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It seems I'm a minority here since I'm a man. I'm a 43 years old man from Sweden, who likes to read Spuffy fiction on my pad. I prefer vampire Spike and Slayer Buffy stories. All human stories are not my thing. I still read them though and enjoy them but I prefer the supernatural twist I tend to write a lot of comments to give something back to the writer and to speculate about what will happen in the story. And july 25 2013, I became number 1 on the reviewers list, the list for number of reviews that is. 

I have one big dislike and that is the soul. It won't stop me from reading anything but I tend to mention my thoughts in my comments. To me having Spike get the soul was the biggest mistake they ever did on the show. They were on their way to create something truly great and instead they went backwards. They could have showed us that the world is grey and instead had Spike getting the very symbol of the black and white view on the world. Spike's road to redemption became meaningless since he still had to get the soul, since he had to became something less than what he could have been. 

To me Spike should always be soulfree.

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