Summary: Sequel to Finally Broken.
With Angel's two week deadline at an end, Buffy gathers her friends and family and decides it's time to force to do what he has refused to. Confronted with the depths of Angel's treachery and selfishness once again, she realises that redemption is impossible. There is only justice. And vengeance.
But more importantly, it is time for Buffy to bring him home.
Beta and Sensitivity Readers: None
Artists: None
Series: Dust in the Wind.
Categories: Post-Series, Alternate Reality
Characters: Angel, Buffy, Cordelia, Dawn, Faith Lehane, Kennedy, Original Characters, Rona, Satsu, Spike, Vi
Genres: Action/Adventure, Angst, Fighting, Hurt/Comfort, Romance
Warnings: Adult Language, Torture (Physical), Violence
Completed: Yes Chapters: 6
Word count: 20,174 Hit Count: 16,064 ePub Downloads: 214
Published: November 02, 2018 Updated: December 27, 2018

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Story Notes: So, here we are, it's finally time for Buffy to get her vampire back.
Expect Angel beatings, Angel bashing, badass Buffy, badass Slayers badass Dawn, badass Willow and (finally!) the return of our favourite vampire.
Went with an R rating for this one, mainly for language...and the Angel beatings...lots of Angel beatings.

1. Chapter 1- Time's Up by Loup Noir - Likes: 34 Comments: 29 Word Count: 2,726 Hit Count: 4,613 Published: November 02, 2018

Bete'd by Behind Blue Eyes, who makes sure mistakes are tweaked...though some may remain...coz I tinker...those mistakes are mine.

Fair warning: Angel oozes creep in this chapter...seriously gave me the heebie-jeebies writing him.


2. Chapter 2- Enough Games by Loup Noir - Likes: 24 Comments: 17 Word Count: 2,531 Hit Count: 2,276 Published: November 14, 2018

Betaed by Behind Blue Eyes, helping my rambling make sense :) mistakes remain mine because of my tinkering's almost as bad as my cliffhangers.

And, because I don't thank her nearly as much as should I do, much thanks to Axell for providing all the banners for this series so far...and hopefully for the other instalments to come.

Also, nmcil has graciously put together banners for a couple of my older stories. Check out Touched By Heaven and Old Man Spike again to see their new banners. A belated thank to nmcil for their work.

Enjoy the coming chapter :)

3. Chapter 3- Found. by Loup Noir - Likes: 23 Comments: 15 Word Count: 3,484 Hit Count: 2,415 Published: November 21, 2018

Once again, thanks to Behind Blue Eyes for her beta-ing. Always helps my ramblings makes sense bow

Anyways...did anyone order a return to Spike? I think so...


4. Chapter 4- Deals and Recompense by Loup Noir - Likes: 23 Comments: 17 Word Count: 2,551 Hit Count: 2,213 Published: December 04, 2018

Thank you to Behind Blue Eyes for betaing as always. Any mistakes remain mine, as always, I tinker.

Hope you all enjoy! :)

5. Chapter 5- Settling the Debt by Loup Noir - Likes: 23 Comments: 18 Word Count: 4,259 Hit Count: 2,247 Published: December 13, 2018

Thank you Behind Blue Eyes for betaing once again. Deserves more praise than I can honestly give bow mistakes remain mine!

So, a quick heads up, though this is a Spuffy focuses site and story, I will be spotlighting the other pairings in this series. Expect some Satsu/Willow, some Dawn/Desmond and some newly returned Wes/Fred alongside Spuffy. I like giving time to all my couples in stories.

Anyways, with that done, enjoy!

6. Chapter 6-Bring Him Home by Loup Noir - Likes: 35 Comments: 19 Word Count: 4,623 Hit Count: 2,300 Published: December 27, 2018

Hi for no replies to reviews this time around. I've had a bit of crazy time.

So, we've at the end of this one: Spike is back, Angel's about to get a HUGE dose of reality...and I've realised I haven't really given much thought to what happens next. So, I'm going to take some time to work out the details of the next story.

As always, Axell deserves all the praise for the banners and Behind Blue Eyes deserves all the credit for beta-ing...and mistakes remain mine...tinkering, it's a problem.

Enjoy! And see you soon.