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Best Wishes by Kanita PG-13
Beginning just after the events of “The Girl in Question” a benevolent...
Bihaldan by Twinkles R
"No you don't, but thanks for saying it.""I do. And I'm not letting you go."...
A Son's Love by Fancyflautist PG-13
A spell gone wrong during Lover's Walk brings Spike's mom back to life. How...
A Babe In the Woods by bewildered NC-17
Riley stays in Sunnydale, and pretty soon there’s a baby on the way.   Response...
Notes from the Hellmouth by All4Spike NC-17
Part 6 of the Coincidences series, covering BtVS S7 and beyond with Mated Buffy...
Warming Up To New Things by sweetprincipale PG
Set in an AU late season three or early season four where Spike and Drusilla...
Strawberry Fields by Holly NC-17
Heartbroken and determined, Spike sets out to form a truce with his mortal enemy...
Bihaldan by Twinkles R
"No you don't, but thanks for saying it.""I do. And I'm not letting you go."...
Beloved by spikes_heart NC-17
Post NFA - Before the Powers that Be withdrew from the playing fields, they...
Random Story
Helluva Day by Behind Blue Eyes NC-17
We've all had them, just be grateful today's not yours.  From the...
SzmattyCat (4/20 05:02am): Thank you for the detailed confirmation, kats_meow and MiseEnPlace!
pfeifferpack (4/20 04:27am): tongue outarty: Happy birthday to Axell! May you have all that you want and need to have a perfect day. May this coming year bring you everyone and everything you most desire.
JustWriter (4/19 10:01pm): I'm only at 13 comments, over 5 words so far, so I'm not on the board yet.
JustWriter (4/19 10:00pm): Top Commenters for April Challenge so far:
1. kittyfajitas (288 comments)
2. angelic_amy (215 comments)
3. magnus374 (143 comments)

MiseEnPlace (4/19 09:36pm): Szmatty - I just watched it - yes, below the ribs, left side (huge jaws on that thing!)
kats_meow (4/19 09:05pm): @SzmattyCat yep ribcage/flank just watched it! Happy writing! And happy days to all celebrating!!
SzmattyCat (4/19 07:46pm): I'll go with that unless I hear different. Thank you!
angelusblanc (4/19 07:41pm): I think it was below his ribcage
SzmattyCat (4/19 07:41pm): Thanks! You don't happen to also recall which body part gets chomped?
pfeifferpack (4/19 07:13pm): S5 Forever
SzmattyCat (4/19 05:35pm): His, does anyone remember where Spike gets bit by the Ghora demon when he is helping Dawn steal eggs?
pfeifferpack (4/19 05:30pm): Magnus you are the undisputed King of the Comments! What an asset to the family (I'd say the soul but knowing how you feel about them LOL...)
maryperk (4/19 03:01pm): Oh, yes, kitties, they either ignore me completely or they're all over me. These days they ignore me more than rub all over me.
slaymesoftly (4/19 02:44pm): I do not have this week's chapter of Almost Home yet. Working on it today, but will probably hang on to it until next week so I have time to tweak and all4spike has time to run her eyes over it.
slaymesoftly (4/19 02:32pm): Congratulations on that commenting anniversary, magnus374! That's a lot of commenting.
JustWriter (4/19 02:31pm): @maryperk You have plot kitties? Do you think they might enjoy playing with my plot tribbles? Oh! Another birth! Spike in an original series gold shirt dealing with tribbles and SO annoyed and done, but he'll laugh about it later.
-Carrie-Ann- (4/19 02:04pm): magnus374, a whole decade of reviews mate, I'm in awe of you bravo
amidtheflowers (4/19 11:57am): I have missed so many bdays—BBE, Irishrose, Sansho, and joelsmanders HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And feel better kathleen x
Sansho (4/19 11:51am): Awww big thanks to @Irishrose and @OffYourBird for the birthday wishes.
OffYourBird (4/19 11:08am): @Irishrose: oh, you're terribly kind, and I'm so happy the timing coincided! kiss
Happiest of birthdays to Sansho and joelsmanders today! party

thenewbuzwuzz (4/19 10:34am): @maryperk, great name. big grin
Irishrose (4/19 10:16am): Happy birthday @joelsmaders and @Sansho! That you @BBE! @Pfeifferpack, it was a very nice day, and so far the newest trip around the sun is going well. @OffYourBird, thank you, it was quite splendid! And seeing an update to Darkling made it even more so!
maryperk (4/19 08:01am): The inspiration for the name of my demonic strip club came from an email years ago; Rusty Beaver tried to sell me penis enhancements. I thought the name was hilarious.
magnus374 (4/19 07:05am): Another 10 year celebration. I just looked at my account info. Today it is 10 years since I left my first comment. At least the oldest one that still exist is from this date.
Sansho (4/19 06:49am): @pfeifferpack Thank you for the sweet birthday wishes!

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Get Ready for Challenge Month!

We know it's been a challenge having to wait for our April site event. However, we're only a few days away! We can't help but show our excitement for challenge month. No, really, you can see it with our brand new event skin, which will be our featured skin through the entire month. If you want to make it your default skin for the month, make sure to change it in your preferences page.

In order to make sure everyone understands all that's going on, we'll try to cover everything here. If there's something you're not sure about, please let us know in the comments. There's a lot of information in this post, but please read the whole thing to be sure you know what's happening in April.

How and when do I post my story so that it's part of the event?
After midnight on April 1 (site time, which is Eastern US time-it's listed under the shoutbox), post your story as you normally would. Once you've added your story, find the challenge you're responding to on the challenges page or in your saved challenges list (if you've already saved...

--The Mods on March 28, 2019 06:14pm 14 Comments
April Challenge Month

So, for those of you who have been members (or lurkers) here at Elysian Fields for a while, you’d know it’s not exactly a secret that we love Challenges. heartsAnd for anyone who was unaware, all you have to do is check out our Site Events page.

We went ‘live’ as an archive in October of 2006, and it’s become somewhat of a tradition over the last few years to celebrate that fact with a site wide event. And the response has always been phenomenal, from authors, artists and readers.

We look forward to these Challenges, and seeing and reading what our wonderful talented members come up each year is awesome. So awesome in fact, it made us mods ask the question, “Why can’t we do this more than once a year?”

Well, there isn’t a reason to not host a site challenge more than once a year. And as it happens, you lovelies--our members--have already planned it for us. Our site has a veritable treasure trove of inspiration in the form of member-written fic challenges, and they...

--Amy on February 21, 2019 02:28am 13 Comments
Goodbye 2018. Hello 2019!

It was another amazing year in our corner of the Spuffy world. We celebrated our 12th birthday with the 12 Years 12 Seasons Challenge, which produced 31 wonderful new stories, we were lucky enough to have OffYourBird join our admin team, we passed the 5,000 story mark, and we continued to work both behind and in front of the curtain to make sure that Elysian Fields remains a welcoming, user-friendly place to be.

With no sign of slowing down, we're excited for 2019, which will include some site events that you won't want to miss. Also, we're set to register our 20,000th member sometime this year, which is no small feat. We promise to continue to do all we can to make sure that Elysian Fields feels like home.

Three cheers for everyone who made 2018 special at Elysian Fields, and who are carrying that energy into 2019! Here's to the authors, the artists, the commenters, the readers, and even the lurkers (no time like 2019 to come out of the shadows) cheers.

2018 by the numbers:
Total number...

--Susan on January 01, 2019 02:33pm 9 Comments