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"I wish you never existed!" Buffy spat.

"Wish granted," Halfrek smirked.


(Title Could be Changed)

Write a story dealing with the fall out of that particular wish. The story could take place anywhere between seasons 4-6 in the beginning and then go back to seasons 1, 2 and 3(To see the changes). It must include any vengence demon(does not have to be Halfrek). Buffy must come to understand her need for Spike and try to get him existing again. The way she goes into doing that is up to the author. 


Categories: Season 7
Characters: Anya, Buffy, Dawn, Giles, Spike, Willow, Xander

I feel really bad that the show never explored what it's like for Xander to lose his eye. I understand that important things were happening at the time (like stopping the end of the world) so Xander had to shrug it off and fight alongside his friends. 

I wanna read a fic where the apocolypse is put on hold and Xander is allowed to deal with this. What effect will this traumatic experience have on him? How will this injury change his life especially on a professional level? A more in depth discussion about how he will function as a fighter. 

I would like to also see Xander acknowledge that Spike saved his life, and see Spike take a big role in helping Xander cope... maybe compare Xander's situation to when he used to be chipped and how the chip crippled him from being a full fledged vampire. 

I'm looking for a big heartwarming, friendshippy story where all the Scoobies are there for Xander. Maybe have Xander witness how much Spike and Buffy care for each other with his lonely eye and be the person to get them together. 

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Characters: Ensemble

Okay....the years and person's age is a little bit off....but let's say we fudge it so this would work for this idea!

Spike: I was actually at Woodstock. That was a weird gig. I fed off a flower person, and I spent the next six hours watchin' my hand move.

What if Joyce had known about vampires all along because she had been the flower person Spike had hooked up with and fed on back during the concert? Maybe it had been a bit more sexual than just a bite and feed? What will Joyce and Spike do if they recognize each other years later? How would Buffy feel about all of this?

Maybe this is set in a bit where Joyce didn't die when she did? Maybe Joyce believes that the whole experience was just a trip due to the drugs she was on and it never happened? Until she recognizes Spike.....or he her?! 

Categories: Challenge Response
Characters: Buffy, Spike

A lot of fanfic deals with the notion that either Slayers are immortal barring death by violence, and this doesn't come up on the show because they always eventually get killed, or that Buffy is immortal after her resurrection or after forming some kind of Claim-bond with Spike. Usually, that's seen as a positive thing because Spike is also, obviously, immortal barring sunlight/stakes/etc.

This is an idea that occurred to me, but I already have way too many stories I'm incredibly behind on updating in way too many fandoms, so for now I'm throwing it out there and hoping someone else's muse will go "Oooh, fun!"

I'd like to see a story where Buffy is immortal, but has to deal with the downsides of that. She can stay with Spike, but she will have to deal with friends and family aging and dying around her, practical issues when her immortality starts to cause problems (it's one thing living to be a hundred, but what if you still look twenty?); it could also affect her mental health. Suppose she starts to play with just how invulnerable she is or isn't? And how will Spike and the other vampires in her life react to this new factor?

Why she has become immortal and what the exact bounds of it (how much does she age? is she invulnerable as well as immortal? if it's a claim fic, what actual benefits come along with the immortal life?) are up to you, so you have a lot of leeway to play with. You can play with the ups of immortality as well as the downs, too. I'm also very much up for AUs if you want to set it a time other than after canon, so you can play with who's alive and dead, when/if Spike got his soul, yadda yadda. You can also decide whether it's just a Buffy thing or if there are suddenly dozens (or hundreds) of Slayers walking around not aging and dying. Happy or sad endings are both welcome.

All that's requisite is that the story deals in some way with the downsides of living on while the people around you age and die. Spuffy friendship or more is obviously welcome, besides that you also have free rein with who is involved. I am only loosely familiar with the comic canon and not massive fond of it, but if you have an idea that absolutely needs to use canon stuff then I will still read it - just be aware that I don't know it well at all. I can't imagine how you'd make it "all human" BUT if you can figure out a way to do that while still following the challenge requirements, then more power to ya!

I can't think of any other restrictions I'd put down, so... go forth and write squee

Categories: Season 2, Season 3, Season 4, Season 5, Season 6, Post-Series
Characters: Buffy, Other, Spike

Make two original characters(a Male and Female) that watch Buffy suddenly wake up as Buffy and Spike from the show. If the two have double set of memories is up to the author. Wether the two characters get along in the beginning before the big shift, is up to the author. How they end up waking up as they do is up to the author. Was it a wish? Were the dimensional boundaries weak, causing the intent of the two to come true. Did they die in our world? Anything. Will they stay in the world of the show or leave?

Categories: Post-Series, Season 5, Season 6
Characters: Angel, Buffy, Spike


AR season 6, in which the Scoobies kill Spike just when Buffy realizes her love for him. Buffy goes mad with grief and disappears. Her anger at herself and her friends simmering. She searches for a way to avenge her love and uses magic to become a Slayer vamp hybrid. She is the most evil creature in existence after 2 decades. Vamps, humans, and demons tremble. Thus prompting Angel to get back in time and prevent that from happening. Dark Buffy follows him to season 5 of Buffy. Glory is the least of that slayer's problems. Can she face herself?

The rest of how that goes is up to you.


Categories: Season 2
Characters: None

the Challenge.

