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In 2015, I had never seen a single episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The vague ideas I had about the plot and characters were all from reading about them in crossover fanfiction. I thought Spike was Willow's werewolf boyfriend who was in a band.

In 2016, I tried to watch the series twice, and both times got stuck in the first couple of episodes because I couldn't stand the ninety-ness of the special effects. I thought no amount of interesting vampire-slaying could compensate for outdated CGI.

In early 2017, I told a friend about my idea for a novel featuring a soccer-mom vampire slayer, who would slay vampires with a leg broken off of one of her kitchen chairs in-between baking cookies for the PTA meeting and driving her kids to extracurricular activities. She laughed and said, "That would be Buffy." So I went home and watched all seven seasons of BtVS plus three-and-a-half seasons of Angel in about four weeks. Then I made my mom re-watch them with me. And now I have eight nine eight BtVS fanfic WIPs and a constant craving for Spuffy fanfiction.

Anyway. I'm twenty-eight; my favourite BtVS character is Spike, my second favourite is Buffy, and my third favourite is Buffybot, and I have a soft spot for Harmony a mile wide; I shipped Bangel initially and without much fervour but then the last ten seconds of Out Of My Mind happened and I saw the light (metaphorically speaking); I'm a cat person; when I'm not frantically devouring fanfiction, re-watching episodes, and coming up with yet another idea for a BtVS fanfic I draw webcomics and do other art-y things. Nice to meet you.

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Summary: It's like this.
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