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Connection by ya_lublyu_tebya R
During Willow's thy-will-be-done spell, a little inadvertent claiming takes...
Heroes, Hexes, and Hijinks by JaneRemmington R
Eight strangers wake up in a magic shop with no memory of who they were only...
Magic Man by Touchstoneaf Adult Only
Being Called does not mean being Owned. The Calling has Buffy in Las Vegas;...
Spike and the Quest for the Gems of Amara by the_big_bad PG
What if the Gem of Amara has another purpose than just providing a vampire protection?...
You Learn by bramcrackers Adult Only
When Buffy learns about Angel’s history with Drusilla, she can’t...
Sanctuary by AliciaJazmin PG-13
Spike feels safe, using Buffy's lap as a pillow.
Seven by Holly NC-17
It's been months since Willow almost ended the world, and a tense summer has...
Enemy Mine by Blade Redwind NC-17
"Make me what I was," he'd said. And the demon did; only, he didn't expect those...
Damage Case by Axell NC-17
Spike had no idea how much his unlife would change when he hurried to answer...
Use It or Lose It by Dynamite NC-17
Buffy has settled down. No more Slayer, comma, The. She's finally living the...
Random Story
What She Deserves by TammyDevil666 NC-17
What if Spike was the one to get hit by the invisibility ray in "Gone?"...
swonderful (1/19 10:58pm): Shoutout to a great old comment by jhiz on ya_lublyu_tebya's "Understanding": "This is a way sweeter take on seeing Red. Alas, it is only sweet up until the time the world falls under the wave of ubervamps escaping from the hellmouth without a spike soul to burn em up and close it."
SleepingTigress (1/19 09:43pm): I actually finished the chapter, sort of, yesterday. It needs heavy editing currently, and my entire left arm is out of commission tonight, because of course. But I'm gonna try to dredge through it right handed, and hopefully have an update soon.
tm_writes (1/19 08:16pm): @the_big_bad maybe itíll motivate me to dip my toe into finally writing for this fandom (because I believe Iíve read 99% of all the stories on this site)
kats_meow (1/19 08:09pm): Thanks folks! I'm here all the time anyway, and I'm happy to help out as much as I can! big grin
the_big_bad (1/19 07:38pm): @tentymill Thank goodness for Alexa who just played me Ashes by Claire Guerreso and I can totally see that!
the_big_bad (1/19 07:37pm): Happy Birthday Buffy! And congrats kats_meow!
TwilightChild (1/19 07:05pm): Posted the last chapter of The Worst Betrayal, but I'm going to be making one more update because there's a few scenes missing from the whole story that I'm going to fill in. Lame, I know, but hopefully not against the rules. I'm posting chapter one of The Worst Reunion this weekend.
Jws1993 (1/19 04:23pm): Extra thanks to @Axell again for creating a banner for one of my completed stories!
tm_writes (1/19 02:39pm): Has anyone ever heard the song Ashes by Claire Guerreso - just so haunting and 100% could see Buffy listening in repeat at the end of Season 7
all_choseny (1/19 01:42pm): Congrats kats_meow!!
all_choseny (1/19 01:41pm): @honeygirl, I did the same thing lol
honeygirl51885 (1/19 11:41am): AndÖcongrats kats_meow! Another brilliant author joining The Mods! bravo
honeygirl51885 (1/19 11:39am): Happy Birthday Buffy! party (Iím totally saying that in Druís creepy voice!). Our girlís 41 today, what! Longest lived Slayer! You know thatís in part due to Spike always having her back and being the most supportive partner ever. wink
OffYourBird (1/19 11:27am): Happy birthday, Buffy!!!
In celebratory fashion, the Mods are delighted to welcome kats_meow to the Elysian Fields admin team today! Read more about it, and help us welcome her, here: https://dark-solace.org/...d=189

