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Authors choices for all story titles.

As I do the features I try to spotlight holiday related stories during the year.  This has caused me to notice that we have a slew of Christmas stories, Valentines stories and even Halloween but little else.  

I would LOVE multiple stories that deal with holidays we don't have or have too few of already.  

Include but not limited to: 

Dia del los muertos (Same time period as Halloween but different "holiday" and on Nov 1 and 2)

Winter and SUmmer solstices and Wiccan/pagan touches


Boxing Day

Guy Fawkes day (hey, Spike and Giles are British!)

St. Patricks Day

Cinco de Mayo

Thanksgiving (mostly US since show is set in California but other national Thanksgivings okay too...maybe a travel story or something).


Hanukkah has a list of US holidays that might help give you a nudge and holidays special to other countries/religions are great too if you can figure out a reason for them to be noted by our characters.

You get the stories can be fairly short but it would be lovely to have a body of stories that celebrate special days with our verse/characters.  Don't miss out on odd ones like Groundhogs day (think of the movie and how our guys might suffer a similar fate!)!

More than happy to have more of what we DO have also...Christmas, Valentines and so on.  

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My husband, in an attempt to make a joke about bad fanfiction, distinctly pretended to write out


"The vampire was pretty. His name was Spike."


It was so trite and so obvious and so disconnected from anything anyone actually writes in fiction that I must have laughed for a good ten minutes. That's the challenge. If you can, legitimately, put the phrase, "The vampire was pretty. His name was Spike," anywhere in your story, whether in narration or dialog, the challenge has been met. (Putting it in as an example of bad writing, however, does not fly. It has to actually be a natural part of the story.)

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Yeah, Baby! It's that time again!

Write a drabble, one-shot, or multi-chaptered fic with the craziest premise you can come up with and post it on April 1st. Doesn't need to be funny, though those are most certainly welcome. Could be totally crack!fic if that's where your muse takes you (Spike is Buffy's pet llama!--that one probably shouldn't be NC-17). Any ratings welcome. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

April Fools 2016

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Tis the season once more, when all through the town, all the demons are rampaging, seeking entrails and fun; all the witches are tucked up tight in their beds; and one particular Chosen gal is serving up slayage in sweet slumber's stead.

Come join the annual holiday (and bad attempts at poetry^^) challenge fun with a related Spuffy fic! Does Giles break out the scotch for Thanksgiving Day? Does Buffy show up in Spike's crypt wearing a very special kind of Santa outfit? Does Willow involve the gang in a Hanukkah celebration (while keeping Xander from playing with the Menorah)? Does the gang celebrate New Years while fending off drunken demons? 


Holiday related in some way

Fic starts posting sometime during the 2018 'holiday season'

Note: cross-posted fics  from 2018 Seasonal Spuffy are welcome! If it's new to EF, it's fair game.

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Simple: write a one shot or short chaptered fic with the craziest premise you can come up with and post it on April 1st or as near to as you can.  Doesn't need to be crack!fic, but that's not discouraged. 

Let your imagination loose! (Unless you're going to do PMSing feral!Buffy, because I've already got that one reserved) 

Author's choice of title, of course!




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It's holiday time for Spuffy! Write any holiday-related Spuffy fic - whether it's some kissing under the mistletoe, Giles spiking the eggnog, or a demon Christmas parade - and join the fun!

Categories: Season 6, Alternate Reality, Episode Rewrite, Baby/Kid Fic
Characters: Buffy, Ensemble, Spike, Willow

Pretty sure there was a story like this at some point but it got taken down.

Before Buffy jumped to her death in “The Gift”, she slept with Spike. When Willow resurrects her, she essentially re-animates Buffy’s dead cells – including Spike’s sperm, traces of which are still in her body.

In other words, not only does the spell resurrect her, but it also gets her pregnant.

She has to find out before “Once More, with Feeling” (if that episode even happens) but no sooner than two weeks after the conception/resurrection.

