Wrapping Up Finishing Months

Well, folks, Elysian Fields’ first ever ‘Finishing Months’ event has ended, and we are pleased to say that many of you stepped up to the challenge. 

Specifically, twenty-one of our members earned a commenter award, nine members earned a bronze award, and three earned silver. (Note: silver award winners have had both bronze and silver shinies added to their profiles.) 

In total, fifteen longstanding works-in-progress got marked as complete, the oldest dating back to January 2007! 

For my fellow stat nerds out there, and to be even more specific, what the above boils down to is a total of 83 new chapters, containing 235,982 words, which received 812 comments and 1,757 likes combined.

Members left a total of 3,590 comments (containing at least 15 words) across not just those stories, but all eligible works, 2,454 of which were left by the aforementioned commenters who earned the award. 

The Mod Team would like to thank everyone who took part. Writers, artists, and commenters, we hope you feel accomplished, and readers, we hope you have found satisfaction in newly completed stories. 

As we’ve stated previously, we will not be running this event again in 2024, but if you would like to see it possibly return in 2025 or beyond, please let us know! 

--EllieRose101 and the Mods on April 03, 2023 11:12am 5 Comments

Yae! This was so satisfying and fun to be apart of. Plus, a new shiny. yay

-- Aud on April 03, 2023 04:06pm

Yes, Please run the Fnishing-up Months in the future. It is a great way to give authors that little bit of a nudge and to let them know readers are out there who want to read a finished story. 


-- Joan963z on April 04, 2023 01:58pm

I am delighted to know so many WIPs have been finished!  I would love to have this challenge issued again in 2025 - thank you so much! heart

-- LovingWilliam on April 04, 2023 03:17pm

Absolutely, please repeat this. It was a wonderful idea. 

I will reluctantly admit that I have become leery of reading new stories by writers who don't have a track record of finishing their fics. Although I feel badly because I know that feedback can be so important, it's very confusing and frustrating to read a few chapters, then have a long wait before another.  I can't retain what I read and have to go back and reread, sometime multiple chapters, to get caught up. So sometimes I choose to wait and see if there are several chapters posted before I start. 

On the other hand, some of my favorite writers here have fics that have been put aside for months and years, so I go into new ones knowing there may not be an end.

And I consider Helga von Nutwimple, who wrote some of my favorite fics ever, and acknowledged that she had difficulties completing fics she started.  I still reread some of my favorites, although gave up a few years ago searching for updates. I just enjoy what's there. 

-- swonderful on April 11, 2023 04:54pm

Wonderful event!! I loved seeing older fics updated! Please let’s do it again in the future ❤️

-- bmerb on April 16, 2023 06:30pm