Event Announcement: Anniversary Month 2023

I know so many of you have been bursting at the seams to know the theme for our October event, and we’ve been bursting at the seams to tell you, so… Because EF will be turning 17, and that was the age at which Buffy had a significant milestone in her relationship with Spike, our theme is in honor of said milestone. Which is to say, the theme is TRUCE!

What kind of truce? Between who? To what end? Why? Does it go well or explode in their faces? Well, obviously, we are a Spuffy site and so all of the participating stories must be Spuffy focused overall, but your truce can be set in any season, timeline, or alternate universe, between any two (or more) characters. So, basically, go nuts with it. Here’s the rundown of how the event will work:

  • Written works must be 100 words minimum and include or address the theme in some fashion. 
  • There is no word count limit for artwork-only pieces or mixed-media works (that consist of both words and pictures).
  • If you are writing a multi-chaptered fic, the first chapter must be posted during the month of October according to site time––no earlier, no later. (As always, you can see the current site time underneath the Shoutbox on the front page.)
  • You do not have to finish your fic in October; you only have to post the first chapter. 
  • Awards will be available for authors, artists, betas, and commenters as usual. Artist awards can be earned by creating a banner for someone (or yourself) or by posting an artwork-only or mixed-media story.

More details (including an artwork reveal of the banner, skin, and awards) to follow, but if you have any questions, please comment below.

--EllieRose101 and the Mods on August 12, 2023 10:15am 4 Comments

Great theme for E.F's 17th Anniversary!  cheers   Very happy anniversary to Elysian Fields, I'm so grateful and glad that this site is here!  Thank you! heart  hug flowers

-- LovingWilliam on August 12, 2023 05:52pm

Ah, I love truces!! Especially in Spuffy. It's Enemies to Lovers plus Enemies to Allies to Friends to Lovers, like, at the same time. I'm so excited to read some of these!

-- acekoomboom on August 12, 2023 06:31pm

Love the theme! Can’t wait to read more 

-- smuffy on August 14, 2023 07:41pm

I think this is super cool! I may participate! I have been reading EF since Year 1 and should give back in someway!

-- Pensiveponderer on September 14, 2023 11:46am