Write a story where Angelus managed to break Buffy to the point of insanity by killing off Joyce in front of her in a slow, painful way. Spike, reminded of Drusilla, makes a truce with an insane grief stricken Buffy. 

Must have:

Spuffy at the end. 

Drusilla Betraying Spoke, thus pushing him away.

Buffy childish, yet able to recover with time. However, some part of the insanity should remain.


Categories: Season 6
Characters: Buffy, Dawn, Spike, Whistler, Willow

For fellow anime lovers and Buffy lovers Alike. I propose a Crossover.


Challenge is as Follows:

Cross the world of Madoka Magica with BtVS. Set in season 6. Instead of Willow doing the resurrection spell, Dawn wishes Buffy back to life. Since she is the Key, her Karmic fate is strong enough for such a wish. How Dawn avoids or falls into despair is up to you. How will Spike and Buffy react to Kyubey? To Dawn's status as a walking doll(because of her soul gem), and how will they fix it? How would the world of Buffy and Madoka mesh? All of it is up to you.

Have fun! Give the story whatever title you like.

Categories: All Human/Fantasy
Characters: Ensemble

This is a fragment of an idea I got into my head but can't get rid of or connect all the dots to make a full challenge out of it. So I'll leave it open for you to fill in the gaps lol.

Buffy for some reason is trying to learn ballroom dancing....Xander/Anya's wedding...or Dawn's wedding. She's in one of those dancing classes but much to her embarrassment all the men in her life(non-boyfriends) couldn't or wouldn't come to the class with her. So she's now the lone duck in a class full of couples who are learning ballroom dancing.

Spike has gotten himself into a bit of trouble. He's running...on foot..away from the cops. Nothing major like robbing a bank or anything but more like got into a bar fight and so when he tried to get away the cops went after him. He ducks into a building to escape the cops and finds himself in the middle of a bunch of dancing folks!!!

When he notices the cops looking into the building in search of him he sees a good looking wallflower with a nonhappy look on her face. He quickly makes his way over and scoops her up and out on the dance floor in order to blend in and hide!!

Buffy was without a partner when suddenly a leather-clad whirlwind snatches her up and takes her out for a spin. At first, she's all mad but when she notices he can dance she demands he teach her how!!!

Categories: Season 5, Pre-Series, Season 2, Season 3, Season 4
Characters: Angel, Angelus, Buffy, Giles, Joyce, Spike, William

The challenge is as follows

Write a story in which William does  not disappear. In which Spike has turned out more William like but with Spike-ish edge to him. A bold, charming, well read gentleman who isn't afraid to speak up and fight. Who still has two slayers in the bag.


Categories: Pre-Series, Season 1
Characters: Buffy, Ensemble, Joyce, Spike

Can change the title 😊

Hello, my name is Joyce Summers and I will be collecting your magical artifact today:  Joyce Summers art gallery is not the only business Joyce is running she is also hunts down and sells art or artifacts or objects of any kind that are either magic or demon in origin. And then sells them to the magical community.   

Ok so a have somewhat of similar challenge that involves artifact but it’s a crossover with other shows and takes place in season 6 this one will be taking place in pre-season and season one 😊 and this one does not have to be a crossover if you don’t want to do that 😊   but if you want you can have a crossover with either warehouse 13 or the librarians or any show or movie that maybe deal with supernatural stuff

When Buffy is born a friend of Joyce’s who is a white witch tells her that Buffy will be called as the Slayer, so they hide her from the council, however the witch tells Joyce that Buffy will still be found by the council one day.  So once Buffy gets old enough Joyce finds someone (supernatural person) to train Buffy. and Buffy grows up with knowing witches and good demons and sometime helps with finding the objects.   

So how does having a mother that not only knows she is the Slayer but also deals with the supernatural world change things for Buffy and the Scooby’s? also since Buffy has grown up around the supernatural world how does this view point change her ideas on Spike and his non-soul?

Ok so this is set-in season one and I know Spike does not show up until later but well I want Spike sooner so lol Spike shows up in Sunnydale in season one 😊 can be still the same reason as in season two or can be for other reason. If you pick other reason as to why he ends up in Sunnydale, then you can do what you want with Dru. Even if you go the original route you can still do what you like with Dru. Though I do like Dru so maybe she can have something nice happen for her😊  

Optional can have Spike and Buffy meet before she goes to Sunnydale and start their relationship early 😊

So how does this change season one? and how does having Joyce having connection in the supernatural world help Buffy with the slaying or does it?? That is a question I leave to the writer to answer 😊

Must haves

 Buffy and Spike end up in a relationship (maybe Buffy has read about Spike and has a crush, or they just fight and start to banter, or they somehow end up spending time together, but how they end up in a relationship I leave up too much better writers then myself lol)

Though please have Buffy and Spike go slowly have them getting to know each other and falling in love, also smut yes please lol

Joyce and Buffy still moving to Sunnydale (Hank still leaves and is still a cheater (though since Joyce know about magic and stuff maybe she calls on a vengeance demon 😉 but that’s up to the writer 😉)

Joyce getting more involved with the Slaying by helping with research and also research’s Angel, Dru, and Spike (maybe have Joyce like Spike a little due to the fact that he has been loyal to one women for a very long time and even though he is well evil he was never as bad as Angel)

Joyce taking Willow and Xander more under her wing and being a mother to them as well since their parent aren’t really around or that great

Willow and Xander, Giles and maybe even Joyce not coming around right a way to Buffy dating Spike, but Buffy standing up for Spike and after a while the Scooby’s and Joyce come to see that Buffy and Spike are good together.

