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I'm a 90s baby that only just got to watch the show at the start of quarantine. I live in the UK, and I grew up near North London so Spikes accent is hilarious but sometimes he just sounds like a normal bloke to me. I have a BA in Ancient History and a MA in Museum Studies but due to 'rona I'm a full time house-partner. I've really been inspired by all of the amazing stories here and hope to write my own soon. 


I ran my universities fetish society and have extensive experience in sex Ed and kink safety, feel free to ask questions about anything. 

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Summary: In that cave in Africa, Spike could have asked for anything. In this universe, he asked for his soul—but sent it back to himself, circa 1997.
A newly souled Spike has hunted down the only other souled vampire in search of answers, and in doing so he’s become part of the Scooby gang. 
When Buffy comes home from her summer in LA, she finds the new undead member of her crew. How will this influence her, while she’s haunted by her first experience of death and the knowledge that she will have to face it again?
This fic is an Elysian Fields 2020 Secret Santa gift for sophiesilverman.
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Warnings: Sexual Situations
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Published: December 31, 2020 Updated: December 31, 2020