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Tricky Propositions. by Spikes_slayer08 NC-17
Set beginning of season 5 slightly AU, No Glory or "Key" Dawn. Buffy and the...
Burdens to Blessings: by SlayrGrl PG-13
When Buffy is brought back from the dead she wants to die, until a dead man...
Trouble Believing by sandy_s R
Summary: Spuffy kinkathon (on LJ) assignment written for evenstar_estel who...
Scattered Echoes by myrabeth R
Continuation of the series that began with Echoes of Beljoxa. Between the infamous...
A New Dawn, A New Day by gwennie NC-17
Dawn dies in The Gift and the Powers That Be offer Buffy a singularly awkward...
Life Hard by Soulburnt NC-17
When you're trying to be better after decades of evil, a little encouragement...
Dawn Bleeds Into Dusk by Malapert Adult Only
A response to Loup Noir’s Challenge. “It doesn’t matter...
No Happily Ever After by Irishrose NC-17
Since the age of five, Buffy has always thought that life couldn’t get...
In Death, That I May Live... by Irishrose PG-13
Challenge Fic: Buffy makes an accidental wish to a vengence demon that will...
Not Much with the Damselling by -Carrie-Ann- PG-13
Loosely based on the very beginning of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie, (BtVS...
Random Story
The Consequences of Reanimation by Demonica Mills R
Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. What are the consequences for...
Cockney Cecilia (9/23 06:29pm): I've just finished my challenge one-shot (which is twice as long as I planned on it being!) -looking forward to reading all the other responses, impressed people have written multiple chapters already!
sandy_s (9/23 05:15pm): I'm in chapter two of's going to be three chapters. Short this year but I have other projects... big grin
Irishrose (9/23 04:48pm): Updates, updates, get them while they're hot!
SpindleKitten (9/23 04:13pm): If only I was capable of writing short stories, Carrie! Anyway, you're super busy with you new course and all so can be forgiven for not writing another fic kiss
-Carrie-Ann- (9/23 03:59pm): SpindleKitten, I'm usually more organised than this, it's great you have several chapters already written big grin
SpindleKitten (9/23 03:48pm): I have two and a half chapters written. If I was capable of following a plan, that would be me nearly done but 3 chapters has morphed into at least 5... I really hope it doesn't get any longer scared
-Carrie-Ann- (9/23 02:42pm): How are people getting on with their challenge stories? I've barely started mine 😕
pfeifferpack (9/23 01:48pm): Home from to bed, catch up later (I hope...still behind).
pfeifferpack (9/23 01:48pm): party Happy birthday Tari_na! Have a day surrounded by all you love and a year with every day a new wonder.
Ree (9/23 12:03pm): the spuffy's not in there yet, but it will be
Ree (9/23 12:03pm): zab's got a new spuffy story in the works, called Under Your Spell:
-Carrie-Ann- (9/23 11:08am): I've just posted the next chapter of Not Much with the Damseling for those who are still following heart
thenewbuzwuzz (9/23 04:03am): Yikes, I've only read past MoMs this month... so now, I have OffYourBird's rec list open and I intend to try a couple of other people and give them a chance to blow my mind. ^^
thenewbuzwuzz (9/23 03:48am): NOW, whomst all should I nominate for Member of the Month? thinking [Edit: this question is rhetorical. Not a cry for help <3]
thenewbuzwuzz (9/23 03:39am): nmcil posted 2 lovely banners on Seasonal Spuffy! One is s12-themed (, and the other is autumnal ( I think that's it for the free-for-all! I agree, @pfeifferpack, so much great visual artwork. ^^
thenewbuzwuzz (9/23 02:06am): Why is there so much inhaling and exhaling in Spuffy fic, as opposed to other BtVS fic?? Granted, my methodology was flawed. The difference didn't need to be much at all to make it into the kit.
thenewbuzwuzz (9/23 02:03am): I love "inhaled Buffy, exhaled sacrifice"! big grin
Badwolfjedi (9/23 12:36am): Carrie, thenewnuzwuzz, OYB - Thanks for all the kind words about the moodboards!! *blushes*
Wonderful poetry project too - I love how interactive it is! Nice ones Pfeifferpack!!

