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Band Candy has always been one of my favourite episodes, however every time I watch it, I have this niggling thought...

IMHO, the only thing missing from the episode, that would make it utterly perfect, is Spike being in town.

He'd pig out on the chocolate (because we know he loves chocolate) and revert to naif 16-year-old William.

When he comes across Buffy and the others, and learns what's going on, although he'd be utterly scandalised by Buffy and Willow's clothes (Willow in mini-skirt, Buffy in trousers) he jumps in to 'protect' them, and despite the way Buffy and Xander tease him, he tags along to help. Along the way, he demonstrates both his intelligence and his classical education, and before the magic chocolate wears off and he reverts to Spike, he and Willow bond over their smart nerdiness.

And from there.... how it ends up potentially Spuffy is up to you.


Spike comes back to Sunnydale with the goal of killing the Slayer who has ruined his life once and for all - and gets a little more than he bargained for.

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