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I'd like to see Spike get taken by the initiative again (sometime after he escapes in s4) I imagined it originally happening after Buffy and he start their destructive s6 relationship  

Spike is taken to an out of town location (or state or country) to a new secretive initiative base that is in cahoots with the council. They keep him for testing, very interested in his chips long shelf life, adaptive skills? Anyway, he is treated poorly, like an animal/demon and is starved, tortured, fangs removed(I'm obsessed with that idea), hair shaved down, whatever. 

Buffy realizes he is missing and comes to terms with the fact that she's not ready for him to be gone fron her life and knowing he would never willing leave on his own, rallies(kicks ass) Scoobies to go get him. This includes Giles. 

Meanwhile, Spike is losing hope that he will ever be saved/be worthwhile. 

Cue Buffy, Scoobies, finding base at the same time Angelus, resurrected Darla, and a head over heels happy Dru come to rescue their missing family member. fanged four family reunion. 

Bonus if LA crew are there as well trying to stop/ save angel/us and find out why the four are reuniting. 

I imagine a standoff where there is epic spike save-age by his crazy vamp family, who while vampy and callous also consider him theirs. All while buffy, Scoobies, LA crew, initiative scientists&soldiers, council look on in some way 

of course, eventual Spuffy 

reactions from all at seeing the family dynamics, including

terrified council that the most notorious vamp family is back in action  

initiative peeps not getting the seriousness

buffy and all shocked at how much they didn't know about the 4/appreciate how sane spike is in comparison

LA crew is awesome

sorry for typos, doing from mobile

Summary: Season 6 After Spike and Buffy begin and end their destructive relationship, Spike is recaptured by a renewed Initiative that steals him away to an out-of-town base. The Initiative, which includes Riley, keeps Spike for testing and study. He is the only HST to have survived and adapted to life with the chip. Spike is very mistreated in their 'care.'
Meanwhile, Buffy has a never-knew-what-she-had-til-it's-gone realization. She wants Spike back, but he's gone missing. Her frantic search for the vamp alerts the Scoobies to the intimate turn in their relationship. 
Buffy leads the Scoobies in tracking Spike down. When they arrive at the base, they are apprehended. In custody, they meet some familiar faces. Meanwhile, Spike's vampire family is looking for him, and no one is ready for what happens when the Whirlwind reunites under one roof...
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