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Characters: Andrew Wells, Buffy, Cordelia, Drusilla, Ensemble, Giles, Oz, Spike, Willow, Xander

S7 set before the Slayer power is redistributed and the girls are still in training. A group of potentials: Kennedy, Rona, Molly, Amanda, Violet, whoever and also Andrew are flung back in time to S2. 

At first, the girls and Andrew don't realize that they have time traveled. All they know is that something really freaky just happened. So when they run into Spike right away they are relieved to have found one of their mentors (someone Buffy trusts implicitly) and bombard him questions and huddle close for protection.

S2 Spike is on the hunt for fresh blood to bring his ailing ripe wicked plum. He has no idea what the strangely delicious smelling girls and effeminate boy are blathering on about, but he isn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth. He immediately takes them all back to the factory...

At some point, S2 Buffy and co realize Spike and Dru have a whole gaggle of young girls trapped with them at the factory which is unacceptable. They mount a rescue mission, leading to epic Buffy vs classic evil Spike showdown which blows their gobsmacked future audience away. The Potentials find themselved seriously wondering about B and S, the difference bw this freshfaced B and their B, etc. 

Spike is driven crazy by Andrew.

From here, gentle viewers, the story is in your hands.

Summary: S7: Set before the Slayer power is redistributed. The Potentials are still in training. Kennedy, Molly, Rona, Vi, and Andrew are flung back in time to S2. Unaware that they have time travelled, they feel fortunate to run into the one ally Buffy trusts above all others: Spike. Whatever freaky thing just happened to them, good old mentor Spike will take care of them, right?
S2: Spike finds Drusilla some yummy take-home dinner.

A story for all the times in S7 when Spike and Buffy exchanged knowing looks over the Potentials’ heads as if to say, If only you knew how things were in the beginning.
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