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Some Velvet Morning by pfeifferpack G
 Sometimes being cut off from the world lets you see each other more clearly...
Ghost Hunters Live! by tbd R
Dawn is ready for Buffy & Spike to get some credit for keeping the world...
Dare by Sigyn Adult Only
Eighteen years ago, Buffy and Spike were caught up in a dangerous sexual affair...
GTFO by Girlytek NC-17
Spike doesn’t take the extra hundred bucks to be the decoy. Ethan doesn’t...
95816 by Cosmic Tuesdays G
Six months in, reality hits.
He's Not My Boyfriend by DarkEternity96 NC-17
Set in mid Season 6, at the beginning of Spuffy’s sexcapades. At...
Ex Magic by bookishy NC-17
Buffy rescues Spike from the First's cave, only to find that he's not healing...
Flickers by Dusty R
Sunnydale has fallen and Buffy is trying to move on, but then he's back. Almost.
These Violent Delights by Touchstoneaf Adult Only
Part Two of the Something Wicked series  (S5, beginning with "Buffy...
Time After Time by MissLuci NC-17
How would things change if Dawn was the one who jumped in The Gift and Spike...
Random Story
Diamond Studded Flunkies by Eurydice NC-17
The world thinks Buffy Summers is dead. Only two men know differently, and neither...
sunnyhell (10/20 04:34pm): Hi! Just discovered Imitation of a Man by darkapple but cant access it on LJ. Does anyone have a copy?
Joyce (10/20 12:01pm): Happy birthday SeaPea! cheers
sweetprincipale (10/20 11:20am): Happy birthday SeaPea!
slaymesoftly (10/20 08:05am): Happy Birthday to SeaPea!
thenewbuzwuzz (10/20 05:50am): Happy birthday, SeaPea! flowers
pfeifferpack (10/20 03:14am): partyHappy birthday to SeaPea! Hope you have the very best of birthdays with everything you most want. May this year bring you joy and love and laughter and blessing filled days always.
Sigyn (10/20 02:39am): Link to the side
Sigyn (10/20 02:39am): *waves* Hello, Punkflame. You should check out the facebook page, we have meta and story conversation and reccs and things.
Punkflame (10/20 01:31am): Hey everyone it's been... ages how is everyone and who's active nowadays
bewildered (10/20 01:17am): <3 You are all so kind! Thank you!
Irishrose (10/19 10:49pm): I third the rec for "What Happens In Quarantine...", and the tissue recommendation. If you like Shakespeare it's doubly delicious and tear jerking.
pfeifferpack (10/19 10:12pm): I second @Penny's rec of Be's fic but get your tissues for the newest chapter. It's a freaking brilliant read!
readingismytherapy (10/19 10:00pm): Searching 4 a 1 shot S4 B/S. No angst. Buffy is asleep in dorm room & dreams of future where she's married & happy (poss w/kids) but doesn't know who her husb is. Scoobs r in it & accepting of hus. @ end. B realizes hus is Spike. @ 1 point she is in her bedroom & hears ppl talking. (Poss her kids)
slaymesoftly (10/19 09:19pm): Oh Wow that Trapped banner is amazing! I like the skin too. Easy on the eyes colors.
Penny (10/19 08:52pm): If you're not reading "What Happens In Quarantine..." by bewildered, you need to be. Wow.
Dusty (10/19 10:00am): Oh that is a very fascinating challenge!
talesofstories (10/19 09:44am): I just saw the Trapped skin, and oh my god, it is gorgeous. Congrats to Holly and OffYourBird on doing some amazing work.
pfeifferpack (10/19 03:24am): partyHappy birthday to whenforeverisover! Hope you have a glorious birthday with joy every minute. May the coming year reward you with all you need and with tons of love.
ZombieRed (10/18 11:16pm): @OffYourBird YES THATS EXACTLY IT!!! Thank you so much!!!
OffYourBird (10/18 08:41pm): @Firebeca: that was a fic answering this challenge, not the challenge itself.
slaymesoftly (10/18 08:19pm): I like that challenge.... It has a lot of AU possibilities.
Firebeca (10/18 08:09pm): I think it may be Etched in stone, I canít remember the authors name but itís been removed
OffYourBird (10/18 07:59pm): @ZombieRed: is it this one? https://dark-solace.org/...d=366
ZombieRed (10/18 07:10pm): Hey, all. I'm trying to find a challenge prompt that I swear I saw before. It's something like Spike is a statue in one of the cemeteries and Buffy talks to him every night, not knowing that he's trapped in the statue? Thanks~
ciderhatz (10/18 02:11am): @starrynight7 oh wow I think you're right. I hadn't realized all her stories were taken down.

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Anyone feeling a little anxious? Restless? Trapped? Well never fear, that’s just your brain preparing you for the flood of AWESOMENESS that is new fic about to hit the site.

We’re almost to October and that means Trapped Challenge month is about to commence. With such an adaptable theme, we’re buzzing with excitement about the soon-to-be posted gems written in celebration of the 14th birthday of Elysian Fields.

Mods Holly and OffYourBird have joined forces and combined their talents to present to all of you—the readers, writers, artists, betas and lurkers of our site—a fantabulous new skin. It will be set as the site default skin for the month of October. To take a peak or switch your current skin out, make sure to change it in your preferences page. It is called Trapped.

In order to make sure everyone understands all that's going on, we'll try to cover everything here. If there's something you're not sure about...

--The Mods on September 30, 2020 10:31am 7 Comments
Trapped Challenge - banner claims

Hey everyone,

The first lot of requests for art have come in, and this short message is to point you all towards them! If you're an artist in the Elysian Fields community and you're thinking of signing up to create one of the banners (or you're curious about the upcoming fic and just want to take a look), then you can find the banner requests HERE on the page our wonderful Holly has coded for us to display all the request info.

Artists, make sure you read over the info if you’re thinking of claiming one of the art requests. Banner claiming OPENS at midnight SITE TIME on the 12th of September. Early claims will not be accepted.

To claim a fic request, artists will need to email Amy with the following information:

     Artist penname/user ID:
     Permission to share your email with the author(s) you sign up for: 
     Banner request: List your banner request(s) by fic title and author penname...

--Amy on September 11, 2020 10:06pm 0 Comments
Trapped Challenge - banner requests

Hi everyone,

First of all, my apologies that this post comes to you all a few days late. RL has been a rollercoaster of lows and highs for me the last few weeks.

The kick off to the Trapped Challenge has been great so far, and I can't wait to read all of the future challenge fic by the actors who've signed up. For anyone sitting on the fence of decision making, consider this your literal push. Come on, sign up. You know you wanna. 

For participating authors, if inspiration has already struck and you're looking to for some art to accompany your words for when you post the story in October, then here is the info you need to know regarding banner requests.

All you need to do is shoot me an email (address available at the bottom of this post) with a combination of the following information. The first three dot points are required, the rest are optional. So, if you are looking for something specific, give me as much information as you think the artist will need. Alternatively, if you are open to the artist experimenting, then just give me the required info.

Required information:

  • Fic...

--Amy on September 05, 2020 04:33am 0 Comments