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A message to EF from James Marsters

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What They Deserve by UncagedMuse NC-17
Pairing: S/BRating: NC17 laterTimeline: Post NFA and then back to season 5 of...
Payback by dreamweaver NC-17
On his way back to Dru after ‘Lover’s Walk’, Spike suddenly...
Best Wishes by Kanita PG-13
Beginning just after the events of “The Girl in Question” a benevolent...
The Future is Ours by DarkEternity96 NC-17
What if in mid-Season 4, Spike demands another spell from Willow, in a last-ditch...
Almost Paradise by Holly NC-17
When presented with the opportunity to magically alter the world she lives in...
Watching Buffy by Nela NC-17
Challenge Response. Starts off with the events from Tabula Rasa but with a slight...
Meet Me at Midnight by Dusty NC-17
A story about the stolen midnight hours of season seven.
Grace by Soulburnt NC-17
In the aftermath of 'Dead Things,' Buffy fears that Spike has dusted. ...
Did You Ever Know by violettathepiratequeen PG
Spike knows a shaman who can get both he and Buffy something that they...
Random Story
Mortal Allies Series, Episode 2: Spike's a Good Boi by Passion4Spike PG
After leaving Sunnydale with his dark princess, promising to never return, Spike...
OffYourBird (6/17 06:35pm): @SoddThis: our FB group is private. No one can see anything unless they're a member
SoddThis (6/17 05:53pm): I guess this comes down to my own settings, maybe?
SoddThis (6/17 05:52pm): I'm having a bit of a privacy freak out. What can people see about our EF Facebook group activity?
Electric Heart (6/17 05:06pm): @CT it worked so much that he ended up getting the audience to drag the writers into giving Spike a redemptive arc kicking and screaming lol
slaymesoftly (6/17 05:06pm): @Cosmic Tuesdays - Did it ever! LOL
Cosmic Tuesdays (6/17 04:57pm): Marsters has said he knew he had to make the audience fall in love with Spike so he'd be able to stay on the show as long as possible, and he'd do that by playing to the love Spike had to give. And by golly, it worked.
gdp (6/17 03:56pm): @Electric Heart Yes, you're right. If today we are still talking about Spike, it's mostly thanks to the amazing work of JM. We can see his vision of Spike from the beginning, despite he was not supposed to stay after season 2.
slaymesoftly (6/17 03:51pm): I think you're absolutely right, EH. JM made the character what he is/was.
Electric Heart (6/17 03:44pm): @honeygirl tbh I genuinely think Spike would have died in season 2 (or at best, never returned after the s3 cameo) if he were played by anyone else.
honeygirl51885 (6/17 03:00pm): @slaymesoftly & @Electric Heart - Yes, that would make complete sense then. Thank God JM had the foresight to portray Spike the way he did and make himself an invaluable member of the Buffyverse!!! Ugh, I don’t even want to imagine a world where Spike doesn’t return in S4; so scary!!!
honeygirl51885 (6/17 02:56pm): @gdp - Hahaha! Yes, please! 🥰
gdp (6/17 10:45am): Lousy boyfriend to Dru? So... can we all have a lousy boyfriend like that?
Electric Heart (6/17 10:21am): Later on in FFL, it's also made clear that he doesn't just dote on Dru, he truly respected her as his dark princess. Harmony, obviously not, but Spike isn't supposed to love her either.
Electric Heart (6/17 10:17am): If James had played it as intended, ie that Spike is condescending and babies Dru, then maybe Doug Petrie would have been right. But James decidedly did not portray it that way, and basically made Spike adoring in everything Dru did.
Electric Heart (6/17 10:11am): @Slayme actually, that would make sense if he was going off the scripts. I think I remember hearing that *James* was the one to make Spike far more affectionate in his deliveries. Scenes where the script wanted him to make fun of Dru, JM portrayed Spike as doting and affectionate.
slaymesoftly (6/17 09:48am): I wonder if the writers even watched at all? I mean, they handed in their scripts without, perhaps, having any idea how what they wrote was interpreted or portrayed by the actors.
Holly (6/17 09:00am): Yeah, Doug Petrie must've been watching a different show. That comment makes no sense
honeygirl51885 (6/17 08:52am): He doted on her, restored her, & made a pact with his enemy to get her safely out of town! Sorry, that just bothered me last night and I was still thinking about it this morning, hence the rant-y shout!
honeygirl51885 (6/17 08:51am): Um, what S2 were you watching? In mine, Spike was devoted to Dru, would do anything for her, and did! Totally glad she left him so he could be with Buffy, but I saw a pretty darn good boyfriend until then…
honeygirl51885 (6/17 08:51am): Rewatched “The Initiative” last night w/commentary from writer Doug Petrie. In the scene Spike returns to Harm he says Spike is the worst boyfriend ever to Harm (agreed, but they’re a hoot to watch!). He continues, “He was a lousy boyfriend to Drusilla and he loved her”…
pfeifferpack (6/17 04:16am): partyHappy birthday to Wyrmie07! May your special day make YOU realize how special you are and worth celebrating. May you be surrounded by reminders of just that and tons of love. May this year bring you joy and success and hope every day.
dizzybint (6/17 04:12am): Thank you so much pfeifferpack and sweetprincipale!! 😊
pfeifferpack (6/17 02:14am): Also... WELCOME Afriley! See you are also our newest member of the family.
pfeifferpack (6/16 11:10pm): party Happy birthday to Afriley (late because it didn't show up this morning...sorry). Hope your day has been perfect every moment and that this year will bring you your hearts desires and see you safe and loved.
sweetprincipale (6/16 04:38pm): Happy birthday dizzybint!

