Vampyr Principia (Author's choice) by Lluvia +18
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Categories: Season 4, Alternate Reality, Claim, Taboo - Adults Only
Characters: Buffy, Spike, Ensemble, Faith Lehane, Maggie Walsh, Riley Finn

I've found some fics' outlines I made several years ago but never got to write, so I'm tweaking them into challenges.


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Set in AU/S4. Buffy was never chosen, instead, she had a normal life. She graduated in some branch of Social Sciences (Psychology, history, sociology, whatever you choose) and she got a scholarship within a secret government branch - The Initiative -to research vampires. Buffy's views already contradicted the Initiative's school of thought about demons being nothing more than beasts, and she is determined to prove they have their own culture and society.

Enters Spike, who is captured and becomes one of Buffy's test subjects.


  • Buffy is dating Riley at the beginning, but the relationship is already in trouble. (Riley is distancing himself for whatever reason and he is cheating or playing with vampire's bites or anything else you choose.)
  • Buffy feels something "special" every time she sees Spike. (Is it a thrall? Is she a Potential? Something else?)
  • Buffy begins having very vividly erotic dreams with Spike. (again, a Dracula-style thrall? Slayer's dreams?)
  • Buffy feels guilty about the dreams because she is dating Riley, but boy does she like them.
  • Spike uses his only available weapon, to find a way to escape, his silver-tongued talk to win Buffy over.
  • The current Slayer is Faith who isn't in jail. She has her own Scoobie gang and everything. (Decide how much you want to involve her in the plot.)
  • At some point, Faith and her scoobies storm The Initiative. During the fight, Spike scapes, but before he finds Buffy.

When Spike finds Buffy, he CAN:

  • Turn her.
  • Claim her.
  • Fuck her.
  • Get her out safely.
  • All of the above. devil



Summary: Buffy was never Chosen, she was adopted in her Watcher's family, living a normal(ish) life. Instead of enrolling into the Watcher Academy she's been working directly under Dr. Walsh and the initiative. She knows demons are more than what the Council or Initiative thinks. It isn't until she gets to know Hostile 17 does she realize she didn't outgrow her Potential for her destiny.  
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