her to run to Giles. William tries to fight Angel to keep him from going after Joyce he succeeds for awhile until Angel bites him and turns him into a vampire. Joyce runs into buffy and she tells her what happened. As buffy runs into her home she sees William is a vampire. He sees the stake in her hand and the disgust look he runs. Through all of this William feels alone until he finds Oz and he helps him. William learns to control his impulse and bags it. Buffy is sad over Angel and William. Angel stilll pulls the end of the world with Dru. Luckily Oz told William about Buffy’s plan and he comes into the fight. He takes Angels place in Hell because he doesn’t want her hurt. Buffy tries to find a way to bring him back. Angel leaves to LA and leaves buffy a wreck. Oz and willow bring William back but he has changed into Spike. What will happen when buffy finds out about William? Will she stake him? Will spike be the man and monster she needs in her life? Can spike prove to her he doesn’t need a soul to love her? 

Categories: Baby Fic, All Human/Fantasy
Characters: Buffy, Ensemble, Hank Summers, Riley Finn, Spike, William, Willow, Xander

Buffy( junior yr) is the popular cheerleader in Sunnydale high school. She’s the girlfriend of Riley Finn and the only daughter of Hank Summers. Unfortunately her mother died when she was 10 years old. William was raised in London but came to at the age of 14 years old to Sunnydale after the death of his parents. His uncle Clem who has skin cancer took him in. Sunnydale is a hell for him the only thing good are his friends willow, tara, Xander, Oz (junior) and staring at buffy from afar. The day of Williams graduation he suffers the loss of his uncle. He inherit his parents and Clem’s money enough for him to maintain Clem’s house since it’s paid off. Enough to go to school and not work for a long while. Buffy finds out she’s pregnant tells Riley but he tells her to abort. She goes to her father and he kicks her out. Buffy stays at her best friend Sams house and tells her what happened. Riley spreads a rumor about buffy being pregnant with a college guy and cheating on him. Everyone believes him (Williams not in high school he is currently in UC Sunnydale)  and Sam kicks buffy out. With no where to go buffy uses her last dollar for a drink at the espresso where William works at night. William takes her order and the Scooby gang comes in later. William ask what’s wrong with buffy to the gang and they tell him she doesn’t have anywhere to live. William takes the chance to ask buffy what’s wrong and she tells him. From there on Buffy moves in with William. William is there for buffy during the whole pregnancy. What will happen? Will buffy ever trust another man again? Will William ever get buffy to realize he’s the one for her? Will buffy stop looking at jerks and notice the guy in front of her? At first buffy will date some jerks trying to find a father for Dawn. Buffy will make the mistake of sleeping with William being his first when she finds out her Riley was cheating on her with her best friend Samantha. 

Categories: Season 4
Characters: Buffy, Ensemble, Spike

The Initiative pick up the wrong demon one night and someone calls on Wolfram & Hart.

How does the law firm respond? Are they actually evil?

How is the Initiative shut down?

How do the Scoobies react to Spike and Anya's "Well, duh!!" attitude about a multi-purpose 'law firm' run by demons? 

What is Giles's take on this demonic super-power helping them? How does the Council react of they find out?

Now that it has been shoved into her face that not all demons and vamps are evil, how does this help Buffy come to terms with the feelings she's been denying for Spike for a long while now?

Categories: Season 7, Season 6
Characters: Angel, Anya, Buffy, Ensemble, William, Willow, Xander

In season 6 “Entropy” after buffy sees Anya and spike having sex Buffy goes to the Magic shop to confront him. She tells him how could he do that to her with her friend. Spike giving a snarky response. Buffy is so angry with him and tells him “you don’t know what Love is your a monster you are beaneath me” Spike is so hurt his response is to say something bad about her still being sick over Angel. All hell breaks lose Buffy beats Spike until his eyes are swollen shut. He doesn’t hurt her because he isn’t just being physically abuse but mentally. She’s beating him and telling him how beneath her he is and she will never love him at all he won’t ever compare to Angel. She brings up Dru saying he has always be convenient to use. She grabs her stake and plunges it in his stomach. It breaks Spikes heart and buffy is shocked runs Home. Xander calls Angel to come take Spike before he kills him. Spike manages to go to Buffy’s house and begs her to take him back in the front of her porch. Angel arrives and beats Spike severely. Spike gets to his crypt and decides he wants his soul. He comes back a changed man he has control over his mouth. He is a mix of William and Spike. What will happen when buffy runs into him? Will she regret what she’s done? Did she miss him? 

