New Commenter Awards

Hey, Spuffy fans! We have some brand new awards to announce for the new year.

Here at Elysian Fields, we’re always thinking of new ways to get all of our members involved in the community. During our Event Months, we give out Commenter Awards to members who fulfill specific requirements. You may have noticed that, when there isn’t an event, there is a page for All Star Commenters linked in the Members of the Month section. Anyone who leaves at least 15 comments of 5 or more words in a month qualifies for this status.

To that end, we're introducing two new commenting awards, both designed by the talented cd85.

The first, the Star Commenter, will be awarded to any member who is an All Star Commenter in at least six of a year’s twelve months.

Star Commenter

The second, the Superstar Commenter, requires that a member reach All Star commenter status in all twelve months.

Superstar Commenter

If you qualify for the Superstar Commenter, you’ll also receive the Star Commenter award as well.

During event months, you will still only need 15 comments with 5 or more words for the month to count toward these awards, even if, for example, the April Challenge Month Commenter Award requires 15 comments with 15 or more words.

Starting January 1, 2024, a page tracking progress toward these awards will be linked in the Members of the Month section of the homepage. You can see the page here with 2023 stats. They will be refreshed for 2024 on January 1.

That’s all for now. Please let us know if you have any questions about how these awards work.

--Dark and the Mods on December 29, 2023 10:11pm 7 Comments

Ooooh, these are pretty! ?hearts



Thank you to the Admins for introducing these new awards and to cd85 for creating them!

-- Nightcandle on December 29, 2023 10:41pm

They really do look nice.

-- magnus374 on December 30, 2023 06:06am

 These are awesome! Thank you to CD85 and the mods for giving us something shiny to earn!

-- ShirtyBird on December 30, 2023 10:11am

I'm not sure if it is my device, but the link seems to be broken on the second image. 

-- all choseny on December 30, 2023 01:41pm

Never mind. I refreshed. These are lovely. Cd85 is so talented! 

-- all choseny on December 30, 2023 01:42pm

Never mind. I refreshed. These are lovely. Cd85 is so talented! 

-- all choseny on December 30, 2023 10:49pm

These are great. I especially love Spike’s pose, cd85, you did it again you mad genius you hearts

-- RavenLove12 on December 31, 2023 08:04am