New Warning

Hi all,

As we must from time to time, we have expanded the list of warnings to include Gun Violence. Firearms in Buffyverse are seldom used. Add to the fact that there has been an alarming increase in shootings and other gun-related incidents, particularly in the US, we thought it appropriate to add this so readers can continue to curate the experience they wish based on all available information.

This warning comes with the following definition: contains depictions of firearms being aimed and fired at individuals, often (but not always) resulting in injury or death

Authors are encouraged to update past works as needed to accommodate this warning, especially if it applies to a story still in progress. All future works for which this warning is applicable must be tagged with the warning with no exceptions.

As a reminder to the membership, the warning tags are the only tags that must be included with each story, and all warnings must be added at the time of first posting OR as soon as the author knows their story will contain applicable content. As our warning list is never considered finished, it's highly likely there are stories on the archive that were posted before certain warnings were added to the existing list. Members are always encouraged to reach out to us if they stumble across older stories that need warnings they don't currently have. The Mods will review and add applicable warnings as needed.

--Holly and the Mods on June 04, 2023 08:36am 2 Comments

I could only think of one off the top of my head in which a gun is fired at Buffy and Spike (doesn't hit them), so I added the new warning. I know I have a few more where Giles has held a gun on someone briefly, or has at least had one on his person, but I'll have to remember which ones. I can't imagine they come even close to being considered "gun violence", but if/when I notice them, I'll add something.

-- slaymesoftly on June 10, 2023 10:06am

Thanks so much, slaymesoftly! We know this warning will be a work in progress for older fics and it will take time. 💖

-- cawthraven on June 10, 2023 03:29pm