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Characters: Angel, Angelus, Buffy, Spike

Either hank or Joyce knew about vampires and slayers before she was called. (Hank could work for WR&H or Joyce could have been a potential. The options are endless. So when she starts talking about vampires instead of thinking she’s insaine they get her real help. Books, training, the whole shebang to keep her alive as long as possible. With them getting her real help they stumble upon the slayer origins which have slayers being a hybrid using vampire essence and all Slayers having a vampire helper. There’s a ritual involved to find the perfect helper and the ritual calls spike for Buffy. (For this to not be gross I want slayers to be called at 18). When Buffy starts college at UC sunnydale she brings spike along with her. However whistler had shown Angel to Buffy after she was called but before the ritual. Angel thinking the powers that be are only good listen to him however PTB are 3 factions good, bad, and neutral. Whistler works for the bad PTB and want to unleash Angelus and didn’t think any slayer would find out about their vampire helper. Angel being old knew about it but knew slayers never did the ritual and figures he must be Buffy’s helper. 

Essentially a Spuffy vs Angel fic vs Angelus fic. Where Angel and his delusions of grandeur try to split up Spuffy. 

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Characters: Angel, Angelus, Buffy, Faith, Giles, Joyce, Spike, Willow, Xander

In cannon Buffy has 1(ish) sister. However I want Buffy to have a different sister (you can include Dawn if you want) however Faith is Buffy’s biological sister who is 1/2 years younger. 

When Buffy burns down Hemery her parents still split up and Joyce and Faith move to sunnydale. However Buffy gets sent to Cleveland and it’s hellmouth. Buffy still dies for 2 minuets. However Angel never was shown Buffy. Instead shortly after Buffy is killed and brought back he’s shown Buffy’s sister who’s only a year younger and was chosen as the new slayer. The PTB know the watchers council doesn’t know about Faith being chosen since they already have a slayer and Faith gets trained and fights all the baddies from season 2 on by herself with the help of Angel, Willow, and Xander. (So basically Faith lives most/all of Cannon Buffy’s high school life with the exception of Angelus) When Buffy graduates high school the council moves her to sunnydale for the hellmouth there where she’s able to recconnect with her family. There her and her watcher find Faith and Co. Both sisters have kept their slaying a secret from each other. Buffy never has the Love and loss of Angel so she never has that heart break. But the best part yet where whistler showed Faith to Angel he showed Buffy to Spike. Seeing how successful Spuffy is Faith and Angel sleep together unleashing Angelus. 

The rest is up to you. I really just come up with ideas lol. Y’all dont want to see me try to write them. 

Categories: Season 4, Season 5
Characters: None

Title up to the author. This comes from a dream I had last night and my plot bunny hutch is crammed full so I thought I'd let the bunny free here.

Sometime after S4 when Spike is chipped Joyce gets turned by a random vampire (maybe working late at the gallery she is attacked). Spike takes on the task of showing her how to be a vampire that Buffy won't have to stake. Memories of his mum and his liking Mrs. Summers make him determined to help her retain as much humanity as possible. 

During the course of this, it begins to be obvious to Buffy, Giles and eventually the Scoobies that all vampires aren't slathering beasts if they have no souls, even without a chip! They also begin to see Spike and his own changes more clearly as it is obvious that there are many evil and destructive things he could do even with the chip but that he has chosen not to.

Must have:

Some reason why they cannot ensoul Joyce. They would want to try this but I don't want her to get her soul back so you should come up with some reason why this cannot be a solution.

Angel urging they dust her quickly since she'll never be anything more than an evil monster and not really Buffy's mom.

Buffy not permitting anyone to dust her and finally coming down hard on the side that the human is still in there. This makes her rethink that concept where Spike and Angel are concerned too. 

Can have:

canon plot issues depending on the season you write this in (4 or 5) but not necessary. The Initiative if S4 or Glory if S5 can play as much or as little part in the story as you wish, ignore them altogether if you want to except for Spike being chipped.

The story about Anne Pratt coming out

Joyce, like Spike, retaining quite a bit of her humanity to make his job a bit easier and less painful given what happened with his mum.

Tara and Anya offering knowledge and wisdom they may have had but never shared in canon about souls, vampires and so on that contradict Council dogma and Angel's crap.

Council trying to either kill or capture Mrs. Summers

Buffy having an existential crisis about her role in killing vampires/demons if they aren't necessarily fated to be evil that put her in danger. Good platform to have it shown that she can judge by what they DO, not what they are and still be safe.

No main character deaths other than Joyce when turned.


Bonus points if you bring in the character Sam Lawson (the WWII Navy submariner who Angel turned). He could be a potential love interest for Joyce but also another example of a vampire that isn't necessarily evil.


Categories: Season 5, Season 6
Characters: Buffy, Dawn, Spike

I'd like to see a story where Spike is successful in stopping Doc from cutting Dawn but is seriously injured in the process, and a grateful Buffy cares for him. And of course they fall in love and smut ensues.


Beginning with The Gift, Spike knocks Doc off the Tower and they both fall to the ground. The portal doesn't open and neither Buffy nor Dawn has to die. Spike is severely injured in the fall and is in a coma. Buffy is so grateful to him that she insists on bringing him to her home so she can take care of him while he heals.

Buffy puts Spike in Joyce's old room (Willow and Tara don't live there). She has to clean him up after the battle and come up with a way to feed him while he's unconscious. He might even need weekly sponge baths ;) 

Buffy has to keep slaying and also get a job to pay the bills. Continuing with college is optional. She is stressed and tired and begins sitting in Joyce's room talking to an unconscious Spike. She might lie in bed next to Spike too, or even start sleeping there. Optional: Dawn also confides in coma-Spike.

Spike eventually wakes, but has a long slow recovery from his many injuries. Buffy cares for him through the whole process and eventually falls in love with him. Things get smutty.

- I envision this being a long story (100k+), but that's totally up to the author.

- Smut! NC-17 or Adult Only rating. Buffy's attraction to Spike starts while he's unconscious.

