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September 01, 2013 12:53am

Glory calls Xander a whelp in the episode where she finds Dawn at the hospital and Willow and tara do their magic on her and send her to the middle of space.
September 01, 2013 12:53am

Hmmm, I'm pretty sure he calls her Glinda in season 5 somewhere. Anyway, hello all.
August 30, 2013 08:34pm

I think 'whelp' is okay. I'm using it in a fiction, so... Thank you very much, girls ^_^
August 30, 2013 02:19pm

Good luck dampers...I hope you can get it published. Loved "The Butcher", it is an amazing story. Thanx for letting us know. SAVED! :)
August 29, 2013 03:34pm

Whelp, obviously. Not Whekp. Stupid keyboard!
August 28, 2013 07:41pm

Yeah, "whekp" is entirely fanon Kasumi. He never says it in the show, it's something fanfic writers have made up and is now used everywhere, like Glinda for Tara. He never says that either to my knowledge :)
August 28, 2013 07:41pm

Thank you so much, guys! :)
August 28, 2013 06:45pm

The Butcher is a wonderful story and i look forward to seeing it in print. Thanks for letting us know so we an save it.
August 28, 2013 05:21pm

@kasumi - This post details names Spike has actually called Xander:
August 28, 2013 05:18pm

I'm sad you're taking 'The Butcher' down because it turned out to be my favorite of your stories, but you absolutely should publish it! It's an amazing story. Good luck and keep us posted. For anybody who hasn't read 'The Butcher' yet - do it!
August 28, 2013 05:16pm

Behind Blue Eyes
Good luck, dampers.
August 28, 2013 05:14pm

Thanks dampersandspoons. I love your stories so I think I'll save "the Butcher" to read it in another moment. Good luck with your originals :)
August 28, 2013 05:01pm

yep, it was "whelp"! Thanks you very much :)
August 28, 2013 04:50pm

So if you enjoyed that story, copy it to your hard drive by this weekend before I delete it. Thank you to those that supported the story, and wish me luck!
August 28, 2013 03:42pm

Hey, guys! I'm just posting a courtesy note for anyone that might be interested. I'll be removing the story "The Butcher" from my catalog by this weekend. It was an original fiction to begin with, and I've been editing it like crazy to get it back to its original state so I can shop it around.
August 28, 2013 03:41pm

August 28, 2013 02:00pm

Droopy Boy, wanker, Carpenter Boy (I think, in the later seasons)... etc I'm sure I'm forgetting many :)
August 28, 2013 10:59am

Somebody helps me.. I don't remember the way Spike calls Xander.. in sarcastic way. I need it for my OS. Thanks <3
August 28, 2013 09:00am

New to the it!!
August 27, 2013 08:34pm

It has been forever since I said anything here. Hey! I have sort of fallen out of the fandom a bit but I still love y'all and still hang out in chat. Just wanted to say hey and I miss all my old spuffy pals I used to talk to all the time. And Susan, the site looks awesome!
August 27, 2013 06:21pm

It was just part of my master plan to get you to work on The Lost Aurelian again. Did it work? I love Ellie.
August 26, 2013 09:03pm

Just a quick shout-out to the lovely Lambean for giving my new piece a quick beta. Love ya!
August 26, 2013 01:57pm

Hi all! Looking for someone to look over a new piece really quick here in about an hour, send me an email @ if you're not busy!
August 25, 2013 04:58pm

*Does happy Dance* I am on a Top List! That just made my day :)
August 24, 2013 08:54pm

Thank you Susan and Puddinhead! I love this site so much! It would be an honor to make a donation. I know I'm a little late in entering the fandom, but its wonderful to find a site still dedicated to Spuffy. Thank you so much! (*goes off to make donation*)
August 23, 2013 05:19pm

Also, one random question... The Tumblr feed of new and updated stories has had a pretty good response, so I wanted to know if people would be interested in an identical feed but on Twitter. It would be really easy to set up, but I won't bother if there's no interest. Let me know.
August 23, 2013 04:58pm

Rabbit_moon1, thanks for your kind words and offer! Your comment prompted a discussion between the mods about member donations, and we have decided to provide a way for members to help the site financially. Read more here: .
August 23, 2013 10:11am

Need help finding a fic. Season 1 or 2-ish, all four of the Scourge of Europe turn up in SunnyD because of some prophecy that requires them to work with the Slayer. I remember Spike and Darla DON'T hate each other, which is unusual, but not much else. Help?
August 21, 2013 11:30pm

thanks. ive been waiting for an update.
August 21, 2013 02:30pm