- Angel will only be there for one or two chapters. 

- Buffy doesn’t depend on Angel. 

Rating: NC-17

Categories: Season 7, Episode Rewrite
Characters: None

I hate that mutiny in S7 so much… so please bear with me while I have a rant. Sorry it’s so long. I trimmed it as much as I could!

 Checking back, I see that it was actually Faith who first questioned Buffy’s judgement when she wanted to go back to the vineyard to find whatever Caleb was protecting. To my way of thinking, she is the only person who had the right to question Buffy’s decision, since she was also a slayer, even though she was out of training and had a less than stellar history both with her attitude to her Calling and with Buffy.

If she’d had any leadership skills whatsoever, she should have known to bring up her concerns in private, between equals. That failing is a very telling indication of her inexperience.

Wood instantly jumped in to support Faith’s protest. He has the excuse of being infatuated with Faith, being disillusioned with Buffy because of Spike, and not knowing any better.

But Pod!Giles was next. He’d been totally unsupportive of Buffy since her resurrection, and even deliberately acted against her since he arrived out of the blue with the first batch of potentials and told her it was All Up To Her. He constantly undermined her authority, questioned her judgement and thereby weakened her self-confidence.

When he added the weight of his watcherness to the rebellion, IMHO, that’s what gave the potentials, and then Willow, Xander and Anya the implicit licence to add their whiny complaints.

I like to think that Dawn only joined in because everyone else’s contributions convinced her that just this once, Buffy had to be wrong. Plus she was terrified of Buffy dying and leaving her again which everyone had implied would happen if they went back to the vinyard.

Apart from Buffy and Dawn, the only person among those present who had the right to be staying in the house was Willow. Of course Spike and the guestage, who also did, are notably absent.

Everyone else has just barged in uninvited. Giles brought the potentials and dumped them for Buffy to protect, and then Xander & Anya just kinda stayed despite having apartments of their own to go to.


Rant over… On to the actual challenge.


When Dawn says: Then you can't stay here. Buffy, I love you, but you were right. We have to be together on this. You can't be a part of it. So I need you to leave. I'm sorry, but this is my house, too.


What if:

Buffy has an epiphany and remembers that actually this is her house. She is the adult whose name is on the deeds, and Dawn is a minor for whom she is totally responsible until she comes of age and gains access to her share of Joyce’s estate. Dawn has to go where Buffy goes. Since it would be far too foolhardy and dangerous to take Dawn out into the deserted town with Caleb and all the Bringers, not to mention all the other baddies, Buffy decides that she has no alternative but to stay to protect her.

Her determination to do this overrides her guilt about what happened at the vineyard, and gives her a much-needed reality check. She recovers from her shock at the way her friends and watcher have betrayed her, and regains her Take-Charge-Slayer confidence.

She announces her decision to the room at large, then tells them that anyone who is still willing to follow her lead and fight alongside her is welcome to stay.

Those who no longer wish to follow her leadership, or trust her to protect them, have to get out of her way. They should go and find somewhere else to stay, and choose someone else to lead them. From now on, they’ll have to rely on that person to protect them, to feed and clothe them.

Meanwhile, Buffy will follow her Calling—emphasis on the fact that it’s not a mere job; it’s a Calling—and save the world.

