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Sister Golden Hair by alittlemoretime NC-17
All Spike wants to do is find one last midnight snack and get the hell out of...
Whiplash by Ninereeds NC-17
Willow casts a spell for Spike which, per the grand tradition of Willow spells...
Epistolary by Touchstoneaf R
Spike's life, as told via his poetry.
Something Borrowed by Kyzaiah PG-13
Buffy and Spike find themselves in the bodies of their younger selves following...
The Ring by violettathepiratequeen PG-13
All he wants is to feel like she's choosing him. Is that so bad?  
Heart by Holly PG-13
Angel just doesn't get the picture. A camera ought to help with that.
The Best Laid Plans by lex_hex R
Buffy, after being sent back in time from February 2002 to December 1998, had...
Next Time Won't You Sing With Me by Willow91 R
An alphabetic series of one-shots that show different possible outcomes, moments...
The Silence is So Loud by HappyWhenItRains NC-17
“Buffy was gone. Forever this time, her ashes spread, her legend secured...
Willing Slave by Sigyn NC-17
“You know you’ve got a willing slave,” were the words Spike...
Anything We Want by scratchmeout PG-13
Spike returns to Sunnydale determined to prove one thing: he is absolutely...
Random Story
Memories are Made of This by slaymesoftly NC-17
I'm a sucker for Joan and Randy stories, so of course I had to write one. What...
Holly (6/28 12:35am): Head's up! We've got ourselves a new Category and Warning: https://dark-solace.org/...d=207
CC414 (6/27 05:43pm): @Passion4Spike! Can't belive Mortal Allies 5 is complete!!! Congratulations! I'm gonna end reading it in a couple of days!!! Thank you!
sfstewart (6/27 02:32pm): Thanks!!!
pfeifferpack (6/27 07:30am): partyhappy birthday to Shannon21 & Feanix88! Hope your birthday was perfect. Hope you had prezzies & love all day may this year be one success after another,daily joy & blessings
Angelsheart1 (6/27 12:59am): A Touch of Her Style by Myrabeth https://myrabethfanfic.wordpress.com/...tyle/
vicdave99 (6/27 12:52am): That's Myrabeth. She has her own site. Just Google Myrabeth echoverse.
sfstewart (6/26 11:41pm): Does anyone remember the name of the fic where Spike and Nikki were together before she died and he helped raise Robin and Robin asks Spike to help Buffy train?
MrsAkers (6/26 11:20pm): Congrats, @passion4spike!!!
Dusty (6/26 11:13pm): Congratulations!! What an amazing accomplishment!
scratchmeout (6/26 09:34pm): Congrats!
Holly (6/26 09:32pm): Congrats, P4S!
Angelsheart1 (6/26 09:04pm): Congratulations @Passion4Spike! And what a beautiful story it was!
Passion4Spike (6/26 08:20pm): The latest installment of the Mortal Allies series is now COMPLETE! cheers Just in time for Mystery Challenge month. Whoo-hoo!
CC414 (6/26 07:19pm): I was actually needing a hug. Thank you @Sigyn!!! Hugs all around!
The Verin Suicides (6/26 07:10pm): @Sigyn your positive hug energy is accepted and returned tenfold. Furthermore, it has also compounded and is being paid forward: that is, it might even yield dividends. TL;DR Thank you, @Sigyn, I agree: Hugs all around to all those in need!
slaymesoftly (6/26 02:32pm): hug
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Sigyn (6/26 04:11am): I'm just going to issue a general hug to anyone who really, really needs one right now. I know I do. hug
pfeifferpack (6/26 03:43am): partyhappy birthday to sus! Hope it is filled with joy, love, & prezzies. May this year bless you & see you healthy & blessed
LittleTayy (6/24 10:50am): @MrsAkers I understand, that's me too tbh! I was just pressin till something went right. Ha.
MrsAkers (6/24 10:40am): @littletayy my Mac mystifies and frustrates me. Sometimes I just be pressin keys to see what happens
LittleTayy (6/24 10:28am): @MrsAkers Oh! Thank you! I just tried command and it worked. I think I found it by fluke the first time and couldn't remember. Haha.

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New Category and Warning

Hi EF,

The written word is powerful, even transformative. It can also be extremely cathartic for creators who need a place to channel their feelings about current events into something constructive. With so much civil and political unrest occurring globally, we decided we would be remiss if we didn’t accommodate space on our archive for authors to express themselves.

We also understand that, for many, fanfiction is a point of escape from real-world anxiety and stress, and stumbling onto a fic with overtly political themes might be triggering. As a reader-first archive, our foremost concern is to promote an environment where readers can curate their ideal reading experience without worrying about stumbling into a story that causes stress or upset.

As such, we have created a category for Political/Protest, with the following definition: Stories with political or social...

--The Mods on June 28, 2022 12:34am 4 Comments
More Details about Mystery Month

If you missed the announcement about Mystery Challenge Month, you can read about it in the post linked here

If you already know what’s up but wanted a few more details, here is the post for you! 

The image above shows the custom awards for this event, as made by EllieRose101.

Prompt submissions close at midnight (site time*) on Wednesday 22nd––just under 24 hours from when this news post goes live. The link for the Google form is here. Reminder: prompts should be...

--The Mods on June 22, 2022 01:19am 0 Comments
Event Announcement: Mystery Challenge Month 2022

That’s right folks, we’re running this again––but with a couple of changes from last year. 

If you weren’t around last year, or need a refresher, here’s the crux:

For the entire month of July (with a little spill over into August), participants will be writing fics that are five chapters long. Each chapter must respond in some way to a given prompt, and the fics must be complete at five chapters––no longer, no shorter––with said chapters posted within the relevant time windows (detailed below). 

Your fic can be a sequel to a mystery fic you wrote for last year’s event, but it doesn’t have to be. The only requirement, beyond what we mentioned above, is that it be a brand new fic, not an existing WIP, and written specifically for this event.

Last year, each Mod provided a different prompt, but this time, we are crowdsourcing prompts from you guys to allow Mods an opportunity to take part without giving us an unfair advantage.

--The Mods on June 01, 2022 07:03am 28 Comments