So instead of the sexcapades with Spike, Buffy is dealing with being pregnant while Spike doing everything he can for her. Up to the author whether or not he gets a soul.

When Willow finds out, she gets an ego boost from the knowledge that she created life from a vampire. Optional whether or not two lives are taken from Willow as payment instead of one (so Tara and someone else she cares about, like Xander).

Bonus points for Buffy yelling at Riley when he comes back.

If the story goes as far as season seven, then Spike can’t die.

Categories: Episode Rewrite, Season 6
Characters: Buffy, Ensemble, Spike

Right after Tabula Rasa, Buffy realizes something weird: Spike had no memories but wasn't evil. A vampire with no memories didn't even realize he was a vampire and had no inclination to do wrong when he should have theoretically been more like a new fledge with the power of an older vamp. Does this mean he's not inherently evil? Is his personality strong enough to override evil? Hell they assumed he had a soul when he doesn't, what does that mean?

Thinking this through and going to talk to Spike, Buffy stops seeing him as an evil thing and starts seeing him as a person. How does this change the rest of s6? How does this change Spuffy as a relationship?

Categories: Poetry, Pre-Series, Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, Season 4, Season 5, Season 6, Season 7, Post-Series, Crossover (AtS)
Characters: Angel, Angelus, Buffy, Drusilla, Spike

William wrote poetry, but surely he didn't stop just because he was turned!

I'd like to see a fic telling the story of Spike's life through his poetry. 

You can add actual action and dialogue if you want, but the core of the fic has to be the poetry Spike writes throughout his very long existence. Since Spike was known to be a Bloody Awful Poet, the poems doesn't have to be very good, as long as they're fun and passionate.

Must  including poetry about:

  • His very first poem (because wee William surely wrote poetry)
  • Poor attempts at poetry for Cecily. (Bonus points if even more cringy than the one from Canon)
  • Being turned and waking up in a coffin
  • Enjoying bloodshed and fighting. (The bloodier the better)
  • Hating Angelus
  • His fights with the two Slayers he killed
  • Buffy (when he wanted to kill her)
  • Being chipped
  • Falling in love with Buffy
  • Buffy dying
  • Getting a soul

Can include poems about:

  • His mother
  • The gem of Amara
  • His fake engagement in Something Blue
  • Harmony
  • Dru
  • Shagging Buffy
  • Buffy breaking up
  • Dawn
  • Joyce dying
  • Fantasies about killing Riley
  • Buffy kissing him in Intervention
  • Blooming onions
  • Whiskey
  • Punk music
  • His duster
  • The taste of pigs blood compared to human blood
  • Seeing Red - bathroom scene
  • Closing the Hellmouth
  • Haunting Angel in W&H
  • Meeting Buffy again post series
  • ...

Have funwrite

Categories: Season 2, Season 3, Season 4, Alternate Reality
Characters: Angel, Angelus, Buffy, Darla, Drusilla, Spike


Alternate Reality

What would have happened if Spike was as old as - or even older than - Angelus/Angel?

In this challenge Spike is two centuries older that in Canon. Why? Because I always thought that Angel had always had an unfair advantage over Spike. First, when Spike was just turned and then even when Angel has a soul, he's still stronger than Spike, but not because he's the better fighter, just because he's older. And just to make things more interesting: Spike is cursed with a soul together with Angelus. But instead of having been a vampire for two decades, he's been a vampire for two centuries and he still has the reputation as the Slayer of Slayers. Since he has two centuries instead of one to kill slayers, before being cursed he has killed 4 slayers instead of 2.

You will wonder why I would think of something like that. Well, it's simple. It's just to level the playing field. Spike is the better man and the better vampire but Angel has always arrived first. He's born first so he's stronger, he had his soul first so he's good first and so he becomes Buffy's first love etc. Spike has always been compared to Angel(by Buffy mostly) and come up lacking just because Angel was there first. Spike could love and do good without a soul but nobody believed in him just because Angel couldn't love without a soul, so no other vampire could. And so on and so forth.