- Spike's coma lasts at least a month. His full recovery lasts several months.

- Would like to see Buffy offer Spike her blood to help him heal.

- Bloodplay is fine, but no Claims.

- Keep everyone as "in character" as possible. This probably means there is some resistance from Giles and the Scoobies to Buffy caring for Spike. And Buffy's gonna take a while to fall for him.

- Up to the author whether Spike can hear Buffy and Dawn while he's unconscious.

- At some point, get the chip out. He could crack his head open in the fall, or Buffy could do it later.

- Keep as much or as little of the Season 6 storyline as you want. 

I've never issued a challenge before! I'm hopeful someone will find this idea interesting and want to write this story!!! Thank you.

Categories: Alternate Reality, All Human/Fantasy
Characters: Buffy, Dawn, Spike

William Pratt had a horrible childhood. His mother died when he was a toddler and the family he was given to was abusive. Mentally, Physically and Sexually. As he grows up, he learns to associate touch with violence and/or sex. He becomes hard and cold and Punk, calling himself Spike, hiding his bleeding heart deep inside himself.


One day he's in a bar when someone knocks into him, he starts and epic fight.  When he’s arrested, instead of putting him in jail, the judge sends him a court Psychologist. He resists talking, but ends up doing so because he's hurting and actually wants someone to listen. The Psychologist says that his sentence can be shortened if he joins a group the Doctor is putting together for Touch Starved people.  Spike agrees and that is where he meets her


Buffy Summers just turned 20, and her life sucks! Her dad abandoned them 5 years ago, and three months ago her mother died, leaving her to raise her 14 year old sister. She’s had to drop out of college and get a job flipping burger just to try and pay the bills. Then one day on the bulletin board by the bathrooms at work, she see an add for a job helping Touch Starved People. She calls because any money is helpful, but she’s a little leary of having to hug or touch a stranger. She thinks it might be a mistake when she gets paired up with him.


What does a man do when he's been told they make all touches sexually and then they meet the most gorgeous woman he’s ever seen? Is he really attracted to her or is it just the hug she's required to give him. The whole reason he’s in this group is to make his brain not send all his blood south when she hugs him, but that's all it does.


Buffy feels sick for feeling this way abut him, she doesn't know his history, but knows he's touch starved. How can she help teach him there is such a thing as innocent touches if she just wants to touch him all over in non-innocent ways?


You can add as much or as little to the abuse that William endures.

You don't have to add it, but it'd be nice if you had some Spike/Dawn bonding. Maybe she's acting out as she did on the show and he helps her adjust? Also, maybe have Spike helping Buffy learn daily life things, like balancing a budget and stuff like that?

Categories: Season 2, Season 3, Season 4, Season 5, Season 6
Characters: William

By a spell or some magical occurrence, Spike and Angel are temporarily turned into their human selves for a week (or however long), having no recollection whatsoever of their time as vampires. Buffy and the Scoobs get a glimpse of the people Spike and Angel were before they were turned. Seeing the sweet shy William and a boisterous, perhaps borderline belligerent, Liam, the Gang begin to question all that they knew about the two Aurelians.

Setting: can be set as early as Season 2 but no later than Season 6

Must have:

  • the gang interacting with both William and Liam
  • sweet William and asshole Liam (the degree of assholery is up to the writer)
  • William and Giles bonding (can even extend to Giles bonding with Spike post-spell)
  • Spike and Angel remembering everything when they are turned back
  • Buffy ending up with Spike

Can have:

  • drunken Liam (can be either a dick or a fun drinking dude, maybe both)
  • class conflict between William and Liam
  • William playing the piano or other classical instrument
  • Liam's drawing skills
  • William trying to help or protect Buffy despite being clearly frightened and incapable

This can honestly go a lot of ways. Even the Must Have's are flexible. So long as Buffy ends up with Spike, it's all good.

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Characters: None

What if vampires weren’t the bad guys?  What if they were agents of the ptb to help maintain balance preferably with their Slayer Mates. How vampires come to be is up to the author. 

All potentials have a vampire mate. When/if their mate finds them and they are called is how they get tapped into slayerness. Multiple slayers can be active at the same time but they work in pairs with their vampire. 

Must have:


Spuffy sex

buffy over 18. (As with all other slayers)

can have:

buffy already knowing about vampires.


Vamp!Willow and Slayer Tara 

Buffy in a committed relationship when spike finds her.

Can’t have: 

underage sex

Joyce dying. 

The council being anti-vampire. (Feel free to keep them and actually be helpful)

Categories: Season 3
Characters: Buffy, Larry Blaisdell, Spike, Xander

Before Lover's Walk, Larry visits his grandma who promised to set him up with a nice boy. Larry's date with the boy doesn't go well, so he ends up sulking in an empty park at night. A drunken Spike, who has recently been dumped by Dru, walks by. The two complain about being unlucky in the love department. Spike tells Larry that Dru believed he has the hots for the Slayer. Larry tells him that they guy he was seeing tonight called off the date because Larry is obviously hang up on some guy back home. 

The scene ends with Spike feeling hungry, Larry suggests going to the diner across the street, but Spike is hungry for something else. Spike attacks Larry and while drinking his blood, he realizes he enjoyed talking with the boy, so he turns him. 

Spike and Vampire Larry go back to Sunnydale to hit on the two they are clearly obsessed with: Buffy and Xander. 

Categories: All Human/Fantasy
Characters: Ensemble

All the time growing up and especially in high school Buffy Summers always believed herself to be madly in love with the upperclassman Angel and they would end up together as soulmates. But Buffy's heart was broken when after high school and/or college Angel married Darla. Darla's dad is the richest guy in town and she's a spoiled brat.

Sometime after Angel either cheats on Darla....or has a a fight and is separated from her...but he ends up sleeping with Buffy. But much to Buffy's shock when their tiff is over Angel goes running right back to Darla. Even worse a few months later Buffy finds out she's pregnant. 