As for Angel he still shows up like he did originally, but writer can do what they like with Angel as long as there is no Buffy and Angel  

Must not have

No Angel and Buffy (can have them seem like there on the way to dating but then it doesn’t happen lol)

No character bashing please 😊

Can have

Joyce and Giles dating

Joyce and Giles butting head over how Buffy should train and how to be the Slayer

Also, can bring in other character from later seasons and have characters from Angel show up as well 😊

Can have a scene where they go after a magical object of some kind and if you like you can make it Lara Croft/Indiana Jones like

and can go past season one and go all way to season 7 if you want lol ;)

I leave everything else up to the writer :)

Categories: Season 6
Characters: None

Was thinking about the difference in reactions of Spike losing his memory and finding out he's a vamp versus when Angel lost his memory.  What would happen if Angel had dropped in for a visit during tabula rasa and got caught up in the spell?  

Categories: Season 2
Characters: Angel, Angelus, Buffy, Drusilla, Ensemble, Spike

story title up to author

Spike and Dru come to the hellmouth in S2.

Dru is not sick but is mentally in a terrible place pining for her "daddy" and demanding Spike take her to the hellmouth so she can be with her daddy. Spike has had a century of never being her true love but still in the habit of catering to her so he takes her there hoping she'll give him some crumbs at least.

When he gets to Sunnydale he sees Angel and Buffy on one of the few nights when Angel is on patrol with Buffy and sees them kiss. This is before Buffy has decided Angel is THE one but soon after she has toyed with the idea of Angel as boyfriend material. Spike seethes. Angel always getting the girl even HIS girl. Spike gets very drunk.

Spike kidnaps Buffy to "Take away Angel's girl for a change". 

He takes Buffy to a hideout with wards so no magic can find them and after he sobers up realizes he is screwed. Spike knows that the Slayer will kill him if he releases her and if she doesn't Angel will. He is not a coward but also not ready to die just yet so he keeps Buffy there until he can figure out how to let her go and still remain undusty.

While she is captive they get to actually know one another. Starts with hostility naturally but something (authors choice) happens to make Buffy soften...maybe Spike saves her life after she attempts to escape or something like that. Buffy realizes she knows more about Spike then she ever did with Angel. She starts to see his humanity and vulnerability (not wimpy Spike but not a total jerk either). Buffy finds herself actually liking Spike even though she doesn't want to.

Spike gets to know the sadness and fear of a Slayer's life and comes to genuinely care about Buffy. They both discover that they actually want the same things...someone who will love them and put them first and will stay. This leads to him falling in love with her after they are parted.

By the time Spike returns Buffy to her home they are both in love but not said it to each other for fear the love is one sided.

LOTS of conversations where they truly get to know one another! 

Buffy prevents anyone from going after Spike. Both of them long for the other after they are parted.

Buffy does not go back to pursuing Angel. Her friends think it's because she's learned her lesson about vampires but it is really because she has compared the two and found Spike to be more human and decent in his core. (Spike hasn't killed while holding her first because he didn't want to draw attention to where they were and they were isolated but later because he knew it would hurt her).

Spike still is on the wagon afterwards because he doesn't want to hurt Buffy. He starts to change like in canon (only without the chip). He stays close but in hiding.

While they were gone Angel got stuck with Dru and Dru has no intention of letting him go again so she doesn't help "find" Spike and Buffy.

After Buffy's return Angel loses his soul but not through sex with Buffy...figure something out for that...maybe it's her return still as a virgin (and it squicking her out that her "purity" is so important to him).  This leads Buffy to note even more strongly how different Spike is from Angel. She sees that Spike with no soul is more like Angel with one for example.

Angelus is pretty much like in canon only more evil like we SHOULD have expected given his reputation. He does try to open the hellmouth with Acathla or something similar and Buffy has to go after him. Can be plenty of conversations about why she is willing to go after Angelus but not Spike who kidnapped her. Giles thinks Buffy has Stockholm Syndrome where Spike is concerned but this must not be the case in the story...she has genuinely fallen in love with him.

Spike has had some magic he's used to keep hidden while keeping an eye on (protectively not stalking) Buffy possibly a talisman or somesuch. He should save Giles and one of the Scoobies at some point.

Spike comes out of hiding to help her defeat Angelus. He has been helping keep Buffy safe secretly (she can know but no one else) ever since returning her. 

Angelus and Dru both getting swallowed by Acathla (or whatever end of world device the author has cooked up) removing them from the picture. NO return for them.

Dru has not missed Spike at all and Spike has completely gotten over his Dark Princess. Spike realizes he has never been loved in a healthy way.

Buffy and Spike can have sex after defeating Angelus and Dru and you can have it as hot as you want (please) but tons of UST throughout to build up the moment.


NO sex between Spike and Buffy while she is his captive but tons of UST. No drunk Spike while she is captive...once he sobers up he stays that way.

Spike helping to save the world from Angelus and everyone knowing.

Giles and Scoobies realizing the Buffy does truly love Spike and it's not some side effect from the kidnap. They also have to come to see the better side of Spike after he saves Giles and one of the Scoobies.

