Final Drabblemania Reminders

As our Drabblemania event draws to a close, the Mod Team asks that all participants check that the prompts relating to each of their drabbles are clearly labeled in either the chapter title or the beginning chapter notes and that all betas and banner artists are credited in the summary or story notes. This information should be visible from the main page of your work, where the table of contents of the work is listed. We are not able to check chapter end notes for this information for this event. If the prompts are not in the chapter notes or chapter title, you will not receive credit for that drabble, which may impact the awards you are eligible for.

This is a gigantic help for us as we issue awards. Speaking of which––this event has been more successful than we could have ever imagined. As such, the Mod Team has a lot of things to double- and triple-check before we can issue awards, so please bear with us, as it will likely take longer than usual.

Lastly, the official site time has changed back to its original East Coast setting. Because of the temporary site outages and for the sake of simplicity, the event will run up until midnight tonight, July 31st, according to the new/current site time (Eastern Daylight Time)––four hours later than the previous site time (Greenwich Mean Time). As always, the current site time can be viewed under the Shoutbox on our homepage.

--EllieRose101 and the Mods on July 31, 2023 04:36am 7 Comments

Oops, I got it in the story notes bc there are no chapters. Sadly I don't know how to rectify that.

-- To Be Hers on July 31, 2023 06:02am

@To Be Hers: even fics that are just a single part have a chapter notes section. It's easy enough to copy and paste to the right spot. 

-- EllieRose101 on July 31, 2023 06:14am

Hi, me again,

when I try to edit there are no longer any chapter notes, maybe bc I didn't write anything into them before?

-- To Be Hers on July 31, 2023 07:16am

You should be able to just add the prompt to the chapter notes by editing the chapter.

-- Holly on July 31, 2023 08:54am

Huh, I might have done it? Not 100% sure though. Sorry I‘m such a Luddite.

Now I just have to find out how like a story, I think I got the commenting done though, yeah me!

Sorry to be such a pain the hiny.

-- To Be Hers on July 31, 2023 09:00am

@To Be Hers

On the first screenshot, the prompt goes directly under the Chapter Notes section. This will be available on all chapters of every fic published on the site, regardless of how many chapters are in a fic.



RE: Likes. At the bottom of each chapter page should be a drop-down menu that looks like this. To leave a like, select, "Oh Spike, of course it's yes!"


-- Holly on July 31, 2023 10:23am

Ah, cool, thank you!

-- To Be Hers on July 31, 2023 11:19am