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An "exquisite corpse" is a series of prompts used to create a surreal, collaborative artwork.  For a written corpse, each person writes their part based on very thin knowledge of what came before.  The history of the form is here, very briefly: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exquisite_corpse.  I started thinking about it for this site when the April Fools Challenge was going on.  I think the Buffyverse is perfect for this -- I mean, think of all the surreal and disorienting things that happen everyday to Buffy and her world.  Portals, time-lapsing demons, transmogrifications, spells, prophetic dreams, regular lustbunny dreams, costumes of Chaos, alternative dimensions, visits from the gods, bug ships, loan sharks with shark heads ... and the world without shrimp.  Neverevenmind what goes down in fandom.

Here's how I propose to do it:  

1.     If you're interested in writing a chapter, PM me.  I'll put you on the list.

2.    The first person -- which will be me unless someone else lets me know they want to go first (orphaned first chapter that needs a home, anyone?) -- writes Chapter 1 -- and sends it to me ... if they are not me.  

3.    I send the last paragraph of Chapter 1 to the second writer. 

4.    The second writer has 7 days to send me Chapter 2.

5.    I send the last paragraph of Chapter 2 to the third writer, who has 7 days to send me Chapter 3.

6.    Etc.  

7.    This is going to publish on consecutive days after it's finished, since the fun is all in the transitions.



  • NC-17 or less
  • Your chapter must start with the paragraph you were given.
  • No word count constraints -- you wanna write haiku?  You write haiku.  But generally, I was thinking 500 to 4000.  
  • It should be sent to me within 7 days if at all possible.  But if you need to be moved down the list because the timing won't work, let me know.
  • You are encouraged to write a mysterious/quirky/misleading/hilarious last paragraph.


*** This challenge -- at least the first round of this challenge -- is complete.  But it was so much fun to do, and it seems also to read, that I'm pretty sure anyone who wants to issue a new exquisite corpse challenge would have a lot of takers.  I myself would happily sign on to a new round, so be sure and PM me! ***


Summary: You are walking through the cars on a train.  Each car seems to belong to a different train, with strange new landscapes outside the window.  You walk through the next door, and into another … no, wait, you’re in a submarine. But there’s a train door at the far end, so you walk through the echoing chamber, and you go through the door, and — why are you in the basket of a zeppelin?  How’d that work, and what country is that down there?  And how long do you think that dangling rope ladder is?
Presenting the collaborative response to the A Most Exquisite Corpse challenge.
Warnings: Smut, rampant surrealism, disjointed transitions. Yay!
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