Reading NC-17 Fics

UPDATE: This issue appears to be resolved. Let the Mods know if you still experience trouble logging in, staying logged in, or accessing certain fics.

Hi EF,

Today has been a mixed technical bag for the archive, and while most systems seem to be normal at the moment, there is one thing we’re still working on. And that is the rather inexplicable error that redirects users reading NC-17 material back to the first chapter rather than the subsequent one.

All users experiencing this issue: please note that you can bypass the pop-up entirely by editing your site preferences and confirming at the bottom of the page that you are old enough to read NC-17 material. Those pop-ups will go away forever.

In the meantime, we appreciate your patience and understanding. We’d also like to remind you to please send technical questions to as you encounter them. The Shoutbox can move quickly and isn’t the most reliable place for technical questions. Likewise, fic comments are not an appropriate place to report these issues and will be deleted.

Thank you!


--Holly and the Mods on July 10, 2023 02:16pm 3 Comments

Happy to know that you were able to fix this.
Thank you all for all the work you do! heart

-- Nightcandle on July 13, 2023 06:07am

Thank you... I was worried for a second, I thought it was my phone.  We appreciate all that you do to keep the site up and running.  

FYI... I am still unable to download ePub files on any story.  

-- TeamEricNSookie on July 17, 2023 07:52am

On ANY story? Okay, thanks for letting us know. We'll look into it.

-- Holly on July 17, 2023 08:19am