Vampire sex is not as safe as it is anticipated by Teuntje +4
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We always assume vampire sex is safe. There will be no kid or STD, right? But what if it’s not as safe as Buffy and Spike anticipated it to be?

I’ve seen a lot of baby stories coming out of this trope. What if Spike (or William if you choose Time Travel) gave Buffy an STD? How Spike contracted it and transmits it to Buffy, is up to the writer. Which STD it is, is also up to the writer.

You can go crackfic with this or take it the serious route. I haven’t read any story with this topic in it before and am curious to find out what a writer will do with this.

Please no character bashing or a baby/kid story. 

Summary: Set post Something Blue, in an AU s4 where Buffy is more sexually liberated than what we saw on the show. 
Though she still wouldn’t ever go to Spike for some harmless fun. Ever. Ever!
It would never be harmless with him, would it?
(Turns out, she’s right—but not like she’d have expected.)
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