When she approaches Angel about it she's even more heartbroken when he tells her he won't leave Darla and offers Buffy hush money to never tell anyone the baby is his. Buffy wants to throw the money back in his face but after her mother's many operations the family is hard up for money so she takes the cash and never tells anyone that Angel is the dad.

Later when she can no longer deny she's pregnant Buffy becomes the talk of the town. Everyone wants to know who the dad is to her baby. Unable to tell the truth Buffy comes up with what she thinks is a GREAT idea! She'll blame the one person everyone in town dislikes! One William "Spike" Giles (can change last name if you want) 

Spike was the wild child troublemaker of the town and went to school with Buffy. He kept his word of leaving this "Hick" town as soon as he could after graduation and claimed never would come back. So Buffy tells everyone she ran into Spike some how and he's the father of her kid. Seeing how he would never be there to dispute it would be icing on the cake! Guess Buffy's shock when a few years later after her child's birth there's a loud knock on her door and Spike there demanding to know why everyone thinks he's a cad who knocks up young girls and runs away?!

Spike Giles did the one thing he swore he'd never do.....come back to the hick town he grew up in. It wasn't going to be a big thing nor was he going to stay long. Until....every where he went everyone gave him dirty looks and told him he was a sorry good for nothing scoundrel for leaving that poor Summers girl pregnant with his kid! Spike knows damn good and well he never slept with Buffy Summers! He's going over there right now to straighten this out!


Categories: None
Characters: None

i got this idea the other day and I cannot shake it (yet I’m not brave enough to sit down and write it myself) so here I am posting a challenge 😝


so my idea is this: spike ends up in hell and buffy has to go rescue him

how does spike end up in hell you ask? I thought it could either be at the end of season 5 (jumping from glory’s tower to save dawn), or at the end of season 6 (when he asks the demon to give buffy what she deserves), or in season 7 when he is being bled by the first (maybe he ends up trapped in hell). 


Must haves: 

spike being tortured and becoming feral in hell 

buffy going to hell and trying to find him- while she’s in hell she goes in an introspective journey about how much spike has changed and realises her feelings for him

I would like to see spike going through his life and the events in his life that have led him to hell: I want it to be angsty and have spike going into a downward spiral where he believes all the pain and suffering he’s enduring g is very much deserved.

buffy finds spike and nourishes him back to health (ie gets him out of hell and back into sunnyD)- would looooove to see some bitey, claim action going! 

of course it MUST be a happy ending with buffy and spike loving each other and happy

it has to be nc17 and smutty because... duh! It’s buffy and spike! 


Everything else is pretty much up to you 😊😊

Anyway, thank you for taking the time to read my challenge and hopefully someone will take it up! 


Categories: Season 1
Characters: Angel, Angelus, Buffy, Ensemble, Mr. Gordo, Spike, William, Willow, Xander

Drusilla being the crazy vampire she is instead of turning William in his late 20s she meets a five year old William and decides it’s a good idea to turn him. Drusilla burns down Williams Home along with his mother inside the house. William doesn’t act the way she expected. Williams in tears and gets away from Drusilla. William figures out he needs blood to live, but instead of getting it from humans he steals blood from the butchers. He travels around learns to fight, but feels empty inside knowing he won’t ever grow even though his mind has grown into a man but he his mind still has the tendency of think like a little boy. The closest thing to feeling human again is the Gem of Amara he wears it as a necklace which he found because of a witch. He leaves Europe to America specifically Sunnydale, California. Buffy Summers Season 1 with her scoobies and the relationship with Angel. When Buffy’s patrolling on her own she sees a little boy With blonde brown hair curls blue eyes with a backpack. As William senses a Slayer he look up to see the most beautiful girl he has ever seen. Buffy goes up to him as about his parents and William lies saying they died. Buffy takes him home and William gets attached unfortunately she’s a high school student and slayer and isn’t able to care for him so she takes him to Giles to drop him off and he throws a tantrum and hides his demon face with his hands to hide the fact he’s a vampire from everyone since he knows he will lose Buffy and the hope to have people who care for him. 

Must Haves: 

- William being extremely attached to Buffy being sweet on her. 

- William being jealous of Angel. 

- When everyone figures out Williams a vampire it’s because of Angel. They figure out Williams sort of a grown man in his five year old body. Buff is disgusted and tells William the worst things you can imagine telling him. She kicks him out.

- Willow being the kind sweetheart try’s to figure out how to turn him into a a grown vampire if he promises not to kill. 

- Buffy feeling bad she hurt Williams feelings and goes to find him. 

- you can have Buffy/ Angel but not for too long. 

- Drussilla coming back and cause havoc turning Angel into Angelus

- Willow turning him to the man he was suppose to grow into age 27

Cant have: 

- No Angel and Buffy at the end of the story 



Categories: Season 3
Characters: None

I think most of us agree that by the time season 6 rolled around, the Scoobies needed a mental health professional in a bad way. And season 5 definitely wouldn't have been too soon, either. But if you think about it, season 3 would have been a good time to give them a semi-outsider to talk to. Maybe starting somewhere around Beauty and the Beasts, when Angel came back into Buffy's life?

Oh. Wait. They did that in canon. They gave us an interesting, thoughtful, down-to-earth, funny school guidance counselor, Mr. Platt. He showed up at just the right time, just as Angel returned, Buffy began cutting lines of communication with her friends, and the whole gang was nervously teetering on the edge of adulthood.

Faith was just barely still in the window of opportunity to change her path, at least somewhat. Giles was soon to come to stage one of his employment/purpose in this world crisis, as well as being told blatantly by his boss that his fatherly relationship with Buffy was wrong. Cordy was about to face her Mean Girl comeuppance with Xander cheating on her, her old friends rejecting her, and then her father's financial problems. Buffy had a big, Angel-shaped secret popping into her life, with all the attendant baggage, as well as a damaged relationship with her mother, an upcoming decision about going away to college, and really needing help to face the slayer vs. normal girl thoughts that had to have been in her head after the Cruciamentum. And that's only half the regular cast.

Jenny was dead, so the role of "fringe Scooby school staffer who helps occasionally" was open. If they were going to bring in a counselor to talk our beloved cast through their upcoming troubles, the timing couldn't have been more perfect.

