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Double Spiked by kantayra NC-17
When the nerdy trio delves into time travel, Buffy is faced with two Spikes...
Empty Heart by Hils PG-13
Co-write with Python_Chick. Buffy seeks a way to rid herself of the emptiness...
Destinies Have No Ending by LadyxB R
Takes place 19 days after Sunnydale sinks. Buffy and co. are recuperating in...
The Immortality Clause by DauntlessGrace R
A response to a challenge by Mia Vaan. A down on his luck vampire is called...
Class Protector by Ginger NC-17
Buffy wasn’t sure if she was sensing some major badness brewing or if...
Letters From Home by all_choseny R
9/11 was a day Buffy Summers would never forget. It was the day her husband...
Breaking the Habit by all_choseny, Red_dragon R
After the closing of the Hellmouth, Buffy and the gang united all the Slayers...
Never the Same by Wonder and Ashes PG-13
Once upon a time a Slayer and a Vampire fell in love. Buffy thinks it’s...
William's Poetry for Miss Anne by SzmattyCat PG
William writes some words for the sweet Miss Anne (to be featured in Death and...
Strawberry Fields by Holly NC-17
Heartbroken and determined, Spike sets out to form a truce with his mortal enemy...
Random Story
The Talisman by hulettwyo NC-17
Dreams… they can be fun and… informative.  This started...
Lukas Bauer (7/21 10:12am): Or characters that behave lime them, despite being physically much older, are the only characters he really knows how to write.
Lukas Bauer (7/21 10:11am): That ridiculous off screen breakup for the flimsiest of reasons killed my last ounce belief he still knew to handle the characters.
He never should have come back to the Buffyverse at all, leaving it completely to people like Christos Gage instead.

But foolish, angsty teenagers

Chrissel (7/21 09:25am): Hey all -the Spuffy Realm is back up now. Thereís no message or anything, so Iím hoping the site being back means Pari is doing better.
all_choseny (7/21 08:10am): @flow I agree! It felt like they wanted to get back with each other and in my head canon they are together and blissfully in love.
sweetprincipale (7/21 06:22am): Flow- totally excellent insight.
flow (7/21 04:25am): I agree with Holly though that they deliberately left them in a good space with hints that both wanted to get back together again. In my headcanon they are once more a happy couple. Ever since the ending of season 12. But the break up still feels shallow and meaningless.
flow (7/21 04:20am): Your own woman would inevitably mean you canít find happiness in a fulfilling relationship with a partner who is your equal. And thatís not what feminism wanted to accomplish. Itís the exact opposite.
flow (7/21 04:17am): I think the Spuffy break up was not only to satisfy Bangels. After all they paired Angel with someone else in season 12. I think it had to do with the (absurd) conclusion that nowadays a strong and independent woman has to be single. Which is utterly wrong of course because it would mean that being
pfeifferpack (7/20 11:36pm): party Happy birthday to Tgk spuffy! Hope thr day has gifted you with everything and everyone wonderful. May this year reward you richly and surround you with love and joy.
all_choseny (7/20 06:43pm): Does anyone know if the concept for the episode Normal Again was based on the novel "I Never Promised You A Rose Garden"
Holly (7/20 03:42pm): @MiseEnPlace - Yay! Well, there's a bit more to go, but it's coming along. Plan on updating today.
Holly (7/20 03:12pm): But they essentially said, at the end, that they were going to get back together after the fact. There was no narrative reason for the breakup but they did it to appease the fans, but then gave Spuffy fans a wink at the end to say all would be well for them.
Holly (7/20 03:11pm): They broke up "mutually" essentially because the series was ending and Whedon had to appease Bangel fans.
-Ash- (7/20 03:03pm): Thank you all for the welcome back! It's good to be back. Although I checked on fandom to see how the Spuffy relationship was going in the comics, and it seems as though they have broken up? I'm so heartbroken!!!!
slaymesoftly (7/20 01:02pm): Welcome back Ash! nmcil has made another wonderful banner for my IWSHLY series, this one for part 3 Almost Home. Thanks you, nmcil!
MiseEnPlace (7/20 12:03pm): @Holly - Yay! More Strawberry Fields! I'm starting it again from the beginning, hoping to approach the end about the time you finish it. Love that story!
Chrissel (7/20 11:58am): *Eleos
Chrissel (7/20 11:58am): Looking forward to more Eye of Elios! I think last we saw, they were in the 50s or 60s? I canít wait till they catch up!
Holly (7/20 11:57am): @nmcil - TY. It's good to be back.

And hey, @Allison42! Nice to see you over here. :-)

JustWriter (7/20 09:35am): Pfeifferpack, no one here questions your dedication.
JustWriter (7/20 09:32am): Hi @-Ash-; I think I've read some of your stuff.
JustWriter (7/20 09:30am): Thanks @slaymesoftly , I had previously checked both out.
JustWriter (7/20 09:28am): Thanks @thebuzwuzz, read it👍
Chrissel (7/20 08:13am): Happy birthday Tgk spuffy!
pfeifferpack (7/20 01:37am): close as possible within a few days of a week.

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2019 April Challenge Month

Hello everyone,

The moderators of Elysian Fields would like to thank and congratulate everyone who participated in the 2019 Challenge Month. Authors, artists, betas, commenters, and lurkers – you all play an important role in making our archive the successful and wonderful place it is.

The 2019 Challenge Month has brought us 44 brand new fic. Yes, you read that number correctly, 44 brand new fic. That's huge! For anyone who has yet to read the wonderful contributions created by the talented authors on our site, you can FIND THEM ALL HERE. You’re welcome. wink

April Challenge Month stats:
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  • New fic – 44
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--Amy on May 02, 2019 05:19am 11 Comments
Get Ready for Challenge Month!

We know it's been a challenge having to wait for our April site event. However, we're only a few days away! We can't help but show our excitement for challenge month. No, really, you can see it with our brand new event skin, which will be our featured skin through the entire month. If you want to make it your default skin for the month, make sure to change it in your preferences page.

In order to make sure everyone understands all that's going on, we'll try to cover everything here. If there's something you're not sure about, please let us know in the comments. There's a lot of information in this post, but please read the whole thing to be sure you know what's happening in April.

How and when do I post my story so that it's part of the event?
After midnight on April 1 (site time, which is Eastern US time-it's listed under the shoutbox), post your story as you normally would. Once you've added your story, find the challenge you're responding to on the challenges page or in your saved challenges list (if you've already saved...

--The Mods on March 28, 2019 06:14pm 14 Comments
April Challenge Month

So, for those of you who have been members (or lurkers) here at Elysian Fields for a while, you’d know it’s not exactly a secret that we love Challenges. heartsAnd for anyone who was unaware, all you have to do is check out our Site Events page.

We went ‘live’ as an archive in October of 2006, and it’s become somewhat of a tradition over the last few years to celebrate that fact with a site wide event. And the response has always been phenomenal, from authors, artists and readers.

We look forward to these Challenges, and seeing and reading what our wonderful talented members come up each year is awesome. So awesome in fact, it made us mods ask the question, “Why can’t we do this more than once a year?”

Well, there isn’t a reason to not host a site challenge more than once a year. And as it happens, you lovelies--our members--have already planned it for us. Our site has a veritable treasure trove of inspiration in the form of member-written fic challenges, and they...

--Amy on February 21, 2019 02:28am 13 Comments