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Categories: Season 4, Alternate Reality
Characters: Buffy, Spike

Buffy's having a tough start to freshman year at UC Sunnydale. Finding a college vampire gang causing trouble on campus was par for the course, but getting injured and falling prey to their snooty leader, Sunday, was definitely not in the playbook. But no vamp can keep a good Slayer down. After staking her "sire" (and talk about outdated sexist terminology -- this was college, where was the enlightenment?!), a vamped Buffy now must navigate college as a member of the newly undead. And between finding out her roommate is a soul-sucking demon after said roommate's plan to suck Buffy's now non-existent soul backfires, dealing with a bunch of demon-kidnapping Commandos, trying to navigate awkward new relationships with her Watcher and the Scoobies (not to mention "coming out" to her mom), plus the ridiculous inconvenience of not being able to go out in the sun, Buffy's unlife has gotten complicated times a million. The only thing that could make it worse would be if Spike suddenly showed up back in town...


- As you've probably guessed, this is a Vampire!Buffy fic! So Buffy must get turned by Sunday. However, Buffy must maintain a general moral alignment with what is shown in canon in episodes where she's (nearly) soulless / vamped (Living Conditions/Nightmares). Aka, Buffy is still acting as a Slayer (whether unofficially or officially). Beyond that, how much she changes or doesn't is up to you

- Vampire!Buffy should remain soulless in this fic.

- Spike's journey through canon is the same up to this point. He's still looking for the Gem of Amara, etc. Up to you if Buffy ends up with it instead/at some point

- All roads lead to Spuffy. I don't care how long (or not long) it takes, but our pair should be on their way to a relationship or in one by the end of the fic.

- Up to you how plotty or not plotty this fic is. Feel free to involve the whole S4 Initiative arc (and beyond!) if you like, or zoom right over/around/under it if that's more your jam and just keep it to the basics of the Spuffy re-meet in S4 and what happens between them from there.

- As always for my challenges: No character bashing (reasonable critiques are totally fine), no Saint Spuffy, no pregnancy/baby fic, no dub/non-con.

- The actual fic title can of course be whatever you like

And most of all.... have fun!

Summary: After a fateful encounter with Sunday and her gang, Buffy awakens without a pulse and some freaky new dental gear. As if being a college freshman wasn't hard enough, now she's trying to navigate her new life as the Vampire Slayer- Vampiric Slayer? Vampire, Slayer of Vampires? Whatever. Her unlife is confusing enough without trying to slap a label on it. Oh, and there's the whole government chip in her head to deal with. And the friend wiggage. And did she mention that Spike is suddenly the only one on the planet who understands her? As if things couldn't get any weirder. Oh look, there's Angel, the former love of her life- wait, is that a stake in his hand?
Challenge Response to OYB’s challenge “Unliving Conditions”
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Summary: Freshly turned and very grumpy about it, Buffy finds herself in a weird place. One where her friends smell like food, her former mortal enemy smells like heaven, and the so-called love of her life has made it clear that killing her is on his to-do list. Throw in some overly zealous army guys and this is not Buffy's idea of a party. So she and Spike decide to hit the road at least long enough to figure out why neither of them can hit anything else. And since they're both single and free, well, Buffy wouldn't say no to a distraction from the never-ending laugh riot that is her life. And Spike can be very, very distracting.
Good thing soulless vampires can't fall in love or she might be in trouble.

Published for the Elysian Fields Road Trip Challenge
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Warnings: Adult Language, Character Death, Sexual Situations, Vampire!Buffy
Challenges: Unliving Conditions
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