She was Chosen for that very purpose. Apart from Faith, they weren’t, and it’s unlikely that any of the small number of potentials present ever will be. Buffy couldn’t walk away from it even when she wanted to, and now she doesn’t want to.

Up to you how Buffy’s ultimatum is received, but Buffy must stand her ground against any and all protests.

Of course, Dawn must stay, but it’s up to you who else stays, and who leaves.

Those who stay should end up being solidly supportive.

When Spike & the guestage return, they naturally stand with Buffy.


Please complete the season your own way from this point.

If you can find a way to do it without doing that (IMHO) insane ‘let’s make all the potentials into slayers’ spell, all the better.

Naturally I’d like a ‘Spuffily ever after’ ending, please.

Again, sorry this turned out so long.





Categories: None
Characters: Angel, Buffy, Spike

Hi! I’m back with a new idea lol.

so I hate angel, but sometimes I think that Spuffy fanfiction paints him as more of a villain than he actually was. His negative quality’s become excessively non cannon, and he becomes the main villain/ main anti-Spuffy advocate. So I want a fic where he’s pro-Spuffy.. 

Ideas I’ve had for this concept:

-whistler tells angel that he is muscle, informs angel of the happiness curse, tells angel that buffy’s true soulmate will come along within the next few years and that he’s to teach her about the grey areas of the demon world. (So she’s accepting of Spike right off the back)

-Angelus pulled a spike and fell in love with a slayer years before. They mated leaving her immortal and him sharing her soul. the watchers know about this and accept them as a traveling duo. They go to help Buffy and Angel realizes Spikes feelings and helps the two get together hoping they can have what him and his slayer have. 

-Angel’s gay and wanted to detur her feelings

the options are endless to make it so that Angel helps get Spuffy together. How is up to you. 

Must haves:

angel being pro-Spuffy 

no angelus so the scoobies aren’t as anti vamp, anti spike, ext

no underage sex

spuffy sex once she’s over 18 is okay though. 

Have fun

Categories: All Human/Fantasy, Taboo - Adults Only
Characters: Buffy, Ensemble, Spike, William

William is 17 years he lost his parents in a car crash in London at the age of 15. He was brought to the California to live with his crazy aunt Drusilla in a small town called Sunnydale. Drusilla physically abuses William and rapes him. She mentally abuses him and breaks him. His teacher Literature teacher Giles finds out and he reports it with william. Giles offers William to live with him and he takes that chance to change his appearance into Spike. He is put as an emo kid in Sunnydale High. They have already started rumor about him and his aunt. Horrible lies about them having a relationship which isn’t true. Buffy is the cheerleader who is still friends with the scoobies. She believes the spike stories especially since he changed his appearance. One day when Spike is trying to kill himself in high school (no ones there but buffy) she was waiting on her dad to go to LA. She tries to stop him from killing himself. What will happen between buffy and Spike? Will she ever see the true Spike whos broken? Can buffy save him and love him? Or will Spike be the only one who falls in love? Buffy keeps there friendship a secret due to all her judgemental friends. Spikes okay with it at first, but then he can’t deal. You can decide where the story goes

NC- 17

Categories: Season 3
Characters: Angel, Buffy, Ensemble, Faith, Giles, Joyce, Mayor Richard Wilkins III, Mr. Trick, Spike

Name is authors choice.

Season 3 just after Lovers Walk. Mayors men capture Spike and through the use of drugs and magic put him in a feral state. Demon is in full charge.

Buffy is injured and captured by the mayor's goons and locked in (combination of regular locks and magic) with Spike with the expectation that Spike will kill, possibly after torture, the Slayer. 

Instead Spike (who, demon included, is already in love with Buffy per canon) protects and tends to Buffy. He kills the guards but they still cannot get out of the place they are imprisoned. Because the guards had been human there is food in the place so Spike can make sure Buffy is fed and her wounds tended.

Buffy figures out that Spike for some reason isn't planning to kill or drain her (or even feed). 

Buffy and the non-verbal Spike develop non-hostile relationship and trust as Spike helps Buffy get strong enough to help him find a way to escape.

