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Characters: Buffy, Ensemble, Spike, Willow

When Buffy is resurrected, she does come wrong. She is a completely different Buffy, in fact, she is an alternative one from a parallel universe.

The alternative Buffy can be:

  • The one from the Wishverse.
  • A Buffy who was never brought back to life after the Master killed her.
  • Or one who was killed during the Acathla’s fight.



  • Whoever version of Buffy you choose, died and went to Heaven.
  • Willow tries to get rid of the Buffy she brought back to have the "right Buffy" back, Spike stops her.
  • Slow-burn Spuffy.
  • Buffy having trouble dealing with the intrusive scoobies.


  • Buffy can be depressed but not self-destructive or abusive.
  • Buffy freaking out at having a sister.


  • The original Buffy can’t be back.


Willow revived Buffy after her jump from the tower. The Buffy that came back...died in the wishverse. 
And wishverse Buffy is happy to see her old ally in Prague
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Categories: Season 6, Wishverse
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