And then they killed him a few minutes after he was introduced. What. The. Hell. Writers?

Your challenge is simple: Platt lives through at least Graduation Day, part 1. The gang finds out pretty quickly that he's in the know about the supernatural goings on, and he becomes a loose associate of the Scoobies. Like Jenny before him, he's not in the mix of their everyday demon hunting. He may not even be involved in their night work at all. But he's a friendly ear they don't have to censor themselves around, and his presence in their lives makes a difference. What those differences are is entirely up to you. 

Title, length, genre, episodes discussed, format, etc. are author's choice.

Edit: If it works better for your story to kill Platt off/put him on a bus an episode or two sooner than the season finale, go for it. So long as he hangs around long enough to make an impact that is still clearly felt by season finale time, you can consider this challenge met.

Categories: Season 4, Season 6
Characters: Angel, Anya, Buffy, Clem, Dawn, Doyle, Ensemble, Giles, Maggie Walsh, Riley Finn, Spike, Tara, Warren Mears, Willow, Xander

Maybe I'm a bit too suspicious, but did anyone else notice that Angel left Sunnydale right before the Commando base was completed?  (I know, ATS was starting).   But please humor me.   Angel leaves, and after a few months, Spike shows up in Sunnydale looking for the Gem of Amara.    Buffy gets the Gem from Spike and sends it to Angel.   Spike returns to Sunnydale only to be captured by the commandos . . . .pretty convenient, yes?   Maybe there was a reason for the timing of Spike's capture.   Who's to say Angel didn't know about the Initiative?  We already know Angel was mad as hell at Spike for being tortured over the Gem of Amara, so maybe Angel contacted the military to give them a description of Spike. . . .I mean, Spike was standing just off campus watching Buffy fighting and the commandos only saw Spike there??   Really??    If the Commandos were actively looking for HSTs, it seems strange that they wouldn't have noticed Buffy slaying just below where Spike was standing. . .unless they knew exactly what they were looking for. . . and where to find it.  Think about it.  On ATS season 5, the episode "Why We Fight", showed Angel on a submarine working for the U.S. military in order to retrieve some Nazi research on vampires and demons.    Spike was there as well, and we learned about tne research the Nazis were doing.   Fast toward to BTVS season 4, and here we have the new and improved Nazi/American "research" into vampires and demons, complete with vivisections and computerized behavior modification implants.  Wouldn't it be smart to try out the new implants on an older, stronger vampire?   It isn't as though they asked Spike for his age and ID, so how did they choose Spike?   Was Spike targeted for them by someone?  Why else was he picked for the chip implant?

This is my idea: Angel not only helped the military during WWII, he was kept informed over the years as to any progress made with the research he retrieved for them.   He may have even suggested the Sunnydal Hellmouth as a good place to set up shop for their "work".  Angel would see this as "helping" Buffy, even though he wasn't there.  Angel was always good at justifying anything he did as being for Buffy's "own good".   Of course he would leave town as soon as the Initiative became operational.  At no time on BTVS did Angel ever mention the existence of benign or harmless demons, and I don't remember Angel ever helping any, so he obviously wouldn't care who or what was harmed by the commandos.   It isn't until he met Doyle on ATS, that Brachen demons were mentioned, and until that time, Angel never actively helped any other demons.   So why not?    I would like Buffy and the others to find out sometime in Season 4, maybe around the time Buffy started working with the Initiative, or maybe in Season 6 (possibly during Reilly's supposed search for the Suovolte demons), have someone (maybe an OC in Season 4 or Sam in Season 6?) offhandely mention what a big help Angel was to Dr. Walsh & Co., in getting the Initiative off the ground in Sunnydale, and ask Buffy to thank him for them.   It would be even better if they mentioned that the successful testing of the behavior modification chip could not have been possible without Angel's help in finding the test subject Hostile 17 for them.    Would Buffy's opinion of Angel suffer at all if she finds out how callous and uncaring he was to help the military torture and kill countless benign demons, Including a member of his own vampire family?   Would she or the others even care?

Ideally, I would love to see Buffy call Angel out over this.    

As always, Angel and Reilly bashing is allowed, and even encouraged.    

Please, no main character death; but if the Souvolte demon accidentally kills Warren during its rampage, I won't complain. I really hope someone can write this story!   Good luck.

Categories: None
Characters: Angel, Buffy, Charles Gunn, Cordelia, Dawn, Drusilla, Ensemble, Fred, Giles, Illyria, Lorne, Spike, Wesley, Willow, Xander

Post-Series and maybe post-comics.

Buffy and Spike have broken up after an uneventful year (bollocks but yeah). They are still friends and come together to avert the latest apocalypse. After the crisis is averted, Spike leaves to travel around the world and do some freelance demon hunting. Somewhere along his journey, he comes across Drusilla, who has become as sane as she can possibly be, with better control over her visions and most importantly HUMAN, after an encounter with Mohra demon. Spike finds himself taking care of Drusilla in a whole new different way. Meanwhile, Buffy realizes she is ruining her life with her obssession regarding her "inadequacy" in being "normal" and finds out she misses Spike more than she imagined was possible. So she decides to seek him out...


-I want Scoobies to be involved somehow as well, since they are also  Spike's family now.

-Feel free to add a new apocalypse, bad guys to beat.

-Funny enough I want initially irritating but later supportive Angel as well.

-Ats cast can be included. If they are, then Wesley is back and Fryllia has separated into two distinct bodies Fred & Illyria.