So what I want is this: Spike is even older that Angel in this challenge. When he's cursed with a soul - together with Angelus - he has already a reputation in the demons' world as a very strong and powerful Master Vampire. Spike arrives in Sunnydale at the beginning of season2. He's called by Whistler to help Buffy because Angel isn't doing a very good job (she's been killed by the Master after all). Angel is called first by Whistler because he has spent a century eating rats and feeling sorry for himself while Spike has - after having overcome the first crazy period with the soul - started to fight for the Light side. He doesn't fall immediately in love with Buffy (she's just sixteen after all) but when Angel loses his soul he's already in love with her. Buffy is still in love with Angel when Spike first appears. When Angel loses his soul, Spike loses his too. I want anyone to realize that while Spike can love without a soul, Angel can't. Spike - even without a soul - helps Buffy against Angelus because he loves her.

Timeline for this challenge:

William Pratt is born in 1653 instead of 1853. His life is still the same. He's still a gentleman, he still has his mother to take care of. He's still 'William the Bloody Awful Poet'. He's turned by Darla in 1680. He becomes William the Bloody and later Spike( still because he tortured people with railroad spikes).

Darla is not really impressed by William at the beginning, he finds him 'too soft' for a vampire. Since Angelus is not there to turn him into a monster, Spike is just very eager to fight. He revels in the fight and the danger. He doesn't care to torture his victims, he just wants to eat. It's because of this that he becomes obsessed with Slayers. He first learns about the Slayers from Darla. To gain her respect Spike kills his first slayer in 1700(the Weapons-Forging Slayer mentioned in the Slayer Timeline in Buffy and Angel Wiki - she's the one who leaves him the scar on his eyebrow). This way he becomes a Master Vampire.

In 1753 Darla turns Liam into a vampire. He changed his name to Angelus. Darla is immediately impressed by his viciousness and cruelty. Angelus and Spike can't stand each other. Darla always sides with Angelus but Spike - being already a Master Vampire and older than Angelus - he's perfectly capable of defending himself. Spike is not in love with Darla but seeks her approval because she's his Sire.

In 1799 Spike kills his second Slayer (Marguerite Allard - Paris, France) while him, Darla and Angelus are in France.

In 1817 Spike kills his third Slayer (Elizabeth Weston - Somerset, England).

In 1860 Angelus turns Drusilla. (It's up to you if Spike has ever been in love with her or not).

In 1877 Spike kills his fourth slayer (Catherine Callan - London, England)

In 1898 Both Angelus and Spike are cursed with a soul. The both of them are sent away by Darla.

Spike decides to not come back and beg them(Darla and Drusilla) to take him back. After a few years of craziness because of the guilt, he decides to do something about it and starts to fight to defend innocent people against demons.

In 1996 Whistler goes to Angel and persuaded him to join the fight against evil that and to help the newly-activated Slayer, Buffy Summers.

When Buffy is killed for a minute by the Master, Whistler - at the behest of the Powers that Be - contacts Spike and convinces him to go to Sunnydale and help Buffy in her fight against evil.

Other Points to abide to:

- Spike already has the Gem of Amara when he first comes to Sunnydale. Or something else that permits him to walk around during the day. Better if the Gem of Amara doesn't heal his wounds but it just permits him to walk in the sunlight, being immune to crosses and holy water and have a reflection.

- Spike was in Cleveland to defend the Hellmouth there before going to Sunnydale.

- The story continues beyond Season2. Even better if it continues till Season7.

- At the end of Season3 Spike leaves Sunnydale and goes to Africa to make sure that he won't lose his soul again.

- At the beginning of Season4 he returns to Sunnydale as a human but with superstrenght(basically as the First Male Slayer).

I would really like if someone would respond to this challenge!