Must have:

Angel eventually finds out what has happened and (like in S1) decides that Spike would have already killed Buffy or worse. He expects Spike to have a demon like his and also less control. He pretty much just gives up like he did with her battle with the Master and goes home to brood not helping to try to find her.

Scoobies and Giles keep looking and Joyce holds out belief that the "sad young man" wouldn't hurt Buffy that way and that Buffy will be found to be fine.

As Buffy's physical injuries heal the drugs in Spike start to wear off and he has flashes of his normal self enough to plan escape with Buffy. 

They find a way past the magic holding them captive and escape but before they do they each realize they love the other (even if they don't say it).

Spike does something self-sacrificial to enable Buffy to get away but she refuses to leave him behind (while noting that he was willing to sacrifice himself for her).

Buffy preventing anyone from harming Spike when they are free and she clearly sees the differences between Angel and Spike deciding it is much more than the issue of the soul.

Buffy realizing that the demon in Spike clearly loves her too even if she doesn't understand how that can be.

Can have

Joyce laying into Angel over his unwillingness to help. Makes unflattering comparisons between Angel and Spike in front of the gang. She points out how she never felt in danger from Spike but never liked Angel even with his soul.

Scoobies and Giles being disappointed in Angel and someone reminding Giles how Angel did nothing to help Buffy when she went to face the Mayor.

Faith being the one to tip off Angel about what happened to Buffy.

Scoobies being the ones to eliminate the magic part of the jailing but if you want some other way that's okay too.

Angel accidentally admitting that the soul is not the source of love and that Spike (and many demons) can love. 

Totally must have

Spuffy at least by the end including both admitting they do love each other and plan to make it work 

Categories: Season 6, Season 7
Characters: Buffy, Ensemble, Spike

In season six, Buffy meets up with Angel and Spike finds out. He decides to give himself time away from Buffy. For some odd reason Buffy seeks him out and Spike can’t help his love hor her. He stops his snarky comebacks and listens to her with no judgement. After they kiss in the episode once more with feelings Spike doesn’t bring it up. Buffy’s about to work for the double meat palace until Spike saves her by giving her money he has saved over the years. Buffy says no but she can’t help it says yes to him. Buffy still uses and abuses Spike. Spike on the other hand tries to to make love to her and be the sweet William she needs. In smashed spike doesn’t touch her at all and doesn’t fight her back when she punches her. She can’t take hiding the secret from her friends and ends it with Spike in a harsh way. She tells him he will never have her heart that Angel will always have it. Spike stays awhile for Dawn until he goes to Harris wedding. He sees buffy happy and seeing Harris marry Anya makes him realize he doesn’t fit in. He isn’t enough for buffy. Before Spike leaves he speaks to dawn and leaves money in her bank account. He leaves to Africa goes through the trials not only gains his soul but gets turned into a half breed vampire with a soul. He has more strength than him and buffy combined. He is also a human and can go in the sun. He heads back to Sunnydale. What will happen when buffy sees Spike? Spikes not ever abusive to buffy or let himself go out of control like in season six

NC 17

Categories: Post-Series
Characters: Ensemble

Spike left LA after surviving the fight but never went to look for Buffy.

The idea is that during his roaming around the world trying to be good Spike stumbles across an orphaned three-year-old little girl. Normally Spike would have just turned her over to the authorities. But he can tell that this girl is a Slayer! A screw up with Willow's spell gifted a three-year-old with the Slayer power.

Knowing he can't just turn her over to folks that have no clue, nor can he leave her unprotected Spike takes her under his protection. It's harder to do then Spike thought at first! How do you say no to a toddler who can break one of your bones if you tell her "No more ice cream!"? 

But in the long run, superpowers and all the little girl comes to adore Spike and he spoils her. But a situation comes up that makes Spike have to bring the girl to Slayer HQ. Willow is upset her spell messed up the girl's life, Giles is upset that the baby slayer wants nothing to do with anyone there but Spike.....and Buffy and Dawn are upset that Spike never came back to tell them he was still alive!