Joyce finding out Buffy is the Slayer while she is gone. Joyce finding out Spike has been helping/protecting Buffy after her return.

Dru should be sympathetic her issues are because of what Angelus did to her. She is still evil and dangerous but has to have vulnerability too.

Angel showing his still evil core while Spike and Buffy are missing causing Giles and Scoobies to rethink him as a good guy just because he has a soul.

Everyone rethinking the whole importance of the soul when Buffy lets them know what Spike is like without one. They come to see some of it themselves and maybe rethink the idea of a soul making the difference in vampires (and people)

Spike on a direct path towards humanity as he changes to be more worthy of Buffy.

Buffy seeing and accepting the grey area of life and rejecting Council propaganda.

Everyone coming to accept that Buffy and Spike love one another and that Spike really has changed for her.

Plenty of banter and UST



Easy acceptance by others of Buffy and Spike loving one another though Joyce can come around fairly early being grateful that Spike didn't harm Buffy while he had her captive and he did let her go.

The Council in any involvement or as a threat

Character bashing...all negatives have to come from the character flaws we saw in canon (plenty of fodder to use without bashing).



Story bleed into season 3 and Faith showing up as the relationship between Spike and Buffy grows



This should be a fairly long story with plenty of build up to make the changes in characters and relationships believable and organic.


This was a dream I had and I would LOVE to see it fleshed out by someone into a story.


Categories: Season 4
Characters: Buffy, Ensemble, Riley Finn, Spike

Can change the title 😊

Riley manages to talk Buffy into visiting his home town in Iowa and visiting his family farm, of course Buffy panics and not wanting to meet Riley family alone and go on a long road trip with just the two of them asks Willow to come along as well, Willow then invites Tara along. Xander finding out that they are going feels left out and invites himself and Anya along as well. And somehow that I leave up to the writer Giles and Spike end up going as well 😊 and they all end up in a Winnebago going to Riley home town. ( write can pick name of hometown lol)

Riley can’t wait for Buffy to see how a normal small U.S town is and how great it is in hopes that she will love it and want to give up her life of Slaying in Sunnydale and settle down with him.  Though he wishes he could left behind the Scooby’s and really wishes he could have left or staked Spike.

Buffy can’t believe she agreed to meet Riley parents and see his home town and is not really thrilled about leaving Sunnydale unprotect even if it is the Summer and why does Spike have to be along pointing out how much she and Riley really don’t fit. And if only she could forget how good a kisser Spike was.

Willow just happy that Buffy is in a normal relationship that seemed to be doing so well even if it does seem like Riley really doesn’t get Buffy and Buffy doesn’t seem that happy with him and she also just glad Tara along for the ride.

Tara not sure how she got talked into this trip, she is glad she gets to spend more time with Willow and get to know Willows friends but she not sure about Riley and not sure this trip is going to turn out how everyone thinks it will.

Xander’s thrilled Buffy’s in a normal relationship with an awesome guy and he now has a fellow male to hang out with and now a road trip to get to know him better, and going to a place where no supernatural stuff will happen. if only Anya would stop saying those things and if Spike would stop pointing out that Riley really doesn’t seem to understand Buffy or respect her as the Slayer.

Anya is not thrilled to be stuck in a Winnebago where it’s hard to find alone time with Xander and could care less about getting to know everyone. but for Xander she will try though she is still wondering why Spike and Buffy haven’t hooked up because anyone with eyes can see those two want each other and Riley is just filler.

 Giles is not sure how he got into this, but he is pretty sure at some point Ripper going to come out and he is going to have to hurt Riley, for one he is not getting the whole Buffy is the Slayer and another the boy doesn’t know how to treat his elders and if Xander calls him G-man one more time they may end up one scooby short. And don’t even get him started on Spike though there are time it’s nice to have a fellow brit along.

Spike is not sure how his life took such a weird turn first he gets a chip in his head that won’t let him eat, and now he is stuck in a Winnebago on his way to some small town where his going have to play nice to farm boy’s family. But a least he can point out how stupid Buffy is for dating farm boy in the first place and maybe find a way to have some fun somehow. If only Buffy didn’t look so good or smell so good and if only he could stop thinking about when he and Buffy were under that spell and he got to kiss her all he wanted.

And they all can’t wait to get out of the Winnebago but once they get to Riley hometown it’s not going to be as supernatural free has Riley was hoping.  For Riley town and the farms around the town has best harvest in the country and they have had the best harvest since the town was founded in 1800 all they have to do is give a small gift to the scarecrow that lives in the field.  Just a small gift really that may involve blood of the innocent and the innocent not really surviving but what is one person compare to the town prosperity.

