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Relatively new to the wonderful world of Spuffy, but hopelessly devoted pretty much instantly. I don’t write fiction, and am in awe of those who do it well. Here to bask in their glory and comment endlessly (sometimes with thoughtful analysis, frequently with brief emotional outbursts as I binge read at 2am)!

I have a lot of stories on my Favorites list because, for me, it’s not about narrowing it down to a Top 10, it’s about collecting stories I fall in love with, and I’d much rather have my cup runneth over than run dry.

I love how much the EF community cares for these characters and their fans. I love seeing the myriad of creative ways different writers respond to the same challenges. I love that this community is still thriving almost 20 years after the show ended and that there are so many talented writers giving us new Spuffy stories on a daily basis.

Along the way, I’ve unexpectedly become a fan of AU all-human fics. Spuffy and co. are incredibly interesting and multi-faceted, and when a good writer has free rein to put them in new settings and situations without remaining beholden to their histories (but makes the characters ring true), it opens up so many doors to explore their relationship in ways that weren’t possible in canon.

*I am officially designating all season 6 rewrites as Joss Aftercare.

East Coast fortysomething mum, social worker, and closet essayist. A little bit punk rock, a little bit Ms. Frizzle.


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