-Feel free to bring back Cordelia as well, she is not the one to go gentle into that good night

Categories: All Human/Fantasy
Characters: Angel, Buffy, Ensemble, Ethan Rayne, Faith, Joyce, William

William Rayne runs his father Ethan Raynes bar  with lady entertainment/ singers. William had his heart broken by Drusilla and still hasn’t recovered. His mom dieed when he was 6 years old and his father was always a suite towards him. He is sweet, kind, generous and a hopeless romantic which gets him into trouble. Buffy fell in love with her high school sweetheart Angel and got pregnant Angel left buffy to support her baby with her mother. Her baby comes out sick (you pick) Joyce doesn’t have money and there’s no jobs in Sunnydale to pay the hospital bills. Buffy goes to New York  and her cousin Faith puts in a good word for her at Williams bar as a singer. William interviews Buffy and is smitten with her. Faith knowing William well she tells Buffy to use him because William is rich his inheritance from his mother. William takes Buffy to his place expecting to try to use her like Drusilla did with him because he doesn’t trust women but he falls for her the first night they make love. Buffy sees William as being convenient sending money to pay for her daughter Isabella’s hospital bills. William sees them as being in a real relationship. William tries to get to know her and Buffy gets mad acts distant while William tells her everything about him. He cuddles her, takes her shopping, takes her on dates, and she steps over him. One day Joyce writes to buffy because the doctors believe Isabella won’t survive any longer unfortunately William reads the car first and gets mad because he believed she didn’t have a family. On top of that William has heard the rumors of Buffy using him for his money. Buffy tells him the truth that she just used him for his money. William is devasted and angry and ask Buffy if she even has feelings for him and she tells him no it was about the money to keep her daughter alive. Instead of kicking her out he tells her he will go with her to see her daughter to see if a doctor friend of the family can see what he can do for Isabella. William settles her into their bed and leaves her to sleep in the coach. When they get to Sunnydale William stays by her side and is her strength through it all. It has to be a happy ending and Buffy’s daughter surviving thanks to Spike. Spike is smitten by Isabella she’s buffys mini me.

Categories: All Human/Fantasy
Characters: Ensemble

Buffy had once been a beauty queen all proud of her looks. But one day there was a car wreck or a fire or both and Buffy’s body got scarred up pretty bad. Her face is fine but her body has scars.

Self conscious Buffy wears long sleeves year round,never goes to the beach and things like that.

Things change when Spike comes into the picture. Where Buffy is scarred on the outside life has left Spike scared on the inside. As soon as he sees her Spike thinks Buffy is beautiful. She may try to dodge him but when Spike pays a visit and gets her mom,sister and best friends on his side Buffy has no choice but to stop dodging him.

Maybe Spike can make her see that scars or no scars she’s still beautiful.

Categories: None
Characters: Ensemble

Buffy's body gets damaged very badly in a battle....jumping off Glory's tower,fighting a pack of tough demons...whatever it is is up to you. The idea is that her body is in bad shape but her mind is fine. Willow and Tara know a spell that can heal a body over a period of time but the down side to it is that it damages the soul turning the person into a monster.

To counter this the witches plan to transfer Buffy's soul out of her body during the time for the spell to heal the body and then place it back in later. Only problem is all the 'normal' soul holding devices are not to be found and can't be sent there in time.

Someone gets the idea to put Buffy's soul inside the Buff Bot! 

Buffy's soul and consciousness is in charge and running the Bot but later there's found to be a slight problem. As mentioned yes Buffy is in charge of the robot body she's in but amongst all that wires and circuit boards the Bot's original program is still running around. The program that says Spike is a gorgeous hot thing and needs to be jumped on! This program whispers into Buffy's subconscious making her see Spike in a whole new light. She tries to fight the urges but can she?!

Categories: Post-Series, Crossover (AtS), Alternate Reality, Claim
Characters: Angel, Buffy, Spike

Let's combine Claim with that Chosen!Amulet. Buffy and Spike claim each other. Then when Spike burns up in the Hellmouth, they both get sucked into the Amulet.

Buffy and Spike reappear in Angel's office as ghosts. All they can touch is each other so lots of hugging and lounging cuddles. 

Like in the show, Spike keeps fading to hell, but Buffy stays behind. 

They become solid again and Buffy sticks around to kick Wolfram and Hart ass.

Must haves:

  • the blazing hand hold in the Hellmouth
  • Buffy softly cuddling with Spike in innappropriate places (angel's desk, elevator, staircase, idk)
  • Buffy cradling Spike after he reappears from Hell and him breaking down because he can't keep disappearing he just can't

Could haves:

  • Angel and crew living happy lives? 
  • Cordelia still around helping raise Baby Connor
  • Puppet Angel
  • Illyria trying to possess Buffy, but can't cuz Buffy already has the much stronger slayer demon inside

Categories: Pre-Series, Season 2, Season 3, Season 4, Season 5, Season 6, Season 7
Characters: Ensemble

When Angelus tells Spike about the Slayers he starts to research them. After he fights the slayer in China he comes across the book The Art of War. (Lets pretend he learned the Chinese language his first 20 years as a vampire). When he gets to the passage about knowing yourself and knowing your enemy he starts studying (fighting and research) harder. After Drusilla dumps him during WW2 he gets the idea to travel to different dimensions to fight the other Spikes. He accidentally kills the first one he fights and notices he is stronger and faster after his counterparts death. He keeps jumping dimensions until he is the last one left. Fast forward to season 2 when he makes his appearance.



                                                                                  Must Have

1. Spike being at the peak of vampire strength, speed, endurance, sight, and smell. He has almost instant regeneration the only way for a sure kill is cutting off his head.

2. No multiverse police force trying to catch him.

3. Don't make him omnipotent or super op he is still Spike just a little stronger than Illyria after she got zapped by Wes.

4. Nobody knows about his dimension hopping, he has not kept in contact with his vampire family since WW2. He did check on Angel from time to time but didn't contact him.

5. During School Hard after he makes himself known Angel (He was truthful and honest with them about himself from the beginning) tells them all he knows about Spike including the extra studying he did and still does.

6. No hard Angel, Xander, or Giles bashing. You can include the dumb or stupid stuff they did in canon. If you take it this far Riley is fair game.

7. Eventual Spuffy. Buffy has to go through her relationships with Angel and Riley (Even though we don't like him) and grow before they start the Spuffy.