So how does Riley take finding out that weird stuff doesn’t only happen in Sunnydale and for that matter how do all of them take finding out that even in small middle town U.S things can go very wrong and even there a Slayer is needed. and how do they stop the scarecrow when most of the town is in on what is going on and does not want it to stop. and how do Spike and Buffy get together and how does this impacted the Scooby's. all these questions I leave up to the writer to answers lol

Must haves

Spike and Buffy end up in a relationship

Willow, Xander and Giles except or at least trying to except Spike and Buffy in a relationship

Tara and Anya become friends

Buffy becoming better friends with Tara and Anya

The Scooby’s strengthen their friendship

Xander seeing Spike as a friend

Giles and Spike  bonding over all things British while stuck with a bunch of Americans lol 😉

Happy ending 😉

Can have

Riley parents as part of the town that knows about the scarecrow


Everything else I leave up to the writer

And yes I did get the idea from an episode of supernatural 😊


Categories: Alternate Reality
Characters: Buffy, Giles, Joyce, Spike, Willow, Xander

Can change the title

“I wish Buffy had never been called to be the Slayer!”  And so, Joyce is wish is granted: Joyce makes a wish not knowing anyone is listening and it gets granted.  Now Buffy was never called to be the Slayer, and everything so far seem to be fine.   Some other girl is called, and Buffy is living a normal life and Joyce couldn’t be happier, though she is the only one that remembers that Buffy was ever the Slayer she has zero interest of undo the wish and going back.   

However, things are not as fine as they seem.   And Buffy is still drawn to the supernatural world and to a certain vampire named Spike.   Also, the current Slayer is a not as good as Buffy was as the Slayer and is not going to be able to handle what is coming and the PTB want Buffy back as the Slayer but only Joyce can undo her wish.

So, I leave the (everything is not as fine as it seems) to the writer you can pick how bad things are or will get without Buffy.  And Joyce needs to see this that without Buffy as the Slayer things haven’t turn out that great.  Also, Buffy’s is still going to end up involved in the supernatural either start hanging out with the Scooby’s or she just is drawn to the supernatural other way. And she is drawn to Spike and they end up together 😉

Also, you can do what you want with Xander, Willow and Giles if they are still the Scooby or if its other people is up to you 😉 but they can still be Buffy friends either way 😊 and you can either have Kendra or Faith as the Slayer or you can pick whoever you like 😊 And there is a PTB agent trying to get Joyce to undo the wish, who that person is, is up to the writer, as well as how they try to get her to undo the wish 😊

So at some point the wish will be undone however once it is Buffy and the Scooby's and Spike will remember what happen during the wish verse so any relationships that got started while in the wish verse lol will stay so like say Spike and Buffy lol and why do they remember what happen in the wish verse, maybe to learn a lesson or to grow as people or because I want Spike and Buffy in a happy place lol ummm it’s so they learn a lesson for sure 😉 lol ok so it because I want Buffy and Spike together 😉

So, I see this happen in either season 2,3 or 4, writers pick 😊

Must have’s

Joyce realizing that Buffy was a good Slayer and that Buffy made a difference in the world  and is drawn to the supernatural world

Spike and Buffy in a happy relationship in the wish verse and out of the wish verse

Happy ending 😉

Joyce, Buffy and Spike and the Scooby’s remember what it was like in Joyce wish verse after the wish is undone

And maybe some smut lol 😉 (but I make that optional lol 😉)  

Can have:

Giles finding out about Joyce’s wish

And Joyce and Giles ending up in a relationship  

Categories: Season 4, Alternate Reality
Characters: Buffy, Giles, Spike

So, the challenge is simple. Make Giles a vamp. How would Giles react? Would he be able to kill Buffy?


Parental Giles.

Twisted parental Ripper.

Ethan Rayne


Past GilesxJenny Angst.

Conflicted Willow, Buffy, and Xander.



AngelxBuffy past relationship angst.


Vamp Giles/Ripper.

Souled Giles(But not at the begining. He must seek it like Spike).

Must nots:

Angel bashing.

Joyce Bashing.

Xander bashing.

Souled Ripper in the beginning.


Vamp Scoobies.

Go crazy with this!

Editted: 11/17/17 at 10 pm EST

Categories: Crossover (AtS), Season 5
Characters: Angel, Anya, Buffy, Dawn, Giles, Glory, Joyce, Original Characters, Other, Riley Finn, Spike, Tara, Willow, Xander

Buffy gets in season 5 in addition to Glory gets a new enemy, this person is known as being on the right side but Buffy does not know, he can be demon, wizard or something else, this new entity knows like by chance Spike, Giles becomes curious, Spike and he are good friends.

Buffy is angry because she has been beaten by this newcomer who has become an enemy of the good and in addition Spike knows him.

For logic it is necessary that in this challenge, Buffy is really fucked like killed a demon of good, half demon that looks much like the vampires has humans like Doyle or a vampire who has not yet killed.

This person who put a beat on Buffy is there to fix the situation.
Everyone especially Joyce and Dawn are hurt because of Buffy, Spike decides to intervene by playing the heroes in spite of himself saving him or at least by gaining time the skin of the scooby.
This person knowing Spike and his strength during all his years Spike has always won against him and asked out loud as he beat so easily Buffy how can she be still alive.
Of course Spike does not answer.
The lesson of the day is that Buffy must learn that the world is not black or white and but that there are various nuances and that must be done with?
And that he was mostly lied to Angel and Giles, which he did not like.

The rest is up to you.

Will you be ready to take on the challenge?

Categories: Episode Rewrite, Season 5, Crossover (AtS)
Characters: Angel, Anya, Buffy, Darla, Dawn, Giles, Joyce, Original Characters, Other, Spike, Tara, Willow, Xander

A long time ago, I read a fic in French where Buffy discovers that Spike feels something for her to decide to play with it to hurt and it turns against her, trying to get Spike to come on well Spike plays her Tara thinks that's wrong. Buffy begins to change and asks Spike about the things she heard and Spike tells her the truth Buffy stops her game then Riley disembark and tries to get Spike to the enemy that ends well with Buffy and Spike together.

