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Switch by Holly
Blurb: Sure, Buffy's propositioned him before, but never in public. Too much risk of discovery and all that. Something’s not right, and Spike’s determined to find out what. Even if he hates her. Which he does.
Season/Episode: Who Are You, Season 4
Featured Characters: Spike/Buffy, Faith
Colour theme: As long as it conveys the mood, I'm good.
Mood/Style: Lighthearted, smexy
Additional Information: This is the 4th installment in the Enemies with Benefits series, and will cover the period over which Buffy and Faith switch bodies. By this point, Spike and Buffy have had lots of angry sex and are infected with the feels, but she’s still dating Riley and he’s totally fine with that. Really.
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Up or Down? by EllieRose101
Blurb: Spike and Buffy are stuck in a lift/elevator
Season/Episode: Four
Featured Characters: Just Spike and Buffy. No one else.
Additional Information: Spike's flask.
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Time After Time by MissLuci
Blurb: How would things change if Dawn was the one who jumped in The Gift and Spike followed because of the promise he made to Buffy? 
After they jump, Spike and Dawn become trapped in an alternate dimension unable to find their way home.   Time moves differently in the alternate dimension (I have a tentative name for the world, but still playing around to be sure). When Spike and Dawn return 147 days later, things are not the same. Will Buffy be able to come to terms with everything that has happened to her sister and the vampire she’d been starting to...feel something for. 
Featured Characters: Buffy looks like Buffy at the beginning of season 6. Spike with short William hair and glasses. Dawn with white hair (old).
Colour theme: Earthy, sunny, organic, not dark even though there is a lot of angst.
Mood/Style: Angst, but happy too
Additional Information: Maybe a split banner. Half in the alternate world/half back in Sunnydale (that side darker). A black Harley V twin motorcycle. (I have a few pics I can send)
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GTFO by Girlytek
Blurb: Spike doesn’t take the extra hundred bucks to be the decoy. Ethan doesn’t hang around to gloat. With the Initiative on their tail (just a little one), and Ethan needing a good being killed, Spike and Fyarl-Giles get out of town. There’s nothing like a road trip to put your demons in perspective.
Season/Episode: Season 4/A New Man
Featured Characters: Spike, Fyarl-Giles
Colour theme: Overall dark, but with some accent-color bright blue
Mood/Style: Dark humor
Additional Information: Specific image request: Spike and Fyarl-Giles driving.
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Dare by Sigyn
Blurb: All Human. Buffy is nearly 40 when she turns around at work and finds her ex-lover Spike has returned from England, and they have to work together. Their past relationship from 18 years ago was strained and abusive. Have they changed enough to make it finally work? Two storylines intertwined, one mature, responsible, and loving; one young, rash, and dangerous.
Mood/Style: Mood switches between the two storylines.
Additional Information: Optional info: Young Spike is the one we all know, with the bleached hair. Older Spike is older JM, without. Same with aging Buffy.
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What Happens In Quarantine... by bewildered
Blurb: I haven't written my summary yet, but doing Pfeifferpack's "Corona and Time" Challenge
Season/Episode: 4, will go AU from "The Initiative"
Featured Characters: Buffy & Spike. SpikeOther characters appear, but tangentially. Primary setting is Giles's apartment. The Initiative features in the plot.
Colour theme: Any
Mood/Style: So yeah, there's a deadly illness, quarantine, yadda yadda, but really that's just an excuse to have Spuffy locked in Giles's apartment for an extended period of time so they can argue, bond and screw. There will be cheese and liquor (not Corona beer) and Giles will need to hire a cleaning service when everything is done. Blend of comedy, drama, and smut, with a basically-happy ending because that's how I roll. The kind of fic where I don't feel bad about revealing basically the entire plot here in this note because it's all about the, um, ride. That kind of fic.
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Even Exchange by sweetprincipale
Blurb: (My summary for the story will get more polished, I promise) 
In AU Season Six, Buffy and Spike are on speaking terms, Buffy's been fired from DoubleMeat Palace, and she decides to pursue college once again, looking for anything to get her back into the swing of this living thing. Problems arise, mainly the need for money. A desperate Buffy receives a lucrative job offer from none other than aspiring photographer, Parker. If she'll pose for him, her money problems will be resolved, at least temporarily. Is she willing to take the money in exchange for her pride? Spike, falling ever more in love with a Buffy who treats him like an ally and a friend, knows they're miles away from doing anything more physical. It's getting to be too much for his baser instincts to withstand, and cravings of the sexual kind are getting worse by the minute, when every minute is filled with thoughts of the person he can't have. Maybe it's time to take the pressure off with a person who'll pretend to be exactly who he wants, even if he has to pay for it? A chance encounter on the seamy side of town lets them both in on the other's "dirty secret." Is Buffy willing to pose for Spike's hungry eyes instead? He's willing to convince her- and then prove he's what's she needs to feel alive again. 
Season/Episode: 6/ AUish
Featured Characters: Spike, Buffy
Colour theme: Pinks, reds, grays
Mood/Style: Longing, wistful, desperate.
Additional Information: Parker hints that his pictures are tasteful and relate to history- Greek art, (his excuse to convince gullible girls to pose for nudes). Some background Greek art or Buffy in Grecian drapery/toga style is acceptable.
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2187 Days by Irishrose
Blurb: Both Dru and Angel getting sucked in into Acathla, leaving Buffy and Spike bereft, plagued by guilt, and without much will to live. As Buffy, now going by Anne, goes through the motions of life in LA, Spike keeps a watchful eye, waiting for the day she's finally worthy of what he plans to be the final fight of his unlife. Just when she begins to  show a spark of her old self she walks right into a demon trap, necessitating Spike to intervene because no one gets to kill this Slayer but him. Instead, they both end up trapped and enslaved for years in a hellish demon dimension, forcing them to work together to survive, and they become far more than friends. Eventually they escape, freeing many slaves as well. But adjusting to life back on earth, where only mere minutes have passed, is difficult at best when they're both expected to pick up their old lives like nothing ever happened. (Yes, this is an "Enemy Mine" trope.)
