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Buffy shook her head. Her mind slowly returning to her.

First feeling. Hysteria. It's so not funny. This chaining me up is getting old.

Second. Irritation. Where the hell am I?

Third. Panic. Oh, my God! Is that Dru?

Fourth. Confusion. Why is she chained up?

Fifth. Shock. That face. That voice.

Should be impossible.

“There she is...Beginning to think you'd sleep the night away.”

Ok, Buff. You have thirty seconds to figure out why you're in 2001 when this morning was 2005… Gah, he’s so gorgeous… Focus, Buffy. First, get unchained. Second, kick his butt he didn’t tell you he was back only to die on you again. Third, boink him until he can’t move. Brilliant plan.

She smirked. “Hello, cutie.”


Well, have fun writing a different season five (or episode rewrite), starting from the prompt from above and considering that Buffy has four years of memories more than Spike.

Summary: True, Whistler sent her back to fix just one thing, but Buffy has always been rather ambitious.
A Secret Santa gift for maryperk.
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Artists: Axell
Categories: Season 5, Post-Series, Episode Rewrite, Challenge Response, Time Travel
Characters: Buffy, Spike
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Published: December 22, 2020 Updated: December 22, 2020