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Fractured Fairy Tales, Part 1 by PaganBaby Adult Only
Buffy and Spike are transported into a book of fairy tales in order to rescue...
Time Vortex by ImmortallySpuffy Adult Only
Five ways that Spike travels back into season five. One portal and five potential...
Pinch Hitter by dreamweaver Adult Only
Buffy vanishes after stopping Adam and the Powers That Be bring over another...
Indulgence by BlackDahlia NC-17
Buffy Summers is starting over. New job, new city, new life, new Buffy. But...
Angel Got Runover By A Reindeer by Sunalso Adult Only
Post Series. Spike and Buffy carve out some holiday time to themselves in an...
The Darkling by OffYourBird NC-17
When Buffy’s quest to get Spike returned to her is fulfilled in an unexpected...
Bringing Light into Darkness by Wonder and Ashes PG-13
A Slayer who thinks for herself, a vampire who was made wrong, and a series...
Conquering Hell by SpindleKitten NC-17
Buffy didn't leave the hell dimension after rescuing Lily. She stayed until...
Something Randy, Something Joan by bewildered NC-17
Joan has no idea who she is, or where she is, but that’s not her biggest...
Life Hard by Soulburnt NC-17
When you're trying to be better after decades of evil, a little encouragement...
Random Story
Easy by sandy_s PG-13
Summary: Set in season 7 of BtVS. Buffy has a realization.I think I also wrote...
OffYourBird (11/18 11:25am): Happy birthday, Cryptwarmer! party
Pencilcomet (11/18 11:10am): Happy Birthday Cryptwarmer! I hope you have an excellent day filled with all your favourite things.
yellowb (11/18 09:55am): Oh my goodness! Something Randy, Something Joan! read
darcygall (11/18 09:42am): Happy birthday Cryptwarmer!
yellowb (11/18 05:17am): Happy birthday, Cryptwarmer!
pfeifferpack (11/18 04:42am): party Happy birthday Cryptwarmer! I completely agree that you are really missed! Hope you have a brilliant day and that this coming year will bring nothing but joy and success.
thenewbuzwuzz (11/18 03:05am): Happy birthday, Cryptwarmer party
angelic_amy (11/18 02:28am): Happy birthday Cryptwarmer! 🎉
relurker (11/18 02:26am): Happy birthday, Cryptwarmer! You are very, very, very much missed! hug
myrabeth (11/17 11:30pm): For the interested but over-committed people: If you fall in love with one of the Secret Santa requests, and think you'll have more time in January, remember that you need only produce and post an opening chapter in December. The rest of the story is on your schedule.
sandy_s (11/17 10:40pm): Vague is better for a challenge prompt! Id play but Im overcommitted and may want to do Noel of Spike if it happens...
yellowb (11/17 10:17pm): bewildered: wish granted.
bewildered (11/17 06:41pm): I personally wouldn't mind vague general requests, or silly ones, or even ones that seem kinda crazy. Some of my best work has come from the vaguest and weirdest of challenges and ideas.
SpindleKitten (11/17 03:49pm): you don't have to write a fic but we need lots more challenge prompts to tempt the authors...
thenewbuzwuzz (11/17 03:45pm): Thanks, tempting, and maybe I would if I hadn't already signed up for another Secret Santa thing, among other stuff. (That's where the "maybe" comes in -- not sure committing to writing *anything* would be smart right now.)
SpindleKitten (11/17 03:06pm): There is at least one generic prompt up there. Go check them out and start writing thenewbuzwuzz!
thenewbuzwuzz (11/17 02:35pm): Now, "write stuff" sounds like a prompt I could fill, maybe lol
yellowb (11/17 01:06pm): I am trying to come up with a secret santa request ... but all I really want is folks to write stuff. Perhaps something more specific will occur to me!
darcygall (11/17 05:54am): No birthdays today either! Carrie-Ann we'll have to have an unbirthday tea party!
bewildered (11/16 10:06pm): I am waiting until there are more requests so I can be seeeekrit smile
stuffandnonsense (11/16 06:55pm): Big up the Secret Santa! Only 2 of the requests have been claimed so far....
bewildered (11/16 06:09pm): I hope lots of people join the Secret Santa event. It should be a lot of fun but the more the merrier!
-Carrie-Ann- (11/16 04:42pm): darcygall, LOL! And a very merry unbirthday to you too party
Badwolfjedi (11/16 12:59pm): Yay Seasonal Spuffy has started!
darcygall (11/16 10:22am): No birthdays today? Well, a very merry unbirthday to everyone then!

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12 Years 12 Seasons Challenge

Hello everyone! 

A huge congratulations to everyone who participated in the challenge this year! Thanks to the involvement of the authors, artists, readers and reviewers we've had yet another very successful event celebrating Elysian Fields' birthday. I can't believe it's been 12 years since we opened. The challenge has seen 31 brand new stories written and shared with our wonderful community.

You can FIND ALL CHALLENGE FICS HERE - if you haven't read any yet I highly recommend you check them out.

To the artists of our community who created banners for the challenge, all art left unclaimed by participating authors returns to your ownership. If you wish your banner to remain up for grabs by potential authors you can always add your banner along with the corresponding prompt up on the site challenges page here by selecting 'Issue...

--Amy on November 02, 2018 05:40pm 3 Comments
Sharing EF Fanworks for Personal Use

Recently, our community has engaged in some great discussion regarding the sharing of fanworks for personal use. We understand that there has been some uncertainty and concern due to lack of available information regarding what is appropriate or not.

What qualifies as personal use? Elysian Fields defines personal use as the possession and/or individual sharing of a fanwork for the sole purpose of reading and enjoyment. Publishing-related actions, such as posting an author’s work to another site without permission, are not considered personal use.

Historically, Elysian Fields has not made statements regarding personal use because we feel that once fanworks are posted on the web, they are de facto available for public distribution and it is neither our right nor desire to police this process. However, we also wish to acknowledge...

--The Mods on October 23, 2018 08:09am 7 Comments
Get Ready for the 12 Years 12 Seasons Challenge!

Did anyone notice that we're only hours away from October and the 12 Years 12 Season Challenge? We're definitely not sitting here staring at the site time clock.

In order to make sure everyone understands all that's going on, we'll try to cover everything here. If there's something you're not sure about, please let us know in the comments. There's a lot of information here, but please read the whole post in order to learn about all the amazing things happening this month...

How and when do I post my story?
Starting at midnight on October 1 (site time, which is Eastern US time-it's listed under the shoutbox), you'll see a new checkbox on the page where you add a new story:

As soon as you see that box, you're free to post. If you're adding a new story that is part of the challenge, check the box and you're good to go.

Your fic does not need to be complete prior to posting. In fact, it doesn't even need...

--The Mods on September 30, 2018 06:48pm 5 Comments