The First Vampire (Author's Choice of Name) by Mia Vaan +19
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So I was going through Greek mythology and I found this

I’m gonna guess that at least some people on here are aware of the myth, but I’ve never seen it used in a story. So the challenge is to use this backstory.

Does Buffy hear about it, giving her a whole new perspective on vampires? Are she and Spike reincarnations of the two lovers in the legend? Does it have something to do with a major prophecy? You decide.  

Summary: Buffy was never Chosen, she was adopted in her Watcher's family, living a normal(ish) life. Instead of enrolling into the Watcher Academy she's been working directly under Dr. Walsh and the initiative. She knows demons are more than what the Council or Initiative thinks. It isn't until she gets to know Hostile 17 does she realize she didn't outgrow her Potential for her destiny.  
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