Road Trip Event Wrap Up

We did it, gang! Our road trip event has ended, which is of course sad, but I think we can agree it was a wonderful success. Especially since it was our first ever event including artwork only stories!

There were 6 of those and 26 traditional (i.e. written) stories, as made via the collaborative effort of:

  • 23 Authors
  • 20 Artists (both comic and banner artists)
  • 23 Beta Readers 

And in another first for Elysian Fields, we’ve included Sensitivity Readers in the beta stats. 

Between them, participating authors wrote 175,485 words across 69 chapters (including comic chapters). A total of 450 members left comments throughout the month of October, of which 212 commented specifically on event stories, and 42 commenters met the requirements for an award. All comments for the event totalled 645, and the new stories generated for this event received a total of 1,110 likes. 

If you’re yet to check out any of the brand new challenge fics, you can FIND THEM ALL HERE.

Many, many thanks to everyone who took part, in whichever way you contributed. All participating authors, betas, artists, and commenters should now have the relevant awards on their profiles. If you seem to be missing one, or anything else seems not quite right, please drop us a line at

--EllieRose101 and the Mods on November 02, 2022 04:03am 2 Comments

Thanks for hosting another awesome challenge! blow_kiss The road trip idea threw me at first, but it helped give me a brand new plot bunny that I'll eventually be writing a sequel for. Kudos to the mods for the hard work they put into this event and everything else involved with EF! hearts

-- honeygirl51885 on November 02, 2022 05:34am

Major thanks to everyone who contributed to this event and made it possible. My bookshelf is now jam packed with cool new roadtrip stories!

-- Marlisea on November 02, 2022 01:31pm