Summary: A series of ficlets, all but one written during AtS season 5 or shortly thereafter when we realized we weren't going to get a reunion. (probably just as well, since it would have been just a guest spot for Sarah so it couldn't have been Spuffy) Hated what Spike said to Buffy as he was on fire, so the same theme (insecure Spike, unhappy Buffy) runs through all of them. Pretty cheesy and alike in a lot of ways but with the ending we all wanted to see then.
Beta and Sensitivity Readers: None
Artists: None
Categories: Post-Series, Crossover (AtS)
Characters: Angel, Buffy, Fred, Lorne, Spike
Genres: Angst, Romance
Warnings: Adult Language
Completed: Yes Chapters: 5
Word count: 6,255 Hit Count: 1,912 ePub Downloads: 55
Published: August 19, 2016 Updated: November 30, 2020

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1. A Push in The Right Direction by slaymesoftly - Likes: 19 Comments: 12 Word Count: 1,096 Hit Count: 1,266 Published: August 19, 2016

2. Back in Town by slaymesoftly - Likes: 2 Comments: 1 Word Count: 1,730 Hit Count: 174 Published: December 27, 2020

3. Busted by slaymesoftly - Likes: 3 Comments: 1 Word Count: 1,237 Hit Count: 157 Published: December 27, 2020

4. Two For the Apocalypse by slaymesoftly - Likes: 2 Comments: 1 Word Count: 1,794 Hit Count: 160 Published: December 27, 2020

5. Whoops! by slaymesoftly - Likes: 4 Comments: 1 Word Count: 398 Hit Count: 155 Published: December 27, 2020