My challenge takes the same principle as this fic, the "Buffy plays Spike."

For a good moment in this challenge there will be some buffy bashing or her game will really turn against her.
In my defi Buffy is (still unfortunately) with Riley.
For his "game" is functional, it must be done when Riley is absent, that is to say once a week Riley disappears (he goes to the brothel of the vampires) and that day or evening Buffy invites Spike.
But each time Spike does not come, he is retained by Giles, who is not aware of his plan, who asks him for services, he may need help translating texts Spike knows the language or Spike go see Joyce while waiting for the evening or do something else unforeseen that it prevents him to come to see Buffy one can even see Riley once that asks him advice and it happens for months and during this time Buffy becomes more anger less attentive to his friends and is obnibulated by doing his "game" and therefore every time Spike does not come to the rendezvous.
Spike and Buffy have to be seen in parallel and each time Spike spends a good time and can become an example with Giles, and Buffy continues to play is noticed and there are ballady hands d Buffy at the end of each evening (at least 5 or 6 times) is nervously upset because her "game" did not work and goes every time Spike spent her evening when she's going to be in Giles she finds Spike who spends a good time, at home, at Riley it's the same.
During this time it speaks that people (human and demons) speak and see that Buffy is single and yet it is not true but as she plays on the way with many men.
Spike tells Spike that he is sorry to miss this appointment, which he thought was important even though he thinks she is with Riley, but he did not see the time spent and that when he with Giles this is to help him in his life of Slayer or with Joyces so that they do not feel alone, Buffy accepts more or less.

But between each evening, Buffy attacks everybody, with more or less velocity in the violence, because of his plan fails every time.

The rest is up to you to play one of the only things is that Buffy must reach a climax of violence where his friends start a little to avoid it is my anti-Buffy challenge.

Will you be ready to take on the challenge?

Categories: Episode Rewrite, Season 6
Characters: Ensemble

Redo a season 6 where Spike only says once I love you to Buffy and when he goes to see the others he ignores Buffy.
Buffy when she's with him, asks him why?
He replies that he wants this to remain secret.
Buffy understands.
During the relationship Spike tries to make that Buffy sees others than him because the two only sleep together and that it is only sexual and not romantic.
Of course Buffy does not want the others to find out what's going on in Spike. Of course Buffy is in the same state of mind as in the series.

After the break, Spike feels free and everyone sees him some ask him how his going and he replies according to the time he comes out with a girl never mentioning Buffy that he has a relationship like when he was with Harmony c is to say without love but that for the good sex on Buffy hears this and is a troubled but not why not a little enerves because she thought to serve of Spike and that finally it is not or n ' has never been the case.

In parallel Buffy continues to sink in his depression.

It's your turn.

Will you be ready to take on the challenge?

Categories: Season 6
Characters: Ensemble

This challenge is located post-As you Were, the Scooby except Spike knows about his near future, which happens until the end of season 6, and that future can not be changed.

Of course Spike does not know his future yet changes these habits such:
he comes alone at Anya's wedding and dressed up well-dressed or with a tuxedo or something good.
"He is more calm, serene, wise in his posture."
- He thinks to move from his crypt, to find a job etc ...

His reason or reason is that he no longer has Buffy's crumbs and is fed up with the band's vision of him especially Buffy so wants to change especially for him and a little for Buffy but that's not his main reason and no longer wants to be defined by Buffy.

Some of his actions are of course noticed by others but Spike is foolish, but they are shocked by this change such as Buffy, Willow and Alex the others find this change well, they try to do and say offensive to Spike not to change their futures and not paid the consequences of this change.

They try to do and say the same things as they do in the future.
They want to recreate what happened in Rouge Passion.
With Xander going to Spike's house she asked him to come to Buffy's house because she wants to talk to him.
Of course he is going to her house but does not do as predicted, he goes into the kitchen to wait for Buffy and at the same time make a real hot chocolate with the chocolate bars.
The others (Buffy and Willow) having heard his arrival say that everything runs according to the plan but as Spike do not climb it begins to become nervous and worries.
After a while Buffy asks Willow to see what it is and finds Spike sitting quietly in the kitchen that is reading (newspaper or novel or other) at the same time to drink his hot chocolate while waiting for Buffy . Not having heard the arrival of Willow continuing to read and drink, the speaker watches the scene for a moment before starting a discussion where Spike wants to wait quietly in the kitchen.
Finally with a lot of arguments he climbs into the bathroom even if he is not on that with his hot chocolate and everything goes like in the canon except that Willow and Alex are watching the scene you can even go further in the violence of the words.
When Spike sees that Buffy has finished her monologue asks Buffy if she has finished, Buffy tells her that yes, then tries to leave because even his words deeply hurt him but shows Buffy a neutral face without emotions. Buffy and the others who spy on the conversation get nervous as this is not the plan Buffy tries to get her to what Spike is raping Buffy. Finally Spike reacts by telling her to stop this crap that for him has finished and tells him that he should not have come and that he does not see how or why he came in the first place, he does not want her to use him anymore when everyone else has left him or her, know.
In an anger Buffy asks her to rape her and there Spike retorts that he loves her and can not do it and that he is not Angel, neither Xander, nor Riley, nor Giles or Willow for it.

The rest is up to you to play.
Will you be ready to take on the challenge?