8. Don't go into too much detail about the dimension hopping besides the first time.

9. Keep Spike in character.


                                                                         CAN HAVE


1. Spikes attitude could be like the one he had after he got the gem of Amara.

2. Whatever else you can think of.

3. Have fun and make it as long as you want.


Categories: None
Characters: None

What if when Buffy got hit with the aspect of the demon it wasn’t mind reading she gained, but people/ demons HAD to tell her the truth. The truth bareor never notices that what they are saying is off (they either forget they said it or their mind acts like they meant to say the truth). 

Buffy doesn’t want to give up this nifty power and uses it to her advantage. She doesn’t tell Giles to reverse it but she uses it to figure out who she can and can’t trust. 

I’d love if everyone learns some hard truths about themselves from this. But most importantly spike has to announce he’s in love with Buffy and that he would do anything to make it work. 


Categories: Taboo - Adults Only, Season 4, Episode Rewrite
Characters: Buffy, Faith, Giles, Joyce, Riley Finn, Spike, Willow, Xander

Faith and Buffy end up having switched bodies just one more day; much can happen in a day. (S4 E16 "Who Are You?" rewrite)

After being enticed by Faith in Buffy's body, Spike unknowingly has sex with Buffy in Faith's body. When he climaxes, he shouts Buffy's name and her reaction is to ask "How'd you know?" After him trying fruitlessly to intimidate her into silence on the subject, she explains that she is Buffy trapped inside of Faith's body. It takes recounting to him what only Buffy would know to convince him.

In the meantime, an angered Faith in Buffy's body violently trashes an establishment in town because Riley told her, "I love you Buffy." Faith in Buffy's body calms down unexpectedly after some girl time with Willow.

Meanwhile, Buffy in Faith's body is running and hiding from the police and the Council of Watchers' wetworks team. Spike aids her in running into herself.

Provisos: The sex between Buffy and Spike must not be motivated by Buffy wanting revenge for Faith sleeping with Riley in her own body, so at that point she has no idea what has taken place between those two. Buffy may or may not immediately feel guilty for having sex in Faith's own body.

Categories: Episode Rewrite, Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, Season 4, Season 5, Alternate Reality
Characters: Angel, Buffy, Ensemble, Giles, Jenny Calendar, Spike

I've always been baffled that Jenny's solution to keeping an eye on Angel and making sure that the curse stayed in effect was to stand back, flirt with Giles, and watch Buffy and Angel date while not saying a word. How was that at all a good plan?

So what I want to see is Jenny revealing who she is to the Scoobies right from the start. She was already getting involved anyway by helping them take out Moloch. After the gang has defeated Moloch (and maybe it's the next day sometime after Buffy, Willow, and Xander have their "None of us are ever going to have a happy, normal relationship!" moment), Jenny shows up in the library and tells them that she was already planning on telling them who she was and she figures now is a good time. (Add to that - did Jenny already know Buffy was the Slayer or did she just think Buffy was a girl that Angel was getting close to? That exchange where she's so surprised at Buffy being the Slayer because "She's just so little." always makes me wonder. So was she acting or was she surprised?)

She tells them that she's there to be sure that the curse on Angel's soul doesn't break and that there's actually a clause to it. When she reveals what the clause is, she adds that she wanted to tell them now before he and Buffy got too close.

How does this change things from here on out? Do Jenny and Giles still fall for each other? Faster or slower now that the truth - on Jenny's side of things at least - is fully out there? Does she get more involved with the Scoobies than she originally did in canon? Now that Buffy knows what could happen if she and Angel get involved, does she risk it? Does she consider getting involved with him anyway only for Giles to find out and have her read about what Angel's like without a soul? It's something they glossed over a number of times - like her stopping Giles from finishing with "I don't have a puppy. Let's skip it." Or does she back away romantically right off the bat because there's no way she's risking it? And how does Angel take it if Buffy decides to just treat him like an ally rather than falling for him?

Personally, I'd like to see her consider it only for Giles to make her face up to what Angelus is like but whatever direction you decide to go will work for me. 

How does this lead to Spuffy? If Angel doesn't lose his soul, how do things play out for the second half of season 2? How would Lover's Walk go? Heck, how does season 3 play out without the Bangel drama? How does season 4 play out without Buffy dealing with the baggage from her relationship with Angel? Does she still give Riley a chance or does she realize they have nothing in common? Without everything with Angel, does she start to fall for Spike once she sees how he's starting to change? Does it make her accept his feelings for her more readily in season 5?

Feel free to make this as long or short as you like. I just want to see how everyone knowing about the happiness clause and who Jenny is right from the start changes things and how it leads to a happy Spuffy ending.

Categories: All Human/Fantasy
Characters: Ensemble

Back at Hemery High School Buffy Summers was the Queen Bee. She made Cordelia Chase at her worst look like sweet Tara! During Buffy's time there an exchange student named William was also going to school there. Young William thought himself to be madly in love with Buffy and wrote all kinds of poetry about her.

Sadly though not the nicest of persons Buffy found out about William's feelings/poetry.....or he finally told her of it....and she totally humiliated him in front of everyone they went to school with. William was so embarrassed he ended up going back home to England to finish out his schooling.

Years later and Buffy is totally a changed person......her father going to jail,losing all their money and maybe a medical scare will do that to a person. Now living in the new town of Sunnydale as an adult Buffy is getting along with her life. Things look up when she meets the hot new guy in town Spike! 

Spike can not believe it when he runs into Buffy Summers of all people. Even more that she didn't put it together that he used to be the William she knew back in school. Spike gets an idea in his head on getting revenge on Buffy for what she did years ago. He plans to either(Your choice) date her and dump her to break her heart or date her and find some way to embarrass her as bad as she did him.

Only problem is later on during the dating Spike realizes Buffy is a completely changed person and starts to fall for her. But how will she feel when she finds out who he really is and why he really started to date her?

Categories: All Human/Fantasy, Alternate Reality, Historical
Characters: Spike

I have this idea for a fic that I'd never be able to do. This can be a All Human AU or keep Spike a Vamp (The world knows about the supernatural?)

