What it looks like from the out side by Its all fluffy +12
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Kind of a simple challenge. Describe what the citizens of Sunnydale think about Buffy and Spike.

Example: Think about how the Bartender of the Bronze views Buffy and Spike. Or maybe graveyard groundskeeper? How about the employees of Double Meet Palace? Hell you could even do Jonathan's POV as the Trio had them under surveillance, or its possible that someone else could tune into the camera feeds and thinks its a soap opera of some sort.

I am mainly curious about what someone who doesn't really know the characters would think if they seen the pair and had no context about who they were beyond just a guy and a girl.


Spuffy through the eyes of Sunnydale’s residents.
A series of 100 word drabbles that run through all the seasons and don't follow any kind of timeline.

Eternal WIP, as I'm always ready to add further drabbles.

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