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Categories: Alternate Reality, Episode Rewrite, Missing Scene
Characters: Buffy, Darla, Drusilla, Ensemble, Giles, Spike, The Master, Willow, Xander

 ‘The Wish’

The Premise:

“I wish Buffy Summers had never come to Sunnydale…”

Set in the Wishverse where Buffy never moved to Sunnydale, where the Master rose during the Harvest (s1) without her there to put a stop to it, where Willow and Xander were sired without her there to protect them, and where hell breaks loose every time the sun goes down… Only THIS time, we spend A LOT more time in the Wishverse.


The Challenge:

To write an 'Eventual Spuffy' long-fic exploring all the possibilities we never got to see in the original episode ‘The Wish’. More vampires, more drama, more darkness, more fluff, more humour… MORE!


The Must Have’s:

  • Spike, Dru and Darla must be heavily involved. Bonus points for focusing on the vampiric family and the dark, sexy fun they could be having in a REAL vampire town.
    • Darla was with the Master in s1, and without Buffy there, Angel apparently got captured, and never staked his sire.
    • With Dru still sick and weak from the attack in Prague, they would have come to Sunnydale in s2 in hopes of the Hellmouth restoring her, and finding her cure.
  • Spike, Dru, Vamp!Xander and Vamp!Willow as friends, allies, whatever.  Darla could be part of their gang, or a thron in their side as she fawns of the Master and his plans. You know the characters, be creative! :)
  • Lots of humour and snark, fluff, romance and angst (I want it all!) But with the darkness that would be evident with a group of soulless vampires in a world where they reign over Sunnydale.
  • Wishverse Buffy eventually comes to Sunnydale as in canon, and meets all the core Vampires.
  • Eventual Wishverse Spuffy – How will their dynamic change when the Slayer doesn’t have friends or family? How will they end up falling for one another? How will Spike breakthrough this Buffy’s cold, hard veneer? What have they each been through in this ‘verse that might draw them together?
  • When the Wishverse crumbles and everyone is thrown back into their original timeline, THIS TIME everyone remembers…
    • Either their memories are fractured, just bits and pieces, feelings, vague recollections, etc. OR they all remember everything. What will the fall out of all of this be in their original timeline? How will those Wishverse memories alter what happens now?
  • In the real world, Spike and Buffy find their way back to each other, though it doesn't have to be smooth sailing at all. (We know what they are like!)
  • HEA Spuffy ending.


You decide:

  • What season to set the wish-verse up in;
    • Original s3 Wishverse timeline, where Cordy makes the wish to Anya?
    • Did s5 Spike make a wish to the wrong demon after Dru visits and he chains Buffy up, and screws it all up for himself?
    • Maybe s6 Spike makes a drunken wish to Anya in the magick box, or to Halfrek around the time of Hell’s Bells?
    • Or perhaps somebody else makes the wish in some other point in canon?
  • If other vampires like Luke, Dalton, or the Anointed One around still.
  • If Angel died during Dru’s restoration, or if he somehow survived.
    • If he died, how might that affect things and his memories in the real world? (Depending on timeline)
    • If he lived, does he remain a Puppy-play-thing, or does Darla find a way to bring Angelus back?
  • How having Darla, Spike and Dru involved might change things in the Wishverse.
  • How Buffy and Spike eventually end up together in both the Wishverse and in the real world.
  • The over-arching plot. I don’t mind what happens along the way, what the actual plotlines are, so long as it meets the other criteria :)


I really hope you’ll take up the challenege! I can’t wait to see what you all come up with and read all the different possibilities and incarnations of the Wishverse!

Summary: “World is what it is. We fight and we die. Wishing doesn't change that. You can believe in a better world. I have to live in this one.” 
Anyanka’s wish was broken, but the world it created continues. Now Buffy must join forces with rebel vampires to create a world they can all stand to live in. But can Spike, Drusilla and Angel actually work with a hardened slayer, who would just as soon see them all dust? 
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