Season/Episode: Begins with "Becoming part 2", but heavy focus/episode rewrite of "Anne" and early season 3.
Featured Characters: Buffy & Spike, minor appearances of Angel, Drusilla, Lily, Ken (demon), and the scoobies.
Colour theme: artist choice
Mood/Style: dramatic, angst, despair, hope.
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Unfavorable Odds by bookishy
Blurb: One night. That was all Buffy thought she'd be spending with Spike. He'd tell her how he killed her sister slayers, and in exchange, he'd get cash and one "get out of petty evil free" card. Instead, after a surprise ambush and several tranquilizer darts, she wakes up in an alternate dimension to find that she and Spike are now players in a life-or-death game set in bizarro Sunnydale. To survive, they'll have to be the last ones standing--or figure out who brought them here in the first place and why. Sounds easy, right? After all, it's not like she and Spike haven't worked together to take down a baddie before. Unfortunately, their competitors turn out to be familiar. Like, really familiar. You could say they know them just as well as they know themselves. 
Season/Episode: S5, goes AU at the end of "Fool for Love," 5x7
Featured Characters: Spike, Buffy as main. (In very small ways, could also have a Spike from "The Harsh Light of Day" with the Gem of Amara and a vampire Buffy (from "Nightmares" in S1), but that might be too much).
Colour theme: Designer's choice
Mood/Style: Dramatic. This is a Hunger Games-inspired fic.
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Visiting Limbo by Soulburnt
Blurb: Based on killjoy's challenge, Spike died in the alley after the end of "Not Fade Away."  He can't go to heaven and doesn't deserve hell, so the Powers create a new place for him, where he is utterly alone.  Meanwhile, Buffy is taking advantage of her ability to live a normal life, while Dawn is cautiously exploring her Key nature.  Instead of opening portals, she's carefully projecting her astral self into other dimensions, learning slowly and on her own.  Dawn finds Spike in his empty afterlife.  After a couple of awkward, angry visits, the two regain their friendship, and Dawn visits Spike whenever she can.  She doesn't think that Buffy, clinging to the 'normal' life, cares about Spike at all.  Eventually, Buffy finds out that her sister is not all that happy with the normal life... and that she's been communicating with Spike, who is in a self-described hell. 
Season/Episode: Post-series, but not comics-compliant
Featured Characters: Dawn, Spike, and Buffy
Colour theme: Dawn and Buffy are living in 2004 London; Spike's afterlife is a featureless, rain-cloud grey realm
Mood/Style: Eventual happy ending, but at first Dawn is angry and Spike is a little crazy (he doesn't do well alone)
Additional Information: Dawn anchors herself with several objects when she astrally projects. I like the idea of the compass and the red toy double-decker bus in the background or faded/watermarked behind the characters, but that's definitely not a requirement. Visual artists always have better instincts than I do! "...the half circle of items around [Dawn] were for orientation and to mark her location: one of her hairs entwined with Buffy’s as an anchor to her self; a cast iron miniature of a double-decker bus for physical place (and having iron to repel some of the wilder, darker kinds of magic was a plus); one of her watches to keep her tied to her timeline; a globe to represent her destination; and a cheap compass because she was traveling."
This story's banner will be created by DirtyAim! Blurb: Six months pregnant, the reality of the inevitability finally hits Buffy inescapably.
Season/Episode: Post-Canon
Featured Characters: Buffy, Spike
Mood/Style: Introspective
Additional Information: I look forward to working with you.
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Let's Do The Time Warp Again by Behind Blue Eyes
Blurb: After Buffy finishes up with Mummyhand Lady, Warren decides the only way Buffy can get out of the time loop she's trapped in...she has to "satisfy" another customer. 
Season/Episode: Set in season 6, episode Life Serial
Mood/Style: This will be lighthearted and sexy. Just like me 😉
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What Makes a Monster by SleepingTigress
Blurb: Buffy is taken in by the Initiative. Spike very stupidly tries to rescue her.
Season/Episode: Story is set in season 4, starting between Hush and Doomed.
Featured Characters: Buffy, Spike, Walsh
Colour theme: Either very bright or very dark. Leaving this up to the artist, but probably a bit of both.
Mood/Style: Angst, H/C
Additional Information: Have artist contact me for this
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Ghost Hunters Live! by tbd
Blurb: Much to their surprise - Spike & Buffy are cast for a ghost hunting show that will be live on Halloween. Assuming it will just be a fluff piece they go along with it but it turns out it is very real indeed.
Season/Episode: post series
Featured Characters: Spike & Buffy
Colour theme: dark/spooky
Mood/Style: spooky maybe a spirit board or evp or something else ghost hunterish. I love the look of s6 & 7 Spuffy and also the comics.
Additional Information: title not set in stone
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Suddenly You're Mine by Dorians Kitten
Blurb: When Spike pops out of the amulet, he isn't a ghostie, he's a genie...and Angel is holding his chains.
Season/Episode: Post BTVS/Angel season 5
Featured Characters: Spike, Buffy, Angel
Colour theme: blue perhaps...the smoke that comes from the amulet and becomes Spike is blue, maybe a white background
Mood/Style: It's a romantic dramedy.
Additional Information: Just info:Spike will pop out shirtless, but will don his typical attire most of the time. He might give a nod to tradition ala I Dream of Jeanie and throw on an open vest at some point. Blue smoke. The amulet is obviously a big player.