So now Spike is in even more trouble then he was beforehand.....typical his luck! 


Categories: Season 1, Season 2
Characters: Buffy, Cordelia, Drusilla, Giles, Jenny Calendar, Joyce, Spike, The Master, Whistler, Willow, Xander

Just a seed I'd like to sow for someone to ponder germinating...

It was established at the beginning of BtVS that Buffy’s vampire detecting slayer senses were either absent or very poor.

What if they weren’t?

What if she had exceptionally acute vamp detection slayer senses because Merrick had helped her develop them?

What if that first night, she recognised that she was being followed to the Bronze by a powerful vampire?

What if after she led him into that alley, and he was being all secretive cryptic guy, she knew exactly what he was, ignored what he was saying and just staked him?

What then? Entire series with no Angel? Or do the PTB eventually bring him back from dust? Your choice.

Just give Buffy a logical reason not to stake Spike when he appears… because Spuffy!

I've only specified S1 (because of Angel stakeage) and S2 (because of Spike arrival) but feel free to improvise...


Categories: Season 7, Post-Series, Alternate Reality, Episode Rewrite, All Human/Fantasy, Baby Fic
Characters: Andrew Wells, Angel, Anya, Buffy, Cordelia, Dawn, Ensemble, Faith, Fred, Giles, Mr. Gordo, Oz, Robin Wood, Spike, Wesley, Willow, Xander

Season 7, Episodes 21 and 22 where Buffy and Angel kiss. Spike watches them the whole even out in the graveyard, but buffy doesn’t say anything about Spike. When she talks about cookie dough it gives Angel a hint she will wait for him. Spike feels worthless and that he will never be loved by buffy so instead of going back to the summers Home he stays in his old crypt. Spike writes all the scoobies a letter apologizing for all his wrongs and saying he knows he was never a Scooby, but he appreciated them. He also told them to take care of Buffy to make sure she’s happy. Spike writes a letter to buffy apologizing for all he has done to her. He expresses his feeling for her and tells her he knows he will never be good enough for her and she was right about him being beneath her even with the soul. Tells her he won’t ever be above Angel and he hopes one day she will be happy with her true love Angel. He says “I love you with the demon and man inside of me forever and always you’ll be my one true love”. Buffy finds no Spike and stays up for awhile to wait for him. She falls asleep and the first mocks her attempt. Spike arrives at the summers 20 min before the fight he gives dawn the letters and tells her to give them when they win the battle. Buffy tries to talk to him but he only asks for the necklace which she hands to Spike. They go into the fight and the same thing happens in chosen except Spike doesn’t call out for no one when the necklace starts acting up. Buffy still says I love you but he doesn’t believe her. Spike dies in battle, five months later the PTB brings him back with fake memories as a human vampire. He has a mother and father. He works as an FBI in Cleveland. Buffy is with Angel, which is a full human who works as a lawyer. Buffy misses Spike and feels like the love she had for him is real not Angel. Especially after reading the letter Spike left her she feels like she made a mistake going back to Angel.  On the sixth month anniversary of Spikes death Buffy goes to a bar in Cleveland and runs into William Pratt who has dark brown hair but looks like Spike. Spikes half human and vampire.

Can Have:

- Spikes confidence but Williams gentleman manners romantic side. 

- Buffy doesn’t tell Spike about himself until later on when he gets his memory back

- Buffy doesn’t cheat on Angel she tells Spike about Angel and about the man who she found out she really loved above her first love (Spike). She cleans up some version of the truth. They do come close to kissing, but Spike backs away every time. 

- Spike does feel a connection automatically and falls for her fast. Especially when they talk about demons they go patrolling together. They spend a lot of time together. In the time together spike tries to hold back his feelings. 

- Buffy ending her relationship with Angel as her friendship with William Pratt develops into something more.