Irandamay (1/19 02:03am): Yall! Its our girl's birthday party Happy Birthday Buffy Summers!
all_choseny (1/18 06:37pm): I saw on EF Facebook someone received The Buffy Encyclopedia, and I knew I had to get a copy. I casually showed it to my hubby, and he ordered it for me as a surprise. It came in today, and it really is a very nice book.
the_big_bad (1/18 06:08pm): I just finished reading the last of the Secret Santa fics. Thank you to all the authors, betas, and artists for that cornucopia of Spuffy loving!!!!!
Alma102 (1/18 01:57pm): @SleepingTigress - a bit late to the party but wanted to say congrats on the mounting word count (the struggle is real!) and confirm that What Makes a Monster updates will be duly cherished and appreciated, whenever you are ready to share your words with us flowers
MissLuci (1/18 10:22am): @Vampbod1 the man for the Job by lafillesauvage https://dark-solace.org/...=7055
Vampbod1 (1/18 08:50am): Hi I'm looking for a story were Buffy gets spike to take a potion so he turns into a female, and hijinks ensures can't remember the title
slaymesoftly (1/17 06:54pm): The generous and talented mcgnagallsarmy made me a beautiful banner for one of my very old fics. Thank you so much!
OffYourBird (1/17 05:00pm): FYI -- for anyone who may be using banner links from art I've made for you: if your image is missing, it will return shortly. My image hosting service is transitioning to a new server and warned that images may be down for a few hours.
TwilightChild (1/17 12:13pm): This week after who-knows-how-long, I'm hoping to post the very last chapter of The Worst Betrayal and the first chapter of its sequel, which I'm thinking of calling The Worst Reunion.
MissLuci (1/17 10:15am): @nmcill - I want to publically THANK YOU and give you my very heartfelt apologies on the late response to the perfect banner you made for one of my fics.
pfeifferpack (1/16 11:00pm): Late to the partyHappy birthday to Quick116 and amidtheflowers! Hope all day has been one joy after another and that you have been surrounded by all that you love and wish the most. May this year bring you blessings and love daily.

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Welcome kats_meow to the Admin Team!

There came a point when the Mods realized we really didn’t have enough iterations of “K”-names on the team. So, we just had to add one more. (Holly is now honorarily “Kholly”, in case anyone is curious.)

In other words, the EF Mods are overjoyed to welcome our wonderful EF member and author kats_meow to the admin team! In addition to general mod responsibilities, kats_meow will be covering story validation with Kathleen (pfeifferpack), monitoring stories in general, and providing any updates to tags. She’ll also be around on the EF social media platforms keeping an eye on things with Katie (OffYourBird) and Holly, and will eventually be cross-trained on some back-of-site work so that Holly can have an extra hand. She will be a wonderful support for us all, and we know she’ll be a great leadership voice in the community.

Many of you may already know kats_meow, but just in case, we asked her to introduce herself officially to you all:


--The Mods on January 19, 2022 11:03am 21 Comments
A Year in Review

With the holidays officially behind us, we have retired the Secret Santa skin as the site default (though it’s still available for selection) and exchanged it for a brand-new skin, entitled fierce, based on the amazing artwork provided by OffYourBird. To set it to your default, visit Account Info > Profiles and Preferences > Edit Preferences.

We held four site events—Challenge Month in April, Mystery Month in July, Called Challenge in October, and our second-ever Secret...

--The Mods on January 07, 2022 10:34am 12 Comments
Administrative Changes

Welcome to 2022, EF. 

For a fandom of a show that will turn 25 in just a couple of short months, our archive is busier now than it has ever been. And thanks in no small part to the pandemic, we have had two back-to-back banner years in terms of community engagement.

As we look toward another year of continued growth, some changes are coming to the administrative team, among those saying goodbye to Elysian Fields founders angelic_amy and Megan. We are endlessly grateful for the environment they helped create and the many years they dedicated to the site, which included time, money, and labor. They will be memorialized on a forthcoming History of EF page and have been assigned Elysian Fields Founder recognition in a new profile tag. Incidentally, all members may now choose to associate as an Author, Reader, or Lurker. All you have to do is visit Edit Bio/Personal Information under Account Info. 

Amy drafted a letter...

--The Mods on January 04, 2022 09:46pm 42 Comments