New Category and Warning

Hi EF,

The written word is powerful, even transformative. It can also be extremely cathartic for creators who need a place to channel their feelings about current events into something constructive. With so much civil and political unrest occurring globally, we decided we would be remiss if we didn’t accommodate space on our archive for authors to express themselves.

We also understand that, for many, fanfiction is a point of escape from real-world anxiety and stress, and stumbling onto a fic with overtly political themes might be triggering. As a reader-first archive, our foremost concern is to promote an environment where readers can curate their ideal reading experience without worrying about stumbling into a story that causes stress or upset.

As such, we have created a category for Political/Protest, with the following definition: Stories with political or social themes, crafted in part with the intent of making a statement. We are also open to expanding our existing Warnings as needed based on suggestions from authors who wish to make use of this category to touch upon especially sensitive subjects, or readers with hard reading nopes. One such warning (Abortion) has already been added.

The addition of this category does not impact existing rules regarding political debates or proselytizing. If an author writes a story with which you have a fundamental political or philosophical difference, we ask that you do not engage. No member here should ever feel targeted, threatened, or unwelcome. Site Warnings will be issued as needed.

Thank you, and happy writing!

--The Mods on June 27, 2022 01:34pm 9 Comments

This is great! Thanks, ya’ll!

-- MrsAkers on June 27, 2022 01:41pm

Y'all are wise!  

-- yellowb on June 27, 2022 01:51pm

I like that this gives writers an outlet for political/social themes while also providing a way for readers to either choose or bypass that content as they desire. It's a nice balance.  

-- JayeMaru on June 27, 2022 02:13pm

Echoing @JayeMaru on this one! As someone who is triggered by certain things, I’m infinitely grateful for the categories and warnings! And this one is well considered. Thanks for adding it! Writers and readers need an outlet, and whether that’s exploring these complex real world issues through fic or escaping from them in fic, I’m glad we have that here. 😊

-- MrsAkers on June 27, 2022 03:03pm

I do wish I could write a political statement, hope someone will. Good of you to think in advance!

-- relurker on June 27, 2022 09:23pm

I'm not a writer but I'm honestly moved by this news. This is wonderful and it will be very interesting! Just another shade of Spuffy fan fic 🥰Thank you.  

-- dianaelettra on June 28, 2022 01:11am

This is such a great idea!! Then the reader has the option, is today and escapism day or a deep dive day? Love it.

-- acekoomboom on June 29, 2022 07:32am

I'm glad you've done this, because reading fic here is definitely my escapism from the issues of the day, and I need that choice to avoid, in the search filters.

I do not want to run into political opinions in my fantasy escapism, thanks. I've already come across an author's note on a story, which turned me off completely. Please extend the advice to any 'Note' that an author adds at the beginning or ends of chapters.

-- GoodnightSweetGirl on June 30, 2022 05:28am

I agree with GoodnightSweetGirl in that this is my escapism.  I've always tried to watch the warnings and triggers for certain subjects.  If I read a story that I know might have something in it I won't like, then I know I can't say anything about it.  Most days though, I will just click another story if I find one with certain warnings or plotlines.

That is one of the great things about writing fanfiction.  We can rewrite canon, and we can write whatever scenario fits our fancy.  As readers we can also choose just what story ideas and summaries we want to read.

I do agree as well that anything an author posts in a story (be it an author's note or story content) should fit the warnings and categories that are given.  I am all for someone having the freedom to rant in their note, but they need to have a content warning for it then.  I read everything in the story, notes and all.  If I came across something that was arguing the current political climate, I would more than likely be turned off to read the story because I'm reading to escape this crazy world we live in, not listen to more arguments on it.

Thank you to the moderators of this archive who are doing their best to keep it an author and reader friendly place.

-- Tasha on July 01, 2022 04:44pm