Lady Elizabeth Summers was convicted of a crime she was innocent of. Facing a life in prison, she chooses to be sent as a worker to the 'New World'. But this exile had a cost she didn't know, a forced marriage to a fellow criminal, One William The Bloody

How will the gently raised Buffy Summers deal with such a rough husband in the wilds of the Americas?




Categories: Season 6, Season 7
Characters: Angel, Anya, Buffy, Clem, Dawn, Giles, Spike, Tara, Willow, Xander

Ok.    Maybe I just like to nit-pick, but Angel was NEVER held accountable for ANYTHING he did as Angelus, because HE DIDN'T HAVE A SOUL AT THE TIME.    Once Angel's curse was safely back in place all was forgiven, including the brutal murder and hideous posing of Jenny Calendar in Giles apartment;  at NO TIME did anyone blame Angel for any of his crimes committed while SOUL-LESS.   Granted, Xander still never liked Angel, but Xander never called Angel a murderer AFTER Angel was re-cursed.    What I want to know is why the double standard??   In Season 6 after being repeatedly beaten, used and abused by Buffy, Spike snapped, and ALMOST did the unthinkable, only to stop himself before leaving Sunnydale to get his soul.   However, once he FOUGHT FOR AND RECEIVED HIS SOUL VOLUNTARILY, everyone, including Buffy still held Spike responsible for the crimes he committed while soul-less!    Not once did anyone make allowances for Spike's soul-less state when he attacked Buffy, nor did anyone instantly forgive him after HE FOUGHT FOR THE RETURN OF HIS SOUL.    Spike WANTED HIS SOUL. . . HE WASN'T CURSED WITH ONE.    So why was Angel instantly forgiven but not Spike?    Why did Buffy, Giles and the Scoobies treat Angel's CURSED SOUL better than the one Spike fought for?    If Angel's soul was his ORIGINAL soul from when Angel was human, it was far from pure, since Angel was a lazy, drunken gambling whore-monger, whose greatest enjoyment was releaving very young girls of their virginity, so I very much doubt that Angel was cursed with his original soul; but was he re-cursed by Willow with the same soul as the gypsy curse?   Doubtful.   The Council kept records of Angel's entire existence, both as a human and as a vampire, so Giles (and presumably the others), knew what he was like as a human - not a nice guy, so why would cursing Angel with that very flawed soul make him so good in their eyes?    Unfortunately, no one knew what Spike was like prior to being turned (other than Buffy), but if Spike had been so awful while human, it is a safe bet that the Council would have known SOMETHING about him.    Regardless, the mere fact that Spike sought out, and fought for the return of his own soul, SHOULD have forced Giles, at least, to admit that Spike was in some way BETTER than Angel.   Spike actively helped saved the world BEFORE he got his soul, while Angel moped for nearly 100 years after being cursed with a soul, never helping anyone until Whistler approached him and showed/promised Angel a 15 year old Buffy, if Angel helped her.  At no time was Spike ever promised ANYTHING for helping Buffy.   So why was Angel treated better??   

My challenge is for someone to ask these very questions AFTER Spike gets his soul.  This may need to be a completely AU Season 7, as I can't imagine any of the characters even caring about Spike's soul with the First Evil on the rise, and even possibly an AU late Season 6.  Does anyone remember in Season 4, that Giles asked Spike if there may be a higher purpose to Spike being chipped, only for Spike to scoff. . .but he had just been "neutered", and not too receptive at the time.   Fast-forward a bit over 2 years, and Giles doesn't recall his words to Spike at the time?   Odd that such an educated man, knowledgeable about the supernatural, would not think that a vampire going out to fight for the return of his soul was worth looking into.   Instead, Giles treated Spike far worse than he treated Angel, even after Angel/Angelus killed the woman he loved.    I want someone to make Giles question his own actions, regarding his treatment of Angel and Spike, especially after Spike got his soul.     Ideally, the person most likely to ask these tough questions, would be Tara, which is why I suggest an AU late Season 6 into Season 7.   I seriously doubt that Xander or Anya would care about Spike's soul, and without Tara there to influence Willow, there would be no support from Willow, either.   Dawn hated Spike for leaving her, possibly as much or more, than for hurting Buffy, so Dawn wouldn't help.   And Buffy will continue to ignore Spike simply because her friends don't like him, soul or not, and Buffy would NEVER admit to anyone her part in what happened before Spike left town.  This would leave Tara as the only person who might possibly take Spike's side.    But if Tara dies in Season 6, there is no one in Spike's corner.    Not even Angel thought that Spike fighting for the return of his soul was worth mentioning.  

No big restrictions other than Tara must live; which means that the nerd trio goes down before Spike leaves town.

So, this is it.    Someone needs to fight for Spike, and show everyone that what Spike did was truly remarkble and unprecedented.   Basically, I want someone to take Giles, Buffy, Angel and the Scoobies, and rub their collective noses in it!    I can't be the only person to see how unfairly souled Spike was treated.   My rant is over. . . . .for now.    Any takers?

Categories: Crossover (AtS), Season 5
Characters: Angel, Angelus, Anya, Buffy, Charles Gunn, Cordelia, Dawn, Fred, Giles, Spike, Tara, Wesley, Willow, Xander

Angel/Angelus returns from the Monastery and focuses his attention on the last surviving Summers during the summer between Season 5 and Season 6.  He violently attacks Dawn and puts her in the hospital. He returns to Los Angeles after the attack.

You can decide:

  • How Angel becomes Angelus or doesn’t and still attacks Dawn.
  • If Angel is Angel or stays as Angelus when he returns to LA and back to the Fang Gang.
  • How Buffy reacts to Angel/Angelus
  • How the Scoobies react to the Fang Gang

Must haves:

  • Spike/Buffy at the end
  • Dawn scared to go anywhere without Spike.
  • Spike being protective of Dawn and knowing it was Angelus.
  • Dawn wanting revenge and Angel dead and asking Spike to kill him.
  • Spike has to be the one to eliminate Angel/Angelus
  • The Scoobies still planning the resurrection of Buffy and Buffy coming back after the attack on Dawn.
  • Fang Gang returning to Sunnydale with Angel/Angelus to see Buffy alive.
  • The Fang Gang not believing Dawn and Spike.
  • Fred ending up with the Scooby gang and close to Spike and Dawn.