- Angel doesn’t find out about Spike until they get together officially.

- it’s up to you to decide how Spike reacts to getting his memories back.

- Buffy has a normal life she still fights vampires and demons but no apocalypse.

- Buffy ends up pregnant with Spikes baby and it’s a happy ending for both of them.

NC- 17

Categories: All Human/Fantasy
Characters: Angel, Buffy, Ensemble, Oz, Spike, Tara, William, Willow, Xander

Angel and William are brothers who are three years apart with William being the eldest. At the age of 13 and 10 they suffered greatly the lost of his mom Anne their mother especially William. Their father Giles was wrapped up in work and left William to take care of Angel. Unfortunately Angel being selfish didn’t care for William. At the age of 23 william becomes blind due to a fight at a bar which Angel started. Giles decides to open up a Sunnydale law firm to take care of William. Angel being jealous leaves and Giles disowns him without a penny to his name he moves to LA. Angel struggles to make it as an actor and meets buffy who is also struggling. Buffy falls in love with Angel. They become homeless and when Angel finds out about his fathers death he seizes his opportunity to gain money. William pays for his ticket to comeback to Sunnydale (without buffy he doesn’t know about her). Giles leaves all his money and property to William. Angel is outraged and plans revenge on William. William being kindhearted offers Angel money which he only takes a thousand for his plan. He lies telling buffy horrible things about William. He tells her to make William fall in love and marry him for his money. Buffy pretends she’s a homeless girl in Sunnydale and “accidentally” bumps into William. William hasnt ever dated anyone he doesn’t have experience because he was shy. William only cared about his study’s and work. When William was blinded he isolated himself and has no friends. After bumping into buffy he keeps seeking her out. 



Can Have: 

- Drama with Williams emotional issues

- Angel treating William horribly 

- Buffy being sweet and kind as an act in the beginning. She still kind of plays hard to get with William. William falls for her act and acts like a lovesick obedient puppy. She later on falls in love with him. They get married before he finds out about the plan which buffy tries to tell him. Which Angel tells him. The rest is up to you 

- William getting his eyesight back. 

- You can add more characters into the story

- an emotional story 

- Spuffy Happy ending 

NC 17 

Categories: None
Characters: Ensemble

Spike is a single dad to his young daughter Dawn. He’s having trouble making ends meet but his best job is a bartender in a bar full of upscale business women. There Spike uses his looks and flirting ability to get large amounts of tips.

Buffy is having a very bad day....why is up to you. Stopping into her favorite watering hole she plans to have a few a forget her troubles. 

Spuffy being Spuffy some how there’s a misunderstanding when Spike is serving her. They get into an argument. When Spike’s boss comes on the scene he/she fires Spike.

Later Buffy feels guilty about all of this,even more so when she finds out Spike has a kid and needed that job. So she shows up on his door offering him a job.....working for her or at Joyce’s gallery is up to you.

Spike doesn’t want to take the job but he has no choice to if he wants to keep his family’s head above water.

Joyce starts taking care of young Dawn while Spike is working and starts to see her as the granddaughter she’s yet to have.

Categories: Season 2
Characters: Angelus, Buffy, Drusilla, Giles, Spike, Willow, Xander

After Xander stands up to him in the hospital, Angelus is filled with shame and resentment, especially since he became the target of Spike's ridicule. Spike would taunt him endlessly about being chased off by a little boy and Angelus' old tired jokes about Spike's crippled situation are no longer doing the trick. 

So, in attempt to save face and also cause Buffy incredible pain, Angelus kidnaps Xander and Willow and begins exercising his skills in the arts of torture. He shows Xander who's the man by ordering the boy to do demeaning things to him (like sucking his dick or licking his feet), and uses Willow to force Xander to do them. 

Spike isn't impressed, and taunts Angel one more, which makes Angel furious and he rapes Xander that night in front of Willow.

