Summary: “God, Spike was beautiful. Evil, of course, but beautiful. It was a dream to imagine he could ever be someone Buffy could love. She pictured kissing him, throwing all sense to the wind and smashing her mouth against his, feeling the passion of his sensual caress. But there was so much between them, not just vampire and slayer, but lies and manipulations and confusion and chains, and she wasn’t ready.”
Takes place during The Gift.
Series: "These Dreams"
Categories: Season 5, Canon-Compliant, Missing Scene
Characters: Buffy, Spike
Genres: Drama, Romance
Warnings: None
Event: Secret Santa Fic Exchange 2021
Completed: Yes Chapters: 1
Word count: 2,658 Hit Count: 827 ePub Downloads: 26
Published: December 06, 2021 Updated: December 06, 2021

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Story Notes: Fic written as an Elysian Fields 2021 Secret Santa gift for resignedlybeneaththesky. Banner by OffYourBird.
Betaed by bewildered and EllieRose101 and bmerb all three, because as a gift I wanted it very well polished. 

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