Final Details about April Challenge Month 2023

The time has come! This post contains everything you need to know about next month’s challenge month. (If you missed the announcement, see here.)

Once you have picked the challenge you wish to respond to and created your work (either fic or art), you will need to upload at least the first part between 00.00 on April 1st and 23.59 on April 30th (site time). During that time, a tick box will appear on the upload page that, when checked, marks your work as part of the event.

When you have uploaded, you then need to navigate back to the challenge you’re responding to and click the link at the bottom of the relevant page that says, ‘respond to this challenge’ so that the challenge and work are linked. 

Event works will appear on the page linked here, be eligible for the author and/or artist awards (pictured at the top of this post), and get a little puzzle piece icon beside them (pictured below in Holly’s, frankly, hilarious example). Many thanks to bewildered for designing both the awards and event icon.

NOTE: If you are uploading artwork for this event, we recommend ticking the event box and not the artwork box, as the site only allows you to pick one or the other. (If you have any questions or issues with this particular aspect, or indeed anything else, of course get in touch!)

Authors, please credit your beta readers and/or banner artists so we can issue them their shinies. Commenters, you will need to leave at least 15 comments containing at least 15 words each to be eligible for your award. 

Art-only challenge responses must meet all criteria of the challenge it is answering or have the blessing of the challenge issuer to have made amendments. For the purpose of this event, all art challenge responses will earn both an author and artist award, as the artwork will be telling a story even if there are no accompanying words. 

Please remember, members who respond to their own challenge(s) are not eligible to take part in this event. 

Finally, during April, EF’s default skin will change to the newly updated ‘Kisses in the Rain’ theme, designed by kats_meow. (Rain - April Showers - April Event Month. Get it?) 

Happy writing/arting! 

** Edited to add, please have "Designed for Elysian Fields Challenge Month" written somewhere on your banner. 

--EllieRose101 and the Mods on March 27, 2023 02:03pm 0 Comments