State of the Archive

Hello EF!

So, after implementing some back-end tweaks, we are confident that the largest problems resulting from the migration (the MySQL errors and the inability to load stories) have been resolved. Of course, if you’re still having issues accessing content that you previously could access, don’t hesitate to reach out, preferably with screencaps of any error messages.

Not everything is back online yet. We know that some users are having trouble leaving comments and believe we have isolated the cause to an encoding error that occurs when non-site emojis are used, that is, iOS or Android emojis. Site emojis, being embedded in our code, are working fine. This is on our list to address, but until we get the kinks ironed out, we’re encouraging all commenters to either refrain from using emojis entirely or stick to the site emojis to make sure the comment goes through.

Also, site email remains down, so story updates, comment notifications, digests, and pretty much all other site communication have not been reinstated yet. This was expected downtime. The site email is a separate entity from the site itself, so the records need to be updated to reflect our new server home. That hasn’t happened yet, as the Mod team has been focused on getting full access to the site back for all members (especially considering our anniversary celebration event is just a few days away from kicking off). Now that the access issues seem to be addressed, restoring email is our number one priority. Keep in mind, it will likely take a couple of days for the DNS records to propagate once the email settings have been updated. Until then, we encourage readers to check the Most Recents for story updates and authors to manually check their stories for new comments or comment responses, or email us if you need to reset your password at

If you encounter an issue not related to anything discussed here, again, please let us know by emailing us about it at Assuming all goes well, the next news post should be the final details of the Truce Challenge Event.

Thank you all so much for your patience, kindness, and support over the last few days. You make this community awesome.

--Holly and the Mods on September 27, 2023 01:10pm 2 Comments

Thank you for all your hard work and for keeping us updated on the situation! flowers

I'm particularly glad about the info about non-EF emojis. I actually can post comments again now! squee
I'm happy to report that today the rest of site worked fine for me the whole day (no time periods with limited site function like I had experienced in the last few days). smile

Once again: Thank you for all your hard work! heart


-- Nightcandle on September 27, 2023 03:19pm

Thank you to "Holly and the Mods"!!!  (love that moniker, BTW)  heart  Y'all are my heroes! flowers

-- LovingWilliam on September 27, 2023 11:59pm