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Artistic April Challenge month wrap-up

Hey everyone,

I would like to congratulate and thank everyone who played a role in making the Artistic April Challenge month an incredibly successful event. The Trapped Challenge previously held the title for most new fic for a site event, but you guys have smashed that—this April brought us 59 brand new challenge fic. Yes, you read that right… 59 new fics. bow 

If you have yet to check out these titles, you can FIND THEM ALL HERE

Artistic April Challenge month stats:
(For challenge fic only, and accurate at the time of the news item being posted)

  • Banners created – 142 (not including chapter art)
  • New fic – 59
  • Chapters added – 116
  • Words added...

--Amy on May 02, 2021 06:32am 8 Comments
Everything you need to know about the Artistic April Challenge Month

Hello everyone,

Can you believe we’re only a day out from posting fic for the Artistic April Challenge Month? squee
We know a lot of our authors and readers are excited to get started (and that includes the mods!) so this post serves as a final Q&A for the event.

This post should cover everything, but if there's a burning question you have or something else you're curious about, please let us know in the comments and we'll get back to you ASAP. There's a lot of information here, so grab a bite, get snuggly, and prepare to learn about all the amazing things happening in April...

How and when do I post my story?
Starting at midnight on April 1 (site time, which is Eastern US time-it's listed under the shoutbox), you'll see a checkbox on the page where you add a new story:

The Mods on March 31, 2021 03:30am 3 Comments

Round 2 banner claims open

Hi everyone!

Just a quick message to confirm that Round 2 Banner Claims are officially open. The process is exactly the same as Round 1 and all of the details for how to grab a shiny piece of muse enticing prettiness can be found HERE on the last news post.

As our cup has more that runneth over (we've had a happy flood of banners), authors who have successfully claimed a banner during Round 1, and have (or may be planning to) claim a banner for Round 2, will also have the opportunity claim further banners during Round 3.

Round 3 Banner Claims (for authors who have successfully claimed 2 banners already) will open for claims on the 13th of March (site time). 

A final note to any potential authors who've yet to sign up: it's not too late to join the party. If you haven't claimed a banner yet, you can do so at any time. Round 2 being open doesn't lock anyone out who has not previously joined the fun. In fact, your request...

--Amy on March 06, 2021 02:00am 4 Comments