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What Makes A Monster by SleepingTigress NC-17
After the events of Hush, Spike sees Buffy captured by the Initiative. When...
Child of Shadow by Sigyn R
“Spike, I want a baby.” It seemed such a simple, ordinary, human...
Choices by lafillesauvage NC-17
After the big showdown in L.A., the Powers That Be decide to make each of their...
Soldiers of the Light by sandy_s R
In a dystopian future, the Senior Partners sent a horde of demons to overrun...
close your eyes and think of england by zion R
Spike thinks Buffy needs a vacation.  For once, Buffy and Giles agree...
Every Letter That You Write Me by othellia R
In a world where soulmates have the ability to write on each other's skin, Spike...
all the times you bared your teeth (was always just a smile for me) by alittlemoretime NC-17
There's something going on in Sunnydale that, for once, has less to do with...
The Tiger is Out by Cosmic Tuesdays R
Joseph: Hebrew given name, “God will add/increase.”   Aaron:...
The Transformation by Christina NC-17
Sit down. Grab a brew, and let me tell you a twisted tale of love, hate and...
Have Fun Storming the Castle by SunnydaleSummers NC-17
‘I figured it out.’ Buffy interrupted. ‘I, I was so blind...
Random Story
Twi-who? by slaymesoftly PG
Written near the end of season eight - a follow up to my Crackity, Crack, Crack...
sweetprincipale (9/28 08:02pm): Happy bithday to the crew! And to Chosenname and Dragonfly Lady, too! Obvs this day the stars align to give birth to Spuffy lovers wink
GillO (9/28 06:53pm): @JustWriter, they may well have just picked up one like it from a Halloween shop. Their S2 budget was not huge, but they could easily have hired that sort of thing from a costume store, of which I believe Hollywood has many.
JustWriter (9/28 12:52pm): Hey guys, I've been looking up outfits on the internet. I found the pattern for Cordelia's Halloween costume (Catwoman): https://momspatterns.com/...56209
Apparently the show's budget was so low for the episode that they must have found / handmade everything in a hurry w/old 80's patterns.

nmcil (9/28 11:44am): Happy Birthday to all our Birthees - best of everything on your coming year and for your birthday.
pfeifferpack (9/28 04:23am): party Happy birthday to Autumn2005, Alethalruby, Damara, and to MaraPratt! May the entire day be one moment of bliss after another. May this year bring you joy and fulfillment daily. May you be well loved by all.
mcgnagallsarmy (9/28 04:08am): wow, so many to celebrate today, happy birthday everyone! party
angelic_amy (9/27 11:41pm): Got any questions about the upcoming Called Challenge? Check out the news feed for a post which should (hopefully) give you all the answers.
the_big_bad (9/27 09:19pm): Thanks all! Good to hear everyone's process!
MillennialCryBaby (9/27 12:17pm): Thank you to whomever nominated me for Author of the Month <3
SlayrGrl (9/27 09:57am): I find my WIPs can end up getting shelved for weeks at a time when life gets busy. So I always have a good chunk written before I start posting or I'd end up with random long wait times between some postings and I don't like leaving people waiting for an update.
Dusty (9/27 09:51am): @the_big_bad I never have any clue how long things will be! And yet I have a weirdly consistent story length that amuses me. It must be the natural length of my attention span or something.
DeamonQueen (9/27 01:32am): @the_big_bad, that's totally normal. Aside from the Mystery Fic-a-Thon, I normally write the first chapter first of all my fics when I answer to a challenge here in EF and then write the next ones after I post it. I rarely write the whole fic before the posting date.
the_big_bad (9/26 09:29pm): I am so excited about the Called challenge! My first chapter is in to my beta, and I've got chapter 2 outlined. I still don't know exactly how long it will be. Is that typical for you all?
alittlemoretime (9/26 06:25pm): @pfeifferpack @slaymesoftly thank you for the birthday wishes! they are much appreciated big grin
slaymesoftly (9/26 09:00am): Thanks, Steffydoll. And yes, Aftermath has a scene like that. @ sweetprincipale - good to know things are a little better now. Happy birthday @alittlemoretime.
sweetprincipale (9/26 06:41am): so sweet to check on me!
sweetprincipale (9/26 06:41am): @swonderful— Thank you! Yes, I am okay. I haven't updated that piece in a while and was explaining a bit of what was making my life busy! I've been out of the hosp. for a month now and the house withstood the last bout of rain, although we still need more work done (Seal the foundation). You're
pfeifferpack (9/26 04:27am): partyHappy birthday to alittlemoretime! Hoping you have a day filled with all you most love and desire. May this year bring joy and love, health and fulfillment every day.
OffYourBird (9/26 12:57am): @swonderful: for direct questions to another member, it's best to PM them. (They'll receive an email notification that way, as well)
Steffydoll (9/26 12:53am): @noelle89 literally just finished reading Aftermath by Slaymesoftly, there's a scene like that in it. https://dark-solace.org/...=4846
swonderful (9/25 10:10pm): @sweetprincipale, are you OK? Per American Girls' latest chapter, you were in the hospital and your house flooded. Hope you're OK.
noelle89 (9/25 09:56pm): Trying to find a Season 4ish fic with Spike and Buffy hiding under his coat next to Lowell house. Any thoughts???
Sigyn (9/25 09:33pm): Happy happy to Rebcake and Kate of Katehall.
slaymesoftly (9/25 08:57pm): That's an awesome challenge, Sigyn.
Sigyn (9/25 08:05pm): It would need to be Spuffy.

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Everything you need to know about the Called Challenge

Hello everyone,

We’re fast approaching the beginning of October, which means it’s time for a little Q&A about the Called Challenge.

Pull up a headstone and get comfy. This post should cover everything, but if there's a burning question you have or something else you're curious about, please let us know in the comments and we'll get back to you ASAP.

How and when do I post my story?
Starting at midnight on October 1 (site time, which is Eastern US time-it's listed under the shoutbox), you'll see a checkbox on the page where you add a new story:

As soon as you see that box, you're free to post. If your story is part of the challenge, check the box and you're good to go.

--The Mods on September 27, 2021 11:28pm 3 Comments
Called challenge - banner claims

Hello everyone,

This message is going to be kept short and sweet. Timezone differences and spotty wifi has meant this post has gone up several hours later than it usually would for this stage of an event. My bad.

Not only does this news post share with you all the link to the banner request master list, but since the site clock has ticked over to the 12th of September that means the requests are officially live and up for grabs.  

If you are an artist in the Elysian Fields community, and you're thinking about signing up to create one of the banners (or if you're just curious to get a sneak peak of some of the fic that will hit the archive come October) then you can browse the list HERE.

Artists, make sure you read over the request information carefully if you’re thinking of claiming one of the art requests.


--Amy on September 12, 2021 04:44am 1 Comments
Called Challenge - banner sign ups open!

Hello everyone,

With author emails coming in thick and fast for the Called Challenge, I’d rate the enthusiasm level on par with s01e10 Nightmares Willow making fun of Xander for his clown fear. Giddy and bubbly and with a grin from ear to ear.  

For any fence-sitting, Watcher-like authors currently pondering the decision of whether or not to sign up: don’t take your brooding lessons from Angel… Be like Spike and swagger up to the challenge like you’re the biggest bad in the room.
Come on, sign up. You know you wanna. 

For participating authors: if your visualisation of your fic is as clear as Dru’s visions of stars on the ceiling, and you can picture the art that has to accompany your words, now is the time to get those banner requests in.

All you need to do is shoot me an email (address available at the bottom of this post) with a combination of the following information. The first four dot points...

--Amy on September 04, 2021 08:02am 7 Comments