2023: A Year in Review

Hello EF! It’s officially a new year, which means it’s time to look back on the completion of our last trip around the sun together.

And what a trip it’s been! The last twelve months have been rife with changes for the archive—amazing changes. In fact, I started this post by revisiting our 2022: A Year In Review post from last year, reviewing some of the initiatives we planned to undertake. Just the tip of the iceberg, really.

In 2023, accomplishments include:

And really, y’all, so many other things. It’s been hard to keep track of all the improvements and changes that have been made this year, large and small. We’re not slowing down, either. Already we’ve announced new awards: Star Commenter Award, the Superstar Commenter Award, and the Artist of the Month Award. There is a lot more coming in the way of improvements and updates, so stay tuned because our team has been busy.

Speaking of our team, one of the best things that happened to EF in 2023 was the addition of cawthraven to the Mod team. Even before she was an official Mod, she was working closely with DarkVoid116 to help troubleshoot, implement, and roll out many behind-the-scenes improvements and updates. Suffice it to say, that has continued.

And all while we continued the proud history of site events, with Finishing Months in January-March, the Satisfaction-athon in February, Challenge Month in April, Drabblemania in July, the Truce Challenge in October for the site’s anniversary, and our fourth Secret Santa Fic Exchange. Once again, you guys blew our expectations out of the water.

So are you ready for awards?

In the fourth year of recognizing the milestone that is Completed Fics, we had 113 authors complete a total of 612 fics; that’s a staggering 225 more fics than last year.

All authors who completed a fic (one-shots count!) in 2023 have been issued this award:

Fic Complete 2023

The other award seeing its fourth year is the Event Complete Award (formerly the Challenge Complete Award). This was awarded to site members who completed any site event challenge in 2023 (that is, the challenge events that are overseen by the EF Mods and come with spiffy thematic skins and stuff). The exception here being Secret Santa, as finishing the fic is baked into the challenge itself.

Event Complete Award

And speaking of Secret Santa, we have some numbers to share.

We had 44 event contributions, which have garnered 1124 likes and 539 comments. All participants who completed their fics and/or art should now have their participant award on their profile.

P.S. If you haven't read the fics yet, you can find them all on the Secret Santa event page, which is also accessible by going to Events >> 2023 Secret Santa.

We also have issued awards to our most prolific members. These are chosen by the numbers.

In 2023, we added:

  • 10,328,329 words
  • 729 stories
  • 5,430  chapters
  • 1,654 new members
  • 120,624 new likes
  • 49,227 new comments to the archive (comprising 2,096,789 words)
Top 10 Most Prolific Commenter

Top 10 Commenters

Top 10 Most Prolific Author 2023

Top 10 Authors

Our most prolific author for 2023 was scratchmeout (again!)

Most Prolific Author 2023

Our most prolific commenter for 2023 was magnus374 (again)!

Most Prolific Commenter 2023

If you are missing an award you should have received, please reach out to us ( and we’ll verify and get that corrected.

Folks, we had an amazing year. Thank you all so much for what you give to our wonderful community. We eagerly await the amazing contributions we know you will make to the archive as we celebrate another year of Spuffy. And we’re just getting started.

--Holly and the Mods on January 03, 2024 10:07pm 7 Comments

 That's amazing!  It was a wonderful year.  Congrats everyone! applause

-- honeygirl51885 on January 04, 2024 05:08am

Congratulations everyone! Happy New Year’s!

-- Dynamite on January 04, 2024 06:09am

squeeapplause ( <--- that is a standing and squeeing ovation for E.F.  !!! )  YaY flowers hearts  Congrats and much admiration and appreciation to all that make (and have made) this site so awesome!  Thank you many times over!  hug

-- LovingWilliam on January 04, 2024 08:32am


-- RavenLove12 on January 04, 2024 02:59pm

It was an amazing and fantastic year!! Thank you to all the mods for all the events, site improvements, Discord conversations, movie nights, and just plain good time that you provide directly or by making EF available to us all! And thank you also to all the authors, commenters, and readers who keep the content fresh and exciting and delivering all the feels. hearts

-- the_big_bad on January 05, 2024 08:38am

Congrats on a wonderful year, EF! The additions and changes have been great. 


-- scratchmeout on January 05, 2024 04:57pm

WOW - talk about hard work and dedication equals success - Congratulations to all our fantastic writers and members.  Plus - we have the best Mods team ever - you all have made this the Best Spuffy and Buffyverse FF site.

-- nmcil on January 29, 2024 03:46pm