Server Migration Update


Hi guys! We know many of you have been waiting patiently for updates on the site migration. Here's where we are right now:  

  • Full site functionality has returned for many users; it is still in limbo for others
  • This is normal as DNS records can take 48-72 hours to update
  • All our conversations with the host indicate everything is on track and going well. We just need to be patient.
  • Email remains spotty, but this is because we have work to do on our end to make sure the email servers are functional. It's separate from the site migration. So, readers might just check the Most Recents for fic updates and authors watching for comments might need to visit the site to see any new ones until we get this fixed. It's been a busy weekend for your Mods but the site itself was our first priority.

  Please do keep us updated on issues that you continue to have (DMs or by emailing so we can keep an eye on them and make sure they get resolved. Otherwise, rest assured that all signs indicate things are running smoothly for a server migration.   Thank you!

--Holly and the Mods on September 24, 2023 09:53pm 1 Comment

Deep respect, love and hugs to every mod of E.F. for ALL you do, you are SOOOO much appreciated! hearts heart flowers

-- LovingWilliam on September 26, 2023 01:30am