PS: We often forget that Xander tried to rape her and that he wanted to do it, that Giles drugged him is deprived of his powers that Willow has several opportunities to violate the minds of others, Angel legally who 'raped according to the laws of California because Buffy was a minor (it is the majority in the US) Riley same thing with additionally a forbidden professor assistant student relationship seems to me.

Categories: Alternate Reality, Season 5
Characters: Ensemble

There is a challenge on this same site where Buffy of season 5 is found in our world and discovers that his life is none other than a serie TV.

In this challenge it is Spike who finds himself in our world and this brings the Spuffy.

It's your turn.

Will you be ready to take on this challenge?

Categories: Season 5, Season 4
Characters: Anya, Buffy, Dawn, Faith, Giles, Joyce, Original Characters, Other, Oz, Riley Finn, Spike, Tara, Willow, Xander

In this challenge I would like to see Spike working.

Spike gets a job as a writer, he can write early in his vampire life or whenever you want, for example he can write everything Richard Caslte wrote until he met Kate Beckett, and that's not other than a nickname or you can find something else it's up to you to see.

But his work if this is ecrivan must be known all over the world and makes some Scooby anedoctic (maybe Giles and Buffy or others) are addicted to these books and his true fan.

Spike never said anything about his "double life" and is glad that his work is as good.
But the Scooby go off when his editor comes to see him to chat with Spike and everyone says that the person he is looking for is not there and by chance Spike appears.

And the rest is up to you to play.

Will you be ready to take on the challenge?

Categories: Season 10 (Comic), Season 3, Season 4, Season 5, Time Travel, Season 9 (Comic)
Characters: Ensemble

Yet another challenge on the journey through time.

There Spike, an old, style season 9 or 10, returns in his body past season (3 to 5).
But he does not look or no more depending on when he arrives in the past, being with Buffy and leaving life (in his case non-life unfolding alone).
It changes things that made it in the past not to be well seen by Buffy but for him as a little done Vincent in season 2 of Beauty and the Beast, Spike follows the same path and unfortunately / hours according to the points of view of the characters always ends with Buffy.

Le reste is yours to play.

Will you be ready to take on this challenge?

Categories: Time Travel
Characters: Ensemble

Same synospis as the previous challenge finally mine.

Instead of arriving in season 2 Spike arrive before the arrival of Buffy at Sunnydalle, between 2 and 3 years before, he becomes professor of history, written expression and another theme that is you to choose in the high school as well in the Sunnydalle Faculty.

The rest is up to you to play.

Will you be ready to reveal the challenge?

Categories: Time Travel, Alternate Reality
Characters: Angel, Angelus, Buffy, Cordelia, Darla, Drusilla, Ensemble, Faith, Giles, Joyce, Original Characters, Other, Oz, Riley Finn, Spike, Tara, Wesley, Willow, Xander

Before I start I would like to say my admiration for the fics / challenges where the journey is concerned in time.

Here is one of my many challenges on this concept.

An old I mean very old Spike (kind 4 or 5 millennia (4000 and 5000 years)) is found in the past (season 2 see below) there will be 2 Spike, the Spike of the past (present for the story) which will continue to be called Spike and that of the future that will be called William.
If you choose Season 2, a demon of your choice will appear in front of Buffy and Spike when they are fighting, like the episode where Spike ends up taking the killer whale in the mouth. Another time, this demon makes stop the fight by neutralizing the two sides, Spike, Dru and Cie, Buffy and the Scooby, they are saved by the arrival of a new arrival who is to be Spike.
Everyone stops and looks at the newcomer and are all bewildered to find Spike but this Spike is much more wall, wise, threatening power literally emanates from him, more powerful as well as attractive.
(Spike takes this time to save Dru) fled, only the most reckless or the most unconscious remains and want to fight the new Spike because they are afraid.
William does nothing at first and does not speak, he kills quickly and confidently as they found that had become annoying.
The rest by seeing this vision of a disconcerting power begins to become nervous towards this character.

The rest is up to you to play.

Will you be ready to reveal this challenge?

Categories: Alternate Reality, Season 4, Season 5, Season 6, Crossover (AtS), Crossover (Books or TV shows outside Buffyverse)
Characters: Angel, Buffy, Dawn, Ensemble, Giles, Original Characters, Other, Riley Finn, Spike, Tara, Wesley, Willow, Xander

Total crossover with TVD.

The challenge is Spike going into the world of Damon and Stephan.

This challenge takes place in several parts:

-1ere, in the world of Buffy or a prologue
-2nd, Spike lives in Mystic Falls ??
-3rd, The scooby try to recover it.

In this first part or prologue, Spike fights a demon, with or without Buffy whatever, when he kills it and yes Spike wins a portal appears and he is sucked by that and finished in the world of RST at the beginning of everything

Then Spike tries to adapt to this world while trying to go home, Spike becomes the 1st and most powerful vampire in the world, he acquires certain powers like speed, superhuman strength, invulnerability to the sun a bit like the Originals and it becomes the 1 supernatural being of this world, it is him, the how it is to you to see, Original Vampires, Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, Druids, the Doppelgeinger and all supernatural creatures.
In this world Spike is known generations in generations but also feared because of its power and some facts of the past.
The main action of the story takes place from season 1 and can go until the end of the series.
All the mythology of course has changed is not the same as the original.
All this part is up to you to play.