Drusilla, of course, is eating it up, and Spike is jealous as hell, so he forms an agreement with Buffy to keep her friends alive as long as she kills Angelus. 

With a good plotting by Buffy, Spike and Giles, Angelus is dusted, however, Drusilla will learn that Spike has a hand in this and leaves him. By that time, Spike and Buffy have bonded, but the problem is Xander and Willow are completely traumatized by what Angelus had done to them. Spike knows a thing or two about how to take care of a victim of Angelus' games. So Buffy keeps him to help Xander and Willow recover. 

Spike and Buffy begin taking care of Xander and Willow as well as developing feelings for each other.  

Categories: Alternate Reality
Characters: Buffy, Spike

Can change the title 😊

So, I had an idea what if a slayer didn’t stop the oncoming apocalypse?

The Slayer had one job stop the apocalypse instead she ran away, and the world fell and now demons run the show human are now either slaves or in hiding or helping the rebellion lead by the counsel. The Vampire are split some help the humans for the like humans don’t want to live in a demon run world but others wish to gain favor and power in this new world.

 It’s been a hundred years since the fall now Buffy has been chosen to be the slayer only the humans and their vampire allies are losing and soon will be gone.  A Plan is formed go back in time to stop the apocalypse that lead to demons over running the world only one small problem is no one can pin point the moment it happens, so no one knows when the right time to go back or where it exactly happened to be able stop it.

 Though there is one person or if you want to get technical a vampire, he knows the when and where, however since Spike lost his dark princess, he cares nothing about what happens to world and unfortunately, he currently living in the worst place for any human let alone a slayer to go to, in the home of one of the worst vampire one who sided with the demons and helped with the apocalypse in the first place Angelus.

 Now a newly chosen Slayer must talk the slayer of slayers into going back in time to stop the apocalypse and save the world all she has to do to get to Spike, is go to the heart of where the demons and Angelus lives get past them a live and then hope she can talk Spike into going back in time to stop an apocalypse maybe help a lost slayer find her way and fall in love along the way.

On Dru so I put in the summary Spike lost his dark princess you can go two ways with this you can have Dru be dusted or she has completely dump Spike for either Angelus or someone new.  

So, the apocalypse happens shortly after Spike is turned at some point Angelus teams up with writers insert demon/ warlock who they want to bring about the apocalypse. 

So about Spike and the apocalypse; Spike leaves not wanting to be part of it and tries to take Dru as well put she says no and stays (this could be where she gets dusted or the reason she dumps him if the writer wants). Or Spike stays only for Dru but really doesn’t want it to work and is hoping the slayer will show up which she never does.  Maybe he even tried to help the slayer and was betrayed when she ran away and is held as a prison by Angelus because of that. All of that I leave up to the writer 😊

And on why Angelus help with the apocalypse well I leave that up to the writer 😉

Since the fall the counsel is the last hold out for free humans and even has help from vampires and maybe even demons that don’t like the new world.

As to why the slayer ran away that is up to the writer and I leave up to the writer on whether you want her to step up or if she still runs away😉


Must haves

Happy ending 😉

Spike and Buffy of course

Can have smut 😉 though I leave that up to the writer

Can also have claims/biting 😊

And that’s it, everything else I leave up to the writer 😉

And sorry if this has been done before

Categories: Post-Series
Characters: Buffy, Spike

You can choose the title, I don’t really care.

Anyway, the other day I was watching Grey’s anatomy. In the episode there was one of the main character's mom who was going out with a man that was at least 25 years younger (she was around 65 yo while he was 35).
I would like to read a fic where Buffy and Spike got together sometime after Chosen and still are together after 40/50 years. In this universe there is no claim no nothing who could prevent Buffy from getting old. I want to live their everyday life, seeing how strangers think them mom and son, or how people thinks Spike is after her money or she is paying him. I want to see how hard it is, but even more I want to see how much they love each other still even against age and the other misconception. I want to know what happened to them in this 40 years and I want this to be the ending:

- Something happens, an apocalypse or Buffy is dying or something and she is given a choice. She can go back in heaven and leave Spike behind forever since he won’t have access to it, not at least as Spike, only William will. Or stay behind with him, immortal like him and fight to get them both a chance to find their heaven.