Can’t haves:

  • Angel/Angelus surviving at the end of the story
  • The Fang Gang beside Fred turning on Angel/Angelus

Categories: None
Characters: Angel, Buffy, Drusilla, Ensemble, Giles, Joyce, Willow, Xander

Giles dabbled in dark Magick as a teen but I always figured the council taught all watchers basic spells in case their slayers needed some magical help. Mostly thinking location spell, truth spell, glamor. Things along those lines. Things that everyone can do not just people born with the natural abilities. 

I’m wondering how the show would have gone had Marrick taught Buffy the basics of magic in LA. After all that she’s been through with her parents a quick truth spell is always at the tip of her tongue when meeting new people.  How would this change her relationships with friends. 

Can have: 

-her using it on

hank who announces he’s cheating

Joyce who announces she knows but for their daughters sake ignores it 

williow who basically just babbles about her own insecurities 


Must have

her using it on:

angel. Who tells her he loves her and has been since he saw her (which creeps her out since she just met him) bonus points if he says something about the happiness curse but in his pompous ways doesn’t believe it. Or that she’s a gift from ptb. //// a second casting happens after spike shows up inlove with dru to find out how Angel really feels about vampires being able to love 

Xander who tells her about his instant lust over her and how he thinks he’s in love with her

Spike (he’s the second vamp she uses it on) who says he’s only going to kill her because he wants to impress dru. 


Can’t have: bangle sex. Duh lol

Categories: All Human/Fantasy
Characters: Ensemble

Dawn works part time at Spikes vintage vinyl record store. She maybe just his ‘employee’ but like on the show she’s secretly his favorite person and she adores him.

But Buffy and Spike don’t get along at all and she’s always trying to get Dawn to quit.

Dawn has been gloomy the last few days because her mom needs a surgery to save her life yet the insurance company is refusing to pay for it.

 Unbeknownst to Dawn, Spike is actually very wealthy. Family money left to him after his mom died. Not wanting Dawn to go through what he did everyone knows Spike would lasso the moon for Dawn...he secretly pays for Joyces surgery.

Some how Buffy finds out.

Categories: Time Travel, Post-Series
Characters: Buffy, Dawn, Halfrek, Spike

It's Grandparents Day at Sunnydale High School, finishing her last year, at new high school since Sunnydale turned into a sinkhole. Dawn sees several of her fellow students with their grandparents, she is a bit jealous and hurting that she doesn't have any 'real' grandparents of her own that they are mere memories the monks put into her head.  After she sees the great relationship, one of her classmates has with her own grandmother.   A sulking hiding Dawn mutters or very similar, "I wish I knew my own real grandmother."


Bam!  Dawn finds herself standing in front of Spike's mom and Halfrek.

Spike's mom helped Celia, not knowing she's Halfrek and a vengeance demon, out of a sticky situation, since Spike's mom did it without seeking a reward. She's allowed to grant her a wish.  During or just after a coughing fit caused by her TB, she sadly acknowledges she won't live long enough to see any grandchildren and wishes she could meet and get to know her first grandchild, who turns out to be, Dawn.

After getting over the shock of realizing Spike is her dad and Buffy is her mom. Dawn does her best to adapt to late 1800's London lifestyle and get to know her Grandmother.

Buffy, Spike and the others search for Dawn and find out she's in the past.  Willow sends Buffy and Spike back in time, they were suppose to go back to London and the year before Spike was turned, where Dawn is supposedly at.   Willow has a great Willow screw-up and they find themselves in London, Texas. (Yes, it's actual town, in Texas started in 1870-80 and is still there to this day.)  They make their way to the East Coast, Spike acquiring money by stealing it from the wealthy, who won't miss it or they are criminals.  It hurts Buffy at first to do it. when Spike shows her the criminal ones are too often human scum.  they get enough to comfortably pay for passage to London.  They get hit by  hurricane and are stuck on a island for nearly a year before getting rescued, and make their way to London, England.


Meanwhile, Dawn is adapting pretty well for era she's living in, getting to know her grandmother and William.  William believes Dawn is his half-sister, born a year, after his father passed away and raised by a couple paid to raise her in the States.  Dawn is quickly made a ward of the Pratt family.


Must have:


Dawn learning how unfair life is to women, girls and children of the era and how lucky she is and does her best to help the people she can and learns some humbleness and humility of how lucky she was to be "born" in the 20th Century. She feels shame on how she behaved during Glory and when she kicked Buffy out of their home. 


Buffy is worried newly activated Slayers taking over protecting the world, in her stead, Spike assusures her they're quite able to take care of themselves.


This is the Halfrek of the past, before she humiliates Willian for his marriage proposal, not the one who dies by D'Hoffryn's hand. You decide how this is handle by Dawn.

Buffy and Spike bond, during their adventures to reach Dawn in London.  Buffy is growing more accepting there is shades of grey in real life.


Show Dawn enduring etiquette lessons, how to get along in their social circle and London life in general.




If Buffy and Spike run into Angelus, Darla or Dru or not.


Show the worst and the best of people of the times.

Categories: None
Characters: Buffy, Dawn, Spike

When Buffy jumps through the portal to save the world she didnt die nore did she go alone, but she didn’t end up in a hell demention either.  Instead she finds herself in a parallel demention with 2 familiar faces. 

Dawn was made from Buffy. But since she’s not a 100% clone I always liked the spike is her “father” theory. (Dawn did show up about 9months past something blue after all 😉). So Dawn being tied to Buffy since the monks made and sent her to Buffy got sucked in and the invisible bonds brings spike along with. 

Dawns Keynes’s gets to be the clue to get them home. But I want them to demention bounce first. How this plays out is up to you. Just as long as each demention has Spuffy as a couple to help teach Buffy what she’s missing out of. Their relationship should be a slow build but by the time Dawn finally finds there right demention Spuffy should be established.