Summary: My way of meeting the four wonderful challenges put forth in March 2007, by Seven_Seasons .  One is nothing but fluffy Spuffy, one is terribly grim, and two are suitably angsty for what was going on at that time.  Each one is based on an actual episode that has been twisted to meet the challenge requirements – any dialogue that sounds familiar was probably written by those much more talented writers at Mutant Enemy, rather than by me. J
 Here are the challenges as put up on the Seven Seasons community:
 1)     Giles doesn't leave, and he's there when he finds Spike crying against the tree.  How does Giles find out about Buffy and manage to be at the house when all the Scoobies return?  How does he react to seeing Spike in tears at Buffy’s return?
2)     What if Spike isn't the only one to hear Buffy say that her friends dragged her out of Heaven?  Who has overheard her and how do they react to the news--as well as the fact that Buffy confided in Spike and not her friends?
3)     Riley returns-absent any rebound wife.  How does Buffy react while remembering how desperately she'd run to catch him and stop him from leaving her?  Does she still want him back?
4)     Spike knew about the resurrection and tried to stop it, afraid that Buffy would 'come back wrong.'  What is he afraid of?
Beta and Sensitivity Readers: None
Artists: None
Categories: Season 6
Characters: Anya, Buffy, Dawn, Giles, Riley Finn, Spike, Tara, Willow, Xander
Genres: Angst, Drama
Warnings: Adult Language, Character Death
Completed: Yes Chapters: 4
Word count: 8,654 Hit Count: 8,228 ePub Downloads: 100
Published: August 03, 2016 Updated: January 27, 2020

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Story Notes: And my responses- each chapter is a separate story.

1. Chapter One -Someone Will Pay by slaymesoftly - Likes: 43 Comments: 20 Word Count: 2,674 Hit Count: 3,761 Published: August 03, 2016

Summary: In an alternate season VI, Giles has not yet left for England and when he makes his way to Revello Drive to check on the Scoobies, he finds Spike crying against the tree just after Xander and Anya have left.  They did not notice his approach or realize that he may have heard Xander’s “Tell me this isn’t the happiest day of your life!” as he shoved an angry Spike into the tree.  Willow and Tara are still in the house with Dawn and Buffy.

 Title: Someone Will Pay

Rating: PG

Word Count: 2601

Disclaimer: Joss didn’t write it this way – but he could have, if he’d wanted to – it’s his playground.


2. Chapter 2 Tell it to Someone Who Cares by slaymesoftly - Likes: 11 Comments: 3 Word Count: 502 Hit Count: 1,489 Published: January 27, 2020

Second Seven Seasons challenge – What if someone had been listening when Buffy told Spike about being pulled out of Heaven?

 Title -Tell It To Someone Who Cares

Author - Slaymesoftly

Rated – G

Word count – 504

Disclaimer – not mine, never were; but I love them


3. Chapter 3 Not The Way We Were by slaymesoftly - Likes: 18 Comments: 5 Word Count: 3,237 Hit Count: 1,518 Published: January 27, 2020

And now, the fluffy Spuffy challenge response:


What if Riley came back in “As You Were” without a wife? What would Buffy do?

 Title: Not the Way We Were

Author: Slaymesoftly

Rating: PG13

Word count: 3100

Disclaimer: I’d like to think this is how it would have gone, if I’d been writing instead of that man who actually owns these characters…

AN: In this ficlet, Spike does not have the eggs – even to be holding them for someone else – he’s innocent of all charges. LOL

4. Chapter 4 - Consequences by slaymesoftly - Likes: 23 Comments: 9 Word Count: 2,241 Hit Count: 1,459 Published: January 27, 2020

And this is the grimmest of the challenge responses.  Read at your own risk!  The challenge was – Spike knows about the resurrection spell and tries to prevent it.  What was he worried about?


Consequences  by Slaymesoftly

Rating: PG13

Word Count: 2158