You choose what she will choose

Have fun! 

Categories: All Human/Fantasy
Characters: Ensemble

Spike and Buffy are married or have been dating for some time now. Buffy has a “normal” job while Spike is trying to make it in the acting world. 

Buffy has been very supportive of Spike in his struggling actor phase. So she’s over joyed when he gets his big break, being hired on a highly successful tv show.

He’s to play the new love interest to the shows big star Drusilla.

Buffy admits seeing her husband/boyfriend in such intimate scenes with another woman is....’annoying’.... but she writes it off as just his work. But she starts to notice how in the real world the famous actress Drusilla starts to become more and more too friendly with Spike.

The thrill of having finally made it has left Spike a little blind to Drusilla’s advances. He thinks she just being nice making sure he’s comfortable as the new guy on set. Also thinking that Buffy is just over reacting to it all.


ideas I had but don’t have to use.

Still not used to being famous Spike doesn’t have the I’m to good to talk to you mindset. So he’s become friends with some of the crew. Maybe Xander who helps build sets? Or Tara who is the quiet lonely girl in wardrobe that he introduces to Willow (friend of his and Buffy’s)

Categories: Season 2, Season 3, Season 4, Season 5, Season 6, Season 7, Season 9 (Comic), Season 10 (Comic), Season 11 (Comic), Comic (Season Not Specified), Post-Series, Alternate Reality, Episode Rewrite, Challenge Response, Time Travel, Claim
Characters: Buffy, Spike

The battle with the First Evil is over. The Scoobies won, but at a great personal cost.

Buffy is torn. While she should be happy to have a newfound sense of freedom/relief, her heart is broken beyond repair.

Spike died. Dust in the wind at the bottom of the crater, formerly known as the Hellmouth. His words echoing in her mind. "No you don't, but thanks for sayin' it."

If only there was a way to go back. To change things.

Wait. Why not? She slayed demons, prevented countless apocalypses, defeated a Hell God, & beat back the FIRST EVIL. TPTB owe her that much.

A trip to LA & browbeating Angel & co. into wrangling a one-on-one with TPTB offers her that chance.

Going back to Season 4, she could save the Gem of Amara for future use. To give to Spike and save him from unspeakable pain and from burning up in the Hellmouth. Not to mention the other countless lives she could save.
*I realized the other day, the ring might've saved Spike from dying. Curious as to Joss' opinion on if it would've outweighed the amulet...let's go with YES.

• Must be NC-17
• Biting/claim a plus
• Must have a happy ending

*Depending on how you take the story, if Spike can be brought over to the White Hat/good side sooner with Future!Buffy's help, feel free to utilize the ring sooner than the final battle. :)

Categories: Claim, Comic (Season Not Specified), Post-Series, Season 10 (Comic), Season 11 (Comic), Alternate Reality, Challenge Response, Baby Fic
Characters: Buffy, Spike

"There are things you want out o'life I just can't give you. I told you once I wanted normal, but I can't BE normal, can I?" ...  "We can't have children, if you ever want that." - Spike to Buffy S10 #28

Using the new (blank) rules of magic (Vampyr book), Dawn and Willow want to do something good for Buffy & Spike. Having overheard the almost-demise of our beautiful couple, Dawn and Willow realize...maybe Buffy and Spike don't have to live with certain preset limits.

Seizing a moment when Spike & Buffy had stepped out, they make a new (carefully worded) rule to allow Buffy/Spike to have children together after all.

Please make this:
Claim/bite during lovemaking a big plus.

Try to keep them (scoobies, spuffy, etc) as in-character as possible. You don't need to follow the comics to the letter, feel free to play around. Just go forth and multiply the Spuffy. Happy ending please.