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After S3, instead of Buffy spending the summer being sad, depressed and rejected that Angel left her, she goes the other break-up route.  Pure, unadulterated rage.  After all, for him she was willing to kill a human.  Something that she condemned Faith for doing.  Not just any human, but her sister slayer.  Then he left her.  So she can have normal, he said.  Fine, Buffy thinks, if that's how he wants it.  Once she enters college, Buffy has decided that she's going to get herself a nice normal boyfriend, marrying him in a noonday ceremony in the park, and squeeze out 2.5 kids.  And the whole time she's going to shove her relationship in Angel's face.  Once Buffy catches sight of Parker's soulfull brown eyes, and brooding countenance, she knows she's hit the jackpot.  That is until she sees Spike at the frat party.  What would be worse than dating and marrying the perfect human that Angel could never be?  Why, dating his most hated childe, of course.

She calls out a truce, before Spike can even start insulting her, which brasses him the hell off, because he has no intention of having a truce with her.  As soon as he gets his ring, he's going to drain her dry.  He drops the half dead frat boy, nearly toppling Harmony, and spits out a F*** no! to Buffy.  To which, Buffy responds, "How badly do you want to hurt Angel?"

Well, now we're talking.  Without a backwards glance they leave their dates to hash out the details.

Basically they decide that if they start dating, the scoobs will call Angel in a panic, allowing them to rub his nose in their relationship.

First things first, they have to get comfortable enough with each other that they don't flinch when they touch.  They also need to get to know each other, since the Scoobs will be in full inquisition mode.

Its decided that before they reveal their relationship, they have to spend some time together (a week to a month) just getting to know each other, along with a little light making out.  One, they need to be comfortable with PDA and two, their scents need to intermingle in order to fool Angel.  In order to really stick the knife in and make it look real, they decide they just can't break up after Angel blows into town, because doing so would look like they let Angel get his way.  They make a deal to date for at least six months.  Real dating, (dinner, movies) the whole shebang.

How they handle Spike's feeding is up to the author.  Although it would be amusing if they both agreed not to hunt, but when the hellmouth starts to get overrun, they have to work together to subdue it.

Since Harmony never got a chance to spout off about the Ring of Amara, Buffy doesn't know about it, and Spike doesn't tell her.  What happens with that is up to the author.

Although they are openly dating, the hate they feel for each other while alone should be palpable.  They are hung up on their exes, want nothing more than to kill each other, and are only working together to emotionally hurt the man who hurt them so badly.  How that changes should be up to the author.

If you decide to take up the challenge, PM me.  I have the prologue and first chapter, but only if you want them.



Summary: Slayers don't get weepy when their One True Love rides off into the night for good. They get mad, and then they get even. Buffy's determined to kick off college by finding Mr. Normal, just like Angel wanted -- and then rubbing her new True Love in Angel's face. She's got the perfect normal guy all picked out, until an unexpected encounter at a party gives her a better idea. After all, who could make a worse Bad Boyfriend than Spike? 
Response to Tempestt's challenge "Bad Boyfriend.” Warnings: character death, smut, blood play, mild BDSM.
Thanks to all the good friends who poked at my outline and offered kind words of encouragement. Special thanks to Sigyn for beta-reading and extra cheerleading when I needed it most, and to SzmattyCat for the gorgeous banner and bonus beta-reading! 11/15 ETA Thank you to EllieRose101 for joining in with beta/cheerleading assistance!
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