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Just here to read. read

Long-time BtVS fan, I finally joined EF as a member in 2019 because the last chapters of an NC-17 fic I loved were only available here. I visited only sporadically until November 2022 when the Spuffy bug caught me again.

Since then my 'to read' list grew exponentially (and still does), so I guess I'm going to stay for a while... wink

I'm a firm believer of

"The authors put so much work into creating their fic, art, vid, podfic etc. and put themselves out on a limb by publishing the result, the least I can do is let them know how much I appreciate their work."


"If you want an author to continue writing, let them know you like their work (and maybe even what specifically you like). It may inspire them to keep doing it" :).

Therefore I'm not just reading, but also commenting.

In April 2023, this earned me this shiny badge:
  Commenter og the Month Award Apr2023
Thank you to everyone who nominated me! heart
I never expected this and was astonished when I received an e-mail notification that someone had nominated me, and over the moon when I actually was chosen as Commenter of the Month a little while later.

Since January 2023 I'm also the proud beta of PaganRose (as of August 2023 all fics but the very first one).

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