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Okay, I've been going though transcripts of the show in an attempt to write my own Buffy Fanfic, that could be posted here, and I came across something I hadn't expected. What physical changes did Buffy go though when she became The Slayer? We all know she got stronger, faster, got better healing, and better hand eye coordination, so basically she became a female Captain America. Now we can say that and get a general understanding of her power set and abilities, but here is where I'm having trouble. What dose that really mean for Buffy Summers as a character? Did she have to learn how to hold herself back in every day life? Is the world moving slower to her then other people? What are her food requirements? In the show we never see her working out with anyone where she builds up a sweat. Even the few scenes where she is alone and doing heavy bag drills its more to work off tension then an actual work out. So what would Buffy have to do to push herself in training?

Then there is the whole slayer deal. Buffy literally fights with her life on the line every time she encounters a vampire. What would that do to her psyche? Is she clinging to her "normal" life so strongly because its something doesn't want to lose it, or is it because she knows she already did and that's why she pursues dangerous relationships. Even Riley could be in that category because she didn't make any headway in that relationship until she found out he was part of a demon hunting contingent of the government. With the right pull he could have had her in a cage just as quick as Angel could have drained her blood as well as kiss her. Then there is Spike, which is a kettle of fish fraught with moral and psychological and physical perils. What would looking at death that closely do to a person. Spike says it gives a Slayer a Death Wish.

So taking in all of that I had to ask myself "What would being The Slayer, really mean?"

The challenge- Write a story detailing what the physical and/or psychological effects being a Slayer would have on Buffy Summers.

Really dig deep and think about what her constant cycle of holding herself back around people and unleashing herself on vampires and demons only to repress it all again when she goes to sleep. How would her sleep cycle change? Would she need more or less? What would Buffy's work out look like if she was pushing herself? And why was Spike so appealing to her after coming back from heaven? Keep in mind that Buffy didn't want to date the guy before or after her jump. It wasn't like he got 'more' sexy, he didn't tell her anything that she hadn't heard him say in the past. So explain why it mattered after. Or tell why she wouldn't allow it to matter before. Explain why she didn't hold Xander's feet to the fire about the Hyena incident. She gave him a pass on it after finding out he didn't have memory of it, Why? Was it because she had dealt with that situation before? Is it because she won the fight? Could it just be that Buffy doesn't actually care? Dose she even see her friends as actual "people" and not just symbols and concepts that she wishes to posses? Is Buffy pathological or a sociopath? Not likely but is The Slayer?

Or think about the silly stuff. How high can she jump? Fast she can run? Much she can lift? Long she can hold her breath? Quick dose she learn? Or any of a dozen questions. Think about them and work them into a story some how.


Summary: Buffy contemplates her way of breaking everything. 
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