pfeifferpack (9/22 11:42pm): Hey folks...reminders. There are still prompts and banners for the anniversary event out there for the glomping. ALSO nearing cut-off for nominations for MoM's (the 25th).
pfeifferpack (9/22 11:07pm): Gorgeous art and graphic work. Lots of talent showing. YAY!!
pfeifferpack (9/22 11:06pm): YAY Seasonal Spuffy fun. Did a couple of entries in the poetry kit: "tortured hearts glory in pulsing harmony" and "inhaled Buffy, exhaled sacrifice"
OffYourBird (9/22 07:21pm): Love all the seasonal spuffy-ness! Can't wait to go through it all. And special thanks to BWJ for the absolutely amazing moodboard set! heart
thenewbuzwuzz (9/22 06:53pm): Doubtless! The rules are for the poem-making, not the other way round. wink
SpindleKitten (9/22 06:46pm): @thenewbuzwuzz I made a poem! I cheated a bit, but I think Spike would approve wink
thenewbuzwuzz (9/22 06:40pm): @SpindleKitten, thank you! <3 Sounds like an awesome game.

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Banners Claims - 12 Years 12 Seasons Challenge

Hi everyone,

In two days banner claiming opens for the 12 Years 12 Seasons Challenge. Present count has us with 48 banners submitted by the talented artists of our community, and 25 fic sign ups by authors.  If you are someone who has been ogling admiring the pretties as they've been loaded to the site, and want to claim one for your very own, then here's what you need to know.

Each banner will ONLY be allocated once, and it will be first come, first serve. So you need to make sure you are ready to hit send on the email when sign ups commence. Sign ups will be for your top three banner choices, in case your first or second is chosen. If you want to list more preferences than that, have at it. But understand you will only be allocated one banner per Challenge you've signed up for. 

When the site clock clicks over to the 16th of September (SITE TIME!)...

--Amy on September 14, 2018 01:23am 3 Comments
12 Years 12 Seasons Challenge

Hello everyone!

The twelfth anniversary of Elysian Fields is fast approaching, and you know what that means...? Challenge month! Welcome to your intro post on the 12 Years 12 Seasons Challenge. This year, we're providing you with a variety of written prompts. When you sign up for the challenge, you (the author) choose a specific prompt that you intend to respond to. The full prompt must be included in your fic. The location of the passage can be used as you see fit. You can use it as a fic opener or somewhere else within the text; where is entirely up to you.

Of course, we want all of our talented banner artists to be included in this challenge - and you will be. Artists, we are asking you to do the same as the authors: pick a prompt that speaks to you and create a banner. Once banners have been made, they will be added to a master list with the prompts. Authors participating in the challenge will be able to request a banner as soon as they have written the beginning/first chapter of their fic.

What if you're not an author or an...

--Amy on September 08, 2018 09:50pm 13 Comments
Welcome to the EF admin team, OffYourBird!

Here at EF, we've had 4 mods for quite a while now. We've all done our best, but with real life rearing its ugly head, and the fact that we're all in wildly different time zones, it's started to feel like we've been spread a little thin in a few areas. We put our heads together and decided that it was time to take on a new mod to help us out. We asked OffYourBird to join us, and she has graciously acceptedsquee. She's now officially a member of the admin team, and we are so glad to have her aboard! Most of you already know her because she's active in the shoutbox and she's a prolific author, but we asked her to write a few words to formally introduce herself as a mod. Without further ado...  

Hi, all! Many of you know me already, but I've been haunting EF for about two years and apparently our delightful mods finally decided to go with the 'if you can't get rid of them, then you might as well bring them on board' approach. (Just kidding.)  


--Mods on August 31, 2018 08:44am 31 Comments