I Will Forget You by Holly +25
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This is an idea I’ve thought of intermittently, and might still do someday, but between Fandom Trumps Hate, Seasonal Spuffy, and the EF Challenge Months, it ain’t gonna be soon. Plus I’d have just as much fun reading it.


Premise: That Mohra demon that makes Angel mortal in I Will Remember You—what if another vampire ran into it?


  • Season 4-era, pre-chip. Rather than getting captured by the Initiative and chipped-up, Spike fights a Mohra demon and finds himself turned human, soul and all.
  • Scoobies aren’t terrible but also aren’t too accepting. They should be appropriately wigged.
  • Buffy begrudgingly becoming close to a freshly human and souled Spike.
  • Buffy and Spike developing feelings for each other (obvs)
  • Happy Spuffy ending (also obvs)
  • Spike must remain Spike, per Season 7 and onward characterization with his soul; William is a part of him, but he ain’t that guy anymore and Sunnydale, CA is a far cry from Victorian London.
  • Spike acclimating to human life, though not easily. Still, he should make an honest go of it (unlike Anya, who spent several episodes attempting to reclaim her lost power; their experiences are similar but the addition of a soul makes Spike care about not hurting others).


  • Buffy still goes to LA; Angel still encounters the Mohra demon (could be the same one—on the run from Sunnydale), still gives up his humanity, and still takes away Buffy’s memories of the day they had together. (I know, Bangel ick, but I want Angel to be the jerk he was in canon here). If this happens, Buffy should learn about Angel encountering the same demon and giving up his humanity.
  • Spike the UC Sunnydale student (imagine him in history class)
  • Inclusion of Riley, per canon. Though I’d prefer if he and Buffy didn’t get past first base.
  • Despite his best efforts, Spike gets vamped again. 

Honestly, as long as I get my Spuffy HEA, I’m a happy girl.

Summary: Spike has become human. Now he has to find his place in Sunnydale, a town he used to terrorize. Can he deal with everything that comes with being a human? And what does Buffy think of this change?
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Published: April 12, 2020 Updated: May 31, 2020
Summary: Buffy thought it would be just another night of slaying lame-ass campus vampires, but one green demon, some unexpected help from Spike, and a spurt of fluorescent blood later, she finds that her world has acquired a novel complication.
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