Finally we see what happens in the world of Buffy or the Scooby trying to know where Spike went after months of research finds him and sees what he has done.

Must have :

-2 games with a prologue.
- The classic characters of TVD keep pretty much the same story that Damon's can change a little, the degree of change remains to you.
-Damon knows Spike and is friend with him.
-Stephen has already heard of Spike, knows him but has no friend or at least does not have the same relationship that his brother has with him.
-Spike remains single (because he is in love with Buffy and he unlike Buffy and Angel do not move to anything else).
The relations must remain about the same as in the cannon.
-Damon is not as stubborn as regards Katherine and does not want to bring her back from the crypt where she is supposed to be.
-A war, in the background, must happen between Spike and his enemy (Style Glory or his sister) and battles have already taken place between the two and where nobody has defeated the others.

May have :

-Spike had relationships with some characters yes but without going into romance.
-Angel can help.
-Spike can no longer need blood to live out of his condition but can take for pleasure.

Will you be ready to take on this challenge?

Categories: Crossover (Books or TV shows outside Buffyverse), Season 4, Season 5, Crossover (AtS)
Characters: Angel, Anya, Buffy, Cordelia, Dawn, Fred, Giles, Joyce, Original Characters, Oz, Riley Finn, Spike, Tara, Wesley, Willow, Xander

First of all I have to write down my challenges before others pique them and some of my ideas have been resumed which is in fact cool but I could not write them like it.

It will be a light crossover with TVD (The Vampires Diairies).

The challenge is that Spike already has or obtains the powers of TVD vampires, accelerated speed, faster recovery, and some others it may even have the same as the Salvatores or the Originals.

It can have two possible choices for "a" and "gets".

If you decide to choose the 1st solution, that is to say that Spike already has the powers, you have to find a reason why he never used them on Buffy.
-Buffy was too young and inexperienced.
-This requires a lot of concentration
-He forgot them.

Buffy can discover them by patrolling with Riley and can see Spike are fighting and seeing that they are fighting really well.

If you decide to choose the 2nd option, Spike can suffer an enemy spell (he can stop with Buffy and Co a sortilege (somewhat)) or friend, Willow and / or Tara uses Spike with his guinea pig agreement for magical experiences (for Willow that would be more towards season 4 and with Tara season 5) and during a Spike experience suffers a spell and gets certain advantages.

Must have a little Riley bashing (Angel also if you make it come).

She can call the previous Slayers to ask them (she can be hurt (season 5)) by using a spell to see others.
Buffy and the Scooby Gang learn something interesting about Spike, he may have killed more than 2 Slayers (one in the comics) and others that Spike has faced more than 2-3 Slayers he must see at least 4 others who have already fought and lost against Spike but that Spike did not kill him.
Buffy wonders where she stands in Spike's overall vision as she is "still" alive.
Spike appears either by chance or someone has gone to look for him (Giles, Tara or Anya), the meeting is more than friendly and everyone is shocked by this.

You can choose one of the two, the rest is up to you to play.

Will you be ready to reveal the challenge?

Categories: Pre-Series, Season 2, Season 3, Season 4, Season 5, Season 6, Post-Series, Alternate Reality
Characters: Angel, Angelus, Anya, Buffy, Cordelia, Dawn, Drusilla, Faith, Glory, Joyce, Maggie Walsh, Oz, Principal Snyder, Riley Finn, Spike, Tara, Warren Mears, Wesley, Willow, Xander

Buffy was in a fight and is about to die. Dru finds her and decides to turn her.

Must Have:

  • Buffy is a Slayer before her turning 
  • Spike must already know Buffy 
  • Scoobies

Can Have:

  • Dru leaving Buffy in Spike's care
  • Angel/Angelus as factor

Can't Have:

  • Buffy retaining her soul without intervention
  • Claiming




Categories: Season 5
Characters: Buffy, Dawn, Ensemble, Glory, Spike

What if Dr. Ben Wilkinson was the son of Mayor Richard Wilkins? The name Wilkinson literally means the son of Wilkin after all. What if Glory's "human" host was actually the spawn of the late Mayor? 

While reading a fic update I was struck by something I never noticed before, the similarity of names for the villain of S3 and S5. What if it wasn't an accident?

Giles killing Ben to save the world from Glory has been cited as an example of killing a human for the greater good. What if Ben was not human at all or only partially so. Would that make a difference in how the group dealt with Ben/Glory?

Must have:

The Mayor as Ben's biological father even if he wasn't married to Ben's mom

The group having brains enough to get rid of the cloaking spell that made them forget that Ben was Glory

One of the good guys discovering Ben is less than human and his ties to Wilkins

Spuffy (obviously)

Can't have:

deaths of Buffy, Spike or Dawn. Glory should be defeated without costing any of their deaths

Can have:

Faith somehow involved, maybe with information on the relationship

Anya having knowledge they don't ignore

Extra bonus if you can work Lorne in somehow...just because I love him


Categories: Season 4
Characters: None

The Superstarverse!  Jonathan is so dreamy ... so cool ... so Jonathan ... but somehow, Buffy just isn't feeling his advice about making things work with Riley.  

And will Spike ever remember that her name isn't "Betty"?

(If you haven't watched this episode in awhile, it's written very pro-Riley ... but Buffy and Spike are just dying to do something-or-other to each other.)